‘The Daily Show’ is going nuclear: Nuclear industry will use program for ad campaign that claims to display value of atomic power — Trying to target younger audience -Bloomberg

Published: March 20th, 2012 at 11:04 am ET


Title: Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Goes Nuclear With Power-Industry Ads
Source: Bloomberg
Author: Brian Wingfield
Date: March 20, 2012

“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” is going nuclear.

The Nuclear Energy Institute, representing companies including Entergy Corp. (ETR) and Southern Co. (SO), will use the Emmy- award winning Comedy Central show starting today for an advertising campaign showing the value of atomic power a year after the triple meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant.

The industry wants “to reach some of the younger audience that are helping to shape policy,” Scott Peterson, the Washington-based industry group’s senior vice president for communications, told reporters on a conference call yesterday. […]

The NEI is joining other industry groups, such as the American Petroleum Institute, that are seeking to reach policymakers in an election year where energy policy has become a central theme. […]

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Published: March 20th, 2012 at 11:04 am ET


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136 comments to ‘The Daily Show’ is going nuclear: Nuclear industry will use program for ad campaign that claims to display value of atomic power — Trying to target younger audience -Bloomberg

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Maybe the Daily Show is suffering from what I call "the green confusion". This is the mistaken idea that nuclear is the best choice for energy because it is a low carbon emitter. The Nuclear Industry as a whole emits a lot of carbon.

    I hope the Daily Show sees the "solar" light and like the "wind" blows the Nuclear Propaganda Machine into the "geothermal" abyss.

    The first ad I see that is pro-nuke on the Daily Show will be the day I take the show off my DVR for regular recordings.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I doubt that the viewers of the "Daily Show"..are going to go for this BS..
    Hey there… PTB..a big waste of advertising..Suckers!

    • PreciousLittle


      After all, most Daily Show viewers "go for" Obama in a big way and, at every opportunity, Obama ALWAYS makes it clear that he "goes for" nuclear power. In fact, he ran on a pro-nuke platform during the '08 campaign. He used to refer to Japan as a shining beacon of nuclear power safety and he urged America to emulate their stellar example. And, of course, Obama continues to consistently restate his robust support of nuclear power in the wake of Fukushima.

      Bottom line: Obama and Jon Stewart are both fauxgressive, pro-status-quo shills and they share a common fan base that is largely comprised of other fauxgressive, pro-status-quo shills. They will all pimp this pro-nuke swill and, unless there is a mighty push-back from the anti-nuke sector, they will sway the body politic to be more supportive of nuclear power.

      Make no mistake, they are greasing the skids for another Democratic Party pro-nuke platform in 2012.

      • Buffalojam

        Precious – I don't think there is any question at all that Obama is heavily pro-nuke. If you could help me find an opposing candidate that is anti-nuke I would give serious consideration to voting that way. I'm not sure there are any unless the Greens have one.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        Well, aren't you a tall drink of water, PreciousLittle! Refreshing.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yeah, there are a lot of smart viewers in Jon Stewart's audience. 'Wrong group to try to snow with "synaptic drivel spewing forth", IMHO.

      My thanks to whomever countered A4P1's comment that time with "Synaptic drivel spews forth." One of my all-time favorite comments, thanks!

      I think it was in response to A4P1 anyway that you posted. A4P1 seems to have disappeared into the woodwork. Maybe he's working on that ad campaign for Jon Stewart's show. Or maybe he just doesn't like being called "R2D2."

      Troll jousting can be very, very successful at times. Thank you Stock-Hawaii for sharing the "troll jousting" comments. Friends here, you are champion troll jousters!

      And as not too kind as it may sound, troll jousting can sometimes be fun. As some of my smarter friends used to quip, "It's a battle of wits, and the world is unarmed!"

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    MONEY…bottomline. I think we should let Stewart know exactly what's going on with Japan, eh?

    • PreciousLittle

      By all means, let's kick Jon Stewart's ass.

      However, Jon Stewart is NOT an uninformed individual.

      Methinks he bloody-well knows what's going on at Fukushima and he is choosing to do damage control for the nuclear power industry.

      In effect, Stewart is asking the industry to put their money where his mouth is.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Whoopie: I already did, but I don't know if he was listening.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Boycott his show, and let him know on no uncertain terms. What good are advertising dollars if you have no audience, non?

  • CaptD CaptD

    Hey Jon
    Jersey says get real or go home!

    Don't become a nuclear LO$ER

  • goathead goathead

    I agree Whoopie!!! Let's start straight away!!

  • CaptD CaptD

    Maybe Jon will comment on this:

    TEPCO Cuts Off All Public Reactor Data Reporting: http://www.simplyinfo.org/?p=5465

    Are we surprised?

    Yet another sign of the losing battle the Utility Gangs are having controlling the Public!

    No reports means things are getting worse not better!

  • markww markww


  • TheWorldIsBlind

    wow im dissappointed with comedy central. lets all send them terrible messages. jon stewarts is a fucking sellout now. i used to like him and the show. not anymore. NUCLEAR destroys everything… disgraced

  • If presidents/politicians can be elected based on who can spend the most or make the best TV advertisements, then it makes sense that "insane ideas" can be "sold" via advertising.

    You could even convince people with commercials to "ask their doctor" for medications that they don't really need. You all know what I'm talking about there.

    Seems like the Nuclear Industry has been on defense for awhile and now they're expanding to more offense by increasing the amount of DISINFORMATION as is technologically possible. The comparisons to running a political CAMPAIGN are many.

    My general observation is there has been an up tic in the number of articles touting Nuclear Power or spewing complete lies about radiation since 3/11/2012. It is highly likely that the disinformation campaign will continue to increase in proportion to the increase in fallout and the spreading of contamination around the globe. (just a guess)

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    "The industry wants “to reach some of the younger audience that are helping to shape policy,”" said the VP for communications. (What's his job description?)

    … to paraphrase… the industry wants to shape the thoughts of the younger audience just in case those younger people ever try to shape policy.

    That's the kind of manipulation that got us where we are today. We were all "reached" by such efforts in the past. "GE – bringing good things to life", "You can be sure if it's Westinghouse"… you know them all – we'll remember all the slogans when we're in nursing homes and can't remember our own names.

    CNN bombards its audiences daily with feel-good messages from the coal, oil and gas giants. They used to have plenty of Areva commercials, but those stopped abruptly after 3/11. My wife and I have a standing joke now – whenever we see a lush meadow or a pristine lake on a TV screen, we say "energy ad"… and it always is. We are completely tuned out to their messages now – I hope the rest of their audience is also.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yes, remember those corporate sponsored "documentary films" many of us watched in grade school, in between the "duck and cover" nuclear attack preparation drills?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Nuke industry has concerns and is trying new things, is how I see it. Will it work? …nope.

  • Bobby1

    The NEI, and other pro-nuke, pro-cancer groups, must have seen polling data that shows a rise in antinuclear sentiment. Hence the reason for this ad campaign.

    Plus, it's an election year, they have to make sure nuclear is not an issue.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    If anyone remembers how upset Jon Stewart was after the Sept. 11 attack on New York and America can you even imagine what he would do if Indian Point caused New York to become an evacuation zone?

    I know everyone wants to "school" Jon Stewart on nuclear but he knows already he is no dummy. So the questions should be is he pro-nuclear power or anti-nuclear power? After you find the answer to that question the next question should be, will he prevent the pro-nuclear power ads from running on his show?

    • Thats not true….I was pro nuke until I found how they were mismanaging everything.

      And I have an MSME from Michigan, know everything engineering wise about nuke, but chose to do solar instead.

      After the Fuku, learned what is really going on in nuke and decided that they must go.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    I'll bet he has no say in the matter. The corporation that owns his studio, or the corporation that owns that corporation probably made the decision.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yes, we do not know what goes on behind the scenes.

    • patriot9878

      Then he should show his contempt and quit the show. He could run for president after that and win based on a platform of "Jews against nuclear power" Even though Jews are usually liars he could really do good by telling them to pack sand and then storm off the stage.

      • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

        No room here for anti- any race comments. Please keep them to yourself, get over them or go somewhere else.

      • Being one of the chosen people (i.e. New Zealanders) I am reminded that fibbing is not limited to one particular type or species of human.

        I'm wondering if this will effectively end the show and launch Stewart's run for the presidency?


        @patriot9878: as much as we all despise zio-fascist (and any other kind for that matter), your attempt to target a particular group or faith as being cause for this ongoing tragedy is not welcome here. We do welcome the cold-hard-truth but will resist anyone's attempt to use it to isolate others. We are all brothers and sisters in this fight; and we'll continue to be, long after it's over!!! So eff-off or try turning your pants back-round and start acting as an intelligent representative of 'our' entire species…

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    When logged into Facebook use the search function top of page..The Daily show to get to correct link…Facebook is acting funny from any other Facebook link to The Daily Show.

    An active thread with a couple of us posting Facts. Please add your voice~!~ On the very first post Daily Show: America's Problem with UNESCO Pt. 1…it has over 200 comments so some people will read them.

    I will ask a favor of All EneNewsers…to only share Facts, not misinformation or disinformation stories…those only benefit the creators of those articles & will allow people to continue to stay in their safe little world where everything is perfectly fine. And allow those destroying this world & all life within to continue on their greedy little way. Lets be the Boulders that make their journey rough. We are the media, therefore it is up to us to share factual information only, online or off.

    ~Knowledge is Power so Please Pay it Forward~!~

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Btw, HoTaters has the best solution, which is to boycott that show.

  • kongrufus kongrufus

    Oh boy am i disappointed.. Less than two days before this was posted here i was thinking that the daily show would be the perfect place to expose the nuclear three-ring circus. I mean, the nuclear industry delivers it's own comedy just by performing 'business as usual'! Comedy central wouldn't even have to add humor to drive home the point…

    And i can't even tell them that, i deliberately have no FB or twitter accounts!

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      Hi Kong…..
      I can't even count how many emails I sent to Rachel Maddow thinkin she of all people would bust Fuku cover-up wide open……the silence was deafening, then I remembered MSNBC is OWNED by GE.
      I also sent emails with many excellent links several times to San Francisco Chronicle, Glenn Beck, Senators, Congressmen, the list goes on and on. I was so persistent with O'Reilly, thinkin he hates MSNBC and GE, that I got 86'ed from FOX emails. They don't accept anything from my email address anymore…true story! I got back an occasional form letter, but mostly ……silence. I could almost hear the click of the delete button. No surprise that Stewart would be suckin on the same tit too.
      There is nobody, and I mean NOBODY with a really big megaphone out there that will spread the word. It really is up to little old us. I just post shit everywhere and hope folks are stumbling onto it and paying a little attention.

      • kongrufus kongrufus

        Hi Poor 🙂
        I guess i figured others had the same idea long ago but it does seem incredible that the daily show – of all news shows – Would leave such an easy target alone. Money certainly is a powerful motivator!
        It's a dead serious subject but looking at it 'from the outside' (though nobody is on the outside in this matter) it really does have tons of material in it for comedians to use. Used emergency generators, the almost slapstick-like situation at the fuku plant, the carelessness in handling of the waste and the plants, NRCs and IAEAs obvious incompetence etc.. Hours of material!
        Sorry to hear you got blocked by the way. I guess they don't even want to hear about it themselves, those bastards 🙁

        • kongrufus kongrufus

          Oh i just remembered that i can easily contact the station that airs the show in our country.. Maybe i should tell THEM that i am going to stop watching the show as a consequence of this decision? 🙂 Other Danes, TAKE NOTICE!!!

          • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

            You have a solid idea here:

            "It's a dead serious subject but looking at it 'from the outside' (though nobody is on the outside in this matter) it really does have tons of material in it for comedians to use. Used emergency generators, the almost slapstick-like situation at the fuku plant, the carelessness in handling of the waste and the plants, NRCs and IAEAs obvious incompetence etc.. Hours of material!"

            But apply it humorously to street theater in the big cities of the world.
            An excellent teaching/awareness tool.

            As far as FOX is concerned, being booted from FOX tells me I'm on the right track!

            • kongrufus kongrufus

              Thanks man 🙂 The thing is i'm not good at organizing things so i can churn out ideas but don't do well when having to implement them 🙁 Street theater is a good idea but to set up just one group would be a management nightmare for me.

              I just had another idea though.. A danish comedian with egyptian roots has recently made a series of semi-controversial shows about religion aired on national TV – perhaps he would be interested in making a show about another controversial subject? I think i might try sending him the idea some day soon..

            • kongrufus kongrufus

              Oh, i am sure you're quite right about FOX by the way 🙂 makes sense with what else we see (as absent) in the MSM..

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    If Jon does this then he must be classified as an idiot.

    I actually liked some of the stuff he has done, but if he follows through with promoting Nuclear Energy then he is over in my book.

    I will never watch his show ever again.

    Sell outs should have no audience.

    They are not entitled to one.

  • patriot9878

    The only way anything gets done is when the citizens protest and complain and then the government will finally do something. They will not do what's right if big money doesn't want it. They don't care about immigration or the environment. Just like they quit growing hemp because corporations didn' want to compete with it. So out of war comes nuclear power. Something that isn't needed and could destroy the earth. In fact they are dumping this stuff in the ocean and the Commies have dumped in all the rivers and lakes in the former SOviet Bloc, because they didn't have to answer to anyone. So many of the people have cancer.

    If half a dozen nuclear plants were destroyed as a result of an earthquake the civilians would raise enough hell they would close the plants. The poor people suffered because of CHernobyl and now Japan is finished and they will have to leave the island. THey want to keep building more nuke plants creating millions more gallons of waste.

    • Patriot
      You may have good intentions

      But promoting "growing" hemp and nuke plant sabotage are really over the top and not proper for this site.

      You may also be a "weatherman" sent to discredit this site, and create retaliation against the site, if so, you are requested to leave, and further commentary will be considering trespassing.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Hemp is a great candidate for an alternative energy source. Industrial hemp is probably the single most useful plant on the planet. I'm not referring to Cannabis Sativa as it's usually thought of, but Cannabis Sativa l.


        Industrial hemp is a wonderful source of durable fiber for clothing and industrial purposes. Hemp is full of high quality protein for food, and contains essential fatty acids. The list of uses for industrial hemp goes and on.

        Low THC strains of cannabis sativa (i.e. non-intoxicating) have been developed for medical purposes. I don't think Patriot's intention was to promote drug use. (Am not sure what your interpretation was, Stock.)

        Hemp deserves another look, and I have to agree with Patriot on this one.
        IMHO it deserves discussion here; perhaps in one of the forums.

        Hey, Stock, no offense but read the post again. Patriot was talking about nuke plants destroyed by an earthquake, not an act of man.

  • patriot9878

    Stewart is Jewish and they speak out of both sides of their mouth. Let everyone know they are dumping waste in the ocean. Is it any wonder the fish in the ocean are being depleted and do you think nuclear waste in the water has any affect? We just need a meltdown in the USA. IF someone were to sabotage a nuke plant in America they would actually be doing the country and the world favor. The USA will cry if they are harmed.

    • Buffalojam


    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45


      Again, No room here for anti-(any race) comments. Please keep them to yourself, get over them or go somewhere else.

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

      @ Patriot

      You are no patriot to the USA or the World sir or madam.

      So how much are you paid by nuke industry to cause problems on websites like this?


        @enoughalready45: apparently, the AJ dis-info crowd is being assigned to discredit this site. This group is used to elicit responses that can be used to justify actions against this site and its participants. They're what were long-ago referred to as "weathermen". They'd send them into a crowd of legitimate / peaceful protesters in often vain attempt to start a riot. Their outlandish actions would be used to incite violent responses from law enforcement. This is an old game but one we should – all – be aware of. Do an analysis of the rhetorical style and you'll easily spot them…

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Good eye, AFTERSHOCK. There is a lot of mischief in the comments section today. Several threads have been derailed or hijacked and things are much noisier than usual.

          Perhaps we were getting close to something important. Perhaps it's just a random assault, adolescents at play, a warning shot, or a practice session. No way to know for sure.

          It raises the issue of what to do. If they drive you away, they win. If they distract you, they win. If they start a food fight, they win. If they derail or hijack a thread, they win. If they spread misinformation unchallenged, they win. If we just keep finding and telling the truth about nuke, maybe they lose….

          If they win, we all die from some past/present/future nuke oopsie. If we win, we save their lives as a side effect, and we perhaps rebound into the jaws of some other big energy special-interest.

          Crummy odds, but it's the only game in town.

          The Internet never forgets.


            @aigeezer: just alert others to the fact that this is underway. They've been coming here for the last two weeks and will likely continue doing so, if they are able to create what you've touched on. I'm not worried though, as they're likely to find the truth to be as painful as their masters obviously have.

            It's also a good indicator that this site is gaining much traction and having an incredible impact on this issue.

            Gotta run for now…

        • good to be in tune with psy-ops

          • James2

            They've been here all along.

            The permanent resident ID's have now gone "native" and are trying to blend in.

            The new craziy i'd's are doing what they've always done – try to associate Enenews with the nutcase crowd – when they themselves are the nutcases.

            Which is exactly why we should point them out for their sophomoric tactics.

            You would think the nuke industry has enough money to hire smart shills – they must be elsewhere – all we get are the dregs.

            • Most of the nuclear shills I've encountered out in the general web-o-sphere are your basic overgrown juvenile delinquent, bright college kids with a well-honed talent for trolling, a list of talking points they may or may not ever really use, and rather large pizza and beer bills to pay. Takes a lot of $10 per post throw-aways to keep up, after all.

              On some of the more highbrow sites they're usually current, retired or out of work nukes of some variety (meaning they work/ed at a nuke before, know a little bit but not a lot). Couple of ex-Navy nukes who never went into the civilian industry but still thought the technology's pretty cool. Many in those last two groups dropped out when the truth about Fukushima became known over the months. The pizza and beer crowd is still swinging away, though.

  • whoarewe

    The site needs to focus more on the US. This is the core cancer cell on the planet. Europe, Asia and the rest are just derivatives from it.
    In the world of protagonists vs. antagonists, when you look into the controlling side AKA the top of the pyramid, you should see it is incredibly stupid. Homo Sapiens are not "designed" to exist in such an asinine structure (A pyramid from a power perspective; an inverse pyramid from wealth/resource distribution perceptive). Zoom through lineage of the Greek civilization-the Roman Empire-the Spanish/Portugee/Dutch-The United Kingdom-The US , there is one big thing in common- the asininely unstable structure in these civilizations. Zoom in here for the Roman Empire. A group of homo sapiens called "historians" still cannot agree on what brought down the Roman Empire. Well, dumb and dumber or garbage in, garbage out. The Roman empire,like all others, is a ponzi scheme, which requires constant expansion of its borders so that it can "outrun" the ever shrinking tax base, due to the ever increasing concentration of wealth at the top. When it ran out of the "real estate", the musical chair stopped. Now, fast forward to the US and its derivatives, the ponzi was even much worse, it only lasts less than 100 years if you look at the brief history of dominance by the "Childish Sam". What about the other side? They fare no better. Logically, this extreme unstable man-made structure cannot possibly last this long ( or short from the perspective of a higher structure), if the other side does not choose to be "educated" AKA brainwashed. The failure is not caused ONLY by the controlling side. It is a failure of an entire species. Homo Sapiens only use a very tiny percentage of their brain capacity. Is that a coincidence that they always seem to be in such a hurry and yet they have nothing to show for? How about the negative to show for? The "hardware" is good. Then where is the problem? You should know the answer by now. To…

    • James2

      Perhaps if you used the return key your thoughts could be interpreted.

      As is, they are unintelligible.

      • Nice tip.
        I have noticed those who just fire away sentences tend to be manic depressive, and can have good ideas, but are often wacked out too. no offense to whoweare….just an observation.


      @whoarewe: aside from its supposedly immorality, the Roman empire diminished in power in direct proportion to its expanding military infrastructure. This seems counter-intuitive, until you understand the obligations that were imposed on each succeeding government. Eventually, internecine conflict and countermeasures overwhelmed each governing administration. Most analyst agree that America is going down that same road. So much of your rant has resonance with reality…

  • whoarewe

    The nuclear fission is crucial to this pozi scheme, which requires constant external input before it collapses. Another crucial factor that needs to co-exist is the fiat currency that helps "lube" the pipe. The issuance of fiat currency diminishes the purchasing power, which is a covert (well, should be very obvious to the enlightened) taxing mechanism to siphon the resource back to the top. When all these fails, the last one is war. You should be keenly aware where the NEGATIVE civilization stands at this point in time and space. Look around. Still buy into the BS that Spring has come early, enjoy it? You call a 20+ degree temperature variation an early Spring? More evidente? Look at this alignment: In the fall of 2011, Dow 11,500 S&P 1200 NASDAQ 2500 10 year T bill 2.5% one unit of fiat US currency 1/1900 Oz of GOLD
    Lately, Dow: 13,000 S&P 1400 NASDAQ 3000 10 year T bill 2.3% one unit of fiat US currency 1/1650 oz of Gold. Which one is out of alignment? Still wonder why? The other side is no longer trying to be subtle. Fiat is their "Alamo". Before they run everything ELSE up, they need to make sure the GOLD does not SHINE a spotlight on their ponzi. Is that a coincidence? You have messed up since the last fall. "They" tried to suppress GOLD hard yesterday again. This is one of your FEW chances LEFT to get it right!—- Circa Spring Equinox, 2012.

  • Christophe Christophe

    Jon Stewart always was and will be a sellout. His modus operandi is classic: tell safe / relatively inconsequential 'truths' to get your creds, and then use that as a base to spread bad info. He is basically 'controlled opposition', and nothing more.

    A good example of his psy-ops at work was the 'Rally to Restore Sanity' that he and his co-sellout Stephen Colbert organized. The core message of that rally was that people were getting too upset and that being mad was 'insane': "calm down" is their message. Just laugh about it and you'll feel better (and business will continue like before).

    You'll never hear those pukes speak about systemic child abuse by our elites (eg: "Conspiracy of Silence" banned documentary), of the dangers of nuclear or of how most of our stars are MK-ULTRA victims (google 'MK-ULTRA + Hollywood'). We live in a satanic world, truly.

    There is nothing good on TV: everyone who isn't a sellout has been chased out.


      @Christophe: "Conspiracy of Silence" is an awesome documentary. I was stunned by what they revealed. It was sad what they did to those children. What was interesting is how law enforcement was used to protect this network of child molesters. Everyone should see this video…

      • Christophe Christophe

        Sadly, the conspiracy continues today, in many forms. I made a video exposing the Occupy movement recently, as they too tried to silence me on that topic:
        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oueq-XtqLD0 (part 1)
        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R62FV7XtJzE (part 2)

        The people driving (and 'benefiting' from) the evil nuclear agenda are the same who are abusing their children and the children of others. I think it's by focusing on our systemic child abuse that we stand the best chance of tackling the very root of this evil. The nuclear catastrophe is purposeful and we won't defeat it by trying to reason and argue with massively deceitful, extremely well organized opponents…

        IMO, the very first step is to help as many people as possible realize that TV and other mainstream media are pure propaganda and worse: purposeful mind control that serves a satanic agenda…

        At the same time, exposing the monstrous nuclear industry is certainly very important, but it is hard to imagine we'll make much progress against it so long as the satanists remain in power everywhere… Their businesses profit from every cancer and their overall risks are reduced by each person who suddenly finds themselves unable to focus on anything else than their personal/family tragedy!


          @Christophe: couple of things: it is counterproductive to attempt to associate religious myth with what is obviously self-interested and self-destructive behavior. You might as well claim we're all satanist, because we may (unwittingly) partake in the by-product (electricity) of the nuclear power industry. Truth is, we've – all – been ignorant (at one point or another) to the real repercussions of nuclear power.

          It is also counterproductive to bring such mundane associations (like satanism) as argument, before those who adhere to science. And it may come as a big surprise to you (and others), that many who oppose the use of this technology (within the biosphere) are strong advocates of adherents to the scientific process! To continue painting others as spiritually abhorrent risks alienating progressive environmentalist as well as the nuclear technologists. We'd also be well advised to avoid being associated with regressive social elements; i.e., religious fanatics. Put simply: this is not a productive forum for religious prejudices.

          Finally. Attempting to link pederast with proponents of any technology is deceitful and misguiding. It is neither fair nor reasonable to make such associations. In truth, many out here believe (rightfully so) that proponents of nuclear technology are much more dangerous to the welfare of children, than vile child molesters. But that harsh reality does not mean they purposely use their industry to harm children. They are doing so, but I seriously doubt that that is their intent. Nuclear technologists are simply misguided and wholly ignorant of their actions.

          So, rather than build a fire around the alienation of others, let's try to use intelligent dialog as our guiding light…

          • Christophe Christophe

            @Aftershock: I'm not sure where you are going with your arguments, or how you can be so sure of yourself and of your opinions. How can you say that I am far from "intelligent dialog"? Do you honestly think that recognizing psychopaths for what they are ("alienating" them, I suppose) is counterproductive? What exactly is your purpose here?

            Does it matter if some people are atheists or scientifically-minded when the elites are clearly satanic? Just because you do not believe in satanism doesn't mean everyone else thinks like you do…

            Also, I did not say that all members of the nuclear industry are satanic, or that they are all illuminati or child molesters. As with all things it is a mixture of a number of different types of people working together, although certainly all the key positions are under tight control.

            Regardless, how DARE you say that "proponents of nuclear technology are much more dangerous to the welfare of children, than vile child molesters"?! Shame on you! Nuclear is more dangerous to YOUR kids, *maybe*, but not to millions of others. Daily torture with cattle prods and countless other torture devices, from the age of 2 years old on, all for a focused goal of splitting the mind and then nefariously programing it is FAR worse than any regular illness like cancer, as terrible as it may be. These poor kids suffering from satanic abuse actually wish for death and release, for gods sake!

            Besides, it's not even reasonable to accuse me of "alienating" these criminals, when in fact in another comment below I focus as well on healing techniques like EFT to help these victims free themselves of the trauma that makes them propagate this systemic abuse onto their own progeny.

            Simply raising awareness about nuclear and other environmental catastrophes has achieved very little over many decades, and being 'inclusive' to sociopaths makes no sense. Again: what's your purpose, exactly? You trying to silence this, perhaps?


              @Christophe: Let's start with your opening response: "Do you honestly think that recognizing psychopaths for what they are ("alienating" them, I suppose) is counterproductive?" So, you're a qualified psychoanalyst? Perhaps you feel such denigration serves to bolster your arguments? Until you accept who we're up against, smearing them will only delay the inevitable. So while you're about the business of impugning the motives of others, maybe yours merits closer examination?

              And these puerile statements that the 'elites' are motivated by 'satanism'? Your statement is based on nothing more than speculation. PLEASE do yourself a favor and refrain from religious diatribes. We've all agreed to keep such to a minimum. Basing an argument against nuclear power on religious beliefs is insular. WE'RE ALL IN THIS!

              One thing that you said carries weight: "As with all things it is a mixture of a number of different types of people working together, although certainly all the key positions are under tight control." Doubtless all here are in agreement with your later observation. The opposition – is – diversified! You do yourself (and those you presume to support) a disservice, when you claim nefarious motives on their part. Most are only interested in a paycheck and are likely to be sitting in the pew…next to you!

              And your earlier statement that "…it is hard to imagine we'll make much progress against it so long as the satanists remain in power everywhere…" supports my initial argument that you refrain from bringing religion into this argument. If you insist on doing so, at least have the decency of not speaking for the rest of us. We've – all – agreed to keep religious beliefs (and prejudices) from poisoning our work…


                @Christophe: …looking at your fourth paragraph leaves me laughing! Your attempt to elicit sympathy through dramatic (albeit heart rendering) appeal is cute. And that finishing sentence "These poor kids suffering from satanic abuse actually wish for death and release, for gods sake!" is an awesome finish! It's obvious you're out of your depth here. I'm curious. As we're now about five-thousand-plus years into this seemingly endless death spiral of religion, do you really think such appellations will find lift out here. I have Pagan, Christian, Hebrew, Muslim, Buddhist and Agnostic friends out here, that I love and am willing to die for. We are all in agreement. Let's allow the higher forces to work through us and not presume – individually – to know what is most representative of the collective…

                I must take my leave as friends just arrived…

                • Christophe Christophe

                  Evidently, you find the topic of systemic child abusing not only of little import, but humorous!

                  I see no point in arguing with a troll, especially since I doubt that any reasonable person could be swayed by your sophistry, so don't expect another reply from me.

                  Others will hopefully look at the source material and determine for themselves whether or not these are nothing more than "puerile statements" on my part.

  • StillJill StillJill

    "everyone who isn't a sellout has been chased out."+100000000000

  • openeye openeye

    @ Christophe
    Right on!!! Can you please send a link for H.wood stars as MK ultra victims.

    The smart viewers left both of these pukes, these disgusting lap dog comedians long ago. The humor is sick beyond saying–like the developer of Face Book calling us dumb fucks, or Bush on where ARE those WMDs?

    Tell the Satanists there is a name tag waiting for each of them, records are being kept:


    The reign of the predator now comes to an end.

    The King granted it a few days to ravage the Earth,

    while hidden lions awaited His command,


    The command has spread abroad,

    and earth rises anew as justice prevails.

    The archives of good and evil are examined

    so that Truth may be known.


    which has always fed solely on bones and dung,

    is now overthrown on sea and land.

    Pure-hearted gazelles roam the land, and waterbirds sail the sea.

    Men and women claim the celestial spheres;

    they drink love from the Cupbearer

    all the rest of their lives.

    This free verse poem was derived from from the work of thirteenth century saint
    Jalauddin Rumi: The Mathnawi of Jalauddin Rumi, edited & translated by
    Reynold A. Nicholson, LITT.D., LL.D., F.B.A.

  • CaptD CaptD

    Jon Stewart selling out to the Nuclear Industry…

    Tell me it ain't so…

    Hope he has someone monitoring these comments as many are NOT facebook users!

    AVIOD Nuclear Baloney (NB)

  • CaptD CaptD

    Maybe he will respond to the same pressure that made RUSH's advertisers take notice, when viewers demanded change…

    This is at least as bad as calling women names…

    America cannot afford a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Christophe is correct on several points here, based on my reading & research.

    The MSM are controlled, TV most especially. It is really naive to expect talent like Jon Stewart to be 'his own man' & be making his own decisions. Pretty much all of society's centers of power are controlled at this point. Media talent are tools/property/on a leash.

    On pedophilia in high places, for starters read John deCamp's THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP; & see this & other vids on the subject –

    Re trauma-based mind control – involving torture & sexual abuse of children – (MK ULTRA,PROJECT MONARCH) – read THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES by Brice Taylor (pseudonym) & TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA by Cathy O'Brien & Mark Phillips – also check online – like You Tube. (which for whatever reason is not so totally controlled, also not all websites are controlled, it seems.)

    There are also books on Satanism – it actually is practiced, believe it or not. One interesting book is THE ULTIMATE EVIL,by Maury Terry.

    Look up any of these titles on Amazon & then drop down to 'people who bought this also bought' – & check out the other titles there.

    Satanism is a useful way of controlling one's 'downline' – basically it is an organized system of control by terror. Plus, recall that many people in high places are psychopaths, & psychopaths actually enjoy hurting people.

    Pedophilia is not that uncommon. Freud's female patients in 'free association' came up with so many reports of having been molested as children, often by relatives or family friends, that Freud just arbitrary decided that it simply could not be true & that they had 'fantasized' these incidents. Face it – little girls (& boys) are very beautiful – & so very charming in their trusting openness & innocence.

    I do NOT approve, of course!!

    • ruth

      Bleep – totally agree with your thoughtful comments. MSM is 95% owned by 6 mega companies. PBS lost its ability to be objective by needing government $ to exist and being beaten up by legislatures anytime they stray from the prescribed doctrine. People love comedians and they are the best source of brainwashing. Making fun of something is just another way to demean or degrade. There are a few international news organizations that are not owned by the big 6.

      I read the Franklin Cover-up. The author with his and his family’s lives being threatened found a publisher that would publish his book. He had to change careers but aligned himself with others like himself and is still alive to bear witness to the evil done to innocent children. People always want to ignore these crimes as they are too monstrous to think about. Everyone who works in police forces, social service agencies, the courts has to deal with this evil.

      I agree that Satanism exists. Too many people discount Satanism because it is generally connoted as a religious affiliation. We should just call it by what it is “evil”. Evil transcends any religious belief and is described as anti life and anti human by every religion. Modern society has a new name “psychopath” for evil behavior that is as old as humankind.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    The CIA, The False Memory Syndrome Foundation, and the Politics of Ritual Abuse

    "It is beginning to dawn on the psychiatric community at large that the CIA’s mind control clique is a menace reminiscent of Nazi medical experimentation."


  • bleep_hits_blades

    @ ruth, thanks for the positive reply.

    Yes it is very disturbing information. But it really needs to get out. The children (and adults) to whom this kind of thing is happening are not getting the help they need because so many people are ignorant or in denial. (It is the most disturbing subject I have investigated.)

    It's mind-boggling, because from infancy (really, now that TV is on so much of the time in many homes) we are fed such a false rose-tinted glasses story of who the elites/govt. men/rich men are, what kind of people they are, and what their true agendas are.

    The Franklin Cover-Up is a great book (also check for this info on You Tube) because the author, John deCamp, was a Nebraska State Legislator, and is an attorney – so he is not just some guy saying this. It happened in his state. He found that a lot of the community's 'leading lights', top men in business and government, were involved in pedophilia (and drugs), and the man who ran the Franklin Credit Union was pretty much 'procuring' for them, and Boys Town was involved. The cover-up went very high, and actually most of the perps were not brought to justice.(The head of the Franklin Credit Union took the fall – was guilty but not the only one who was.) Actually I think he was convicted for embezzling from the Credit Union, not for the pedophilia/procuring. Child Protective Services was also corrupted and also the Grand Jury system.

    But a couple of the child victims who refused under pressure to recant their stories – were jailed! And an investigator died – his private plane crashed with his son also on board – probably tampered with. So it was VERY brave of John deCamp to write this book. Also btw a couple of boys were transported across state lines, incl. in one case to the infamous Bohemian Grove.

  • James2

    please folks, take all the conspiracy BS to the off-topic forum.

    This thread is about a very popular TV program taking ad revenue from the nuclear industry – just like all the other stations do.

    It's not about "mind control".

    What we have right now it is a nuclear plant that is out of control, and an industry that has to hide it or the industry will die. However if they do hide it, it appears that everyone will die.

    Personally I'd rather the industry die rather than everybody dies… but that's just my opinion.

    • CaptD CaptD

      Good comment!

      The off topic comments just "dull" the discussion!

    • Christophe Christophe

      @James2: where exactly does your "conspiracy BS" 'fact' come from? Certainly not from looking at the massive amounts of corroborating information to the contrary, unless you have a preconceived reason for not wanting to see the obvious, for desperately trying to lead us to 'safer' pastures.

      As far as I can tell, the discussion is ON TOPIC. Namely, how and why is it that all these actors in the mainstream are behaving so inappropriately? (eg: Jon Stewart supporting the nuclear industry) Furthermore, why is it that logic and common sense fails to sway them?

      More to the point: how will we ever be able to make real headway against nuclear and other environmental ills, so long as people continue to consume mainstream news and 'entertainment'? Looking at the wider reasons for excluding the mainstream is hugely important, as the MSM is the primary tool used by TPTB to mold public opinion.

      By not allowing people to bring the debate where it needs to go, I get a very strong sense that there is no point in having a debate on this site, or in following the neutered debates that are permitted.

      Is there a thought police on this site? Is the 'conspiracy of silence' here as well?

      HAARP's involvement in the Fukushima disaster is hard to prove and it opens up a big can of worms, so I haven't 'till now had any strong issue with its debate being censored as it is here.

      I do not see how the same can be said concerning systemic child abuse and its relation to the MSM and our elites, and if indeed that topic is to be forbidden here, then please have the admin come out and tell me so, so that I can know without a doubt just what kind of website this is.

      A site that only allows the naive discussion of symptoms and not of root causes = more mainstream BS, as far as I am concerned.

      I'm looking to effect real change, not just more talk.
      ex: http://betterinfos.com/wake-up-script.html (a canvassing script that works VERY well, and could easily be…

      • Christophe Christophe

        oops: seems like carriage returns are miscounted (windows uses 2 chars per CR, not 1), as the last sentence should not have been truncated, normally.

        Anyhow: the last sentence was "(a canvassing script that works VERY well and could easily be adapted to the nuclear issue)"

      • James2

        Here's why. John Stewart – as far as I know – has not endorsed nuclear.

        Some sales person on his network sold a deal to the nuclear industry – who promptly went out and created a campaign around the partnership in order to exploit John's hard earned popularity.

        That's not a conspiracy. That has nothing to do with mind control.

        However, we the people that John's salesperson is trying to sell to the nuke industry – are saying that we will not be sold.

        The sale cannot be completed.

        Personally I think it's great if the nuke industry spends their money on advertising and it blows up in their faces -(pun intended)

        • Christophe Christophe

          @James2: You are obviously missing the point, just like how you are clearly making straw man arguments by misconstruing my arguments.

          In any case, how can you talk about "John's hard earned popularity" when the guy keeps himself focused on unimportant targets? The left-right divide is nothing more than a ploy to keep us interested and hopeful in the political kabuki theater.

          By maintaining that Stewart is motivated by a desire to do good (rather than a desire to appear to do good), you propagate bad information.

          We are currently being fed massive lies about Syria and Iran (check out http://www.voltairenet.org/en for real info on the topic), just like we were fed massive lies about Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan previously. Is Jon Stewart doing ANYTHING to counter the war propaganda? Nope, he's just making jokes about how our government is becoming more fascist and totalitarian by the minute. I don't think that's funny at all. Worst of all, the guy is a Zionist!

          Zionism is directly equivalent to Naziism (same fundamental belief in an uber-people and corresponding sub-humans, same brutal treatment of the 'sub-humans') – where is the good will in that?

          In any case, I see no point in trying to have a discussion with a dishonest poster who deliberately misses the point and who deliberately ignores massive evidence to the contrary of his absurd stated beliefs.

          I've heard threats from you and others that this debate should be censored. I'm curious to know what the site admin's position is.

  • howardtlewisiii

    There is a big difference between humor and tasteless insanity.

  • drinkupdreamers drinkupdreamers

    Et tu, Jon? Et tu? Very disappointing.

  • CaptD CaptD

    Besides blogging here about it what can we all do to get Jon's attention?

    Boycott his show?

    Start an online petition?

    or what?

    • James2

      Get the word out to the college students.

      That's his biggest contingent and the folks the nuke industry wants to bamboozle.

  • openeye openeye

    @chris5ophe: I was not aware HAARP debate was banned–thought it was just restricted to the off topic site?

    I agree it is arrogant and a cheap shot for a poster to just label conspiracy theory BS.

    I thought we were at a higher level of intelligence and integrity than this.

    I think the biggest threat to this site is the animosity among its posters when they disagree. We should all open up our minds and in the meantime agree to disagree and live and let live. Some people who post here are DYING for God's sake, and we are getting bitchy with each other?

    I am thinking of leaving, so once again the enemy gets it way by dividing the ranks.

    • Christophe Christophe

      @openeye: you are correct that the HAARP debate is not outright banned, but the effect is largely the same.

      It is pretty painful to wade through 100 pages worth of comments in a single bucket, rather than getting info when it is relevant to a particular subtopic. I haven't looked too closely, but I don't think you can create other forum threads on the topic either…

      That being said, I'm not sure there are many front-page topics that tie back to HAARP, and furthermore it's important to recognize how some of the counter-insurgents operate.

      For example, Alex Jones is a well known fake and fear monger, for all that he does mix in a fair bit of truth with his lies. The relevance is in how his adherents will come across as total paranoid freaks whenever they repeat half the stuff he covers, hence making the totality of his subject matter suspect. (The same can be said of people who mix in talk of aliens, etc.)

      As such, it's not hard to think that talk of HAARP regarding Fukushima is a good way to discredit the basic and incontrovertible Fukushima disaster info.

      Regarding the question of being more inclusive and less confrontational, I basically disagree, insofar as COINTELPRO is a fact, to say nothing of the larger troll phenomenon.

      Some people come here with a desire to reach a greater truth, while others are solely here to mislead people. It's generally pretty easy to differentiate between the two.

      That being said, there are many ways to derail a thread, and responding to trolls can often be self-defeating.

      Fundamentally though, for all that I wish for these trolls to stop being abusive (as indeed they will only find greater happiness once they reach that point), it is not realistic to expect it, nor is it smart to assume that everyone else is well-intentioned as you seem to be 🙂

  • StillJill StillJill


  • bleep_hits_blades

    The comment threads can end up being quite a mish-mash, with or without talking about other matters that strictly speaking do not directly/narrowly pertain to the topic. People tell each other how great they are, how much they love each other (when mostly they don't even KNOW each other – have never even met), clown around, discuss personal matters, etc. and these comments are never nailed as 'off topic.'

    The off-topic issue does start to seem a bit Gestapo-ish and those who complain about it do tend to bring to mind the tattle-tale teacher's pet.

    I read various threads and just skim/skip the comments not narrowly focused on the issues. It's not that hard to do.

    And it is true – as someone, perhaps Christophe, remarked, and I have thought myself when reading an 'off-topic' complaint – that all of these issue are ultimately related, because they all trace back to the criminal doings of the corporate/banking elite oligarchy as they rape us financially and continuously gain power and despoil the environment and waste resources and control/direct public opinion and reduce population by various soft kill/slow kill measures, etc.

    One does certainly get the sense that HAARP is 'streng verboten' as a discussion topic. At least I have gotten that sense.

    Frankly it is the 'conspirators' – whose secret hand is/has been controlling/creating most of the mayhem and destruction and progressive impoverishment of the peoples in the world for the past century and more – it is they who have INVENTED in the first place this whole pejorative phrase and (damage-and- information-and-thought-control) concept of the '(nutty) conspiracy theory. I really think that we the people are just playing into their hands when we bandy that phrase about and accuse one another of being 'conspiracy theorists' etc. and quibble about the subject matter 'purity' of the comment threads here.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    The only posts that have been DELETED by admin. (maybe I am wrong here but in the main, this is correct) are those pertaining to HAARP.

    So it does seem that admin. does not exactly, shall we say, welcome discussion of this subject with open arms. Having a 'place' for such discussion – off-topic – is fine but it does tend to marginalize such discussion and actually to LABEL it as what it has NOT been proven to be – namely, 'off-topic.'

    Also – RIDICULE and name-calling (conspiracy theory/theorist) should always be regarded with suspicion. They are not arguments; they offer no evidence – they are merely personal attacks which shift the focus of the debate and are what in the debating world are considered 'illegal tactics' – argumentum ad hominem.

    If the HAARP theory is so far-out, nutty, improbable/impossible – well then it should be a simple matter to defeat/refute it with ACTUAL DATA AND FACTS. In fact, the actual data and scientific information available, tend to SUPPORT rather than REFUTE the FACT that HAARP does indeed have capabilities to cause the slippage of tectonic plates and to 'steer' and influence (heat) air masses and weather patterns – and that it has in the recent past been so used/deployed.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Correction – it cannot be said that it is a proven FACT that HAARP has been so used/deployed – to alter weather and cause the slippage of tectonic plates under pressure, i.e. poised to slip/shift – but there is much evidence that it can be and has been so used, and I even believe that its creators do not deny that it theoretically does have such capabilities.

  • Holland Holland

    "If the HAARP theory is so far-out, nutty, improbable/impossible – well then it should be a simple matter to defeat/refute it with ACTUAL DATA AND FACTS. In fact, the actual data and scientific information available, tend to SUPPORT rather than REFUTE the FACT that HAARP does indeed have capabilities to cause the slippage of tectonic plates and to 'steer' and influence (heat) air masses and weather patterns"

    Well said!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    TY Holland, for kind comment. It's partly about having FREE AND OPEN DISCUSSION/information exchange, with no censoring, no matter how subtle… one of the reasons I keep 'haarping' on this subject, in addition to the fact that the subject itself could be very relevant/important.

    Just watched this posted by arclight : The Battle of Falluja

    "download now before its censored again!! shhhhh!"


    Such a good documentary. So inexpressibly sad, and scary…

  • Christophe Christophe

    @Holland & bleep_hits_blades: the anti-conspiracy trolls are so absurd and tiresome, and they work so obviously to maintain the status quo and to prevent real progress against nuclear and other woes, that to me it seems like THEY should be the ones who should be forced to take their arguments to an OT thread…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Good comment, Christophe. Ridicule and ad hominem attacks should have no place on a discussion site such as this one, and the effort should be made to be open to all thoughts and theories, rather than to try to limit/discourage comments/discussion on certain topics using such tactics.

    You have made numerous remarks in your posts that indicate to me that you have made a pretty deep study of 'our situation,' so to speak.

    Here is one of my favorite quotations – "The unorthodoxy of my views redounds to the discredit of the orthodox."

    And then of course that old stand-by, so increasingly relevant to the modern world of secret government with secret ops and agendas, and an unlimited budget – "Truth is stranger than fiction."

    • Christophe Christophe

      Thx bro! Personally, one of my favorite sayings is "in times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act". Sadly though, it seems like even Orwell may have had a hidden and nefarious purpose, as he was apparently a member of the vile Fabian society (http://conspiracytruths.co.uk/georgeorwell1984.html). This certainly explains why his books are required 'learning' in high school…

      In any case, I think it's worth pointing out how not so long ago (a mere few decades), the mainstream professed vociferously that the mafia and organized crime didn't exist… Today's constant belittling of 'conspiracy theory' is no different, and no less ridiculous.

      It is particularly absurd in the context of Fukushima, where we constantly hear about *collusion* between the nuclear industry, its regulators and most elected officials, yet these posters still come out of the woodwork to hammer us with the idea that 'conspiracy' is non-existent and ridiculous.

      In fact, I don't think there has ever been a time in human society when conspiracy did not exist, as the advantages to the conspirators are simply too great. Naturally, conspirators and manipulators will want to be the only ones doing such harmful work, and they will want their victims to be as unprepared and naive as possible…

  • a female faust a female faust

    …. found a way to display youtube vid with the otherwise disabled comments visible, at least some – its at http://femalefaust.blogspot.com/2012/03/pro-nuke-ad-aimed-at-viewers-of-daily.html