Massive fish kill outside Tokyo in Chiba — “The sight is somewhat apocalyptic” — “Almost looks like a carpet of sardines” (PHOTOS)

Published: June 6th, 2012 at 2:37 pm ET


Something fishy’s going on in a fishing port in Japan, literally – and tons and tons of it too!
June 5, 2012


There are tons and tons of dead sardines washing up on the shore [at the fishing port of Ohara in Isumi City of Chiba Prefecture]


According to the news, the dead fish started washing up around noon of June 3rd, and as of early afternoon on June 4th, the situation still remained pretty much out of control.


We’ve seen the pictures uploaded onto Twitter, and the port looks completely filled with fish – it almost looks like a carpet of sardines. It doesn’t seem likely that any fishing boats will be setting sail from this port soon. There are also, of course, the usual posts and comments on the internet on how this could be an omen, a sign of a coming great natural disaster.


You have to admit the sight is somewhat apocalyptic

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Update: [intlink id=”chinese-official-calls-chiba-port-an-area-with-high-radiation-risk” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: June 6th, 2012 at 2:37 pm ET


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40 comments to Massive fish kill outside Tokyo in Chiba — “The sight is somewhat apocalyptic” — “Almost looks like a carpet of sardines” (PHOTOS)

  • Cisco Cisco

    Not to worry folks. It's not the radiation, it must be some of that pesky red algae or bad bacteria, again.

    Remember?…Couldn't be the oil or corexit that caused the fish and shellfish kills, it must have been all that bad water coming from the Mississippi River. Thank you NOAA and all the shill universities that BP paid off.

    I can hardly wait to hear the official report and cause.

    "Move along folks, there's nothing here for you to see."

  • durando durando

    I hope someone does radiation testing on some of these fish and publishes real data, but i doubt it will happen.


      don't worry durando. Studies are underway. We plan on releasing them, along with the 'investigation' files on Kennedy's assassination…

      • many moons

        They may decide that is was an undeterminable…..pollutant…so many to choose from they couldn't decide…maybe these fish boiled in all that super hot radioactive water…..has anyone tested the temps of the pacific???

  • richard richard

    Are we going to wake up one morning and see most of the Japanese dead in the streets, like sardines?

  • "… this could be an omen, a sign of a coming great natural disaster."
    It is a sign of a coming great man-made disaster.

  • This has nothing to do with radiation or the incoming m3.3 solar flare, or the recent earthquake swarm in hawaii (which coincidentally happens prior to massive Eq activity in japan) …

    Its simply all coincidence.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Taco, I have read that fish die offs do indeed occur prior to Eq activity due to lack of oxygen, methane release but as with all things this theory is still under investigation? I do think the sardines should be tested to find out what is the cause. Does anyone know if they have done testing.

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        I go with the methane release from undersea tectonic activity. That, unfortunately, can mean a rather deep disturbance along underwater faults where the methane gathers. That lends more credence to the level 9 earthquake predicted to occur in the next few years off the coast.

        • durando durando

          lets just hope the level 9 doesn't hit the west coast of the usa so we can have new nuclear disasters.

        • moonshellblue moonshellblue

          I concur with the methane release, as we have seen this before, perhaps not at these levels thus it could be a combo. The water has a red tint, is this due to the sardines or is it possibly an algae bloom? Obviously I'm still fishing for answers.

          • ion jean ion jean

            How can we be sure that fission products don't cause algae bloom? With black dust cyanobacteria coating the surfaces of parts of Japan, mutated into plutonium eaters, I wouldn't be a bit surprised!

            Quick, grab a frypan, Paw, we're havin' Hot Sardines for supper!! No sense in wastin' 'em now, your minimum wage job in Amerika just don't pay!!

            The New American Dream: Radiation sure is making things grow BIG! That's good since food prices have doubled since Wall St. Robbed Us Blind!

            All I need is a supersized McD milkshake from San Francisco, a Costco shopping cart and away I go!


    problem is, people just aren't laughing hard enough. If they were all joy-filled with laughter, those little fish would've known to avoid the shoreline…

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    Alright, folks. Laugh it up! But, joy does release hormones in the body that boost and protect the immune system. So, as an earlier poster wrote yesterday, while it won't get rid of radiation or toxins, it has the potential to help the body defend against these to some point. This is one reason why maintaining some level of hope is crucial for the body during crisis. While the goal of this site is to make good, accurate information available to the world and educate the public about the dangers and realities of radiation, some on this site see it as their mission to quell any such hope, seeing it as a sign of denial. But, I'd have to agree…I don't think fish laugh a whole lot.

  • stopnp stopnp

    Free fish! Woo!

  • S.W.P. S.W.P.

    Yeah,definitely a big die off.Seems it has only effected sardines.Anyone know if there are any other die offs an with other species of fish nearby.If it was methane you would think there would be other fish in the mix too.We will have to wait and see if any and what kind of testing will be done.And then hope that the results are brought forward honestly with no spin attached.

    Yeah to bad you can't eat them with what has happened to the Tuna.Wonder if they are even good for using as a fertilizer.Lot of wasted nitrogen there.

  • Sickputer

    One day prior to 311 a similar sardine die-off in California:

    SP: Not from Fukushima NPP on that day, but something killed them. I seriously doubt scientists don't know what killed them.

  • pierre

    tons and tons of dead sardines smelling out the joint, possibly highly radioactive. Oh No! Not the Incinerators!

  • On a serious note, there are going to be many more fish die-offs, and I am concerned at least some of it will become pet food. I don't want it sitting in my kitchen cabinet next to the pork and beans.

  • rockster

    Its not the fish to worry about, its all the Pacific Algae! If it cannot deal with the radioactivity, and mutates into non-reproductivity, then the oxygen supply will be cut up to 50%+. That is the biggest biological issue. And fish eat algae but there would be more species of fish dying off and washing ashore, this is species specific. Probably red tide of a sort.

  • rockster

    Oh, Coast to Coast AM is covering this issue, finally! Saturday night JB will be talking about it. The guest the other day was saying no more red meat, grass fed meat. That also means cheese. Total bummer. Good thing I make a mean black bean veg burrito. With cheese…

  • rockster

    They will use the fish for fertilizer, and they are going to be radioactive. It would be nice to see how radioactive compared to the blue-fin tuna. We still have cans of albacore, but that's it for me. Atlantic fish only. The Gulf was shut down a few months ago for fish, total freaky fish comming out of it. Not sure you will see that with radioactivity until the next generation or 2. Then the bets are off and the media will censor like mad.

  • mungo mungo

    if this is from radiation wouldnt there be other fish in with the dead sardines?

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    The more acid the oceans become, the more common bacteria and viruses that kill fish get.

    Acid Test; The Global Challenge Of Ocean Acidification; via A Green Road Blog

    Radiation is just another layer of poison that all living creatures in the ocean will have to get used to, while they are still able to survive in increasing acid environment.

    What happens to the fish, will happen to us.. We also do not do very well breathing acid, or drinking acid water.

  • glowfus

    every bluefin tuna caught in california had fuku radiation in it. i simply cant imagine what those sardines in tokyo bay had in them.

  • sonnen.blum.239 sonnen.blum.239

    good point Mungo. Any one really know the answer to that question? Why only sardines?

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    OT, but maybe worth listening to is the 'Fukushima special' tomorrow night SAT 6-9 10pm with Gunderson, Blume, Apsley and Dale, on CoasttoCoastam radio. First full radio discussion I've seen during the 14 months: