Navy crew members sue Japan over Fukushima cover-up — “Irreparable harm to life expectancy” — Gov’t and Tepco conspired

Published: December 26th, 2012 at 12:10 pm ET


Title: U.S. Sailors Sue Japan Over Fukushima
Source: Courthouse News Service
Date: Dec 26, 2012

[…] Eight crew members of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, whose home port is San Diego, sued the Tokyo Electric Power Co. in Federal Court. […]

Lead plaintiff Lindsay R. Cooper claims Tokyo Electric (TEPCO) intentionally concealed the dangerous levels of radiation in the environment from U.S. Navy rescue crews working off the coast of Japan […]

The complaint states: “Defendant TEPCO and the government of Japan, conspired and acted in concert, among other things, to create an illusory impression that the extent of the radiation that had leaked from the site of the FNPP was at levels that would not pose a threat to the plaintiffs, in order to promote its interests and those of the government of Japan, knowing that the information it disseminated was defective, incomplete and untrue, while omitting to disclose the extraordinary risks posed to the plaintiffs who were carrying out their assigned duties aboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan.” […]

And, they say: “Defendants had actual and/or constructive knowledge of the properties of radiation that would ensure that, once released into the environment, radiation would spread further and in concentrations that would cause injury to the plaintiffs.” […]

The sailors say they “face additional and irreparable harm to their life expectancy, which has been shortened and cannot be restored to its prior condition.”

Published: December 26th, 2012 at 12:10 pm ET


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36 comments to Navy crew members sue Japan over Fukushima cover-up — “Irreparable harm to life expectancy” — Gov’t and Tepco conspired

  • jec jec

    Wow! Good news. Lets see what happens. At least the word gets out. Now if it was so bad for the USS Reagan personel, what did it do to Japans citizens. This case will be interesting.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      The RR is a Nimitz-class nuclear-powered, nuclear-armed aircraft carrier. Plenty of radiation experts. They recognized right away that the level of helicopter crew alpha contamination was far beyond what TEPCO's bogus numbers said. The NRC and IAEC are going to have a hard time explaining why they ignored early radiation reports from the commander and repeatedly relied on fake TEPCO numbers and the DOE's flawed models instead of REALITY to advise the ambassador. The Ronald Reagan was 100 miles out to sea steaming toward Japan and still changed course to avoid radiation. TEPCO still insisted (and the NRC believed) no containment loss and only a hydrogen explosion.

      Now the question is – specific to just this one incident – did the commander or the 7th Fleet tell the ambassador or the president directly about radiation levels despite the NRC's attempt to control information on this event? If they just left it up to the NRC, then they can be relieved of command for keeping information from both. If they did inform the administration directly, then why didn't Obama's team pass this on to the ambassador directly?

      You also have the concurrent incident of the USS George Washington, also Nimitz/nuclear powered/armed carrier, sitting in Yokosuka (just south of Tokyo). That carrier also arguably had more sophisticated detection because of N. Korean monitoring. They reported high radiation levels and left the port.

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        The George Washington had reported a 50mSv/hr level and 150mSv/hr TEDE (IIRC – I'm checking…) south of Tokyo at a time when the wind was still blowing the plume offshore to the East. The NRC was skeptical of this reading and was pretty dismissive about it – it was inconsistent with what *they* though the readings would be.

        This is very significant because it shows Tokyo (between Yokosuka and Fukushima) was already receiving significant amounts of radiation before the wind shifted to the south.

        The NRC is questioning how the Navy got those readings and how they figured TEDE, etc. Kind of odd since this carrier had a reactor (and presumably nuke weapons) and was tasked to monitor North Korea. The NRC makes it sound like the reading was from a grunt waving around a Victoreen or something.

        We know the George Washington's commander notified Naval Reactors and that started to leak among the federal family. Mostly because the NRC was mad that anyone else on earth could have something to say about Fukushima. The NRC *owned* Fukushima and didn't want anything going out without their stamp of PR approval.

        So in this case, the Navy should have warned the ambassador because 170,000 Americans were in Japan at that time. I can't believe they just bailed out and let the NRC roast US citizens (not to mention the Japanese).

        • voltscommissar

          TEDE = total effective does equivalent ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • PavewayIII PavewayIII

            Thanks, VC. Looks like I was wrong, though. First, the USS Ronald McReagan from 2011.03.13 Monday:

            13:00 100 mi offshore *avoiding* the potential plume area and still measured 30x normal levels in an air sample or 2.5e10^-9 uCi/ml particulate (not including radioiodine which isn't particulate).

            14:30 3.0e10-9 uCi/ml 100NM offshore portable air sample

            17:00 7.5e10-9 uCi/ml 100NM "

            [no time given] .6 mRem sky shine beta gamma 130NM offshore

            The Regan never had surface contamination. That came from:

            One helicopter had stopped on board an unnamed Japanese command ship half way back to the Reagan. Crew that had walked on the deck of the Japanese ship had 2500 CPM / 5000 DPM boot contamination, later described as 10,000 uuCi per 100 cm^2.

            The Japanese ship had gone through the main plume and was contaminated, *not* the Regan.

            ppg. 125 – 131

            • kalidances

              At this point are you still trying to believe any "official accounts" of the situation?

              How many times does the government need to lie before you understand that no "real account" is ever going to happen?

              Two governments willingly buried info on their sick military service members for two years; even after they started getting sick. They had to file a lawsuit to get any real help.

              The government gave a statement about what happened with the helicopters and carriers and of course you take every word as gospel. You would do better now to go on Facebook and actually find the complaintants and ask them personally. The government is going to grab a bunch of lawyers and drop the public into a bunch of lies and statistics. Focus on their health reports.

              The IAEA, Tepco, NISA, and the NRC conspired with the American and Japanese governments to lie for two years about radioactivity levels in their own people and you think you're going to get a real answer.

              When the servicemen go to court their medical records will show how much exposure they've received by the cellular degeneration, sperm count, organ tissue necrosis, and endocrine system panel information.

              • PavewayIII PavewayIII

                Relax, Kali. I don't frickin' run TEPCO.

                I'm more worried about when the Navy knew what and who they told.

                The transcripts' content does not match what the press was reporting. They apparently show Naval Reactors was pretty damn concerned about what they should be: the danger to U.S. citizens in Japan. They also apparently show that the commander of a Nimitz-class carrier *was* aware of the plume potential and didn't just wander into it either by mistake or intentionally to make measurements.

                I'm not sure what you're suggesting here. People on the Ronald Reagan knew how much radiation they encountered. The commander got the hell out of there with my very expensive, nuclear-armed aircraft carrier like he's suppose to. You realize he's on the ship too, right? He told his commanders what they measured and sent samples to Yokosuka. I didn't see in the lawsuit where the sailors disputed any of this – they were mad at TEPCO for not telling anybody anything.

                And where are you getting any information that these particular sailors are having health issues now from the few hours of exposure at those levels? Hawaiians couldn't move away from the plume like the RR could. They probably got more exposure than the sailors. NOBODY should have been exposed at all.

            • andagi andagi

              Dear PavewayIII,
              Isn't the military supposed to defend us? I'm glad/mad/sad this is coming out. Let's roll!
              Go ENENews!!!

          • PavewayIII PavewayIII

            And then the USS George Washington in port at Yokosuka just south of Tokyo and 188 miles from Fuku from the 2011.03.14 Monday NRC transcripts:

            1.5 mRem/hr TEDE and thyroid dose of 10 mRem/hr
            7e10^-9 uCi of 'contamination' – no units
            Total dose of 10 mRem at base before wind changes back out to sea

            ppg. 245 – 247

            10 to 20 mRem over a 12-hour period total effective dose and five to ten times that thyroid
            pg. 258

            20 mRem whole-body TEDE and 120 mRem thyroid in a 12-hour period
            pg. 267 – 268

            ppg. 258

          • richard richard

            How much can a TEDE bear?

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          Do you remember the way poor Anderson Cooper fr4om CNN reacted when he was told to leave Japan and how damned afraid he was… I think he was covering the Tsunami … etc.

      • kalidances

        According to 7th Fleet Commander and Spokesman Jeff Davis, the ships were moved away from the downwind direction of the plant as a precautionary measure on Sunday.

        The President absolutely knew:

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          He doesn't know what a thyroid dose of 10 mRem/hr means. He depended on the DOE and NRC (God only knows why…) to tell him what he should consider doing about it. Naval Reactors seemed wary of the NRC, but it looks like the Navy eventually was in agreement with what the NRC told the ambassidor and the president. 50 mile evac now for U.S. citizens and plan on worse. This was on Monday with what they knew at the time. Any fault after that point was Japan dragging their feet regarding their own citizens.

    • andagi andagi

      Dear jec,
      Right here with ya!

  • Anthony Anthony

    This could blow the lid off the Denial.

  • Uh-oh.. Don't forget they've got the camps and firepower waiting – we're all classed as irradiated mutant Zombies now… pretty sure headshots are going to be mandatory for any that start biting the hands that feed them..

  • m a x l i

    >>>Eight crew members of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, whose home port is San Diego, sued the Tokyo Electric Power Co. in Federal Court.<<<
    Interesting development! Now, let's wait and see if the japanese nucleocrats will blame the troubled nuclear-power plant near San Diego for any radiation dose the sailors had to endure!

  • rebelgroove

    LOL. Chasing the American Dream in the only way left … by suing someone. No mention of the thousands of Japanese radiated and dying, just the 'danger' to those sailors who trained to tackle incidents like this. Did no one tell you that you may someday be required to enter a dangerous environment? Pathetic.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      It may just be a way to force TEPCO and the NRC's hand. The Navy and the State Department are not going to say anything to Japan critical of TEPCO – too much diplomacy and butt-kissing going on. I don't think the Navy can stop these sailors from suing, and probably doesn't want to.

      Right now, the 7th Fleet looks as guilty as the NRC for withholding information from the public. Maybe they wanted to have their readings made public but couldn't. The navy may have been told to shut up through the efforts of the DOE, NRC or the current administration. If the sailors sue as individuals, then the Navy can sit back and watch the fireworks. The commanders can't be forced to lie for the NRC/DOE in court. Maybe the truth will come out.

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        They sure ARE guilty PavewayIII! If you go to the Facebook page belonging to the USS Ronald Reagan you can see how "scripted" the CO's statement & explanation to the worried families & friends of sailors aboard the aircraft carrier upon learning that they'd sailed through the plume when they were hundreds of miles away from the release site BEFORE realizing it and 5,000+ servicemen & women were dosed with Fuku's funky stuff! Probably the "deck apes" got blasted the worst,but if they didn't have the spaces below deck sealed with the ship in NBC warfare alert status mode then they pulled in the funk and circulated it throughout the boat's interior??!! This lawsuit may be the perfect catalyst for the beginning of the end of the nuke pukes fall!!(?)…hope so anyway…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      if you know a better way to "hurt" the nuke pukes than taking away their profits and making it too costly to continue "business as usual" we're all ears?! If the thousands of sick & suffering you cited isn't enough to force them to change their nasty ways-then I commend ANYONE who files lawsuits and costs them so much money and finally brings more attention to the way the industry operates including the faults & weaknesses becoming known to the public ESPECIALLY if the guilty parties in govt. are set out so people(sheeple)can see what their REAL loyalties & agenda's are! It's a start and it's not like they're suing McDonald's because they burned their lips on hot coffee!

  • amberlight amberlight

    "Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!"
    Sir Walter Scott

    As with the Agent Orange victims, both military & civilian, the accusations and denials and lawsuits will go on for decades. Not much hope for the afflicted or their survivors, but at least the harsh light of reality is beginning to shine on this whole nuclear deception.


    I believe we owe dosdos (and obviously, admin) for bringing this story to our attention. Thanks dosdos…

  • kalidances

    Thank you Dos Dos ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been passing it around.

  • weeman

    You can't sue the armed forces but you can a private company.
    The USS Regan is nuclear carrier and has every conceivable equipment for radiation detection and analysis, along with several nuclear engineers, they knew of the dangers and severity of the accident.
    They did not need tepco to tell them, that the facts.

    • kalidances

      You absolutely can imprison members of the armed forces/government for treason via terrorism if they deliberately caused mass acts of illness/death to the American civilian and military populations. Patriot Act sec 811c. They deliberately suppressed critical life-saving communication systems resulting in death sentences for the people on those carriers.

      That's not including all of the subordinate staff members who conspired to continue withholding critical info for almost two years after that.

  • voltscommissar

    Unit 1 expolsion dust headed NW on a SE breeze. The Unit 3 "pulverized MOX fuel explosion" headed SE on a NW wind. It is most likely the MOX fuel cloud into which the Ronald Reagan deliberately sailed, in order to get readings.

    If Gundersen is right about the prompt criticality, then the Pentagon (including its Navy chiefs) already knew from CTBTO satellite data that there was high-dose nuclear crud in that black cloud. So why aren't the Navy chiefs co-defendants in all this?

    On second thoughts the prompt criticality in the SFP does not necessarily cause massive doses of fission products to be aerosolized, rather it was the steam explosion that did that really nasty job. See my previous posts on Direct Containment Heating. USS RR people know how much plutonium was scrubbed from their deck, so they have the data to show it was MOX fuel crud.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      The plutonium in MOX fuel is very finely ground before added it to the fuel rods. So when Unit #3 detonat4ed from a nuclear criticallity the detonation carried the finely ground particles a mile high. It didn't need steam to become aerosolized.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Everyone in United States, especially West Coast, has been effected. Irreparable harm and shortened life is what comes from this radiation.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Dead in the water, no pun intended.

  • Ecoguy

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    NO ONE has returned our calls or E-mails. So then I personally E-mailed and called TEPCO Tokyo electric power company's office in Washington DC USA to offer the FREE zeolite to them for their radiated employees and for the radiated people in the Fukushima area. TEPCO did not call me back so I kept calling them. When I finally got through to them they pretty much blew me off. It's amazing that my company seems to care more about the health, lives and welfare of the Japanese people then the Japanese Government and the Tokyo power company. I hope that if this information can make it into the news maybe it will then stimulate the Japanese Government and power company enough to take action to help their own people and ours. For more info call me direct at 1-561-629-5618