Nakate: Big change in number of child deaths in Fukushima due to illnesses after July 2011 — Death from cardiovascular disease doubled — Cancer and leukemia also increased

Published: May 24th, 2012 at 1:15 pm ET


Report regarding the number of deaths due to illnesses in “Fukushima children”
Fukushima Voice
By Seiichi Nakate, Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation
Published: May 24, 2012


The graphs shown below were created from the Fukushima prefecture data


There is a big change in the number of deaths due to illnesses after July.


I cannot help but suspect a possibility that abnormal phenomena have been happening to the health of Fukushima children since last summer.


The number of deaths due to “cardiovascular diseases” has doubled. (This number includes cardiovascular deaths of children with congenital heart abnormalities.) This has not been seen in other prefectures which suffered damages from the earthquake/tsunami disaster. There are also increases in infectious diseases, cancer and leukemia, and pneumonia.


There is no doubt that the number of pediatric deaths due to illnesses has increased since last summer. It was omitted from this report, but there is data available that shows that the increase in the number of deaths was the greatest in late teens.


Total number of pediatric deaths (ages 1 to 19) due to illnesses in Fukushima, from March through November of 2010 (blue) vs. 2011 (pink) -- "It has increased by a factor of 1.5 times, but pediatric deaths due to illnesses come in small numbers to begin with, so the absolute number is too small to determine if this is an “unusual phenomenon.” Similar changes can be seen considerably in past statistics or other prefectures."

Month-to-month changes in the number of pediatric deaths (ages 1 to 19) in Fukushima from March through November of 2010 (blue) and 2011 (pink)

The number of pediatric deaths (ages 1 to 19) due to illnesses classified by the specific cause of deaths in Fukushima from March through November of 2010 (blue) and 2011 (pink)

Source of data:

Be sure to read the full report here

Published: May 24th, 2012 at 1:15 pm ET


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31 comments to Nakate: Big change in number of child deaths in Fukushima due to illnesses after July 2011 — Death from cardiovascular disease doubled — Cancer and leukemia also increased

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Jeffrey Patterson MD on Nuclear Power and Human Health; via A Green Road Blog

    And the official 'experts' still claim NO DEATHS from FUKU…

    Thank you very much..

    These dying children all over the world are all figments of everyone's imagination.. they did not exist, or they died of stress, but NEVER radiation.

  • CaptD CaptD

    This needs to be spread widely ASAP…

  • CaptD CaptD

    Who can PROVE these deaths are N☢T
    … From Fukushima's radioactive pollution?

  • CaptD CaptD


    As more Japanese Professionals relocate and feel safe enough to talk, they will start to speak about what has happened to the Japanese People…

    Sooner or later, the truth will be told…

    Of course the Japanese Nuclear Industry will fight this news tooth and nail…

  • JenMom JenMom

    I have spent a lot of time researching the statistics from Chernobyl. Greenpeace has published research from Russian scientists. We know that all this radiation is going to harm our children. It is not a question of if it is it is a question of when. What I would really like to know is when the nuclear scientists are going to stop covering up their tracks and fess up to this disaster. This accident should never have happened in the first place according to their models. If the nuclear industry is incapable of being wrong how can they possibly learn anything and progress. After Chernobyl we were told this would never happen again and yet it has. How can our governments continue to support an industry where when something goes wrong it is simply covered up? Look at the car industry when something malfunctions they are forced to recall said vehicles and replace the broken parts. In the nuclear industry this would be synonymous with dismantling every Nuclear plant with the same design as the one in Fukushima. Why aren't they? Are they not capable of learning and self correcting? Then they should no longer be allowed to continue the operation of any nuclear facility. The price of this disaster will be paid for by our children and they will suffer for no reason other than an industries lack of self correction.

    • What-About-The-Kids

      I agree, JenMom! Speaking of Chernobyl, did you see this link someone posted earlier today?

      (BOLD text are my comments below):


      "This is an extraordinary story – I remember in 1986 there was this wonderful nuclear physicist, Valery Legasov, an extraordinary guy. Only heard about him after the fact; but he was taken by Gorbachev and he and the top scientist who had been working down at the reactor; who were kind of in a state of shock – as he said in his memoirs “this is the accident that we had so lulled ourselves into believing would never happen” (AND YET IT HAPPENED AGAIN IN JAPAN!) that they weren’t able to cope with the reality when it happened. (AND STILL AREN'T ABLE TO COPE WITH AT FUKUSHIMA!)

      "He was to head up a team that went to Vienna to speak to the International Atomic Energy based in Europe, the IAE; and he was to go to look for support and to look for help in the weeks afterwards. It was either May or June of 1986; and what he saw was what he called the glazed look. None of them wanted to know. (JUST LIKE FUKUSHIMA! THEY TURN A BLIND EYE TO PROTECT THE NUKERS, NOT THE CHILDREN!)

      "They went to say – we need help, this is a disaster, it’s spreading all over the world, it’s killing off the area, we need help with evacuation, we need help with medicine, people are dying, etc…."

      • What-About-The-Kids

        (continued from above):

        …" HM: What happened?"

        "Adi Roche: Basically they were met with a stone wall, and he came back and then he realized that things had changed in the intervening days when he went back to Moscow. It was still the Soviet Union and the KGB kicked into place and Gorbachev unfortunately (and he is one of my heroes), he helped to sign forty pieces of secret legislation and each one was about keeping the truth from the world. (FORTY PIECES OF LEGISLATION TO PROTECT THEIR LIES!)

        Really, and this legislation of course is now publicly available and is extensively written about; but they were like nails in the coffin of the truth and they altered the internationally acceptable levels of radiation in order that they didn’t have to go to the expenditure of evacuating villages." (SOUND FAMILIAR? JAPAN HAS DONE THE SAME THING SO THEY DON'T HAVE TO FORK OUT MONEY TO EVACUATE THE CHILDREN OF FUKUSHIMA! CRIMINAL!)


        The SAME playbook now being used in Japan to downplay and obfuscate the truth about Fukushima! WE WILL NO LONGER BE FOOLED! Wake up, world, to the ugly truth of the nuclear cabal!

      • Holland Holland

        @What-About-The-Kids, where's your avatar? I was curious what Aftershock made for you. 🙂

        • What-About-The-Kids

          Hi Holland. Thanks for asking. I thanked Aftershock for his input, as it was so sweet of him to try and find an avatar for me. 🙂 I decided I wanted one that represented what my passion is all about, helping our children, so I need to keep looking for one.

          I'm not a visually-oriented person, however, so not exactly sure what I should use. Just think it should have an emotional impact and captures the essence of kids and youthful innocence. How one can visually fit all of that into a tiny avatar space and still get that across is beyond me, however. 🙂

          I am still open to other ideas and suggestions. Been too busy to do much active searching for the right avatar of late, so it is going at a snail's pace, I'm afraid. ;-D LOL

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        First thing they think about – their paychecks.

        Nothing else, not their wives, kids, anything.

    • CaptD CaptD

      Nice comment thanks!

  • arclight arclight

    ther was this good bit of advise..

    "…In health damage due to any type of pollution, there are many children who have illnesses or are not feeling well, besides those who died. I think it is the responsibility of adults to act on preventing even a little bit of radiation damage. We need to consider convalescence, relocation, protective measures and anything that can be possibly helpful. In addition, we need to demand the early enforcement of “the alternative to the national Patient Survey” which has been promised by the government…."

    and this popped up marked anonymous in the comments..

    "Using the same database, it seems the biggest increases in child mortality happened in Miyagi and Iwate. Since radioactive contamination was much lower in those prefectures, it would seem that the ultimate cause was the poor living conditions for the tsunami refugees, more than the potential effects from the Fukushima nuclear disaster (which would take at least several years.)"


    • CaptD CaptD

      RE the poor living conditions; I'm no Doctor but children once exposed to Fukushima's radiation would take that exposure with them where ever they were relocated to and this "relocation" may very well be used to try and coverup the radiation exposure related deaths…

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Whatever it takes to stop the truth about this. No government official in the world wants to be the first one to announce the human race is over.

        • It's not polite dinner conversation that's for sure.

          Actually, that statement is worth framing somehow:

          "No government official in the world wants to be the first one to announce the human race is over."

          –Time Is Short, May 24, 2012 5:01pm

      • arclight arclight

        @ capt d

        interesting comments section…

        2 posts now..

        moderated… not allowing a rebuttle of the first post concerning

        "… more than the potential effects from the Fukushima nuclear disaster (which would take at least several years.)…"

        i responded that the initial uptake of problems due to thyroid first had an increase in the first year then a drop before the steady increase to todays levels..

        not posted??

        anyone else have a go?

  • Effects of Radiation on Women, Pregnancy, Children and Other Living Things … also, Nakate on why doctors do not help,9.msg27.html#msg27

  • teamplayer

    Apparently, the WHO didn't get the memo.

    • Sickputer

      The art of disinformation is good enough to fool 95% of the sheeple when you attach a well-known name. The lesser known entity usually loses in a comparison of "facts". Especially effective when both are liars. The audience goes with name recognition for the tiebreaker.

      One report had many scientists who say Chernobyl radiation killed 1 million. The nuclear side brings in government spokespersons and suppresses the "bad" study with intimidation and says only 51 (or in s 2005 account they say 4,000) died.

      The intimidated entity to this day follows the nuclear industry command:

      Prominent in bold font on that page: "This volume is out of stock and will not be reprinted by the Academy."

      SP: American scientists know how their bread is buttered and they will lie to get it.

      It bears repeating: "There three kinds of liars: liars, damn liars, and nuclear engineers".

      • What-About-The-Kids

        LOL Sickputer! 😀 Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

        Yes, I noticed that glaring statement last year when first visiting the NY Academy's website to find out how to get a copy of the book. It was pretty obvious to me who they were trying to appease by not reprinting the book. Need we say more?

  • nukedincali nukedincali

    Thank you enenews for being on top of fukushima, the biggest story of the 21st century, consistently ~six months ahead of mainstream media. Why do practically all governments promote war and nuclear experimentation and prohibit marijuana/hemp cultivation? Nukes are the biggest terrorist threat there is, Iran or USA.