Member of Japan Parliament: I now believe Tepco was trying to hide radiation levels measured after quake — People in Japan deceived (VIDEO)

Published: January 31st, 2012 at 2:31 pm ET


Title: Kono Taro on Japan’s reaction to the Fukushima nuclear disaster
Source: If You Love This Planet Radio w/ Dr. Helen Caldicott
Date: Jan 27, 2012

This week, Dr. Caldicott speaks with Kono Taro for an in-depth look at Japan’s reaction to the Fukushima meltdown. Kono is Director General of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party’s International bureau and a fifth-term Member of the House of Representatives in Japan.

Transcript Summary

  • All the monitoring posts went down after tsunami
  • Tepco told us they were not able to recover monitoring posts
  • After even one week they were not able to recover the power for the monitoring posts
  • I now believe Tepco was trying to hide the numbers
  • People in Japan were deceived for many days to come

Download the hour-long program here

Published: January 31st, 2012 at 2:31 pm ET


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15 comments to Member of Japan Parliament: I now believe Tepco was trying to hide radiation levels measured after quake — People in Japan deceived (VIDEO)


    Speaking of deceit, this article relates to the overturning of Vermont’s attempt at closing-down the Yankee NPP.

    “Leaky Nuclear Plants vs. Renewable Pipe Dreams”

    by Cassandra Anderson

    [ ]

  • or-well

    Oh no!
    They’re coming!
    Maybe for me!
    I’ll go on radio,
    maybe TV,
    or talk to reporters
    and cover my butt
    so I don’t get sent
    to a Kurils fish-hut
    to live out my days
    in exile and penance
    after being convicted
    and duly sentenced
    for being accessory
    and public menace –
    I’m getting a headstart
    on spinning repentance!

  • kintaman kintaman

    or-well. Very perceptive. This Taro Kono sees the writing on the wall and what’s coming down the pipe so he is doing what he can to look out for himself. I say hang them ALL.


      @kintaman: the only one that should be hung, is the last one to come forward with the truth. Anyone else, regardless of their part in all of this, should be encouraged to come forward with what they know. To threaten anyone for coming clean, only guarantees that these revelations will – not – be coming to light! We must make a point of protecting those who come forward…

  • kx kx

    I have my pitchfork waiting!!!

  • Anthony Anthony

    No big Fukushima health impact seen: U.N. body chairman

    VIENNA | Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:15pm EST
    (Reuters) – The health impact of last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan appears relatively small thanks partly to prompt evacuations, the chairman of a U.N. scientific body investigating the effects of radiation said on Tuesday.

    The fact that some radioactive releases spread over the ocean instead of populated areas also contributed to limiting the consequences, said Wolfgang Weiss of the U.N. Scientific Committee on the effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR).

  • Anthony Anthony

    Israeli Nukes Triggered Fukushima Quake, Crackpot Claims
    By Katie Drummond Email Author January 31, 2012 | 5:00 pm | Categories: Tinfoil Tuesday

  • Anthony Anthony

    It’s still on shaky ground

    January 31, 2012

    First Published: 22:41 IST(31/1/2012)
    Last Updated: 22:44 IST(31/1/2012)
    share more…
    0 Comments email print
    The first thing that a visitor to Fukushima, Japan, notices is the devastated landscape, the destroyed economy and the shoddy temporary housing into which thousands of people uprooted by the catastrophic nuclear accident last year have taken shelter. It’s also difficult to miss the pervasive fear

    of radiation. Radiation lurks everywhere. No less important is the citizen’s distrust of the government, which is rare in a society where the State is regarded as paternalistically benevolent.
    The complaint, not just in Fukushima, is that the government, like Fukushima Daiichi plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco), has hidden from the public the truth about nuclear hazards and practised deplorable non-transparency even when it could have minimised radiation exposure. Early in the nuclear crisis, huge radiation plumes escaped from the reactors, some under the impact of hydrogen explosions, which indicated severe core damage. Their radiation load wasn’t even measured.

  • Anthony Anthony

    JANUARY 31, 2012, 5:34 A.M. ET
    Tokyo Plans Its Own Gas Plant for Public Power

    TOKYO—Japan’s capital city government is hoping to begin generating its own electricity to cover basic public services in an effort to reduce its reliance on Tokyo Electric Power Co., the regional utility at the center of the March 2011 nuclear plant crisis in northern Japan.

    Following the Fukushima Daiichi plant accident and the rolling power cuts in some parts of Tokyo that ensued, the city government plans to either build or buy its own power station, Tokyo Deputy Governor Naoki Inose said in a recent interview.

    At a capacity of one gigawatt, the generating facility would be large enough to supply power for basic public services, such as subways, hospitals and municipal water. A plant of that size is enough to meet the needs of approximately 330,000 households and represents about 5% of residential demand in Tokyo.

    Officials hope to reduce opposition to the power plant by placing it within Tepco’s coverage area, he said. “Electricity should be produced in the area where it is consumed, since the ‘not-in-my-backyard mentality’ was one of the causes of the Fukushima accident.”

    The Tokyo government outsourced a feasibility study on such a power plant last year, and expects feedback by March. No date for a possible start has been established.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Anti-nuclear movement growing in Asia
    Though nuclear power still has a strong foothold in Asia, anti-nuclear sentiment and protest are growing from Mongolia to South Korea to Taiwan and even – in modest ways – in China.

    By Winifred Bird, Correspondent / January 27, 2012

  • They have been caught fudging numbers moving decimals, dialing detector’s to wrong readers, multiplying wrong, dividing wrong, adding wrong, subtracting wrong, plain lying, hiding of truth, obfuscating, double talk, the truth is what they haven’t said !

  • “Member of Japan Parliament: I now believe Tepco was trying to hide radiation levels measured after quake”. Duhhhh! What would possibly motivate Tepco to tell the truth? One member of parliament confirms what is self evident. Boy am I surprised. Is there any corporation in the world motivated to tell the truth if the truth will detrimentally affect the bottom line? Do you think there are any pro nuke spin doctors that used to work for cigarette companies?
    Not being too far fetched am I?

    Is there any honor to be found in the business world? Really?

    God Bless all

    • All nuke plants will not admit for they do not want a line of millions of people filing claims and asking for compensation for their loses and medical bills !