Japanese medical experts deeply concerned about children’s radiation exposure — 51% of kids contaminated with cesium-137 at Fukushima hospital — Some had clothing indicating high-level gamma rays

Published: February 14th, 2012 at 2:17 am ET


Title: Put children before politics
Source: SENTAKU MAGAZINE via Japan Times
Date: Feb. 14, 2012

[…] Although the government has been trying to pacify citizens by claiming there is no immediate threat to human health as a result of exposure to radiation, medical experts are deeply concerned about children and their exposure and the potential hazard to their health. 

[…] Medical checks by the Minami-Soma Municipal Hospital using Whole Body Counters (WBCs) show the seriousness of radiation exposure.

Of the 527 children checked in and after September, 268, or 51 percent, were found to have suffered from internal exposure to cesium-137. One doctor at the hospital said some of the children had been eating wild plants picked in the mountains. Evidence of high-level exposure to gamma rays was detected in the clothes of some children, indicating, he said, that their parents were paying little attention to the risks of radiation exposure.

[…] it appears inevitable that at least some children living in the vicinity of the Fukushima nuclear power plant will face health hazards in the future. The risk will only worsen if administrative officials fail to perform their duties or obstruct efforts by hospitals and doctors. […]

Nothing would constitute a more serious “man-made calamity” than destroying the future of children through the egotistic games of grown-ups.

Read the report here

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Published: February 14th, 2012 at 2:17 am ET


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43 comments to Japanese medical experts deeply concerned about children’s radiation exposure — 51% of kids contaminated with cesium-137 at Fukushima hospital — Some had clothing indicating high-level gamma rays

  • rooks rooks

    In Koriyama if outside you can get an average of at least 500 cpms. Over 100cpms is concern but this has been almost a year now and the level will not drop assuming nothing else will go wrong. In May of 2011, two months later I got of the Shinkansen in Koriyama and called my wife. I got mostly static. I know why now.

    What we do for future generations sums up a society, I wonder what the history books will read if we make it so far.

    • Low Dose Chernobyl and Fukushima Radiation Dangers To Children
      A Green Road Blog – http://www.care2.com/c2c/share/detail/3071481

      Feel free to add any more info to the comments section below the post. I will update regularly.

      • 3000 kids were tested, and 1000 had thyroi 'lumps'. To find lumps in children is extremely rare normally. The latent period for cancer is very short, 1 year. Children are very sensitive to radiation. To know if this is cancer, you need to take the lumps out. A cyst can have cancer cells in it. A tumor is just a collection of cells. Probably quite a few of these are cancers. They are about 5 mm in size.

        Japanese doctors are just monitoring them, waiting for the cancer to spread through the whole body. They could do a needle biopsy to find out what they are. This is medically irresponsible. At least they are starting to monitor them. This is only ten months in.. This predicts a real problem in the future.

        They should have evacuated 250,000 to 500,000 people, and only 100,000 people were actually evacuated. The rest were left in radiation contaminated areas. 80% of radiation went offshore. Only 20% of total went onshore to land. They were lucky. More than 1/2 of Japan where people live is contaminated.

        Small girls are five times more sensitive to radiation than small boys. These girls are at great risk of getting cancer due to radiation doses of 20 mSv per year. Frontline says this is 'safe' for kids and adults. One out of 500 people will get cancer at this dose.

        In five years, one out of 20 girls will end up with cancer during their lifetime. This process of increasing radiation risk and odds of getting cancer keeps going up, for each year that they are exposed to this level of radiation…. This cancer risk is ON TOP Of the normal odds of getting cancer in a lifetime; 1 in 3 in US.

    • rooks,
      We see what a short blast and a weeks worth of active radioactive flow from Chernobyl has done to the people of Russian villages, their suffering has only begin after 27 years, … Your people have been under the gun of "three meltdowns" and "fuel pool fires", and "1,600 lbs. of Uranium/plutonium ? burning" near the docks on the day of the quakes/tsunami for a full year now, … nough said !

      No, please evacuate the children if you want your race to have a future at all !

      • These are the reasons we screamed for them to leave, for the gov. to save it's people, the children, as we shortly saw, and knew we could watch the days coming forward to the sorrow and suffering each new day brings, and this is only the beginning of pain and tears, who can bare to see tomorrow !

      • June 30 meeting revealed depleted uranium storage facility burned after quake — Contained 1,800 lbs. of DU

        On June 30 Chiba Prefectural Assembly held meetings of 2 standing committees […] it was revealed that the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) tank fire and explosion at Cosmo Oil Refinery in Ichihara City, Chiba also burned the adjacent depleted uranium storage facility. There was no leak of radioactive materials, according to the committee.

        The Chiba prefectural fire department disclosed that the depleted uranium storage facility’s roof was burned down because of the fire and explosion of the LPG tank at Cosmo Oil. The depleted uranium storage facility belongs to Chisso Petrochemical …


  • Cindy

    This is truly sad …

    Japan has just had a magnatude 6.0 EQ also…

  • rooks rooks

    Just watch the first 3 minutes. If it doesn't get your blood boiling I do not know what will. Who sends kids to schools with dosimeters?


    • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

      Unflippin believable!

    • Bones Bones

      Greedy adults. Profit/Capitalism is god. These kids are just "collateral damage". (Thanks war machine for that phrase!) It is sickening that parents let their kids eat contaminated food from the wild. Even if you are naive to government propaganda, you at least SHOULD have a gut feeling everything is contaminated and it isn't safe. There is no excuse for such unquestioning ignorance.

      • rooks rooks

        Everything is contaminated and all new buildings such be considered in the same boat. They never contained anything so it all got out. No adults here expect for the farmers that refused to farm.

    • Spectrometising

      Rooks san….'Indifference' is humanities last chance.
      Thanks for this link. I have posted it my facebook page and it will remain on top of any other post i make.
      Excellent production !!

      • rooks rooks

        Let's get the kids out. Thank you for watching.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Oh damn….horrific video! I'm more pissed than I've ever been!! This is like watching a science fiction movie…only REAL! Posted to Hp. 🙁

          • rooks rooks

            Thanks woopie. The days of infamy.

            • Whoopie Whoopie

              I keep thinking WHAT NOW? WHAT NOW? WHAT NOW?!?!?!!?
              Signed the petition but I'm afraid of what good it will do. The Anti-Nuke crowd has to GET BIGGER GET LOUDER SCREAMING OUR HEADS OFF! Any ideas, I AM IN.

              • arclight arclight

                hi whoopie

                Fetal exposure to radiation increases risk of testicular cancer Medical Express February 13, 2012 Male fetuses of mothers that are exposed to radiation during early pregnancy may have an increased chance of developing testicular cancer, according to a study in mice at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

                According to the American Cancer Society, more than 8,500 new cases of testicular cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States. During the past 50 years, the incidence has tripled in young Caucasian men throughout the world.

                “This increase and the characteristics of germ cell tumors strongly suggest that fetal exposure to an environmental agent is responsible,” Shetty said. “However, the identification of any agent producing increases in testicular cancer has eluded scientists…..”


                and this

                "The mental scars for Fukushima radiation evacuees
                Japan Earthquake Anniversary: Nuclear Evacuees Scarred By Disaster One Year Later Huffington Post: 2/13/12 “….Nearly a year has passed since a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, Okuma town, but the site of the reactors at the centre of the Fukushima nuclear crisis remains off limits for residents, save for short trips to hastily abandoned homes.

                The Fukushima Daiichi plant, on the coast 240 km (150 miles) northeast of Tokyo, was wrecked by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, triggering reactor meltdowns and radiation leaks that caused mass evacuations and widespread contamination.
                For the about 11,000 residents of Okuma, and the nearly 80,000 people across the prefecture who have been unable to return to their homes due to high radiation, the mental scars run deep even though many of their homes are physically intact…."


              • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

                Hey Whoops,
                "Any ideas, I AM IN."
                a) no nukes bumper sticker
                b) no nukes button on jacket
                c) no nukes stall at local mall / city center, display info, hand out flyers
                d) do it yourself, do it together 🙂

              • rooks rooks

                Should I start rweet

          • rooks rooks

            Should I start tweeting? I get this info in real time since I am here. I am not familiar with twitter but if needed I can figure it out. I thank enenews for all the info but I think I can get it out quicker while I am here.

    • Evacuate Fukushima 福島の子供を守れ Part 07 – DAYS OF INFAMY
      To Japan Earthquake on Sunday, January 29, 2012

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    You can see the cranes are still rocking on the Fukcam


    • rooks rooks

      The link will open but no footage.

      • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

        Give it a sec to load, also there are flashes or sparks in the image. Something is up as I've never see the little sparks before. One about every 30secs or so.

        • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

          I've never noticed this much distortion in the video feed before. I don't know if it is heat related, radiation related or what.

          • rooks rooks

            Thanks Laterlmb! Reactor one looks like a haunted house while reactor two looks normal. It is hard to make out if reactor three is actually there but they are doing something at reactor 4.

            Even I can make light of some situations. It is nice to know they had or have a gym on the premise. That surprised me.

        • rooks rooks

          I watched this for about five minutes and have no explanation for the violet rays.

  • jonjon

    This Japan time article is implying that some of these kids are contaminated because their parents "were paying little attention to the risks of radiation exposure"…

    This is ridiculous!

    In reality it shows the extent of the contamination and the futility of fighting an invisible enemy. The only solution would be for these people to leave or to be evacuated to less contaminated regions of Japan.

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    There is going to be another catastrophic quake, I can feel it. Not saying it will be Japan but a catastrophic quake is soon to happen somewhere.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Laterlukemayb, i don't know if you know this graph:

      i like it, as it schows in a simple way all quakes larger than M4 since 3/11. You can see that the last M6 quake before today was on New Year's day, and that they've come more or less in a 4 weeks rhythm since March. So today's EQ was even slightly overdue….quakes are my biggest concern when it comes to Fuku.


  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    I hear ya, there have been 2 6.> in the Salomon Islands region in the last 1/2 hr.

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    No I'm wrong just assumed it was 2 but my text update from USGS was delayed in getting to me for some reason.

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    I think there are gamma particles striking the Fukucam. I haven't seen this before watching the video feed at night, and like i posted earlier the image in the feed seems more distorted than usual


  • Bleifrei Bleifrei

    the children and the future of this type of Japan
    will die .. the highest good the kids, contaminated to be born sick .. (all day a bit more)
    and burning and shining water and earth to this culture … worse than WW2 will be the death-rates, and country-wide wide sea sick to death
    Robber barons in the Middle Ages were more humane than this Gov. puppets of tepco
    'Slow painful genocide on people and animals @ flat on

  • dear jones

    This japan government is no better than the one during second world war. They are murderer.

  • pure water

    Nothing would constitute a more serious “man-made calamity” than destroying the future of children through the egotistic games of grown-ups.!!!!!!!!!
    We joined every petition and nothing worked. Any other ideas? Art?
    Music, films? Protests? Letters to the religious leaders or to the UN? What will change this genocide behaviour?

    • vivvi

      The only thing that will change it is to eliminate the mother rapists who are causing it. Bring back the guillotine. Direct justice is overdue.

      • rooks rooks

        Unfortunately, I agree. No more votes, justice by hands. Even the tea baggers would be on board.


          Let's just join in with the hate that got us here. What's a few more heads? We've been hacking our way towards justice for ten-thousand-years; why not a few more…thousand years.

          I can just see the phalanx of cowering generals, fidgeting-about for answer to our pitchforks…