Fukushima Medical Care Provider: Hospital president says people will be healthier after radiation exposure from triple meltdowns — “There is no argument allowed”

Published: July 27th, 2012 at 4:00 pm ET


Title: What Really Happened in Fukushima A Report From a Medical Care Provider
Source: FukushimaVoice
Date: Jul 27, 2012

What Really Happened in Fukushima A Report From a Medical Care Provider

Part 1
Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I am a medical care provider. At my workplace we began taking care of patients from the evacuation zone from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in the evening of March 11, 2011.

The president of the hospital where I am employed says people live longer when irradiated and Fukushima people now will be healthier because of radiation hormesis. There is no argument allowed. Since this statement comes from a physician, many people believe this in Fukushima.

Those who were contemplating on evacuating from Fukushima are now in a mental state that is not even conducive to thinking about it any longer. This was becoming obvious beginning in April or May, 2011, and it might have been a coping mechanism for mass psychology and dangers. However, it is entirely different now. I feel they are no longer capable of avoiding dangers.

This is what I heard from a clinical laboratory technician at work. Thyroid ultrasound examinations for children, which have already been done in my town and which will be held in other cities from now on, are being performed by Fukushima University Medical School Hospital laboratory technicians who have only done blood tests before. In other words, they are being done by people who have never used ultrasound equipment before.

Technicians are being dispatched from Fukushima University Medical School. For instance, there is a whole body counter car stationed in Kawamata-machi, Date district, where a part of the town is a deliberate evacuation area. There are physicians and clinical laboratory technicians stationed there, and they are all young.

Currently there is “that” Yamashita stationed at Fukushima University Medical School. After being dismissed as the radiation advisor for Fukushima prefecture, he became a vice president for Fukushima University Medical School.

The reason not a single Fukushima physician even mentions medical care for radiation exposure is because of the power of Fukushima University Medical School. Physicians in Fukushima who are not self-sufficient are not allowed to provide medical care for radiation exposure, and those who are self-sufficient left Fukushima.


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Published: July 27th, 2012 at 4:00 pm ET


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54 comments to Fukushima Medical Care Provider: Hospital president says people will be healthier after radiation exposure from triple meltdowns — “There is no argument allowed”

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Here it comes – the exodus of trained medical workers. What will be left are the extremely few, highly paid MD traitors and young, inexperienced trainees that don't know any better/need money badly.

    This pattern will follow the rad spread across the Northern Hemisphere. Soon medical personnel that understand the gravity of this situation will flee eastward, especially away from the West Coast.

    Just horrible. A complete breakdown of the medical framework, nation by nation.

  • TheWorldIsBlind


    P.S Admin – Can you please stop being misleading and using the term 'Meltdown'

    This is not true.

    Fukushima is a QUADRUPLE MELTOUT


    M E L T O U T

    The fuel has left the building.

    Please & Thanx πŸ™‚


    • ion jean ion jean

      The hottest thing since girls gone wild:

      Nuckelchenblogde just posted to youtube;

      Reactor 3 Goes Wild…0:26 in there's an explosion or burst with Crazy Colors…

      WTF? How much MOX fuel is left in there?

    • arclight arclight

      triple meltdowns

      dont you mean 2 meltdown through thingies and 1 dark cloud a mile high filled with..?? most explosions leave a crater.. this just took the roof off.. so where did all that dust come from..

      so 2 meltdowns and a partial/full escape! maybe a mini meltdown with any remaining fuel

      anyone been able to work out the approximate volume of "dust" in that HUGE cloud?? might be interesting..

      anyone got any ideas where else all that "dust" could have from?

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Maybe when they are dead, they will be healthier.

    That type of radiation kills, give birth defects, gives health problems, and so on.

    Get real, at least be honest please!

    People might shake their head yes to you, but they know what they believe. You fool people, they will fool you right back.

  • patb2009

    Ann Coulter, is that you?

  • Fred

    Will the lies still be accepted when the babies are born with their brains in a sack behind their heads….like Chernobyl Children?

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Fred

      They probably have their reasons why, all lined up to give the parents.

    • jec jec

      Japanese medical doctors will just force abortions on the women before the baby is born. So NO birth defects will be reports.Of course if they use the same ultrasound techs (untrained staff) the defects will not be found before live birth. Of course, then the baby "disapears..". Sad.

      • dosdos dosdos

        Standard procedure for visible, radiation induced birth defects is to perform the birth, rather than force abortion, and then not bring the child to life and report it as a stillbirth. There have been statistics reported recently to the press for abortion and miscarriage for the last year and a half, but the figures for stillbirths in Japanhas not been reported for well over a year.

        There is a modest increase in abortions, but they were voluntary, mostly by women who fear deformed children. It is much easier to tell a mother that her child could not be brought to life despite all efforts, than it is to force an abortion. Appearances are critical in the cover up and deception.

        • andagi andagi

          Dear dosdos,
          'Figures for stillbirths in Japan not reported for over a year.' Another mystery. Not reported, none reported …never happened? Very disturbing πŸ™

      • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

        Of course they are going to fiddle with the birth data!
        A midwife in Hiroshima told a story about what they did after Hiroshima was bombed. If babies were born with defects, they were killed and mother was told that it was a stillbirth.

  • Starheart Starheart

    How about making this guy healthier and send him into clean up the radioactive mess?

    • WindorSolarPlease

      I vote for that Starheart. After all, he does say you will be healthier. Prove It.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    " people live longer when irradiated and Fukushima people now will be healthier because of radiation hormesis". I didn't realise Japan doctors were so poorly trained. They definately need access to modern training and research data, then this kind of embarrassing statement will be a thing of the past. But it may be too late by then….

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "I didn't realize Japan doctors were so poorly trained."

      These traitors to the medical profession are well aware of what's going on. They have sold their soul for yen.

      Once this horror becomes more aware in the US and Canada, how many of our doctors will say the same thing? Not many. I do think our medical standards are a little higher. The government and GE – not so much.

      • eatliesndie eatliesndie

        There needs to be some kind of selection test to weed out people unsuitable to be doctors before they even begin their studies. A simple question like "why do you want to be a doctor?" wont work on liars like this one though.

  • Hormesis is a complete LIE! There is no argument allowed.

    Those who prescribe to hormesis also believe that the Easter Bunny lays eggs. (same mentality)

  • arclight arclight

    "One is a scientist, the other like a politician. One has things to say, the other has things to un-say.

    The first speaker is Professor Tatsuhiko Kodama, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, in a TV appearance in the summer of 2011, who is known for his brilliant speech at the Diet (the video to be uploaded soon).

    The second speaker is Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, whom some Japanese have started to call Dr. Shunichi "Damashita" Yamashita – Yamashita "who tricked", Vice President of Fukushima Medical University, in and after one of his lectures (date&place unknown). You can find the videos of some of his remarks in this channel.

    Translation by EX-SKF blog and captioning by tokyobrowntabby.

    Full transcription: http://ex-skf.blogspot.com/2011/08/role-of-specialists-dr-kodama-vs-dr.html


  • rambojim

    Hospital president says people will be healthier after radiation exposure…

    That is about all I can take folks. I think we are all wasting our time.

    This remark is spoken by a hospital president. The sad part is, he really and truly believes it.

    I feel sorry for the poor people of Japan.

    • The German doctors in the Nazi regime said the same thing about the Zyklon-B in Auschwitz, I'm sure. "It will perk you right up."

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      This is the same hospital where the bodies of people who died of radiation exposure and radiation-related illnesses may be stored (frozen).

      Enenews published a news article on this subject a few months after the accident in 2011.

  • joey

    THE NUCLEAR KILLER POISON MELTDOWN MAY ACTUALLY BE GOOD FOR YOU. I JUST PULLED DOWN MY PANTS SO YOU CAN SEE MY BUT-HOLE. I AM A 37 YEAR OLD COLLEGE GRADUATE IN THE UNITED STATES WHO MAKES A MODEST 27,000 TO 35,000 AMERICAN DOLLARS ANNUALLY. I WILL GLADLY LEAVE AMERICA AND IF THIS CRAP OCCURS I WILL LEAVE!!!!!!!! I live in an enormous country so it might take 2 meltdown to get me 2 leave but if it happens I will. I will live poor for as long as it takes. I am shocked that Japanese still live ANYWHERE NEAR FUKISHIMA

  • rambojim

    If what is happening in Fukushima happened in the United States, we would have revolted long ago. Our founding fathers made sure that our government would never get so powerful that the American people will have little or no say. We have what very few countries have,and that is a constitutional right to own and bear arms. If we are lied to and cheated out of our right to life and the pursuit of happiness long enough, we would I assure you, take matters into our own hands. I wish the people of Japan the best of luck in getting the corrupt and dishonest skumbags out of government and Tepko Power Company.. And the idiot hospital president who says that radiation is good for you…

    • What happened in Fukushima probably will happen in the United States. The 40-year old nuclear plants, which are at the end of their lives, are getting extensions to run another 20 years. Plus Obama wants to fuel them with MOX, the plutonium-enriched stuff that went up in a nuclear explosion at Fuku.

      There are 75 million gun owners in the US, it's time for them to wake up.

      • rambojim

        @Bobby1…Obama will never get reelected. There will be someone else to head the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Hopefully not a yes man to the new president…

        • Sorry, I have no hope that anyone in the NRC will not be a yes man for the White House, or the IAEA, NEI, ICRP etc.

        • richard richard

          @rambojim – with all due respect, hope will not help in this matter and bobby1 is on the money.

          as an outsider and an enenewser we never really touch on politics. from my perspective, either option you guys have are scarey. and neither will change the game to our favour.

          it's all charades and fascades anyway. why hold hope in a world of smoke and mirrors?

          i've been saying it before, as to the benefits of communion with self/hope/prayer, i know and understand there are many. To the benefits on the physical plane, that's where i see it lacks, sorry dharmasyd. it can be used as an excuse or justification for inaction.

          the world is at least 500 days overdue on action here. when i saw finally japanese protestors I was very pleased to see action. it needs to be that kind of force in every atomic city around the world. yesterday. 500 days ago. 10/20 years ago.

          i realised that the peace symbol from previous anti-nuke eras is no longer valid. it was good at it's time as it represented the anti-war/anti-vietnam issue.

          but that's not what we are facing now. it's a different matter, it's 'peace' time power generation. there has to be a movement away from mung beans and flower power.

          as I can't actually say what to do, i'll say listen to the words of yoda πŸ˜‰

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Shooting people is not the answer. The bad guys involved have all breathed in the same rad contamination we have. We're all going to go about the same time.

        They are the ones that have to answer to their children, when they ask why their parents killed them and all their friends. We aren't going to have that problem.

        This is going to be a drawn-out process. Stay informed, pass the information on, and let Nature take its' course.

        Now, if you want to applaud when the people in charge all get cancer and heart disease, that's different . . .

    • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

      "If what is happening in Fukushima happened in the United States, we would have revolted long ago."
      I doubt people will be able to, now that FEMA on standby.
      I hear sheeple gets arrested by simply breathing in the US πŸ˜‰
      UK following suit (security gate installed at shopping centres, walk through the x-ray gate or molested..I mean pad down by visiting TSA officers? oh it's SIA..) /sarc

  • Jason

    Hmm, So this guy has no idea about basic reactor science?
    Like Gamma or neutron rays going through a human body will have no effect? Like it only kills bad germ DNA and not human DNA??
    That is sooo horribly wrong for a man is that position.
    Hmm, don't they have internet to do basic fact checking about how radiation works and effects on living cells??

  • kintaman kintaman

    This just disgusts me so very much. I say boycott Japan completely.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Most of the world has already. There's a reason why all the shipping ports have turned off their rad detectors. I don't want to buy that stuff – food or otherwise.

      Hard times comin'.

  • JustmeAlso

    Maybe someday soon ''healthy'' full grain, radium bread and stuff will fly from the shelves once more..

  • rambojim

    I am going to tell my doctor that I want a weekly full chest X ray at max strength. I should then be able to add 30 more years to my life cycle..

  • rambojim

    As an added benefit, I will then be able to glow in the dark..

  • JustmeAlso

    Somewhere in the end of the last millennium people thought radium had health benefits ( http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/offbeat-news/10-radioactive-products-that-people-actually-used/1388 ) coz the shit was sold as such..

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I read somewhere that subjecting cancer victims to radiation treatments is on a par with blood letting in the middle ages.

    • "…was sold as such."

      And there you have it. They SOLD it. Sort of like we've been sold and told that Nuclear Power is safe and cheap.

      Now we know better. It's just the opposite.
      It's beyond costly, mostly because it's NOT SAFE!

  • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

    Human experiment – ABCC/ζ”Ύε½±η ” ηŸ₯γ‚‰γ‚Œγ–γ‚‹ζ”Ύε°„η·šη ”η©Άζ©Ÿι–’γ€€ε‰Šι™€γ•γ‚Œγ‚‹ε‰γ«θ¦‹γ¦οΌ

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    It isn't enough for TEPCO and the Japanese government..to allow the children to "absorb in place".
    They are luring them in with promises of music and fun…
    Radioactive Japan: "Peach Project Junior"..Let's Get Cheer from Children and Save Fukushima.


    • JustmeAlso

      Reminds me of Pluto-kan and how friendly plutonium is with a little kid's voice..

      • or-well

        JustmeAlso, did you know little Plutonium-Kun left a last Will and Testament?

        Little Plutonium-Kun, pro-nuke cartoon shill
        left this codicil in his secret Will:

        "When I'm dead, as I'll surely be,
        having had no chance to grow past Childhood
        and against my wishes used for no Good,
        I desire made known these my Beliefs –
        No Child to Plutonium should be exposed
        even if only of ink composed.
        No Child trusting be subject to Lies
        and all but Truth be taught to despise.
        No Child victim of what destroys Health,
        for they are the Future and all Nations' wealth.
        No Child by Teachers humbled or shamed
        for refusing to bow to Authority, tame.
        No Child fed what is unclean,
        as poisoning Children exceeds what is obscene.
        No Child fed to the maw of Society
        ruled by men for whom Power is Deity.
        No Child forced to remain where is danger,
        to Deliberate Risk make them all strangers.
        No Childs' suffering to be ignored,
        for them must full Human Rights be restored.
        No Child……………."

        That's all that remains,
        what I found in lead box hidden,
        carefully by a childs' hand printed,
        the rest ashes, as if, to hide by burning
        was destruction attempted of his deep yearning.
        From the grave victims do speak
        – if any would hear –
        and these are the words of a child forced to bear
        the manipulations of those who are pro-nuclear.