Many baby seals dying of leukemia-linked disorder along California coast — Blamed for over 1/3 of recent deaths at San Francisco Bay rescue center (CHART)

Published: August 26th, 2015 at 3:53 pm ET


Of the 46 recently weaned northern elephant seals deaths reported by the San Francisco Bay Area’s Marine Mammal Center between April 20 and August 1 of this year, Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation was listed as a cause of death in 16 — over 1/3 of the total.

U.S. National Library of Medicine (emphasis added): Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) is a serious disorder in which the proteins that control blood clotting become over active… Risk factors for DIC include: Blood transfusion reaction; Cancer, especially certain types of leukemia

DIC “is a pathological process characterized by the widespread activation of the clotting cascade that results in the formation of blood clots in the small blood vessels throughout the body… and can ultimately lead to multiple organ damage… severe bleeding can occur from various sites. DIC does not occur by itself but only as a complicating factor from another underlying condition, usually in those with a critical illness… DIC can lead to multiorgan failure and widespread bleeding… Causes — DIC can occur in the following conditions: Solid tumors and blood cancers (particularly acute promyelocytic leukemia)… Sepsis or severe infection… Severe allergic or toxic reactions… Giant hemangiomas (Kasabach-Merritt syndrome) [and] Large aortic aneurysms.”

Acute promyelocytic leukemia is a subtype of acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), a cancer of the white blood cells. According to Wikipedia, “ionizing radiation exposure can increase the risk of AML. Survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had an increased rate of AML, as did radiologists exposed to high levels of X-rays”

Journal of Intensive Care, 2014: Disseminated intravascular coagulation… with enhanced fibrinolysis is a DIC type usually seen in acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL)… The Scientific Standards Committee… defines DIC as ‘an acquired syndrome [that] can originate from and cause damage to the microvasculature, which if sufficiently severe, can produce organ dysfunction’… problems exist with this definition in terms of not taking into account the type of DIC often seen in acute leukemias (especially acute promyelocytic leukemia)

Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology, 2013: A causal association with leukemia has only been documented to date for ionizing radiation, benzene and treatment with cytostatic drugs… A large number of studies included in the review referred to the effects of ionizing radiation, where new data suggest that the effects of exposure to small doses of ionizing radiation should probably be reevaluated… An update of [the Life Span Study (LSS) of A-Bomb survivors] has shown that exposure to ionizing radiation at doses as low as those usually recorded in occupational settings, leukemia incidence follows a quadratic dose response pattern… Moreover, there is uncertainty on whether the proposed safety limits from the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) are appropriate, since revised LSS data show that the risk of leukemia remains increased even in groups with low cumulative exposure to radiation

Physics and Radiobiology of Nuclear Medicine (Springer), Jun 29, 2013: Leukemia is one of the most common cancers induced by radiation in humans, accounting for one in five mortalities from radiocarcinogenesis. Risk of leukemia varies with age, with younger persons being more prone to radiocarcinogenesis… Leukemia appears in as early as 2 to 3 years after the exposure, with an average latent period of 5 to 10 years.

See also: [intlink id=”internal-organs-falling-place-california-sea-lions-dying-tumors-kidney-failure” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: August 26th, 2015 at 3:53 pm ET


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  • Vogtle is the face of "new generation nuclear" and its costs are absurdly high, in fact it doesn't even make sense to continue the project. It will TRIPLE the rate that people of Georgia pay.

    Here are the numbers.

    • Time for Georgia to take a cue from Texas: GO SOLAR!
      We, in the South and Southwest, have PLENTY of sun, and wind too, so why are we building filthy nuke plants? In fact, why are we building anything but sustainable energy plants, panels, and turbines?

      It could be so much easier on the planet and for her inhabitants.

      • I know, I sometimes feel like I am in some alternate reality.

        The answers are so obvious, so easy, so clear, and yet we have to fight these nuclear asshats…..

        • Exactly so, Stock.
          It does seem so easy and so, "in yer face". But, I suppose solar doesn't make enough cash for the rest of The Corporation? *I include Big Pharma and Big Medical in with that, "The Corporation", which makes Solar and Wind money losers.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Triple? Sounds like worthy goal. Forge ahead!

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    With the releases from the submerged corium slated to worsen over the next two centuries, what hope is there? It took 54 months for the Pacific Ocean to be on the brink. What will the next 2400 months bring?

    They should have gone after the melted cores with giant mining shovels. Instead these pricks have caused the end of everything. But first millions with suffer with cancers.

  • Sea King Truth Sea King Truth

    Mother Jones was so close to going there… but, no, they mention every other (cough) 'theory'… 'the blob', 'the toxic bloom', El Niño… they even say 'pups are stranded every year…' blah-dee blah-dee blah…

    • Important!

      Is it still the case that the Radnet monitors are down?

      I can see that the charts aren't working at Enviroreporter but I am not sure about the EPA site not working if visited directly.

      Can someone who is skilled at navigating the EPA's now-horrendously complicated system check to see if the monitoring is indeed down.

      This is very important because if the monitors are down there is a REASON why. It could be innocent or it could have something to do with the higher radiation readings recently reported by Enviroreporter

      The EPA's radnet system used to be much easier to access, but then it changed the site in 2012 or 2013 to make access much more challenging since it involved finding ways around dead links.

  • Nick

    Some days I muse on the "whys" of the insanities in my daily life; not just the macro, but the micro as well.

    The vast internet webs bring us insanity at our
    Finger tips, we can follow an infinite number of bizarre anything.

    But how about caring for a demented and Parkinsoned mother? I just finished a great neighbor cookie treat endeavor with mom, but although collaborative, suffice it to say I was afforded a glimpse of her trying to cook with me as, say a 2 year old, turn your back and another cookie is gone!

    Then there .is the Attlempt at typing (she used to hit 120+/minute). In front of keyboard……still a qwerty, big font, etc. Ttooooowtysgwgwvwv$$$$:/, Etc complete with setting changes and file renaming (iPad)

    The spirit willing but not all the bats in the belfry to eat the excess Mosquitos!

    Layers of insanity everywhere you turn.

    We treat our topic of radiation as if we are dealing with particles; just filter them out, take your shoes off etc. Not much focus on the wave aspect of a decaying atomic nucleus, nor the wayward electrons hunter-seeking biochemicals .

    It is those waves that wreak havoc as well, jostling tender electron cloud configurations into bits of other types of mere fluff in the Very molecules that give rise to our own consciousness, our neurohormones.

    Erratic behaviors.

    Erratic cells.


  • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

    mother jones sold out like stuart brand james lovelock patrick morris michael more the spector of fukushima will haunt their editors writers an publishers plus their relatives with ionizing radiation il illnesses until the end when the fabric of our living world becomes totally unravelled by it.

  • Sea King Truth Sea King Truth

    And I had to mention, though a little OT, I was at WholePaycheck this morning and when I got home there was a nice little flyer in my bag:

    Truckload Sale – One Day Only! – PINK SALMON or KING SALMON – WHOLE FISH!!

    'Local' (picture of a fisherman)…

    Geez… can you just taste the metallic-mouthwatering goodness?

    Kind of makes you want to scream, 'WAIT! Don't do it!'

  • Nick

    Years ago I worked for NPS in various capacities in Stehekin, Wa.

    I have a vivid memory of a talk with several fire ecologists about creating firebreaks and fuel reduction zones in that area (this was 1992). But folks complained about the smoke during the controlled burns, said it hurt the photographic opportunities. Yet, that is nothing compared to what is transporting now.

    We forgot how to embrace fire in the landscape all these years and are now seeing the folly of our ways.

    I get the fact that folks want to live in the woods and breathe clean air…get away from it all, but it is insane to think things will remain the same, that fires can always be kept at bay.

    Granted, the fire ecologists don't have all of the answers, but at least they are courageous enough to ask the right questions.

    Then there is the awful realization that rads from Fukushima are being released again from the burning vegetation up and down the West Coast….. But we aren't supposed to talk about that…….

  • Checkmate

    Does anyone think- some or a majority of all those Western fires are caused by arsonists or a religious few trying to destroy America by any means possible?
    Of course radioactive smoke the most difficult to stop…

    • Nick

      No need. Lightning, low humidity, wind, and the fires themselves creating infernos of unimaginable fury.

      Heck, burning embers can travel for miles, so fires become seemingly spontaneous. No fun.

      Remember, prior to humans fires shaped our world's ecology. Pulse reset they call it.

      It is the insane human drive to build in the forest without reducing fuel loads that has made some of these fires so vicious, but in reality fire happens. ….eventually. No need for human ignition.

  • from a distance from a distance

    Enenewser "rogerthat" posted this–>

    "Today's must-read, imho: "

    Look at what the article says:

    "Cumulative dosages of 500 milliSieverts…cause acute radiation sickness, many different forms of cancer, and death."

    REMEMBER the rule-changes the NRC are considering would allow nuclear workers to be exposed to 100 mSv a year…

    and asks that the public (YOU!) be allowed to be exposed to as much radiation as a nuclear worker.

    That means it would only take 5 years (100 mSv X 5 = 500mSv) to see "acute radiation sickness, many different forms of cancer, and death."

    If so, that's why you have to say NO!

    Again, here are the links for YOU to submit your comment to the NRC:

    And for those who prefer to submit their comments to the NRC Anonymously, that can be done here:!submitComment;D=NRC-2015-0057-0010

    • from a distance from a distance

      Remember how the "miningawareness" blog put it:

      "100 mSv over a lifetime already gives a 1 in 100 excess cancer rate, above and beyond other causes. They want 100 mSv per year!

      According to the US taxpayer funded BEIR 2006 report, in a population of 100,000 people, 1 mSv per year, over an “average” lifetime, means that an estimated 1019 women per 100,000 will get cancer and 621 men per 100,000 due only to this exposure. This excludes background, medical exposures, food exposures, environmental build-up, or other sources of cancer.

      Multiply by 100 to find the result of 100 mSv:

      101,900 excess cancers for women in a population of 100,000.

      62,100 excess cancers for men, in a population of 100,000 (62%).

      Almost half of women will die of life-shortening cancers (15 years younger than average) and 31% of men will die (14 years younger than average). (BEIR, p. 312; p. 279)

      Adieu retirement. Retirement will be in heaven or hell."

    • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

      FAD, I did make my two cents on their site & got a return email saying was received, if will help I sent the link to over a 100 plus folks in the medical, pharma & small business owners whom I have had know a long time & we all have one huge thing in common, we all have lost family , friends & people we did not know very good to cancer & strange illnesses that has took out the young as well as very healthy folks very fast, also I stated this in my comment to these people who we pay to keep us save from the endless crap that has been attacking us for so many decades.
      I have a form of cancer for 14 years called "PV", blood cancer. My blood is so thick a cut will not bleed, plus the red blood cells are so large they will not carry oxegen & blood letting is one of the treatments, taking off a pint raises my energy level, 2 pints & I feel like a new man. Cont-

  • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

    Thanks checkmate and nick

  • Say, ADMIN:

    (wasn't sure where to put this)
    LaSalle (NUCLEAR) Armory:
    Two Sig Sauer 9 millimeter weapons were stolen from the armory at the LaSalle nuclear power plant located 65 miles southwest of the City of Chicago.

    Exelon, the licensee who operates the nuclear facility, claims that the security of the site was not breached during the theft, which may imply that the person who stole the weapons is a worker at the nuclear power plant.

    Exelon has notified the LaSalle County Sheriff’s Department and officials at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission who will launch an investigation into the matter. The NRC has dispatched a senior inspector to the plant to oversee the case.

    **Nuclear- it's an INSIDE job**

    The rest of the story:


    Gina McCarty has a facebook page, she is the one that shut off the radnet monitors after Fukushima, and then got promoted.

    Give her a comment. It is also STiLL easy to get a fake facebook persona…some day soon they will require verification by a text to a real phone number. Get a few now.

  • Radiation is a conspiracy theory. sarc

    Just because we've seen a couple UME's and multi-species die-offs along the Pacific since 2011 doesn't mean anything, its only been

    sea lions,
    sea stars,
    sea anemones,
    sea cucumbers,
    sea urchins,
    sea hares,
    and the ones I forgot.

    Just because NOAA (or anyone else) isn't sampling any of these specimens for radionuclides doesn't prove anything, except that radiation is a conspiracy theory with no factual basis in science.

  • Nick

    If seals are stroking out, what about us?

    I wonder about strokes in general.

    We are TOLD this and that can cause them, but I bet there has been an uptick in Japan and up and down the West Coast.

    Also, rates of leukemia like disorder or L2D may be trending upwards in various geographical regions.

    Sure rads aren't the only problem. Heck, it should be TATALly obvious for a slew of industrial toxins.

    Take C8 for example….. (Definitely a toxic at the atomic level goodie)

    All of us probably need to be on the look out for clumping platelets.

    • alasanon

      I had a relative exposed to Hiroshima while serving in WWII on a Navy ship… He later had at least 5 strokes…From totally healthy to 5 strokes… Yes, excess radiation causes strokes. :/

      • alasanon

        It really makes you wonder… The major U.S./European/Russian Victory in WWII (then look what has been happening to these specific Allied countries lately!) and Hiroshima was a final step in that record World War conflict that resulted in a much resented Victory for the Allies… and now the U.S. has a "Fukushima" coming after us…. and it seems the U.S. is subtly now "at war" against surreptitious, potentially lethal radiation "attacks." Interesting parallels!.. (much like the 9/11 & 3/11 tragic coincidence?) I'm not even thinking deeply here–just know obvious history!..

        What is clear is that whoever is "doing" this to the United States simply cannot win a fair and open fight. So, they have to be totally pathetic & resort to being sniveling cowards!! 😉 As far as I'm concerned, "they" already LOST this fight, real bad. If you can't come out, come forward and fight, and have to take it out on innocent, peaceful animals, children & civilians, you already LOST!!!

        Keep in mind: President Truman WARNED Japan & the Nazi Axis Powers about Hiroshima & Nagasaki & gave them a chance to avoid the attacks!!! i.e. WE aren't pathetic cowards! 😉 xxoo

        • alasanon

          Wouldn't it SUCK to be THAT much of a lowly coward??!! You couldn't even stand up, take credit, or think you ever really prevailed for a minute in your pathetic, extremely cowardly life. Instead, you have to make a self-destructive, illicit effort because you're just a bunch of losers (trying to kill seals & whales!!-??)…This 3/11 Fukushima thing is just so incredibly pathetic & cowardly across the board!!..

          On principle alone, "they" already lost badly, for all time.

          • alasanon

            LOSERS!!! 😛 I notice that everyday Americans are becoming even MORE patriotic & courageous in the true sense of the word. I just see it everywhere after traveling across the country last week. Don't mess with us!-

            Jeb Bush can't even get off the ground with his war chest…

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Yes sir!
      How do these lights turn on and where does the power come from?
      Well Sir, the power comes in on a grid that supplies the power.
      A grid Bobby?
      Yes Sir!
      So you mean if we can create electricity and hook it to the grid we would be Rich?
      Yes Sir! All the people that use our electricity will pay you for it!
      Bobby! My God what have we been doing lets create electricity!
      Yes Sir! Right away!
      Here Sir this is what we are working on!
      Great Bobby and get to paying/bribing off all the electric providers while you are at it.
      Yes Sir! Right Away!

  • Say, EVERYONE:
    In case you missed it, #Science IS saying that the finding of DIC is not leukemia-related. They ARE saying it is related to NEMATODES (was Science reading my comments about the mites in my planters?) This seems wrong, to me, as they discovered nemotodes (heart-worm sort of creatures) within the ventricles of a FEW seal hearts (and rarely or incidentally in or around the lungs of these creatures..)
    I agree with ADMIN's assessment, that the DIC was brought on by a blood disorder normally associated with leukemia(s). But, #Science is already playing cover-yer-azz, by naming NEMATODES!

    I posted parts of the info I found, as well as links, earlier on.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    cont-2, here is a site of many forms of blood cancer, it has many personal stories on it & how each one deals with it, it is by no means a happy site to read nor deal with but it might help shine a small light how the system works! Home-MPM Educational Foundation, there is lots of info & many stories, but still when I was told I had PV & they did not what caused it, I asked, what if you worked with in just a few feet of two nuke reactors on board a nuke powered ship, so close I could hear the workers inside the control room if you sat silent, my ship mate has the same thing "PV" & we both also in the ship yards at Subic Bay & Bremington. I have had bone infection 50 plus surgeries trying to cure I caught while in a Naval hospital & my shipmate also has heart problems.
    When we ask the doc's at the VA or the MSM doc's the same question, the answer is always the same, no way was your work related, also none of the does meters we were required to wear never worked. A 3rd friend who worked with us also has PV & a infection that no antibiotic will touch. I fear all the years on these strong antibiotics has really hurt all 3 of us, now I am fighting very bad shakes, loss of sleep & loss of weight.
    I just wonder, how many of the ships we sank as War Games were loaded down with nuke waste or even reactors aboard? Agent Orange was bad, but there is nothing that equals Fukushima," as The Pacific Dies" until the next ones melt down! Peace & Love to ALL.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    I did not spell check &it's getting harder to type, forgive me Please. I wish I had more resources to add, but PV does not stay the same, it will get to the next level like what Kevin Branch lives to tell his story, he is a fighter for the right cause, so is Dana & all of you & don't forget the Hounds, what a great family who see it is as it is , more than ecocide, it's way worse!

    • from a distance from a distance

      @wetpwcas1 – Thank you for sharing your story and making more people aware of "PV". I am so sorry to hear about everything you have been through because of it and the bone infections. Take care, friend.


    human babies too..

    Aug 27, 2015
    Manhattan Project nuclear weapon waste found in Coldwater Creek [St. Louis] and in peoples yards..and playgrounds..floodplains..parks..[The water flows 20 miles]
    Army Corp of Engineers announced last week they found Thorium-230 literally everywhere, but "there is no risk to residents". The positive results came from samples taken 6-12" in the ground.
    A former resident stated she watched her childhood friends die off with cancer. "It doesn't get any worse than nuclear weapon waste in your backyard".

    I have read about lots of dead babies..child and around St. Louis. Not just in working class areas but in wealthy areas too.

    Just watched an aerial infared video of West Lake landfill- those hotspots are surely radioactive because they produce more heat than overall background.

    Soo..Thorium-230 is the only isotope in radioactive weapon waste? And isn't it odd that just Thorium was 'found'?

  • demise demise

    If the Pacific dies, you don't have to wait for the next meltdown. This IS the big one. If the largest food source and body of water on the planet becomes to poisoned to live in, the planet is finished. The ecosystem side effects will be so overwhelming that humanity will suffer immensely. It is hard to put in words other than the human race is finished.

    • Sam Sam

      Putting Codeshutdown's rants on k-40 in perspective to what you just wrote,
      it seems he is trying (my interpretation) to ward off the primordial fears that
      Fukushima brings like THE DEATH OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN and all what that
      means. Arguing that we humans adapted to k-40 biologically and no great harm from it
      can give false assurance that just maybe we will survive the radiological poisoning
      of the Ocean by our wonderfully adaptable human biology.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        thumbs up demise, and not quite right Sam. How could I be clearer? Man made radiation= terribly bad
        natural radiation= not shown to be so bad
        Thus, dont make the mistake of trying to compare them, and especially dont fall into that obfuscation from the likes of Buesseler. Why is this point so difficult to grasp I wonder?

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          Beats me too.. almost food for psychologist's i guess..

        • Sam Sam

          Code; what provoked me to write my comments was that I felt that Buesseler was
          channeling himself through your comments regarding K-40 not being that harmful
          to us humans as we have adapted to it etc……thus by implication (not that is your
          position on it at all) your arguing this point gives ammunition to those of Buesseler's
          persuasion that hormesis is beneficial to humans. I know you don't buy this one for a
          I know that background radiation can be harmful if exposed (cosmic rays in airplanes)
          natural uranium and other isotopes found naturally and yet up until 70 yrs ago we
          humans were not overwhelmed with such toxities as we are now. I would rather take my
          chances with background radiation any day than a single particle of ionized man made radiation. The natural world is not benign and safe. I am far more terrified of the human
          mind and what it has devised scientifically to bring us to this moment in time.
          The human mind is very quick to defend against anything by all kinds of maneuvers.
          You are a valuable fierce and dogged contributor here. I admire these qualities and
          sometimes I think you need the Zen of being quiet and letting go after so forcefully
          making your points. I could make the same comment to P.T. as well. No negativity
          from me here.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Well I did not get that impression at all from his posts and I believe what he is saying is that biological life has adapted to small quantities of natural organic radiation in our environment over billions of years.

        He then goes on to say that what the Nuke Cartel is creating is nasty shit compared to natural organic and that would be for several reasons, since it is artificial and synthetic and pack a vicious punch and most of what they created is not of this world, so our DNA does not understand how to process the poisons the Nuke Pukes has created.

        Therefor the response by our biological cells is auto immune and cancers and various diseases are showing up everywhere and now the Pacific Ocean is dying and it is not dying from any K-40 or sunshine.

        It is dying from Manmade Nuclear Created Poisons.. 🙁

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          obe, if you dont mind, the point becomes even more poignant when one recognizes that the native radiation is NOT small! We will convince no one that adding 8 bq of cesium or even 30 bq on top of 12000 bq from k-40 is the tipping point that killed the ocean.

          Please try to see the significance of this then stay the course because Ive said Im leaving this Alice in Wonderland place.

          Plenty of evidence that cesium and the others are killing everything, even at levels far below natural. But not ONE STUDY demonstrates toxicity of common quantity of k-40. Make no mistake; 5000 bq is not a low dose if its from americium or plutonium.

          Who would guess it takes a Jedi to comprehend this simple subject? Stay the course obe because this IS the fundamental argument. Can you see it? Buesseler; "our radioactive ocean"!!!!!!!!!

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Yes, I can see it clearly and the force is very strong with you and the comparison is silly at best.

            Stay the course and natural native is in reality small, and why, because it does us little harm, while the manmade non native unknown to our DNA is a machine gun in a room of cap pistols.

            Our bodies are electric organic robots that need a certain amount of natural radiation to function properly and so do the trees/plants/ocean creatures and all other biological life present on this Earth.

            The agrument is a false premise from the get go and they can not be compared logically.

          • Sam Sam

            Again for me dwelling too long on natural background
            radiation and arguing pro and con of its effects on the
            body and bring up the concept of hormesis along with
            is for me a psychological defense mechanism to ward
            off the horrors of man-made radiation. For me natural
            organic background radiation is a given- a fact of life.
            I did not worry much about it. Nick's point that our
            messing with the atmosphere has broken down
            the protective cover that has shielded the Earth and allowed
            all life to flourish here has to be factored in though
            Again the focus has to be on man-made radiation.

          • Horse Horse

            Code, Radiation measurements along the way were interpreted differently as instruments gained sensitivity. Here's a good summary:


            You've got good arguments to use against the 'radiation is safe' crowd. Would like to see you post your findings on reddit too, maybe here:

          • bo bo

            Hey Sam,
            I may be off but I am almost visualizing it like this – enenews & or the anti nuke efforts, as a never ending merry-go-round with Buesseler (& co) standing on the outer circle, with his hand held out so every time we go around we get slapped in the face automatically – and he doesnt even need to put in effort. In the meantime, up on our pretty ponies, we are periodically & automatically fed a new article about the collapse of the Pacific Ocean (including phrases like 'puzzling' 'befuddled' 'shocked' etc etc), and in response, we write either some expressive lamenting prose, or crack clever sarcastic jokes – day in, day out -ad infinitum.

            Code is perhaps suggesting there may be a way out of that closed loop ? A way off the merry go round and a way to nail Buesseler in a cobra-clutch?
            If the antinuke movement were to be a SuperMario game I envision this to potentially be the equivalent of that hidden 'Easter Egg' … ( 'Easter Eggs' in SuperMario gives you special powers and allows u to warp to the next level – I believe)

            Or..would u rather go back to making comments about this one article or that, and just 'play nice' ?

            You really don't think it is worth a try to comprehend what he is saying?

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

              Do you have any links? I don't recall ever reading that Buessler ever talks about radiation hormesis.

              • bo bo

                No PT – I actually do not know what Buesseler's stance on hormesis is – I doubt he supports it – I doubt that he'd be that overt ( but one can never underestimate his ability to be unabashedly pro-nuclear).

                But, for what I was describing- his position does not really matter – code was making this point – that Buesseler's big thing is always to bring up 'Our Radioactive Ocean' ( their theme, splashed everywhere on WHOI site)
                and psychologically confuse us by lumping together natural & manmade radiation and carry on discussion on 'radiation' without delineating between the two.

                He's often saying things like '… you see.. for example, our ocean has always been radioactive.' with his gentle professor-bearded smile, as he sips latte from his famous 'Thorium Cafe'

                When we clutch onto 'linear dose risk model' and tell Buesseler here that ANY radiation is ALWAYS bad, it sets the stage for later being steamrolled over and over by pronuke arguments- (do I have this right code?) What IF all that primordial radiation in the ocean ( NOT the fukushima leaks or atom test stuff) is safe..?

                • bo bo

                  I personally don't know much about K40 myself, I'm always hitting the ground running with this stuff – but I was interested in the potential here – I'm just confused what is natural and what is not, how much k40 really is in the ocean, the history of k40
                  Plus confused what with uranium and even some Pu being natural ( as Dr. G points out )

                  I did wish Dr. G & code would talk in depth about that.. but now I'm being a brat. It would probably be best for them to take a break, and with someone like me, just shut my big mouth and do some reading on my own and next time consolidate my questions.

                  • bo bo

                    Oh no.. big omission there
                    Typo – *' it sets the stage for later being steamrolled over and over by pronuke hormesis arguments'

                  • All the K40 is natural

                    We grew up with it, all of us, for 4 billion years.

                    • bo bo

                      Thank u ! I'm starting to get this

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      K-40 is 10 to 33 times higher near Kozloduy nuclear power plant in Bulgaria:

                      "…Plant Concentrations:
                      "Potassium-40 concentrations in plants collected from Livingston Island (Antarctic Regions) were 34.7, 64, 374, and 131 Bq/kg wet weight, in mosses (genus Bryum), lichens (Usnea antarica), algae (Gigartina papillosa), and algae (genus Desmarestia), respectively(1). Potassium-40 levels in wild and edible plants in the vicinity of the Kozloduy nuclear power plant in Bulgaria were 950, 2130, and 1400 Bq/kg in Taraxacum officinale, Plantago lanceolata, and Populus nigras Italica, respectively, detection limit of 360 mBk/kg(2).
                      [(1) Baeza A et al; Bull Environ Contam Toxicol 25: 117-24 (1994) (2) Djingova R, Kuleff I; J Environ Radioactvity 59: 61-73 (2002)] **PEER REVIEWED**

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Concentration of caesium-137, cobalt-60 and potassium-40 in some wild and edible plants around the nuclear power plant in Bulgaria.
                      Djingova R1, Kuleff I.
                      Author information
                      • 1Faculty of Chemistry, University of Sofia, Bulgaria.
                      “The activities of 137Cs, 60Co and 40K were determined in samples of wild (Taraxacum officinale, Plantago lanceolata and Populus nigra 'Italica') and edible (vegetable, corn, fruit) plants as well as soil collected from the 30 km safety zone of the Bulgarian NPP "Kozloduy" and comparisons with earlier measurements and analyses of samples from other regions and with literature values were performed. The derived transfer factors for 137Cs and 40K from soil to plants ranged between 0.002 and 0.009 for 137Cs, and between 0.09 and 0.35 for 40K. The individual effective dose (calculated from the present results and data on the activity of other foodstuffs and from information about dietary habits) comprises 4.5% of the annual dose limit.”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      K-40 is 10 times higher in coal slag and ash:

                      Ecological Consequences of Increasing Crop Productivity: …
                      Anatoly I. Opalko, ‎Larissa I. Weisfeld, ‎Sarra A. Bekuzarova – 2014 – ‎Science
                      “… Coal slag and ash resulting from pyrolysis contain 7-10 more of primary radionuclides than soil (potassium—40–400 Bq/kg, uranium-238 … To perform monitoring of real environmental pollution with potentially harmful … which were affected by soil factors when compared to control level (a soil …

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Negative Health Effects Of Man Made Radioactive Potassium 39, 40, 41, Rubidium And Cesium, Compared To Natural Potassium Mineral Found In Nature

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      “…What’s in the Environment?
                      “Potassium is present in the earth’s crust, oceans, and all organic material. Its concentration in the earth’s crust is about 15,000 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg) or 1.5%,
                      and its concentration in seawater is about 416 mg per liter (mg/L). Because potassium-40 represents 0.012% of naturally occurring potassium, its concentration in the earth’s crust is about 1.8 mg/kg, or 13 picocurie per gram (pCi/g). Potassium binds preferentially to soil, with the concentration associated with sandy soil particles estimated to be 15 times higher than in the interstitial water (in pore spaces between soil particles); it binds more tightly to loam and clay soil, so those concentration ratios are higher (above 50). Together with nitrogen and phosphorous, potassium is a major soil fertilizer, so levels of potassium-40 in soils are strongly influenced by fertilizer use; it is estimated that about 3,000 Ci of potassium-40 are added annually to U.S. soils. Potassium-40 behaves in the environment the same as other potassium isotopes, being assimilated into the tissues of all plants and animals through normal biological processes. It is the predominant radioactive component in human tissues and in most food. For example, milk contains about 2,000 pCi/L of natural potassium-40.

                      “What Happens to It in the Body?
                      “Potassium-40 can be taken into the body by drinking water, eating food, or breathing air. Once taken in, potassium-40 behaves in the body in the same…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      manner as other
                      potassium isotopes. Humans require potassium to sustain biological processes, with most (including potassium-40) being almost completely absorbed upon ingestion, moving quickly from the gastrointestinal tract to the bloodstream. The potassium-40 that enters the bloodstream after ingestion or inhalation is quickly distributed to all organs and tissues. Potassium-40 is eliminated from the body with a biological half-life of 30 days. The potassium content of the body is under strict homeostatic control (in which the amount retained is actively regulated by the body to achieve the normal range required for system functions), and it is not influenced by variations in environmental levels. Hence, the potassium-40 content in the body is constant, with an adult male having about 0.1 microcurie (μCi). Each year, this isotope delivers doses of about 18 millirem (mrem) to the soft tissues of the body and 14 mrem to bone.

                      “What Is the Primary Health Effect?
                      “Potassium-40 can present both an external and an internal health hazard. The strong gamma radiation associated with the electron-capture decay process (which occurs
                      11% of the time) makes external exposure to this isotope a concern. While in the body, potassium-40 poses a health hazard from both the beta particles and gamma rays. Potassium-40 behaves the same as ordinary potassium, both in the environment and within the human body – it is an essential element for both. Hence, what is taken in is…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      readily absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body, with homeostatic controls regulating how much is retained or cleared. The health hazard of
                      potassium-40 is associated with cell damage caused by the ionizing radiation that results from radioactive
                      decay, with the general potential for subsequent cancer induction.

                      “What Is the Risk?
                      “Lifetime cancer mortality risk coefficients have been calculated for nearly all radionuclides, including potassium-40 (see box at right). While ingestion is generally the most
                      common type of exposure, the risk coefficients for this route are lower than those for inhalation. As for other radionuclides, the risk coefficient for tap water is about 70% of that for dietary ingestion. In addition to risks from internal exposures, an external gamma exposure risk also exists for potassium-40. To estimate a lifetime cancer mortality risk, if it is assumed that 100,000 people were continuously exposed to a thick layer of soil with an initial average concentration of 1 pCi/g potassium-40, then 4 of these 100,000 people would be predicted to incur a fatal cancer over their lifetime. (This is in comparison to the 25,000 people from the group predicted to die of cancer from all other causes per the U.S. average.) …”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Potassium is produced in a small medical cyclotron:

                      Journal of nuclear medicine, v. 21, no. 9
                      p. 869
                      Table 2:
                      Target nuclide Cl-37
                      Nuclear reaction 4He;n
                      Product K-40

                      Target nuclide Cl-35
                      Nuclear reaction 4He;n
                      Product K-38

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Chlorine-37 is a daughter product of Argon-37:

                      How do neutrinos turn chlorine atoms into argon within neutrino detectors?

                      "The neutrino induces a reverse electron capture reaction on the chlorine atom (Z= 17) causing one of its neutrons to convert into a proton and electron. This raises the atomic number by 1, hence creating argon (Z=18).

                      "This does not work for just any atom. The thing to do is find an unstable atom that normally decays by electron capture. For example, argon-37 has a half-life of 35 days and decays by electron capture to chlorine 37. During this pocess, a proton in the argon-37 atom absorbs one of the atom's electrons to become a neutron. When this happens, an electron neurtino is also emitted."

                      “…Argon-37 is produced from the decay of calcium-40, the result of subsurface nuclear explosions….”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      “Effects of Ionizing radiation

                      “Produce free radicals.

                      “Break chemical bonds.

                      “Produce new chemical bonds and
                      cross-linkage between macromolecules.

                      “Damage molecules that regulate vital
                      cell processes (e.g. DNA, RNA,
                      proteins). “


                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      “…Remarkably, the Solar neutrinos were discovered by an experiment using a radiochemical method based on Chlorine-37 transmutation.[2]…”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      The fact sheet on Potassium-40 is from:

                      Radiological and Chemical Fact Sheets
                      to Support Health Risk Analyses for Contaminated Areas
                      Radiological and Chemical Fact Sheets
                      to Support Health Risk Analyses for Contaminated Areas
                      Prepared by
                      Argonne National Laboratory , pp. 38-39
                      Environmental Science Division

            • Sam Sam

              Bo; I really liked Stocks comments below. Natural radiation of K-40
              does not bio-accumulate and thus not equivalent to man-made ionized
              radiation. .
              Eventually the cumulative effects of a dying Pacific Ocean will be all to
              real to deny. Who cares about Buessler? Eventually he will be left high
              and dry. Reality can be denied but the consequences cannot be avoided.

              This Topic of Leukemia is Big , Dark and Scary. We are all more vulnerable now.
              All we can do is bear witness , keep as healthy as possible
              and try to shut down as much nuclear as possible and try
              to have a good life in the meantime. Fukushima is never ending!!!!!
              Busseler is our modern day Captain Ahab sailing the Oceans telling us
              not to worry too much, yes radiation is there but don't worry too much.
              Eventually he great White Whale will rise up and sink his ship.

          • bo bo

            Don't leave.. 🙁
            take a break if u need to
            But don't leave

            • bo bo

              Oh.. I just read this thread backwards.. great posts by obe.
              Thank you.
              So Obe – if you are reading this – how do u explain uranium in this mix ?
              That is found in the earth naturally
              One last part I don't understand

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Yes, for the most part uranium in the ground is considered sequestered and it was only when man chose to dig it up and mine the Earth did is start to be un-sequestered. I have posted many links in the past stating the same.

                It is when Man attempts to change his natural organic gift of an environment or attempts to synthesize/artificialize his own environment that he runs into serious problems like in mining and creation events.

                These creation events are called progress and most of this progress has been unnatural.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  (of a place) isolated and hidden away: a wild sequestered spot.
                  sequester |səˈkwestər|
                  verb [ with obj. ]
                  1 isolate or hide away (someone or something): Tiberius was sequestered on an island | the jurors had been sequestered since Monday | the artist sequestered himself in his studio for two years.
                  • [ no obj. ] Chemistry form a chelate or other stable compound with (an ion, atom, or molecule) so that it is no longer available for reactions.
                  2 take legal possession of (assets) until a debt has been paid or other claims have been met: the power of courts to sequester the assets of unions.
                  • take forcible possession of (something); confiscate: rebel property was sequestered and a military government installed.
                  • legally place (the property of a bankrupt) in the hands of a trustee for division among the creditors: (as adj. sequestered) : a trustee in a sequestered estate.
                  sequestrable |siˈkwestrəbəl|adjective,
                  sequestrator |ˈsēkwiˌstrātər, ˈsek-, siˈkwesˌtrātər|noun
                  ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French sequestrer or late Latin sequestrare ‘commit for safekeeping,’ from Latin sequester ‘trustee.’

                • bo bo

                  Thank you so much for answering my question obe,

                  So..was uranium only found deep deep deep underground?
                  I do feel like this becomes more a metaphysical discussion about what is and isn't 'natural'

                  I wonder if ( as Jebus had said) the problem is more about lumping all radionuclides in one basket then applying linear dose risk across the board ?

                  Either ways, I won't go any further down road until I confirm 12000 bq/per square meters of 'promordial' K40 in ocean is just a pronuke lie.

          • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

            Hormesis relative to radiation was rejected by the scientific community and regulators in the 80's, the 90's and still to this day, because it is junk science funded by the nuke industry itself. It was based on the inclusion or exclusion of k-39 and k-40 in studies of a protozoa that is, in essence, "immortal". The author of the original study states that we need more radiation to have better overall health. The truth of the matter is, we need less. Zero man-made radiation results in better outcome.
            That study was backed by the nuke industry.
            The recent attempts to redistribute the fringe science is an obvious attempt by the nuke industry to protect their profit. Just like TMI, Chernobyl and now Fukushima. An attempt to ease regulation and storage of their waste.
            200,000 years from now, we will still be dealing with the millions of tons of radioactive waste we are generating today.
            When faced with the truth- that background is higher and Fukushima billows- the industry answers with this…"radiation is beneficial to health". Why? Not because what they're saying is true, but because they stand to lose too much to say anything else. They also claim radiation fear in those showered with radioactive fallout in Japan is the only concern for health, not radiation itself. As if somehow, these "accidents" cause radiation to become beneficial. How many more meltdowns and spills can the ecosystem take? None. These profit-driven corps should not be in control of our…

          • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


            YOU CANT LEAVE
            YOU CANT LEAVE
            YOU CANT LEAVE

            If we took a vote today, you would be the last to be voted out. Think about that before you retire to a less stimulating environment. Besides…you'd miss us too much and you are a much needed lighthouse on a stormy sea.


            …No Code?

            …It would get really dark in here….

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              I want to make an apology to ENEnews and all the good people here for a post i made yesterday..


              As often with bad post written in anger , i could not realise its negative potential before the "submit" button was pushed..and we all know there is no edit function here..

              That post has a dividing energy , it sets people up against eachother , an is a insult to many..good people..and that should not have been its effect..anger..

              I guess i just wanted to shock and shake people a bit to force them to take a different distance in their selfobservation when involving in the discussion about natural and un-natural K40 and how it relates to life.. because i could not escape the impression that people are defending something else then the objective thirst for truth..

              I've crossed the line because i got anxiety , like i was watching how the scripture got altered for the convenience psychological dynamics of individuals in history..realtime..screwing the mass longterm.. realising it or not.. it should not be..

              But i should have been more carefull.. i should have taken double the time to edit untill it was right.. i diddent..i chose to express my anger like it flowed in my mind and some primitive disgust for my fellow's and…

              • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                i diddent..i chose to express my anger like it flowed in my mind and some primitive disgust for my fellow's and friends blind spots..instead of understanding..

                Now valuable and high regarded members are talking about leaving or not coming back because of being insulted or unfair treated that i highlighted..and not neccessairly truth..because people where defending themselves..driven by the betrayal of the "hijacking" cabal..not personally aiming to be unfair to one looked that way..but wassen't..i highlighted the "looks" bad..

                Please reconsider..dont go..and please dont feel insulted by me or eachother..

                I love all your company and individual smartness to much to do without…and i dont want to bare the guilt on top of it..

                To all , especially Dr.Goodheart and Code..

                My apology's.

                Please lets regroup to bat our real enemy's..

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            If someone needs a picture painted for them:

            Picture a cap pistol explosion as a disintegration

            Picture a small firecracker explosion as a disintegration

            Picture an M-80 explosion. There's a disintegration!

            Picture a a stick of dynamite explosion. Also a disintegration.

            k-40 is the cap pistol. Plutonium is the box of dynamite.
            A Bequerel is a disintegration/ second. It makes a differece WHAT disintegrated!

            That's what I am thinking. Is this accurate? I'm guessing.

  • Nick

    Natural background radiation……..

    Sources: radioactive materials in the earth AND cosmic rays AND solar inputs.

    Yet if you ionize the atmosphere with Un-natural radiation more cosmic rays and solar inputs make it down to the surface, therefor raising what some folks happily call background radiation (hear anyone really
    Say natural radiation any more?).

    So, it is quite possible that we are exponentially frying our biosphere.

    Now add in the insults
    To the precious ozone layer which helps shield us big time from the stuff from space near and far.

    Then there is old Sol twisting and pulling our magnetosphere, also a protector for life forms below.

    The sun just dosed us this week. Me thinks if one had a happier day today it isn't just because it is friday.

    One has to factor in what might be natural versus what might be human induced rad levels hitting us all.

    Messing with the atmosphere is dangerous……. The less atoms seeking electrons the better!

  • Sea King Truth Sea King Truth

    From the Guardian:

    "Extreme Arctic sea ice melt forces thousands of walruses ashore in Alaska
    Survival of walruses threatened as they wash ashore on a remote barrier island just before Obama is due to visit region to draw attention to climate change"

    Maybe it's not just the melting ice they're fleeing… perhaps many will keel over and ruin his photo ops.

    The first president to visit the Alaskan Arctic, he's on a tour "to draw attention to the drastic consequences of climate change for the Arctic" – paid for, no doubt, by Shell Oil…. oh, the irony!

  • I would like some Citizen Scientists to weigh in on this issue

    I found a thermal image photo on the old "nukepimp" website when Anne pointed it out.

    Could the new MOX fuel, stored in the equipment pool or just plain on the 4th floor slab have melted down, rolled over to the equipment shaft, fell down, and then melted out the side wall?

    Any Kanji Kapable person able to verify this heat image reflects reactor 4?

  • Thoughts from left field…..

    To understand how potassium in the ocean is not a "knock out punch" to the fear of Cs and Sr even in small quantities, one had to understand the debunk of the "banana lie".

    If you do not understand the "banana lie" then spend 20 minutes and understand it.

    Radioactive Potassium DOES NOT bio accumulate. Radio Cesium and Sr does, as well as uranium and plutonium and americium….which also kill really well as heavy metals, the radiation is just a synergistic "bonus"

    spoken I have, stock out.

    • Silverlok Silverlok

      (Radioactive) Cesium, the first child of the media ( due to it's short life) a bone seeker ( replacing calcium ) , but the HORDE OF HEAVY METALS that are also radioactive and 'bone seekers' produced from man made forced heavy metal neutron trading interaction are also bone and tissue seekers and have 'life spans' of decades, centuries , and millennia….one producing another exponentially until the cascade finally becomes ( from a bio-accumulation stand point ) imaterial…so the question ,

      that needs to be looked at is how long did it take organisms to evolve to handle NATURAL RADIATION SOURCES, and how long will it take for the ecosystem to evolve to handle 1x, 2x, 10x, 100x, 1000x times background , and exponential at every step bioacumulation of such ?

      millions of years to evolve an ocean…four years to kill it's ecosystem.

      the dead sea (EXTERNAL EXPOSURE TO BETA OR ALPHA ) rocks if you want to beat skin cancer, but it is no comparison to internal alpha and beta releases from the structures that make your blood ( bone marrow makes blood ), and has …

      no comparison on this planet to what happens when the stuff that keeps you alive ( blood ) is produced and exposed in an environment that has many alpha, beta and gamma releasers embedded and increasing thousands of times faster than evolution , or what it took to get use to bananas.

    • Despite what you say Stock, it is still preferable to ingest only non radioactive potassium, and lessen the amount of radioactive K40.

      Ionizing radiation is ionizing radiation, no matter where it comes from..

      uranium, radon, radium, thorium, and K40 too.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        That would be logical.. 🙂

      • bo bo

        So.. I'm still confused.
        How much 'primordial K40 radiation' is in the ocean ?
        Different numbers being tossed around but 12000- 14000 Ebq?
        I looked it up on the chart but got further confused
        Buesseler says 12000 bq/cubic meter ?
        That seems like massive
        But so Buesseler sats he has to filter that out to measure the stuff from fuku..
        But everyone laughs because ..Buesseler is making that up, a pronuke lie ?

        Could it be confusion resulting from different units?

        Help 🙁

        • bo bo

          Typo – Buesseler sats* → says

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          bo – The typical figure used for seawater is 300 – 330 pCi/l or 11 – 12 Bq/l of K-40 activity.

          The rough equivalent in weight is to consider l liter of water = 1 kg, so you'll also see 300 pCi (or 11 Bq) per kg in estimates. A measure by weight given in textbooks is 12.39 Bq/kg.

          Another common very rough approximation is 12 Bq/l of K-40, 1 Bq/l of other natural radionuclides, and 1 Bq/l of man-spewed radionuclides.

          Some uncertainty comes from people trying to scale up to the 1 cubic meter dimension by multiplying either 1 liter or 1 kg by 1000 – which is the rough equivalent for pure water (not seawater). Using that technique, you'll see figures like 11,000 Bq to 13,000 Bq per cubic meter of K-40.

          There's no reason to doubt Buesseler's 12,000 Bq/m^3 figure if that's what he reported.

          Salinity of seawater changes at depth, near coastlines and between oceans. K-40 is somewhere between 11kBq – 15kBq per m^3 depending on where you're sampling. The concentration of potassium changes, and the K-40 fraction of that potassium changes in direct proportion.

          I've seen approximations (1971 Radioactivity in the Marine Environment, National Academy of Sciences) to get a rough figure of 14,000 EBq as the total K-40 activity in all seawater on earth. That is a good but rough approximation, so don't try to back out of that to some smaller dimension.

          • bo bo

            BIG WAVES OF GRATITUDE PAVEWAY !!!!!!!!!!!

            I was particularly confused by the 14000 EBq which was on a chart that showed TOTAL radioactivity of ocean

            But I understand now that that should be separated from the Bq/per cubic meter

            Plus, one should be careful whether people are citing per cubic liter, per cubic kg – AND be mindful of difference between Bq or KiloBq…!!!!

            And you agree, that there is nothing unscientific about 14000- 12000 bq/cubic meter of natural radioactivity claim by Buesseler – you agree with code on that point.

            I'm getting somewhere with this – thank you so much for your patience Paveway. I am so grateful.


          • So how much non radioactive potassium is in a m3 of seawater?

  • Bay Area Guy 2

    Posted on Page 1, now on Page 2. Important story about Canada and nuclear waste storage within a mile of the Great Lakes.

  • Nick

    I have a hunch that diabetes and anemia related illnesses will be shown to be rising across the age spectrum, both here and abroad.

    Both conditions, while attributed to a slew of factors, are also known to be radiation induced.

    Yet the pablum that you get for diabetes is "too much sugar"' whilst for anemia, "too little iron".

    What if radiation fried your pancreatic cells? What if anemia and low hemoglobin is partially due to plutonium substitution in the molecule, reducing the O2 carrying capacity?

    Notice how explanations always seem to steer the discussion away from rads…..seals die from nematodes…domoic acid, climate change, sonar interference (whales, etc.), ?

    Now factor in the slew of other rad-induced illnesses, from strokes to senility, erectile dysfunction, lower libido, depression, anxiety, and many more.

    It becomes clear our nuclear era is fraught with negatives.

    Time for a t shirt with unit # 3!going kaboom and the words Got Fukushima! (Not a ?)

    We can hem and haw about it but the truth is just that.

    So, love for today, cherish the past, forget about a future we once all had.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Here's my hunch as to why the Pacific Ocean is currently a hostile environment for the fewer and fewer creatures that are left.

    The tsunami chemicals would have immediately "dropped" a massive amount of biota to the sea floor. Documented reports of meters of sea snot, aka "the biota", were noted in 2012. The little guys that make up the bulk of the biota in the sea. Gone when plumes of chemicals rolled over them.

    That graveyard of no life is being cleaned up by nature.

    To renew this massive death of probably billions of tons of biota, nature has to optimize and exponentiate the scavenging creatures to break down the biota so that life can utilize it again. Even the chemicals are being broken down to elements, as we breathe our contaminated air.

    Life responds to death to make life again.

    But, here's where the nuclear kicker comes in to change things. Mother Nature's nurseries, all of them, including humans, are the absolute most susceptable to the massive dump of manmade ionizing radiation into the sea. These creatures eat, breathe, and procreate in this solution. Just as acres of wildfires can foul our air making life difficult.

    Manmade radionuclides have the potential to change the very inception of life as we know it, creating exponentially more individuals that are compromised. Creating exponentially more creatures that are unviable in their current environment. Creating change at such a fast pace that no human on Earth can say what the outcome…

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    I know it's not entirely on topic but this article about the Yakuza mentions how they are running the nukes. This is the first time I have seen this mentioned anywhere but here!

    • jec jec

      Not just the baby seals—and the below report goes on to say these figures PROVE its not radiation from Fukushima…a criminal statement!
      "Update June 1, 2015 – Ushiku City of Ibaraki Prefecture announced their latest child thyroid data. 48 of 89 children were given either an A2 or B diagnosis. A2 designates detectible thyroid anomalies of less than 5 millimeters for nodules and/or <20mm for cysts. The B diagnosis is for nodules >5mm and cysts >20mm. 40 of the Ibaraki children were found to have A2 anomalies and 8 with B level. Those diagnosed A2 will be monitored for future changes, and the B children studied for possible cancer. Thus, the rate of anomalies for this small cohort was about 54%, which compares favorably with rates found in Nagasaki, Aomori and Yamanashi Prefectures since 2012 (56%). Ushiku City is about 200 kilometers southwest of F. Daiichi. The rate for Fukushima Prefecture is about 42%."

  • or-well

    How about baby humans?

    The Thyroid Examination Assessment Subcommittee of
    the Prefectural Oversight Committee Meeting for the Fukushima Health Management Survey

    Admits Excess Occurrence of Pediatric Thyroid Cancer

    The central and prefectural governments have desperately continued to deny excess occurrence of pediatric thyroid cancer and causality between pediatric thyroid cancer and the accident.

    However, now, the monolith built by the experts is beginning to falter.

    112 children have been diagnosed with “confirmed or suspicious pediatric thyroid cancer” during Initial Screening in the pediatric thyroid examination, covering about 370,000 children aged 18 or younger, conducted since the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.

    In Full-Scale Screening or second round screening, 15 children were newly diagnosed similarly.

    This was an unexpected result even for physicians.

    On May 18, 2015, the Oversight Committee Meeting for the Fukushima Health Management Survey released a summary by the Thyroid Examination Assessment Subcommittee stating that pediatric thyroid cancer in Fukushima children was ”several tens of times larger“ than the pre-accident level.

    Not everyone agrees with ALL of the author's positions, but on this issue she has been gutting the cover-up fuckers, to put it bluntly.

  • or-well

    "Nuclear Mugging", one of my personal favs

    "Hands Up baby kid –
    this is nuclear mugging!
    We don't have heartstrings
    so don't try any tugging!
    Hand over your thyroid
    and your bone marrow!
    Hand over your heart
    my little sparrow!
    Hand over your lungs
    and immune system!
    Our weapon is nukes –
    don't try and resist 'em!
    While we're at it –
    hand over your future!
    Now toddle on home
    to Fuku Prefecture!"
    Nuclear mugging, ranson and theft –
    they'll want more
    even when nothings left.

    July 10, 2012 at 6:53 pm

  • or-well

    Corporate sacrifice zones
    fight globalist trade agrements

  • or-well

    Here's how they spin. Know your nukist shills.

    "Muller consistently mixes up "natural" radiation with ionising radiation from nuclear fission. He talks about background radiation as "natural". There's no mention of the increased ionising radiation in the biosphere as a result of the atomic bomb testing in the 1950s and 60s."

  • violetz56

    re in California where many cars (i think 20) were burnt, the fireman said lot of these fires are being kept from being put out because of drones. Check out an article of a huge fire about 5 drones showed up and 3 left but 2 stayed and kept them from putting out the fires quickly so that more cars burnt before they could put the fires out on the freeway.
    some might be sabotage as well as explosions in China, Turkey and Russia recently

  • Fukushimad is Revelation

    James 5:1 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.
    2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.
    3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

    4 Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.
    5 Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.
    6 Ye have condemned and killed the just; …

  • demise demise

    The Pacific Ocean covers 63.8M SQ/miles holding 46% of earths surface water. I connects to seven other oceans directly. It deepest point is at 35,800ft.

    By comparison, the entire North American continent is 9.5M SQ/miles.

    It is estimated that 30-40% of the northern part of the Pacific is already 90-95% dead. The fringes around the plume increasing the coverage by 20% are approximately 80% as of today. The plume that butts up along the NA coast are higher concentrations due to physical constraints, are 20-50 times higher than normal and has killed the food pyramid (ecosystem), so mass extinctions are under way or in advanced stages. It will only get worse. Get out of CA ASAP.

    The government is inept and broke so expect and get nothing in the form of help/aid/information.

    • Fukushimad is Revelation

      The government of heaven has already informed mankind an instructed mankind what to do.
      Revelation 8:9 And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.

      Revelation 16:3 And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.

      If it is possible please share the links for the estimates.

  • demise demise

    Hey GOM, come on over and we'll talk conspiracies until it bites us dead. In the mean time I throw a big slab of Alaskan Salmon on the Barbie for you. Won't take long since it's already partially pre-cooked.

  • This is something that really happening everywhere in medical research hospitals. That shouldn't be the case and the governement has to think on and well you can use this can help you watch the incidents clearly even on mobile or web.

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