MSNBC: Largest epidemic ever seen in world’s oceans hits West Coast — Emergency legislation proposed in US Congress — Newsweek: Millions dead, researchers have lost count — Experts: It’s beyond anything I ever imagined… Disintegrating before our eyes… Never been an event so dramatic… Shorelines losing biodiversity, blanketed in barnacles (VIDEO)

Published: October 2nd, 2014 at 11:28 pm ET


KPLU, Sept. 18, 2014 (emphasis added): Proposed Emergency Legislation Aims To Address Starfish Wasting Syndrome… U.S. Rep. Denny Heck… introduced an emergency act in Congress… addressing the sea star epidemic… Heck’s Marine Disease Emergency Act [also creates] funding mechanisms to deal with future outbreaks of marine disease.

Congressman Heck: “Sea stars do not function underwater in a vacuum… This could be a sign of a deeper problem.”

Newsweek, Oct. 2, 2014: A grisly horror show is playing out along the West Coast… millions of dead and dying sea stars…  victims of a swift and brutal illness… organs rupture… arms fall off. Ultimately, the sea star dissolves, as if melted by acid… This summer, the outbreak morphed into a full-scale epidemic… so bad that researchers have lost count of how many stars are lost. They estimate millions… food webs are being upended… shorelines that used to be dotted with sea stars and other species are now blanketed with barnacles growing with abandon, a sign of the loss of biodiversity on the coast… The wasting syndrome has also been reported in populations along the East Coast [see Dr. Miner’s comment below].

Dr. Benjamin Miner, Western Washington University: (Q: Are Atlantic starfish affected?) Wasting syndrome… has just been along the West Coast… It’s kind of slowly progressing northward, which… certainly suggests there’s something in the water that might be spreading.

PBS (Oregon), Oct. 1, 2014: Program Coordinator Samantha Ferber… estimates that more than 90 percent of the total sea stars in the lower intertidal…  succumbed to the disease… “There has never been an event this dramatic… dying rapidly… degrading before our eyes.”

Dr. Drew Harvell, Cornell University, Sept. 19, 2014: “Unprecedented… largest marine wildlife outbreak ever recorded in terms of number of species, and spread… [It] has big implications for humans… this epidemic is an emergency… If they disappear… we cannot repopulate them.”

Dr. Harvell: “It’s the largest epidemic we’ve ever seen with marine wildlife… We watched our populations go from thousands of stars to none over the space of a month.”

Bruce Menge, Oregon St. Univ.: [I can’t] find even a single star. “Deep down, I worry this might be a harbinger of some impending, major problem resulting from climate change… a complete alteration of coastal ecosystems”… Wasting syndrome appeared… the same time that deep, cold water rose up and filled the area… so perhaps it is not warming waters.

MSNBC, Sept. 17, 2014: It’s the largest known epidemic in the world’s oceans – Laura James, diver: “There were a whole bunch of sea stars that washed up… more than any of us had ever seen… I’ll never forget it, it was like a war zone… bodies laying around everywhere… Up and down the west coast from Mexico all the way up to Alaska, the scale of this is beyond anything I’ve ever even imagined. We’re already seeing changes, we’re seeing a shift in our biodiversity… [The sea stars] are all gone now… It could be an indicator of a bigger problem.” >> Watch the MSNBC segment  here

Published: October 2nd, 2014 at 11:28 pm ET


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251 comments to MSNBC: Largest epidemic ever seen in world’s oceans hits West Coast — Emergency legislation proposed in US Congress — Newsweek: Millions dead, researchers have lost count — Experts: It’s beyond anything I ever imagined… Disintegrating before our eyes… Never been an event so dramatic… Shorelines losing biodiversity, blanketed in barnacles (VIDEO)

  • Nick

    OT….but I hope relevant.

    By now, we are all getting up to speed over the EBOLA organism that is now on our shores.

    The government will be happy to use martial law as the disease spreads.

    We turned a blind eye on Fukushima's horrors, but maybe a little biological horror will open more eyes to the uselessness of our government in protecting us.

    Think about it. We are spending billions on ISIS.

    We sent thousands of troops to West Africa to help in containing ebola.

    Back to topic>>>

    Yet, the enemy is here, now wafting over our country, killing lifeforms.

    The EPA wants to raise "safe" dose levels of radiation. Now why is that? Because background radiation has risen due to FD-NPP WIPP, etc.

    The enemy is our own hubris.

    I shudder when I envision our future.

    Not ONE PENNY spent on warfare is worth it.

    • We Not They Finally

      I totally second everything you've said. It's just also time to push the envelope on questions: Like why is the U.S. MILITARY being sent to West Africa for a MEDICAL epidemic? And why is the locale of the outbreak of ebola in Sierra Leone right on top of the U.S. bioweapons factory there?

      Why was it the MILITARY that funded $291 million to a U.S. bio-tech company (Sarepta) to develop an ebola vaccine? Why was that vaccine announced just two weeks before the arrival of ebola in America? And what about the $50 million that Bill Gates is reported to have contributed towards the development and PATENTING of an ebola vaccine? He's not expecting a big return on investment? Of course he is! But can't happen unless we scare the bejesus out of people here in America.

      The Congressman cited above (Heck) may know nearly less than nothing about Fukushima or radiation, but at least he is noticing, and at least he thinks that destruction of our natural eco-system MATTERS.

      We can't watch national news anymore — all the hype and fraud. Tuned in for five minutes, only to hear that the President's
      "plate" is all filled with ebola and ISIS. He's had 3-1/2 years and counting, to alert America to destruction of their natural eco-system, leading to destruction of their very lives. But there is no room on his "plate" for that? Instead, he has the EPA raise the "safe" levels of radiation to post-lethal?

      These freaky people. Are they no longer even HUMAN?

      • Niels Peter Gjefle Slaatta

        They are Khazars.

      • SS4U SS4U

        Is it true the US Government has a patnet for the ebola virus, not the vaccine but the virusa itself. So this tells me that it's a lab made virus. But why ? Tonite CDC guy is unconvincing even to the media and the media is calling him out on this. So now were going to send our troops to Liberia and vicinity to "fight" ebola ? Meanwhile it got in here thru negligence. None of this passes the smell test.
        Lets not forget radiation can mutate a virus. Seems were seeing a lot of weird illnesses. I know this OT sorry.

      • We Not They Finally

        Why do you think they were ever humans???True that humans wouldnt destroy the world but astral reptilian entities would..Monsters from hell would do it and are going to do it.

      • We Not They Finally

        Now who said when you tell a lie tell a big lie???Because all we hear in the news these days are lies. The one fact that must be understood is no lie will cover up the death of our ocean.Once the Ocean is gone we are all gone.
        Those who are responsible for this colossal disaster may survive. If you want to call living deep under the earth surviving>there is a word for what the earth may soon become.."Rogue Planet…

    • name999 name999

      nick, …then people get the wasting disease.

    • The government isn't here to protect us; it's here to protect its own interests and the bankers that line their pockets.

  • Marcie

    All of the scientists "can't imagine" what is decimating an entire species of sea creature? Not to mention the polar bears losing their fur and the salmon with big tumors growing on them. Hey guys, maybe it's the RADIOACTIVE isotopes belching out of the MELTED DOWN REACTOR CORES at Fukushima for the last 3 years. You're right, I'm being silly. Uranium, plutonium, cesium, strontium, reactor cores that they CAN'T EVEN FIND…..what could go wrong?

  • Radioactive pollution is just one aspect of the economical assault on Mother Earth. Not downplaying Fukushima or WIPP or nuclear reactors that do not contain all radio includes produced. Just add to that carbon emmissions global warming deforestation plastic debris in oceans factory fishing genetically modified food crops pesticides and on and on and on. Man is the most successful invasive species this planet has seen. We have collectively detrimentally affected every species creature and fauna on this planet and changed makeup of the deepest sea to the highest stratosphere. Whereas up to very recently we have looked at nature as this boundless entity of perfection we now realize that it is a finite resource being modelled negatively by our short sited economical engine of destruction. Or to put it bluntly we are pissing in our droning water and shitting on our food and yet our learned scientific community are puzzled as to why we are having problems. A cat has more sense. Blessings to all.

  • Dick Shenary

    Just turned on MSNBC news and the commentator was discussing the "r" word which of coarse peaked my interest until I heard that the "r" word stood for Redskins. We are ignoring the clear perils of radiation while debating weather or not to use the word Redskins. How sad.

  • WesternKyMan

    Notice how they don't mention radiation in the article?

    That's because no die offs have been directly related to Fukushima. Most of the problems in this area pre-date Fukushima but doom porn fans must define a link between the two where no link exists.

    I am not saying that Fukushima is not having a detrimental effect on the Pacific Ocean, anybody with half a brain could see that it is and will continue to have for quite some time. But to surmise that radiation is killing sea life thousands of miles away from the accident is a bit of a stretch, especially when said sea life was dieing prior to 3/11/11.

    • weeman

      The great carbon sink that is the oceans are becoming saturated, but this cannot be attributed to just one thing it is a combination of factors, the biggest is overpopulation, this world can only support x amount of life of any form and mankind has a hell of a footprint on it.

    • cedar cedar

      WesternKY – The sea life don't stay in one place. The ocean currents and jet stream carry the radiation over here, and the fish travel too. And yes, sea life has been dying off before 3/11, but not at this level, and how many ancient, leaky reactors are all over the world dumping shit in to the oceans and atmosphere for decades now?
      Peace. Love. Laughter.

    • Oceanic

      Very good common sense observation, WesternKyMan. Much more of it is needed on this site.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      WesternKyMan says " But to surmise that radiation is killing sea life thousands of miles away from the accident is a bit of a stretch"

      Dont you agree that to be totally logical, the more correct statement is "In the absence of scientific testing, I DONT KNOW if the worlds largest radioactive toxin release into the ocean is killing sea life thousands of miles away from the accident"?

      If people want to lay claim to logic, they ought to use it.

      • +1 CodeShutdown

        -1 Oceanic and WKM

        There is NO STRETCH at all. Time will overcome the distance factor as this goo spreads and accumulates. It already has via atmospheric FALLOUT and ocean currents. We know this.

        You folks are off your rockers.

        Everything is connected.

        • Oceanic

          To what time and distance factor are you referring? The nuclear holocaust age began in the
          1940's, not in 2011. How was 20th Century radioactivity less dangerous than Fukushima?

          • combomelt combomelt

            and your name is Oceanic??!??

            3 awol reactor cores, and skyhigh who knows what that landed in the ocean, containing thousands of tons of nuclear effluent.

            Now the cores that are constantly being washed, bathed and pampered by thousands of tons of water washing over and around them and then directly into the Pacific "is a stretch".???? wtf???

            Wait and see, is all.

            something wicked this way comes

            • We Not They Finally

              That's true. What blew sky high and around the globe every 40 days from reactor 3 alone with the MOX fuel, plutonium and uranium both, is deadly.

              Nor are there any claims of "dilution" that are backed up by studies on either transmissibility through water, nor contamination rates escalating up through the food chain.

              It's not that there is no science, but there seems to be little RELEVANT science. When people are in denial about what is happening, they are not exactly running the righ tests either.

              And this is all SYNERGISTIC. Like marine organisms may die in increasing numbers from disease, but that is because radioactivity laid the groundwork of weakened immune systems, even to the point of specific radionuclides detrimenting specific parts of the organisms' (when they are animals) bodies.

              If the scientific world were compared to a police station, it would riddled with errors in "chain of custody." The wide open world of the ocean requires a wide open mind to integrate ALL that is happening out there.

            • Oceanic

              Yes, Oceanic. It's disappointing that you failed to mention the many hundreds of
              of nuclear bombs that the lunatics exploded in the Pacific Ocean the last century.
              Where do you think all of that radioactivity went? Did it float safely out into space?

      • Gasser Gasser

        Some of you folks here have not considered (short memory) the thousands of barrels of radioactive waste dumped into the oceans World wide plus sunken Nuclear sub's and other (to numerous to mention) radiation ditching that has now rusted holes leaching volumes of Becquerels every nano second, poisoning the entire ocean environment on all fronts, not forgetting Hanford, and every stinkin' piece of shit reactor that uses our drinking water to steam drive and cool them nasty fuck's…tell me something I don't know!…You all better dig deep into your procrastinating bucket list, the Nuclear Ebola Scientistzilla is on a rampage NOW! and gonna stomp our ass's dead and there ain't a Jesuschristly thing we can do to nullify this unstoppable ELE…end of story…suck on that FactChecker.

        • name999 name999

          gasser, thou hast said it.

        • We Not They Finally

          gasser, even in a world free of your endless cursing…. much truth in what you say. There is an AMAZING documentary, "The Dark Side of Humanity: Secret Nuclear Waste" which reveals where horrifying huge dumps in the world are.

          It's been so insanely irresponsible, that much was dumped into the ocean in containers known to only last 20 years tops, yet no one ever came back to check, much less update! It's like the whole world got marked "disposable."

      • We Not They Finally


    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      "But to surmise that radiation is NOT killing sea life thousands of miles away from the accident is a bit of a stretch….."

      This can also be said.

  • ***CALL FOR LINKS*** re fuku/tepco anomalies pointing to coverup

    research in progress

  • Dick Shenary

    WesternKYMan – Yes, we had some problems with the ocean prior to 3/11/11. But absolutely nothing like what has happened this year and late last has happened within my lifetime. The current events in the Pacific Ocean are unprecedented as entire species vanish right before the eyes of observers. Distance between the source of radiation and you mean nothing especially when some of the materials are inside of you.

    • Oceanic

      Your concern is truly appreciated, but these materials have been inside us all ever since the nuclear
      holocaust committed on land and sea by the major powers of many hundreds of nuclear bomb tests
      during the last century. In the early years they had no idea how powerful those explosions would be.
      An H-bomb blast near Tahiti caused Plutonium to rain down on the island for two days. The USA's many H-bomb blasts in the Central Pacific were closer closer to Hawaii than is Fukushima. The naval
      ports on the East and West Coast measure radiation leakage from the nuclear powered ships at bay.
      The Garden of Eden is no more.

      • Yes they've been inside us, doing their damage, for some time.

        IMO and many others – Fukushima, without a doubt, will add to ecosystem destruction.

        By some estimations Fukushima's TRIPLE MELTDOWNS have now equaled and will soon exceed 30 plus years of bomb testing in just 3 years and it's still spewing with no end in sight.

        To believe that Fukushima has no effect on ecosystems globally shows a LACK of COMMON SENSE and a lack of concern for every innocent living thing on the planet.

        I am all for thorough testing, but I have not seen any that is timely or has not been done by experts who have a direct conflict of interest.

        Okay, so…
        If you are right and I am wrong, then there's no harm done.
        If I'm right and you are wrong, there will be more harm done.

        Why anyone would not lean toward 'caution' when it comes to radioactive contamination worldwide is beyond my comprehension.

        • Oceanic

          What do you mean by 'caution': evacuation of the West Coast? evacuation of Hawaii? evacuation of
          Tahiti? That's what 'caution' appears to mean to some people. Why wasn't 'caution' taken during the last
          century when that radiation from H-bomb tests had polluted the ocean and air to this day?

          • We Not They Finally

            How nice that you get to be "the voice of reason." It's either denial, or well….. DENIAL. It's hardly just a little bit more of what we've had for a long time. It's like that big huge world-wide "dam" BROKE, hugely, irrevocably, looks like now beyond repair. Critical mass, or some such.

            • Oceanic

              The denial is on your part. Where was all of that radioactivity before the dam broke? Safe and secure behind the dam?
              Do you suggest that all that radioactivity since the 1940's is just "a little bit more" in addition to Fukushima? Just a little extra?
              Are we going to be playing word games now?

              The mad scientists and the mad politicians have contaminated the oceans, the atmosphere, and the land with nuclear holocaust since the 1940's. The Central and South Pacific were the playground for their H-bomb toys. Plutonium all over the place from New Zealand to South America and beyond.
              We can't ignore that as we decide about Fukushima.

              This ENENews website provides articles with balanced information should anyone choose to read them, such as this one from last month:

              A UC Santa Barbara marine biologist, Stephen Schroeter, has found the same bacteria in the sea stars which he discovered in the 1980's sea star epidemic, long before Fukushima. We just play games if we say Fukushima made it worse.

              Fukushima has brought attention to the insanity of nuclear waste storage everywhere. There is no safe place for it. You can't ignore the nuclear navy or nuclear medicine and think, well, Fukushima is worse. That's irresponsible

              • COMMON SENSE clearly suggests Fukushima has added greatly to the toilet/food source we call the Pacific ocean.

                Weakened immune systems, illness' and suffering that follow will 'most likely' be a result of the ongoing onslaught of radioactive contamination from 70 years of lack of forethought regarding every living thing on the planet.

  • SS4U SS4U

    notice the unusual warming of the northern Pacific ? maps on line through noaa

  • rogerthat

    Oct. 3
    The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan has increased by 50% its estimate of the strength of an earthquake that could hit the plant… from 600 gals to 900 gals.

    They also increased the height of a possible tsunami to 26 meters (from 14 metres).

    (in 2011, the plant's area registered strength of up to 675 gals and the tsunami height was 15.5 meters.)

  • rogerthat

    MOSCOW, October 3 (RIA Novosti) – Russian scientists from the research vessel Professor Khlyustin, studying the consequences of the Fukushima disaster, have taken samples of water not far from the territorial waters of Japan, the Khlopin Radium Institute, a subsidiary of the Russian state corporation Rosatom said in a message released on Friday.
    "Five samples have been taken from the waters to the east of the wrecked nuclear power plant, for measuring the volumetric activity of caesium, strontium and tritium radioisotopes," the message read, adding that a sample for testing plutonium levels has also been taken.
    According to the document, the water samples are to be tested for radioactive isotopes at the Khlopin Radium Institute laboratories in St. Petersburg…

  • rogerthat

    today's funny:

    Reusable nuclear fuel is an asset for future generations
    Rod Adams · October 3

    • Thinking ARod has finally lost his mind. He wrote also that anti nukers were out to raise energy prices by manipulation. It was like he took the story of big utilities and simply swapped the name of the perps.

  • califnative califnative

    catslobber-wanted to reply directly to your message but I'm having problems with staying logged in. Thank you for sharing your story about your garden in PA, the same thing is happening San Francisco. I wondered if you are aware of chemtrails. This massive assault across the globe is affecting everyone, I imagine this is also ruining your garden. is a good website to check out. Thanks again for sharing your story here for others to see.

  • ftlt

    Climate Change's maw is opening. It will swallow our known world and have it morph on to something else without us.

    • ftlt

      Coming to Northern California in next week – Nighttime temps in the low 60s in mid October. With highs only in the high 80s forecast. 60 nighttime highs are usually associated with 100 degree days in Northern California

      This is incredible. Nighttime temps are a big key to our changing climate.

      The oceans and land is being raped.

      I'm not trying to downplay FUFU here. But, we must recognize that other powerful forces are at work in and on the biosphere.

      Every nuclear site on this planet is threatened by climate change in one way or another. Firstly and most importantly by, the coming global social instability created by climate change.

      We need to shut them down and make them as safe as possible now.

  • Dozens of my relatives and close friends are away for 3 to 5 days, camping out off grid, at the Okanogan Family Faire right now. (Well over 10,000 people have booths or attend to connect year after year at the rural site.) Sustainability, buying locally harvested foods, trading goods, seeing old like-minded friends, music, activism, healing….it's an amazing example of thousands of individuals sharing good times, current information and comparing notes.

    The hot topics will be food production results, increasing radiation damages noticed this year and how to spread the word further regarding how to best survive this unimaginable assault by deadly man made isotopes on all life forms.

    There is not ONE nuclear shill who can stop the magnitude of these grass roots events from occurring! 🙂
    Knowledge of what's happening in our daily lives is power!
    Keep it rolling people! 🙂

      • Thanks Obvious! It is beautiful and such a popular long time gathering that a good chunk of the attendees and vendors are third generational now. Folks work ahead to prepare the site, usually in trade for their family passes.

        People travel from all over and it has everything but enough room. Often people are backed up on the highway on a Friday and have to be turned away because the local fire/safety officials' permits allow 10,000 people at the site. (Unless they've changed it this year, IDK for sure)

        More of these events are cropping up world wide every year, where people are actually creating the change they wish to see. (It doesn't include agreeing to be poisoned by the mega nuclear related industries out of control toys though…LOL!)

        Peace, love, stay in touch with nature. 🙂

        • I do know… my oldest brother is married to a Yurok native, Crescent City area; spent time with her family on occasion and am very close, in heart and soul, to native ways. benn to quite a few gatherings in the pacific nw, from Alaska to Calif & even in Wyoming. My native relatives did not respond well to the idea they ought stop eating salmon, of course… perhaps your efforts can help them understand the serious issues around eating contaminated fish.

    • califnative califnative

      LastChants I was just thinking about that this morning sitting on the balcony watching deep radiated red cloud sunrise, remnants of chemtrails, scalar waves and haarp holes while my Geiger counter peaks on 20 uSv/h. Tired of going this alone in Arizona and need to find other folks in my neck of the woods. If you have any links to these awareness groups I'd appreciate it.

  • Doc Lemm

    No radiation here in Ocean Shores, Wa… WTF is Enenews talking about? How about some proof?

    • EneNews is a news aggregator, not a news provider…check the linked articles at top for the news at the source…

    • Jebus Jebus

      I didn't see "RADIATION" in the headlines, did you?

    • Clue: The proof is in the pudding.
      LOL! (Sends pudding checker) There!

    • No radiation? What reality is that?

      Zero reality?

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        FC doesn't seem to realize that background radiation now includes and ever exponentially increasing amount of nuclear radiation including many radionuclides or synthentic or artificial isotopes.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Sorry, I didn't realize the response was to Doc Lemm. I suggest that he buy a Geiger counter.

          • Sickputer

            Oh Doc has a geiger counter and he reports regularly he finds low ""normal" readings.

            Unfortunately this disaster is far beyond the purview of a $2000 radiation device.

            Follow the trail of animal species extinctions and death and destruction of the food chain. You don't need a government $10 million dollar detector to see where this is headed. YMMV

            Besides…the nucleoapes never reveal the dangers until long after the fact. Reduces panic and costs a lot less. Economics 102 in the military industrial complex era.

            However, the Fallout Age advances much faster than the last Ice Age and eventually even old pristine Ocean Shores will register a few hot beeps on the consumer counters.

            Take care Doc, we're all not dead yet…just contaminated. Cheers!

    • Doc Lemm:

      The following EPA radiation readings (displayed in Counts Per Minute (CPM)) were taken in Spokane WA and Richland WA a few minutes ago. These readings are displayed 24/7 at the nuclear emergency tracking center ( website. Any readings above 50 CPM is considered hazardous.

      470 CPM
      NETC.COM © 2014
      Station ID 5:912 Spokane, WA, US
      Click here for data charts
      CPM: current 470 Low 285 High 622
      Average 371, Deviation 60.5
      (CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)

      Last updated: 2014-10-05 10:22:00

      311 CPM
      NETC.COM © 2014
      Station ID 5:949 Richland, WA, US
      Click here for data charts
      CPM: current 311 Low 193 High 355
      Average 235, Deviation 27.3
      (CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)

      Last updated: 2014-10-05 10:16:00

      I will provide more real-time CPM readings from your state and others if you request it. Yes, there is high radiation in your state and in my state (Florida) as well!


      bed pan

      • Haidagwaii Haidagwaii

        Hey Bed Pan,

        From my eyes I can't see Richland on the, haven't for a while.

        Please confirm. Thanks

        • Are you a chart member at netc, Haidagwaii? If not you can become a member for $19.95 a year. When you call up, the display of readings shown is for non-members and the locations are fewer and are different than for members.

          Also, if you ARE a chart member, after you sign in you must click on "Chart Members Rad Map" at the left menu to change to the members map display (readings). I hope this helps.

          The latest CPM reading for Richland, WA a few minutes ago on chart members display:

          308 CPM
          NETC.COM © 2014
          Station ID 5:949 Richland, WA, US
          Click here for data charts
          CPM: current 308 Low 193 High 355
          Average 235, Deviation 28.1
          (CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)

          Last updated: 2014-10-06 10:21:00 GMT-0400


          bed pan

    • hbjon hbjon

      I just left Ocean Shores a few days ago and the weather was beautiful. I went for a nice hike through some open fields and ate some delicious mushrooms that only appeared to be moderately mutated. I actually expected to see more clear proof of radiation.

      Forgot detectors at home 🙁

      Noticed only a mild nose bleed. Hopefully I'll be ok.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Reality appears to be created in/by the individual mind…

  • Ki11more Ki11more

    This makes me think TPTB are now desperately trying to show they had a handle on all this all along….My thinking is that Dana (beautifulgirlbydana on youtube or look at has pushed them into a corner where they now have no choice but to start acknowledging that which has started to become apparent…the pacific ocean and all life connected to it is currently struggling to survive against an ongoing invisible assault from radioactive wash out of melted down and out of containment nuclear fuels that have slumped into the ground below multiple reactors and spent fuel pools…..
    Not gonna lie i had a little wobble in my belief of this after being contacted by several youtuber's going on about Dana scamming money from
    vulnerable people…..but then i've realised i've grown to believe Dana's view more than a bunch of randoms trying to upset the mission and cause as much trouble as possible….. seems to me there is something more troubling afoot here…..something that makes people like JoshuaSr33 and other assorted cronies from youtube want to hide the truth…

    Dana Keep up the good work…..

    Iain from Portsmouth UK

  • We Not They Finally

    Yes the question of whether the human beings who are caught up in the immediacy of lowering the worlds population to 500 million.Excuses what these few oligarchs want is to turn this world into their play pen…

    If this was a football game id have to say these oligarchs have a path to their goal….World domination is one thing..Extinction of the worlds ecology,loss of the food chain and destruction of their fellow humans is something else…And certainly their satanic goal is in sight….

  • We Not They Finally

    Its not an epidemic ..Its part of a massive extinction event.Its the start of the elimination of all life on this dying planet.this is step by step. maybe only few yrs left..Thasts why it is an ELE…Extinction level event…So it is totally crazy to be worrying about population control. Its evil for the sake of evil.I add danmnation for the sake of damnation…

  • Comparing Contaminated Zones Around Chernobyl And Fukushima Plus Total Ocean Radiation Released; via A @AGreenRoad

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