“Mysterious circumstances” of explosion at reactor No. 3 — Cannot be explained by a simple hydrogen build-up

Published: April 26th, 2011 at 12:45 pm ET


Fairewinds Associates email update via hudebnik, April 26, 2011 at 12:10 pm EDT:

Tomorrow at 7pm EST Arnie Gundersen […] explores “the mysterious circumstances surrounding the powerful explosion that rocked Fukushima Daiichi reactor building 3. The force […] was unlike the others and cannot be explained by a simple hydrogen build-up.” (From today’s Fairewinds update email).

From yesterday: Russian TV Host: There are reports that one of the Fukushima explosions was not actually a gas blast but a “nuclear reaction” (VIDEO)


Published: April 26th, 2011 at 12:45 pm ET


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46 comments to “Mysterious circumstances” of explosion at reactor No. 3 — Cannot be explained by a simple hydrogen build-up

  • radegan

    Stay out of hot tubs, Arnie.

  • Novamind

    Just What were the Japanese doing that they are worried about the world finding out about? Hummm..

  • Nevadan

    I saw video of the explosion of reactor 3 on CNN at around 3:00am. By the next morning, they were no longer showing that explosion, but in reporting about it, they would show the first explosion and simply report that the second explosion was like that first one, a hydrogen explosion.

    Just one problem!!! The first explosion was much lower, and was dirty white. The second was a mushroom like cloud, very dark, but there is more. Not once since I saw that explosion have I seen a video that shows the whole story.

    After the initial explosion, I saw a heavy, outpouring of a chemically red steam. It was not fire, but a very eerie colored red. I knew bad things were happening. The videos of that event stop before that can be shown.

  • ottawadave

    Don’t forget to donate to Mr. Gundersen and the operator of this website.

    I am affiliated with neither, just amazed that someone like Mr. Gundersen exists. He is rising to the occasion because no one else will.

    Royal Wedding! American Idol! Dancing with the Stars!

    The reactor 3 explosion had a huge, dirty, hot cloud that rose 300 ft or so, ejecting solids along the way. Uhhh… 2 H2 + O2 = 2 H2O not big hot filthy black cloud starting from a red/yellow jet.

    • tony wilson

      i agree…
      mr gunderson is a gem..a very modest heroic figure…
      folks if you can donate a couple of dollars on his site.
      i also think he may need to get some security..
      it seems to be becoming normal for
      people like arnie to have odd accidents happen to them.

      it is strange how reactors 1 and 3 had 10 german computer control system specialists working for areva of france.

      and a security team of 6 from israel from a company called magna bsp.
      the stuxnet computer virus destroys siemens systems.
      it was designed and is now infecting the iranian nuclear facilities.

      the virus was developed in israel and you had israeli security magna bsp on site.
      what a strange old world we live and die in.

  • xdrfox

    Must have been a rod assembly in a fuel pool !

  • Cindy

    From Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams:

    “The Clouds~..The RED one is Plutonium 239, 10,000,000th of a gram causes cancer. The Yellow one is Strontium 90; causes leukemia. The Purple one is Cesium-137. It affects reproduction, causes mutations/monstrosities..”


  • 67Mopar

    If you look at the explosion of reactor #3, you will see heavier debris dropping to the ground out of the explosion plume… Would that be the mox rods?

    I still don’t think there’s anything to be concerned about here in the USA. If you doubt my word – check out the interview with Ann Coulter on Fox News…

    How do you think Peter Parker became “Spiderman”?
    What about “Godzilla”? He’s bad-ass!
    Paul Rogers is “Radioactive”!


  • Tricky Dick

    Officials are more interested in saving their face than in saving their a$$.

  • Syd

    I wonder when the media will consider this a problem and start reporting on it?The lack of reliable and consistent reporting in the US is an embarrassment.It shows just how corrupt and morally bankrupt those feckless turds really are.

    • Tricky Dick

      Sometime AFTER hell freezes over.

    • xdrfox

      I said 5 weeks ago with head news people sent there, “We may see some of them leaving the broadcast air unexpectedly to all expect them that remember they were walking around in the fallout daily !”

    • The Hanford List

      – In which basket is the Global Media?

      – Ted Turner: “pop reduction to 500million would be ideal” (psst. project is ON)

      – What does -c0d€x @l1mentar1us- mean?

      – Who is the worlds biggest stockholder?

      Some day smone will see j€-suit-vat-i-can,

      Some day smone will read Rev.17.

  • Moonshelblu

    Great video showing similarities:http://youtu.be/1Q3ljfLvHww

  • Noah

    Uranium Particulates
    Hawaii & USA

    “It is therefore of concern that data has now appeared from the USA EPA that seems to confirm that uranium particulates are traveling at least as far as the Hawaii and probably across the USA. This is a very serious global health threat and air sample data need to be obtained from systems in the USA and in Europe as a matter of urgency.”
    – Busby Fuku particles

    “The uranium particulates from Fukushima are of great concern since respirable (inhaled) aerosol uranium is now known to be extremely genotoxic due to photoelectron conversion of gamma radiation and because Uranium binds to DNA.” – Busby Fuku particles

    • Noah

      Air Quality
      Lifestyle Changes in a Post 311 world

      I am now working on installing a electrostatic cell, 5 stage air purification unit into my vehicle.

      The unit will be powered by a 12 volt to 110 inverter. I am assembling the components now.

      As the situation worsens and fallout accumulates, airborne particulates will be a concern, especially uranium particulates (see quote above).

      I already have a test unit operating in my home. If tests goes well and air sample concentration/collection project off the filters is a success, will report after measurement sometime in mid-may. I will be receiving more sensitive measurement devices at that time.

      • Noah I build air systems for clean room. I would like a little info in what brand of filter carbon charcoal what size and Vo are you running

        • extra knight

          any recommendations on portable, backpack type take along charcoal and ceramic water filters..

    • Tricky Dick

      Don’t forget the rest of the alpha emmitors-like Plutonium etc.

  • Moonshelblu

    oops I have posted the same video thrice but it is worth viewing.

  • Moonshelblu

    You poisoned my sweet water.
    You cut down my green trees.
    The food you fed my children
    Was the cause of their disease.
    My world is slowly fallin’ down

  • I think that explains the high readings I had on my CDV 720 Survey meter. This meter is only going to read very high RADS as in Explosions not back ground radiation. I have not seen any readings like this after the 2 days I got them. 1.5 too 2 rads a hour for 2 days If some one could set off another nuke I will verify my Theory.

    • Tricky Dick

      Don’t forget to find someone with a detector that measures alphas.Lot of this nasty stuff that goes internal gives off alphas. Not a lot of alpha detecting going on-or data being released. Gee, I wonder why…

  • xdrfox

    histle-blowers Ignored

    Prior the March 11th Fukushima meltdown, numerous whistle-blowers who publicly spoke-out about the danger of Japan’s nuclear power plants were ignored and/or fired.

    Thirty five years ago, Dale G. Bridenbaugh and two of his colleagues at General Electric, which designed the Fukushima reactors, resigned from their jobs after becoming convinced that the nuclear reactor design for the Mark 1 was flawed and could lead to a devastating accident.

    Questions persisted for decades about the ability of the Mark 1 to handle the immense pressures that would result if the reactor lost cooling power, and today that design is being put to the ultimate test in Japan. Five of the six reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, which has been wracked since Friday’s earthquake with explosions and radiation leaks, are Mark 1’s.

    Bridenbaugh said that “the problems we identified in 1975 were…

    Profit and Public Harm

    Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is the fourth largest electric power company in the world and the largest from Asia. TEPCO has one-third of the Japanese electric market and is the largest of the 10 electric utilities in Japan. Therefore, TEPCO is really a state-endorsed monopoly that has a great deal of control over the Japanese government and political puppets the world-over.

  • whimbrel

    I think it is clear that Tepco owns Japan and has it by the cojones. It is also clear that there is some other agenda hidden here. Like yes, what was it Japan was doing, working on , or wtf ever that go it blasted. And even if japanese nuclear guys are so stupid as to try to save face… why is the rest of the world HANDS OFF! this is the real question. Isnt it weird going around being the only one who knows there is rad everywhere and knows we are being killed. I dont even have the heart to tell people anymore they get so depressed and shaken up…………………..

  • appalled

    So, damage-wise there would have been “not a lot different, actually” between the hydrogen explosion and the nuclear reaction.
    So why lie? To save face of course. The nuclear industry does not want to admit that their plethora of ‘experts’ were wrong, and their ‘ameteur’ critics were right. What the ‘experts’ said could never happen happened, but will that ultra-arrogant mob admit it? no friggin’ way.

  • The Hanford List

    1. The 18 second xplosion video of the Daichii PLUTONIUM reactor 3, available in the youtube, starts with an echo – what kind of coverup here = as 1.st explosion sound is cut out?

    2. Next come the THREE xplosions. (Some say ? special ops at site) hmm.

    3. Four inspectors arriving at site – killed. What is the truth about it?

    4. Video quality given is intentionally appaling. Clear picture gives the dirty details… see my friends.

    5. Sound intentionally muffled. To keep us all misinformed.

    I tried to unravel these issues while translating into finnish, see this xplosion video in the end of this intreview.

    Also check the illustrations added..

    Dr. Helen Caldicott GRTV; Press Conference: The dangers of Nuclear War Montreal March 18 2011

    BTW. Thnaks for all the links, folks!

  • The Hanford List

    Just the short 15sec Plutonium reactor 3 -video … and its xplosive 4-phase sound expanded here