Navy Times: Now 70+ men & women report suffering from Fukushima radiation — Testicle removal, optic nerve removal, leukemias, polyps… were in their early 20s with good health (VIDEO)

Published: December 28th, 2013 at 12:31 pm ET


Navy Times, Dec. 28, 2013: A group of sailors who were aboard the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan as it rendered aid in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown in Japan nearly three years ago […] say they’ve suffered since their radiation exposure. […] the attorney [Paul C. Garner] now has 71 plaintiffs listed, with myriad health issues. […] Garner estimated about one-third of the plaintiffs remain on active duty, adding that one is still assigned to the Reagan. […] A spokesman for the Navy […] said Reagan crew members weren’t exposed to enough radiation to cause long-term health effects […] aircrews delivering supplies to Fukushima were given medication to stave off thyroid gland exposure to radiation, and the ships were monitored for levels of radioactivity […]

Attorney Paul C. Garner, environmental law expert: “The TEPCO people […] certainly knew the severity of what was happening, because now you have radiological releases into the environment […] Leukemias, bleeding, thyroid problems, polyps, testicle removal, optic nerve removal […] the list goes on and on, unfortunately. […] It’s hard to imagine that all of these people are suffering now when they were all basically in their early 20s, in good health, and looking forward to life […] it should really be a situation where the naysayers have to demonstrate that it did no harm to these people.”

Navy spokesman Lt. Greg Raelson: “For perspective, the worst-case radiation exposure for a crew member on USS Ronald Reagan is less than 25 percent of the annual radiation exposure to a member of the U.S. public from natural sources of background radiation, such as the sun, rocks and soil.”

Marco Kaltofen, registered professional civil engineer consulting for the Boston Chemical Data Corporation
: “Has anyone heard the radiation in Japan being compared to say taking a flight from Los Angeles to Washington D.C.? O.K. How about to eating a banana? Has anyone heard this one?  […] So what we are talking about here is a slightly different kind of radiation, where we are looking at a lot of concentrated radiation in a very small particle. So the total amount of radiation we are exposed to might in fact be low, but because we are exposing only a small number of tissues, for instance, for a respirable dust particle, we inhale the dust particle that is radioactive. It actually is about the same scale of size as a cell in the human body. So that radioactive particle is adjacent to a cell that is going to stay there because it has a long residence time. And so to that particular cell, that is not a very low dose. In fact, that is a high dose, it is actually even a lethal dose to that cell.”

Watch Kaltofen’s presentation here

Published: December 28th, 2013 at 12:31 pm ET


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120 comments to Navy Times: Now 70+ men & women report suffering from Fukushima radiation — Testicle removal, optic nerve removal, leukemias, polyps… were in their early 20s with good health (VIDEO)

  • OldFool

    Is every single officer in the US Navy such a coward that they cannot speak the truth? Is a naval career and pension in a brainless navy worth the silence when so many are going to die in agony? All the symptoms are very strongly indicating exposure to at least 200 REM, and it was probably even higher. 450 REM would be a lethal dose to half of them within 60 days, so it was apparently less than 450 REM. Many of them will probably need full bone marrow transplants before their immune systems can ever fully be re-established.

    • Alas, OldFool. The Reagan found itself in an untenable situation when it discovered the level of contamination (10,000 CPM particulate on SHOES, enough gamma 'shine' from the plume 150 nautical miles out to exceed limits in just 10 hours), and got its orders changed from search & rescue to plume monitoring for the wigs in D.C., thereby putting its entire crew in danger. That kind of stuff isn't something the officers are allowed to mention to anybody not in their chain of command, no matter what.

      I do notice that the U.S. Navy hasn't done anything authoritarian (yet) to quash the ability of crewmembers harmed from seeking compensation from the responsible parties in Japan. They are automatically prevented from seeking compensation from their own government employer, as they are all U.S. government 'property'. Really, just like bombs or ships or helicopters. I've actually known sailors to get court martialed for weekend outing sunburns serious enough to make them unable to perform their duties for some days after. The charge: Willful destruction of government property.

      • flatsville

        Socrates raised an issue and a question re: tort issue on behalf of the Reagan.

        As US Sailors can they sue GE for reactor design flaws? I though he might have something there. I found reference to a case where NATO soldiers attempted to sue GE for harm suffered from ionizing radiation from GE missile systems.

        These sailors still might have a shot at suing GE since we are talking about a foreign civilian reactor.

        • I don't know if they could sue as sailors, but might be able to do so as individuals. They can't challenge their orders or any harms they sustained while operating under those orders (imagine what would happen if all the cannon fodder recruits could sue if they get shot leading a charge in battle). But being able to sue the cause of their injuries when NOT a battlefield 'enemy' might make sense. GE's got more money than God… er, Japan, so why not? §;o)

          • flatsville


            >>>They can't challenge their orders or any harms they sustained while operating under those orders…<<<

            I assume this is why the NATO Soldiers tort case failed.

            This could be worth a shot. GE seems like a better target than JapGov.

            • I expect that at some point Japan is going to sue GE (because they can't sue TEPCO since they're in league with them). GE is co-owner of the Daiichi facility, after all, and has its hooks heavily into the Japanese component manufacturing industries as well. Being a certifiable Multinational MegaCorp should have some disadvantages as well as obvious advantages.

              Though if the TPP manages to get ratification (automatic on this end) before then, all bets are off. Under that negotiated-in-secret treaty corporate shenanigans trump national and local laws wholesale, no torts under any circumstances. And for something as horrendous as this, no doubt retroactive immunity.

              • flatsville

                We can only hope it fails miserably.

                >>>And for something as horrendous as this, no doubt retroactive immunity.<<< Yep. This concerns me.

                If Garner is going to change course and go after GE, on behalf of his sailors, he better beat a path to the courthouse now.

                • We Not They Finally

                  I saw Garner on a youtube and one of their other lawyers, My impression is that they are way NOT forceful enough. And they need to solicit outspoken experts by their side.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Change the laws, out law all war on the world stage and throw them (those that give such commands) all in jail…stupid legal word craft got us all here in this exact place in time.

              As if there was ever any honor to be had in any war and then that we had to actually make laws how to/ were allowed to wage war..really. Pure Fantasy! 🙁

        • nedlifromvermont

          Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Hah!

          Sue GE!!! Ha Ha Hah!

          They are protected by Price Anderson Act!!!

          Grow a brain 'newsers.

          Ha Ha hah!

          Sue GE.

          Go ahead and sue Albert Einstein while you're at it!!!

          And Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner, too, while you're at it!!

          And Obummer, Drone King, too!

          Hah Hah Hah hah ha!

          sorry, couldn't resist!

          love you 'newsers!

          Hah hah GE hah hah!


          • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

            Yes, the constant barrage of comments to sue GE as opposed to Tepco belies the origin of some trolls. Misdirecting a lawsuit to failure, not for financial reasons, but for diplomatic reasons away from Tepco. . .

            It's all about the nuclear bombs, the oil pricing and the money presses.

            • flatsville

              You are more than welcome to sue TEPCO JAPGOV on behalf of any sailors you can sign.

              Do you think the result will be different from the recent ruling?

              There are also other reasons to file a suit where these military are concerned. This could be part of a strategy to get the registry opened.

              • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

                Well, they'e already suing Tepco, and dropping the government allegations to simplify the appeal, I guess.

                . . . the appeal of the "political question" ruling for the sailors. (The recent ruling on the "political question" will likely bar suit for those on the ship. Apparently, it is too impolitic to ask the Captain of the ship whether he would have positioned his ship differently had he known from Tepco the full extent of the release earlier.)

                Agreed about the registry possibility, I just don't know how that gate is really run. . .

                And, I believe the west-coast tort question, whether the issue is increases in cancer or disease or decreases in immune response to more virulent mutations of diseases, will be too attenuated, and too varied, to easily show causation, even with large numbers of plaintiff's in the pool. . . Look, the sailor's cases already have those problems now and they were closer, and they got a lot more exposure than the west coast, and their numbers are higher as a percentage-wise of the total crew than west-coast plaintiff's would be.

                How about economic damages? How about the fisherman whose catch has dried up mysteriously, and the ones he catches have otherwise unexplainable increased radiation (something with a short half-life from Fukushima), such that he can't sell them (ideally) or can't sell them at the same price he used to get from competition from Hong Kong restaurants.

                • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

                  Why haven't japanese car companies sued Tepco or GE now that other nations are turning away their vehicles? Because the business community bought them up as US "zip cars"? Because the Japanese don't sue? Because there were diplomatic and national security concerns over nuclear plants designed to build bombs? All three?

                  My point is that this nuclear problem is being held together politically by both big business and national security issues. On the national security side these nuclear power plants are being used to distribute future bomb factories to reward close allies, those allies want to keep them, etc.

                  But on the big business level there is a club that generally support each other no matter what. The big thing that these so-called "elites" have is that they've figured out:

                  In a democracy, an organized minority can hold sway over a disorganized majority.

                  The guy selling "shit-sandwiches" doesn't want "nuclear sludge", and the guy selling "nuclear sludge" doesn't want a "shit-sandwich", but neither will break ranks because that's how they hang together as an organized minority. They see themselves as wolves in that respect.

                  At any rate, starting the ball rolling with economic damages to real businesses is the way to make a chink in that armor that might be exploitable.

          • flatsville


            Are you certain GE is immune via PAA for reactor design flaws ehere these sailors are concerned? Hint-The reactor and incident were not on US soil…

            This is an avenue worth pursuing from a spitball perspective.

      • OldFool

        Yes, I know that they are merely property. But…when an order is clearly brainless and absolutely suicidal for the crew, the truly moral thing for an officer to do is to immediately disobey the idiotic order and lose your military career and pension. I had a very similar experience happen to me as what happened to Arnie, so I full well know the consequences.
        If the US government and military are this cowardly and stupid and brainless, they have no chance of winning any war against anybody. Might as well do the totally unconditional surrender now and just avoid the slaughter. Speaking the truth and getting out of the military completely would be the wiser choice now anyway before the slaughter begins.

    • Bernard

      Notice the Navy spokesman said the "Aircrews" delivering supplies were provided with thyroid protection. No mention of the on ship crewman who were decontaminating and servicing the aircraft. Everyone in the chain of command from the CO on up to the top that allowed these sailors to be exposed like this needs to be removed from duty.

  • zogerke zogerke

    People don’t get it, even smart folks. nuclear technology recreates the heat and chemistry that happens in stars. It is not appropriate for our home the earth;, the scale of release energy is too intense. our oxygen breathing carbon based organic life forms- us- mammals and fish and biota- have not developed methods to deal with intense radiation, it is ‘out of this world’ and we are defenseless- as though to a brand new deadly virus or bacteria there is no biological immune response to.
    then- when information is being spun about nuclear releases to environment, the descriptions of harm potential are minimized. Most people cannot fathom the power and effects of radiation. They cannot and don’t conceive or conceptualize it, intellectually, educationally, in any way.

    Any animators out here? We need a simple probono animation or clay video or cartoon that can visualize for people what radiation does to the cell, visualizing size and proportion and time effects. Making it real in a simple way. The polar opposite of the cartoons by tepkkko with nukey stinkinky fuku baby taking a smelly poop in his diaper, with the 'doctor' liquidators trying to keep the 'smell' in.. We need viral PR that teaches, in an easy to understand way, a snappy youth attractive way, the destructive power of radiation to effect cells and organs. and where that radiation is coming from, right now….

    • I once wanted to make a little video with a group of people in stuffed pear-shaped costumes – black, white and yellow to represent protons, neutrons and electrons, the yellows doing a nifty 'dance' of electron-sharing to represent molecular bonds. Pull out for a long shot of more of the same representing other atoms, all dancing together to represent a cell wall and some innards. Then "hit" it with radiation – green suits for gamma (one guy banging into the dancing suits here and there on their 'run' through the assembly, errant yellows to represent betas but really violent ones pushing and shoving their way around a short distance, and a black-and-white alpha unit that block-tackles entire sections of the wall and leaves them prone on the ground.

      Never got around to it, though… §;o)

      • Speedy

        I picture a dance in a school gymnasium…music playing…the doors being ways into a body ( stomach, lungs)…just my own image, the younger generation might get it…right now it's all about texting…facebook..other mind numbing activities..I see it everyday.

        • Excellent, Speedy. Your experience seems a lot like mine per the school age audience, and need to make them visualize the deal.

          I saw a little film in the auditorium when I was in second grade, back in gnarly Cold War duck-and-cover times. It was about virus (NOT radiation, for a change!), specifically some flu-like thing. I remember the spider-like (or maybe more fat tick-like) black virus particles, and how they reproduced in an innocent cell, then got released when the cell shot them out to infect hundreds or thousands more cells. And turn them into viral reproduction factories… it terrified me.

          Such visual animations can effect kids very strongly if done properly. Don't scare them too much, but do scare them 'enough'. The question being what's 'enough'…

    • w29r7 w29r7

      Either have someone doing the animation is very good idea, then hosts it here; or hire someone thru sites like elance, freelancer, etc;
      If it's few cents from each person, then everyone can chip-in..
      I personally will be printing out those promo ads from enenews
      and will be handing them over to everyone I meet.
      Getting more and more concerned.

      • Mack Mack

        @zogerke made this great comment —> “nuclear technology recreates the heat and chemistry that happens in stars. It is not appropriate for our home the earth”

        As an example of this, you can see how dangerous just ONE isotope of nuclear energy, Tritium, is to humans:

        • There are 10,000 curies in a gram of Tritium
        • Tritium gives 370 TRILLION decays per second
        • Just “one decay can break your DNA chain and begin a cancer”
        • The EPA “thinks that adding a burden of about 30,000 additional nuclear breakdowns PER SECOND to your body — just from tritium alone –is PERFECTLY OKAY…”

        - Natural radioactivity hits-per-second = 15,000

        - Hits-per-second allowed by EPA for tritium alone = 29,600

        So you can see how just ONE isotope of nuclear energy is increasing your risk of cancer.

        Source: — The Code Killers

    • AllenH AllenH (Scary, but not alarming !?)

      I am an animator and digital artist/designer, and could do such a thing, although I have the time right now. But I would need a clear description of what to animate. Although I kinda get the storyboard already.

      • AllenH AllenH (Scary, but not alarming !?)

        I really should edit my wording before posting, damn 🙂 My mind is always all over the place.

      • Such a cool animation could be featured here and at several other sites I know about! It's really just a matter of understanding the different types of radiation and how they affect things biological.

        Gammas are just pure energy photons, go right on through anything but substantial shielding. Hit electrons of molecules interior or exterior to cells on their way out the other side, knocking some out to become free radicals and disrupting ongoing molecular duties to where the molecules may have to be disintegrated and rebuilt all over again.

        Betas are themselves electrons (or positrons, the anti-electron), but very energetic. Don't go more than a couple of centimeters before giving up all their energy by knocking the hell out of other electrons and such in molecular bonds within that distance. Not much of an external issue because they don't go all the way through, serious +factor damage on the inside.

        Alphas are helium atoms with no electrons at all. Just nuclei, one proton and one neutron and a helluva whallop. Like block-tackles or two gladiators with a chain. Alpha can utterly destroy entire molecules in cell walls, even whole cells, causing 'echo' damage to surrounding cells that can too easily become cancerous if not destroyed completely. All energy given up at once, to the first thing encountered. Boom! Can't make it past water on your eyeball, but in lungs and stomachs it's positively deadly. And whatever emitted it often emits other nasties as well.

        • Yikes! Sorry, two electrons and two protons. A two-fer whallop for the alpha.

          • AllenH AllenH (Scary, but not alarming !?)

            Great, JoyB, you do know your molecules, elements and structures, including the effects. But I would need a storyboard to work with, it would not have to be visual as that's my job, but it would have to be self-descriptive. Think of a non-fiction book, when the author describes something and you see it happening in front of your minds eye. Now you know what I am getting at.
            But as anonymity is also a thing here, as on many other sites, its yet another problem.

            • Really, any good description of the types of radiation and their effects would serve to inform you of what they do to interior biological structures, and the storyboard from there is up to however you care to illustrate those effects. I was thinking of using people in suits because it would appeal to young children, that's all.

              Gamma is the only very significant external radiation threat, because it's going to go right on through anything but a lead suit. Denser materials absorb more, thus making this form of radiation useful for things like x-rays. Which are in fact gamma, just not nearly as energetic as some (and generally less energetic than cosmic ray levels). It's all the same stuff.

              Beta might give you a nasty burn, even give you cataracts due to damage to the cornea of your eyes. These are physical particles and they like to give up their energy quotient within a relatively short distance. If they get into your lungs or stomach/internals, they can do very considerable damage to cells that have no shielding. Average damage factor of +10 (over gamma of the same energy).

              Alphas are the nastiest of nasty radioactive critters inside your sensitive unshielded internal tissues. They flat destroy entire molecules, attached molecules, and entire cells if they're energetic enough. Damage factor average +20 over gamma.

              Depending on the energy levels. Some of these babies do +200 times the damage of a mere gamma photon on its way through.

              • weeman

                I love it, please make it so, I can make small donation if required.
                Every picture tells a story and a picture is worth a thousand words.
                Imagination is creative genius.

              • Jebus Jebus

                Could the story line be like a big pharma commercial?
                Where the glorious benefits are told, along with the multitudes of side effects…

                The amazing new cure all pill, "Pandora"…

                • Heh. Then the fast-talking lower volume 'list' of side effects over which the narrator talks glowingly of the wonderful health benefits!

                  …could be hilarious!

            • If you'll do the animation, I'll give you my email addy and see where it can be placed. EneNews of course gets first dibs… §;o)

              • AllenH AllenH (Scary, but not alarming !?)

                Interesting indeed, but if a person cannot understand it with the detail you describe in words, then I am afraid JoyB, and the rest of you… you have become to expect, There is NO HOPE. A silly animation aint gonna do Jack.

              • AllenH AllenH (Scary, but not alarming !?)


                • Yeah, I never did mine either. Sort of thought of it as an educational thing I could even produce on stage for elementary age kids, since we do so much of that sort of thing (professional clowns and all). But it's not really timely when there's no serious dumping going on, and when there is some serious dumping going on it's a regular matter of "National Security" (cue big-drama da-da-dum here) NOT to let anybody know how bad this crap can hurt you if it gets in your body. For 'them', it's all the same as x-rays or bananas.


        • nedlifromvermont

          Hello JoyB: Alpha particles: helium nucleus = two protons and two neutrons, … a bigger bowling ball …

    • bdais92

      @ zogerke: design a ( fake )weapon when used, would create the same affects that are happening now, (radiation)……People LOVE weapons,they will love the idea of this awesome weapon up until you tell them its already happening for free, so everyone gets to feel the affects, forever ….. and cant be turned off….. 🙁

      • bdais92

        How long do these animations take to create???

        Ive wanted a animation and timeline of all of the know explosions and leaks,from all of the reactors including air plumes and water plumes and throw in what happens when typhoons and rain storms also spread the contamination……
        I have lots of ideas of whats going on, but would love to actually SEE what those ideas look like and how they affect the world around us.
        I can see it in my mind clearly, I just dont know how to create it in an animated form….

    • charlie3

      I agree – it would be very useful to have a video or cartoon that educates people about radiation so that they could understand what is happening at fukushima.

  • zogerke – I think you are onto something there.

  • pkjn

    Fukushima's cancer epidemic: the reality revealed
    25th December 2013 The Ecologist

    United States Ship Ronald Reagan sailed offshore from Fukushima after the 2011 tsunami to bring aid and relief to a stricken population.
    All the sailors were multiply exposed to radiation from the Fukushima accident.
    75 sailors came down with a host of medical problems, including cancers and leukemias, all kinds of gynaecological problems, and tumors on the brain.
    Calmed by the bollocks being put out about how "harmless" the radiation leakage was, these 75 service men and women now face death.
    California-based lawyer Charles Bonner is leading a class action lawsuit against Tokyo Electric.
    We have seen example after example of covered up seriousness and urgency by both Tokyo Electric, and Japan's government keen to keep its ownership of the 2020 Olympic Games.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This is only the beginning for these poor people and 70 will soon be 700 and rising it will take some time for what they were exposed to and what still comith this way.

    Nuclear Technology is now the biggest lie circulating around on this planet and always has been since at least 1900..

  • Shammalammadingdong

    Just like it was in the Gulf in the 90's. Got medivac'ed because I passed out on a 1.5 mile run.

    Had serious lung obstructions that put my breathing capacity at that of an 80 year old….in my 20's.

    First thing I heard when I got back, from the officer in charge of GWS, was….there is no Gulf War Syndrome.

    Pathetic, horrendous, and completely predictable.

    They won't see relief. Perhaps their kids will see some sort of settlement 40 years after the fact, but not likely.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      "…..sort of settlement 40 years after the fact, but not likely."

      We shall see exactly who and what is left in 40 years. I think things will progress somewhat faster than that myself. And I don't mean for the better…..

    • We Not They Finally

      So very sorry for your distress. A lot of young kids go into the military because they think that it is their only chance at education, a job, a future. Heartsick at how the young are used as cannon fodder.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    Surely GE is aware that ultimately, they & everybody else in the Nuclear industry are going to be blamed for this.

    Is anybody aware of whether GE has increased it's security arrangements lately, of whether the higher-ups suddenly decide to retire, or just plain drop off the radar. Or staff suddenly jumping ship.

    Because I'm pretty certain that some or all of these things will happen just before the 'terrible news' is broken to the public.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      "Surely GE is aware that ultimately, they & everybody else in the Nuclear industry are going to be blamed for this."

      They may also know that they, we, all of us, won't be around, living, breathing, in 50 years.

    • We Not They Finally

      davidh7426, to the contrary, just heard that Jeffrey Immelt of GE just got appointed to a high financial post in the admin, that Paul Volker used to hold. That's hardly being blamed — it's being rewarded! Right now. The more things change, the more they stay the same…

  • safelyiniowa safelyiniowa

    Kaltofen gives a very good explanation. Another example is Radon. Radon is recognized as a serious health problem and cause of lung cancer. Homes are required to be screened for radon. Radon is an alpha emitter. Alpha particles can only travel a short distance in air, inches. So not a health problem, until you inhale it. Then the alpha particle does serious damage, including lung cancer. All because it is very, very, close to cells in the lung. Further, like many other isotopes, it changes atomic number as it decays, becoming a metal that stays lodged in the lungs.

  • Jebus Jebus

    This is the result. This is the part of Fukushima that is the constant now. Terrabecquerels approaching megabecquerels have already been released into the Pacific Ocean. This can not be changed. Many other events will happen, but they will only add to the result. This is it. The result of Fukushimas ongoing aftermath will be exponentially more damaging to this planet Earth's environment and global genome pool than any other scientific breakthrough that humans have devised, yet…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Keep adding zeros because the numbers will grow. And so will the lawsuits.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Can't blame the power company. The industry as a whole, their technology was developed without a fix or antidote for meltdowns.

    The technology was "total fail" from the concept.

  • Zatrsatr Zatrsatr

    According to my research, those poor men and women got an incredibly hi dose of radiation – somewhere berween 2 – 6 sieverts and the same counts for many civilians on the ground.
    In other words two times to five times higher release would mean a lot of people droping dead in matter of weeks.
    Over 30% of kids in fukushima prefecture having thyroid changes, some of them cancer already speaks for itself
    I wish to lawyers and the survivors good luck and to those responsible the opposite.
    Take Care

    • nedlifromvermont

      30 Sieverts??? That would be three times a guaranteed fatal dose in days.

      10 Sieverts equals 1000 Rem. Fatal dose to 100% exposed.

      In days.

      gamma only.

      Massive organ failure. What a lovely conversation!

      What else do you do, sir?

      peace …

      • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

        Public exaggeration, and overreaction are what politicians use to justify lying and withholding information to the public, ultimately to control the public.

        Plausible deniability is what intelligence agencies use to justify lying and withholding information to politicians, ultimately to control the politicians.

  • jec jec

    If they were not exposed to radiation, WHY did Korea, Japan, Guam..send them away because of radiation? And WHAT nuclear particles were tested for on the USS Reagan? Beta, Gamma?PU, U, Stronium-90 etc etc. Why did USS Reagan dosimeters start going off? Why did USS Reagan crew have to wash and decontaminate..first the ship and then themselves. Why did air crews have to take thryoid protection doses? And what about the water contamination..that says the sea water used for the Reverse Osmosis water purification systems..was HOT. Wonder where the FILTERS for the RP systems went to–probably a smoking guy which needed to be hidden. Too many questions without good answers…

    I hope the lawyer is already making a lot of lists…and getting help from various groupsl Such as onesoutside of USA Russia..who also monitor radiation..Or China..O r foreign governments who have no axe to grind on releasing the radiation levels…

    • Zatrsatr Zatrsatr

      You are right here I mean come on – this is an aircraft carrier of US Navy, right? They were not ready for this at all!!! Unbelievable!

    • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

      How dare you ask so many questions… How, why… when… Huh!!! ????

      How dare you rock the boat…. ah… the boat…the boat that was irradiated… with all that nuclear stuff on it… hmmmmm

      Good thinking there!

  • Zatrsatr Zatrsatr

    I ment high dose – sorry for my spelling:-)

  • razzz razzz

    Navy spokesman Lt. Greg Raelson: “For perspective, the worst-case radiation exposure for a crew member on USS Ronald Reagan is less than 25 percent of the annual radiation exposure to a member of the U.S. public from natural sources of background radiation, such as the sun, rocks and soil.”

    Navy should stop digging, the hole they are in is already deep enough.

    The worst case is sending sailors and ship into a fresh radioactive cloud.

    • Not to mention keeping them there when #3 blew. That's… unforgiveable. But I doubt the officers had any choice in the matter, though I'd like to see the command override on mission – it's not like we're still at war with Japan or anything.

  • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

    Listen here.. this is the thing.. The Good Book says that we are headed for the greatest tribulation that the world of mankind has ever seen… and now looking at this… it seems that this catastrophe may well have play a huge part in it…

    There will not be enough food, or water because folks who will get to eventually know about this, will panic and everyone will be petrified that it's all contaminated and they are going to get sick just like the sailors.. so…what's to do.. ??

    Get yourself a good radiation detox, stock up on non perishables every time you shop, something here something there.. a water purifier… I believe a reverse osmosis unit will do the trick (correct me anyone if I am mistaken) and speak to those ever so annoying people who knock on your door when you are on the john of a Sunday morning…. and don't turn them away.. Ask them what they have to say to you about all this.. and they'll be happy to tell you…for free..

    The Good Book's a mighty Good Book, but only if you read it and know what it really says and means. No use to anyone if it's just on your shelf gathering dust.. Hunting for Hope? Take my advice.. tomorrow is Sunday!

    • Home triple-filter units are darned good for removing radionuclides of the particulate variety. Everyone should have either an under-sink system or a drinking water separate system. Depending on the water supply source of course, some are better filtered naturally than others.

      I've been dehydrating my produce for a few years now, since I built a nifty solar dryer and don't can anything but pickles and preserves anymore. Depending on how much it's dried, it can last pretty much forever. Powder some mixtures for soup stocks and such, that'll get you through when food is scarce. Veggies and fruit, though I make wines and vinegar from the grapes (and peaches this year). A dehydrator even preserves greens, most of which used to go entirely to waste as compost because we hate canned greens! Just crumble into flakes and add to… anything! Dehydration preserves far more nutrients than canning does as well, which will be important. I even dry my 'maters, pack some in olive oil, then use the oil too. Maybe if the climate changes enough I'll be able to grow olives… §;o)

      • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

        Joy.. you are a God send… Here is also a YT video on dehydrating food… and how to do it.. Us women, we have work to do!! And any men to who can help…yes YOU!!

        Start now!!

        Hugs JOYB

        • You take the best of care, TBE. I am not afraid, and personally I think that's the best attitude for this kind of crap. Because they WANT us to be afraid. Taking proper precautions is not fear, it's wisdom if you know the kind of damage they can do. I trashed my entire spring crop in 2011, fallowed for summer (to let the weeds and grass absorb whatever didn't exit via the drainage pathways), didn't even do my usual composting of leaf-fall as the year closed because my Geiger-Muller was still reading too much for comfort.

          Things have been pretty much back to 'normal' for awhile now, and that makes me glad we chose this wonderfully sheltered spot with the great microclime for our homestead (of 21 years now!). This was the mast off-year, so there was little on the wildings end to worry about. I keep track, but am indeed well-sheltered from local sources, being on the eastern edge of the continental divide (eastern) in a cut-off cove. So I'm back to full production, and seriously looking to build some greenhouse capability because I don't trust what might be coming.

          In the end we'll all die of something, and I'm not scared of that either. Just want to put it off as long as possible for me and mine, as I know you do as well. We live in interesting times… §;o)

    • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

      I don't mean to make any jokes here, but this is getting seriously serious.

      Most of us here are having non – retentive events … and I hope you get my gist.. it's getting worse, and worse by the minute. So.. be pro-active… prepare…there's no stopping what cannot be stopped. But we can be prepared for what's ahead, if we want to be.. and if we appreciate the Creator of this planet won't let it be destroyed completely.. It will soon be everyone for himself I fear, and folks, as it is written, 'will become faint out of fear about what is coming upon the inhabited earth'… It scares me to death, but, then I already have 3 cancers on board.. and I am still here, alive and recovering .. I also know there is a future, so I am not overly concerned, just wanting to share with you what I know. Much love..

      • We Not They Finally

        Then again, maybe if it were "the Creator of this planet" who had the major say, and we knew for sure that he was "a good guy," this would not have happened.

        We can only hope that there is more, way more, than our standard religions have told us. For all we know, there are spiritual Beings protecting us AGAINST what we call "the Creator of this planet." Or at least it's "Caretaker." I cannot believe that higher benevolent Powers would have created, or even condoned, THIS.

        • Jinglepots jinglepots

          The ultimate issue is: Universal Sovereignty. Currently, the whole world is under the power of the rebellious angel, Satan, and his demons. He is doing everything to cause suffering and destruction of this planet, so as to turn people away from God, the rightful Sovereign of the universe. The Slanderer is doing a stellar job, too. It takes humility to look to God for the answer to both why he permits this insanity to happen and continue…and how and when he will step in to end it. The meek shall inherit the earth. Please do talk to the much-maligned J.W.s Keep in mind…those who are maligned the most are usually telling the truth. As conscientious objectors, we continue to be imprisoned in countries like South Korea and Eritrea. Many met the guillotine and suffered for years in concentration camps because of their Bible-based Christian stand. They were the ONLY group given the option to walk out of the camps by simply signing a declaration stating they would renounce their religion…which would, of course require supporting Hitler. Only a meager few did so. We love people. So does God. He has a time to act. This earth will be restored. Please check out Peace and love.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Filtering water is a good idea, but what happens when the new filters become contaminated? Everything is getting contaminated. Look what is happening to the Plankton, there goes our air. Eventually we will have all food, water, air contaminated, and our immune system will not work as it should.

      Let's see…contaminated air, hunger, thirst, and disease. You can't out run or stop radiation.
      If this disaster doesn't get you, the next one will.

      • We Not They Finally

        Well, people can think that one through. Like we have a water filter where we are supposed to change the filters every year. Maybe it should be every six months or less. We would not have sophisticated equipment enough to measure.

        If the culture as a whole had SOME education and SOME common sense, all the better. We are not even that far.

  • dka

    These sailors were supposed to be taken care of when they were employed by the navy, and clearly they were not, and they were even denied appropriate information.

    • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

      Yup.. you got it in one!!

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      To have appropriate information would make you liable. Hence you cannot claim plausible deniability. In other words, you can't hold anyone liable as they did not know. Shutting down monitoring services insures they are ignorant and hence, cannot be held liable. Suing at this point is pointless. A class action will net little for the plaintiffs. And the terms of a settlement will be kept in secret so no one will know the truth. All they can hope for in recompense is to live the rest of their short lives in as little pain as possible. You can sue a country and win but you can never collect. But all of this is academic; the die was cast long ago. Everyone's concern should be for the only innocent humans on this planet; the little children and those who are child-like. What is being done for them? Don't look to the gov't to provide a means of evacuation. The jews were told the trains are to take you to a better place. And the Nazis didn't gas them, they gassed themselves. The Nazis just provided the means and the incentive.

      • AllenH AllenH (Scary, but not alarming !?)

        It was all fine till you mentioned the holohoax.

      • AllenH AllenH (Scary, but not alarming !?)

        Do you know FUCKER; that the Jews were the first out of the plant before it exploded, Just go FUCK yourself !!!

        • Oy. Yet another one.

          • We Not They Finally

            Nah, I just think he was trying to guard against Holocaust denial. May not like the cursing part, but Holocaust denial is pretty bad, and in some quarters pretty rampant.

        • Sparky Sparky

          @AllenH, See posting guidelines below,

          "Before clicking 'Submit Comment', please make sure it's: 1) On-Topic – This includes off-topic political, religious, or other such comments; 2) Relevant; 3) Not repetitive; 4) Not insulting, rude or hateful – No personal attacks…."

          IMO, your comment is way over the top. Comment reported.

        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          The plant? You mean the Fukushima Daiichi plant? Assuming this is what you mean it sounds to me like the smart ones would have run first and kept on running. FUCKER? I have 3 kids so this is true. If you meant this in a derogatory way then let me be clearer here: All adults deserve EVERYTHING they get. We're all FUCKERS.

          • We Not They Finally

            We are actually NOT all that. Don't put this onto others. And the one who clearly did not run, the plant supervisor who tried to cool the NPP with sea water rather than with NO water, is a hero who wound up dead with pancreatic cancer some months back. It is tragic that his efforts still did not change the outcome. But not everyone runs. Life gets more complicated when you feel responsible to others and aren't just busy calling them the F word.

    • We Not They Finally

      dka, apparently they are not even being followed MEDICALLY. NOW.

  • We Not They Finally

    Why does not the last person quoted in the article above just SAY "internal emitter." Is he frightened of the English language so badly, or just of his superiors? We DO understand "internal emitter." We understand it, sir, and we are going to think that YOU are either a moron or morally compromised if you don't just start talking straight to people.

  • Mack Mack

    “Dust is the source of human exposure to radiation.” Marco Kaltofen

    • Mack Mack

      “..In real life, the hot particle tends to create a long-term exposure where total radiation goes up more than you would think…” Marco Kaltofen

      • The way I've understood it all these years (of not having a clue what Arnie or anybody else considers a "hot particle"), dust really is The Enemy. The fuel for reactors comes originally as a 'slurry' of clay-sized 'particles' in a solvent stew, which is then slowly compressed and dried so what comes out the other end is what looks to be a 'solid' pellet of metal. It's not actually solid, just a compressed mass of that original particle 'stew'. Which is why overheated rods tend to produce failed fuel, which is these pellets disintegrating back into clay-sized particles of those fuel elements, which are easily leaked into the coolant via the notoriously bad welds on the zircalloy cladding of the rods.

        So I think of "hot particle" as a new – to me – term as being those clay-sized 'dust' particulates. Which are relatively HUGE compared to single isotopes (atoms) of a single element. Semi-microscopic, but not really too small to be seen if you look hard enough. Like dust in the air that settles on surfaces if it gets the chance. If one of those 'clumps' of many atoms of several nasty isotopes settles onto your food or into your water or onto the lining of your lung, you've got a big problem because the millions of atoms in that tiny particle are busily decaying and giving off radiations of one, two or all three types, for a long time. One little gamma or beta or alpha won't be the end of it by a longshot.

        • We Not They Finally

          Well, WHATEVER a "hot particle" is, according to Dr. Paolo Scampa (on agreenroad), 3 thousand billion lethal doses of PLUTONIUM "hot particles" got spewed around the globe.

  • sparkoflife

    As for possible lawsuits, I would forget 'design defects', etc. and key on the old and reliable: "Who knew what and when, and why didn't they do anything about it?" Remember, it's always the 'cover-up' that gets you! Ask ole 'Tricky Dick,! But, as, you can't. Point is, proof of knowledge up the chain of command that they were purposely putting sailors in harm's way will get you further than any old tort action that G.E. would wrap you up in decades with while they bankrupt you. After all, a 'tsunami' is an arguable 'Act of God', no? Remember, who knew what and when and then what did they do or not do?…..Possible 'treble damages' here….

    • AllenH AllenH (Scary, but not alarming !?)

      I agree with you Spark, why get wrapped up in stupid law suits you will NEVER EVER WIN, the odds were always against you and will always be against you, you know where to aim the rifle dont you ?

    • Sparky Sparky

      Pleased to meet 'cha, SparkOLife. A kindred soul, also sharing the same avatar. 🙂

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

      Hey troll, what a load of crap: those rights to sue for intentional torts are very much circumscribed, particularly for active duty, particularly for maritime actions, particularly for "quarantine" nuclear events, etc. Take a look at the Federal Tort Claims Act, 28 USC 2680 and the "Feres Doctrine"

      As an aside, "Plausible deniability" is another load of crap designed by intelligence agencies to justify to politicians and "leaders" being kept in the dark, and then spoon-fed, cherry-picked, over-classified, "intelligence" designed by those agencies to control their decisions.

      Real leaders (military leaders in particular) are taught that they are responsible for everything their subordinates do or fail to do. Ignorance is a failure to supervise; a leadership failure. Regardless, it appears that the FTCA waiver of sovereign immunity might still protect those leaders with respect to service members.

      Plausible deniability is a way to control politicians by keeping them in the dark. It's effect on legal liability is suspect. It's effect on politics is the fault of the electorate.

      • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

        Double check whether GE and tepco aren't covered by the FTCA or sovereign immunity and waiver, and I'd double check whether "design defect" product laibility suits can be brought by service members. That might just leave TEPCO to sue for failure to warn. . .

        • We Not They Finally

          Not sure what you are talking about, but let's not confuse the law with actual JUSTICE. Which no one anywhere will get without wide public awareness and protest.

          Just saying….

          • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

            well I wrote that on the fly; could have been clearer. . .

            Point is I haven't done all the research, nor am I in a position to give advice to potential plaintiffs, not knowing the jurisdiction.

            But we don't want Plaintiffs with real attorney's who have done the research put at odds with their lawyers over things folks say off the cuff. . .

            I would imagine some of those plaintiffs might read blogs like this one.

            For that reason I would imagine that some are here from the other side to distract and confuse on that issue as well as others.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Nobody has mentioned the other ships that were there. There were 70,000 troops on that mission and a dozen or more ships there. ALL of those ships are now and have been contaminated. They drank radioactive water on the Reagan for a full day before the Capt. Had the water shut off and they had to dronk bottled only from then on. I recollect hearing stories that while the Reagan was docked after this mission and was being so called decontaminated, that the dock workers and ship cleaners were getting sick. What about all the sailors and marines still on those vessels today ?????????

  • ftlt

    What about their constant nuclear exposure from power plants and weaponry???..

    The numbers of the sick covered up from our endless wars for the profit of the few that are spreading nuclear materials all around the world too..

    Fallon, Nevada, where the naval weapons range has had an abnormally high cancer rate for decades ..

    Same same in Scotland next to the British test range,,,

    Depleted uranium weapons are ugly…

    The lies they tell

    • Ontological Ontological

      Yes cancer rates here near the test site has run way high, many "down winders" have sued for it. But as of late the cancer here is way higher! The mortuary people here are cleaning up big time on this ELE event.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    You want a way to teach the sheepole right? Try waching & becoming a part of what Dana is doing from Canda, he has spent more time researching this beast. On you tube he holds live shows daily started at 9 PM CTD where I live. He is working to make it where people can be live & putting toghter Ideals that will let people know what is really going on, what foods help yoy, the ones to stay away from, bring the monsters of Death & Suffering to Justice if there is such a thing in todays world where corporations own the governments, the economies, court systems & on it goes, this man has so much knowledge it will blow you away.

    I hope if you wnat to help, join in & if you don't like what you find, by all means leave, no big deal, we are trying to find solutions that the corporations will not do untill a world wide effort comes in as one voice & tries their best to stop the madness that is past out of control, but never give up hope. Leave all your radical baggage out side, it will only slow you down!

  • dka

    I don't think that the navy can claim that the navy can claim that they didn't know. Many experts knew and warned about exposure effects. The navy should have been careful given the enormous amount of information available to anyone that there were risks, and the sailors symptoms could have been caused by contamination.
    How long did it take for the mi5 to think that a russian spy killed
    Litvinenko with Plutonium? Come on! The navy was more than in an obvious voluntary state of denial than it was naively ignorant.
    The dangers and risks of radiactivity MUST NOT be ignored, specially when reactors are steaming nearby.
    For Litvinenko, there were not even any steaming reactors, yet Plutonium was suspected. The army knows and MUST know better.
    Otherwise, message to all service men, get the hell out of it quickly because it is a totally irresponsible organization.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    Oh yes, Japan would let the Regan in port because of the very high Radiation it was giving off, many ports said no, they knew!
    As a US Navy Vet, these people should be taken care! Economy fails, Japan, Europes then the USA, so cost cutting will start from the bottom up, it's in the works now!

  • razzz razzz

    It will take an act of Congress to compensate sailors and if they did pass a law, would it include all affected military, dependents, civilians, NGOs in Japan and on the West Coast? Will some entities have to be blamed and held liable? Like Agent Orange, they let most disable die off before any admissions and compensations begin years later. DU, they don't even admit it is dangerous even in low concentrations but they will abandon any oil contracts in Iraq, I bet because of DU fallout.

    USS George Washington was docked at Yokosuka NB, south of Fukushima, the base was evacuated and ship sent to sea early to finish its repairs.

  • nedlifromvermont

    Hah Hah hah hah hah hah hah!!!

    Sue GE!!!


    peace …

  • Ontological Ontological

    When GE first showed a diagram of Vermont Yankee, on the local TV stations news at the time, first thing I thought about it was a light bulb filled with gasoline, hanging from a ceiling socket fixture. Pull the string, reaction from the filament superheating in the fuel, & boom. Then my Dad told me about Rocketdyne sodium cooled "breeder reactor" that melted down in Simi valley in 1957 and how these water cooled Mark 1 units were just plain even more stupid.
    So lesson learned: The only difference between the gasoline filled bulb, and the Mark 1 reactor; with the Mark 1 you have to leave the power on. Turning it off makes it go boom.
    GEEE EEEE we bring an end to life.

  • hexagon

    Is my understanding correct that they kept the ship out at sea because no ports would allow them to dock there because it was so radiated?

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Arnie makes video regarding the USS Reagan cover up by the US GOV