National Geographic: Fukushima considered world’s worst nuclear accident — Physician: Fukushima remains a “global health concern” — Kaku: “It’s so bad, they don’t even have a picture of melted core… the agony is unending” (VIDEO)

Published: April 14th, 2014 at 3:06 pm ET


Asian Perspective Vol. 37, No. 4, Tilman A. Ruff, physician and Associate Professor in the Nossal Institute for Global Health at University of Melbourne, Oct.-Dec. 2013: A Public Health Perspective on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster — The Fukushima nuclear disaster is far from over and remains a global health concern. While evacuations, sheltering, reducing intake of contaminated food, and other measures reduced radiation exposures, both the immediate and longer-term public health responses to the disaster leave major room for improvement. Commercially and institutionally, vested interests have undermined public health and safety. […]

National Geographic, Apr. 14, 2014: The meltdown at the Chernobyl power plant in 1986 made front-page news and, until Japan’s Fukushima disaster of 2011, was considered the world’s worst nuclear accident. […] Early estimates by the Associated Press (Dec. 16, 2000) were that the health of 3.4 million of Ukraine’s 50 million people was negatively affected, including 1.26 million children […]

Michio Kaku, Mar. 18, 2014 (at 1:18:00 in): The agony of 3 simultaneous meltdowns in Northern Japan […] The accident is not over at all. A small earthquake will send the accident starting all over again. You will realize that the reactor is so radioactive workers cannot even get in for more than just a few minutes at a time. […] The next thing they want to do is insert cameras into the water to see where the melting is. It’s so bad, they don’t even have a picture of the melted core. We know it’s 100 percent melted. […] The agony is unending. […] Japan said we will go nuclear because we have no oil or coal, but there is a price you have to pay — that is, you sell your soul to the devil.

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Published: April 14th, 2014 at 3:06 pm ET


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234 comments to National Geographic: Fukushima considered world’s worst nuclear accident — Physician: Fukushima remains a “global health concern” — Kaku: “It’s so bad, they don’t even have a picture of melted core… the agony is unending” (VIDEO)

  • Ontological Ontological

    There is still in a sense a comparison to Chernobyl. This is NOT the case. These "experts need to get their collective interest OUT of the Chernobyl history books and into FUKUSHIMA! All the lies about Chernobyl have done NOTHING but support the lies of today! Lets get this lie straight, Chernobyl belongs in the history books as possibly the smallest accident. Simi Valley/Rocketdyne in reality as a fast breeder had to be right up there with it if not WORSE than Chernobyl! So lets forget the BULLSHIT and fly with the truths people!

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes. Rocketdyne was WAY worse than TMI and not even covered. Probably because it was back in 1959 and everything was about bomb production and The Cold War. An outlandishly bad excuse even back then, but now there is not even that pretext, yet it continues on the same.

      Michael Collins did GREAT leg work on Rocketdyne on He was incensed because they are turning that area into a public park, even thought it is still heavily contaminated! Apparently, their "fix" (kid you not) is to have people sign legal release of liability forms before going to picnic in the park. They tried to get a Girl Scout troup to do that. (Can't make this stuff up!) Their lovely picnic was apparently cancelled.

        • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

          Here is a new clip link to the Fuku question from the audience.

          • name999 name999

            fireguyjeff, thanks for that clip! I think the point Kaku is making is not that it will be
            all cleaned up in 40 years, but that the technology needed to even really begin will potentially be available in 40 years. I can see where that answer could be confusing to those not familiar with him. He describes the problems very well and I think he understands the enduring nature of
            this tragedy.

            • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

              name…yes, the dialogue did have some incongruencies.

              However, I did not interpret him to mean that there might be any way to resolve any of the mess.

              More that since there is no way to send workers inside most of the volume of 3 reactor buildings that it will take decades just to be able to have the ability to get any work to happen, i.e. via remote control etc.
              And I think he means simply getting the mess contained in some way.
              I do not think that he has any hopes that there will be some way to truly neutralize/transmute the radioactive debris.
              Even if there were presently all sorts of remote controlled cranes and excavators and jack hammers to scoop everything up to "contain it", that task alone could span many decades, never mind the mess outside of the reactor buildings.

              Just my take on it.

              What I do find rather prescient was that the very first question was directly about Fuku, even though the talk had no mention of Fuku in it.

              No doubt Kaku's answer was a transcendent Santa Claus moment for the majority of the audience.

          • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

            But wait! There's more!

            From Peter Lee:

            "The Ronald Reagan spent a couple months at sea after contamination trying to clean itself up; then, according to a lawyer for the sailors claiming injury, it was decontaminated at port in Washington State for another year and a half before returning to service.

            On the washout issue, I draw on a circumstance that is perhaps not widely known: that Albany, NY, thanks to wash-out of the plume from a shot at the Nevada Test Site in 1953, was one of the most heavily irradiated areas in the United States outside of “downwinder” counties in Nevada and Utah."

            Peter Lee wrote a ground-breaking essay on the exposure of sailors on board the USS Reagan to radioactive fallout from Fukushima in the March issue of CounterPunch magazine.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        AGreenRoad – Radioactive Plutonium Found At Los Angeles Nuclear Meltdown
        Published on Oct 18, 2013
        “Plutonium is being disposed of at numerous ordinary city dumps (illegally). Boeing got the green light to (illegally) dismantle melted down nuclear reactors (also secret and covered up), without any environmental review or public input as required by law. Did you know that this Santa Susana nuclear reactor melted down not once but numerous times, and that this was completed covered up?

        “Plutonium or PU-239 is by far the most dangerous radioisotope and one of the most toxic substances known to man. It deposits throughout the body, it exposes the blood, kidneys, liver and spleen to cancer causing alpha particle emissions. It's so lethal only a few millionths of an ounce being inhaled will produce with 100 percent certainty~LUNG CANCER, but only after 8 to 10 year incubation period! This involves a $41.5 million radiation study scandal by the EPA and California's Department of Toxic Substances Control. Where's the money? Where's the study? Where did the plutonium go? (your city dump) Where did the radioactive metal go; (recycling facilities, to be made into radioactive zippers and razor blades). “

    • muffin

      Kind a makes global warming look like an insignificant scam; don't ya think?

      • J.

        With respect, despite the controversy, and despite all the corruption in 'scientific' report, I don't think it's a 'scam.' Just the possibility of methane clathrate 'burps' is serious stuff. It could very rapidly wreck the earth's climate.

        Most of us ordinarily don't appreciate rapid change. A question posed in a book I read: if a pond has a single surface plant that double in size every day, and completely covers the surface in 30 days, when is the pond half covered?

        Folks more clever than I will get the answer instantly. I had to read it.

        We may be halfway now in terms of climate change. God forbid.

        • Crickets Crickets

          Good analogy, J. I think the pond would be half covered on the 29th day or something like that. In any case, people should at least understand the significance.

        • There is a pretty good chance that the liars that be have sold us "global warming" as another way to transfer wealth to those that already have it.

          there is a pretty good chance that global cooling is the reality that faces us, and a mini ice age approaches. Watch the sun and sun spots. Watch the magnetic pole flip.

          Instead of a carbon tax, envision a day soon, when you get a carbon credit for burning fossil….to help mitigate the ice age.

          Seriously. Research it.

          • name999 name999

            Global cooling, dimming, appears to be a misquided effort to stop the earth from heating up. The materials dumped in our atmosphere with crazy engineering sickens me.

            Look at the waning force of nature in our gardens…look at the grass. The moss, lichens and mold that coat what were vibrant healthy trees just 3 years ago. The random growth patterns taking over living things.

            What happens to solar energy when the sunlight is intentionally blocked?

            • Global cooling is not a human effort. Research it openly with an open mind.

              The sun is on a VERY unusual process and is our main energy import.

              Human arrogance contributes to our belief that we control all. We are simpletons in that regard.

              • dunkilo

                I concur good sir !Most wont think about the unknown …its the unknown ,for me,that keeps me going.

                • We Not They Finally

                  Global warming as presented, is a fraud. Like chemtrails a supposed to alleviate that by scattering particles that reflect back the light of the Sun. But instead, they just send crap up into the atmosphere which destroys the ionosphere and CREATES warming. Meanwhile, lethal crap like aluminum, gets poured DOWN, and Monsanto has the only seeds patented to be aluminum-resistant. And they could put anything ELSE in those seeds and we'd never know.

                  We're p-o'ed that environmentalists have gotten so shanghaied with this; but so long as Al Gore (and now Michael Moore? — good God!) are leading the parade, we are lost.

                  I saw some while back that the Koch bros had actually commissioned a study to PROVE global warming, I guess to get their greedy demonic fingers on carbon tax money.

                  We have to somehow find a different PARAMETER to reach people's minds. The normal channels to date have been corrupted.

              • 4Warnd 4Warnd


                OK, we have butted heads on occasion and here we go again, in a friendly way, as far as climate change data.

                This, of course, needs to be off topic. I don't go there much. Many other interests and things to do that occupy my limited time.

                Since you are an advocate of an open mind, am sure that you will take a look at this link. Take an interested look at figure #3.


                In the meantime, I respect your views, disagree with some and think your site is of real benefit.

                On this subject CChg, please forgive, but your views are much like a brick out house: well built, functional, even beautiful. But still full of it.

                No real need to reply – we agree, strongly, to disagree. And am not up for a dueling debate on this subject.


                • that temp log is through 1981…….

                  cmon now

                  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

                    point being that this is old data. much more recent data becomes more compelling when viewed over time and smoothed out.

                    also, the science of climate is not new, it's been hard for decades. this being one of more substance with graphics that is still relevant.

                    back then, it was mostly among the researchers, definitely not out for commentary, just analysis.

                    now, it's 90% commentary [almost wrote vomitary] but, did NOT write that!

                    ok, then, this is O.T. and not welcomed by most on this thread, likely.

              • name999 name999

                stock, this is a very important point so I will stay with it.

                The geo=engineering stuff is really happening. This is just as bad as

                Sulfur? Aluminum? Even worse stuff. Yuck.

                • I believe it is happening, however the hubris of human is still huge. Review the sun happenings.

                  • name999 name999

                    stock, I hope you are right.

                    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

                      Hope? I believe she was left in Pandora's box. Partly by accident. Partly for her name's sake.

                      She hastened to close the container, but the whole contents had escaped, except for one thing that lay at the bottom – the Spirit of Hope, named Elpis.[7] Pandora, deeply saddened by what she had done, feared she would have to face Zeus' wrath, since she had failed her duty.


              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                2 papers:

                New Sunspot Count Techniques Rule Out Sun as Perpetrator of Global Warning

                97% of Climate Science Papers Agree Warming is Man-Made

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                  Nuclear Energy Causes Global Warming
                  By Dr. Morton S. Skorodin

                  Global Research, July 23, 2010

                  • We Not They Finally

                    That's VERY interesting, since if the discussion can shift to the damage of NUCLEARm rather than the damage of fossil fuels (though they are hardly good,) then the public debate can shift — and it needs to badly!

                    Even to call fossil fuels "only CO2" is simply an outright lie used to dumb people down. Like the Gulf got polluted with CO2?? Killed off the marine life and made people sick? Of course not! All CO2 itself does is make plants grow and then the plants give off badly-needed OXYGEN. It's the OTHER toxins that are deadly.

                    Same with nuclear — the idiocy of thinking that nuclear will save us from CO2?! The culture needs to stop turning people into mindless idiots — unfortunately, easier said than done….

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                  Does anyone believe we can wait 2,000 for the planet to begin cooling?

                  “…In about 2,000 years, when the types of planetary motions that can induce polar cooling start to coincide again, the current warming trend will be a distant memory….”

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                    This article actually says that we need nuclear energy so civilization can survive an ice age 2,000 years from now. Talk about stupidity. We are just having trouble surviving today with the lethality of nuclear radiation and the consequent destruction of the human genome.

                    The nucleocrats have trouble with logical thinking. Nuclear radiation has already destroyed their brains.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      Uranium is a very finite element. And there is absolutely no way that there is enough to keep fueling nuclear reactors another 2,000 years. It we really were worried about people in another 2,000 years we would stop using nuclear energy immediately and leave it for the people living 2,000 years from now.

                      The people who make up the arguments as to why we should keep using nuclear energy are so completely ignorant.

                      The next ice age is never going to happen because all the radioactive nuclides already released on the earth are rendering it too hot to ever go into another ice age.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      The coming nuclear energy crunch
                      Impending global uranium supply gap heralds end of cheap uranium, future of 'involuntary phase-outs, blackouts and worse'
                      "…’After 2015 uranium mining will decline by about 0.5 ktons/year up to 2025 and much faster thereafter… Assuming that the demand side will be increased by 1% annually, we predict both shortages of uranium and (inflation-adjusted) price hikes within the next five years.’…"

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                  “…’ In 100 years, we've gone from the cold end of the spectrum to the warm end of the spectrum,’ Marcott said. ‘We've never seen something this rapid. Even in the ice age the global temperature never changed this quickly.’…"

                  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

                    STOP IT! YOU ARE SCARING ME, DOUBLY NOW.


                    • Jebus Jebus

                      We were forewarned, long ago…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      I think the scary events already happened with all the nuclear meltdowns we have already experienced including Fukushima. Then there is Hanford, WIPP, and all the other nuclear waste sites. I don't see why people don't connect the melting of ice in the Arctic with all the nuclear waste dumping of Russia in the ocean north of them. There is tons of melted methane there because of this melting of the ice and the permafrost. The accident at Fukushima is also supposed to be connected to the melting of the methane there because of all the nuclear waste dumped in the ocean there: right at the location where the 9.0 earthquake was. These nuclear physicists need to study something other than nuclear physics. How about studying biology and geology and compassion for other people for a start?

                  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

                    I sometimes wonder about meeting and knowing the posters here. Seeming complex in your world view.

                    Grounded. Well spoken. Scientifically oriented. Compassionate. Am missing something: evangelical? don't like that so much!

                    Cannot ask for more in a human being. Or, a being of consciousness.

                    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

                      I am sure that if we had a ENENEWS Convention it would quickly feel like Burning Man…..just walk 20 feet and some one will blow your mind beyond what you were prepared for.

                      Pull yourself together, walk another 20 feet and BLAMMO!—something else or some one has raised the bar on your ability to grasp what you are experiencing.
                      In real time.

                      And just when you think nothing could outdo what you have already seen or heard, the sensory overload ratchets yet again.

                      We would all be up all night yakking until daylight.

                      And then get up and do it all over again.

                      I sort of like the idea.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      I would fear an enenews convention would be taken over by trolls and other pro Nuke negative persons and obsessed political fanatics of numerous differing ideologies representing different countries and groups including those studying how to control the 99%.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      " groups including those studying how to control the 99%."

                      My,my ..that would be terrible..
                      And without it?

                    • We Not They Finally

                      Go, convention! I think it's a grand idea. We would just need reverse electronic sweeps to un-sweep the mischief of "whoever" (NSA?) shows up.

                  • So true… when we have a mass media like this, who needs 98% of the world's scientists all agreeing, and trying to tell us what is going on?

                    CNN Questions Climate Change, Promotes Marc Morano, Who Encourages Sending Nasty Emails To Scientists; via @AGreenRoad

              • mairs mairs

                You would have chemtrail and HAARP booths, and people saying that earthquakes are only caused by evil forces conspiring to overthrow the world. It would be a convention of the fringe. It would hurt rather than help the anti-nuclear cause.

                • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

                  We could keep it strictly on topic…Fuku and nuclear only.

                  Any other topics would simply invite verbal chaos.

                  Recall that it was barely more than 100 years ago that many well educated physicists and engineers were able to calculate very concisely the "fact" that flight is impossible.

                  Yet in 1979 we had the Gossamer Albatross fly across the English Channel under human power only.

                  My point is that any other controversial topics would invite massive distraction entities that would derail the conference from the intended topic, regardless of whether they are true or not.

                  As for earthquakes caused by evil forces, that is very real. There is a guy named Dr Evil who lives on a space station in the documentary Austin Powers. He is for sure behind the quakes.

              • We Not They Finally

                stock, respectfully (since I see you as always honest, whatever your views,) there is actually a SOLAR SYSTEM WIDE process going on now that looks like warming — planets that Man never touched — Mercury, Venus, Saturn. The subject is somewhat confusing, granted! I tend to think that we do better when we stay in the ballpark of "climate DESTABILIZATION." It allows for all possibilities.

                • Agreed, some odd solar system wide stuff going on. And no doubt that burning fossil for 150 years can have some effect on things, but to not consider with full knowledge of man's hubris, that there could be larger factors, cycles we don't understand, even possibly stuff not from our system affecting us

                  Myself? Preparing for climate change, hot or cold, wilder than ever. Produce and store food, sitting on a wicked good water supply and no chance of flooding. And my own power and heat supply.

                  Who knows what comes next? To think the "experts" or the purchased universities can tell you would be fooling yourself.

                  Methinks that we "grew up" in a strange period of warm and stable temperatures, and now that is changing

                  stock out

          • Jebus Jebus

            Odds that global warming is due to natural factors: slim to none – Posted on Saturday, April 12, 2014


            • Jebus Jebus

              And nuclear power is still not the answer.

              Again, you can't cool a room with a heater…

            • 4Warnd 4Warnd

              good find on that link. need to visit that again, often.

              • Jebus Jebus

                The problem with that truth, is that the nuclear industry and the UN have prostituted it and warped it into their calling card…

                • name999 name999

                  not sure about UN bashing either…jebus. Is that for real?

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    Here, you decide…

                    Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple to Save Climate, UN Says

                    The world needs to triple the energy it gets from renewables, nuclear reactors and power plants that use emissions-capture technology to avoid dangerous levels of global warming, United Nations scientists said.


                    • We Not They Finally

                      Jebus, lumping in renewables with nuclear is pernicious on the UN's part to the point of evil. I still find it distressing in that the U.N. was supposed to be THE HOPE. But then again, so was globalism.

                      "U.N. bashing" isn't something I like. I find it a total downer. But they are corrupt and captive to nuclear interests. So what I want to know is, who with any international clout can we CHAMPION?

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      hmm, UN bashing, I hear that alot now.
                      Seems to be catching on.
                      "So what I want to know is, who with any international clout can we CHAMPION?"
                      lol, good one. How do I put this, so as not to piss anyone off. First, only Mother Earth was meant to be global. Mankind does not get to, even though he/she thinks it can be that way. Mankind has "algae bloomed" all he can in this ecosystem. All thats left is the opposite if we do not find another ecosystem to go to. End of that story.
                      As for the UN, they are part of the ponzi scheme. What? The ponzi scheme of wealth. More people have to be installed into the pyramid scheme, or it collapses completely. Thats where the "humanities" of the UN come in. They will only serve one purpose. Capitalism. The grand scheme, get everyone into the shell game eventually. On the surface looks good. But it is slavery in the making. Take away their ability to live off the land then give them capitalism. Blood, sweat and tears into taxes. Keeps the pyramid growing on whoever's watch. Gonna fall someday. Resources gone, too many humans. Here is my supporting evidence for the above. Remember, the US supports the UN. Watch it all.
                      As for who do you look for to "champion"?
                      Yourself… Take yourself out of the system, as much as you can. You can't fight it. You become cannon fodder.
                      This is really simplified. There's more to it.
                      JMHO, from one who has done his best to disconnect and still…

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      …survive. Ever wonder why the pyramids were built all over the planet? Those ancients knew how to become rich and get everyone to contribute and like it. They got the gold that can't be counterfeited and the slaves got numbers on a parchment. Look at your dollar bill. The clue is right there.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              I had pipes freeze and break again this year and that will be 7 years in a row.. 🙁

            • They stop at 1500 AD? The last miniice age was 1300 1400, and you wonder why not many historical events fill those years? Because it was freaking cold and people were suffering and surviving….

              The science experts leave out the most important part of the data, and then claim their statistics proves something


          • J.

            One of the worst problems we all face — as a civilization — is the corruption of the scientific process. It occurs at many levels, and it breeds distrust. Corruption has infested the universities. It's so bad that Yale medical students once stated a large protest in objection to pharmaceutical company paid research. Far too much 'research' is bought and paid for, and there are many revolving doors between corporations, universities, and governments. It's a problem screaming for a solution, and it is the reason that questions like yours are, unfortunately, eminently reasonable.

            • name999 name999

              J, I once had a cup and clock from a convention with antidepressant land. I was a
              thetrapist. Talk about pimps. I hate to say it. That is what I write about these days.

              • Jebus Jebus

                I really hope you meant therapist.

                But then, that doesn't sound right either.

                Such freudian word, therapist…

                • name999 name999

                  I said I was a therapist and that is for real. Not Freudian, but any therapist should know
                  what Freud was about.

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    no no, I was only commenting on the word.

                    As you know, it means one who heals the mind.

                    I'm not a fan of the profession so it reads differently in the context of the mind to me.

                    My belief is that healing comes from oneself.

                    It is my personal opinion and nothing more.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Good stuff! 🙂

        • 4Warnd 4Warnd

          It's a square function mathematically. After 15 days it is half covered. After that, 30 days is a distant memory. Lights out. Pond covered.

          Good post. Reminds me of a childhood booklet "how and why" about doubling a penny every day….at the end of the month, am a millionare!

          • 4Warnd 4Warnd

            that is how fast the process is at that rate. unfortunately, today the function is not squared. it is cubed.

            meaning it is in an acceleration mode. kick in the calthrates, then Jesus C. we are past serious trouble.

            pond is covered triple times over, etc.

          • at 29 days, its half covered, at 30 its covered,

            • 4Warnd 4Warnd

              Oh, yes about that. Of course it was not a math problem but a word riddle, and I fooled myself. some people are good with riddles, I suppose.

          • J.

            The answer is that the pond is half covered on day 29. The next day, it's entirely covered.

        • muffin

          All points noted. Global warming has come and gone countless times; long before man held a hammer! The reality is global warming is an irrelevant argument; we are in the face of an ever increasing radioactive environment and atmosphere! NOT TO MENTION NUCLEAR WAR! "UTTER MADNESS"! The subject of global warming is a diversion, turning heads away from real issues! If someone truly believes a Gore tax will give your carcass one more minute of time on this green earth, pay my share; and thou shall be granted my share of time on to you!

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        The scam is that nuclear energy is NOT a solution to global warming but contributes enormously to global warming. The entire fuel cycle uses a huge amount of fossil fuels, Krypton-85 is messing up the weather, and radioactive decay adds heat for the next million years. Also putting heat from a nuclear power plant into a river is terrible on a hot day, and as the oceans melt, all the nuclear reactors built along the ocean will have all their electric circuits flooded and the reactors will meltdown. Also the sea water from the ocean corrodes all the parts of a nuclear reactor.

        Nuclear energy is not a solution for anything except to produce plutonium for bombs and for depopulation. However, if the whole population is killed worldwide, there is no need for bombs. And who cares about depopulation if the entire human genome is destroyed and everyone has terrible genetic mutations and diseases and the IQ is horribly diminished by nuclear radiation.

      • name999 name999

        muffin, no, not at all.

      • Gradius

        The true is…

        We need immortality just to deal with Fukushima's problem… and NO, this ain't a joke!

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Gee, I wonder what parts 1 and 2 where like..I think I will keep chopping fire wood.

  • mairs mairs

    "…sell your soul to the devil.", and the devil in this case was the United States.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      This is not the first time Kaku used that allegory of selling your soul to the devil. It strikes me as something that a physicist would not say, left to his own choice of words. But lets say he coined it; what does it mean in his mind? Whats the devil he is thinking of? Nuclear waste, Yakuza, the nuclear industry, world fascist government including the WHO, IAEA and all the other lying institutions, using our money to broker nuke deals, cover damages, then lie back to us? Whats the devil exactly Kaku?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      The devil is the worldwide nuclear industry and all the politicians worldwide who support nuclear energy.

  • GQR2

    What Kaku isn't saying his patronizing self is that the physicists will keep the deep internet and the stupid low culture internet is what will be left for the people on their dumb phones. and the people laugh at how low brow the internet supposedly isI can't stand this guy. i don't know what it is. His attitude maybe.
    My patience for these people is thin today. very thin. 😉


      most physicist, CQR2, are as adept at dancing about the realities of this deadly technology, as any muon is in avoiding its nemesis, the antimuon. I remember how big Kaku once was on nuclear power. But I'll not fault him for his past, as he's finally seen the 'light'…

      • We Not They Finally

        I think that Kaku does what he can under the circumstances. I've never felt any dishonesty about him. Even early on, he said we were "hanging by the fingernails" with Fukushima.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          how and why does Kaku get on these talk shows. My guess is this; I think he has an agent for his book sales and public relations, and that person is always checking for public exposure opportunities. Thats the way TV is, its for sales. As to what he says, Ive heard him say the exact same thing in different interviews. Did he ever go into detail? I think he does ring an alarm, yet my guess is that the talking points are gone over before the show. Ive been on local TV. Its not like you just waltz in off the street. Its tremendous exposure. Exposure is sales power….

          The great (and questionable, since 9-11) Noam Chompsky details how NPR makes him write out exactly what he will say and even then censors him.

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        Right. I like the guy, his insights and his talks. And, also, forgiveness is a beautiful thing. And that is good – right?

    • name999 name999

      GQR2, Michio Kaku, a physics educator at Columbia University, has politicized this disaster at Fukushima from day one. He is one of very few that has spoken out and clearly in this excerpt, continues to emphasize the seriousness of this event.

      Kaku is impressive both for his mastery of physics and also his desire to educate laypeople regarding what our sciences actually do. Being a science lover but not a trained scientist, I have found his books astonishing. Because his parents raised him in a sequestered camp for the Japanese in California during WW11, he has a profound understanding of the kinds of crimes nations perpetrate from first hand experience as an American born Japanese man. He doesn't mince his words about Fukushima. Heroic and undaunted. Thank You Michio Kaku!!


        agreed name999. We all have baggage of one kind or another. Kaku's no exception. Supporting him, can go a long way towards getting others – within the scientific/physics community – to come forward. So I welcome his experienced insights into these matters and support his efforts to educate others. And I also appreciate your constructive attitude…

      • Ontological Ontological

        If one nickel was made off this farce then money is the true root of all evil.


          technically speaking, Ontological, it is the 'love' of money that is the root of all evil. The distinction is important, as money is nothing more than a tool for commodity exchange. Being possessed with the prospect of having unlimited access to money, results in what we'd generally interpret as 'evil' behavior. In truth, any pathological compulsion can lead to 'evil' deeds…

          • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

            TY AS, you clarified it before I got to it.

            (For those who care, 1 Timothy 6:10 is the source)


              thank you, fireguyjeff. I learned this from others, as well. While there are minor variations to these insightful words, the King James version has it as:

              "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."

              Knowing that great wealth secures power, I'd interpret this as meaning that 'money' banishes insecurity; perhaps more so in our age than ever before…


                I should also add, the second half (relating to vulnerability is of greater metaphysical import than the preceding statement. You need to meditate on those closing words, to understand how the elite are being brought down by their own compulsive preoccupation with being 'secure'. Truly the snake consuming itself…

                • We Not They Finally

                  Respectfully, money doesn't banish insecurity. It just creates wrong, false, callous barriers between people. IMHO. And no, the posts aren't to be about religion, but the corruption of the CULTURE enters in and sometimes hard to avoid. Purple Rain has a good point, of course. It takes a balance.

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    which was the point, WNTF, in my pointing to the second (and in my opinion, more significant) part of the statement…

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    to be more accurate, its not money, nor love of money that is the problem, its the misuse of money, and ill-gotten ways of acquiring it. There is a huge disconnect between money and the materials, blood sweat and tears it represents.

                    Few people can realize it has no value of its own, except as tinder. Even the gold standard is misleading. Bean standard, or trade coupons would be a step in the right direction.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


                    • orsobubu orsobubu

                      Code, I espectfully disagree, because the problem lies in the creation of money in the first instance (not to be confused with the creation of fiat money, which is just a financial trick, like fictitious capital represented by speculative bubbles). I'm saying about the mechanism of capitalist exploitation of wage labor, which creates in the first instance the real money, selling goods at a higher price than that for which the capitalist has paid the worker, and then pocketing the profit, in the form of conversion of surplus labour in surplus value, then into money and then into new capital.

              • PurpleRain PurpleRain

                Can we please leave the Religion out of this and stick with the science please and with topics that might help the world and not drive up church attendance. No offense. I have limited time and don't come here to read the Bible.

              • J.

                Thanks for the full quotation. It's beautiful and profound. As for money, it can be a powerful tool for getting things done. As such, it can be used or abused, just as a hammer can drive a nail or smash a finger — or a skull.

                • name999 name999

                  Aftershock, J, yes, I liked being reminded of that quote.
                  The bible is a very important literary document, no just a religious one.

            • We Not They Finally

              Odd, fireguyjeff, that the evangelists never seem to quote that one…

          • In the hands of evil, such as the non Federal Federal Reserve, money is the path to slavery.

        • name999 name999

          ont, oh no, slowly I turn, step by step…


    "Commercially and institutionally, vested interests have undermined public health and safety." Guess that pretty much says it all…

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    This is the way that it's always been "…Commercially and institutionally, vested interests have undermined public health and safety." [from above, Asian Perspective Vol. 37, No. 4, Tilman A. Ruff]

    Internalize the profit, externalize the risk.

    As others on this list have often said: Shut them down, all of them. And, extract reparations for their crimes.

    • Gasser Gasser

      "The Devil Went Down To Georgia"

      Listen to this first to read in rhythm

      The devil went down to Fukushima
He was lookin' for souls to steal

He was in a bind

'Cause he was way behind
And he was willin' to make a deal

When he came upon these Yakuza men

      Sawin' on the stock market buck playin' it hot

And the devil jumped

      Up on a money slump

And said boys let me tell you what

      I guess you didn't know it

      But I'm a money player too

And if you'd care to take a dare
I'll make a bet with you

Now you play a pretty good scam, boys
But give the devil his due

I'll bet a Nuclear fuel pool of gold
Against your soul

'Cause I think I'm better than you

      The boys said our name's money

      And it might be a sin

But wi'll take your bet
And you're gonna regret

'Cause were the best there's ever been

      Many cut up their quality blow

      And snorted their cocaine hard

Cause hell's broke loose on Wall Street

      And the drug devil is dealing' the cards


      • Gasser Gasser


And if you win

You get this shiny Lamborghini made of gold
And you will also lose as devil gets all your souls

        The devil opened up his nuke reactors
And he said I'll start this ELE show

And Plutonium fire flew from his fingertips

        As he caused the reactors to blow

And he sold Obama Care across the markets

        And it made everyone hiss

And a band of political demons joined in
And made it sound like commercial bliss

        [Instrumental Interlude]

        When the devil finished

        Stock brokers said well you're pretty good old son

But sit down in that chair right there

        And let us show you how it's done

        Nuclear waste in the money Mountain
Run boys, run

The devil's liven' the land of the Rising Sun
Chicken's in a cage picken' on radioactive dough

Many rabid dogs bite

        Run child, go

        [Instrumental Interlude]

        The devil raised his head

        Because he knew that he'd not been beat

And he laid that golden Lamborghini
On the ground at Brokers feet

        The Broker's said, Devil just come on back
If you ever wanna invest again

'Cause we told you once you son of a gun
Were the best that's ever been

        They played with money in WIPP

        Run boys, run

Their devil's in the land of the Rising Sun

        Humanity in a bread line eaten' contaminated dough

Granny's will your daughters have
No child, no

        ~Gasser Classic~

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Reparations, I am afraid, would be massive…

  • GQR2

    Nope i am sorry nothing personal but he just lost all cred with me. complete and total says it will take 40 yrs to clean up Fukushima!!

    and is talking to this audiance as if they were 5 yrs old.

    And if he understands the brain so well being a physicist and all. Did he mention that? Saying that because one person can have a photographic memory we all can. That is patently misleading these gifted indv. probably have very noticeable networks of neurons.

    He also put out a spurious notion of schizophrenia If the left lobe talks to us all the time involuntarily and the frontal lobe filters and the filter is missing so to speak in Schizo. than they are't talking to themselves without permission.
    i was going to give him the benefit the doubt but no. He is a salesman and a showman of this techo fascist agenda. An insult to the intelligence. i think he is so full of crap.


      just for the record, GQR2, are you referring to Michio Kaku?

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      He was very specific that the 40 years is a number directly form TEPCO.

      Ha also clarified that it will take 40 years for TEPCO to !!!!START!!! the dismantling.

      The point here is that he did not imply that it will take 40 years to clean up Fuku….it will take 40 years to be able to start doing any thing about a perceived cleanup.

      • GQR2

        He leaves me wanting for a more serious conversation and less about the future and how great all the technology is that is going to some how make life great in some future he thinks he can predict. Many times things are sold to people cloaked in i'm the real deal guy who is gonna give you the truth and make you laugh so that you really don't worry too much …and he implys that he isn't worried either. I don't hear him talking about the consequences of the technology. He white washes even while appearing to give big revelations. But that is just the way he strikes me,i'm not against him really – just find him toxic on some level.

        • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

          However, consider the audience he was addressing.
          No way to get very technical with that crowd.
          Besides, he was there to sell books and entertain.

          Most of what we deal with here every day would psychologically shut down Joe Six Pack in a matter of 10s of seconds.

          Like I have said before, Fuku (et al) are nothing more than thermonuclear warfare in very slow motion.

          Kaku knows he will likely be dead before any of this mess catches up with him in an debilitating sort of way.

          Nothing says that natural selection will not apply to us as a species and that we will genetically/socially/economically/industrially knock ourselves back to pre-stone age and it takes a few 10s of thousands of years to climb back out of that.
          (If we even do).

  • GQR2

    lol mutter mutter yes that would be who i am referring to.


      well, GQR2, you know how us Renaissance men are. We know a little about everything, yet, not nearly enough about anything…

    • We Not They Finally

      GQR2, I relate to your bitterness. I just question if Michio Kaku is the right target. He keeps getting out there in the face of an unacknowledged global catastrophe. WAY better that than silence.

    • bo bo

      I'm going to mutter along with you GQ..

      This is actually more of a gut feeling that probably belongs off topic – obewan posted a link to a Kaku video discussing intelligent life in space, where Kaku talks about how we are 'close' to achieving climate control of earth… I actually forget the details of the actual video – but all I remember is him saying 'why don't you go cross a street and get run over by a truck, kid?' to describe a funny situation where he was annoyed by a child's naive question. He thought it added humor to the talk but I it gave me a really weird feeling. The comment fell flat on the audience, too.

    • Jebus Jebus

      I disagree. Watch this and ask yourself if this is a scientist who has sold out…

      I think he hits the nail on the head, but leaves out an important part of the solution.

      The purchase of our educational system by corporate interests.

      If we would fund our educational system as an independant learning system and not make bankrupt graduates, there might be more solutions to the problems we face today…

      • GQR2

        yes my answer is yes but we can agree to disagree about it,doesn't mean i am right but the more i listen to him the stronger the feeling that this guy is totally insulting on so many levels. In your video i tended towards the questioner and Kaku's self assured nonsense about physicists scientists and engineers just grates on me. I don't believe that there are not people to fill these jobs the trouble is they have teachers like him.

        • Jebus Jebus

          Thats fine, but he wasn't in teaching mode above or in the video I posted. He was explaining the brain drain of our educational system and I felt he was mad about that.

          Here is another short clip that shows his point more.

          I just don't understand why people jump all over those who cautiously step forward, at great risk to their position, and attempt to correct the shortcomings of our world by stating as much truth as they are allowed to. It is no wonder why they don't, when they are hit by those they are trying to connect to. It happens all the time.

      • Their goal is to enslave with debt, have no doubt of that….

        No jobs, and enslave the best and brightest with debt, and then make it impossible for them to declare bankruptcy……

        makes you say hmmmmmm………………………

  • bo bo

    How can one read the Asian Perspective article?
    Do we need to pay 25 $ ?
    Having trouble navigating link 🙁

  • We Not They Finally

    Oil. coal or nuclear Japan's only choices? There just isn't enough sunlight to go around?

    If they even still CAN choose. They've already killed off their own genome. It's way better to not keep repeating the same sins, but whatever they do now may be too little too late.

  • I wrote about the problem in this space back in December. Canodle Partners, a research firm, noted that the two Temerlin reactors would not be economically viable unless they could sell power for 115 Euros per megawatt hour to someone and at the time, the price of power in Europe hovered around 40 Euros per megawatt hour.

    Nuclear dies unless they can increase the cost of electricity by 300%. Nuke dies, that is a good thing.

  • We Not They Finally

    Feed the Gorgon! The Gorgon is a glutton who feeds on human flesh! Feed, feed the Gorgon! ASIDE from the insane added issue that it actually costs three times MORE, it's insanity personified.

    But the big bar to shut-downs is that it is PUBLIC money (given over to private corporations at no risk) and MILITARY money (for bloated budgets) that funds this, with no risk to investors. Don't much like capitalism to begin with, but in any case, this ain't the way it was supposed to work!!

    • The question is posed as to whether this system of government should work as it does, preying on the public.

      Indeed I can prove this is exactly how govt was set up to work.
      I present the truth, the causation of the tyranny and the collusion between capitalists, collectivists and the fascists. enjoy.

      The class designated by this word in the New Testament were employed
      as collectors of the Roman revenue. The Roman senate farmed the
      vectigalia (direct taxes) and the portorin (customs) to capitalists
      who undertook to pay a given sum into the treasury (in publicum), and
      so received the name of publicani . Contracts of this kind fell
      naturally into the hands of the equites , as the richest class of
      Romans. They appointed managers, under whom were the portitores , the
      actual custom-house officers, who examined each bale of goods,
      exported or imported, assessed its value more or less arbitrarily,
      wrote out the ticket, and enforced payment. The latter were commonly
      natives of the province in which they were stationed as being brought
      daily into contact with all classes of the population. The name
      pubicani was used popularly, and in the New Testament exclusively, of
      the portitores .

    • The system was essentially a vicious one. The
      portitores were encouraged in the most vexatious or fraudulent
      exactions and a remedy was all but impossible. They overcharged
      whenever they had an opportunity, (Luke 3:13) they brought false
      charges of smuggling in the hope of extorting hush-money (Luke 19:8)
      they detained and opened letters on mere suspicion. It was the basest
      of all livelihoods. All this was enough to bring the class into ill
      favor everywhere. In Judea and Galilee there were special
      circumstances of aggravation. The employment brought out all the
      besetting vices of the Jewish character. The strong feeling of many
      Jews as to the absolute unlawfulness of paying tribute at all made
      matters worse. The scribes who discussed the question, (Matthew 22:15)
      for the most part answered it in the negative. In addition to their
      other faults, accordingly, the publicans of the New Testament were
      regarded as traitors and apostates, defiled by their frequent
      intercourse with the heathen, willing tools of the oppressor. The
      class thus practically excommunicated furnished some of the earliest
      disciples both of the Baptist and of our Lord. The position of
      Zacchaeus as a “chief among the publicans,” (Luke 19:2) implies a
      gradation of some kind among the persons thus employed.

      Today’s Roman caste system is as unequal today as 2000 years ago. It
      needs to be exposed for what it is, repeatedly.


        fun stuff, ACD. Don't fully understand but do get the main drift. Really love ancient history, so thanks…

        • Ancient History IS the CURRENT History you are living.
          Look around and see the divisions or portitores and secutors in the multitudes of the costumes of what we are supposed to fear and love, loathe and depend on for "comfort and safety" while under assault from those institutions waving flags and waving swords.
          Land mines are the worst, hidden and silent. No odor, no taste or smell. They lay waiting with no off switch, no timer just the payload. They wear Badges and do not even bother with warrants.
          Nuclear is just a symptom, one of many payloads.
          Cannibalism is rarely openly exercised until you get a Dahmer anomaly in the press but its there. Covert and overt operations that result in "public debt" in the bankers world of paper and digital entries that they coerce the theft of everything they can get their hands on. look again at the corruption referred to as problematic in Rome. Look at the current corruption and contempt for the "public"
          This is about today and yesterday and the future.
          Systems that give license to operate a nuclear vessel cannot be considered with a mockery of the numbers of accidents allowed much less regular releases of "effluent" that kills 20-30 years later. Rome was no better for the time, regular waves of plagues ran through the empires.
          Parallels everywhere if you have the eyes to see, the ears to listen and the desire to know. Time is short though.

          • ACD thank you for clear view

            I hope time gives time

          • We Not They Finally

            ACD, so you are saying that these are the failings of a flawed species, only coming to fruition today? Wouldn't be surprised. Not religious here, but "selling the souls of men in the marketplace" from Revelation written anciently, sort of threw me off my pins.

            But getting back to non-OT, nuclear seems to give the IRREVERSIIBILITY factor. We can struggle against human nature, but now there is the IRREVERSIBLITY factor.

      • name999 name999

        already, the Perfecti do that job. Pope Francis is a Perfecti. That is joyful not religious. Intelligent! (research The Crusades, History, Albigensians, Cathars, The Spanish Inquisition)

    • Jebus Jebus

      I'm really sorry that I saw this in the news today…

      2 Pakistanis Suspected of Cannibalism After Head Is Found

      LAHORE, Pakistan — In a macabre case that has transfixed and horrified Pakistanis, the police on Monday arrested a man suspected of cannibalism after they found an infant’s head at his home.

      The two admitted in 2011 to eating five corpses they had disinterred from a graveyard. As cannibalism is not a crime in Pakistan, they were convicted of defiling human bodies. The brothers served almost a year and a half in prison and were fined about $500 each. After the men’s release from jail, townspeople burned tires on a highway, blocking traffic, in protest.

      Now everyone gets Gorgon nightmares too…

  • razzz razzz

    TEPCO making some progress in Unit 4's fuel removal.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      The diagrams and numbers don't add up at all. 638 and 750 don't add up to 1500 something. Also, the space for 638 fuel assemblies moved is less than three rows and the next 4 rows is equal to 250?

      And how about only 500 in the Common Spent Fuel Pool?

    • name999 name999

      razz, that is interesting footage. The place is so tidy and clean! No worries!

      • razzz razzz

        Unit 3's melted core radiation is so uncontained that its radiation extends out to Unit 4 making it dangerous to work there. Extra shielding (lead sheets) had to be placed on the floor and walls at 4 to help keep workers total rad count exposure down that was coming from Unit 3 so they can work longer without getting their lifetime dose within a month's time. At ground level of Unit 3, extra shielding (concrete barriers) had to be erected to protect workers just walking or working around Unit 3.

        I think Unit 4's fresh (unused) fuel presents no harm as you could sleep next to it and not be irradiated (okay so I exaggerate a little) so there is no hurry to move it out of the pool yet.

        I take it most readers here at least understand the Uranium inside new fuel rods is not that dangerous. Only after neutrons begin hitting and fracturing the Uranium atoms (like inside a working reactor) are other 'new' radioactive elements creates i.e. Plutonium, Cesium, Strontium, etc., all are made (created) from neutrons hitting Uranium. A fairly benign Uranium fuel rod turns into a poison rod after spending time inside a working reactor (after about 3 years it is called spent fuel). Everything is relatively fine as long as you keep the spent fuel underwater for shielding. Unless of course your nuke core melts down or you don't mind the stuff that escapes from the pools like Tritium, radioactive gases, etc. or store it safely for 10,000 years maybe everything will be fine.

        • It STILL does not make any sense…

          Wouldn't you take out the NEW fuel FIRST, because it is the lowest risk, quickest to move and reduces the total load the fastest?

          Then tackle the hard stuff.

          Initial reports said they moved ALL of the fresh fuel, and then they were starting to move the burned stuff.

          Of course the numbers were way off back then too.

          Now the story has changed, AGAIN..

          Round and round, and that nose just keeps growing and growing.

  • name999 name999

    so clean and no worries. look out.

  • Jebus Jebus


    The worlds worst nuclear accident.

    Till the next one.

    Time to watch the blood moon till it ends.

    The eclipse, that is.

    Live life people, it is what it is…

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Finally, someone is calling this the "WORST" nuclear accident. Finally. I begame so tired everyone saying that it was the worst "SINCE CHERNOBYL," when we all knew it was much worse. Finally. Thanks.

  • aleenahasnain

    The patient accrual and helping with patient accrual encouraging patients to accrue on two trials because the more patients we can help contractile Goji Actives means no more drugs that we will see to market and that can help the population overall it's important for the nurse to understand her role in the informed consent process in this is an ethical issue that you’ll see in on collagen are saying that we know that informed consent as decision made freely by the client or the patient after full knowledge and understanding and the risk benefits and available options about treatment alternatives so what's the nurse's role that they remain if a patient advocate and that they make sure that the patient does have a full understanding and it's a practitioner in the physician’s responsibility to go over all the rest all the benefits and all available options about treatment alternatives different legal issues that I would haven understanding as a nurse knowing that there are different nurse practice action each state their different professional singers..

  • This is spreading world-wide, so yeah, worse than Chernobyl. Probably not the last as the power that were are still trying to pollute our world and promote eugenics. Do take some precautions to keep yourself and your family as safe as you can.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Yes we do have a picture of melted fuel from reactor 4 equipment pool but it is true concerning the cores which makes me wonder when the most recent thermal imaging was performed and if the images are public. Perhaps on Tepcos website.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Dust in the wind. In a universe that will no longer observe the miracle of life striving towards the heavens. What does it mean to be the worst nuclear disaster.

    There is no closure. Enduring a suppressing force that drops down harder with every pass.

    The number of reactor cores that have been unleashed upon humanity may be the entire inventory by now. There just isn't any way of really knowing.

    It is clear that some of us can see that this isn't just a little bit worse than Chernobyl. Put the soldering guns away, it's time to pack up and go.

  • Sol Man

    Trajectory: if we keep going the way we're going soon we will understand that there is no future.

    But, some people made a lot of fiat by manipulating the weak-minded in government.

  • ftlt

    It is the worst until the next one or two or three or……?

  • Mad_Scientists Mad_Scientists

    "Former prime ministers Junichiro Koizumi and Morihiro Hosokawa will establish an antinuclear power forum in May to promote research into renewable power sources and support antinuclear candidates in elections"

  • Daisy207

    Five earthquakes recently near Fukushima
    4.9 96km ESE of Namie, Japan 2014-04-16 14:17:24 UTC-04:00 44.8 km
    4.6 223km E of Namie, Japan 2014-04-16 13:49:32 UTC-04:00 32.2 km
    4.6 62km E of Ishinomaki, Japan 2014-04-16 13:20:11 UTC-04:00 48.4 km
    4.5 104km ENE of Hasaki, Japan 2014-04-16 10:12:53 UTC-04:00 39.0 km
    4.4 29km E of Kamaishi, Japan 2014-04-16 08:16:20 UTC-04:00 35.0 km

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      M 4.9 – 96km ESE of Namie, Japan
      DYFI? – I
      2014-04-16 12:17:24 UTC-06:00
      37.296°N 142.067°E
      M 4.6 – 223km E of Namie, Japan
      DYFI? – I
      2014-04-16 11:49:32 UTC-06:00
      37.076°N 143.467°E
      M 4.6 – 62km E of Ishinomaki, Japan
      DYFI? – I
      2014-04-16 11:20:11 UTC-06:00
      38.308°N 141.998°E
      M 4.4 – 29km E of Kamaishi, Japan
      2014-04-16 06:16:20 UTC-06:00
      39.226°N 142.217°E

  • SadieDog

    TEPCO suspects worker error in latest water problems…