Mystery: Dozen miles of dead squid wash ashore in California — Researchers have no idea why (PHOTO & VIDEO)

Published: December 12th, 2012 at 12:47 pm ET


Watch the video here

Title: 12 miles of dead squid wash ashore
Source: KPIX/CNN
Author: Kiet Do; Brandie Piper
Date: Dec 11, 2012

12 miles of dead squid wash ashore

[…] The beaches of Santa Cruz County are littered with carcasses of thousands of Humboldt squid. They’ve stranded themselves from Aptos to Watsonville, a span of 12 miles.

Source: Chris Elmenhurst; Surf the Spot Photography

“You just see them essentially killing themselves and it’s just really weird to see,” said Hannah Rosen with Hopkins Marine Station. […]

Researchers have no idea why this is happening, but they think it’s because the squid have eaten toxic algae.

“It’s possible that the squid are ingesting either these neurotoxins or they’re getting it through their food, and that could be causing them to be disoriented and swim onto the beach,” said Rosen. […]

This is the third stranding in six weeks.

“It’s really an exploratory time for us, so we’re learning more about what causes these strandings, and whether or not we should be worried about them or if it’s just a natural part of the squid cycle,” said Rosen.

Published: December 12th, 2012 at 12:47 pm ET


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63 comments to Mystery: Dozen miles of dead squid wash ashore in California — Researchers have no idea why (PHOTO & VIDEO)

  • Really? No idea, huh? Take an wild guess 😐

  • SlickVick

    "just a natural part of the squid cycle"…..???

    "learning more about what causes these strandings"……???

    "have eaten toxic algae"…..???

    Those are the 3 most bullshit things I have heard all day. First off, blaming "algae" is comparable to blaming "swamp gas" for a UFO sighting. Complete BS. Second, they are not "stranded" they are dead, on the beach. Third, if this was part of a cycle, it sure as hell isn't a normal cycle otherwise this would happen on a seasonal or yearly basis. How f&%*ing dumb do these people have to be in order to be researchers? A quick lab test would likely answer all of the questions. Or, skip the lab test and I'll tell you simply – Fukushima-Daiichi. Radiation. End of Story.

    • Maj.WilliamMartin

      Don't forget the "Lack of Oxygen" that has been blamed for so many Fish/Mammal Deaths that it reminds a person of the movie with Charleston Heston "Soylent Green" where the eating of human chip's near the close of ones life that the Oceans had died a long time ago.

      People continue to also forget of the "TONS" of Munitions from WWII were dumped/buried off the coasts of all nations that contained Bio-Warfare and explosives in rusting 55 Gallon drums that for decades have had their skins rusting away.

  • norbu norbu

    F U K U S H I M A

  • @norbu and SlickVick… Exactly 😉 They must think we are all stoopid, lol

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      sadly, I think most people are or they have their heads in the sand,else, it's an even worse more insidious condition — they just DON'T CARE!

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    follow this link, dig around, in the scienist chat, and fact sheet and then ask yourself.. what do "they" know?

    Poor squid, any chance they are trying to get out of the water because it burns? How about our seals, walruses, whales, dolphins etc? Ever get those test results???


  • Sol Man

    In the video at 1'05" it shows gulls on the beach eating the carcasses. Let's see what happens to those birds.

    Always heard that the cephalopods were very smart, so it is difficult to hear that they didn't know where they were going.

  • 12 miles is a wide swathe.

    Before they know, they name several possibilities, none of which included ANY affect from Fukushima fallout.

    Why is that so predictable?

    I don't mean to jump to conclusions… but,

    Contamination is moving up and throughout the food chain.
    Radioactive contamination spreads!
    (my opinion)

    From the rain to the seaweed, to the microorganisms, to the fish, to the squid, to the birds, to the bird poop or to where the bird dies and where its bones finally decompose. However, that SPOT then becomes contaminated too. If a plant grows there sooner or later it will uptake into the plant. And so on, and so on…!

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      When dead Japanese children covered in tumors wash up on the beach, they'll blame the squid. Live Japanese children covered in tumors? Not an issue – it's probably stress. They should do some stretching exercises.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        Thanks for the laugh PIII. You saved the world from reading another pissed off rant.

        Well I think all the previous posts about sums it up for me. Yep, another stupid report for stupid people to consume and go on with their ignorance.

        Only thing I have to add is that it is possible that geologic events could have played a role in their confusion as well as the chemical and radioactive pollutants. I have recently read about an active volcano underwater over there. Maybe some stinkhole sauce got released down in the trench these guys used to play in and they decided to go bummin on the beach till the environment got it's act together.

      • Let's all be grateful that human kids are not washing up dead on the beaches.. due to wasting syndrome.


        Ooops, too late..

        14,000 US Infant Mortality/Deaths From Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – Peer Reviewed Study; via @AGreenRoad

    • m a x l i

      "Before they know, they name several possibilities, none of which included ANY affect from Fukushima fallout.

      Why is that so predictable?"

      @ChasAha, I was thinking the same. Totally predictable! Half a year ago there were stories in the press about polar bears and seals with hair falling out and massive skin problems. Like here (text in german):
      Here the reader is being told, scientists don't know what caused the sickness, but they know it is NOT caused by radiation from Fukushima. How did they know? I guess the polar bears didn't glow in the dark.

    • many moons

      It follows the same natural cycle of life…and it's getting around…and most of it will be doing that for the next 100,000 years…so don't wait for it to go away….you have to try to avoid it before it gets to you…like the squid trying to get out of the water.

    • Maj.WilliamMartin

      When your "wonderful government" alerts you to the issue of TUNA that have high radiation in them… But only MONTHS after it happened. That the Bering Sea is the Fishing Grounds for the whole of North America that should cause an alarm.

      But the Government EPA raises the level of allowable radiation and then says that Geiger Counters are worthless to check your food or water supplies.

      You would think the worlds governments would have all sent their top scientists to Japan to combat this issue long ago. Instead….
      We have a crazy Israeli i.e. Nutjobyahoo who wants to bomb an active nuclear reactor thus forcing a meltdown/china syndrome over the whole of Iran whereas radioactive Isotopes and Uranium dusts for other bombings would then mix and be carried by the prevailing winds.

      People are actually plotting this as I type. Or perhaps sinking the USS Enterprise off the coast of Iran to like all other Shipping False Flags. Start yet another war.

      Meanwhile, Israel who refuses inspections and refuses to sign the NPT wants to bomb someone that has.

      We live in a crazy society of 1984 where bad is good and war is peace. Maybe this is why so many want the Aliens to come?

      • m a x l i

        The Aliens… That will be interesting. But I wouldn't pack too much hope into that. Maybe they are even more crazy. Or they see us as a welcome resource to replenish their food supplies on the way to Andromeda.

  • They are so pissed, its a mass suicide. A protest.

  • Bird poop.
    After the Windscale disaster in the UK, they quickly and quietly culled pigeons & gulls that had been in the path of the plume. Be interesting to see how many shark fins & gulls are about the tsunami slop coming in..

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Should be top priority to analyzed the squid because of the continuous leaking of radiation into the Pacific.

  • richard richard

    "This is the third stranding in six weeks." – that's getting intense.

  • weeman

    Could be a precursor to a big earthquake, if the plates a rumbling then the gases etc are escaping and possibly killing squid as they are deep water creatures, no reports of any other types of fish dead.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Maybe other fish have sunken to the sea floor because of their gas bladders or something and so no one ever sees them come up on the beach. Out of sight – out of mind.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Interesting thoughts, weeman. Squid are not fish, as you know, and concentrating on what is unique about them is a good idea, since so far it seems they are uniquely affected. It also helps challenge the "Fukushima radiation" functional fixedness mindset for a moment. I doubt that radiation effects would be so species-specific or location-specific.

    • Ourself Ourself

      I am going to assume you mean no other fish dead within this specific stranding. Otherwise, herring, salmon, sardines, sea turtles, oar-fish, tuna-fish, star-fish, seals, polar bears, walrus, etc….

      The fact that squid are so different from these other species of marine life could easily account for the fact that they have been the only animal seen in this incident. They simply behave differently. Whatever it is, it is an epidemic…. and the other animals I mentioned are going through epidemics as well.

  • omniversling

    Disturbed magnetic field disrupting navigation? Or engineered magnetic field eg HAARP or Sonar making getting out of the water a better risk or more comfortable than staying in it? Any autopsys carried out to determine if their eardrums/depth sensors are damaged, like cetaceans are from underwater seismic surveying?

    Or underwater sonic testing to reveal potential faults off Diablo Canyon?:

    Excellent doco on frequency and human's unprecedented contamination of the planets energy fields.

    Good site for health effects of Electro Magnetic Frequency, and news on the topic.

    Also precursor to seismic activity? Many animals 'predict' such events:

    Acoustic pollution includes navy experiments with sonic/pulse weapons and communications:

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Fukugate – Fukuplume has arrived in California. Do not eat any seafood from the pacific or the gulf coast. Atlantic seafood is all thats left for now. What am I supposed to do with my thousands of dollars in scuba gear now? My favorite thing / hobby in the world was going spear fishng off the gulf coast production platforms. Have no desire to get in that muck now. I hate nuclear………….!!!!!!!!!!!

    • many moons

      You can't eat seafood or money either.
      I use to wonder why George Bush bought up all that land in Paraguay, the land with the giant aquaphor. Now I know why…he probably has a bunker with a lifetime supply of food, water and something to pass the time.

  • Beyond Zero Point

    Hi folks
    Been reading for awhile, just want to get my foot in the door right now. Dam, there is intelligent life still left on the 3 rd stone from the sun.

  • Tom in AZ Tom in AZ

    Hi everyone. Been reading for a long time now, and finally, after an unbelievably stupid amount of time, looked in my spam folder to get my password activated after screwing around for a couple of months. Not sure what I will bring to the forum, but at least I can now. As far as being on topic, I grew up in So Calif. and was there last week. Thought about what was lurking offshore, sadly, as it was an otherwise perfect day out there.

  • Sickputer

    I always check to see if an event happened before and if so was it after 311. The squid had beaching events pre-Fukushima:

    In 2009 they had beachings…not sure the extent.

  • stopnp stopnp

    Free calamari! Funny, that never happened in the seventeen years I lived up and down the coast of California. Not once. The people that write these articles need to be held accountable for lying by omission. I'm sure all the radioactive water that went into the ocean had nothing to do with it.

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    If they don't clean them up ASAP and stop those sea birds from eating them — we will be having a lot of dead sea birds next week!

  • or-well

    I'm a dead squid.
    I'm going to smell.
    I'd rather be dead
    than live in the hell
    that is now the Ocean.
    Forgive my emotion,
    but until you start
    to show some devotion
    to stopping pollution,
    you'll die en masse too,
    not like now, in slow motion.

  • irradiated californian

    I'm happy to say my wife has successfully given birth to our child, and it is very healthy. Those of you that remember me, of course.

    Now that you still have Fukushima to blame, of course it would still be the thing to turn to, but having lived in California and witnessing many a fish kill in my day I can say it certainly seems natural.

    I don't know about the specifics of this particular case, but to automatically jump to it being something nefarious and call the "expert" assessment b.s. makes little sense to me.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne


    • uh huh, and those mass die offs of star fish, oysters, sea lions, polar bears, etc, etc, etc. etc. and the list keeps growing longer and longer, that is all 'normal' too.

      No worries mate, 130 species per day going extinct should not worry you one little ittsy bit.

      It's all 'natural'.

      137 Species Being Lost Per Day, 50,000 Per Year, Versus Dolly The Cloned Sheep; Birth, Life, Death And Legacy

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        But don't get it , it's actually a good thing.. see the less life there is , the more oxygen for me to breath..right ? thank you ayn rand for blessing/poissining my and my kid's brain's with your smartness from hell..
        now somebody shut those scientist's up with their ridiculis claim's that we need other lifeform's then deseased greedy ego's to create oxygen and all other thing's we need to live..except water and sunlight.. nope wait filter's and transform those to food too..say's them darned non corrupt scientist's..

        Oxygen level's in air are down from 21% to 19% i heard..that's close to 10% fix that at the same speed/timespan we broke it..
        how much % more of ocean's plancton/forest's would we need right now..?

        Don't worry my dear ayn rand from hell , we are not fixing it , we just poored tree nuclear power plant's in the pacific ocean, that is around 45% of the global surface..that will teach them plankton's to rule us..when we fubar thing's in your spirit..we mean bussiness..see and admire our effort's to use our planet's fever (our sickness became the world's sickness) to expand the nuclear death cult.. may the ultimate supreme being of inequality and inevitable doom for all life.. the one that own's 1/6 of all habitable landsurface and the most uranium right's..someday meet her karma..


    Everyone writes great comments on this site, but when I check the original article, only three comments were written in total!

    We should stop writing comments only on this site and spread these sentiments far and wide on the web wherever this crap is being published.

    I repeat – enenewsers are preaching to the converted. It takes two extra clicks to post comments elsewhere, and where it will count more.

    ps- Bekrl has attempted to organize mass protests at Japanese consulates and embassies world wide, even through this site, with no avail. Enenewsers are a bunch of armchair activists.

  • BudIsland

    when the SHTF,the people that do not care now will more than likely be the ones that we will see rioting and looting because "no one did anything to prepare us"

  • daryl irwin

    TO THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA AND THE HONORABLE PEOPLE OF JAPAN… You need to understand you have a professed Satan Worshipper in Governor Brown of Californai … he is actually protecting Satanist Rights to the Prisoners of California. do you really believe a professed Satan Worshipper actually cares about YOUR wellbeing? That is your primary problem in protection of your homeland! Secondly, the Republic of California (NOT the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, a corporation no different than IBM or Microsoft, should SUE the Nation of Japan for this unbearable in grievance caused by their NEGLIGENCE AND LIES AND BLANTENT COVERUP OF THE TRUTH, NOT an ACT of God as claimed. UNDERSTAND THEY WILL NOT CONTAIN THIS PROBLEM …. IT IS DESIGNED TO KILL YOU SLOWLY, QUICKLY FOR CHILDREN, ABOUT 8 YEARS TILL IT MANIFESTS IN YOU ADULTS – RESEARCH THIS – IOSAT OR IDORAL IS THE ONLY ANTIDOTE KNOWN FOR RADIATION POISING … I HIGHLY SUGGEST ANYONE READING THIS BLOG TO RESEARCH THESE TWO ANTIDOTES TO PROVE TO YOURSELF THAT IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE … YOUR CREATOR DOES NOT WISH YOU TO PERISH BUT COME TO AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE TRUTH AND WHOM YOUR REAL ENEMY IS!