Huge explosion hits Massachusetts club — “Building just vanished” — BREAKING: ‘Higher than normal’ gas levels still under streets in area; More leaks a concern (BLAST VIDEO)

Published: November 24th, 2012 at 10:10 am ET


“I thought it was an explosion that area, but it was all the way downtown. They said the building just vanished.”

Title: 18 injured after gas explosion tears through Massachusetts strip club
Source: CNN
Date: Nov 23, 2012
h/t Anonymous tip

Eighteen people were injured early Friday evening when a gas-fueled explosion ripped through a strip club in the western Massachusetts city of Springfield, the city’s mayor said.

Those in the club and nearby buildings had evacuated by the time the blast occurred at 5:25 p.m., Mayor Dominic Sarno said. […]

Title: Gas levels still “higher than normal”
Source: WWLP
Author: Matt Caron
Date: 24 Nov 2012, 8:41 AM EST

BREAKING NEWS: Columbia Gas crews informed Captain Cheryl Claprood that they are finding “higher than normal” levels of natural gas readings still underground some of the streets in the area. She did not know which specific streets, but she said it’s a concern as to whether or not there are further gas leaks. […]

Today, crews will be drilling holes in some of the streets as a way to monitor and take those readings. So just because you see gas crews working around you does not necessarily mean that there’s a problem.

According to Claprood there’s a meeting this morning of local and state officials at 6:00AM in the parking lot behind the 350 Grill, presumably to talk about these gas readings and to discuss whether or not to expand the perimeter that they’ve established – which is about a three block area.

Right now, Worthington Street is blocked off at Spring and Taylor, Winter to Dwight, Dwight to Bridge, and Bridge to Taylor Streets. […]

Watch footage of the blast here

Published: November 24th, 2012 at 10:10 am ET


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25 comments to Huge explosion hits Massachusetts club — “Building just vanished” — BREAKING: ‘Higher than normal’ gas levels still under streets in area; More leaks a concern (BLAST VIDEO)

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    The houses in Indiana "vanished" too, right?

    Climate-changing methane 'rapidly destabilizing' off East Coast, study finds By Miguel Llanos, NBC News …Using seismic records and ocean models, the team estimated that 2.5 gigatonnes of frozen methane hydrate are being destabilized and could separate into methane gas and water…

    November 20, 2012
    Methane Is Popping Up All Over Boston …In Boston and many other aging cities in the Northeast, a maze of underground low-pressure natural gas pipelines are riddled with leaks. The research team, led by Nathan Phillips, an associate professor of earth and environment at Boston University, measured atmospheric methane concentrations along all 785 miles of road within Boston’s city limits with a highly sensitive device known as a cavity-ring-down mobile CH4 analyzer.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Gas explosion in Springfield Mass: Gas smell for 'months' reports area worker According to Mass Live, Lawyer Daniel D. Kelly, who represents the gentlemen's club, Scores, said three months or so ago, the gas company was at 453 Worthington St. taking readings. He was unsure why that was being done. One of the dancer's reported that the gas company responded earlier this week to the smell of gas in the club. Stacy, a dancer at the club, reports to the Boston Globe that they've been "smelling gas for four months." Customers also complained of the gas smell, she claimed.

    Workers had just finished up with their investigation after receiving numerous calls about a gas smell and were about to let people back onto the street when this large explosion occurred. The explosion was felt and heard miles away in neighboring towns. Witnesses from a distance away of the explosion describe it as a "mushroom cloud," according to

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    <iframe src="; width="420" height="421" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

    WATCH: Massive Gas Explosion In Massachusetts Caught On Camera

  • patb2009

    if you convert infrastructure investments into bonus opportunities for top managers,
    don't be surprised when this happens.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      You SO hit the nail on its head, patb2009!
      Watching the Sandy aftermath footage I couldn't believe so see overhead electricity distribution along streets and buildings etc.!
      I mean, hello, it's 2012!

  • Cheryl Claprood investigating a strip club…ahahah..

  • markww markww

    THE GULF STREAM runs no more due to the crap at the bottom of the Gulf Of Mexico


    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Hey Mark,

      You said it.

      It is not just the stuff on the bottom causing problems.

      LOUISIANA GULF COAST 2 Years after BP Oil Spill of 2010

      Sad State of affairs down theres. Wonder if the recent settlement covers rebuilding all of the gulf coast and funding a foundation to pay off all of the fishers / shrimpers who have lost their livelyhood, all of the communities loosing tourist revenue, all of the property owners that now have wasteland front property and all of the people effected by weather changes due to the loss of the gulf current.

      Another thought, where is all of the methane going that is bubbling out throughout the gulf and apparently all along New Madrid? What effect will it have on the Pacific Ocean? Europe? the world?

      My opinion is that if these guys still have a shirt on their back our Gov't sold out.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Has anyone ever noticed the frequency of exploding buildings rising with the onset of winter? There is a corollary there, if you haven't noticed.

  • mark_eric

    I'm a little confused. Why did the people flea the building prior to the explosion? Could they smell gas? Since the only way to smell natural gas is the oderant(sp?) they add to it, that would mean the gas is coming from gas lines.

    If the destabilizing methane hydrates were to blame, there would be no smell, thus no fleeing from the building.

    If it is gas lines, why so many over such a large area? Is it just because it's winter? It seems like there are more than years past, and I don't usually buy the excuse that we're just hearing about them more because of the Internet.

    • jec jec

      It the aging infrastructure of America..and should there be any ground motion or flooding…the pipes which carry gas..are fragile..and rusting. The people in the building had contacted the gas company -at least once before due to the smell..and the gas company just checked..and got ready to leave (all okay..move on..nothing to see) when the explosion happened. Building had been evacuated. Hard to go to a "gentlemens club"..when cops and gas is around..

    • markww markww

      Hey mark Good morning it was either regular gas some say they have 3000 leaks in lines or if it was methane smells like eggs after a certain concentration Markww

  • markww markww

    The gas leaks are going along the New Madrid Fault and now tracking along the USA Plate


    • captndano captndano

      Hi Mark, I was wondering if you could be more specific as to where (which cities) the gas leaks are tracking along the New Madrid and Plate?

      • markww markww

        Entered info here from dutchseinse site on earthquakes and explosions


      • markww markww

        SOMERVILLE, Ohio, US; "Investigation continues in house collapse
        NJ, US; "Update: Suspected gas explosion levels home in Pompton Lakes
        Brantford, Ontario, Canada; "Natural gas explosion levelled Brantford house: fire marshal
        Douglasville, GA, US; "This Week In Natural Gas Leaks and Explosion
        Lakeview, MI, US; "Explosion inside Lakeview house causes fire, couple escapes with minor injuries
        Cato, Montcalm, MI, US; "Couple escapes house explosion
        Fault lines, when adjusting, do not just rip apart one day during a dramatic earthquake. They most often creep. Laying gas lines along or across a fault line is asking for an accident of this sort.
        It is no accident that the New Madrid fault lies under the Mississippi River near Memphis, as rivers form in lowlands created when land pulls apart, separating the rock fingers and weakening support for the land. Thus, the Ohio River bed also is an indication of where rock fingers will pull apart. Two adjustments in Kentucky, a day apart, are not an accident, but an indication of the speed at which the stretch zone is starting to adjust. Rail lines are frequently an early harbinger of such adjustments, as they run long distances, whereas structures within cities, such as tall buildings, take up relatively little space and have a small footprint. Our…

  • irhologram

    OK. So the gas could be one of two things. To examine one in depth, I.e., age, rusty pipes, but then when you lump observations in while leaning toward one view without examining the other doesn't work for me. So capturing the idea that you could smell it, and that people had reported smelling on many occasions, and this odor event was reported with evacuation order issued…to be fair, I'd like to examine this as it fits or doesn't fit when events are plugged into the methane possibility. You could smell it for months. OK. So if methane, it has been smelled for months also in LA. Of course that one hasn't blown up, although its being burned off by 5 flaring pressure vent wells, the 6th one had to be capped because H2S was coming from 350 feet os so…are those images right? It was plugged, i believe, because when H2S burns, it turns into sulfuric acid. A good question is in the explosive properties of the strip joint, no extended pun intended…we have a video that recorded it. It was a quick, white, small radius, little or no fire except a large electrical sparking, and thick black smoke that a witness said was mushroom shaped. So logic: Black smoke indicates lack of oxygen. But nothing was burning enough to have a massive fire choke to produce that volume of smoke. Do the contents of a city gas pipe emit massive, tremendously high columns of smoke that continues to expand for several minutes?

  • irhologram

    Do the contents of city gas pipes, when only a smoke fire is produced, normally cause this large an amount of injuries in emergency response teams? Unknown?: Was there billowing black smoke at of Indiana house explosions (even tho this may be unrelated because it may have been a crime). Do you remember what the witnesses said there? Didn't someone say there were two explosions? I could easily be wrong about that, and must look it up, but if there were two explosions at any of these events, how would that be produced by a flash off explosion of natural gas accumulation? But my principle question, so far, is about the billowing column of thick black smoke seconds after the strip club explosions. Now I know there were two civilians injured, but that joint just can't be that smokin'.

    • guezilla

      The most reliable eyewitness (or earwitness?) reports I've seen say in Indiana they heard first a "thunder" and then an "explosion". This is somewhat what you expect in a gas or other thermobaric explosion, first there is the expansive phase where the gases burn and heat up and expand, then when all the fuel (methane and/or oxygen) is used up, the vaccuum will fill up leading to the explosive sound and also a blast-wave traveling in the *opposite* direction.
      Two separate explosions could also be explained, besides the impression of the opposite direction traveling pressure waves, by the gas simply leaking into two or more separate spaces. In a video I posted on one of the earlier threads, three separate houses blew separately up into bits when leaking gas migrated into all of them.
      In Massachussets it was actual "open" gas-pipe, and the gas was still flowing, according to reports took up to half a hour to shut off the line. The billowing black smoke would be consistent with that flowing out gas being burned off by heat (you can check Youtube for several open gas-mains fires) and burning some of the rubble along the way. The aftermath of each explosion is going to be different anyway, depending on what kind of equipment and material is around, sparks lighting up fabrics or electric fires from broken powerlines may or may not light a fire.

  • irhologram

    For your convenience, here's the link to study the progression from explosion to smoke at the strip club.

  • markww markww

    BREAKING NEWS OFFICIAL gas company worker punctured pipe that lead to this explosion


    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      Upon arrival, the gas company employee reported smelling gas, but his meter did not register any gas inside the building.

      He began using a metal probe to make holes in the ground in order to measure for leaking gas.

      “His examination appears to have been an appropriate distance from where older markings on the sidewalk indicated where the gas line was. However, the markings were incorrect and his metal probe inadvertently punctured the high-pressure gas line right at the foundation of the building,” a statement from the State Fire Marshal’s office said.

      It took crews 20 to 30 minutes to shut off the line. During that time, the area was evacuated.

      A large amount of natural gas seeped into the building that eventually exploded. Officials say there were a number of possible ignition sources inside the building, and that they likely will not be able to pinpoint which one actually sparked the explosion.

      Most of the injured were part of a group of gas workers, firefighters and police officers who ducked for cover behind a utility truck just before the blast.

  • markww markww

    80 pages of gas explosions homes buildings under streets seince 2011

    and some years before and after