Mass arrests at nuclear protest in India — ‘Immediate steps’ being taken to start reactors

Published: March 21st, 2012 at 2:57 am ET


Title: Work restarts at Indian nuclear plant, protesters arrested
Source: Reuters
Date: March 20, 2012

Work to start up a large nuclear power plant on the southern tip on India resumed on Tuesday after police arrested dozens of protesters who had blocked access to the site for months, in a breakthrough for the power-short emerging economy.

Police secured the roads around the protest site and stopped fishing boats sailing in, arresting about a hundred people. […]

The government of Tamil Nadu, the southern state where Kudankulam is located, dropped its support for the protests on Monday and gave a green light for the project to be completed.

“Immediate steps will be taken for the speedy commissioning of the nuclear power plant at Kudankulam,” Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha said. […]

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Title: India government takes blunt approach to anti-nuclear push
Source: Los Angeles Times
Date: Mar. 20, 2012

[…] Late last month in an American science journal, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh accused U.S. and Scandinavian civic groups of funding the protests to hold back India’s development.

That accusation was an apparent cue for the Indian security establishment, which then arrested and deported a German visitor traveling the area on a tourist visa, accusing him of funding the Kudankulam protests.

Government officials also initiated an investigation into the financing of church and rural charities, arguing that the groups were illegally diverting funds meant for orphans and anti-leprosy programs to finance protests. Three of the groups’ operating licenses were canceled, bank accounts were frozen, and a Fukushima-area resident invited to India by Greenpeace to speak about Japan’s nuclear disaster had her visa revoked.

In the latest move last week, a ruling party lawmaker demanded full surveillance and monitoring of all foreign money going to about 65,500 Indian charities – which amounted to about $6.5 billion between 2007 and 2010 – in what some critics are calling a “witch hunt.” […]

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Published: March 21st, 2012 at 2:57 am ET


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37 comments to Mass arrests at nuclear protest in India — ‘Immediate steps’ being taken to start reactors

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    I am SO impressed with our anti-nuke friends in India!!! Blocking an entrance for months – that's just great. Well done India – don't give up!

    I hope our friend Ramaswami Kumar is alright!? 🙂

    • @BreadAndButter
      March 21, 2012 at 309 AM
      Thanks for the heartfelt concern B and B.
      I was not there. My sympathies are with those who want all nukes everywhere to be shutsown immediately. I of course admire the protests:Here is one of mine to the Hindu, today:
      Re: The Hindu,
      Opinion » Editorial
      March 21, 2012, The burden of power
      The article brings out the heinous crime resorted to by the fascists in unleashing the armed might of the state around nukes. This against people in a divine state wanting to be assured of their right to safety and health and security of livlihood: Their attributes are fearlessness, purity of heart, steadfastness in knowledge and equanimity towards opposites, readily donating to a noble cause, thirsting for updating their knowledge of the cause at hand, austerity, uprightness, non-injury, truth, absence of anger, renunciation,tranquility, absence of calumny, compassion to all, uncovetousness,gentleness,modesty,absence of fickleness,boldness,forgiveness,fortitude,absence of hatred, absence of pride, and infinitely rich and precious compared to nukes,possessing capability of non-clonal reproduction in love,gratefully accepted by Mother Earth on passing away; at 1000 MW/, power capacity in India 120000 MW,forever returning all taken from the earth! Power hungry Nukes destroy generations. Nuclear power anywhere never!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    India was on the right track, what happened? . . . so sad.

  • goathead goathead

    Bopal just waiting to happen again but on a humongous seismic scale!

  • Chelsea_

    India goes where the money is. If the government will make more money off it's citizens this way, they'll do it. This is a pretty well-known fact about Indian politics. Especially since Pakistan is far ahead of them in dealing with the overall energy shortage in that area of the world.

    • Fall out man!

      Ironically, the health damage done to their people, and the crippling costs of nuclear power production will weaken the country. I can understand them having more power plants to create more nuclear weapons, or perhaps just because those in power can make a fortune out of related contracts. But it has nothing to do with getting ahead of Pakistan. This will cost India a tremendous amount. Not just in pure financial terms , thought that is bad enough, but in health damage, loss of fertility, and genetic decay. For those around the plant, its a disaster. The idea of them "falling behind Pakistan" is no doubt pushed all the time to justify anything and anything. Pakistan is a basket case. Not much of a bogey man, but with the right PR, no doubt quite useful. Without billions in US Aid Pakistan would just fall apart.


    Sad to see how the Indian government will stoop to extorting what little aid is going to the poor, to quell any opposition to their militarist agenda. It's become so glaringly obvious that our world is in deep shit…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    They should reconsider the risks as a nuclear accident can take out a whole country, or worse.

      • here's another straight from the vanguard of the Kudan struggle:
        Here is a comment from Amory Lovins way back in 1975 in Non Nuclear Futures, writing on democracy and the commoner in the struggle against the nucular madness:
        …over the past few years, nuclear debate has become part of a far wider debate about various social and ethical issues which the political process is well suited to address. ordinary citizens and their representatives have begun to take up their responsibility to judge for themselves the merits of the more technically tinged arguments,rather than merely believing those experts who seemed most congenial or most authoritative. under this public scrutiny, the official experts have often tended to come off rather badly. those issues which were earlier thought to be highly technical and accessible only to experts have turned out to be simple in essence and have rightly become the province of every citizen willing to become informed about them…

        • Fall out man!

          "those issues which were earlier thought to be highly technical and accessible only to experts have turned out to be simple in essence and have rightly become the province of every citizen willing to become informed about them"

          Very good point. One sees that in so many public issues. When someone tries to pretend that something is too complicated to explain and that people should just leave it to them, what they typically mean is that they know what they are doing is wrong and people wouldn't like it, so they hide it by pretending the issue is complicated, too complicated for ordinary people to understand. So they hope that being pompous, condescending and making out they are too important to bother with the "little people" will put people off asking questions.

          That's just the time when people really need to get stuck in.

          • Here is a letter from Idinthakarai( on the fascist attacks on people:

            Idinthakarai Update
            March 22, 2012

            The situation here is still grim. There are some 10,000 people from coastal
            and interior villages. Most of them are women including pregnant women and
            nursing women. I myself saw many nursing women feeding their babied
            sweetened water as there was no milk coming to the village. More people are
            coming by boats and on foot as the access roads are all blocked by police.
            There is no bus service to this place. There is no sanitary complex and
            women bear the brunt of it. No public health official has ever come to help
            the people.

            Some 15 of us have been on indefinite hunger strike and no medical doctor
            has ever come here to check our health. The Dinamalam newspaper has
            reported today that we have all been eating heartily and pretending to be
            fasting. If this anti-Tamil newspaper can prove that there is a trace of
            food in my or Pushparayan’s stomach, we are ready to leave this protest.
            Otherwise, will they stop publishing this stupid paper? We are fighting for
            a cause not prostituting our soul like the Dinamalam does.

            On March 21, my mother had received a phone call from one advocate by the
            name T. Udayakumar and he claimed he was calling from the DGP office in
            Chennai. He asked my mother to ask me to leave the protest so that all the
            cases against me would be dropped and I would get whatever I ask for. My
            mother told him that I was not a man of that nature and ended the
            conversation. That evening the Superintendent of Police of Tirunelveli
            District called me on my mobile and asked me to surrender alone so that
            people would not be affected. I told him that I was all ready for that but
            the people here at Idinthakarai also wanted to get arrested along with me
            and they would not let me go alone. I proposed to the SP to send enough
            number of buses and two police officers so that…

    Indian & Tamilnadu Government repression against the nonviolent
    protest against Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant
    (KK-NPP) in southern Tamilnadu, India
    1. Struggle leaders & women protesters beaten up
    2. Police arrested over 203 peaceful protesters – more arrests feared
    3. Meera’s (wife of struggle leader Dr S P Udayakumar) school in Nagercoil
    town vandalised
    There is a massive non-violent protest movement ongoing at the southern tip of
    India, in the three southern Tamil Nadu districts of Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari &
    Thoothukudi. Thousands of fisher-folk, farmers, traders and other residents have
    kept fast, surrounded the KK-NPP organized massive demonstrations in
    Chettikulam, Idinthakarai & Kanyakumari. Over 300 senior citizens kept day-long
    fast and wrote a letter to the Japanese PM, requesting him not to open nuclear
    cooperation negotiations with Indian Govt.
    The expert group formed by the people's struggle (People's Movement against
    Nuclear Energy – PMANE), have submitted a list of valid concerns – including the
    citing of the plant
    ?? on fragile limestone bedrock (where limestone mining was continuing till
    ?? right on the coast near where in the recent past a huge Tsunami wave struck,
    ?? at a site which have recorded recent history of nearby significant seismic
    activity, and
    ?? Where on the sea-bed, known slump formations are there (likelihood of slide
    by even smaller earthquakes & resulting tsunami wave).
    The government failed to respond to these concerns adequately, except claiming
    that everything is safe, while secretly signing an agreement with the Russian
    government, exempting them of liability in case of an accident. This goes against
    Indian Supreme Court's judgment about 'absolute liability' & 'polluter pays'
    The area is also home to tens of thousands of fishing families, who fear that the
    radiation leaks and the huge heated water discharge from the cooling system of…

    The area is also home to tens of thousands of fishing families, who fear that the
    radiation leaks and the huge heated water discharge from the cooling system of the
    2000 MWe nuclear power plant will drive away fish & other economically useful
    marine life, apart from killing off many such by higher temperature & lower oxygen.
    This will adversely impact on their livelihoods. Hundreds of thousands of people
    live in the vicinity of the plant who also fears for their lives & livelihoods. The
    protests started in 1989 itself but were intensified after people saw Fukushima
    disaster unfolding.
    Instead of paying attention to the very valid concerns & fears of the people, both the
    Indian government and the state government in Tamil Nadu have now taken to
    harsh repressive measures, after declaring that the plant will soon commence
    operation. Weeks ago,, about 20 activists & protesters – including 12-13 women
    activists and struggle leaders like Pushparayan, were beaten up, while they were
    going to meet the government representatives in the district headquarters, on
    government invitation. Some of them, including the women, had to be hospitalized.
    The legal advisor and other support group people have been arrested, including the
    Paris priest Fr Suseelan – just because he was sympathetic to the genuine concerns of
    the people who came to the church. The government is falsely accusing the
    movement of being supported by foreign NGOs (specially from the US &
    Scandinavian countries !! ) and are also trying to whip up communal divide, playing
    the communal card – by publicly stating that it is the Christians who are opposing
    the nuclear plant, while the Hindus are suffering from power cuts. This is a very
    dangerous & dirty game & should be condemned. The truth is all communities in
    the area are against the KK-NPP being started. And the struggle is supported by
    voluntary contributions of the fisher people & local resident…

    And the struggle is supported by
    voluntary contributions of the fisher people & local resident Indians.
    Yesterday, the school run by Meera Udayakumar – wife of the convenor of PMANE
    Dr S P Udayakumar – was vandalised, inspite of the huge police presence in the area,
    clearly with the governments blessings. Meera & Uday's two kids are also in danger.
    Uday, Fr Jeyakumar (the priest of Idinthakarai's church) and other struggle leaders
    are on an indefinite fast to protest against this dictatorial governance, and also to
    stop the plant being started. Around 10,000 villagers gathered there earlier on 20th.
    There are threats that the leaders will be arrested the moment they come out of the
    protest base in Idinthakarai, and they have been called out by the district
    administrator & police – apparently for clarifications.
    The main base of this massive people's struggle, Idinthakarai village has been made
    to suffer, as the authorities are frequently cutting the power & water connections to
    this large village, leading to serious threats of water borne diseases there,
    particularly amongst children. The govt is also resorting to increased power cuts in
    the surrounding area, to build up resentment among the general population against
    the struggle & protest. About 4,000 police persons are surrounding the area. It
    seems the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (a Govt of India company) is
    preparing to load fuel in the reactor 1, without going through the mandatory safety
    & evacuation drills etc. Large no of senior police officers are also present,
    coordinating the repression.
    This is a test case of democracy, human rights, and all that we value as just
    democratic societies. How all of us – everywhere – respond to these, will determine
    what future we build for us and our children.
    Soumya Dutta, member – National Alliance of Anti-nuclear…

    Soumya Dutta is a member of the National Alliance of Anti-Nuclear Movements India and India Climate Justice Forum.
    See also the calumny resorted to by the foreign hand regarding Indian Nuclear Programme at:
    To get a feel for the foreign hand see

    See how the government beat a stragetic retreat after starting a fascist war/state terror at

  • Bobby1

    As Pu239 said, we are in a nuclear war – which is being waged by nuke gangsters, against the whole earth and everyone in it. It is heartening to see the Indian people fight back, it shows there is still some life left in the human race.

    • @Bobby 1. I took off from you a la Pu239:
      Nuclear Terrorism by Nuclear Power Programs

      • Bobby1

        The Weart article you quote is a hodgepodge of all the pro-nuclear arguments from the PTB. They claim people suffer from irrational fear of radiation. But it is them that really suffer from irrational fear of renewable energy sources, and its threat to their monopolistic powers. These nuclear terrorists would destroy the earth rather than give up the money and political power nukes provide them.


    Please raise your voice so nukes are abolished NOW!

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    The mass protest idea is what the power elite WANT people to do. It no longer workers in 2012. The same injustices are perpetuated and there is no time for this. I suggest a more strategically intelligent approach and that is to encourage, indirectly of course (don't we have to say "indirectly/figuratively" now thanks to the thought crime legislation of the U.S.–the 2009 Anti Violent Domestic Terrorism Act, which makes it illegal for U.S. citizens to even say the word "revolution" and actually mean it. Study the text of it at It's passed legislation so you can look it up by name)

    What needs to be done is the heads of most profiteering corporations and agencies involved in nuclear anything MUST be targetted for elimination (figurative) of course, and direct harrassment, including gaining their precise schedules and interceding, intervening and upsetting THEIR applecarts in increasingly creative (we hope of course non-violent) ways. Whomever moves in to replace these leaderships, must be targetted, as well. Illegitimate fascist/corporatist/martial/covert leaderships LOVE to play musical chairs. Just aim at where the power is weilded, which is 99% of the time where those making the most money reside in an organization and you WILL take that organization down. The more who are masturbatorily la la-ing and frittering away their prescious energies and times on non-violent demonstrations have forgotten, mainly, that we must FIRST intimidate power before they will be AFRAID and MOVED TO CHANGE IN OUR FAVOR by mass NON-violent demonstrations.

    The powers that be at this time are NOT intimidated by a thing that is going on to protest nuclear power. There are reasons that States have created holidays lionizing non-violent "leaders" (all of whom are assassinated eventually). Why are they lionized by states? Because state power cliques have non-violent demonstration methods that do not strategically and logically target power elite cliques, in the…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The government needs to join the people, because no one wants to be forced to coexist with dangerous reactors.

  • The PM went to S Korea and S Korea asked for the nuclear omnicidal pie:
    Re: Strategic ties
    "An important outcome of prime minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Seoul to take part in the nuclear security summit was the concrete steps announced to improve bilateral relations between India and South Korea.
    Seoul’s request to build nuclear power reactors in India and India’s offer to launch Korean satellites from its facilities will, if pursued successfully, take the two countries to hitherto uncharted areas of cooperation. "
    Uranium mining and nuclear power programmes(npcs) have proved to be unacceptably unsafe and yet there are many vintage design reactors operating among the 340 reactors. Even during normal operations they are increasing the cancer death load alone by 100 Bhopals every year(each unit of Bhopal is 2259 immediate deaths after the disaster).This follows Dr John Gofman's analysis of the nuclear reactor fallout being similar to fallout from atmospheric nuclear tests and assuming just 0.1% leak of just Cs137 from radionuclide inventories. Cs 137 remains cancerous for more than 300 years, bone marrow damaging Sr-90 for 280 years and Am-241 for 4320 years. Thus a holocaust of a cancer epidemic is on the cards as is the fact of life in the West. That is why npcs are waging nuclear war on life on the planet and such nuclear terrorism will remain forever unless India and China go normal and desist from the nuclear path. Media should become a little more responsible in its treatment of nuclear issues and not act as a paid demon of the fascists. Energy audit shows that all nuclear power programmes when all embedded energy is included serves only the nuclear industry giving no electricity whatsoever to society from year to year, but consuming in addition coal power in gargantuan amounts for their mining and fuel preparation,construction, operation, maintenance including nuclear wastes and…

  • (concluded from above on S Korea trip by India PM):
    Energy audit shows that all nuclear power programmes when all embedded energy is included serves only the nuclear industry giving no electricity whatsoever to society from year to year, but consuming in addition coal power in gargantuan amounts for their mining and fuel preparation,construction, operation, maintenance including nuclear wastes and decommissioning and accidents. Stop this nuclear terror now. Instead of relying cosily on vested interest opinion, people should discuss among themselves the unacceptable omnicidal khudkushi(suicidal) effects and be convinced of the need to put down nuclear terror and as one man crush the fascists of modern civilization democratically. And arise enjoyment of living energy.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Sadly, all of these protestors in India got charged with TREASON, which is a crime punishable by DEATH. This according to a news article.

    The 1% is cracking down, and the firing squads may be next, if they even bother with 'justice'. In Egypt, they are just gunning them down, or making people 'disappear', thanks to a US installed and CIA trained military leader, plus US weapons, and US military funding… That same military is now oppressing the people of Egypt, who want something called 'freedom'.

    Violence plus oppression is learned, and the 1% pass it on…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The military, police, and government (99% of government is regular people with a clerk job)..need to join the protesters.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Thirteen Reasons We Do Not Want the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project
    Fight the good fight…