Sinkhole: Napoleonville Salt Dome Project hydrocarbon survey was over 50 square miles — Reported size of 1 mile by 3 miles only includes top of dome (PHOTO)

Published: October 16th, 2012 at 1:42 pm ET


“The Napoleonville Dome is a 1- by 3-mile underground salt deposit that natural forces pushed up vertically from ancient sea beds.” –The Advocate

Compare the green line to the blue line:

Profile of Napoleonville Salt Dome:

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Published: October 16th, 2012 at 1:42 pm ET


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22 comments to Sinkhole: Napoleonville Salt Dome Project hydrocarbon survey was over 50 square miles — Reported size of 1 mile by 3 miles only includes top of dome (PHOTO)

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    Read the fine print!!

    The actual geological survey was for the 50 sq miles.

    Sure reads as though they are assuming a resource area of
    more like 120 square miles.

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    I believe the green line is the permit area where Grand Gulf Energy actually shot the 3-D seismic survey. They were looking for detail on the uplift and fetch areas around the salt dome.

    The disturbing thing is that they shot this in 2007. It would have given the DNR or Texas Brine a much more accurate picture of the actual outside boundary of the salt dome. It might have prevented them from ever attempting to enlarge Oxy #3 to begin with.

    Grand Gulf Energy is a money-losing Australian penny stock. The entire company is worth around $11M. Golden Gate Petroleum is also a money-losing Australian penny stock worth about $20M.

    So two failing Australian penny-stock companies can shoot 3-D seismic around the dome looking for oil, but Bayer's subsidary just wings it in their brine well and backs off when they breach?

    God bless America.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue Last night a loud boom was heard in NW. LA. and was not the sinkhole.

  • dosdos dosdos

    The "resource area" is the oil sands surrounding the dome, not the salt dome itself. The dome occupies an area on the surface that is larger than the cap, but that is largely because it's not perfectly vertical and contains a number of minor offshoots into the surrounding strata. But the dome does not fill the entirety of the green outline.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Wow.. government documents regarding salt dome storage of strategic oil reserves.. they discuss no need to test the abandoned caverns that will be used??? and they discuss if brining operations should be allowed in government owned caverns that have previously been certified as ok to store petroleum.. and they note that the Federal Energy Administration had no intention to retest the caverns for structural integrity once brining operations ceased.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Interesting visual of re-brining, or turning a salt cavern to gas storage.

    Texas brine is currently re-brining oxy 3 to remove hydrocarbons

  • many moons

    50 miles mat mean the salt dome is under the nuclear plant in Tara, LA

  • jec jec

    No matter what…16 miles or 50 miles..being near the Saltdome that is collapsing is NOT HEALTHY. Not good for environment, land/air/water..and property. A nuclear plant near a new man-made rumbling and tremor/earthquake producing also NOT HEALTY..for any of us.

  • irhologram

    I realize Lake Peigneur collapsed, but wasn't it due to having a vacated area beneath it? In this case, we have pressure, and as soon as the gas is evacuated, the crude pushes up from the BOTTOM of the sinkhole, and there is bubbling for miles and miles. If this is due to Macondo breaching horizontally across the Continental shelf into the Coastal aquafer (and by connecting dots, this can be conjecture), which merges with the Mississippi aquafer, the game has changed. The pressure is from UNDERNEATH and if its sealed in, IMO, it will just explode somewhere else. The only Lake Peigneur-like affect would be sucking down or shifting masses in the Gulf of Gulf of Mexico to compensate for the cavity that will develop as material finds its way into less overhead pressure in the aquafer for the undersea crude at 1000psi, when the clay/loam can only support 75psi. Add this to it. Two munitions bunkers exploded last night…READ bunkers…underground…in NW Lousinana and Huntsville Alabama. They tried to blame it on a meteor shower, which did not show up on radar, but flashes of light were seen on the ground, as well as loud booms and houses shaking nearly off foundations. Sound familiar? There was also a debree field of ash. Be sure to watch the second video of the three from a local news station.

  • nedlifromvermont

    … this is getting interesting …

    … peace and take care …

  • durando durando

    Seems a lot of munitions are spontaneously blowing up lately that big one in russia that had a massive mushroom cloud that looked reminiscent of a nuclear blast. Now one in LA and one in GA in the same night maybe the myans were right…

    • Did anyone ever read speculation as to what was going on with that big one in Russia recently?

      Can you provide links for the one in GA and the one in LA?

      There is a cold war being waged currently and so who knows what types of subtle sabotage are taking place (not so overt as to make the cold war hot, yet…)

    • many moons

      correction Huntsville is in Alabama…not Georgia

  • durando durando



    And another weird note we just had a 4.6 Earthquake here in maine that I could feel (from my quick research it appears to be largest in 8+ years for maine)

  • many moons

    Here's another explosion in Alabama at an arsenal, just this morning

  • irhologram

    My link above covered both bunker explosions. There were not 3. In addition to tonight's 4.5 EQ centered in Portland ME, guess what? There was another just six days ago…oh, that's Canada, so because it's across the border we don't count it? The epicenter of the earthquake was about 20 miles east of Montreal, in Beloeil, Quebec, the US Geological Survey said. The US agency reported the quake as having a magnitude of 3.9, while Canada’s natural resources agency reported a magnitude as high as 4.5.

  • irhologram

    BTW. That area is connected with the New Madrid.

  • irhologram

    Majia and durando. Interesting quesion and post. Durando, your reference didn't say "bunker," but didn't say it wasn't…and a link between this and Russian munitions explosions is that in both Louisiana and Russia, the ammo was obsolete. It was being "recycled." Some on blogs speculate the Russians just wanted to blow it up as the most convenient disposal method because it was obsolete. Interesting to note the LA explosion's plume was a mile and a half high (7250 feet)!! Whether this is related to ground/crude oil pressure is an unknown…and two munitions explosions in one night may just be military disposal (boys will be boys with their toys: and only ONE PERSON was injured…which seems pretty odd for an explosions that big.) But two EQs in Maine and S. Canada… Umm. Coincidence? Probably not.

  • jec jec

    Add one more explosive event..Indiana. Wonder if its related? Many housed exploded on Sunday 11/11/2012. But in Indiana..thats the SECOND explosion in the same area recently…one has to wonder…too many explosions right now..and the BIG HUM oil reservour now rising in the Saltdome into the Sink hole..gads..Texas Brine does not have enuf money/funds to cover this kind of damage..NO ONE does…