Minamisoma Official: Highly contaminated black algae observed everywhere — Due to bioaccumulation

Published: July 5th, 2012 at 2:48 pm ET


July 5, 2012 report from Koichi Oyama, Minamisoma city council member, translated by Dissensus Japan:


Highly contaminated black algae due to bioaccumulation have been observed everywhere, and the city takes its water from the Abukuma mountains and Iidatemura village. The most wells are shallow here so that they become cloudy when it rains.

Under the influence of the attractive force, every object with mass goes from higher to lower areas.

Iidatemura village marks high dose now, but radioactivity will run down with a wind, water or tissues of plants (such as pollen or leaves) to Minamisoma, which is in a downstream basin and has about 400 elevation difference.

Why does [Mayor] Sakurai ignores this?

Published: July 5th, 2012 at 2:48 pm ET


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22 comments to Minamisoma Official: Highly contaminated black algae observed everywhere — Due to bioaccumulation

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Is this the 'standard' black substance, or a 'black algae'?

    I suppose it's hard to translate Japanese accurately. Especially since gravity is so 'attractive'.

    Yes, rain will wash either downhill. Yes, it is highly radioactive. Yes, it blows in the wind when dry and is inhalable. Yes, it kills.

    I find it hard to believe so many people in Japan just don't grasp the basics of what is occurring.

    • Other than us ENEnewsites, the average _______ (pick a country) does not grasp the basics of what is occurring either.

      • weeman

        If a plane crashes this is big news, a nuclear accident sweep it under the table we don't want to alarm the people we have these reactors too. Independent news agencies my arse, media is under control, what happened to free speech the right to a safe environment, liberty, democracy is a falls hood.
        We the people have no say, well we the people are 98 percent of the population and your time has run out and we better get it right this time or we are all doomed.
        Am I pissed.

        • You might have some say if you were a major shareholder in TEPCO, GE, Yakuza, etc.

          • weeman

            With the price of TEPCO stock right now if we all pooled our money we could buy and shut down, but who in their right mind would buy if you are responsible for clean up.

        • sadtexan

          You have every right to be pissed, and I used to get real pissed at it, too – mostly at the corporate control of information so prevalent in the US right now (I have studied US media but cannot speak with authority about other countries). Corporations work in concert with individual moneyed interests and pliant elected representatives and government appointees to butter each others' bread and set boundaries on the limits of discourse. It is not ordained so much as something that evolves into patterns over time, if that makes sense. Some organizations, like ALEC and message purveyors like Frank Luntz, are more forthcoming about their efforts to shape the way in which policy is discussed and achieved, while others choose to be more secretive. No one party or individual is clean on this front. What hurts the most is that such persuasive messaging *works*. If it didn't, fewer people in the US would vote against their own best interests so darned often.

          There is, of course, an element of individual responsibility to all this, and people should regularly seek to become better informed about the world around them. We (ENENEWS readers) are lucky in that respect, in that we have the Internet. At this point in our world's history, the Internet as a durable, decentralized communications network is our primary weapon against those who wish to persuade and control the populace. The proof of its power is everywhere.

          Unfortunately, most individuals are trained to follow, not to…

          • sadtexan

            Whoops…with scripting off the character limit warning doesn't work. Cont:

            Unfortunately, most individuals are trained to follow, not to *think* or imagine or wonder. Those who do seek to learn more about their world will find that it is not what they imagined, and this can be profoundly troubling; many are not able to handle any challenge to their world view and thus will let it calcify, even if to the detriment of their own health or survival. The rest try to adapt as best they can.

            Given the potential of nuclear in general and Fukushima in particular to irreversibly impact the world as we know it, we should do our best to stay informed and educate those we know, but MUST also take time for ourselves to plan, reflect, plan some more, and to enjoy what time we have left.


              well considered analysis sadtexan…

              And yeah. I also hate the impromptu truncation of ongoing compositions.

              Outta here…

    • I surmise that Japan has many sheeple as a majority of the population, like North America.
      The hypnotized are unable to wake up, tv has done its job, with a little fluoride sprinkled in among the GMO FOOD. next wakie-wakie coming with a bang to a NPP near YOU. I am being pragmatic, this is what i discern.

    • unsub unsub

      I have lived and worked in Tokyo everyday since the accident. It is really amazing how successfully the information has been manipulated. I have noticed several trends as I walk around Tokyo.
      First, focus on the earthquake/tsunami victims. I think, just my opinion, the idea is that anyone concerned about personal radiation exposure will be viewed as being selfish. You just don't talk about it outside family.
      Second, the constant message that food from the northeast is not only safe but delicious. The television here is full of "talento" (famous people) traveling around Fukushima tasting the food. The train stations regularly have food fairs selling the food from the northeast. In Ueno station (one of the main train stations in Tokyo)they have opened a permanent shop selling it!
      Thirdly, another constant message is that travel to the northeast is safe and affordable. All of the train stations are literally lined with big posters containing beautiful images of the area and travel deals. They are everywhere, everyday.
      It is scary to say, but all this constant pressure works. I strongly believe that the food and water in this country is poison. I have eaten only imported canned goods, bottled water and vegetables since 3/11. I only use disposable cups and plates so I don't have to use the tap water to wash them. There is no information except the constant "It's over. It's safe. It's under control. Smile. Enjoy.Work." Are my actions necessary or ridiculous? I have no…

      • unsub unsub


        [ Cool Japan ?]

      • Your actions are absolutely necessary. In fact, you may not be doing enough.

        Think with your feet.

        But, while on your way out, try not to take the train from Narita Airport:

        10.50 microsieverts in Tokyo train

        "Uploaded by Oamishirasato on Sep 13, 2011
        8-26-2011 I took a train to Narita airport only to find it was highly radioactive. My SOEKS Gieger counter was off the charts in detecting radiation. However the People sitting next to me did not care at all even after I explained to them how dangerous this amount of radiation was. Please make this video viral and warn people not to take the trains since they have not been decontaminated yet."

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Radiation In Ocean Mist And Spray Can Travel Inland Up to 300 Kilometers; via @AGreenRoad

      Plutonium And Cesium Bio-Concentrates 26,000 Times In Ocean Algae, Up To 5,570,000 Bq/Kg in Land Algae; via @AGreenRoad

  • greensnotbubble

    i hate the way they translate……..they probably do it to confuse people

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Radiated black stuff was found in Tokyo. What other cities have it. And/or, what city doesn't?

  • Sickputer

    As they mention… water wells are shallow. Most drinking water comes from surface water sources, not deep aquifers. This means toxins are rarely filtered by groundsoil over time as on the case of deep underground aquifers. The contaminated drinking water for people is also a danger when used for showers and bathing. Japan's life forms (human and non-human) will suffer greater consequences than other countries from radioactive fallout in their water and crop lands.

  • islandboy9

    HEY EVERYONE,SFP4 building is GONE!!!!! checkout http://www.youtube.com/user/jnnlivecam YES, reactor3 is on the far left of the screen. According to fukushima reporter YOICHI SHIMATSU SFP4 building COLLASPED 06/25 and jnnlivecam supports the story. PLEASE search through jnnlive archives from MAY to present to view the erosion!!!!!

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Okay islandboy9. We've got your message. Post it in the "Wecam Forum" on the right column; that's where most of the webcam wizards and commentators hang out. Welcome and thanks.