Minamisoma official discusses black smoke when Reactor No. 3 exploded

Published: May 31st, 2012 at 9:46 pm ET


Blog of Koichi Oyama, Minamisoma City Councilor
May 30, 2012
Source: http://mak55.exblog.jp/15949417/

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The article begins with several paragraphs about fuel particles from the IAEA’s 2006 report on Chernobyl:


Source: http://www-pub.iaea.org/mtcd/publications/pdf/pub1239_web.pdf

Report of the Chernobyl Forum Expert Group ‘Environment’
Published: May 31st, 2012 at 9:46 pm ET


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7 comments to Minamisoma official discusses black smoke when Reactor No. 3 exploded

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    Quite the graphic on the IAEA cover!

    How convenient that it would leave an ignorant reader to think
    that they have it all "under" control.

    So are we expected to think that they built the worlds largest Quonset hut over Chernobyl in order to contain the mess??!!

    Forget hip boots…one would need a full on deep sea diving dry suit to wade through the fecality of this report.


    This is nothing more than WTF factorial.

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Fireguyjeff: My initial thoughts exactly.

      "Oooh! Look! A nice and tidy cool looking 3-D graphic! Everything must be under control and hunkey dorey there in good ol' irradiated Chernobyl…with an out of control corium hidden underneath it all (the "elephant's foot" portion of the corium only being a small percentage of the total.)"

      In the nuke industry, perception (rather than reality) is EVERYTHING.

  • TerraHertz TerraHertz

    Once again. The SFP at number three had a 'firecracker-string' series of three nuclear criticalities with steam explosions.

    • Very interesting essay TerraHertz

      I cannot comment on the technical analysis (lacking expertise) but I do believe that unit 3 was destroyed more than 1,2, or 4 and that it has been deliberately downplayed, as you argue.

      And you are right that the genetic effects of this disaster are going to be huge and they are going to play out across generations.

      I don't know if Fukushima radiation will be dispersed enough to cause widespread problems in the southern hemisphere but I do know we are going to face serious consequences in Japan, parts of Asia, and the western US and Canada.

      I've been researching the effects of radiation and the propaganda "plants" reporting on studies of mice and gamma rays mislead.

      Cells don't even have to be directly irradiated to cause cancer (bystander effect).

      Radiation effects take time to develop (delayed effects) and germ line mutations and epigenetic changes are transmitted across generations (deletions, translocations, repeats, etc).

      Our children inherit all of our germ line cell mutations, and they are proliferating ("mosaicism").

      We've been poisoning ourselves since the 40s and now this.

      But I'm so disgusted because the majority of people will not acknowledge what is happening until it harms a family member or themselves.

      • What-About-The-Kids

        Yes, sadly, most wont acknowledge unless it "hits home," and even then, unless it can be proven to be a genetic defect incontrovertibly caused by radiation, they may still never acknowledge it.

    • apostrophes

      TerraHertz, with you all the way. Just one question I would pose and like to hear your view.
      The version of U3 explosion I saw had a strange effect with the sound. Given that the camera was miles from the explosion, it should have taken say 20 seconds for the sound to arrive [assuming microphone is at camera]. But the sound was virtually at the same time as the visible explosion.
      I assumed someone had "fiddled it" Hollywood-style, just for effect, for "realism". But now I wonder. Could there be fakery going on?

  • Stlouieishot

    when i first saw the vid of #3 exploding i knew right away that it was a criticality explosion. i've always had an interest in things of that nature, mainly the "nuclear cowboy" days of the 50's and 60's. one of the things that i found particularly interesting was the NReVA project. among the things that the project did one was nobody had seen a nuclear reactor go prompt critical and live to tell the tale. kind of important to know what would happen if a reactor got out of control when you send one into space right?
    at the link halfway down the page is a pic of the reactor being destroyed. notice how it looks an awful lot like the reactor 3 explosion? since there was no concrete structure around the KIWI-TNT there isnt the huge cloud of dust and concrete debris hiding the explosions like fuku#3. but you can see all the white hot particles being blown sky high above the fireball, just like fuku#3.