Molten fuel bore a hole at bottom of Containment Vessel at Reactor No. 1– Pressure Vessel is “completely broken” says Kyoto U. nuclear professor

Published: May 17th, 2011 at 8:18 pm ET


East earthquake: experts 10 hours a water burning No. 1 nuclear power plant accident Hukuzima “published too late”, Mainichi, May 17, 2011:

Google Translation

[…] Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University Professor Akira Hiroshi Koide is “If 冷Yasenaku loss of power in the reactor can lead to early meltdown should have been able to assume.’s TEPCO it has limited fuel damage The description will be completely mistaken.. too late publication of the data well, “he said.

TEPCO In this analysis, “damaging the pressure vessel is not large,” but explained, Assistant Professor Koide the “pressure vessel is completely broken, a hole in the bottom of the vessel containing the molten fuel, reactor are causing a large amount of contaminated water leaking in the basement of the building “to estimate. […]

EX-SKF Translation

[…] According to TEPCO, the data analysis shows that damage to the RPV is not extensive. However, [Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute] thinks “The RPV has been completely damaged, the melted core bore a hole at the bottom of the Containment Vessel, causing the large amount of contaminated water to leak into the ground beneath the reactor building.” […]

Published: May 17th, 2011 at 8:18 pm ET


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24 comments to Molten fuel bore a hole at bottom of Containment Vessel at Reactor No. 1– Pressure Vessel is “completely broken” says Kyoto U. nuclear professor

  • SiGhKoTiK

    Good luck all…can it get much worse? and how? i assume if all reactors do this would be complete worse scenario ?

  • joe

    Yes, a huge underground steam explosion.

    Shit happens.

  • Anthony

    Fresh plans to contain nuclear plant crisis

    By Shinichi Saoshiro, Tokyo

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    Read more:

  • Barney

    Japan is looking at nearly 130 billion in compensation. What about all of the people in the rest of the world that are affected by TEPCO’s cutting corners and downright lies.

    I have to admit I am pissed off about the invisible danger we all face now. Can’t trust the produce or milk from my own backyard.

    Such a crock, to allow anyone that much power to destroy others is simply insane.

    • Cassie

      The talented sociopaths don’t usually compensate their victims, or go to jail. They get bonuses and pat themselves on the back for having such a great year. 🙁

    • Cassie


      Humans have been so very very foolish.
      It breaks my heart to see what we have done.

  • little lady

    for any who are interested- shelf life of powdered milk. different for each brand, so count backwards from expiration date to make certain that you are purchasing pre-311 milk. most canned evaporated milk is one year, for powdered, carnation is 15 months. alba 18 months, Nido and Klim (Nestle) are 2 years, and Parmalat UHT milk is 6 months. You can make yogurt, ricotta and mozarella from powdered milk, (see youtube for howto videos) but not from Parmalat as the bacteria have been killed by the heat.

    • Godzilla

      Of those, NIDO is a full-fat powdered milk that tastes much better than other instant milks, but you have to be careful not to get their infant formula – the can looks almost the same. It’s found in the Hispanic section because it’s used in areas without much refrigeration.

      Also, Parmalot is an older type of UHT boxed milk. Some of the newer ones taste better and last longer, expiration date says one year. I’ve actually gotten some from a Dollar Store for $1 per quart ….. I think it was Gossner’s ….. that tastes almost as good as fresh and is actually close to the same price.

      • Godzilla

        Hispanic section of Walmart, or in Hispanic stores.

      • Anna

        Along the lines of food storage if you bought butter when it was safe you need to double wrap that as it takes on the taste of the frig or freezer after some time.

    • Anna

      The more fat in the milk the shorter the life. If you buy non-fat and squeeze the air out of it, it can keep for years. I did that in Oz. I asked the women what they did there to preserve powdered milk and they said that they bought a roll of those thin fruit veggie bags(because it is food grade) used at the grocery store and then put the milk (kg pr bag or 2 pounds) into a bag and squeezed out the air and tied it off.

      • Godzilla

        The NIDO full-fat milk is in an airtight can and will last at least one year if unopened, but once it’s opened should be consumed within the month.

  • little lady

    correction to above post: carnation canned evaporated milk is 15 months. carnation powdered nonfat milk is one year.

  • Cindy

    At a recent meeting in geniva, a Japan Spoksmanwas asked questions about radiation and health. He said the releases are too low to cause health risks, OR something along those lines … Read it for yourself..

    • Cindy

      This is what was said :

      A participant asked about the risk of developing cancer.
      A Japanese expert replied that the current levels of radiation are too low to cause cancer.

    • Anthony

      Thansk I was looking for more info on the conference.

      “In an interview with NHK, WHO Assistant Director General Keiji Fukuda said the measures being taken by the Japanese government are appropriate.”

      I wonder if Mr Fukada is from Japan himself? Of course that shouldn’t matter but these days on this topic, it just does.

  • Cassie

    Tnx LL.

  • Cassie

    If this goes worst case scenario, will safety precautions and preventative measures such as filters, supplements, safe food, be adequate?

    And even if they are, what kind of a world will survivors be facing?

    Just wondering.

    • SteveMT

      I release that your latter question is rhetorical, but this may help with part of your former question.
      The answer is yes. We will not go quietly into the night. Preparedness will help.

      Radiation water filters:

    • Godzilla

      Depends on what you mean by adequate. The Japanese are screwed in the worst case, that stuff won’t be enough, but in the US there would only be an increased risk of cancer. All that stuff would reduce the risk …. even without Fukushima, one third of all people die from cancer, so diet, supplements, filters would help anyway. However of course they recommend lots of veggies, fruits, and nuts now to prevent cancer – that’s going to be a problem unless you have a detector to check out the food before eating.