“Massive blast” rips through nuclear plant — “Smoke billowed from building as explosion led to massive fire” — Expert: Incident “very serious” — “Number of people have been left feeling unwell” (VIDEOS)

Published: February 10th, 2017 at 3:50 pm ET


West Australian, Feb 9, 2017 (emphasis added): ‘Massive’ blast at French nuclear power plantEmergency services are on the scene

Zee News (India), Feb 9, 2017: Eyewitnesses said that smoke billowed from the building as the explosion led to a massive fire.

The Sun, Feb 9, 2017: POWER PLANT BLAST Explosion rips through French EDF nuclear power plant… after a fire in one of the reactor engine rooms… Jacques Lepetit, Mayor of Les Pieux in Flamanville, said the smoke was now “under control” at the plant… “The release of smoke is controlled, the operations are under control,” he told 20 Minutes.

The Independent, Feb 9, 2017: Neil Hyatt, professor of radioactive waste management at the University of Sheffield, said the incident was “very serious”…

BBC, Feb 9, 2017: Flamanville reactor blast… Five people reported feeling unwell…

Evening Standard, Feb 9, 2017: Emergency services rushed to the power station… According to initial reports there were thought to be several injured and five people left “moderately intoxicated”.

Daily Star, Feb 9, 2017: Massive explosion at nuclear power plant near British coast leaves several injured; MULTIPLE people have been injured after a huge blast ripped through a nuclear power plant… Local reports are stating the explosion happened in the engine room and a number of people have been left feeling unwell. Firefighters and paramedics rushed to the scene but the extent of the damage and injuries remains unclear.

Yahoo 7 News, Feb 9, 2017: Explosion rocks nuclear power plant in France… Emergency crews have raced to the scene…

Sky News, Feb 9, 2017: Several people have suffered “intoxication” after an explosion at a French nuclear power plant… a cordon has been set up around the site as a precaution.

News.com.au, Feb 10, 2017: Flamanville plant in northern France has been hit by a massive explosion… Neil Hyatt, a professor of radioactive waste management at Sheffiled University said… “Any incident of this kind at a nuclear power plant is very serious”…

Daily Sabah, Feb 10, 2017: 3 nuclear reactor blasts within 10 days raises security concerns in Francethe Flamanville blast is the third explosion in French nuclear power plants in the past week and a half… The previous explosion at Cattenom nuclear power plant occurred on February 1, French media outlets reported on Friday, while also noting that the three explosions had occurred within 10 days of one another.

Watch broadcasts here: France24 | Telegraph

Published: February 10th, 2017 at 3:50 pm ET


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67 comments to “Massive blast” rips through nuclear plant — “Smoke billowed from building as explosion led to massive fire” — Expert: Incident “very serious” — “Number of people have been left feeling unwell” (VIDEOS)

  • Winterborn

    I know these type of incidents are going to keep happening. These machines are already getting pushed past their design life but it's still disheartening to watch coverage on these events as the information provided is so obviously run from a 'playbook' on how to deny and cover up to limit liability. I liked investigative journalists and watching the news when it presented more than 'one side of the story'.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Those days have been gone for a very, very, long time..

      John F Kennedy Warning For US ALL!!!! – YouTube
      Video for Kennedy's warning to the world youtube▶ 5:24

      • hbjon hbjon

        Apparently, the bearing fail catastrophically from time to time without prior knowledge. Oil vaporizes and explodes. The control rods automatically stop the fission and coolant pumps circulate water through the system. Terrorism needs to be ruled out.

      • Gabe Gabe

        Yes, indeed. France and Belgium are now threatening the fabric of the EU. State sponsored acts like these are often used as a warning………

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yes, Winterborn. And fuel reprocessing is not the answer. Flamanville is a reprocessing plant. Who knows what may have really happened. We'll have to stay tuned and wait. And hope we get sound information.

      • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

        Reprocessing is a blatant nuke weapons production process. Reprocessing is more costly than simply buying brand new fuel rods. Reprocessing is ALWAYS a cover for harvesting the precious precious plutonium from the spent reactor fuel rods. Flamanville, just like Hanford, is a plutonium production facility. Ultra dangerous work. Incalculable risks involved. The nukers lie and tell the public that reprocessing is about "recycling." LIES!!! Rokasho in Japan is another plutonium bomb production facility masquerading as "recycling." Nuclear is founded upon murderous megalomaniacal Satanic LIES!

  • Sol Man

    It is abundantly clear that the world has been had. Anyone here care to speculate where this all leads to?

  • anothervictim anothervictim

    dodged another one
    that was close


    Mechanical or Security?

    2016-A Belgium NPP security guard was killed for his ID. REMEMBER?

    ISIS has plans for nuclear holocaust.

    The Caliphate hates nuclear power.

    And.. The fire started in a room DIRECTLY LINKED TO REACTOR 1.
    The plan failed.

    Close our borders and institute a ban

    The Islamic State is a cult with global
    errorist ambitions.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Just as culpable and stupid, the nuclear industry would blow up and melt down a reactor to cover up and silence the news of a three reactor explosion and melt down…

      Madness is equally shared by madmen…

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      GOM, I'm not one for over-reacting to the threat of terrorism. But in the case of ISIS, there is clear and present danger. Since they have a proven track record of butchering innocent women, cutting their heads off, decapitating enemies, hanging them on meat hooks, and now committing new "creative" atrocities never seen before, I say, yes, close the borders. Vet the people coming from some nations. Not on religious grounds, but based on country of origin.

      If people want to come legally and follow due process, then I'm for letting them in.

      ISIS is committing barbarous, heinous, atrocious, disgusting, revolting acts of murder, human rights violations, genocide, even in their own countries.

      Anyone who doesn't "get" the potential danger is not paying attention, IMO.

    • Gabe Gabe

      Ant the ISIS works for the neocons in DC also.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    "AN EXPLOSION at a nuclear power plant on France’s northwest coast on Thursday caused minor injuries, but the authorities said there was no risk of radiation.

    The blast occurred in the engine room at the Flamanville plant, which lies 25 kilometres west of the port of Cherbourg and just across from the Channel Islands.

    'It is a technical incident. It is not a nuclear accident,' senior local official Jacques Witkowski said."

    Is it technically a nuclear accident, since we're talking about technicalities? Technically speaking? Or is that a nitpicking technicality?

    "No danger of radiation…" Where have we heard that before? (When they start with this kind of Nuke-speak, the usual translation is, "Run for your lives."

    Hmmn, do you think we'd hear about it if there was an equipment failure leading to burn-up of nuclear fuel, a melt-down, or radiation release of some kind?


    We all need to be very vigilant in our hopes to stop the evil that is surrounding us now!

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "We all need to be very vigilant in our hopes to stop the evil that is surrounding us now!

      Hello, Breath.

      Sadly, it is prolly already too late to stop what has been long planned. The evil barbarians are inside the gates and most people are to stuck on the i-satan phone to see this coming destruction of America coming soon. Terror in your backyards.

      Between all the earthquakes and volcanos upticking, the political chaos, and coming economic crash as planned, it is going to be rough for those who do not have an army to protect them from the hungry hoards whose god is, the stomach.

      It is moar important is to realize we are also going into the earth changes. Many are seeing the second sun. Venus looms ever closer.

      Please enjoy these last dayz in Pompeii in good family quality life.

      Here are a few places to see some interesting stuff:


      This guy is on top of all the earth changes stuff:


      See the related channels.

      We all told everyone that this event in fukushima was an ELE. If you add the increased earthquake activity, we may see moar of these nuklear reactors going haywire. The sad future may be out of control reactors all over the planet that itself is going through upheaval, and mountain building.

      Ever see the movie, 2012? Factor in the nuke reactors going unchecked releasing all sorts of evil and shazam! No moar man…or women…

      • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

        James Tekton is totally correct re Earth and solar system changes. Objective examinations of our Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Earth show is that something BIG is happening, right now. NASA is a known pack of liars. There are huge numbers of meteors and comets lately. Something very significant is changing everything in our solar system. Earth is rapidly changing. It's not CO2 that is causing the changes. CO2 doesn't increase volcanic activity. Earthquakes are increasing in frequency and magnitude. The magnetic poles and fields of Earth are changing very quickly now. There is an outside force causing all these simultaneous changes and destabilizations. Search youtube for, "two suns", "nemesis", "Nibiru", "Planet X". I seriously doubt that thousands of vids and pics are all fakes…

      • Many are seeing a 'second' sun, like on the flat Earth?

        NIBURU, PLANET X MYTH BUSTED; Prophets Have Been Predicting Armageddon, Second Sun And End Of World, But It Did Not Happen. Why Do Dates Keep On Moving? False Prophets And Fake News Abounds

    • Gabe Gabe

      LePen needs massive body guards. I suspect they put out a hit on her and we could see other disasters in France until the French gov. "Neutralizes her". Just my thought. The globalists are wanting to maintain some remnant of control and they will stop at nothing.
      I suspect that they are seriously funding, and will even invpcrease the funding for chaos here in the USA…….they will do everything possible to derail Trump and any significant change he might bring.
      None of the protests are spontaneous. You can clearly tell that is the case when so many signs at these spontaneous events are not only identical but also look like they were professionally made.

  • theworldisalie theworldisalie

    I have come to realise watching the last few days that literally 99.5% of the current population has absolutely no knowledge of the dangers of nuclear contamination and waste. Even the ones who are now paying attention due to the latest reports have no idea what they are talking about, they are basically repeating what the lame stream is which is both severely downplayed and completely wrong and illogical.

    It's very disheartening. It's an industry that produces super poisons that we have no way to deal with on a massive industrial scale and nobody knows.

    We have a long way to go 🙁

    • I agree.
      No one living near me has any idea Fukushima is still blasting away. If I bring it up I am looked at with cross-eyes.

    • Gabe Gabe

      My brother and his wife and other family members just went to Hawaii yesterday. I have been talking with him about the radiation contamination in the Pacific due to Fukushima. Several weeks ago I specifically discussed the dangers and actually sent him links to ENEnews and some videos.
      Prior to them leaving I asked if they planned to swim in the ocean. They do plan to do so.

      YOU JUST CAN'T educate people who put their enjoyment first and think of safety second. Oh well……if or when one of them develops a cancer likely due to radiation I will just say….." don't look to me for empathy or support."

  • oldster

    Once explosion is an incident, two is a coincident, three is a pattern. So, who benefits?

    Order out of Chaos crowd standard operating procedure calls for inducing chaos. Gladio, false flags, sowing fear: grist for the globalist's mill of attempted public perception management; stampeding the cattle away from escaping towards renewed national sovereignty.

    Marine Le Pen in France is in a trajectory which could take her into the Frexit realm, alongside Brexit, and fueled by, and inspired by, Trump's so far impressive effort to begin the process of restoring USA national sovereignty. This will inspire prophylactic evil by the evil transnational ones. Explosions in nuclear power plants fit the bill.

    On the other hand, the defenders of French culture and restoration of French sovereignty also can benefit from stoking fear: 'Look what's happening to our country with all these rabid dysfunctional migrants', and this inept micromanaging self-serving bureaucratic tyranny in Brussels. France is in danger!'

    Or was it the work of Islamic saboteurs, vengeful due to French depredations in Africa and the Middle East; or brainwashed to attempt a spectacular destructive act vs the infidels?

    • theworldisalie theworldisalie

      My guess? They have some explosions at some nukes that don't result in any substantial radioactive material releases and then tell the world how safe they are.

      See they can survive explosions and everything is still okay, that's how good we engineer, build and maintain them!

      See, it's the way of the future!! Cancer, poisoned ecosystems and biospheres for eternity don't matter!

      Everything is under control.

  • comment from my blog:
    "Did you know that some of the nuclear power station turbine generators are cooled by hydrogen! The turbo-generator for Flamanville is by ALSTOM and appears to be hydrogen cooled (insanely enough). This seems to be the source of the detonation, based on my understanding of the ISRN and ASN (regulators) press releases."

    NOTE: Mining Awareness has added new info to his article –

  • Fire in, "the machine room", is, "not a nuclear event. (In Normandy..?)
    Then, onto La Manche; fire/explosion. "outside of the NUCLEAR ZONE", so not a nuclear event? At least five people left, "partially intoxicated", but not by isotopes? (– this is what they would have you believe) & they all required no medical testing or assistance..?
    Finally (is it final?) fire/explosion: “It is a significant technical event but it is not a nuclear accident,” Mr Marmion told UK media. Because of where the explosion occurred, they are treating it as NOT a deliberate act of sabotage.
    What? Don't take three (separate?) episodes, in a couple of days, as acts of sabotage? (Someone needs to check on the israelis; see if they've reconfigured Stuxxnet. If so, these events may end up blamed on the Russians, as we are in run-up toward war, and Russia is the big old target!)

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    If they keep screwing around.. it will be all of us that will be the targets.

    I have to chuckle as there are no real borders.

    These supposed borders are only imaginary lines drawn up by our respective slave masters in charge to control their own human livestock populations for the 24/7 removal of taken by force taxation monies which are then siphoned off and given to all their buddies.

    Talk about some fake news..the entire world runs on it 24/7.. and all these created illusions.

  • Sol Man

    "The release of smoke is controlled, the operation is under control."

    Glad that the proper authorities are in control. How many of these rattletraps are there on the wacked-out planet now?



    The French nuclear safety authority, ASN, news release, itself, speaks of a detonation, rather than an explosion. ISRN,: it was apparently a hydrogen detonation initiated by a fire. The turbo-generator is by ALSTOM and appears to be hydrogen cooled. ..really?

    "A defective fan was responsible" ..but you just said…

    The reactor n ° 1 had to undergo an emergency shut-down [SCRAM] at 9h47. Not only did residual heat still needed to be evacuated, but a sharp decline in output is never good for nuclear equipment, especially if, for one reason or another, it is already in a fragile state.

    In a news release, the ASN explains that EDF (the operator) had to shutdown REACTORr NO 1 and stated that they will ask EDF to furnish it with a complete analysis of the causes and consequences of the event, somewhat contradicting an earlier sentence stating that the explosion-fire did not affect nuclear safety or the environment.


    Detonation, Fire, and Emergency Shutdown at French Nuclear Reactor on the English Channel Less Than a Month After Regulator Called the State of French Nuclear Installations “Worrying” (Updated)



    I am absolutely sick to death of fake friggin "news". Want the truth regarding nuclear? ..The mining industry.

    Thanks Miningawareness.com

  • PostHypnoticSuggestion PostHypnoticSuggestion

    Didn't the nuclear industry claim that an accident would be a once in a thousand year occurrence? As of now their estimate was off by a factor of (at least) 100!

  • US Corporations Are Now Talking About Fukushima and the Death of the Pacific
    stock here, see near bottom, this publicly held US corporation goes on record as stating that Fukushima killing the Pacific is part of their business strategy.


  • starvethebeast

    We can only pray these don't become epidemic…… Something wicked this way comes. That something knows no limit when the means justify the ends & though beyond our comprehension, events like this make effective distraction.
    At last a perfect storm of answers that fits like a fine leather glove.. As a jury would, set opinion aside, review the evidence then YOU be the judge.
    We can not avert what cannot be seen coming…..

    • DUDe DUDe

      Something wicked indeed..this way comes..finalizing

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      starvethebeast, a good presentation on 9-11 WTC demolition. Perhaps too long for most people. What I see is that the people have made NO progress against the evil elite. You CANT talk to people because they think you are crazy. The world is up to its eyeballs in this kind of heinous criminality with no end in sight.


    I concur Code, "no end in sight".
    Ah…if only the earth was flat. Maybe then people would see, in a linear way, all the way to Fukushima…the real destruction wrought. And beyond, from one failing nuclear plant to the next.
    Heinous criminality indeed!

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


    …Another expert said the cost of closure could be up to £1.8m per day, depending on energy market prices, and questioned why there was a delay.

    “It took operator EDF almost a week to progressively correct the original outage estimate from one day to 50 days. EDF has provided no information as to why the outage time went from a few days to seven weeks,” said Mycle Schneider, a nuclear energy consultant based in Paris.

    The 1.3GW reactor at Flamanville is one of a dozen of EDF’s French nuclear fleet currently offline, which the company said was usual for this time of the year.

    It did not say why the restart date for the reactor had been revised four times, or why it had jumped from a few days to more than six weeks.

    John Large, a nuclear consultant who has advised the UK government, said initial reports that the fire was in a ventilator suggested the offline reactor would be back online within a week or two. Replacing such parts should be relatively straightforward, he said.

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