Mother from Fukushima: It was very weird… plants with huge, huge flowers and gigantic stems — I brought deformed vegetables for radiation measurement, but officials didn’t test any and yelled “Don’t you understand? We say it’s safe!” — “All the beetles were disfigured and died”

Published: December 16th, 2015 at 11:23 am ET


Excerpts from ‘Experience of a mother who moved from Fukushima to Niigata in January 2013‘, Dec 23, 2014 (h/t Dissensus Japan) — emphasis added:


  • In January 2013, with my 4-year-old child, I evacuated from Fukushima to Niigata.
  • Where I grew up is about 60 km [~40 miles] from Fukushima Daiichi… it is now one of the most contaminated areas.
  • I still regret thinking why I didn’t move right then. I feel guilty thinking I wouldn’t have had my child exposed to radiation if I moved then.
  • After we moved, our health recovered tremendously… I try to behave cheerfully, but I feel totally hopeless when I think about our future.

Child’s Health Problems

  • My child started to become sick. When I took my child to a hospital, the diagnosis was a cold. But the coughs didn’t stop and, looking sluggish, my child seemed to be worse.
  • [My family] gave my child peaches, tomatoes, corn, bamboo shoots, and huge shiitake [they harvested]. They fed us dried persimmons, too.
  • At the kindergarten they encouraged children to go out to play and to my disbelief, they used local food for school lunch.
  • My child had cold symptoms all the time. He had frequent nose bleeding. He was always scratching his itchy body.
  • I found that something was wrong with my child’s eyesight. The doctor diagnosed it as ametropic amblyopi.

Personal Health Problems

  • On Christmas day, I was feeling dizzy and [at the hospital] I was told I had gastroenteritis.
  • I felt weak and couldn’t get up. I felt very sleepy when I worked. I had nausea. I found myself spaced out sitting in my car at a parking lot.
  • It felt as if a little electricity was running in my body all the time and I couldn’t figure out how to do simple tasks.
  • I went shopping and I couldn’t remember what I was doing, and stood in the store for hours… I couldn’t make decisions. I didn’t know what I was doing.
  • I took one month off from work, but my symptoms just got worse.

Community’s Health Problems

  • My friend who works at the water company told me that they detected cesium in beef stew in May, and all the children who drank milk threw up in September, and so on. They are told not to tell those stories.
  • I’m certain that the number of people who got sick rose. The number of funerals rose, too — totally healthy people suddenly died of heart attack and so on.

Plants and Wildlife

  • From the 15th to the 25th of March [2011], I evacuated to my relative’s house in Gunma prefecture. I remember the eerie feeling I had when I saw Mt. Akagi was yellow. Later I heard that cedar pollen grows big when exposed to radiation.
  • My family grows all the vegetables we eat at home and they love to feed them to my child. I saw disfigured dandelions around our fields. 50 to 60 plants grew at one spot and their stems were all put together into one gigantic wide stem, with huge, huge flowers. It was very weird. I had never seen anything like that. Tons of millet suddenly grew in the fields. It never happened before. Disfigured vegetables appeared.
  • I brought our disfigured vegetables to the municipal office for radiation testing. I was yelled at there, “Don’t you understand? We say it’s safe! Mothers must not act like that!” They never tested my vegetables.
  • A person who hatches beetle larvae every year said all the beetles were disfigured and died.

See also: [intlink id=”gundersen-gigantic-plants-food-crops-being-reported-gardens-fukushima-zone-mutations-appearing-after-generations-seeds-exposed-chronic-radiation-levels-professor-radiation-biologist-trees-gigant” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 16th, 2015 at 11:23 am ET


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228 comments to Mother from Fukushima: It was very weird… plants with huge, huge flowers and gigantic stems — I brought deformed vegetables for radiation measurement, but officials didn’t test any and yelled “Don’t you understand? We say it’s safe!” — “All the beetles were disfigured and died”

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    Had an interesting exchange on farcebook today. A young man showed a photo of his shopping cart full of mostly veggies (lame) and I commented about how the "organic" veggies from California might be tainted with fallout from Fuku. It went back and forth he was calling ENE an alarmist site funded by big oil. During our exchange I was trying to bring up some facts and was unable to complete my sentence. My words were being instantly blocked. What a piece of shit world we live in now! My strongest argument for this site was comments are not blocked! That should be a wake-up call to the deniers out there, but they can't see past their noses it seems! I tried!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    They are all glassy eyed out there..Zombies… created on purpose. We can't save them all. 🙁

    Based on the massive change that has happened in just the last generation I think it will be maybe 3 more generations out.. when the Nuclear Disaster realization will finally hit home for everyone.

    100 years..

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    Another generation or two and there won't be enough skilled people to maintain the huge infrastructure! Cut back on skills and quality control etc. you get Kablooee! Life on this planet is totally fucked!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Exactly why they are moving to robots so quickly as they will be smarter cheaper and easier to maintain than humans whom will be Nuclear toast by the 3rd generation out.

    The Real Matrix must be maintained..

    They see the Nuclear Future unfolding and it is not pretty, but then, greed still controls all the rudders..this is probably what happens when you boil blood with ionizing radiation.

  • invisible ELEphant in the room

    This article should be an ENENews headline, THIS IS HUGE:

    No promises in Fukushima cleanup, director says

    "The man leading the daunting task of dealing with the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant warns with surprising candor: Nothing can be promised.

    How long will it take to decommission the three breached reactors, and how will it be accomplished, when not even robots have been able to enter the main fuel-debris areas so far? How much will it ultimately cost? Naohiro Masuda, tapped last year as chief of decontamination and decommissioning for plant owner Tokyo Electric Power Co., acknowledges he is a long way from answering those questions definitively.

    “This is something that has never been experienced. A textbook doesn’t exist for something like this,” Masuda said at Tepco’s Tokyo headquarters Monday.

    It’s only recently the daily situation at Fukushima No. 1 has even started to approach “normal,” he said. Since the March 2011 meltdowns, Tepco has had to face one huge challenge after another, including storing masses of leaking radioactive water, clearing up rubble and removing fuel rods from a crumbled building."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Normalcy of unit 1..

    Muon scans confirm complete reactor meltdown at Fukushima Reactor #1
    March 201 2015

    They call this normal??

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    NORMAL? A complete melt down of Unit 2

    TEPCO: Key pressure relief valves failed at No. 2 reactor during Fukushima disaster
    Dec 17 2015

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh..but look..
    The swans have returned to the contaminated area.
    Where is their protective clothing?
    Masks off for the photo..?
    I suggest they put them back on..

    Return of swans a welcome sight in Fukushima town emptied by nuclear disaster
    Dec 17 2015

  • Vorith

    Ok, enough with the jokes and redundancy. It's boric acid conjunct modulation via infused scalar standing waves. Consider the surface of a torus, where source vector simply returns to source. Infusion of treated boric acid will use the particle decaying Process itself to temper said decay. Involves angular momentum which again is modulated via scalar longitudinal waves forming "aether sinks" – which then allows for an inter dimensional "escape hatch". Kinda like sweeping the dirt under the rug, where the rug is the aetheric sea itself. This naturally involves time. Bruce Cathy employed arc seconds and that is enough as it scales, harmonically, to harmonics of said particles' angular spin.

    As for genuine resultant suffering, what can I say. Technology aside, it is utterly clear the bane of society is the willing, sell out, Lackey. And as, well, Hitler said, "…they are Everywhere!"

    • SanityQuest SanityQuest

      Dast ist nict fer ze fer da mitten grabben und ze finger poken. Undt ist easy breakin the springin worken undt blowen ze fusen. Dast ist good… es ist kein problem.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid
    Large amounts of information about you are no longer being collected…by the NSA…wink, wink.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Fukushima Sarcophagus Under Consideration
    "‘Fukushima‘ by Mark Willacy, book published July 1, 2013 (Excerpt): […] there was much -expert scepticism about whether the government’s 40-year road map would be achievable. ‘I also hope decommissioning can be completed in 40 years,’ said [nuclear-reactor engineer] Hiroaki Koide. ‘But I do not think it is possible.’ […] In an interview with me 20 months after the meltdowns, TEPCO also appeared to be backing away from its four-decade decommissioning road map, admitting that the task in front of the company was unprecedented. ‘We hope to accomplish it in 40 years as per our engineering schedule,’ said Junichi Matsumoto. ‘But we will need to develop manipulators and other jigs and containers to put the bits in.’ […] the gravest challenge would be locating and removing the melted cores inside reactors 1, 2 and 3. ‘I don’t think they can pick up the melted nuclear cores,’ said Koide.

    " ‘Instead, they’ll probably start work to cover the reactors in a concrete sarcophagus. It will take them more than ten years to even begin this work. And then it will take decades to finish each sarcophagus.’ "

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      " ‘Instead, they’ll probably start work to cover the reactors in a concrete sarcophagus. It will take them more than ten years to even begin this work. And then it will take decades to finish each sarcophagus.’ "

      Does anybody else agree that this delay, and the slow pace of construction of a sarcophagus is in any way acceptable?
      5 years in, and Japan hasn't even made the decision to build a sarcophagus.
      15 years in before construction of a sarcophagus even begins.
      Perhaps 20 more years to complete the sarcophagus.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Fukushima Corium Too Hot To Handle
        Japan is stumped trying to think up new technologies to remove, handle, and store corium.
        Better to leave the corium where it is, and sequester it.
        Isolate the corium from the biosphere.
        Build a sarcophagus over, under, and around the ruins of the 4 reactors.
        First, locate and map the corium.
        Inland, construct concrete structures to intercept and divert the groundwater river around the plant ruins.
        Remove spent fuel from SFP1-6, and Common SFP to dry cask storage.
        Excavate a foundation for the sarcophagus 100' deep, below the aquifer layer of rock.
        Tunnel horizontally at 100' deep under the plant ruins. Put in a 25' reinforced concrete floor under Units 1-4.
        Pour a buttressed foundation for the sarcophagus of reinforced concrete.
        Build the walls of the sarcophagus 25' above roof of Unit 2,
        Pour concrete or sand into corium lava tubes, torus, torus basements, containments, and reactors.
        Pour sand between reactor building ruins and sarcophagus walls.
        Pour top of sarcophagus of reinforced concrete.
        Enclose entire sarcophagus (top, sides, and floor) with a thick membrane to prevent outgassing.
        Closed-loop heat sink, to remove excess heat from interior of sarcophagus.
        Should do the job.
        Should take only 10 years to complete.
        Start the work soon. No time like the present. 🙂

        • Gasser Gasser

          Moody Blues
          Steppin' in a Slide Zone

          I took a ride in a Daiichi workers bus,
          I took a road I'd never been.

          I met a stranger by the way,
          His Hazzmatt coat was torn, his eyes not clear.

          Standing in a Nuclear zone,
          Steppin' in a Radiation zone.

          He told me where an underground river flows,
          He showed me how deformed apples grow.

          He told me of Cesium water steam,
          His face was worn, his eyes not clear.

          Standing in a sliding reactor building zone,
          I could be steppin' in the melted Corium's zone.

          Standing near a fuel pool sliding zone,
          I could be steppin' through a crime zone.

          He went to find Becquerels discharging far,
          Around the Coriums, he said that's where they are.

          I went along for the journalism ride,
          Suddenly I began to think I've died.

          I was standing in a suicide zone,
          I could be steppin' into a crime zone.

          The Becquerels raced by with no sound,
          As they drifted high above the ground.


          • Gasser Gasser


            And then he said I don't know this place,
            And then ugly fear came on his face.

            We were standing in a rad hot zone,
            We could be steppin' into a Corium zone.

            I was standing in a suicide zone,
            I could be steppin' in a TEPCO crime zone.

            I turned my head and I looked below,
            And there was a fuel rod pool there I know.

            Suddenly I began to fall,
            I looked around and tried to call.

            I was standing close to a slippery slide zone,
            He had me steppin' near the crime zone.

            Slipping down a slide zone,
            Falling into TEPCO's crime zone.

            Help me please, I thought I said,
            Then something happened in my head.

            Music came from all around,
            And I knew death is what I found.

            Standing to close to the slide zone,
            Falling into TEPCO's crime zone.

            Steppin' in a slippery slide zone,
            He had me falling into the ELE zone.

            Crime zone, crime zone,
            Crime zone, crime zone.

            ~Gasser Classic~

        • Gasser Gasser

          My long winded FUKU fix think tank shit>
          Because time is no longer on anyones side as radiation continually spews and spews more each day and may burst out mega amounts at serprizing times for many years to come, as if we can onyl wish we got many years to deal with this ELE monster.

          I say Nuke that puke as one choice, the next more passive choice would be to do like PUN said " Pour concrete or sand into corium lava tubes, and torus basements, containments, and reactors, pour sand between reactor building ruins"
          I add, then explosively level the big chunky parts down, then have a 1000 or more Bulldozers with lead shielded radio parts to remotey control level it down more and cover it up with a sand mixed with everything known to man, then incase that with more cement than it took to build China's Yangtze Dam, then cover the entire huge but not tall mound with a "thick membrane to prevent outgassing" like PUN said.

          And like PUN said, divert the underground stream water way around the Nuclear neutered complex…you say 'Holy shit' dust from building leveling explosions? I say it will be short lived compared to the now continual Rad spewing for years to come if not forever if we don't get off our ass using drastic measures for drastic ELE times…third choice is nuke the whole complex like I mentioned before>


          • Gasser Gasser


            Looking at Nuking the Daiichi complex in this view;

            Drill baby drill, down deep in several areas for a specific size of crater to collapse >inward< from deep set Nuclear charges…nothing comes up…all implodes downward as the ocean rushes in stopping the dust.

            On standby, immediately after the implosion have "hundreds of concrete mixing sites" miles away transporting huge volumes of cement 24/7/365 via conveyor belt system into this big crater…being its easer to fill a hole to contain this poison than try to build a huge rickety Sarcophagus to cover the entire complex that does nothing to address the inventory of spent fuel rods in the long run, and its venerable to future tsunami/quakes, Cyclones, floods and explosions…its a ticking time bomb.

            The ocean will rush into this huge crater, so the fix is to keep pumping in huge volumes of an exotic cement compound, eventually it will replace the water…sure lots of Isotopes will escape contaminating the water and atmosphere from this, but it will be short lived "to the speed the crater is filled" with an exotic cement mix…were talking World wide participation to pull this off…this is a big F…ing deal, Daiichi is poisoning mortal man to death, quickly too I may add.

            The Daiichi site has to disappear completely, to ever slow or stop its continual poisoning of the Planet…If we slow it down we bought some time to get a better handle on its potential ELE.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      "manipulators and other jigs" ..
      "the gravest challenge would be locating and removing the melted cores inside reactors 1, 2 and 3."

      If the greatest challenge is finding and removal…why dream about manipulators and jigs???

  • flannelman flannelman

    We humans are a tribal species. A fact that has never changed a whit. In all of human history. We are incapable of thinking in planetary terms. Or national terms. We know our immediate group. Be it our family, our neighborhood, or places like here. We gather.

    Us versus them. Politics. Religion. Sports. Nations. Races. Genders. Seems we are simply hardwired in this fashion. This is nothing new.

    Our best and brightest. Our resources. Our technology. Has been used and driven to find better ways to kill one another and take what we might like to have. As opposed to ways to make society better overall.

    Seventy odd years ago we opened Pandoras box. We found something that could kill others more efficently than anything ever imagined. One tribe had it. But no technology has ever been exclusive for long in our history.

    Human nature being what it is. Even within the select tribe that devised the bomb. There was dissent in the tribe. Differing views. Differing thoughts.

    Now here we are. The nuclear genie unleashed. No possible way to stuff it back in the bottle. Seems new revelations of contamination and issues from ago here in the US are becoming a common event.

    And new and exciting problems. An exploding dump because it rained in the desert was an interesting development. It will probably rain on such a dump again somewhere in the future.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Sadly not long from now when the rain does fall on the dump..people will look back at the fires from outer space.. and the dump on fire..will be called Earth.

    • flannelman flannelman

      And Fukushima. Why no global response. Why no bigger response period? At either the plant or the overall cleanup effort or anything at all. There were six reactors there. We know of one thru four. What is known of five and six other than basically utter silence?

      And there is no waking people up to things. Information can be provided. Things can be talked about. They either choose to believe or not. Want to hear it or don't. And many that I care about the most. So just do not care. Or believe. Or figure nothing can be done so why bring it up.

      Might anyone know the status of the NRC rule change proposal as to rad levels and such? Is there a date when they decide on such matters one way or the other. Still curious on this one.

      So here in the states. Cable news is a joke. Lil politics, lil terrorism, lil fearmongering. Basically be afraid. Drive the wedges. Not much news though.

      I still try and reach people. A few can be. Always could. But enough? Never in the history of our species. Now is no different.

      Except the stakes are a bit higher. But does it matter? If the tipping point has been hit it's all over but the crying. If it hasen't no worries right?

      Personally I think we hit the skids a while back. Our opposable thumbs and our tech can help to a point. But life as we have known it is coming to a close. The planet and billions of us as we currently co exist can't be sustained.

      • flannelman flannelman

        And since we don't work well with others. Or as a species. The final fight for resources could leave this planet a crispy nuclear winter cinder.

        Or the planet may do it for us. A pipe stuffed in permafrost lit and burning like the eternal flame remains bout the scariest video I have seen.

        What ever is to be the die has been cast. The games afoot. And if you were not around to see the beginning, you may as well be around to see the end.

        We who are alive now may have seats for the finale. The last gasps of the technology age. The age of us.

        Should another civilization rise from the ashes down the road. Maybe the worst of us will have been genetically changed or lost. And the endlessly warring and tribal portion of the show might be gone.

        If not …. maybe our species was just too stupid to live. Cause looking around … that's how it strikes me presently. Things we should talk about we don't. Things we worry about are out of perspective. And most people are too busy to be bothered by any of it.

        Their medical is just fine. Till they have to use it. They hate unions. Till they could have used one. Damn slacker outta get a job. Till they lose theirs. Pawn shops, gold buyers, reverse mortages, we buy ugly houses. Any one paying attention?

        This is getting serious. Lot of the wealth that can be transferred has been. Low hanging fruit is long gone. Next crash is really going to hurt. House of cards is getting weak.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          three pound ape brain turns out to be the size where the ape becomes intelligent enough to fool himself. The form of fertile females drove him on, thus overpopulation of a self deluded ape caused the ruin of the world

          • penny penny

            hey, c'mon, code! Are you males gonna try taking all the credit for destroying the planet again? We women have put in a hell of an effort, too, don't forget. Men may wear the uniforms, but we're the ones who "can't resist" them when they dress that way. And you all will mate with anything that looks reproductively competent; WE are the ones who insist that prospective mates be brutish-looking (to protect our little he-men-to-be) and rich (and how many of us bother asking if your stash of loot was ethically earned?) We have to our credit Madeleine "We think it was worth it" Albright, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Hillary, Maggie "Iron Lady" Thatcher, Lock'n'Load Palin, Rice… the list goes on! All of them, presumably, with a 3-pound ape brain of their own!

            No sexism here, please. Give credit where credit is due: we women are behind you guys all the way, pushing you to "the next level" of greatness in raping and pillaging the planet 🙂

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Refreshing! 😉

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              yes penny, perhaps the fem side was more insidious; while men were simply beguiled by the form, largely the simple hip to waist ratio, but/and drawn into the magic and mystery of the female spirit, the girls on the other hand were using their built in allure systems to capture men for spawning purposes! Having fulfilled the procreative drive (giving zero thought to consequence), both sexes end up about the same, looking like old drag queens with increasing odors of rancidity and a shifting biome out-gassing, the androgyny distinguishable only because men thirst for fine cars while the women seem to acquire shoes and purses and loud jewelry. Finally the offspring are happy to see them to the grave and the cycle repeats. I give the creator a C because while there is a functional plan of sorts its quite banal… wouldnt you say?

              • penny penny

                Code, being a non-believer I am not qualified to grade the creator, but i am pretty sure that "mystery of the female spirit" is mostly pheromones.

                Banal is the word – but other species might beg to differ about it being functional!

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  penny, 'creator' is a limited concept conditioned by our taken for granted view of time as somehow fixed and sequential. The problem is not that there arent levels beyond imagination, the problem is we cant imagine them. This much we know; there was always more than us animals could wrap our little brains around.

                  pheromones are the mystery revealed! But the broad category of masculine and feminine could be likened to red and blue flames that emanate from the very nature of the cosmos. We dont know the limits to the range from banal to sublime. Love seems more than pheromones and oxytocin. If not, then those chemicals are pretty special indeed

        • or-well

          "Should another civilization rise from the ashes…"
          There aren't the resources available anymore.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid
    Isn't that really bad for the environment? And think about all the weapons and depleted uranium being blown sky high. How can they even talk about climate change in Paris while they bomb the f#$% out of the environment?It's madness. You don't think bombing the hell out of the middle east effects you. Well I never thought a corporation in a Japanese prefecture I never heard of would ever effect me either but I was sorely mistaken.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      militants…1200 al qaeda oil tanker trucks blown up…how many oil tanker trucks do they have, along with their illegal oil refineries, guns missiles and ammo? You can buy an oil tanker from Ali Baba for $50,000. Are we up to sixty million yet? Oh you…silly militants you! And to think you couldnt afford a shovel when you were herding sheep. Militants these days! They could make good motivational speakers…how to become rich, win friends and influence people starting on a shoe string! Doc, are you in the right business?

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        re; war map of the middle east. How do they afford it? Farmers always paid for military conquest with taken by force taxes. Proof of the bounty of solar power. Pity the labor to build up architecture only to blow it to pieces simply because there was enough extra income to fund psychopaths in power. …

      • AGRP should probably should get out of the money losing save the earth and saving people from themselves business and start working on ways to destroy everything faster. It seems to be VERY profitable. sarc

        AGRP may not be around much longer.. One can only lose money for so long.. Trying to give it all away and rely on donations is not working. So sad.. A couple good years to give it a try was worth it though, even though it cost a lot of dough, energy and stress…

        December may be the last month…

        Anyone with any ideas?

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          You have a great web site and how much does it cost to run a web site for 30 days?

          • If you want to do an AGRP, you will need to hire a team to research, strategize and then write articles that teach the science of sustainable health.

            Time wise, it would take a team of 4 people, between 8 to 12 hours a day, plus some weekends as well, to research/write articles daily, keep up the site, repair broken links, update old articles that have constantly deleted videos, erased/censored pictures, plus organize the database, fix site errrrrrrors, (this takes an expensive programmer) etc..

            Cost? $200,000 a year, easy.

            Equivalent non profit 'news' sites that do way less than AGRP run on budgets of between $5,000 to $20,000 in donations per month.

            Those sites also quantify what it would cost to run a site like this..

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Goodheart…the structure of economy makes us all into prostitutes of one kind or another. I think you have a web store and this has to be pushed. Mercola is one successful business model.

          Lure them in with articles …how to survive the immanent apocalypse…then hit them with the product…survival sprouting kits, middle east arms trading manuals, how to survive in the black market while unifying religious beliefs, cat burglary as an alternative to capitol funding; a long term profit sharing scheme.

          What Mercola doesnt have is a barter system, so important in the upcoming financial crash. This could be as simple as a wife/daughter barter network or as complicated as a copper pipe, wire and gold tooth drop and swap scheme.

          How about a used military gear import export business? Millions of dollars of high tech gear paid for by the peoples extracted by force tax funding just littering the desert. Easy pickings. You can DO it, just visualize.

          As global temperatures rise, tempers may flare. How about teaching the emotional freedom technique to hit men and militants who are struggling with poor aim and low self esteem? Skys the limit…chem trail recycling using kite retrieval systems. We have faith that theres opportunity in disaster just waiting to be leveraged with positive intent and a savvy marketing plan. How about baby seal skin moccasins for high end California boutiques? Hormesis night creme…snake oil is poised to make a comeback!

          • Love the suggestions Code… funny but also real..

            Maybe a paid treatment center for hit men, nuclearists, and militarists addicted to killing/war, and who have hit bottom?

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Goodheart, much of the things Ive done were without pay. Its not easy, but I tend to see it as a transition period before mankind can figure out the new economy. Probably thats wishful thinking.

              Never forget that the animals and plants just 'do their thing', free from financial, government and tax schemes. Eagle, Cheetah and dolphin should humble man with their potent and beautiful force and full engagement with life. If the sun had the mentality of man, we would all be in darkness until we could scratch up some pay.

              I dont know the answer but I feel that the sun and plants have a lot to do with it. We seem to be stuck in a system that inherently is not good for the next seven generations. Native indians were aghast at the thought of selling and profiting from land…real estate. But now weve taken it to mountain top removal and shale oil…

              return/retreat to nature, the natural forces, trees and plants…thats as close as I can come to the right vector, the step forward… maybe you could live and eat with the Amish while teaching them from the Quran

  • Sol Man

    Humans, and their vaunted corporations, have arrived at the pinnacle of their existence with perfecting energy too cheap to meter and trillions$$
    in fiats to "pay" for it all. This was all accomplished on a relative small spinning, and expendable, blue planet.

    What humans with their corporations have accomplished is mass (across all species!) death.

  • flannelman flannelman

    I think the news running in the background mentioned the group our leaders can't seem to agree on the name of can fund itself for three years with current resources.

    I thought "damn, that is better than us". We can't seem to get our shit together for any length of time.

    And if people don't quit referring to the US as the homeland … enough all ready.

    And what is so hard about picking one name for our "enemy" that we all use? ISIS, ISIL, DASH, I mean wtf is the problem here?

    And all that is happening. Is exactly what is supposed to happen. When out of Syria came white pick up trucks to besiege a northern Iraqi city. Thru a two lane road thru the mountains. And across open desert. To be watched from the Turkish highlands. And nothing could be done. Really?

    One airstrike could have shut the road. And vehicles crossing open desert caught in the open by air power?
    Kinda what we do isn't it?

    Had that been taken care of there might not be a refugee "problem" now. But that was supposed to happen wasn't it? Sure it was.

    Lot's going on. Grab your popcorn it's just getting rolling. Next act outta really be something to see.

    • Cooter

      Well put flannelman,

      This, our America, is not a homeland or a disneyland but it acts like it is. America is gripped by fear, being actively promoted by our government to no end.

      Why don't we see pictures of ISIL guns or trucks or APCs? Because these weapons are American made and our government doesn't want that to be known. When the US backed out of Iraq, the military left enough weapon platforms, trucks, parts and ammunition to start a war, which ISIL did. They raided Iraq's remote weapons depots first and then went after the others and scored big.


      White Toyota's are a dime a dozen but can run on camel dung.

      It is going to be a long and expensive movie. Where is John Wayne when you need him?

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        but I already bought two American flags for the hood of my military style SUV Im going to buy as soon as they create jobs.

        The U.S. public actually believes the Nazis were conquered, oh the irony. Critical size of ape brain with enough intelligence to fool itself? Three pounds–008.jpg

        • Cooter

          You might want to think about going stealth, with a camo golf cart. Room for beer and your flags at a modest price. Seats 2 in comfort and need I say quiet at 4 mph. Just a thought.

          This is some of the things the US left behind, destined for Iraq from Afganastanian.

          "Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright said the military has, over the last 12 years, donated "excess equipment" like base-operating support equipment, forklifts, generators and other supplies to the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), and has invested more than $53 billion in equipment and support — including 160 aircraft, 100,000 vehicles, 500,000 weapons and 200,000 pieces of communications and night-vision equipment."

          But; the article further states,
          "According to reports and officials, though, the U.S. donated much more of its materiel and equipment to the Iraqis when it withdrew from that country in 2011 — about $580 million worth"

          $53 billion and they gave them $580 million doesn't add up. They sent into Iraq a lot more than 1.09% and I would suspect the figure to be 15-22%. This on top of the aforementioned Iraq post.

          Interesting pixs. The guys in uniform look to be in a lot better shape than the fat guys with flags and matching black motorcycle jackets. Its amazing how 3 pounds can go sideways and how symbols carry such passion.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            theyve got your tax money to burn, but how did Iraq come up with 10 billion for war toys?;

            Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright said the military has donated "excess equipment" like base-operating support equipment, forklifts, generators and other supplies to the Afghan National Security Forces , and has invested more than $53 billion in equipment and support — including 160 aircraft, 100,000 vehicles, 500,000 weapons and 200,000 pieces of communications and night-vision equipment.

            According to reports and officials, though, the U.S. donated much more of its materiel and equipment to the Iraqis when it withdrew from that country in 2011 — about $580 million worth. The Iraqis also planned on buying another $10 billion worth of military equipment from the U.S.


    Nuclear Sugar Daddy

    The nuclear welfare state of 'the industry

    In mid-2008, the Department of Energy (DOE) invited applications for loan guarantees to support the construction of advanced nuclear power plants (up to $18.5 billion total) and uranium enrichment plants (up to $2 billion initially, but then $4 billion). A further $78.5 billion was offered for renewable energy projects, and $8 billion for 'clean coal'. Loan guarantees are to encourage the commercial use of new or significantly improved energy technologies and "will enable project developers to bridge the financing gap between pilot and demonstration projects to full commercially viable projects that employ new or significantly improved energy technologies."1, b They are a form of support that allows companies to finance debt at reduced rates.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    Yes. Code. I feel ya. I'm having an awful time with nebulizer hoses. Its driving me crazy. Never used to have to hold the damn hose on. Just found out my fairy landlady has a thyroid tumor. She thinks I'm crazy. Debbie Downerwinder. What do you say? Told you so. God help us! I feel like I'm getting dimensia. We didn't have enough money for ski passes this year and I'm secretly glad we can't ski. How fucked up is that? I'm a lowly ski bum. And I love cheese. Stupid nuketards. They destroy everything. Cesium the day. I still think y'all are the greatest. Be brave for all the people who aren't emotionally prepared.

  • alasanon

    It's rather to disturbing to realize in this account that this person is responsible for a child and has almost no awareness or concern about the impact of a nuclear accident detonation and multiple reactor meltdowns in her immediate environment..–?? I know we don't all have science degrees, but what can she be thinking??.. This is more than stupidity or complacency. It seems troubling that she seemingly has so few core maternal instincts.

    It's disturbing that any children are still there–almost as frightening as the physical threat from Fukushima!!.. :/

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