Map: Species of sea snail now entirely extinct in large area around Fukushima nuclear plant

Published: March 31st, 2013 at 11:57 am ET


March 27, 2013 report in Sports Nippon with summary translation by Fukushima Diary:

According to National Institute for Environmental Studies, thais clavigera became entirely extinct in 30km South and North from Fukushima nuclear plant. […]

Source: Tokyo Shimbun

It’s still found in other locations of Japan.

Mr Horiguchi from National Institute for Environmental Studies comments it can’t be explained merely by Tsunami. They need to investigate other reasons including radiation effect.

Wikipedia: “This species has been found to be useful as an indicator of the environmental contamination levels of arsenic, copper, and zinc.”

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Published: March 31st, 2013 at 11:57 am ET


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23 comments to Map: Species of sea snail now entirely extinct in large area around Fukushima nuclear plant

  • We Not They Finally

    The extinction of a species "can't be explained merely by the tsunami"? Who thought that it could be explained by the tsunami AT ALL? The propaganda machine? If you see anything bad, deformed or extinct, it must be the TSUNAMI'S fault? Because that is all we are allowed to talk about?

  • "They need to investigate other reasons including radiation effect." – Mr Horiguchi

    Finally, somebody said the 'R' word.

    Dear Mr Horiguchi,
    How long will that test take?
    Could you state when the results will be posted?
    Escargot Lover 😉

    "Land snails, freshwater snails and sea snails are all eaten in a number of countries…"

    Snails as food:

  • hbjon hbjon

    Alert! If your in Russellville Ar., take out your nuclear emergency info book and be prepared. 1 dead so far. Alert!

    • lam335 lam335

      ne worker died and three others were injured Sunday morning when a heavy piece of equipment fell on them at an Arkansas nuclear plant, officials said. The workers were moving the equipment from the turbine building at an Entergy Arkansas plant in Russellville, about 70 miles northwest of Little Rock. The three injured workers were taken to a hospital. The company stressed that there is no danger to the public. The Arkansas Nuclear One plant provides about 30 percent of the state's energy demand, according to Entergy. "We are deeply saddened by what has happened today," said Jeff Forbes, Entergy's chief nuclear officer. "Our greatest sympathy is with the family and friends of the employee who lost his life, and with those who sustained injuries." Entergy's two nuclear reactors were shut down after the accident. The plant was placed under an "unusual event classification," which is the lowest of four emergency classifications designated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Entergy provides electricity to 2.8 million customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Another 'unusual' event? That's three in three days.

        It's going to be a long year.

        • We Not They Finally

          You mean that they REPORTED three in three days. They used to report nothing about anything, so maybe in some sick way, that's progress.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The carnage from this nuclear disaster is effecting all of Japan and the United States.

  • Off topic (ish) again, but why shut 2 reactors after an everyday civil engineering site accident in a room far from the cores?
    Serious lack of transparency there…. something smells already….

  • nedlifromvermont

    first the snails were killed off, but I did nothing because I was not a snail …

    then the birds will become extinct, but I am not worried, for I am not a bird …

    then the rodents will become radioactive vectors, chewing cables in their radiation-induced dementia … but I won't worry, for I am not a radioactive rodent (not yet) …

    then the humans will all become autistic and despondent … and I won't have anyone to complain to … because I will be the last to leave … my dying hand stretched out to turn off the light switch …

    something like that ….

    curse you, nuclear power boosters and criminal apologists …

    you can't convince me you didn't know what you were doing …

    was it worth it? to destroy the home planet? Did life on Earth really mean so little to all of you?

    Couldn't you all have gone off somewhere and committed mass suicide? Instead of insisting on planetary genocide; for all life? I like my kids and want to choose life … but you have chosen for me, and what you have chosen for me: cancer, leukemia and an early death …

    Thomas Jefferson would not be proud of you …

    Maybe that's it. The Nucleocrats have no pride or sense of shame.

    They really are all that psycho-pathological: Sociopaths.

    Oh well. That sucks.

    I won't go quietly either, Johnny Blade.

    This much I swear to.

    Global Nuclear Shutdown, military and civilian; Today. Every day.

    From now on.

    peace 'newsers.

    Keep pushing!


    • [Nuclear Industry] "you can't convince me you didn't know what you were doing …"
      – nedlifromvermont

      They lied and gambled.
      Fukushima proves they, we all, have now lost.

      It will be blamed on inaccurate data which led to inaccurate risk assessments which in turn led to unimaginable suffering.

      EVERY living thing on the planet has been or will be in some way affected by this.

      • Wreedles Wreedles

        Of course they know.

        They've known since 1957 (WASH-740) if not before.

        It’s unforgivable, unexcusable and unconscionable.

    • We Not They Finally

      Nedlifromvermont..YES YES YES.. Our sentiments exactly. Bless you.

    • hogy

      Brilliant statement, Vermonter. I shared it on one of my lists.

    • You've said exactly what I feel Ned

      I'm just so exhausted, and everyone around me is also.

      My own exhaustion could be explained psychologically, but those around me have no knowledge or care about Fukushima.

      It worries me….

      • Wreedles Wreedles

        I am too Majia. I'm terribly afraid it's the 'new normal.' Soon to be replaced with a worse version…

        • Yes Wreedles.

          It appears that Tepco has failed to stabilize Daiichi and the likelihood of continued large releases into the ocean and atmosphere is high.

          At this point all I can hope for is that Daini does not fall also.

          • Daini… they got them shut-down.. one is still "tracking issues" point of game.. was lots of quake damages… 4 they found was so bad that they took it apart.. damaged fuel in core… and posibly damaged PCV… so it's still apart as far as I know.. watched them un-cork it while back.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Recently I concluded that Fuku has now surpassed the ability of humanity to remediate. Truly, nothing can be done.
      Sarcophagus? Too late now.
      Closed Loop Heat Sink? Too late now.
      Freeze Corium with Nitrogen? Too late now.
      Cofferdam? Too late now.
      Extraction wells? Too late now.


      When you can see the Fukushima Disaster from space, you know that the game is up.
      Take a look:
      This map shows the HEAT from the ruins of Fukushima Diiachi FROM SPACE!

      I am at a loss to express my feelingsr at this time.

      TEPCO can tear the ruins down over the next 40 years…or not.
      Probably won't make a bit of difference. Either way.

      Mix all the radioactive steel with recycled car steel and make brand new Toyotas with it.

      Mix all the radioactive food with other food so nobody will notice.

      Haul all the concrete from Units1,2,3,&4 away, and bury it in a volcano.

      Haul all the spent fuel assemblies out to sea, and dump them in the subduction zone.

      TEPCO has killed the whole world.
      But at a profit.
      For your shareholders.
      Millions for your Directors, CEO, and Managers.
      Millions to pay off Government bureaucrats.
      Are you proud of yourselves?

      (Worst Case Scenerio.)

  • Given that nuclear plants are very susceptible to firstly EARTHQUAKES then TSUNAMIS, perhaps the latest 'bump' will take out a few more species (including our own):

    Magnitude 6 earthquake off eastern Japan; no tsunami warning posted

    Read more:

  • razzz razzz

    In a never ending loss of containment crises, hydrogen production still a worry at Fuku 1.

    And then there is this…

    …the ultimate heatsink jumps up by 2.5c (about 4.6 degrees F) in Fukushima ocean water.

  • Paste

    some new data here that might show evidence of the undersea nuclear sites have contaminated the sediments in various places.. breaking data for you guys to chew over and i had a quick look at the people who edited the report before release.. there is some serious sleuthing to do here.. have fun.. 🙁

    Just released! – Japanese maritime research finds evidence of nuclear undersea dumps contamination!

    ……Regardless of how it got there, “there must be some loaded organic material somewhere in the sediment”, Kanda says…….

    Received: 31 December 2012 – Accepted: 27 February 2013 – Published: 2 April 2013
    134Cs and 137Cs were detected in zooplankton and seawater samples collected from 20 western North Pacific (500− 2100km from the FNPP1) 10months after the FNPP1 accident. Because of its short half-lives, detected 134Cs could only be derived from the

    “We can’t answer the basic question of when these fisheries will be able to open.”

    links to pdfs and diagrams here….

    this info is in good hands! keep up the great work enenewsers.. we have an exclusive! 😉

    • all this is creative commons published to share and stuff (crowd source this) leave links to any stuff that might say copyright on though.. just for educational and busting nuclear censorship reasons!! 🙂
      it was got together by all the enenewsers that added to the general knowledge pot (and some encouragement!) enenews has had a larger effect than at first apparent..

      thought i should just mention..

      well done admin!! well done enenewsers!!
      now i am off to find the story that will finally crush the nuclear rennaisance!

      "…The end of the Renaissance is as imprecisely marked as its starting point…." out of context wiki qoute! 🙂