MOX plant using weapons-grade plutonium being built at S. Carolina site with ominous looking reactors — Located on top of region’s most dangerous fault line (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Published: September 13th, 2011 at 6:36 pm ET


Reactor at Savannah River Site SOURCE: NY Times

Reactor at Savannah River Site SOURCE: DC Bureau

The Bomb Plant, DC Bureau by Joseph Trento, September 12, 2011:

National Security News Service reporters spent the last two years investigating the most secretive institution in the federal government: the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and its radioactive weapons facility – the Savannah River Site (SRS). […]

Our investigation will take you to K Reactor, where the world’s surplus plutonium is being stored in a minimally-secured building located on top of the most dangerous earthquake fault in the South. […]

TVA might use MOX fuels from SRS, Augusta Chronicle by Rob Pavey, June 10, 2009:

[…] The 600,000-square-foot complex [a $4.86 billion facility under construction at Savannah River Site is] scheduled to open in 2016, will dispose of 34 metric tons of surplus, weapons-grade plutonium […] Clay Ramsey, the National Nuclear Security Administration’s MOX federal project director, said TVA [Tennessee Valley Authority] has expressed strong interest in using the fuels in some of its six existing commercial reactors. […] “We’re very comfortable right now in the level of interest in our fuel,” Mr. Ramsey said Tuesday, adding that a second potential client — whose identity he could not disclose — has opened discussions about using the fuel. […]

Published: September 13th, 2011 at 6:36 pm ET


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64 comments to MOX plant using weapons-grade plutonium being built at S. Carolina site with ominous looking reactors — Located on top of region’s most dangerous fault line (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

  • “”Located on top of region’s most dangerous fault line””

    …I’ve brought up the coincidence of nuclear reactors on Fault lines, because that’s where the water is.

    Fault lines and water are turning out to be oxymorons when it comes to “safety” for nearby adjacent citizens.

    red red wine

  • Mack Mack

    @ approx. 7:21 in the video:

    “You’ll meet the true believers who look upon the poisoned land and the cancer deaths as a necessary sacrifice for our national defense…”

    • theypoisonus

      I stopped reading Japanese bullchit after I stopped reading MSM.

      These people care for nothing but $$.
      Lives are disposable. So are we.. in case you have not noticed.

      Welcome to the NWO – 101

      I hope you are young, productive, pay your taxes to support the wars against humanity in the name of the FOL.. aka Friends of Libya.
      What a joke.

      No offence meant, I hope there is none taken.
      But alot of well meaning people come here with their new founded ‘words of wisdom’ which ignoring this for months.

      My patience runs thin today, I apologize if I was unduly mean… it is just that the injustice and SLOW genocide of humans is wearing very thin with me.

      Again, no personal offence meant. It was the working that upset me.

      Peace 🙂

  • Lacsap Lacsap

    “Plutonium-238 has powered dozens of spacecraft, including the Voyager probes, the Galileo mission to Jupiter, and the Cassini spacecraft”. So is it crazy to think that the elite’ may have a space station to be powered with plutonium or a moon station? they sure need allot of plutonium and there are already more then enough nuclear weapons i think..

  • theypoisonus

    @Lac sap>/b>

    Iran just got theirs up an running recently. I Do not have a problem with Arab OIL countries that we/france/uk attack, in the name of FOL ( friends of Libya LOL)

    Leave these peoples alone. We , in the US have alot of problems that need to be worked on.. like Zionist run Wall Street crooks, corrupt run/lobby run/ so called ‘representatives and senators/ even presidents.

    Untill we can fix what is sorely amiss here, we have NO dam business killing and genociding other races strickly for OIL and acting like it is for ‘humanitarian purposes” while the US has nearly 23% unemployment ( realistically, as the only ones counted are the ones on the rolls collecting ) union busting corportrate Billionairs that don’t want to pay taxes, want to tax Senior with under 30,00 a year income, and Bail Outs for the corrupt and degenerate Wall Street/ Zionist ( not Jewish ) controllers of Isreal.

    Japan is just following the ‘crowd’ and I hate them for it.


  • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

    One of my brothers lives near Aiken which is very near the Savannah River Plant. The route I travel to visit him runs through the SRP. There are signs every few miles reminding you to maintain the speed limit set and to let you know that you may not stop for any reason other than an emergency. If you have an emergency, rest assured someone will locate you shortly.

    Background radiation in SC is always high when I look at radnet. Could much of this be attributable to the SRP?

    The construction of this plant is a travesty and should never have happened. The SRP is a major disaster.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Ironic that there was just an earthquake in Birmingham just 300 miles away from SRS

    Type: Earthquake
    2 hours ago
    Magnitude: 3
    DateTime: Tuesday September 13 2011, 22:59:23 UTC
    Region: Birmingham urban area, Alabama
    Depth: 5 km

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    Follow the link to the NYT article. Hilarious!!! if not soo terribly stupid and sad. unburying Plutonium, X-raying plutonium containing “barrels”, leaving barrels of depleted uranium out in the open, storing potential high-level transuranic wastes in KARST, I think at Karlsbad, NM. Another article full of holes meant to desensitize us to the absolute, bottom line unsustainability and outrageous criminality of the idiot nuclear power and weapons morons.

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    Carlsbad, typo

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    maaa, Thanks very much for the link!!!

  • Selling future deaths by the metic tons far and near !

  • Georgia

    Earthquake History

    The first earthquakes reported felt in Georgia were the great New Madrid series of 1811 – 1812. These shocks were felt over almost all of the eastern United States. In Georgia that series of shocks reportedly shook some bricks from chimneys.

    The great Charleston, South Carolina, earthquake of 1886 caused severe shaking experienced in Georgia. On August 31 at 9:25 p.m., preceded by a low rumble, the shock waves reached Savannah. People had difficulty remaining standing. One woman …

    Earthquakes that have struck Georgia
    December 16, 1811 7.7 (est) earthquake centered in Northeast Arkansas, shakes the state of Georgia. Aftershocks reach 7.0. Today it is generally considered to be the first of the “New Madrid” earthquakes …

  • Earthquakes in Savannah? You Must Be Kidding…

    28 Aug 2010 … Savannah has a higher risk exposure to earthquake activity than one might imagine. The U.S. Geological Service reports that Georgia has …

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      Give that old nuclear bomb off of Tybee a real good shaking and it might just go off. It is leaking radiation, too.

      • The Tybee Island B-47 crash was an incident on February 5, 1958, in which the United States Air Force lost a 7,600-pound (3,400 kg) Mark 15 hydrogen bomb in the waters off Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia, USA. During a practice exercise the B-47 bomber carrying it collided in midair with an F-86 fighter plane. To prevent a detonation in the event of a crash and to save the aircrew, the bomb was jettisoned. Following several unsuccessful searches, the bomb was presumed lost somewhere in Wassaw Sound off the shores of Tybee Island.

  • pg

    Let me guess, the British are installing it….

  • catweazel

    “Although the plant’s operating license is still pending, the NRC finalized its safety assessment in December.

    reminds me of “casino”, the film:
    “you dont need a licence, it is enough to apply for one, they have a ten years backlog on giving licences out”……

  • tomb1

    Have a look at this documentary:

    We need more people to see and understand what nuclear technology means to our world.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

      The office walls of everyone involved in the perpetuation of nuclear power and weapons ought to be lined with the photos of these Chernobyl children so that they could keep them in mind every day.

      I have seen similar children in institutions operated by the state here in the U.S.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    It is the same method an insect exterminator uses: first spray all the exposed adults, then poison the food and water supply.

    • Jebus Jebus

      I have found a great respect for you and the media in Australia.
      If there ever was a topic starter, this should be at the top.

  • bnski

    I live in Georgia, in what is considered to be the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) and I can tell you that the Savannah River Site (SRS) is very secretive. All I knew about it prior to this was that it was a bomb factory during the cold war. Also, the CEO recently resigned and there have been at least a thousand people laid off this year. I am so grateful for this information. I’m pretty sure that the public has no clue. With regard to the high radiation readings, there is also a nuclear energy facility – Plant Vogle just across the river on the GA side, so I do not wonder about the readings. Any suggestions as to what I can do to spread this information locally?

  • StillJill StillJill

    Looks like Dracula’s FREAKIN’ Castle!

  • Ariana

    Am I crazy, or does this look like chernobyl?

  • James2

    Folks, one thing I cannot stand about the video – just an obsession of mine I guess.

    Anybody that cannot pronounce the word NUCLEAR and instead says NUKULAR instantly appears to be a rube to me…

    The announcer in this video does it right from the beginning. Harkens me back to the first time I heard “the decider” say it that way and I almost fell off the couch.

    Also, tell the guy if he’s going to produce a series of them to get a sound booth, or at least a cardboard box lined with foam and put the mike in there while he is recording the video – so it doesn’t sound like he recorded it in a tin can.

    Those two things will discredit this as an amateur production. I haven’t watched the whole thing but it looks like there is some good information.

    • lam335 lam335

      “Anybody that cannot pronounce the word NUCLEAR and instead says NUKULAR instantly appears to be a rube to me…”

      YES!!!!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who is seriously irked by this.

      It’s particularly annoying when presidents say this (e.g. G. W. Bush)–they’ve got their finger on the button, and they don’t even know how to pronounce the name of the weapon that they are one click away from destroying the planet with.

      If a politician doesn’t even know how to pronounce the word, one wonders how much else he/she doesn’t understand about it.

    • Mack Mack

      It was a year long investigation. The video is full of information. Well worth watching/listening to.

  • lam335 lam335

    I just want to point out that while this article presents the industry’s current talking points regarding plutonium reprocessing, that position is a COMPLETE REVERSAL from earlier ways of understanding the relation between reprocessing and non-proliferation efforts. The article says:

    “The concept of mixing plutonium with traditional uranium oxide reactor fuel is part of an international nonproliferation plan. The plutonium to be used at the MOX plant comes from dismantled warheads, and its conversion to commercial fuel prevents its use in nuclear weapons.”

    In fact, prior to the 1980s, nuclear fuel reprocessing was seen as dangerous precisely because it might FACILITATE nuclear proliferation.

    “On April 7, 1977 , President Jimmy Carter banned the reprocessing of commercial reactor spent nuclear fuel. The key issue driving this policy was the serious threat of nuclear weapons proliferation by diversion of plutonium from the civilian fuel cycle, and to encourage other nations to follow the USA lead.”

    • lam335 lam335

      The claim that plutonium reprocessing is about non-proliferation is a lie. Here’s more likely scenario: The DOE has vast amounts of plutonium on hand. It costs a lot to dispose of plutonium in ways considered safe, and it is also politically very difficult to dispose of it because most people don’t want the stuff dumped in their state–BUT if they sell it to nuke plants, they not only don’t have to pay the high costs of disposal, they might even be able to make a profit off the stuff. And thus the cycle goes on and one and on. Incidentally, Obama

      “Obama’s dirtiest, deadly secret exposed: Plutonium ‘Bomb Plant,’ ‘Green future'”

      “Obama and Works of Death”

      • lam335 lam335

        Sorry–didn’t finish my last sentence:

        Obama has approved the building of a plant to create MORE plutonium and plutonium-based weapons.

        So while one part of the government is trying to get rid of its existing plutonium (and claiming it is in the interests of non-proliferation), our government is builiding a facility to produce still MORE of the stuff.

      • James2

        Iam, I’m very happy that others are onto this.

        Did you see the comment several weeks ago in the article about closing the Sellafield MOX plant.

        They said they had to keep reprocessing the plutonium into MOX, because of the finances.

        I don’t remember the exact wording, but it indicated that they had taken all of the stockpiles of used plutonium warheads and instead of counting them as a liability that needed to be cleaned up they had already put them back into the books as an asset.

        In other words, they’ve already sold the material back to the public. And they’ve taken the money that was budgeted for disposal and spent it elsewhere.

        That explains why the government shills have been here trying to block all this information from getting out.

        Obama – and the Federal government has literally bet our financial future on MOX fuel – while at the same time selling our health down the river.

      • Bobby1

        The House rejected Obama’s request to build a Plutonium-238 plant. This would have fuelled interplanetary space missions.

        Pu-238 is 270 times as radioactive than the better known Pu-239. The idea was to launch this stuff into space and hope it doesn’t blow up in the atmosphere, like what happened in 1964.

        • lam335 lam335

          Looks like they ARE continuing to fund the preparation of plans for it, as well as “initial construction”

          “While professing to favor postponing construction of the actual new plutonium facility itself until it is 90% designed . . . the SAC [Senate Appropriations Comm.] would also provide $40 million (M) for initial construction, which could start as early as next month, and another $40 M for the purchase of specialized equipment (e.g. plutonium vault doors, specialized nuclear air-handling equipment).”

          • lam335 lam335

            Re: “Looks like they ARE continuing to fund . . .”

            More precisely, looks like it s still “on the table”; the relevant Senate committee is still considering it.

        • lam335 lam335

          “Senate committee OKs boost in nuke weapons funding”:

          “The Senate proposal recommended . . . $240 million for the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement facility, a multibillion dollar project that includes a hazardous-plutonium handling and storage building. The recommendation represented a $60 million cut from the administration’s request and echoed a $100 million reduction in the House version of the energy and water bill from earlier this year.

          A Senate staffer said that the FY12 funds for the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement facility were intended for completion of design and engineering.”

        • lam335 lam335

          “Senate funders would (re-)start construction of $6 billion plutonium fortress in Los Alamos but cut back next year’s budget somewhat”
          “The recommendation will support the full request for design activities, but does not provide the additional funding to support early construction. The NNSA is not prepared to award that project milestone since it must first resolve major seismic issues with its design, complete its work to revalidate which capabilities are needed, and make a decision on its contracting and acquisition strategies.”

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Xdrfox, they know perfectly well where that Savannah bomb is. It was found while I was still living in Savannah. But the military said it was ‘best not to move it’. Uh, why? Well, it’s LEAKING, that’s why, and moving it might make it cranky.

  • lam335 lam335

    The only reasons they are pushing Mox fuel are that they don’t want to pay to dispose of it in a safer way AND they know that they don’t really even have a truly viable solution for safely disposing of it in the long-term.

  • zmeister

    need to clarify/correct Savannah is in Georgia not S. Carolina

    • manes

      Yes, but the Savannah River Site, which is 310 square miles, is located in southeastern South Carolina. It’s bordered to the west by George and the Savannah River.