Marine Chemist: Highly contaminated waste flowing in aquifer below Fukushima — Mag: Groundwater can ‘erupt’ from seafloor offshore — Gov’t expert warned about radioactive substances ‘springing up’ in Pacific (PHOTOS)

Published: April 6th, 2014 at 10:46 pm ET


Ocean Sciences Meeting, Woods Hole marine chemist Matt Charette, Feb. 24, 2014: Submarine groundwater discharge as a source of radioactivity to the ocean from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant — [Cs-134, -137] have remained elevated over ~two years and exceed background values in the coastal ocean off Japan. […] groundwater is infiltrating the NPP reactor buildings at several hundred tons/day and being transformed into highly contaminated radioactive wastewater […] TEPCO has acknowledged ongoing direct radionuclide inputs to the local aquifer with the potential for transport to the coastal ocean via submarine groundwater discharge (SGD). We present results from a May 2013 survey […] key radionuclides of concern (Cs isotopes, 90-Sr) will be presented […]

Oceanus Magazine, published by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Nov. 2004:

  • Contaminants may be introduced into groundwater […] flow underground toward ocean [and] can influence [sea life] abundance
  • Groundwater often flows for long distances
  • Submarine groundwater discharge [will] often carry a substantial amount of […] pollutants
  • Water at the bottom of the ocean — [Scientists try to determine] where groundwater is entering the sea, how much is flowing out, and how fast
  • Infrared cameras on planes […] detect thermal contrast and see where groundwater is discharging
  • [Radioactive] radium and radon [are] useful indicators of groundwater discharge [since] they are not cycled or decayed as much as they would be in exposed seawater
  • Automated seepage meters […] allow researchers to track flow of groundwater continuously [and] obtain high-resolution, long-term records of submarine groundwater discharge
  • NSF, WHOI, Cove Point Foundation, and NOAA provide funding for this research

Science News, Oct. 15, 2005 (emphasis added):

  • Freshwater springs erupt on seafloor near many shores
  • At some sites, water flows from onshore aquifers to sea through porous rocks and then seeps up through  seafloor
  • Scientists [are now] more aware of large volume of submarine groundwater discharge in some locations
  • Factor that controls submarine groundwater discharge is elevation of water table on land [adding] more pressure on water in aquifers and more readily water is driven offshore
  • Radon […] a radioactive element found in nearly all soil and rock […] groundwater contains much higher concentrations of [it] than seawater
  • Another technology to identify seepage sites works somewhat as ground-penetrating radar [and this] method is far quicker than [radon]
  • Temperature differences can easily be exploited to find discharge sites, [experts] from University of Tokyo said […] near Shiranui, Japan, these scientists used thermal infrared-imaging equipment to scan sea surface […] ocean temperature was about 14°C warmer than groundwater

See also: [intlink id=”japan-expert-contamination-fukushima-traveling-seabed-spreading-further-pacific-ocean-measures-needed-stop-flow” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Head of the Groundwater Research Group at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology: “Groundwater also flows beneath the seafloor […] contaminated groundwater could spring up outside the port.”

Published: April 6th, 2014 at 10:46 pm ET


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124 comments to Marine Chemist: Highly contaminated waste flowing in aquifer below Fukushima — Mag: Groundwater can ‘erupt’ from seafloor offshore — Gov’t expert warned about radioactive substances ‘springing up’ in Pacific (PHOTOS)

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    "Though most of the Fukushima atmospheric fallout was believed to be over the ocean, fallout over land led to Cs enrichment in river runoff and contamination of surficial aquifers."


  • Aren't ALL radionuclides of concern?

    "…key radionuclides of concern (Cs isotopes, 90-Sr) will be presented […]"
    – (WHOI)

    How nice of them. [sarc]

    I would like to see the full list please. Aren't we at least entitled to know this?

    I believe it's around 200 types of radioactive contamination we NEED to be concerned about.


    which is why, entombment is far from being any kind of a solution…

    • We Not They Finally

      Entombment? I was thinking more along the lines of imprisonment… [sarc]

      • Maybe we can combine both: convict the responsible parties to some years of social work as Fukushima as liquidators (shouldn't be a problem for them as they consistently state everything is under control and totally harmless) and bury them dead or alive under thirty yards of concrete with their beloved nuclear toys.

  • Excellent analysis Enenews

    Yes, the river running under the plant must discharge into the sea in more than one location. It seems as if there is a significant submarine discharge, perhaps many. This latest news is consistent with other research that has been reported here at Enenews.

    The strontium levels were spiking in TEPCO's 2013 ocean and ground water samples because the melted fuel in the underground river is dissolving.

    Anyone else notice that TEPCO stopped reporting radionuclide levels in Dec 2013, after they admitted that their numbers have been way too low since July 2013?

    Meanwhile, world leaders remain in denial or psychoses. I was sickened by the UNSCEAR report. Those scientists were deluded by absurdly low TEPCO-provided source terms and dose-effects models that lack ecological validity.

    The Pacific! I grew up swimming off the coast of Central California, especially Santa Cruz and San Diego. Under assault for the last hundred years, will the CA coastline eco-system survive Fukushima?

    Speculation on Hermit Crab Demise in La Jolla from 2012:

    • Socrates


      I have spent most of the past 60 years on the coast of Southern California. Before that, I lived in Nevada. I presently live in San Diego.

      Santa Cruz Bay is very polluted. Monterey Bay is now just a tourist attraction. Moro Bay has no fish. Avalon Bay on Catalina is highly polluted. People cannot imagine the decline in aquatic and tidal land environments up and down the coast of California. I spend much time in Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Newport Beach to Cabo San Lucas, all over Mexico, both coasts and into Costa Rica as well as the Caribbean and Hawaii. I consider somewhat of myself very familiar with these environments.

      I agree that Fukushima and climate change will spell the end for many of these environments. Severe changes were evident long before this.

      Marine biota cannot adapt to these changes. There are many adverse factors from dumping to over-extraction of fish. Those who do not appreciate human impacts on these environments have not experienced how things used to be. Otherwise, they would see vast declines in these environments. Fertilizer runoff, pesticides, sewage, the list goes on….

      • name999 name999

        majia, socrates, yes, for those of us who have lived in these places, vacationed and loved the
        West Coast for the last 40+ years the changes are glaring. So much life is absent now from the
        seaweed, birds, starfish and other sea life. Stunning.

  • tsfw tsfw

    A machine that makes matter disappear, even plutonium. But where does it go?

    Skip forward to 7:00

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      No videos at that link longer than 3:00

    • Angela_R

      From another written in 2012 and posted on a greenroad, referring, if I have read correctly, to La Hague Nuclear Site, France:
      "the toxic radioactive waste going into the ocean is the equivalent of a nuclear accident such as Three Mile Island each year, only it never stops."
      Go there read it, it possibly typifies what has been released into our oceans, rivers and the atmosphere from nuclear reactors throughout the world. Thank you Dr. Goodheart for your research.

      • We Not They Finally

        Think that that's the site adjoining the English Channel. International law prevents nuclear dumping at sea, but that's just for ships! If it is already on the body of water, it's "o.k."! This criminal poison factory has been "legal" for I believe decades.

      • The Strohm movie states that the volume of radioactive liquid disposed into the ocean through the "disposal pipe" at La Hague every year is equivalent to 20 million drums of 200 liters each. Every year.

        • And I should add: That procedure has been approved as legal *land-bound* disposal (official justification: the pipe starts at land !). Of course they had to mis-declare it that way because otherwise it would be a violation of international treaties which forbid dumping of nuclear waste into the sea since the early nineties.

          • Danger Danger

            Doesn't the Sellafield MOX plant in the UK have a pipeline straight into the ocean as well, under the same "land bound" law? When retrofitting the plants at FUKU for MOX fuel, I would guess that a similar pipeline would be installed- Rokkasho reprocessing plant has proven unviable. Or maybe I'm just connecting dots into random patterns again…

            • Danger Danger

              or maybe they could circumvent all that by dropping pipe straight into the aquifer and let the current push it to sea. that would solve the "why build on a delta?" issue.

            • Yes, they also have one. As every other nuclear facility.
              NPPs permanently emit radioactive gases through their vent stacks (by the way, nobody seems to wonder why NPPs do have chimneys at all *sigh*) and get rid of other radioactive material by releasing it through the cooling water backline into the river or sea the water is taken from. Of course not without diluting them to the legally admitted concentrations. Diluting it using the exact same water, I guess. What an insult !

        • Angela_R

          Fukugeddon, that's 4 billion litres! 4,000,000,000. Am I right?
          I think Sellafield was nearing 3 million litres

          and Fukushima? which was hit by a tsunami and devastated by an earthquake….

          40% of the phytoplankton had already died before Fukushima.

          • Correct. Are you sure the three million litres for Sellafield were not per year but per day ? Because that would make about 1 billion litres per year which would be of the same magnitude. La Hague is a bigger facility, though, and they handle waste from all European countries which Sellafield probably does not or to less extent because it would involve transport by ship or aircraft.
            I guess the reason for the filmmakers to chose the 200 litre barrel as unit was to make the number comparable to the amount that was formerly legally dumped that way.
            I have no information regarding the actual contents and concentrations of radionuclides in the liquid, but Cesium and Strontium concentrations are on the rise in aquatic flora and fauna in the Channel and the North Sea.

            • Angela_R

              Let's see, 2 million a day, comes to 730 million gallons a year. There are 3.78 litres to the US gallon. So I'm a long way out. It converts to 2,763,000,000 litres But if calculated on imperial gallons it rises to 3,318,000,000 litres. (actually I had rounded off to 3,000,000 neglecting the extra 000's 🙂 I guess I could still have made a mistake.

              They admitted that it had been one hundred times higher in the 1970's. I wonder what the annual water charges are? And now they have 60% of England under exploration for shale gas. Do they have sufficient water?

  • rogerthat

    This is the first time in three years that i've seen anything detailed on groundwater flow into the ocean.
    From Oceanus:
    ''[Scientists try to determine] where the groundwater is entering the sea, how much is flowing out, and how fast
    ''Infrared cameras on planes and blimps […] detect thermal contrast and see where groundwater is discharging''
    ''Automated seepage meters […] allow researchers to track the flow of groundwater continuously [and] obtain high-resolution, long-term records of submarine groundwater discharge.''
    From Science News in 2005:
    ''Because radon itself is radioactive, it makes an ideal marker for seafloor seepage, says John F. Bratton of the USGS in Woods Hole
    ''Another technology to identify seepage sites works somewhat as ground-penetrating radar [and this] method is far quicker than [radon]
    ''Temperature differences can easily be exploited to find discharge sites, [experts] from the University of Tokyo said.

    My questions: It's been three years. Have they looked? Where? What methods have they used? Where are the results?

  • dosdos dosdos

    Japan is not interested in spotting groundwater discharges. Japan is interested in the Olympics.

    • We Not They Finally

      Doubtful there will be any Olympics there. But in the interim, they will squander money desperately needed by everyone being poisoned by this over there.

      • name999 name999

        wntf, the more money they spend, the more $ people can make and the easier it is to keep
        people quiet and to do the work of shutting up those who won't be silenced.

  • Angela_R

    Did nobody listen to the chemists!
    The year cited on Science News is 2005!
    Surely nobody could expect them to be able to address this now…
    with the out of containment and rampant increase in mutant radionuclides, …

  • slayer454 slayer454

    I'd like to invite the commenters here to sign up at There are many communities and chat groups there. Join "We have all been FUKUSHIMAD" or create your own community or chat group.

    Also join Chem Trail Reports site and add to my post or create your own topic.
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  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    If only these experts would visit enenews once in a while, they would know these things a couple years ahead of time.

  • Atlascirca2009

    Could this be a manifestation of such a springing up??? Check out the green "sediment" in the water and the rate of growth…as well as the volcanologists estimate of the heat at which this is spewing….

    All apologies for citing the daily mail amidst the ranks of enenews massive mind power, although perhaps this is another piece of the puzzle.

  • razzz razzz

    Wait until TEPCO starts pumping groundwater before it flows underground past Daiichi's melts this June/14. What could go wrong?

    To pump groundwater you would have to lower the water table at the same time. Wonder if seawater will fill the void or worse, radioactive water fills the void. link to the .pdf document shows (if I read that right) nuke power accounts for 4.5% of the world's electricity output. Not sure if the tables adjust for nuke power plant shutdowns when nuke plants rely on the grid to draw power to keep reactor cores cool and spent and wasted fuel cool. On page 136 it shows the totals as of 6/2013 (427 working reactors down from 444).
    Excuse me if I don't wade through the 140 pg document for answers (probably skewed anyway) but the US is king of nuclear reactors having 100 running.

    So nuke power generation is destroying the world by radioactive pollution for a return of 4.5% the world's electricity needs, great tradeoff. Sure nuke bomb makers are happy.

    The radioactive tracers they use to following groundwater either natural or man-made, are the ones that are easiest to identify for research purposes. Reporting on the full array of nuclear fallout, I imagine, would be very expensive.

    • We Not They Finally

      If the NPP's were not "needed" to produce enriched and/or depleted uranium for the military, there would not even be that 4.5%. There would be ZERO percent.

      No one sane looking at this thinks that NPP's were EVER needed for electricity.

      • We Not They Finally

        Even look at Japan. Have they had no electricity since all the NPP's were shut down? Of course not. It's all been a lie of demonic proportions.

    • Sol Man

      It is far beyond sad that death-master men and women have been allowed to rule the day with their insane program to the demise of all that is sacred, or, had been sacred.

      Now, our requirement to breath, drink water, and eat brings more radionuclides into our bodies to cause havoc.

      DU, and all of the others, for all!

  • Crickets Crickets

    Kind of off-topic (sorry), but I had a thought to compare rates of cancer in U.S. states against the number of nuclear reactors in each state. Just did a couple quick google searches and it jumped right out how the two seem to be quite closely paired. I know there are other factors that contribute to cancer (poor diet, sun exposure, etc.), and other factors like wind that would carry the radioactive contaminants downwind, but it does look somewhat obvious. I half way expected to see higher incidents of cancer in places like California and Florida due to melanoma.

    • Crickets Crickets

      I notice that west of the Rockies, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana have the highest cancer rates. Hanford? hmmmmm

    • Crickets Crickets

      I notice the cancer map is from 2010. It would be interesting to see another map updated a few year from now showing the changes on the west coast and southwest.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      You are the right track.. 🙂

    • razzz razzz

      Germany and France did the same test within a 2.5 mile radius of longer running nuke plants and found the same results, cancer rates were higher compared to further distances. Affected the children more than anything. The US has not applied the test here or neither do they plan to. I read or hear of talk about doing tests in close proximity of nuke plants but nothing ever comes of it. Too much money to be made on suffering.

      Other States are downwinders from sites and the sites themselves where nuke testing took place that account for higher cancer rates. Hanford is obvious and now WIPP since workers can't even work safely at those places.

  • Kashiko Kashiko

    More scientists just discovering the world is not flat….Mmmm. Our experts.

  • Ontological Ontological

    The words corium and groundwater in the same statement is very scary. Water goes everywhere in the biosphere. It follows the least path of resistance to the point where pressure for the most part equalizes. Could be anywhere within a huge area around mountain borne underground rivers including aquifers. This is basically a lethal injection in a IV drip for the Earth I saw a comic, was a planet doctor telling Earth with an it figures look on her face, "I regret to have to tell you this, but you are infested with Humans.".

  • Cdog Cdog

    Obvious from the well readings that the cores reached the underground aqua fire and are leaching into the ocean through brackish water. Impossible to contain and hasn't been so for over a 1000 days. Instead of Japan taking any immediate action to prevent this nightmare they pretended like it wasn't happening and a few feet of steel and concrete was going to prevent a 100 tons (times 2, #3 went sky high) of plutonium and uranium burning at 4500 degrees from melting through. The only question now is how much damage this will really do to to the ocean and so far it looks as though it's much worse than anyone could have imagined as we are seeing reading of 2000 bq per second for kelp over two years ago 4500 miles away at the early points of the ELE. Mass die off's and melting star fish. Truly the ocean life will die, and we will also. As someone else pointed out, this is just one plant! So take care what you eat, live each day like it's your last, and pray for a miracle because all life is certainly doomed without one.

    • wildandfree wildandfree

      Cdog, you are right, we have to watch out for ourselves here. It's just a plant, a starfish, a whale, a pine tree, yada yada yada… Our experts are sometimes the very last to know. Some time ago I was in LAX getting ready to fly to Europe and at the same terminal was about 30 "scientists" from some oceanographic research center with their carry on instruments and under water cameras etc. and I asked them about the die off of the starfish, I knew because I have been reading ENEnews several times a day for some time, so I think I had just seen the first post on her about the starfish. I brought it up to them, none had heard of it and I explained it was a very serious incident that would impact the entire ocean, and was just the start of what was to come. They laughed it off and thought me a bit alarmist, but I thought if anyone should know, it would be them before us. Not the case. Thanks Admin for such great work, we ARE better informed because of your attention to detail and dedication.

    • name999 name999

      sadiedog…do you think Japanese people have just resigned themselves to live as normally as
      they can under the circumstances? With few choices, forced back into their pre-Fukushima
      habitat by force of no $ and no housing.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Yes.. our comrade at Fukushima Diary .. Mr. Mochizuki ..(and here.. I add myself)..have been trying to bring this groundwater situation into consideration for a long time.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This is the reason that walls will not work.
    Nor your apatite process ..Mr Conca..
    No fish bone fish sticks.. (placed by injection at a disatnce from each other..on faulting shoreline .. scary ..tear on the perforated line??) going to work.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    TEPCO must stop wasting time, and build an underground wall surrounding Fukushima ruins of Reactors1-4.
    All TEPCO is doing at Fukushima is creating contaminated water, and spreading it all over the place.
    Three molten reactor cores are in the porous rock under Fukushima.
    Groundwater washes over cores, and through nuclear debris in the corium lava tubes.
    Cooling water runs out the big holes in the bottoms of containment vessels and base mats to mix with groundwater.
    1,000 tonnes of contaminated groundwater enters the Pacific Ocean daily from FDNPP.
    TEPCO may lose its opportunity to divert groundwater around plant ruins if FDNPP becomes too contaminated for workers to continue the work.
    Since TEPCO refuses to acknowledge that corium is in the ground, estimates of ocean contamination will always be far below actual contamination.

    Where is the damn corium, eh, TEPCO? 😉

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      The underground geology has been studied at Fukushima during the "planning" stage.
      The lower boundry of the underground aquifer is a layer of less permeable mudrock at a depth of about +/-100' below the surface of the ground.

      Two things must be done:
      1. Groundwater must be intercepted uphill and inland from FDNPP, and diverted into the ocean.
      2. Reactor Ruins1-4 must be surrounded with an underground wall to enclose and sequester the corium debris and corium lava tubes from the ecosystem.

      Uphill and inland from the plant, build a deep open channel to intercept the groundwater river.
      Bring the groundwater into a river channel, run beside the plant into the ocean.

      Continue the (now abandoned) underground impermeable wall uphill and inland from Reactor Ruins1-4, and enclose Units1-4 in an underground concrete and steel wall driven into the less permeable mudrock layer under the aquifer.

      These actions will stop much of the contamination of the Pacific Ocean from flowing groundwater.

      TEPCO has dropped the ball on this.
      Japan must stop the ongoing destruction of the Pacific Ocean.
      All nations must pressure Japan to clean up this mess.
      If not, international teams of liquidators must be brought in to get the work done.
      We are at the tipping point where public opinion, rather than the priorities of the nuclear industry, will rule the day.

      Tipling point!
      Tip it! 😉

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        The article you site states that the sedimentary layer of mud extends 2674 feet below the surface of Fukushima Daiichi:

        "…Coring conducted by researchers shows that the layer of sedimentary rock which makes up the soil of the east coast of Japan over at least a hundred kilometers has a thickness of 815 meters at the latitude of Fukushima Daini…."

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Building a nuclear power plant with 6 different units in close proximity over a fluvial fan river millions of years old isn't the first engineering disaster in the history of mankind, but it is the worst SO FAR.

      Why Underground Entombment At Fukushima Daiichi Won't Succeed
      By Yoichi Shimatsu
      Exclusive to

      The authorities are quiet because they don't want people to panic and start a mass migration which would disrupt economies worldwide. And there are really no favored spots in the world. And the next nuclear disaster is just around the corner and is already in the making at all the over 400 nuclear power plant extant and the next 400 or 1000s already being built or planned. The elite are the elite by birth, not because they have any intelligence. And that intelligence is rapidly declining because of nuclear radiation. The elite is already so moronic that they have not halted all nuclear technology. The elite have no morality but power. This is the problem of rule by birth rather than individual intelligence and morality. Oligarchies and monarchies have and always will be doomed to failure.

  • Nick

    As I recall, TEPCOn tried to cover the harbor with cement soon after 3/11/11. The bits of Units #s ! and 3 had deposited there from the explosions. If, as I suspect, radiated water is UNDER this cement, it ain't exactly what one would call a success.

    My vision from 2 nights ago seems even more accurate (see my post 4/6 at 2:28pm on another thread). I can't explain it, but I saw the coriums dripping into cracks created by the 3/11/11 earthquake and flowing into the groundwater.

    While the undersea springs are certainly a concern, I also wonder if the awol cores will mix with near surface magma. Then what?

    I think at this point, TPTB will make a "SHOW" of DOING something about this fiasco, in their concerted efforts to placate the masses.

    The farce will serve to deflect attention from an unsolvable nightmare.

    My suggestion to us all is to realize that NO ONE ever will do anything more than reduce Fukushima's radioactive discharge. But it will never, not until the sun becomes a red giant, stop.

  • Tung Jen Tung Jen

    VANNEV and all you other regulars who are my group of," like minded people"! Can't imagine how I would deal with PTSD without you. Maki has moved in with our neighbors next door, Guatemalans refugees living from the land. It is easier for him that way. The children the family life allows him to be care for as the grandpa. Too hard for him to live with me, too raw… a constant reminder of the bigger issues in life. I was thinking of the movie, Seven Samurai, about the characterization of the village people the contracted relationship between the insider/outsider.


      one of my favorite movies, Tung Jen. Must ask that you clarify your situation further, as I'm having difficulty understanding what you're telling us. Is Maki a family member?

      • Tung Jen Tung Jen

        Yes, Maki is my husband a ceramic artist from Ibaraki. Worked on the Iwaki Team in a collaboration with the Chinese Artist Cai Guo Qiang. "Cai Guo-Qiang: I Want to Believe…‎

        Now, I'm continually trying to figure out what it is we are wanting to believe.


          understood, Tung Jen. Things are difficult on many levels, for all of us. Wonderful work that your husband collaborated on. I can only surmise that he was involved with the "Reflection-A Gift from Iwaki" piece. From what I can make of the image [see below link], I interpret it as representative of a bygone seafaring era. It's very haunting, yet beautiful.

          Likely you found ENENEWS while researching news of Fukushima. Most of us did. I often remind people that it's important that they not become personally overwhelmed by these ongoing revelations. You're likely aware, all things are but force for change. And regardless if Fukushima is a threat to our very existence, all would've eventually suffered death. That our world now faces such a collective threat, hints to why it has happened. A new paradigm is upon us. Lose your fear and focus solely on how humanity can use this catastrophe as force for positive change; a change that's long overdue…

        • name999 name999

          Tung Jen, thank you for your posts, the insider and the outsider, holding to your core and
          what you truly feel, paying a big price for that, but a bigger price to pretend. Wondering
          why things play out this way. Sounds like you are just trying to find some center, to get your
          bearings in a very changed life…

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    TEPCO must be made to release to the public a map of where the missing 250 tonnes of molten nuclear fuel from Fukushima1-3 are.
    They will not do so voluntarily.
    Nor will the Japanese Government.
    So, public opinion must MAKE them release a map of the missing cores.
    This is why, every day here, I demand from TEPCO:

    Where is the damn corium, TEPCO? 😉

    (Meanwhile, the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem is dying off.)

    • Shaker1

      Well, Philip, I admire your dedication as I admire the dedication of many here, too many to specifically name. May history be kind in its recognition of such.

      With Lament

      Yes, I do feel small
      and find myself simply
      the vehicle of other’s motives,
      other’s desires.

      I think in those terms,
      an exasperating relativity
      of rationality and emotions.
      As an empathetic legacy deepens,
      I see how evolution ended
      a culture whose intimate selflessness
      scattered in self-determined droplets,
      like mercury fallen to the floor.
      How difficult to gather
      those individuals again,
      to overcome the oxide shell
      formed about them in separation!
      The droplets run to every crack
      and hiding place,
      notion of the whole defensively amnesiac
      of the original collection.

      What I wish is so fragile
      that I might understand the world
      as it is: tough.
      But must all that is successful
      be so?
      The oxide can be overcome,
      dissolved, and reactivity rediscovered
      in the simple chemistry of a wholesome dream.

      • Runningonlove Runningonlove

        Lovely poem, Shaker! Did you write it? Alone together,
        the paradoxes of love every day grow like flowers floating and roots in the seas.

      • name999 name999

        shaker1, wholesomeness does feel to be a dream from the past.

        • Shaker1

          Yes. It's mine, and represents thoughts and an image of myself that I would truly wish to project and be remembered.

          I began to comment on Enenews because I felt I had some knowledgable contributions, but lately have found my comments default to cynicism and indignation. It's somewhat addicting, the power represented by those. There are certainly things more noble than that. If just to myself and to those here I appreciate, that I can resist temptation and present something that I hope has some of that nobility.

          And I hope it's realized that I still have that wholesome dream.

  • SadieDog

    British vets exposed to nuke tests still having children with birth defects, scandal –

    • SadieDog

      -Professor Chris Busby did his statistical survey of the vets and their descendants in 2007. It found that children of the vets were 10 times more to get birth defects and five times more likely to die as infants.

      He reveals: “The main finding is that the grandchildren are suffering at almost the same rate as the children of veterans. In normal genetics, with each generation the effects would be less as new DNA is added to the family line.

      "But with radiation exposure, a kind of instability is passed down – like an alarming message in a bottle passed from mother to child.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Yes Sadie, we are certainly being cursed and the Nuclear Extermination of planet Earth continues to move forward.. 🙁

      There will be no X Men/Women in the future with super powers, there will only be crippled men and women and children moaning in pain. 🙁

  • Nick

    "TEPCO plans to coat Fukushima port seabed

    Guess someone forgot to tell them about the undersea springs!

  • Kashiko Kashiko

    Slightly off topic but maybe of interest. 2 months ago I escaped from Niigata, Japan with my wife and 2 sons (Aged 4 and 6). Here in England I wanted to have them checked and went to the local doctor who in turn contacted the local hospital, who in turn contacted the National Poisons Unit in London. I just got a reply and I quote from the letter… 'Given the distance you lived from the incident there is no need for further investigation. He has also investigated the Health Protection Agency guidelines that state side that outside 60km from an incident there is no need for further investigation'. You sort of wonder what planet these people live on. Tokyo is more than 60km away and dangerous and Nagoya even more. Niigata is closer than both of them. Guess I'll just keep up the spirulina and keep my fingers crossed.

    • Tung Jen Tung Jen

      Like I have said before, ended up 2 weeks in the hospital in Tokyo, x rayed every third day to check the status of my lungs…!!!!

      Wish we could post pictures on Enenews sometimes just can't get the words. I'd give you before and after images. In the hospital fed fish sometimes twice a day, did my best not to eat, reached 72 kilo on the scales….. now after a short time here living on the farm down to 52 kilo!!

      Threw away my prescription drugs, self medicating with super foods and a vast amount of herb. Every day I appreciate my health and use this source of energy to try and make a possible future for those left to face this future of denial.

    • name999 name999

      Kashiko, so sorry you have had to go through that. How difficult for you and your family. The lies about this disaster are another layer of danger and threat.

  • ftlt

    This is why they are talking about pumping inland away from FUFU into the ocean – to keep the water from passing FUFU on its way to the ocean. Seen some stuff on the net about this. Suppose to be ready to start in May.

    It had better be far inland. Because groundwater flows both ways and they are still pouring plenty into the leaking broken nuke plant. Water that could flow inland if the gradient of the draw down zone of the new bypass wells reaches the plant.

    Much of the talk about groundwater is the surface water-table issue. Not the deeper aquifer The cover of pumping aquifer waters will be used to dump plant waters in ocean as well – you can bet on it.

    They always were going to have to. What else were they to do?

    Load ships with it – carrying out into the ocean and dump it further offshore? Same ocean Huh??

  • Fukushima Govt. Had 1 Million Potassium Iodide – KI Pills Available, But Refused To Hand Them Out After 3/11 Mega Nuclear Disaster; via @AGreenRoad

    • ftlt

      I understand they only work for a limited duration of exposure.

      Folks on northern Honshu are 3 years into this ???? now. ???? = There really is not a word capable of describing FUFU.

  • Meanwhile, back in the good ol USA…

    1979 – New Mexico Church Rock Nuclear Radiation Spill, Comparable To Three Mile Island Nuclear Reactor Meltdown; via @AGreenRoad

  • FXofTruth

    This is a "fact statement" fictitiously created by the lying sacks of monkey sh*ts of TEPCO…"groundwater is infiltrating the NPP reactor buildings at several hundred tons/day and being transformed into highly contaminated radioactive waste water."

    The math of water flowing through the melted REACTOR CORES don't match Reality! Hundreds of tons of water flow EVERY MINUTE by these pieces of radioactive Hell Fire. So, 24 hours of 1000's of tons of radioactive water flows right into the Pacific. Where else would it going to go? Into those limited holding tanks….for years? No, not possible. Millions of radioactive gallons are going right into the ocean.

    It's sickening to read the same lie that "experts" have latched on to about water spewing into the Pacific by "hundreds of tons a day"….it's the wrong amount! It was created (with NO verification) by the monkeys at TEPCO!

  • Do we have information regarding the dissolution rate/behaviour that can be expected for The corium material ? It seems at least cesium has a high water solubility. The actual local concentration of the solution should not be a limiting factor because the groundwater flow will carry it away fast enough. However, I assume the temperature of the water and the corium need to be known/estimated. And the approximate groundwater flow rate.
    Anyone ?

    • razzz razzz

      Fukugeddon: The Germans did a study and reported that SR-90 levels would rise a thousand days after the meltdowns. They nailed it almost to the day as TEPCO began reporting higher Strontium levels at Daiichi then suddenly ceased reporting the information.

      I don't have the German report link handily but maybe someone else does, it was posted here as a news item awhile back. Basically it says things only get worse with no containment and radioactive decay elements causing spikes from the various radioactive daughter products being produced in mass, some worse, some not so bad.

      They talk about half life and decaying away radioactive elements but there is so much radiation being given off from Daiichi's melted fuel that the entire site is becoming unstable. With all the uncontained neutrons flying around they energize anything inert.

  • Ewok Wicket Ewok Wicket

    Perhaps Tung Jen this relates to your pain. My heart goes out to you and others that are suffering this man-made hell.

    Yes, PhilpUpNorth, it is time to Tip It. Let's start with the Banks. Remove 10% of your cash no matter how large or small. Banks are an easy target. And it would get attention for the power of the people. Banks only have virtual money. They are only required to have a fraction of a percent of cash on hand in any branch relative to their "value".

    It is time to get their attention in any way we can. It is time to stand together! We do have the power. Tip It!

  • weeman

    All I can say is lets all hope that the corium has not left the building, good vibs please, if it is still in building we maybe able to stem the flow at sometime, if it is like Elvis it is going to be more problematic to solve the ground water contamination. Step one.
    Let hope, even if it is a remote possibility.
    Goodwill to mankind, not that we deserve it.

  • new word of the day I just came up with:
    Atomicide, the genocide program of the nuclear nations against all humanity.

  • GMOicide, the genocide program of the plants and animals of this once great planet
    Chemicide, the genocide program of the rest of the industrial complex fouling our air, water and soil with man made poisons.

  • Daisy207

    the problem with treating the water with soluble radioactive metalic compounds is that you will create INSOLUBLE SLUDGES (metal hydroxides) as a precipitate- what do you do with that sludge – that no one can possibly handle – bury it – it will leach again. Also it will not filter out or precipitate the tritium. You can't destroy mass. It's an impossible situation. Let it flow or precipitate it – bury it and let if flow more slowly as the hydroxides are converted again to soluble metal salts. It still flows forever and forever and forever until all life is gone.

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