Mag: Evidence linking nuclear plants to ill health increasingly compelling, “clear something is going” says prof. — UK gov’t blames unidentified virus for childhood leukemia rise

Published: February 15th, 2012 at 2:36 pm ET


Title: New study links childhood leukaemia to nuclear power plant radiation
Source: The Ecologist
Author: Matilda Lee
Date: Feb 15, 2012

[…] In the latest development in the debate over to what extent there is a link between childhood leukaemia and radiation from nuclear power plants, a French study has found a doubling in the incidence of the disease among children under 5 living within 5-kilometre radius of a nuclear plant.

The study, conducted by the Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire (INSERM) and reported in the International Journal on Cancer in January 2012, looked at child leukaemia cases nationwide diagnosed between 2002 and 2007, with addresses coded around 19 nuclear power plants. It demonstrated a statistically significant doubling of the incidence of leukaemia childhood near nuclear power plants.

The French study confirms an earlier German study, known as the KiKK, which found a doubling of the incidence of child leukaemia near nuclear power plants, and an increased risk of 60 per cent for all childhood cancers. The KiKK findings were confirmed by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection. […]

University of Warwick’s Dr Paul Dorfman, former Secretary to the UK government’s Committee examining radiation risks from internal emitters

  • What the French study does is confirm the earlier KiKK findings, a very statistically sound study by the German Childhood Cancer Registry
  • It does seem clear that there is something going on around nuclear plants in Germany, in the UK around Sellafield and now in France
  • The scientific evidence for a clear association, if not a causal link, between operating nuclear plants and ill health in communities nearby seems increasingly compelling

The UK ‘response’

  • However, last year the UK government […] concluded that it, ‘has found no reason to change its previous advice that there is no evidence to support the view that there is an increased risk of childhood leukaemia and other cancers in the vicinity of NPPs [nuclear power plants] due to radiation effects’
  • COMARE accepted the findings of the KiKK study, but rather than radiation being a causative factor, it pointed to growing evidence of the role of a viral infection, the so-called population mixing theory
  • ‘[…] a virus hasn’t been identified, COMARE can’t show causation. For COMARE to use this as a blanket explanation for an increase in leukaemia rates is potentially misleading. It is not an either/or. In other words, radiation may very well play a part in these ill health excess,’ says Dr Dorfman
  • When asked for comment, a member of COMARE’s Secretariat, Dr Kerry Broom, said that it is aware of the French INSERM study and will be discussing it at the next COMARE meeting in March

Read the report here

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Published: February 15th, 2012 at 2:36 pm ET


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30 comments to Mag: Evidence linking nuclear plants to ill health increasingly compelling, “clear something is going” says prof. — UK gov’t blames unidentified virus for childhood leukemia rise


    Gotta love the British 'scientific' response! They haven't identified a virus but it's likely a virus is the cause for increased cases of childhood leukemia in those who live within a certain distance of nuclear power plants?! Now, that's 'science' at its best!!!

  • Mack Mack

    "The Kinderkrebs in der Umgebung von Kernkraftwerken study, known by its acronym KiKK, was a large, well-designed study with a case-control format (1,592 cancer cases and 4,735 controls). The investigators – who were not opposed to nuclear power – anticipated they'd find "no effect… on the basis of the usual models for the effects of low levels of radiation." [21]

    But they found, to their surprise, that children who lived less than 5 km from a plant were more than twice as likely to develop leukemia as children who lived more than 5 km away."



    February 15, 2012

    Dear Friends,

    Today, NIRS and 37 other organizations submitted a formal Petition for Rulemaking to the NRC to expand emergency evacuation zones around U.S. nuclear reactors and make other improvements in emergency preparedness. We're calling this the Nuclear 911 campaign.

    • Bones Bones

      Yet, they still can contaminate us and cause people death and immense suffering. Can only make life a living hell for those owning and operating these plants. Bankrupting them through bureaucracy might be the only hope.

      That is a great initiative, sadly I can tell you what I think will most likely happen. The NRC will say, "Oh, how nice sweetums. We will definitely take your concerns seriously…and into the waste bin. Thanks again, hun!" It is like letting a serial killer continue to kill and rob as long as he cleans up the place afterwards.

      We do not matter and do not control the government. SOPA/PIPA being "defeated" by public outcry was just misdirection. Obama already signed ACTA into law months before we heard about the latter two bills.

      Keystone Pipeline being defeated by public outcry. There are more reasons than public outcry for it being shelved… for the moment. If it is profitable and benefits the elites and owners, the pipeline will be built as soon as they can manufacture consent and launch a sophisticated brainwashing campaign.

      Sorry, ugh I am just in a bad mood. So sad reading about innocent people once again beholden to corporations/business and profit gods. We will never be free of nuclear until the people, for lack of a better word, "wake-up" to reality. No more learning from propagandist history books in the U.S. and no more trusting anything the media says. Stripping the NY Times and other "respectable" journalism of the legitimacy they do not deserve. I wish every American could read, or watch his lectures on, Manufacturing Consent. The media is the crutch this pathetic empire is built on. I don't mean to offend you; I am just grumpy and frustrated at how distorted the average person's reality has become. At least, I can come here and read sane thoughts in an insane world.

  • Bones Bones

    What did you expect for a response? If they admit there is a danger or that the plants have and still do cause cancers, what would people want to happen to these plants? Shut them down? Never gonna happen. We live in a society built on fear and misinformation through propaganda. Those who hurt others and do wrong can legally do it, while those who do good are punished, because of lost profits, for wanting justice . (Seems we are Ferengi. lol) Good is bad, bad is good. This is reality and this dynamic hasn't changed for thousands of years, save for the few anarchist tribes throughout history. Now, if we all had billions of dollars we could get the plants offline in a year.


      @Bones: not to say that the pressure should be let up, but be assured, they're 'going off line'! It is about economics and due to Fukushima, the – real – economics of nuclear power is coming into question. Unless you're intent on bankrupting every sector of any-and-every economy, you can only conclude that there must be other ways to generate – cost-effective – power for a modern society. Don't for a second, believe that the 'big boys' aren't looking at all of this now; regardless what place you have or part played, in the global economy. But again, you have to keep up the pressure! Keep shining the light of truth!!!

      • huskydawg44

        Sorry for my first post being conspiracy theory, but what if there are people that want the global economy to go bankrupt so they can replace it with their own? Maybe they'd love for nuclear to continue (not entirely sure why, but the insane people can't be asked to always make rational decisions). I guess I'm trying to say that I generally agree with Bones here.

        Having been following ENEnews for months, I've seen a tendancy for enenews readers to flame new posters for a lack of clarity as they join into the discussion, so let me be clear that I'm not trying to be contradictory, and I don't want to stray off topic too much.

        I forget how long I've been reading ENEnews, but it's been at least 8 months now. The main reason I come back and read daily (despite the depression it seems to instil) is that I fully agree that nuclear power is corrupt, unsustainable, and highly toxic in all aspects to our planet. I only wish I could afford a geiger counter to see how much of the F-shimia radiation has made it here to Washington State in the USA where I live.

        I haven't posted earler because you can't be more anonymous on the intranet than not posting anything.

        Keep up the good work people. I enjoy reading what you all have to say.

        • huskydawg44

          I should mention that I'm a bit tired today and on lunch at work, so I hope my thoughts aren't too jumbled.

        • or-well

          hi huskydawg44
          "IMF dirty MF
          takes away everything it can get
          always making certain
          there's one thing left
          keep them on the hook
          with insupportable debt"

          There's part of the answer.

          From Bruce Cockburns'
          "They Call It Democracy"

  • Joe Ebslap Joe Ebslap

    How anyone could think a technology that produces highly poisonous thousand year waste is a good thing, is beyond my comprehension.

    • labmonkeywithagun labmonkeywithagun

      The Tennessee Valley Authority Tennessee Valley Authority has ordered an unpaid work stoppage for 1,000 contract workers at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant in Spring City, Tenn., after finding that cables had been mistakenly removed from the plants operating nuclear reactor in December

      Disconnected a running reactor!!!!!

      Use it often with my blessings…..several new stories at huffpo. I do a search (bar at top) keywords= nuclear, fukushima or radiation.


        your handle (labmonkeywithagun) and avatar are pure genius. I want that cat!!!

        • labmonkeywithagun labmonkeywithagun

 (usually go to bottom links)
          hilarious stuff, the "monkey" AV used to be a Baboon with an AK-47,hadn't grab it back….usually over at HuffPo.
          Things get recycled that I like.
          😉 thanx though. When bored, check that site and the pictures there are sometimes great.


      @stock: turns-out, HP features the breaking Fukushima stories in the GREEN section…

      I normally don't read HP; but given the appeals by you and Whoopie, I will start checking it out. Thanks…

  • StillJill StillJill

    Oh man,..stock,…you almost got me to jump in. I will–soon,…I'm almost back to my 'fighting weight'! 🙂

    In the mean time,….I'm thinking I'm seeing a good trend.
    The pro-nuke guys might be saying, "full speed ahead",…but I don't see the $ following! There are numerous 'flies in their ointments'.
    Let's keep it up, shall we? 🙂


      @StillJill: didn't know you weren't feeling good. I'll say a prayer that you knit well. We need you and that 'ruler' out here…


  • StillJill StillJill

    AFTERSHOCK,…you're too kind! 🙂

    I'll never live that ruler down, will I! 🙂 (Notice no question mark?) 🙂


      @StillJill: I noticed from another of your posts, you're being proactive and taking a more holistic approach. You are definitely doing the right thing. I make a point of listening to my body and not dictating my desires to it. This is another way of saying, don't be extreme and go easy. Make your efforts a lifestyle thing. Moderation is important. My latest thing (over the last year) is in using sprouts to replace store-bought greens. When I get in touch with someone that you know out here via email, I'll talk more about this.

      Must sign-off now to do some domestic things. Love and peace to a good woman…

  • arclight arclight

    heres some good investigation that mentions the university fudging the data by not looking specifically at the downwind communities, they include the upwind figures too! more uk manipulation of the staistical "mean" this is a classsic pro nuke ploy!

    the following documentaries can only be viewed within the uk! go figure! so you dont get to see dome GOOD investigative journalism and a summary from busby! the same way the uk will not see the high peaking gieger reading rained on video i posted!! its a funny world.. heres some info from the llrc website! uk study done in wales, prooves the cluster theory!

    the universities have been prevaracating for so long they are caught up in there own BS !! THEY CANT SEE THE WOOD FOR THE TREES!

    "Welsh-language TV channel S4C has reported new evidence of a cancer cluster near the nuclear power stations at Wylfa in Wales.
    Commissioned by S4C, Professor Chris Busby analysed official data for cancer deaths, showing a statistically significant 58% increase in female breast cancer and 50% increased lung cancer in men downwind of the two Magnox reactors, which began production in 1971.
    Internet users within the UK can view the programme here –

    It is the second of two programmes investigating the significance of the Fukushima disaster for the proposed new nuclear reactor at Wylfa.
    The first programme, Y Byd ar Bedwar – Fukushima, was transmitted on 12th December. It can be seen on until 16th January. (bit late now sorry! arc)

    For reasons of copyright, most S4C programmes including Y Byd ar Bedwar can not be streamed outside the British Isles.

    you might find some of the series here.. maybe 😉

  • stopnp stopnp

    These people are such aholes. Anything to make it not have to do with nuclear power plants.