Maryland senior scientist: “Very surprised” over radioactive iodine-131 findings — “A fat red bar” on graph never seen before

Published: April 5th, 2011 at 1:03 pm ET


On the lookout for radiation in Maryland, Baltimore Sun, April 4, 2011:

[Emphasis Added]

… But on March 23, when the signature of radioactive iodine 131 turned up in an air filter tested in one of the state health lab’s gamma-ray counters, Abudureheman Abulimiti, a senior scientist in the [Maryland health department] lab, wasn’t ready to believe it.

Although the radiation lab has been monitoring the state’s air and water for decades, this was the first time its current employees — too new to recall the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986 — had seen a radioactive byproduct from a reactor accident.

“I was very surprised,” said Abulimiti, who’s been there about seven years. “I immediately got in contact with … my supervisor. Something was going on.” …

The display is a vertical bar graph, and on March 23, Abulimiti spotted a fat red bar toward the left side of the graph where he had never seen one before. Its energy level identified it as iodine 131. It was unmistakable. …

Read the Baltimore Sun report here.

Published: April 5th, 2011 at 1:03 pm ET


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  • What is more surprising is that a senior scientist in a radiation lab could possibly be “surprised” over the high readings.

    Did he believe that the jet stream would entirely skin Maryland, or perhaps he actually believed the false information spread by our health officials.

    Maybe it was just wishful thinking that it wouldn’t touch his life.

    Let’s be clear, radiation from Fukushima will join the jet stream, the trade winds and the ocean currents and will flow in a continuous direction toward the west coast of North America. It won’t be a flat line, it’s nature and nature tends to be irregular. When it rains or snows the radiation will fall down on anything below it, including labs with scientists who believe otherwise.

    The truth is a strange concept, it exists whether or not anyone believes in it.

    If we eat, drink and breath, then we can be sure that our food, lands and air are contaminated. As the jet stream continues around the world some radioactive particles will fall with rain, snow or as dust particles, before it continues it’s deadly circle.

    The number of radioactive particles may diminish but the STRENGTH of each particle does not diminish.

    Chernobyl killed almost 1,000,000 after burning only 10 days. Fukushima is already past 60 days and with no end in sight.

    As individuals we are each responsible for our health decisions. I list my top 20 + choices and what I’m doing for myself and animals, to my soil and the food that I eat.

    Stay healthy