Canadian gov’t to test caribou for radiation levels from Fukushima — An attempt to answer questions by citizens

Published: August 19th, 2011 at 8:30 pm ET


Yukon to test for radiation in caribou herd, CBC News, August 19, 2011:

Researchers plan to test for radiation in Yukon’s local food supply some six months after a Japanese nuclear disaster.

The Northern Contaminants Program will test caribou for radiation as part of its ongoing effort to monitor the Porcupine Caribou Herd. […]

Dr. Brendan Hanley, Yukon’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. […] said he’s confident the test results will prove the food supply is radiation free. […]

More from Dr. Hanley

[Emphasis Added]

  • “There have apparently been some of those questions from citizens […] This is in part an answer, or an attempt to answer some of those questions.”
  • “There is really no indication from any of the monitoring that has been going on since the incident in Japan back in March that there’s been any significant fallout.”
  • “This is just one extra way of making sure that it hasn’t worked its way into the food chain to any significant degree.”
Published: August 19th, 2011 at 8:30 pm ET


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86 comments to Canadian gov’t to test caribou for radiation levels from Fukushima — An attempt to answer questions by citizens

    • gerryhiles

      Hi Whoopie.

      Sorry I can never join with you in HP.

      I did the “criminal offence” of questioning the “official story” about 911, so now I am banned from ever commenting on anything.

      Be careful what you say … it is all logged and instantly traceable to you, via your ISP.

      No I am not paranoid, I merely learned, the hard way, that even little people, like ourselves, can not only get blocked by such as HP, but also have our emails hacked and more.

      Take care, Gerry.

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        Gerry – I’m with you on 911. I’ll believe these folks before I would believe our own government.

      • Mica

        I wasn’t banned, but I eventually gave up posting on HP as I got tired of seeing my posts censored. It can be a very hostile place if you don’t follow the herd there. Life’s too short. But good for Whoopie for putting herself out there. Maybe she’ll change a few minds. BTW, I also question the whole 9/11 story. In fact, I wouldn’t call it a story, but a fairy tale…

  • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

    Where’s the U.S.??

    • lam335 lam335

      Yes, the US should also test its food supply, particularly on the West Coast. It amazes me that people on the East Coast and the Midwest seem to think that any fallout that occurred was limited to the West Coast, so it does not concern them. Not only are they wrong about fallout being limited to the West Coast, but they also fail to consider just how much of the food sold across the country comes from the states on the West Coast, especially California.

      I personally will not buy any food–particularly produce–that I suspect of coming from the West Coast for the foreseeable future–at least not until I see some evidence that they’ve actually looked into this question and made sure things were safe. If more people would refuse to buy West Coast products until such testing were done, the producers themselves would have an incentive to have things tested. Since most people don’t even think about it, however, they can just go on selling stuff without checking it. In reality, I am sure some of the producers realize that there must be radioactive contamination in their produce, but as long as they don’t test for it, they don’t “know” that, so they can deny any knowledge of such contamination and go on selling it–and since most of the rest of the public continues to ignore the issue, producers know they won’t have any trouble selling their stuff anyway (even if a small minority of us have stopped buying it).

      • larry-andrew-nils

        “but they also fail to consider just how much of the food sold across the country comes from the states on the West Coast”

        yes, and they also fail in the common sense department.

        if they thought about rainfall, and realized that the east coast gets more of it than the west coast, they would realize that they were in the same boat, and may even be worse off.

        in the Hopi land, where they were motivated by their spirit guides to stay, there is no rain.

        they were told to stay there and they would live.

        it’s all about rain now folks.

        the Hopi were told to stay where it does not rain. they were also told about the gourd of ashes which is now being poured out over America.

        rain, rain, go away. come back in another 300,000 years.

      • It’s unfolding to plan !

        Did you see the GOM – seafood incident last year ?

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

        It has been our first summer without sufficient fruits and vegetables. You are correct–most of what we eat comes from the West Coast. I don’t buy it.

        Before long, we will all be trying to survive on strange diets of hydroponically grown food we grow ourselves.

  • arclight arclight

    an attempt to answer questions by citizens….bloody hell the canadians have got democracy back! i shall sleep well tonight….the power of enenews eh admin 😉

  • larry-andrew-nils


    now more people will be drawn back into the story
    the plot…

  • Sickputer

    “Test results on the Porcupine Caribou herd will be available next year”

    Hmm…pretty slow labs, eh?

    Color me cynical, but that much time by government agencies tends to make the “results” prone to many other variables besides just the scientific process.

  • larry-andrew-nils

    and no we can push for tests to be done on milk-cows.


  • larry-andrew-nils

    i got a craving for milk.

    i took milk off the menu and if the cows would test good or if they could prove the milk with tests, i would certainly appreciate it.

    i am craving a glass of milk.

  • I am expecting another Executive Gag Order on results and a stop to testing here too !

    This time they are ahead of the curve, NO TESTING !

    Gag order issued in Dolphins Death Probe !
    To Gulf Oil Spill on Friday, March 25, 2011

    • Bonz

      @xdrfox, @arclight

      Could you spread this link? Perhaps you are already aware of it but the forecasts are most interesting and updated every ten days. Others may be interested.

      Wev will never hear the real results of this testing, it must be done independently!!

      Thanks and peace.

      • arclight arclight

        @ bonz did the wind not change to its annual southerly pattern?

        • Bonz


          I really don’t know my friend. Wondered the same myself. Maybe the lower ground winds have changed (????). One must wonder at what altitude these tests are done. If it’s upper atmosphere who knows about directions. Just my thoughts, hardly my field of expertise. Might make an interesting study for someone.


        • Bonz


          Actually the measurement heights are listed on the site right before the maps (DUH Bonz). Winds at 1500 meters.

        • arclight arclight

          i just looked at weather bug and the winds are currently ssw however the next 6 days has the wind coming in easterly…. on tuesday, rain nne! vering wsw in the evening!! so this may well explain the hot spots as opposed to a general covering!!

          dont particularly rate weatherbug but we can get an idea here how the winds are blowing in the mid and lower range altitudes!
          phew hope thats cleared up then …:)

      • It’s on us like white on rice !

        : |

    • 6 hits in 24 hours, what a terrible thing to let minds go to waste ! Wake up folks !

    • alasanon

      They don’t have to test. That’s called a foregone Admission.

      • alasanon

        The govt. is telling independent marine scientists and experts to shut up… that’s pretty BAD, heinous..for a so-called democracy!

        I’m glad that a huge numbers of U.S. voters went berserk when the House recently tried to pass a spending bill with provisions that would strip down and invalidate the Federal Endangered Species Act. It was a staggering amount of support–about 100,000 people wrote, called, faxed–within HOURS. Real Americans love their animals. It caught the bought & sold leaders by surprise!

        If these agencies don’t conduct objective tests and/or compromise the mounting evidence, it will look not only like an Admission of liability, but a violation of Federal law. I think they know the outcome going in!…

      • alasanon

        The govt. is telling independent marine scientists and experts to shut up… that’s pretty BAD, heinous..for a so-called democracy!

        I’m glad that huge numbers of U.S. voters went berserk when the House recently tried to pass a spending bill with provisions that would strip down and invalidate the Federal Endangered Species Act. It was a staggering amount of support–about 100,000 people wrote, called, faxed–within HOURS. Real Americans love their animals. It caught the bought & sold leaders by surprise!

        If these agencies don’t conduct objective tests and/or compromise the mounting evidence, it will look not only like an Admission of liability, but a violation of Federal law. I think they know the outcome going in!…

  • nicko

    1st post, lurking since early April, every day, some days mutli visits.
    Prob not the best thread to ask these, (off topic) but looking for facts & evidence upon how bad Fuku is messing things up, Google & MSM don’t seem all there, LOL. Maybe some people have the resourses to answer or know and or these will inspire some:

    #1 Aproximatly how many people have left Japan, since around 4-11, not to return.

    #2 Are people, (aprox #’s) leaving Hawaii since 4-11, not to return.

    #3 Did 0b0ma’s family leave Hawaii?


    • Anyone got all the passenger manifest (Japan, Hawaii) list since 311 ?

      • arclight arclight

        xdr old bean! not quite but hopes this helps

        arrivals in june fell after 15 consecutive months of increase from usa

        for may they were nearly static from usa
        note an increase from Canada! Might be something?

        April nearly static from usa
        March +3.4 % from usa

        There was a plunge in march from visitors to Hawaii from japan but this has been increasing in past months… looks like holidays are becoming more popular? You can draw your own conclusions at this link

    • Steven Steven

      Hello nicko, welcome to the nuclear industry’s hit list 🙂

      (Were those questions really worth it? lol)

      Nah don’t sweat it… they already had your IP from continual hits on the site. Anyway they prolly too busy checking real estate in South America, South Africa and here in Oz. Not to mention they prolly killed us all already with their damned fool toys, so what are they going to do? Kill us all twice?

      Your question seems weighted toward finding out how other people are reacting. Interesting. The answers would merely give you an idea of how many wealthy people had woken up (the poor folks just have to stay put). No matter, one of our specialist researchers will see your post and drop a link for you, I imagine.

    • Sickputer

      In the old Usenet days it was good courtesy to lurk for 6 weeks and then post an introduction. You have lurked a long time…but then 90% of forums are permanent lurkers so that behavior is not too uncommon before a first post.

      But you ask some fairly difficult juke box questions….an old musician friend of mine who had a fairly larger repertory of 500 songs said he hated being asked by patrons to play this and that song because nobody can know all of the tens of thousands of popular songs. He said he didn’t like being treated like a jukebox. *;-0 Howver, I don’t mind thinking about your questions, I just doubt we can get much of a firm grasp on the numbers.

      Tthe immigration police at the Hawaii and Japanese airports might have some anecdotal evidence for your questions, but all I have is anecdotal second hand info from a US soldier who I talked with in early July. He said a “lot” of people were fleeing Tokyo.

      I think more people have moved to southern Japan than have left the country. However, other evidence is that apartment leasing agents in South Korea report a booming Japanese business since late March.

      I have no idea about Obama’s family nor am I interested.

      If I were making an uneducated guess (which I would) of how many people I think have completely fled Honshu Island…I would guess it is less than 25,000.

      More anecdotal evidence…today I saw nearly 20 young Japanese in a Walmart in West Texas and I rarely see only about 5 Asian people in a single month. I started to ask them where they were from, but decided that would be rude. I notice they seemed somewhat amazed by the goods in the store so I felt they hadn’t been in the US long and some of the young men wore head bands which is rare to see in Americanized Japanese immigrants.

      • “Prob not the best thread to ask these”

        You’ve been reading the info on this site since April and now you want us to answer immigration questions? WTF? No I won’t play “Stairway to Heaven” or “Feelings”.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I don’t think any of Obama’s family was still living in Hawaii after his grandmother died (2008, I think before the election).

      He certainly hasn’t had a vacation there since 311.

      • I don’t think Mrs Obama is tending to her White house garden fruit’s and vegetable’s either, … abandoned since spring ???
        Not in the MSM as before !

    • arclight arclight

      @nicko, hope this helps

      Statistics of Japanese Tourists Travelling Abroad
      June 2011
      May 2011
      April 2011
      March 2001
      Febuary 2011
      January 2011

    • arclight arclight

      @nicko…busted three! follow the link and the diagram on the right will be the obama family home and the left picture was a young obama playing with his chemistry set !! how sweet!!

      i can confirm that they have stayed!! bust this lol!

  • irradiated californian

    like i expected, now that the government actually plans on doing something, most of you STILL criticize them. you all complain that this is all ongoing and they should do something, well, here is their plan, and you people have the audacity to still criticize them? it makes absolutely NO sense to me.

    • Steven Steven

      What happens in Canada is none of my business but IC, haven’t you ever had an issue with your employer or a vendor etc, where they already have something valuable of yours and simply fend you off with promises of ‘looking into it’? This is a standard ‘spoiling attack’ and one of the most used tactics in business and politics. “Let me get back to you on that.” Yeah, right.

      You are a trusting soul (that would be a good thing, in a perfect world).

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    What the heck? A government that responds to questions about safety from it’s own citizens? What the heck is up with that……

  • CB CB

    irradiated californian- I’m sure your young. I’m old, your belief in the government is wishful, not realistic, and you’ve been mislead. I’m sorry but this might be another tragic experience for you to find out the real face of your government.

  • westcoast

    There is a pattern developing here. It is not the Canadian or Provincial governments doing what they should do because they should do it. It is a reaction to criticism. More power to those of you are becoming more vocal and those who are taking it into their own hands. If we can get a weak government like the Canadian government to give us current information perhaps the US will be forced to follow suit. I am appalled by how little interest our government of British Columbia has shown in the potential problems for our citizens,

    • Darth

      Everything will be laundered. The true colors will suffer fading. Don’t trust them. Keep up the independent flow of information and measuring.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Amen to that.

      • bigisland bigisland

        Are you the Anthony that use to post on here, went MIA, and is now back?Welcome hohm. Did you relocate???

        • Anthony Anthony

          Yes bigisland it’s still me! Haven’t relocated but life has been quite busy lately. I was offline for awhile at first… this situation is important but also kind of scary too. I have been reading again lately and see lots unfolding as was long ago uncovered and shared here! How could I stay away?

  • bigisland bigisland

    Think the Hawaii Tourism Authority would have some kind of numbers, cuz remember folks have to fill out a form on the airplane if they are living here…residents returning or people who are just visiting. Moving companies might know how many families moved away per month or year. Yet if one is just moving away from the island, don’t fill out a form giving up residency. Hmm, how many folks gave up their driver’s license? Or something too, might be how many vehicles are getting shipped somewhere else by folks relocating by the three different companies that ship here. Curiously there are these “on-going” census bureau operations still.

  • bigisland bigisland

    above reply went wonky and didn’t post where it was suppose to under xdrfox and nicko to reply number of folks in Hawaiian leaving the island chain since 3/11.

  • The salmon being tested for radiation is being reported on the radio news but they are assuring us that salmon and fish from Japan are safe. Spin

    • arclight arclight

      @mark rice is safe too (till they harvest it like fish its is safe! etc its just a matter of perception! ) 🙂

    • Darth

      Sockeye may have escaped contamination this year – so it may not be spin.

      Tuna ranges wider and faster so that one will be more interesting.

      The tip of the iceberg looms…

      • milk and cheese milk and cheese

        How can sockeye ‘escape contamination’ when the poison is in the ocean, rivers, and lakes?

        • Darth

          The greatest source of radiation is from Japan proper – not Canada’s local rivers and lakes. My point is that the sockeye may have left Northern Japan before the disaster.

          • Darth, salmon are carnivorous. They travel great distances from Canada and do end up in the eastern Pacific. They are eating smaller fish. Where those smaller fish have been and what exactly they have been eating is really unknown. So it is conceivable that even if the salmon haven’t been swimming off the coast of Japan other creatures lower on the food chain have. Salmon eats contaminated food and becomes contaminated. Humans are highest on the food chain so we eat the salmon we become contaminated. You can’t say for sure if the fish are contaminated unless you test the salmon. To say its OK before testing is done is irresponsible. The salmon run has begun already. Indigenous people rely on the salmon run, commercial fishermen rely on the salmon run, consumers eat the salmon, salmon BBQ part of west coast culture, sports fishermen catch and eat salmon. People are eating the salmon now. The testing being done is lip service at best. They don’t want to disrupt a billion dollar industry.

            However I like that it is in our local Vancouver news in terms of making Fukushima an issue and maybe waking some people up.

  • arclight arclight

    hmmmm…i pop this dowm here out of the way like…maybe nobody will notice shhhhhhh! it gets ontopic eventually !! lol

    this documentary has an English farmer going to the usa and talking to other farmers about GMO products and how they are marketed….oh and first though who does the PR for this mob??? Hmmmm! Lets have a quick look see, shall we?

    “WPP, through six leading UK PR agencies, has an unrivalled reach in the dark world of spin, with hundreds of clients ranging from multinationals with billions of pounds of turnover, such as BP and Shell, to more local but equally high-profile companies, such as Manchester United football club and Carlton TV.

    Although readers are never aware, the work of WPP’s PR division has a direct impact on the news and financial pages of the nation’s newspapers every single day. Carlton Communications is currently involved in a merger with Granada to create a single ITV, Manchester United is the subject of bid speculation, consumer giants Coca-Cola and Unilever are among the world’s biggest advertisers, while oil giants Shell and BP continue to attract controversy and the scorn of environmental campaigners.

    Here we examine the formidable breadth of WPP’s client list. ……………..”

    And this bits worth looking at

    Fee income (UK only) £18.4m – up 7%.
    The world’s biggest PR company and king of corporate PR, BM counts some of the world’s biggest and most controversial multinationals on its client list. Major fuss when the former head of Greenpeace, Lord Melchett, joined BM, which has advised Monsanto, the company behind genetically modified crops and the European biotech industry. Its clients include:
    Union Carbide,
    British American Tobacco.”

    Oh and this as well while im at it!

    “Buchanan Communications
    Fee income £5.9m – up 11%.
    Specialist financial consultancy, well known in media circles. In 2000 it delivered the highest income per head of its staff of all the country’s top 100 PR agencies after an earn-out deal struck with Sir Martin Sorrell. Its clients include:
    Independent News and Media (Sir Tony O’Reilly’s company),
    Johnston Press,
    Chrysalis Group,

    Who’s got what at WPP PR?
    GM Crops Farmer to Farmer Monday 24 February 2003 14.19 GMT

    and the farmers link

    Oh and if your interested in just how huge and POWERFUL wpp and co are.. please feel free to browse this!! Shame we don’t have a max Kaiser here to breakdown the financial evidence!! I know your out there MAX.. you can do it anonymously (is anonymous an illegal word yet?)!! heres a link to the rest of the goodies….whoopee are you john pilgar?? Lol!

  • StillJill StillJill

    This is bloody awesome! With you guys’ vetting skills,…these poor slobs are getting exposed left and right! Sorry PTB,…know you’d LOVE to shut us down,…after all, your stinky diaper ALWAYS gets found!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Caribou is an important staple to the Native peoples in the area…banned or radiated..starvation looms.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS.add in the salmon… hurts too much to think about it.

  • theypoisonus

    I see how it works now, I take a day off , all hail breaks loose and Tempco puts out a ‘promo’vid showing such a nice antiseptic operation, and Chanell 4 puts out a TRUTH vid to counter !!

    This is good. Problem is, the Channel 4 is reality and the PTB won’t show this on MSM/LSM.

    I’ve got alot of reading to catch up on !!

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      Channel 4 is about to lose its funding. Coincidence?

      I am sorry for the Inuit people, who rely on the caribou for their livelihood, and for other First Nations for whom salmon has the same status.

  • fuckyoushima

    airborne contamination seems dependent on 3 things:

    distance from source (diffusion).

    atmospheric precipitation rate (fallout).

    latitude similarity (probability – think plinko on price is right).

  • cant fool all the people all the time

    The new york times graces us with a piece of the puzzle

    Laser Advances in Nuclear Fuel Stir Terror Fear

    GE is gonna kill us all