NBC Nightly News: “Another highly troubling report about what’s going on in the Pacific” — Millions of starfish ‘melt away’ from Alaska to California — Expert: Fukushima radiation ‘not ruled out’ as factor in epidemic — Very, very different than anything seen before (VIDEO)

Published: December 1st, 2013 at 4:05 am ET


West Seattle Blog, Nov. 25, 2013: […] nothing brings it home like seeing what “Diver Laura” James observed in West Seattle waters this weekend. She recorded video off Seacrest on Saturday and uploaded the clip […] “I knew it was bad, but I hadn’t seen it in a couple weeks, and it was crushing to see bodies [of sea stars] piled on top of bodies and the pilings bare.” […] >> Watch the video

Marine biologist Pete Raimondi interviewed on KRCB, Nov. 21, 2013: There’s something about this outbreak that is very, very different […] It’s always been associated with warm water in the past — an El Nino event. We’re not in an El Nino event. […] There’s 2 things that are really bewildering. One, we aren’t in an El Nino event. The second thing is the spatial thing, from Alaska down to Orange County. It’s hard to think of a mechanism that is consistent across that whole area of geography. >> Listen to the broadcast

NBC Nightly News, Nov. 29, 2013:

Brian Williams, anchor: Environmental officials in California say there’s been another highly troubling report about what’s going on in the Pacific. […] Something is killing the starfish and they don’t know why. They have been dying in record numbers on the West Coast […]

Pete Raimondi, marine biologist: It’s happened so rapidly that some species are just missing. […]

Miguel Almaguer, reporter: An epidemic affecting waters from Alaska to Southern California causing millions of starfish to fall apart and melt away. […] Two species that used to thrive here have now vanished. […]

Raimondi: I’ve had probably 100 emails thus far saying, ‘Well, what about Fukushima, because of radiation?’ We haven’t ruled that out yet, but we’re clearly not ruling that in.

Almaguer: The mysterious disease has now spread to at least 10 species of starfish and is threatening more every day.

Watch the NBC News report here

Published: December 1st, 2013 at 4:05 am ET


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162 comments to NBC Nightly News: “Another highly troubling report about what’s going on in the Pacific” — Millions of starfish ‘melt away’ from Alaska to California — Expert: Fukushima radiation ‘not ruled out’ as factor in epidemic — Very, very different than anything seen before (VIDEO)

  • Sickputer

    Hmm… If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then guess what? It's a sick radioactive duck.

    Main stream media is once again straggling to the death wake of the human race, much like the strontium-90 and radio-iodine debacle of open air nuclear testing in the 1960s. They finally woke up in the early to mid 1960s after major scientists openly petitioned the world governments. Mainstream media openly broadcast reports of Chinese fallout clouds (don't eat the radioactive snow) in the winter of 1966-67.

    The December 28, 1966 nuclear blast in China was devastating to the residents in China and far beyond. The Chinese blew increasingly larger weapons in the atmosphere from 1964 until the last open air test in October 1980. A full list of their bomb tests is archived online including the 1966 test I remember personally:

    "(#5) 28 December 1966 122 kT/300-500 kT Atmospheric
    Ground (tower-mounted) Boosted fission (U235);
    Test used to confirm the design principles of a two-stage device"


    SP: The air and water emissions of radiation from Japan's out of control nuclear complex at Fukushima is dwarfing all the previous open air tests of the nuclear nations.

    Nuclear contamination is rapidly killing species of sea life. Extinctions have begun. Humans are being affected across the globe. Ocean and prevailing wind patterns show us the trail of contaminated human air, food and water sources.

    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      Sickputer… Greetings and salutations my friend. You have been here since day one of FUKU like myself and you have always been a real trooper. We don't have much time left here on ENE together, as I believe that they are going to discontinue our comms soon. This monster is growing faster than the world can handle at a reality and media level. I just wanted to thank you for your true commitment and honorable intentions informing all of us and sharing your knowledge and info. I have a meeting with a major player in the main stream media soon regarding the whole fuku scenario, even though it may be too late to matter, the rest of the USA is going to find out what we know soon! You along with others like PattiB, MarkWW and so many others will be acknowledged. ENE admin should be awarded the hero of the world award if you ask me. Peace to all, and love and keep those that matter to you the most as close as possible. It's about to hit the fan. Get you PREPS in order people!!!

      • Kassandra

        Please let me know if you need any specific data points TimeMachine and I will see if I can help.

      • SS4U SS4U

        there is no escaping this. the greedy nuclear pigs killed everyone includng themselves. we tried to stop them but were powerless. too much money and lies.

  • Keen

    Sickputer People used to used to accuse me of being funded by the communist using that same duck analogy when I was protesting Ronald Reagan's military aid to the Contras.

    Any way it is just an analogy it is not anything approaching science, or well founded information.

    There is yet to be any scientific study I know of that points to and supports radionuclides driving regional extinction. Not to say that populations have not been significantly impacted.

    There is a lot more anecdotal evidence that says that it doesn't, for example all of the nuclear testing and dumping and accidents and general operations that have occurred all over the world. But now for some reason it is dramatically affecting the Pacific coast of North America when it has only gotten here in very low concentrations? There are many more potential and likely causes than this as it is right now.

    • "There is yet to be any scientific study I know of that points to and supports radionuclides driving regional extinction."
      – Keen

      Just wait a few years.
      Some species, of starfish, may be completely gone already.

      There doesn't need to be a study, once it's obvious.

      1. Fukushima is now the primary cause of radioactive contamination in the Pacific Ocean.
      2. It's been gushing every day for almost 1000 days.
      3. There is no end in sight. 🙁

      Studies will not be done any time soon or the results won't been seen by the public.

      IMO – To think for one second that extinctions and genetic suffering to life from the 3 meltdowns at Fukushima is not happening because a study has not been done is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Keen, maybe you are not reading the right papers…"Sixty million people have died or will die from cancer due to exposures to radioactivity released from nuclear weapons production and testing activities since 1945." This is the figure arrived at by the European Commission on Radiation Risk model

      Anyway, isnt it a tad ludicrous to admit that Fukushima released billions or even trillions of lethal doses, yet maintain that it will have little or no effect on sea life? The toxicity of radiation has been studied, and some idea of the quantity released is also known. One can extrapolate, in widest terms, from Chernobyl. The indications are quite dire.

      This anecdotal info you mention, pointing to little or no effect from Fukushima is in fact the non substantial, non scientific speculation. Pure, unabashed, unquantified speculation, yet many stick to it like well chewed gum

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    At this pace, the whole world could be infected rather quick.

    • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

      First chickens, now horses:

      In my backyard chicken group, we hear almost daily of chickens that have dropped dead in the night. No marks on them. No predator or earlier signs of illness. Young animals. The group, which has quite a few "expert" chicken raisers, doesn't seem to have an answer.

      On that same group, a woman at the end of her rope appealed to the veteran farmers knowing they owned other animals. She asked for help with her 5 month old foal. After a recent rain, there was a temp drop to -4C and she felt her foal had developed hypothermia. It was at that point his hind quarters grew so weak he can no longer get up by himself. Two vets that have been out are stumped. Another poster in LA chimed in that he had had the same problem after rain in an adult horse but antibiotics seems to have taken care of the problem.

      I immediately thought of RadChix and Leuren M.'s "28 signs the West Coast is Getting Fried" where they report the moose population along the Canadian border getting decimated and show an adult moose w/lesions on his hind quarters falling over and unable to get up. The person who introduced the foal thread identified her location as Alberta.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Keen, I think Sickputer is right on target with his understanding with what is going on now, not only in the Pacific Ocean but around the world. Sure there could be core problems and/or magnetic problems influencing some of this behavior we are seeing but then we humans exploded 2053 Nuclear bombs on a planet where none of them should have been detonated.

    Did these bozos not think that such large waves of energy and impact explosions would not affect this Earth negatively?

    WE humans are all now being controlled by morons… 🙁

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    We can “maybe” this and “maybe” all that is happening in the pacific to death.
    Where are the tests? Show us the numbers and let us have some way to confirm the data is not “adjusted”.
    Without any data that I can trust being put forward I’m going with my intuition and it says radiation is causing problems, there is no way that the radiation is not impacting something. All this talk of “dilution” and “small amounts” is just talk.
    No testing = Coverup
    No sharing of data = Coverup
    Claims of “low concentrations” with no data = Coverup
    No data on sea sick sea lions = Coverup
    No data on polar bears = Coverup
    Increasing the amount of radiation we can consume = Coverup

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Quotation from this article:

        "…On the one hand, there is fear-mongering and 'we’re all going to die' type hysteria…."

        Tell that to the starfish.

        Reality is neither fear-mongering nor hysteria.

        Those who are fearful and afraid are in denial.

        Please shut down all nuclear power plants (death machines) and all nuclear weapons production, and all use of DU. Please don't let any country build any new death machines for civilian or military use.

        There is already too much nuclear waste. It is inhumane to create any more.

        Conquering the world by building nuclear power plants and thus creating dirty bombs will leave a barren, destroyed planet. There will be nothing left worth conquering. How many centuries has it been said, "You can't take it with you". You can't enjoy material possessions in the grave.

  • Sickputer

    Fukushima emissions dwarf all the world's nuclear bomb tests. Bomb fallout is toxic, but nuclear reactors have far more long-lived emissions. Bombs are made to kill by heat and shockwaves. Nuclear plants kill by bioaccumulation.

    I can only state my personal experiences. I never had a nosebleed during 60 years of nuclear testing. I did have a bad nosebleed several days after Unit 3 exploded at Fukushima. Virtually all Northern Hemisphere humans may have the beginnings of fatal cancer and heart disease in our bodies from Fukushima emissions.

    I can't prove my longterm fate or of the other 7 billion downwinders, but I do know if you go and sit on a spent fuel rod for an hour you will melt internally like the starfish within 30 days. That's proof enough for me that we have insane humans in our governments that allow this legacy of global death.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Sickputer those are some Keen observations my friend.. 🙂

    Denial does nothing for/to improve our futures.. 🙁

    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      Obewan – you have been, and continue to be a blessing to all of us. Hope you find safety for you and yours from what we are all wallowing in.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Thank you for your nice comments. I am only here to help others see the "bright light" of truth that has been hidden from us all. I worry not for myself, but for those other souls I have brought into this world, my offspring, and then those billions of other souls that are/and will be negatively affected by this ongoing maniac behavior many of us see here going on worldwide.. so clearly.

    I have hope we can save this planet for future generations, but then we must all move very quickly and share this site and the many truths shared/displayed here with all we know. 🙂

  • Sickputer

    Quoting myself: "I do know if you go and sit on a spent fuel rod for an hour you will melt internally like the starfish within 30 days…"

    SP: Close exposure to a single nuclear rod will also kill all of your descendants for the next 10,000 years or anyone else who is exposed to it for a few minutes. So if you pulverize and vaporize that killing action into breathable or edible specks then potentially you do have a mass extinction event of humans albeit at a slower rate than my most extreme example. 1-40 years for death to occur by poisoning for 60% to 100% of a species.

    Mass extinction is defined as that 60 to 100% level. We seem to do pretty well at killing ourselves with wars, autos, industrial chemicals, smoking, without even the radiation factor.

    So in 997 days since Fukushima began (it will never be controlled) we have lost 97% of the 450 million population for Monarch butterflies, large percentages of sardines, sockeye salmon, right and humpback whales, starfish, endangered turtles, and other lifeforms. Quite a coincidence.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, our reality is right in front of us, for all to see, and you have a great way for sharing your knowledge base with the rest of us. That would make you a very wise Jedi my friend. 🙂

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    On a side note based on what I have seen in the Sierra Foothills concerning lack of wildlife over the past 3 years the impact from Fukushima has been huge in nature. I have lost 5 sheep over the past 3 months to coyotes. I have not seen a deer in a year and/or any other wildlife in volume. These coyotes are now preying specifically on livestock for survival, since there is nothing else in nature for them to eat/hunt. They are digging under the fences for entry. I have no problem helping nature out, but these animals are getting very brave and have been seen walking around in daylight. Everyone is losing cats and chickens and anything else not sheltered.. 🙁

    Can't wait until the break through my living room glass window and attempt to eat me… 🙂

    This could all get pretty wild in the future..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Raimondi: I’ve had probably 100 emails thus far saying, ‘Well, what about Fukushima, because of radiation?’ We haven’t ruled that out yet, but we’re clearly not ruling that in."

    "clearly not ruling that in?".

    Once the other options as to the cause has been ruled out..(it seems by their shock and whimpering they have.)..then it's time to rule in any other variables that may apply.
    250-300 tons of nuclear has escaped Fuku Npp..the majority went into the sea.
    This will have an affect on the sea life.
    Simple as that.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS.."Clearly not ruling that in.."
    How telling…

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      But why..how about a sweet research job tied into the nuclear industry.

      "My charge in is to oversee design and analyses of: 1) monitoring programs to detect impacts from the operation of existing and proposed new units at coastal power plants (Potrero, Moss Landing, Morro Bay, Diablo Canyon, Huntington Beach, and San Onofre from North to South) and 2) mitigation and monitoring programs required to compensate for impacts to the marine environment (Moss Landing, Morro Bay, Diablo Canyon and San Onofre)."


    • Discordian

      Sounds like someone made them an offer they couldn't refuse. That may have been a gutsy thing to say, a lifting of the veil. We will know it if Raimondi dies of a heart attack or a car crash in the next few days or weeks. :/

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        "Raimondi: I’ve had probably 100 emails thus far saying, ‘Well, what about Fukushima, because of radiation?’ We haven’t ruled that out yet, but we’re clearly not ruling that in."

        He didn't say much..

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Other than say.."we're clearly not ruling THAT in…"

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            His statement was parsed for the headline…

            • Discordian

              I thought the very fact that he said they weren't ruling it in may be a cryptic admission that they have been told not to rule it in and threatened with consequences if they do.

              Perhaps I need to get out more… 🙂

              • Discordian

                I mean really, every single report about mass animal deaths or unprecedented animal behavior does not include Fukushimaa as a possible causative factor. they avoid it like the plague (that it is).

                It's clearly a coordinated omission, and only bribery or the threat of harm can achieve such a thing.

                • bo bo

                  @ Discordian – Exactly.
                  I am not a scientist, but I make a guess by deduction as well – from the very fact that radiation is almost always completely omitted from discussion in the mainstream media on mass animal die offs, I come to the conclusion that it must be radiation, and that it must be really bad – so bad that it must be covered up, in order to prevent mass panic.

                  • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

                    Yes this is the reason. We have to avoid mass panic above all else or else we will start Armageddon. When people are fearful of their lives they are not always heroic. En masse they become dangerous.

                    When the Titanic was sinking it was much worse than what you saw in the movie. There were robberies, stabbings, shootings and even rapes on the Titanic when everyone realized their fate.

                    This is the last thing that we want in this situation.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      The telling of truth..can not concern itself with ..panic..fear or any other.
                      Emotion response ..bedamned.
                      The truth must be told..no matter.

                      Don't worry..there is the sociology set ..ready to tell them that panic in inappropriate..it's only scary..not alarming.

                      Oh..good..latte might have been spilled.

                  • vicky13 vicky13

                    HI Bo,,

                    I agree to. Most of our species is terrified of dying.

    • Cindy Cindy

      Hello again, Heart!
      Yes..they KNOW if they mention the word "radioactivity" or "radiation" that a mass panic will ensue amongst the Sheep.
      Us, who read and analyze this website Everyday, know what's going on and what HAS been going on since the beginning.
      I just can't understand what is Wrong with the masses. Why can't they put something so simple together as Millions of Animals dying that have never died before this event. Don't they even have ONE neuron left in their brains?
      Watching all of this unfold…wondering how it will finally be told to the masses.
      Thanks go out to the ones who have been here since the beginning…never wavering…solid steady. Thank you!

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Hi Cindy.. You have been around a long time.
        Thank you for hanging in..
        What a problem.
        How will it finally be told to the masses?
        By the looks of it.. the tale may never be told.
        Science.. those in science.. those being paid for and heard are deceiving the masses.

        It looks as though ..those in sociology.. are getting ready to give it the gloss of 'natural' human condition.

        Humans no longer can judge cause and effects.
        Humans can't follow through.
        They can't ask the right questions to get the right answers.
        It's all 'water under the bridge'.
        How will it be announced to the masses?
        Does it matter?
        It's one ear and out the other.
        Like the NSA situation.
        Did anything change?
        Do the masses give a damn?
        No..Humans have zero attention spans..that was a couple of weeks ago.

        How will they announce it to the masses?
        Probably through civil control.

        1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It's Time For A National Conversation


        Hypothesis only…

        • Cindy Cindy

          Thanks HOTR! Yah…I log on everyday to this site…read all of the headlines and wonder how much more can Mother Earth handle?
          Your link above Plainly Shows what's headed our way..and it's not gonna be pretty! I just read too, where the largest lead manufacturer in MO will be closing in less than 1 month. So now all of the lead must be imported. Time to get a reloader and stock up!
          The elite are plain and simple SCARED of us! Why the GADZILLION rounds? They know once the masses "awake"..and I use that term lightly (LOL)that's it's gonna be 1776 again.
          Until then… I miss my walks here in Western Oregon in the rain…going fishing and catching my Ultra Brite Steelhead to bring home and put in the smoker. I find myself working extra hard to keep the dirt outdoors. Sometimes I think it's a losing battle. But then I think of my family.
          I believe that Good will always overcome Evil..it may take a while..but it eventually wins out. Who knows how many must die however and who knows what this poor planet is going to look like after the DNA has been altered. I get SO angry over all of this and then the depression sets in. WHO ARE THEY to DESTROY my BEAUTIFUL EARTHLY HOME? I know who they are…I guess it is just beyond my ability to think like them.
          Take care Rose,
          I love reading your posts … and I love how you think!

  • gtv-racer

    I've been reading from day one on ene an thought i'll hook in.

    Sea life it self is extra harmful to radiation. Look at life on the planit. First there was only life in sea. This because there was no protection from an ozon layer to block radiation from the sun. When it developed ,radiation on land was on a level so life could be developed. Sea life never had any radiation because the water was blocking it. Now it is in the water….

  • markww markww

    The story about what the media is throwing out is not totally correct. WHY no Investigative Journalists looking. We know it is RADIATION pure and simple that is the world's threat and the West Coast,but you can blame the Nuclear Industry Hillay Clinton and the Canadian Prime Minister for putting blinders out since day one.They wanted to not even report it just hide it so no one sees till they die off. The one world government putting anchors on everyone and letting them just fade and die so they can bring in their new world that is nothing but a SCAM.

    People normal people have to start walking taking measurements, gathering sample like others have and check sea shores that is the only way to get some facts. That way SHILLS and non listeners can see the evidence.


    • rakingmuck

      Markww That is not entirely true. There are people like myself and those much more qualified who have in the last week have given huge amounts of evidence to the most highly respected journalists living. It is just a question of time now as to vetting their own internal investigation and the race is on as to who breaks this first. Again we are not talking the typical CNN or MSNBC reporters but the most respected journalists of our time. You know who they are. I say a few week max.

      • markww markww

        I hear you what I was talking about is the silence from The USA and Canada and non reporting from the big gun tv stations. Little reporting and it is people like you and me and others who are bringing the truth to the world on ENE NEWS


    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      I do suggest ..checking your favorite seashore..and do citizens reports…not so much as evidence for others ..but for themselves.
      Go out..pick your favorite species..check it out..see how they are fairing in numbers and condition.

      Look for signs of change or lack of.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        One of my favorites ..barnacles.
        A study shows they are eating plastic..now they are eating radioactive plastic.

        Even Barnacles Eating Our Plastic Trash

        33% of barnacles in study had ingested a microplastic


        "Today's most unfortunate number: 267. That's the number of marine species that have been found to have eaten plastic, and a new study zeroes in on one such species— barnacles. Researchers traveled to the North Pacific Gyre (better known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch) with a question: Are marine invertebrates eating plastic trash, too? LiveScience explains that the knowledge on the subject was fairly limited, with lab studies indicating the answer is "yes," but field research having revealed only three backbone-less species known to consume it."

        How are my pals.. the barnacles doing?

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          PS..I'll bet they are in trouble..

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

          Ten years ago I was on the north west coast of Vancouver Island and found a dead sea gull on the beach. Its body had burst open as it decomposed. The entire stomach of this sorry bird was filled with plastic stuff, including a Bic Lighter.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    gtv, you would be correct and some of this news is hitting the MSM..a few commenters know what is going on though and its a start.. 🙂

    Fish do not like radiation and Australia is a manmade radioactive contamination dumping ground.. 🙁

    • Socrates


      Yochi Shimatsu has stated that Fukushima radiation has made the ozone depletion problem much worse. Cosmic radiation is getting through with large coronal mass radiations of late. Alopecia in polar bears, mass die offs of echinoderms, hemorrhages in sardines and herring, increases in melanoma rates in fish and humans could be indirectly caused by Fukushima radiation depleting the ozone layer and acting directly on the internal and external cells at the same time there have been massive solar and cosmic bursts of gamma rays from outer space. I follow the NAPA and science journals about the latter events because the cumulative effects on earth are unavoidable. I also avoid ultraviolet radiation except for about 15 minutes per day.

      The perfect storm has arrived. PattyB follows this information. I have problems reading through the vast amounts of materials she posts and confess to not understanding it all, but much of what is being observed spells potential die offs of many, even most, species. The government understands that further wars are useless and would only be the last straw. They are hoping to hide by pretending everything is OK before people rise up in outrage and hold them accountable. This is just a guess. What do you think?

      • Socrates

        Android managed NASA into NAPA.

      • jec jec

        Has anyone mentioned the ozone depletion to Former VP Al Gore? He can charge Japan the carbon tax for this.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Socrates, I have followed all the science to this point in time and yes we are entering a manmade death spiral.

        The ozone hole in the Arctic was huge right after Fukushima released its radiation, so it would make sense that the radiation released had a direct effect on the widening of the existing ozone holes. Krypton 85 has always reacted with the manmade CFC's we created which is tearing up the ozone and all present Nuclear activity on the planet generates this Krypton 85 as a byproduct of all daily operations. I have not followed PattiB very closely, but I would assume if she has inside information about all these varied effects, it probably is/or would be accurate.

        I do not stay out of the Sun, since it is my belief that the sun's rays/photons are a healing energy found on this planet, unlike the fake radioactive isotope energy we now have flying all over the place. There are definite feed back loops that can be created though our actions and that may be why they are spreading chemtrials all over the place to combat what they feel might be happening now. Reflect some of the energy away from the planet. I think this is a bad idea for many reasons.

        Easiest solutions are to ban all Nuclear Power Generation on this planet and give her time to heal..

        But then mankind has never liked easy or even simple to solutions to anything… 🙁


        @Socrates: in answer to your closing question, you are correct…

  • jec jec

    Has anyone discovered if starfish survived in the waters around Fukushima? Or isnt anyone researching what animals and sealife are missing?

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Like so much research done..
      Just a scratching..the attention deficit sets in.

      Wildlife threatened by Fukushima radiation

      "Scientists estimate that in the first 30 days after the accident on 11 March, trees, birds and forest-dwelling mammals were exposed to daily doses up to 100 times greater – and fish and marine algae to doses several thousand times greater – than are generally considered safe.

      "The team found that flatfish, mollusks, crustaceans and brown seaweed offshore of Fukushima received radiation doses that, according to known dose-effect relationships, are likely to markedly increase mortality."

      May 27 2011


      A study of the emissions of the first month.. add 2 1/2 of continued contamination.

  • jackassrig

    I lived around those damn coyotes for a while. Their ornery and very smart. I carried a gun every time I was walking around outside. Be very careful.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    My favorite thing in the entire world was oceanic scuba diving. Just as you see in this video(the first part) you will understand and get an idea of the beauty of sea life in their environment. After seeing the current state of that same area, it has driven an arrow thru my soul. A day and event, I wish that I had never seen. We have only documented 5 percent of the actual life forms of the oceans world wide, and now we have managed to kill so many, if not all, that we never even got to meet. Imagen the possibilities and potential food sources and medicinal cures we could have discovered. Again, I don't cry, but I am running out of tears. So fukuweary now,………………………


    • Emmanuel Truthseeker Emmanuel Truthseeker

      It has been a long time since I have shed tears over things. Not that I am hard hearted, but I have lived for 62 years already and have seen and done more than lots of people experience in a life time. However, since this huge Fuk up and other issues which concern me; I find myself with tears more often now. It is difficult not to feel tearful because I am so powerless to do anything about this horror. like so many of you on this thread, you are thoughtful, intelligent people, kindhearted, no doubt, but also feeling powerless. All we can do is try to enlighten people about Fukushima but, really, in the end, all it will do is inform people about something they can't do anything about, as well. We can jump and shout, but 'THEY' don't listen to us. The governments of the world, who have let the nuclear genie out of the bottle in their countries really should be regarded as traitors and hung for their crime.

      I am not afraid of death. In my case I'll be going home, but for so many others, death is a scary business. And a nuclear death is not an easy way to go. Having spent a good part of my life with pain due to various misadventures, I have a great dislike for pain and pray that you all will have an easy go of it. Be not afraid. Death is just a process we go through to the next level. There are amazing adventures in store. Consciousness, just like energy, is not something that destructs; it is eternal; if you want it to be. You do have a choice.

      • Bowtieman Bowtieman

        Very true… Evil comes to steal, kill and destroy.. It's hard to imagine how diabolical evil can be on every playing field…. I'm 60 so I've had a good life… I feel guilty as a man to have been so busy with the cares of life to let so much destruction of the world come on my watch… It's never too late to make a difference in the lives of people…I feel the pain and anguish of so many hearts….Information is out tool… This site is the best..

  • Nick

    Swimming in the ocean then coming ashore and acting like seaweed back and forth with the waves, paddling back out to bob up and down waiting for the big ones, kicking, swimming, then chest on surface and arms somewhere, moving, slicing, tumbling, surfing unto the shore, until the sands and coral bits halt your progress.


    and again.

    That's me when the sea calls.

    Hunger? Spear fish in the reefs then roast on shore. Timeless treasured memories.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Endless memories..of running on the beach..snorkeling so hard..hardly being able to walk when back on shore.
    Nights of glowing fires..and soft, soft sand.
    Swimming out to rocky points..
    Sharks take note..I was fearless.

  • or-well

    Serious theory:
    A pathogen (vibrio, other bacteria, OR virus)
    undergoes mutation.
    This mutation could be driven by radiation, natural evolution, genetic swapping, or response to ANOTHER pathogen introduced from a source like human sewage, bilge flush, or mari-culture operation.

    Important – this event occurs in southern BC waters.

    OK, now it spreads north with the Alaska current and south with the California current.
    (It could also spread with a number of "carrier" species that migrate with one of those currents.)

    This achieves the coastal distribution.
    (It could also be resulting in a wider distribution.)
    (This new pathogen could have varying effects on different species, depending on their diet and immune systems.)

    The new pathogen reaches concentrations where it becomes particularly deadly to…seastars, resulting in an epidemic.

    This theory is consistent with known facts.

    It allows for radiation to be the dominant driver, or a co-driver, or not involved.

    It acknowledges known mechanisms.

    It could account for symptoms seen on salmon, seals, herring etc.

    So, yes, Fukushima could have been the originating "push", but not necessarily.
    This may have been developing for…"X" number of years.

    It's not a simple chain to follow.
    I find it quite disturbing. I wish I hadn't thought of it.

    Research on ALL marine species presenting problems needs to be co-ordinated.

    Please…give this serious thought.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Most pathogenic diseases..still lead to 'normal' response in the victim.
      Unless the pathogen is capable of new destructions.
      The new symptoms are atypical.
      The bleeding around the ..orifices, the break-down of the organic material which comprises them..is indicative of radiation exposure..

      • or-well

        Hi Heart, yes, that's why I postulate a new pathogen. I don't know and can't guess what species may be "Species Zero" for it. It may be capable of infecting/damaging different species to different degrees, for the reasons I mentioned above – diet, immune systems, and importantly, the time factor.
        "Pathogen X" may only have recently achieved a population density sufficient to impact multiple species. It may be continuing to mutate, under a variety of influences, not excluding Fukushima or cosmic radiation.
        Another important point – it may exist in so-called "bait" or "fodder" fish, like anchovy or sardine, and that way be transferred to mari-culture operations on multiple coasts 🙁
        from there to spread further, explaining the east coast incidents.

        • 16Penny 16Penny

          or-well, I am not sure if you read this post: http://enenews.com/cbs-disintegrating-sea-stars-vanishing-along-west-coast-could-be-gone-for-generations-never-seen-this-before-bewildering-disease-is-spreading-and-no-idea-whats-causing-it-or-how-to-stop-it/comment-page-1#comment-412872

          I think Obewanspeaks nailed at least a major contributing factor into why starfish are melting. I agree that there could be a pathogen involved but considering that starfish feed on weakened fish, dead sea creatures and clams (big time bioconcentrators due to filter feeding)I think that radiations effect on the calcium carbonate in the starfish needs to be given a second consideration. It would be easy enough to test wouldn't it?

          http://www.google.com/patents/US3940324 (Obewanspeaks' link to patent)

          • or-well

            Hi 16Penny, thank you, yes I did. Also, obe noted in a subsequent post on that thread the widespread nature of radioactive materials dumped many places and the resulting longterm dispersal of radioactivity from that.

            I don't discount that as a contributor at all.

            What I have difficulty with is the coincident timing and coincident severity being a direct result of one (Fuku) or several separate sources of radioactivity, UNLESS a tipping point has been reached in many places at once, and even then, I would expect to see more uniform and severe losses, extending to more species (which may yet happen of course).

            There may be no "Pathogen X" as I theorised, no new agent to cause a Marine AIDS, simply a tired old planet losing species the way a tired, diseased old wino loses life, slipping away in a dark alley after being mugged.

            I can't help but suspect that aqua-culture has some role in this, but it's hard to pin down on a global scale.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Excellent theory but the mutating pathogen should have already been identified a long time ago…

      • or-well

        obe, yes, if this pathogen was responsible for past die-offs, it should have been identified.
        But I am suggesting a pathogen that wasn't being looked for previously.

        If it is new, and only now reaching concentrations to have these effects…well, it's new, therefore not previously identified.

        What if it's a mutated variant?
        Then it should be possible to identify it, one would think, just like the antibiotic-resistant bacteria were identified.

        But if it's a mutated variant of some OTHER pathogen that wasn't previously a killer or common to the species, then no one was looking for it because it wasn't previously a concern and didn't exist.

        I wish people would understand I'm not trying to downplay Fuku. We KNOW our activities have created new organisms. We KNOW we do a LOT of bad things to the ocean and they have bad effects.

        We move organisms to new places with bilge flushing. We dump toxic AND non-toxic chemicals creating unknown synergies. We dump radioactive materials. We dump human sewage. We've done all this for some time.

        It takes no leap of imagination to think we may have created an organism that leads to Marine Acquired Immune Difficiency Syndrome, that affects multiple species, that is only recently reaching it's deadly potentials, perhaps influenced by cosmic radiation, or Fuku, or Hanford, or old Russian sub reactors or…

        I explained possible vectors. Maybe there's more, or widespread pathogen mutation is happening.

        • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

          I will go along with your theory or-well, becasue even with radiation we know that diabetes, heart disease & other auto immune diseases are able to be the cause of sickness or death, not just cancer. With just that in mind then commons sense dictates that other pathogens, viruses as of now unidentified & organisms or diseases can be *created as a result of the onslaught of chemicals & pollutants including radiation that exist in the environment.

          This engineer believes that Doppler Radar may be playing a part in the sea star deaths as well as wildlife *wasting diseases seen in Deer & Moose. Another *push by an *unseen force that will affect life forms. I posted his quote & link in the General forum here. http://enenews.com/forum-topic-discussion-thread-nuclear-issues-jan-5-2013-present/comment-page-77#comment-418284

          I also have NO doubt that both coasts have been damaged by Fuku water. As we know when we have scientists & or governments giving us a time frame …that it is ALWAYS an incorrect figure…intentionally, so that we are never prepared for what is to about to happen but catching up after something has already happened. When info is leaked by MSM it is always a controlled leak & has passed over many desks, both corporate & government before seeing the light of day. Considering it is a result of nuclear.. we are all well aware of how controlled that info is.

          • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

            We already know what the answers are. MSM has only briefly stated it was not fuku in only a few reports or that the risk is small. When MSM & gov. refuse to give out test results taken 2 years ago, or give researchers actual true data to work with, it is becasue they don't need to, they have the answers by the tests they already did.

            The results are so concrete that they do not even need to splash across every source of media that it was Not FUKU. They simply need to slow down the release of info to lessen the damage to the economy…their only consideration.

          • alasanon

            I have heard of some illness affecting some sea lion populations up on the north east and an isolated virus in our dolphin population, which has appeared before, but starting this summer caused record deaths on the EAST coast. That said, it was not really a "mystery" and there have not been signs of tumors, beaching, washed up deep sea rare creatures, or crowded or excessive dolphin or whale pods at the shore. Clearly, the Atlantic Ocean is not pristine. It's probably taken more of an industrial run-off burden than the Pacific… I'm sure it's still having effects from Fukushima to a lesser extent. 🙁

            • alasanon

              To add, experts noted that the dolphin virus was very contagious among these social animals. It has caused epidemics in previous years…But, it's not hard to imagine that radiation in the water system and food chain has reduced their immunity and resistance. Heartbreaking!

              • alasanon

                …and that virus is always fatal. It only kicks in every few years…hopefully, 2013 will be the last peak for a while! 🙁

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          or-well, yes your theory is excellent and your theory may very well be the case, since a ship is to our oceans/seas as our planes/jets in the sky are to the air traveled over head.

          If this is a biological mutation, then we are all in deep trouble, as the next mutation may not be in salt water, but in the air that we land animals all breath.

          If star fish can perish so quickly, what makes us humans think we might be immune from possibly the exact same fate in the future, as signs and warning bells are now ringing everywhere around this planet.

          Spooky times certainly straight ahead my friend. 🙁

          • or-well

            obe, it's only a theory, IMO plausible and yes, this has been a very scary possible outcome ALL ALONG, even before nuclear, as we treated our one planetary ocean like a toilet long before we split the atom.
            Nukes and resulting poison plus chemicals plus everything else only make the possibility more likely, not less.
            Spooky indeed.

            • hbjon hbjon

              Throughout history life forms have gained offensive weapons and lost defensive abilities. Humans grew a brain. Birds gained the ability of flight. Swiftness of foot, and physical strength allow a species to gain certain advantages for survival.

              The immune systems in healthy animals is an extremely formidable opponent to any organism that tries to gain a foothold within its environment. Pathogens or antigens are no match for a healthy immune system.

              Pathogen mutation that allows a species to master over all established organisms is very unlikely and should remain in the realms of science fiction literature. It is a paradigm that collapses very quickly under the weight of numerous anomalies.

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                Not a species ..but perhaps several species…will master of other species.
                But first..there will be dominance of the species least affected..I assume.

              • or-well

                hbjon, even a healthy immune system can be compromised by a pathogen it has never encountered, against which it has no defense.
                That is reality.
                Where are all the healthy immune systems in an ecosystem stressed from every side?
                I never suggested a "Pathogen X' would overcome all species, but that a single pathogen can cross species boundaries is also reality.
                It is also reality that pathogens mutate.
                Look around at the world – there, in living reality, is much of the science fiction of the last century.

                • hbjon hbjon

                  "Even a healthy immune system can be compromised by a pathogen it has never encountered, against which it has no defense".

                  Arguably, your the product of many years of evolution that has seemed to survive the onslaught of these vicious little pathogens.

                  Malnutrition and the saturation of chemical pollution will diminish the effectiveness of an immune system.

                  Almost all mutations are counter survival to the organism, and in the rare case that a trait is acquired that is useful, it is the first thing that gets identified by a healthy immune system and is taken care of in short order.

                  If we're trying to make an interesting plot to a sci-fi movie, we must trump up the lethality of the pathogen a million times.

                  Obviously, in the case of the starfish, a substance with energy to break the chemical bonds within the tissues, has crossed over a protective membrane to gain access to the organisms biology. That substance saturated the organism both internally and externally. It is in the environment.

                  One needs to be careful in what one calls reality. Where there are living creature, identifying situations becomes very unscientific. Unlike physics or chemistry.

                  • or-well

                    hbjon, euro diseases really did a number on the inhabitants of the new world, who, presumably, were immune stable within the context of their environment.
                    De Soto found entire towns depopulated by disease from the time of contact with de Leon.
                    There's no need for science fiction to achieve tremendous lethality from a new pathogen.
                    That's reality.
                    Don't mistake me for a fan of "keyboard science" or "fantasy physics". I've seen plenty of that here, no names mentioned.

                    • hbjon hbjon

                      It's good to have ideas. It's good to have opinions. Without rigorous testing of your theory, why should anybody consider it?

                      In matters as serious as these, we all must check our insecurities and egos at the door. I'm ok, you're ok.

                      Your tremendous lethality usually is caused by a lab created variolation process called "passage" to weaponize an infectious agent.

                      Furthermore, I'm always suspicious of people telling me what is and what is no reality. Put down the information and let it speak for itself.

                    • or-well

                      hbjon@11:56, 'morning.
                      As we know new pathogens can occur thru mutation, this is plausible, and a possibility that should be tested along with the usual suspects.
                      Good point re weaponisation, but lets dial back "lethality". My original suggestion was a mutated virus or bacteria, reaching concentrations where it caused significant mortality in seastars having no defence against this new agent. That's not outside our experience. I also suggested it may be affecting other species we see having so far unexplained problems and that they may be vectors of transmission as well as suffering from it, as they have less or no defence due to it being new.
                      I don't discount the astonishing power of immune systems, but I can't discount the fact they can be overwhelmed, even when healthy, let alone unhealthy.
                      Immune-stressed populations of different species suffering to various degrees from a single new pathogen is problematic to what degree? I don't know.
                      Is it impossible? I'm suggesting it isn't, because we know species boundaries can be crossed by mutations.
                      I think there is some commonality that links Pacific and Atlantic seastar die-offs. Fuku-induced disease? Maybe. An unrelated and new bacterial or viral mutation that's had time to spread and reach sufficient concentrations? Maybe.
                      It may even be the agent responsible for past die-offs, in it's original or mutated form. to continue

                    • or-well

                      to continue
                      I think the immune resistance many ocean creatures once had has been compromised to various degrees, setting their populations up for increased disease susceptibility.
                      I don't think "new" marine pathogens are far-fetched, be they actually new or the "old" ones encountering less resistance.
                      We know our own medical communities are concerned with the evolution of anti-biotic resistant agents. It may be that mari-culture is contributing to the evolution of marine pathogens. Combine that with species that don't have the resistance they once did and it leads to the possibility of increased problems for marine life.
                      If I knew what was causing seastar wasting I'd say so. I don't. I'm theorising. Vigorous, honest testing is required on the seastars, salmon, herring, seals, polar bears and in my opinion, any possible links investigated.
                      Whether it is Fuku or radiation related, or connected to mari-culture, human or animal sewage disposal with accompanying loads of pathogens and anti-biotics or dumping of hazardous biological waste, then that needs to be determined.

                    • hbjon hbjon

                      A lot of this information seems reasonable. It should be studied further. Situations involving the activities of the living usually have explanations that are inelegant and lend themselves to false assumptions. You've articulated this information very well, and it will be of great use to someone that seeks to research, debunk, or verify its possibilities.

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    "Obviously, in the case of the starfish, a substance with energy to break the chemical bonds within the tissues, has crossed over a protective membrane to gain access to the organisms biology. That substance saturated the organism both internally and externally. It is in the environment."


                    • hbjon hbjon

                      'Tis written: "In the beginning was the Word!"
                      Here now I'm balked! Who'll put me in accord?
                      It is impossible, the Word so high to prize,
                      I must translate it otherwise
                      If I am rightly by the Spirit taught.
                      'Tis written: In the beginning was the Thought!
                      Consider well that line, the first you see,
                      That your pen may not write too hastily!
                      Is it then Thought that works, creative, hour by hour?
                      Thus should it stand: In the beginning was the Power!
                      Yet even while I write this word, I falter,
                      For something warns me, this too I shall alter.
                      The Spirit's helping me! I see now what I need
                      And write assured: In the beginning was the Deed!
                      If I'm to share this room with you,
                      Poodle, then leave off howling,
                      Then leave off growling!
                      Such a distracting fellow I can't view
                      Or suffer to have near me.
                      One of us two, or I or you,
                      Must quit this cell, I fear me.
                      I'm loath your right as guest thus to undo.
                      The door is open, you've a passage free.
                      But what is this I now must see!
                      Can that happen naturally?
                      Is it phantom? Is it reality?
                      How long and broad the poodle grows!
                      He rises up in mighty pose,
                      'Tis not a dog's form that he shows!
                      What spectre have I sheltered thus?
                      He's like a hippopotamus
                      With fiery eyes, jaws terrible to see.
                      Oh, mine you are most certainly.
                      For such as your half-hellish crew
                      The Key of Solomon will do.
                      Spirits [in the corridor].
                      Captured is someone within!
                      Stay without, none follow…

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              or-well you may be on the right track and if you deeply research Melanized Fungi you may have found/will find your elusive Pathogen X.

              Bobby1 covers some of the basics here and I would guess that the ongoing radiation load now dumping into the oceans is allowing some of these fungi and little buggers to grow unabated. 🙁
              Pseudotaeniolina globosa Here is anther one to research..too!

              They then land on and/or invade the star fish shells (calcium carbonate) allowing for the shell to break down, as they are eating away on the surface radiation contamination on the star fish etc..

              The combination would certainly be be very deadly and quick and remember some people believe that cancer is actually a fungi that is out of control.. 🙁

              • hbjon hbjon

                Yes, possibility. The radiation simply convert the starfish into edible parts for the fungi. Wait a minute. If you think about it, it is unlikely that radiation would have this effect on the starfish per se.

                More likely that the organisms tissues are decaying like a banana. Some imperceptible particle has triggered putrefaction within it's biology. Some people say that disease is the inability to resist putrefaction.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  🙂 I had heard that the demise was started as a white-ish splotch on the surface of the star fish and then the legs started to fall off and dissolve etc.

                  Fungi can be white in appearance in certain cases and not all are the same in behaviors. But yes, chemicals, and/or radiation landing on the surface could do/behave the same way.

                  What ever the aliment based on the lack of follow up we may never know the outcome as to why they all died in a couple of years.

                  If Fukushima Radiation/other Radiation Releases around the globe were responsible that would be the last thing they could/would release to the public, since surely that fact would be considered a National Security incident and probably be kept top secret.

                  Do we still have to pay our taxes.. by the way? 🙁


          I agree or-well with your theory. I completely get that you're not downplaying the Fuku-effect or RAIDs but rather, attempting a more comprehensive analysis to why this die-off is occurring. Your brilliant and one reason this site burns 24/7 on my monitor…

          • or-well

            AFTERSHOCK, thank you.
            I want to be wrong about "Pathogen X".
            I care about Life.
            If this is a biological mutation such as I theorised, then obe is correct, we are all in deep trouble.
            Make that deeper trouble.
            I tried to say, well, maybe that explains the west coast, but how could a new pathogen get to the east coast?
            Then I realised ships cross both ways thru the Panama Canal.
            Or it could be surviving processing of baitfish into fishfarm feed and be distributed to both coasts.
            Or it could be originating elsewhere in the world, and in something common supplied to mari-culture operations on both coasts, not necessarily all, but some.
            Once loose in the wild, there are many possible vectors of transmission.
            I guess the good news may be that if a new pathogen has not started to run amok, it should be obvious in less than a year.
            The bad news is, one could happen at any time.


              @or-well: another 'good' aspect to the die-offs being attributable to biological pathogens, is not unlike the flu pandemic that swept the world in the early part of the last century, populations will recover. However, if this is due to RAIDs, then we're looking at a long-term death spiral of all lifeforms. Either way, it's sad and depressing…


    QUOTE: "Raimondi: Ive had probably 100 emails thus far saying, Well, what about Fukushima, because of radiation? We havent ruled that out yet, but were clearly not ruling that in."

    Is this her funny way of saying, she can not confirm or deny?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "His" funny way? can't?
    Nothing can be ruled out if it was never ruled in.
    All variables have to be included.
    Maybe he can't do that.. for some reason.
    What would that be?

  • Kerry Kerry

    Looking at the NBC graphic at the top here, and all around media reports from the West coast I see a glaring omission, Oregon. Aside from the dock that washed ashore and a hot-spot near Portland (both old news), there has been NOTHING from there. I suspect we are seeing a one-two punch on the Pacific, from both Fukushima and Hanford.

    "Important – this event occurs in southern BC waters."

    The light bulb didn't go off for me until I read or-well's comment above, and the mouth of the Columbia River is in the ballpark there…

    Having lived on the West Coast before (both San Francisco Presidio and Orange County), my family WAS going to move to Portland. In all my research related to moving there, I never heard of Hanford until I actually traveled out there. Lots of public outcry about the place, but very little if any media coverage… Now Hanford is creeping into media reports, but nothing of any real substance. Perhaps it has become too bad/big to hide.

    Perhaps we are being duped with the SFP4 dog and pony show, while an event of equal magnitude is happening right here in our backyard.

    I travel to Oregon and "Jefferson State" on business still, and I last visited the coast in November of last year. Starfish and other marine life were aplenty then. I will be returning in Feb/March, and will visit the coast to see what has changed. I took home a 1-liter sample of ocean water then, and intend to do the same this time, with the intention of having the tested by…

  • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

    ….. the greatest tribulation the world (of mankind) has ever seen, coming soon, to a neighborhood near you… are you prepared…. ??

  • Kerry Kerry

    Oops, '…with the intention of having it tested by an unbiased source.'

  • ftlt

    Seeing the Starfish had massive die offs in the Atlantic and Caribbean and other oceans first over the last few years… And the fact, that international shipping is proven as acting as a vector of disease and pests.. Combining these, it is not automatic that the Starfish die off is FUFU related…

    I think, the person is correct in stating, "Well, what about Fukushima, because of radiation?’ We haven’t ruled that out yet, but we’re clearly not ruling that in."

    Again, the Sink Hole in LA was going to destroy the entire Eastern USA according to many on here… Now, FUFU has become the E.L.E. event of this MB…

    The back slapping and glad handing that is going on here in accepting the unproven amazes me… Get a grip folks!!!

    FUFU is horrible enough without attributing the unknown to it..

    • Kerry Kerry

      "Well, what about Fukushima, because of radiation?’ We haven’t ruled that out yet, but we’re clearly not ruling that in."

      – Sounds like 'doublespeak' to me.

      • ftlt

        That is what you want to believe…

        • Kerry Kerry

          I realize that may have sounded snarky, which was not my intent, but yes, that is what I believe.

          I understand professors must be careful what they say, lest funding and tenure come to an untimely end, but Fukushima is no situation for tepid statements and 'politically correct' waffling.

          Check his body of work and decide for yourself if he is a shill, or a ray of light…


          • 16Penny 16Penny

            ftlt, I challenge you to find one post that says the sinkhole in Bayou Corn will take out the Eastern US. Or at least admit that that was an exaggeration.

            The sinkhole is still growing, no one knows a way of slowing, the danger must be growing because the rowers keep on rowing.

            Just because ENE no longer covers the topic does not mean it is dead.


              adding to your sharp point 16Penny, the consensus of a group should not be dismissed because someone in that group makes outlandish claims. And while I can respect ftlt's calls for measured analysis, I'm also of the mind that things are far worse than most would openly say…

            • ftlt

              Penny: The constant links to the New Madrid Fault and beyond mother of all EQs in the entire region stuff…

              The collapse and change reaction of all the caverns going of at once to include the gas fields of the gulf… It was theme… Did all here subscribe = NO!!!

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Natural observation is a lengthy process.
      Decisions as the affects..won't be known for awhile..(unfortunately).

      "Clearly not ruling that in."
      No and why not?

      I have no problem here..with my hypothesis..tons of radiationwill have an effect..on the sealife in the Pacific.
      I maintain the hypothesis..
      And we can go blow by blow.. but then as I said.. 'the proof is in the pudding'.
      There has been speculation that Fukushima is an ELE event.
      Do to the effects..

      The opposite hypothesis is that there will be none.
      Is this rational after endless studies about the effects of radiation on life forms.

      Fukushima in itself may not induce an ELE.. although there are tons of corium sitting on the ring of fire.
      The contamination.. oh, yes in combination with all the other Human made pollutants.. will send the Pacific Ocean over the survival tipping point.
      ELE.. slow drip.

      The sinkhole in Assumption Parish.. will not suck in all if Louisiana..(or I'd recommend starting with the governor)./.but in combination with the damage inflicted on the seafloor via the BP disaster is causing geological changes in the Gulf.
      Will this change the dynamics?
      Does anyone care?
      Google ..the Louisiana 5-Year River Plan.

      • ftlt

        HorR: I am in total agreement with your entire post..

        I believe, the world will suffer horribly from FUFU too.

        It is only a question of how much, how long, where and when.. We can only wait and see…

        Only adding, moving forward everything nuke must be shut down now and we should be spending vast treasures to find ways in which to safely dispose of its long lived toxic materials..

        The 5 year plan will have to wait… I'll save it for a day, when I need to feel worse than I already do..

        Live well not better – must become human kinds creed..

        PS I'm old

        I'm convinced, my 30 old son will seen horrors that I have never dreamed of in his lifetime… That would be in the next 40 to 50 years to put a time frame to it..

        Keep on punching away HotR… You do a good job on here..

      • SadieDog

        I believe you said " the proof is the pudding". 😉 sorry, couldn't resist

    • Bowtieman Bowtieman

      My hand is slipping… I trying to get a grip.. There is plenty of radiation to go around with all the DU used in our wars…

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Nuclear created radiation destroys the immune system. Is weight gain caused by overeating or hypothyroidism caused by nuclear radiation? You can focus on symptoms or look for the underlying cause.

    • ftlt

      HofR: More likely, it is the old story of lack of activity and overeating.. Our toxic diet of drinking calories (sodas, juices for thirst and alcohol in excess), other high sugar intake, fatty foods and manufactured oils, manufactured non-complex carbohydrate and grains (!!!corn products!!!) and things like – added growth hormones… What a food lineup we have..

      Would you care for some more pink slime, HotR..

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      anne, you are on fire and you see "all things" very clearly! 🙂

      The puzzle is always fun when you get to put the varied designed pieces where they actually belong…

  • ftlt

    Seeing the Starfish had massive die offs in the Atlantic and Caribbean and other oceans first over the last few years… And the fact, that international shipping is proven as acting as a vector of disease and pests.. Combining these, it is not automatic that the Starfish die off is FUFU related…

    I think, the person in the article is correct in stating, "Well, what about Fukushima, because of radiation?’ We haven’t ruled that out yet, but we’re clearly not ruling that in."

    Again, the Sink Hole in LA was going to destroy the entire Eastern USA according to many on here… Now, FUFU has become the E.L.E. event of this MB… WOW!!!!

    The back slapping and glad handing that is going on here in accepting the unproven amazes me… Get a grip folks!!!

    Yes, FUFU is horrible… Yes, it certainly will negatively impact the planet for years to come.. However, It is not helpful to begin to start attributing the unknown to it..

    • ftlt

      Sorry for the double post.. It was sitting there on my wacky puter and I touched it up and re-posted it

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        Again I challenge you to substantiate what I believe to be a false claim that the sinkhole was going to take out the East Coast. Now you have upped it to "many on here"? If that is the case this should be easy for you to do. The sinkhole hasn't stopped, only the coverage of it on ENE.

        • ftlt

          Penny: Here, I'm typing in my car in bad light — I'll clean some of the errors from this reply above..

          The constant links to the New Madrid Fault and beyond = the mega mother of all EQs in the entire region that was certain to come tomorrow or sooner stuff…

          The collapse and change reaction of all the caverns – all going off at once – to include the gas fields of the gulf…

          These were typical themes by many and well linked on here…

          What happened at the salt cavern is a horrible example of the same world destruction for the profit of the few that is happening all round the globe everyday..

          It is the total of these type of events like the cavern or even FUFU and other smaller abuses perpetrated daily combined to make a massive scale of abuse against the biosphere that is the real threat – not just one event..

          This need to paint everything and every event as the end is beyond lame – it is hurtful IMO..

          FUFU is not a nuclear war level event or nor an abrupt climate change level event IMO… The sink hole was never a pimple on FUFU either if scale would be applied to it IMO

          Did all here subscribe to Sink Hole Dramatics = NO!!!… But, plenty did..

          • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

            Gas vented at 7 mcfd with 25 psi FWHP
            via multiple wells for months, not counting natural venting from beneath the surrounding area, amongst others has cost 11 million so far and the base of the initial inner berm is built within the 7 degree angle of natural repose as it continues to widen out further than the initial maximum 40 acre prediction. We do well to look further than this 40 acres indeed also to see what else is affecting the biosphere and sea currents and fish illness and… and…. and….. Many are trying to ease us off by telling us of small NORM deviations which are acceptable and not of immediate concern. Look no further as the saying goes.



            • ftlt

              Haize: What has been done to the bayous and beyond along the Gulf Coast by the energy pigs is far beyond reprehensible – it is a crime against nature…

              Sadly, this is done everyday around the world where ever a buck is to be made…

              War for profit and personal greed is the mantra of the destruction…

              FUFU is more of the same…

              Ground water depletion for quick profits and its pollution is criminal too.. A massive human crisis on the horizon..

              Eutrophication of our waters too..

              Coal use..

              Forced automotive (cars not transit) addiction worldwide..

              Meaningless and wasteful air travel for millions to nowhere – when they have not stepped out down from their own doors locally for years and don't even know what is around the next bend..


              Strip malls filled with have-to-have disposable junk worldwide…

              The list is long and ugly..

              Human wage slavery and abuse for profit…

              It is the sum total that is the BIG ISSUE and THE CRISIS!!!!

              Live Well Not Better

              • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

                Yes, what amazes me is that the sum total of all the NPP failures have not deterred the masses from experimenting. Every generation blames a design fault as the cause and assures all of 99.9% improved safety. This is one example of how the knowledgeable is kept out of those circles before a lofty party and a flashy signatures.

  • pkjn

    Fukushima? 5 Million Seabirds Estimated to Have Died on the Beaches of Australia and New Zealand
    December 1st, 2013 The Daily Sheeple

    Reports are coming out that unusually high counts of dead seabirds are winding up on shores in Australia and New Zealand.
    Is the radiation ultimately causing the lack of baitfish?
    The Fukushima Plant still spills 400 tons of irradiated groundwater a day, every day, into the Pacific Ocean.

    The Japanese government and Tokyo Electric continue to reassure everyone that everything is under control and the irradiated water is just hanging out in the bay in front of the plant (the most absurdly unbelievable story maybe in the history of ever).

    More and more reports of radiation-tainted wildlife, contaminated foodstuffs and mass animal illnesses and die-offs surrounding Pacific coastal areas continue to be reported seemingly every other day.


  • Socrates

    We were dusted and gassed pretty bad. So were the plants and animals. The iodine 131 went up into the stratosphere destroying the ozone. Huge die offs will follow for centuries, thousands of years.

    Check out the chemicals they are dumping into the environment: PHA, PBDES, particulate matter smaller than 2.5, the list goes on.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      when the corporations flush their pacific ocean toilet, everything including the board-members will go down the drain. Look at the human species at large and what has become of the planet, over-run by pompous purveyors of suffering and death.

  • Sickputer

    Blast from the blast:

    The "unstoppable radioactive discharge into the Pacific" in a March 2011 Japan Times article (now purged by government censorship laws) is archived in part by Zerohedge:

    Headline: "TEPCO Knew Radiation In Seawater Is 7.5 Million Above Normal Before It Started Dumping Radioactivity In Sea On Monday"

    Excerpt: "Saturday, before
    Tepco announced Monday it would start releasing radioactive water into
    the sea, and experts fear the contamination may spread well beyond
    Japan's shores to affect seafood overseas." In other words, as TEPCO was dumping 11,500 tons of radioactive water in the sea, it already knew, but kept away from the public, the radiation was nearly ten million times higher than legal limits."


    SP: Even the vast Pacific has its limits when billions of gallons of Dr. Frankenstein poisons are running unchecked into the ocean. The earth will survive, but man's years of existence will come to an end with some final toxic straw that breaks the back of humanity. If not Fukushima or Hanford it will be GMO or some other moneymaking scheme. We love you Big Brother! (Not).

    Madness in the Northern Hemisphere…

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    I find it interesting that a die-off also occurred in starfish in the years after Chernobyl.
    Note: It's not just happening to starfish:
    Death Rates up
    CDC tool to get death rates of major cities.

    Some links to be aware of:
    This is a handy link for worldwide Rad monitors.

    I hope somehow there is a solution to this mess. Looking at the children bring to the forefront the gravity of what humanity is facing.

    It is clear to me the people in leadership roles in government/corporations etc are mass murderers. What about the Chinese workers at the Iphone factories jumping out the windows killing themselves because of the working conditions?

    We all have blood on our hands because we stayed willfully ignorant until it was too late for the conveniences/technology/toys etc.

    Again I send up my apologies to the children of Earth for being a neglectful Shepard of the future.

  • I'd be very appreciative if you would check out my blog that addresses many of the same issues you all are concerned with here on ENE news. Many thanks.


    • 16Penny 16Penny

      I like how you have shown the conflicts of interest which the quoted professionals must be aware of. Any good journalist would have considered that before approaching them for information and would have mentioned it in the article.


      @Mr.Baxter: you have made the statement within you blog "The Sad problem is, that because of the magnitude of the Fukushima Disaster, blowing it out of proportion is difficult to do." Was this a grammatical error?


        BTW. great commentary and analysis…

      • Thanks for the compliment.

        It quite possibly is a grammatical error, though I enjoying mixing metaphors (never met-a-phore I didn't like, for instance) and bringing extremes together.

        What I mean is: It's hard to overstate the seriousness of the Fukushima Disaster. Sorry if that wasn't clear.


          understood Mr. Baxter. My only concern is that you not lose your audience. The incongruity was obvious and as you're doing such excellent work, merited a flag. Keep up the brilliant analysis…

        • Bowtieman Bowtieman

          I'm excited to have another source… Great work…

    • "… a lifetime pursuit of personal safety from nuclear hot particles."
      – Mr. Baxter

      That lifetime is here, the amount of time that will have to pass until we are truly 'safe' from this debacle is intangible because of human greed and lust for power.

      Sad, the legacies that will pass through generations.
      Cruel and insidious beyond imagination. 🙁

  • Jebus Jebus

    100+ years of anything goes ocean dumping.
    100+ years of mega consuming that same ocean
    Sea temperatures rising.
    BP, CorExit.
    Tsunami, every chemical possible.
    Fukushima's radiation.
    Still going.

  • The term "keystone species" was in fact first used by Robert Paine in 1966 to describe a starfish, Pisaster ochraceus.[62] When studying the low intertidal coasts of Washington state, Paine found that predation by P. ochraceus was a major factor in the diversity of species. Experimental removals of this top predator from a stretch of shoreline resulted in lower species diversity and the eventual domination of Mytilus mussels, which were able to outcompete other organisms for space and resources.[63] Similar results were found in a 1971 study of Stichaster australis on the intertidal coast of the South Island of New Zealand. S. australis was found to have removed most of a batch of transplanted mussels within two or three months of their placement, while in an area from which S. australis had been removed, the mussels increased in number dramatically, overwhelming the area and threatening biodiversity.[64]


    Radiation from the airborne fallout from Fukushima would have sank to the bottom of the Pacific. These starfish are bottom feeders at least hunting crustaceans that live on the bottom of the deep sea, miles below the surface. However disease is created with these fish farms the BC government promotes. Invasive species and disease does get spread by commercial bilge releases. Documented proof sealife injests plastic and there is a plastic zone in the Pacific……..

  • Mercury and pesticides flow into the sea and on and on and on. Its easy to blame Fukushima for dying starfish but I don't buy it. Not because I want to minimize the issue but it must be recognized that pollution from many sources and overfishing and mismanagement of our resources for a quick buck have been going on forever. The business sponsored governments care little for starfish so don't expect any detailed study. Especially if the outcome will mean more proof this economic engine that pays so few so much is mismanaging this planet to death. Fukushima is a symptom of a bigger problem of ineptitude in general of business and political leaders. Perhaps radiation does have something to do with it. Its all conjecture anyways as no government will commission a study until regular folks get mad.

    • amberlight amberlight

      Mark, there is no doubt that decades of toxins and human interference have taken their toll on species across the board. Jacques Cousteau catalogued the diminishing ocean life during his lifetime of research. This current crisis, however, involving numerous marine species, has ramped up suddenly and over a broad swath of the Pacific coast. Unless a massive toxic dump took place withing the last couple of years that was hidden from the public, I can think of nothing else equivalent to the magnitude of the Fukushima disaster to explain the sudden onset of death and disease on such a massive scale.

      My money (what's left of it after government thievery) is on Fuku.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    🙂 Get Mad!

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    The radiological gases released by nuclear power plants causes acid rain.
    The Petkau Effect, pp. 124-125.

    The ocean is now very acidic because of nuclear power plants [death machines].

  • TheLivingEnd

    Human Beings are Base FOOLS, "It's not our fault that our leaders are psychopaths" "We can't do anything about them because we do not have their Money and Elite Status"

    Throughout EVERY civilization in Human History, "Normal" people have allowed the Demonic Psychopaths/Sociopaths to seize power and dominance, thereby leading said civilization to RUIN and DESTRUCTION.

    The reason why there will NEVER be a Utopia (Other than Fukushima currently) is that Homo Sapiens ABHOR the IDEA of Total Peace and Love….

    Ask any person if he/she is a "good person" and they will say (and actually believe it) Yes! Yes I am!"

    No, No You are NOT. Humans are Selfish, Bottom Feeding, Hubris Filled, SELF-IMPORTANT, Sadistic, THANKLESS Species and HAVE been for Our Entire Existence ("GOOD DEEDS" mean NOTHING)…. Humans are the only Lifeform that has NO Place in the Planetary Ecology, (Hence the ENDLESS TRACK RECORD of Global Desecration)

    People LOVE "The Way of the serpent", Evil promises that People can "do WHATEVER they wish, WITHOUT paying any type of PRICE"

    "Normal" humans believe this as well as our Demonic Leadership,

    Homo Sapiens are an Introduced Species, We have no natural place in Earth's ecology, We are as destructive as any other Invasive Species..

    The Human Race is a Failed Experiment, Failed as in "Many Times Over". Like what I say or not, We have EARNED Absolute Annihilation through our FAILURE to Understand our Worthless…