Mystery Continues: Original 295 microSv/h black substance remains untested — Locals getting suspicious?

Published: February 19th, 2012 at 10:55 am ET


We have received another update from N.K., a concerned citizen in Japan who provided the translation for the first article on this matter February 12:

As was pointed out, Mr. Oyama’s blog has some problems. Now, many Minami-Soma peoples are talking […]

SKF’s article is OK scientifically, but the sample was collected by Mr. Ooyama, so it was not the real black substance which shows 295 microSv/h.

Mr. Ooyama and Prof. Yamauchi may aim to show lower value of radiation to public […]

The blogger who has the 295 microSv/h substance is still looking for the way of radionuclide analysis.

Regarding the report from yesterday, HCR’s data may be correct.

which means α: 45.699μSv/h

But, value of alpha-ray is slightly too high. There is some possibility that gamma + beta is higher than 15.622 and alpha-ray is much lower than 45.699. Please keep watching Mr. Ooyama’s blog, SKF blog, and other HCR related sources.

On the other hand, the blogger ( doubts the validity of data, and claims that those three values should be much lower, because he has already surveyed the parking lot. He also says that HCR’s sample is the same as Mr. Ooyama’s sample tested by Prof. Yamauchi.

The blogger detected following data at the parking lot on Jan. 16th.

which means α: 12.497μSv/h

Both data can be correct or incorrect, it is so hard to judge.

The situation is so complicated, and appearing several different samples make me confused. It’s looks like political matter among Mr. Ooyama, HCR, and the blogger.

Published: February 19th, 2012 at 10:55 am ET


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19 comments to Mystery Continues: Original 295 microSv/h black substance remains untested — Locals getting suspicious?

  • CaptD CaptD

    Here is my explanation of the Black G☢☢

    I believe that the reason for the high Cesium counts is the interaction of Earth Quakes (EQ's) with the Corium(s) with the groundwater below the complex and that may even be cause of the Black Dust that is now being widely observed in Northern Japan.

    EQ's + H☢T Corium(s) + Ground water = (Hydro Corium) Fissioning

    Fissioning + Time => Radioactive Steam Releases => Black Dust

    Black Dust + the burning of radioactive Debris forms Black G☢☢

  • CaptD CaptD

    What is wrong with this "Picture"?

    1. Tepco is one the "GANGS" that runs Japan.
    2. What is good for TEPCO is good for Japan.
    3. The Japanese people MUST OBEY TEPCO for the "GOOD" of the Country.
    4. The financial health of TEPCO is more important than the physical health,
    … of the Japanese People and all their FUTURE children!
    5. Only TEPCO knows what is best, all others must BOW to TEPCO's Rule.
    Japan is now a majority TEPCO Stock Owner, where is their TEPCO Board seat and who is asking questions and demanding answers for all those in Tokyo receiving TEPCO's radioactiv­e fallout?

    This is UNACCEPTAB­LE!

    Who wants to star in a Japanese radioactiv­e pollution Film!

  • CaptD CaptD

    I think future generations will look at what is happening in Japan as a perfect example of a Government using Science to condom its citizens to an unhealthy future in order to make money for those that control the Government!

    TEPCO is now engaged in a Health War not only against the Japanese People but all those living downwind from Fukushima!

    • Jebus Jebus

      LOL! If they condom their citizens, you would think that they would be protected….
      I think you meant condemn?

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      You assume future generations. These kids aren't having babies:

      Two key issues, before complete human DNA destruction. How soon will the world's already depleted bee populations be affected? No bees, no food.

      Second, how soon will the world's phytoplankton be affected? It supplies us with 50+% of the world's oxygen.

      Both bees and phytoplankton are highly susceptible to radiation destruction.

      What will give out first – breathable air, food or human DNA?

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter


      • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

        I don't believe that worlds bee population in being wiped out. It just so happens it is the U.S. bee population that is being wiped out.

        Food-giving out..hmmm, guess it pertains to the human food supply. This could be the one that gives out first but it would be a long time into the future. I think people have bought into the lie that the world is over populated when if fact the world's entire population could fit inside Texas, not shoulder to shoulder but actually live within it's boundaries.

        Water-theres still a whole lot of fresh water on the planet in the for glaciers, underground aquifers as well as large amount of fresh water contained in the Antarctica ice shelf. It's just a matter of how to get from source to store.

        DNA-this could be the on that actually goes extinct first. What we are talking about is viable human DNA. With as much radiation that now covers the planet it could be that viable DNA left a long time ago.
        There is something I've noticed in the aging U.S. population and I'm still investigating the cause. It's not across the board but what I'm seeing is a change in the placement of the eyes. My Dad for instance has had no issues with his eyes up until his sixties. His left eye gradually turn outwards. I've seen it in many other people, just do a search for William Shattner and look at the images of him in his younger years and images of him now and you will notice that the left eye has turned. IT IS always the left eye. I want to know why this is. The other thing I've noticed is that it seems (although I could be wrong) to effect those that have lived on the West coast or lived there for a long period of their life. My hunch is that it it caused by damage to the DNA from radioactive contamination. We will have to wait and see.

        • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

          There are others as well that substantiate my point like the before and after pictures of the actor CLINT WALKER from his younger years and older years. Just do a search and you will see what I'm talking about.

  • StillJill StillJill

    I'm still laughing from the original typo!

    I love it,… Freudian!

  • InfoPest InfoPest

    This Article I found might explain what the black stuff is.

    The lava rock material itself referred to as “tuff” is slightly radioactive. The same material is used as a carrier for chemicals like insecticide and as a filtration material. So it has a very high ability to absorb things. It is also frequently used as a road traction substance. If the local government has been using “tuff” as a road traction substance on the roads since it is winter in the area right now it could potentially be the source. That would mean that somewhere is a storage pile of this crushed lava rock that absorbed huge amounts of fallout. We already know outdoor piles of rock are at risk after gravel from Namie showed up highly radioactive. If this is lava rock being spread on the roads, not something else it does pose a significant risk to anyone handling it. Since this black substance has over 1 million bq/kg it has the potential to expose people to considerable amounts of radiation.


  • labmonkeywithagun labmonkeywithagun

    I guess it too late to post this on the seal article, but want to put it somewhere……

    They are simply testing too late.
    We KNOW massive amount of I-131 were released.
    We KNOW winds took it up to Alaska.
    We KNOW I-131 drops out with rain and snow, That part of the ocean has both.
    We KNOW I-131 bio-concen­trates especially in marine systems. (think shrimp for normal iodine) Krill.
    We KNOW I-131 would have decayed out by now.
    We KNOW it looks like radiation symptoms and other test (viral, microbes,e­ct) were negative.

    If it waddles like a duck and quacks….­ more likely then not, be a duck.
    But like an ice bullet in an old detective novel, the evidence has melted away.

    • CaptD CaptD

      Imagine a Nuclear Quack …

      Or an Industry full of them, all in Nuclear Denial*; instead of by Leaders that demand an end to the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disast­er RISK that Nuclear poses to mankind! The nuclear industry is fighting tooth and nail to maintain it's market share; yet NOW Solar (of all flavors) is far less costly to construct, faster to construct and carries with it N☢ Nuclear radioactiv­e baggage that can kill a Countries economy and or those living nearby!
      Ask The Japanese!

      *Nuclear Denial
      The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!
      Remember Nature does not follow design basis calculations or even engineering RISK formulas…

  • Misitu

    Extreme rabbit hole off the wall imaginary idea.

    The black stuff.

    Does anyone know what degraded nuclear reactor material looks like?

    I ask because, going back to Chernobyl and the Elephant's Foot, it's already observed that when the "lava" mass solidifies the active material it's made of carries on with the nuclear decay process, creating gas voids, liquid phase bubbles, and zones of solid material of varying properties, in other words becoming a friable, kind of living hissing spitting thing on a microsopic scale; anyway, whatever picture that conjures up we can at least consider spontaneous superficial spalling, whereby the surface material turns into dust and does whatever dust does including getting blown about.

    We can also consider that the dust that appears in the explosion of Number 3 gets distributed over the landscape and then transmutes by nuclear decay into other dust, for example, dust made of lighter elements and more easily blown about.

    We may further consider that the steam venting events observed/speculated at this site may have included corium dust.

    Hesitant as I am to offer this to more knowledgeable forums, nevertheless it's a scenario that perhaps could be discussed somewhere with more expert input.

    Just my usual 2 euro cents