NBC Nightly News: ‘Has Radiation Entered Our Food Supply Chain?’ — USA Today: News getting worse at Fukushima, widespread suspicion leaks into ocean ‘underreported’ — Expert: “I’m not trying to be alarmist… but how will we know it’s safe” for West Coast? (VIDEO)

Published: March 9th, 2014 at 11:22 am ET


USA Today, Mar. 9, 2014: Ken Buesseler, a chemical oceanographer at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution […] and other scientists are calling for more monitoring. No federal agency currently samples Pacific Coast seawater for radiation, he said. “I’m not trying to be alarmist,” Buesseler said. “We can make predictions, we can do models. But unless you have results, how will we know it’s safe?” […] Last July [Tepco] acknowledged for the first time that the reactor was leaking contaminated underground water into the ocean. Since then, the news has gotten worse, and there is widespread suspicion that the problem is underreported. […] three competing models of the Fukushima radiation plume […] all predict that the plume will reach the West Coast this summer […]

NBC Nightly News, Mar. 7, 2014:

  • Title: Has Radiation Entered Our Food Supply Chain?
  • Brian Williams, anchor: Scientists from Long Beach State University have started to look for […] signs of radiation in the kelp that is found off the California coast.
  • Miguel Almaguer, NBC reporter: Could this kelp be contaminated with radiation from Fukushima?
  • Dr. Steven Manley, CSULB professor: This is used to detect the radioactive materials coming over from Fukushima.
  • Almaguer: Will it pose a public health threat? […] Its impact on the environment and marine life remains an unknown.
  • Kei Iwamoto, Ph.D. UCLA adjunct associate professor of experimental radiation oncology: We have not seen anything that should raise any kind of red flags or alarm to the general public.
  • Almaguer: For now, no alarm, but these researchers know their work is just beginning.

Watch the NBC News broadcast here

Published: March 9th, 2014 at 11:22 am ET


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100 comments to NBC Nightly News: ‘Has Radiation Entered Our Food Supply Chain?’ — USA Today: News getting worse at Fukushima, widespread suspicion leaks into ocean ‘underreported’ — Expert: “I’m not trying to be alarmist… but how will we know it’s safe” for West Coast? (VIDEO)

  • bo bo

    Thank you, NBC Nightly Time Capsule, for keeping America in the loop.

    'For now, there is no alarm… but after 3 years we finally collectively decided to plant this little seed of information to you about fukushima just in case SHTF with WIPP and/or Hanford … we can have a place to focus all your fear onto. '

    • bluetick

      these videos will shed light on the situation!!!



      you choose who is running which branch of govt…but it pretty much sums it up from every part of the globe.

    • A Santa Barbara, CA doctor who ate the blue fin tuna and now courageously sets an exciting example as he informs of Fukushima.

      ☢ Perils of Fukushima ☢ News A Wake-up Call From Dr. Stephen Hosea

      Ociffer Dave says inform the public

      and DON'T EAT THE FISH!!!!

      • ocifferdave

        "Hi, I'm ocifferdave, and I approve this message."

        -ocifferdave, 2014

      • Sickputer

        Good job Dr. Hosea. Decent overview. I suggest shortening your presentations to ten minutes maximum.

        Couple of suggestions: Mention that one diesel generator survived the tsunami and saved Units 5 and 6 (or we would be in much worse shape).

        The concrete and metal reactor buildings as you describe are not strong on the roofs. Flimsy Mes-Tex roofs typical of that era reactors and we have 20 just like them in America. A jet plane crash like 911 focused on roof-top spent fuel locations would make Fukushima look like a well-contained minor ccident.

        The tsunami was the scapegoat but the earthquake alone would have done the same thing. Because the huge lateral and vertical land displacement cracked the reactor areas and crushed the cooling pipes beyond any quick repair at Units 1-4. Units 5-6 survived because of siting on higher elevation that aided in the EDG (Emergency Diesel Generator) survival and also probably aided by Unit 6 being a newer Mark II reactor design.

        The floating earthquake resistant concrete pads for the buildings also figured into the failures to survive. Seemingly a good engineering idea, the idea backfired because the key turbine buildings adjacent to all the units were on separate floating pads. Turbine building cooling system pipeworks and electrical switchboards are connected to their mother reactor building. The earthquake moved the two foundations together crushing the vital lifelines. Mother Nature bitch slap to arrogant humans.

        • We Not They Finally

          SP, good work except maybe for the "jet plane crash of 911." There were no jets, no plane parts, no body parts, no black box, no NTSB, no FAA, no nothing. The barest amount of rubble at the base and no seismic impact from the so-called "crash" of thousands of tons onto the earth. The building itself just "dustified," as per the very brilliant Dr. Judy Wood.

          Only bringing it up because the levels of instant indoctrination, also massive withholding of needed info, have become commonplace in our culture. It's amazing the public gets anything straight on Fukushima at all — especially with so little coverage. That may change, but unfortunately, it may be only if/when the ramifications become disastrous for people personally.

          But keep educating people. This is most helpful. Science is hardly America's strong suit. We need all the help we can get.

    • Joe Ebslap Joe Ebslap

      I think it is common knowledge that radiation is in the food supply but at this point it is only in bananas. We have been avoiding bananas for some time now.

      • Sickputer

        Yes, and avoid the other deadly B food also… Brazil nuts. Everyone in Brazil has cancer from eating those deadly radioactive nuts according to the nucleorats.

        I know Big Brother loves us. :-). Oh look…they are bringing a rat cage for me… >;-> Love those furry friends.

        Sorry to be offtopic…oh yes… Food supply. Have you seen this sea star mass death report from bonnie England?


        Excerpt: "For five miles they stretched along the beaches, a gruesome line of dead starfish.
        Fishermen and bird-watchers at Pegwell Bay near Sandwich, Kent, discovered a "carpet" of thousands of the creatures lying on the sand just above the water line."

        "They have also ruled out pollution or anything to do with climate change as the cause."

        SP: Of course they ruled out pollution. With just a slight cursory look at the poor dead creatures these amazing Braniac scientists and nucleorats knew instantly that the creatures had committed suicide just like lemmings. Full scientific report upcoming with glossy 8 by 10 color photos and all other kinds of groovy things… Just like Alice's Restaurant:

        "They was taking plaster tire tracks, foot prints, dog smelling prints, and
        They took twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles
        And arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each
        One was to be used as evidence against us…

        • Sickputer

          And yes that sea star die-off in UK was 3 years pre-Fukushima (March 2008) but Kent is on east coast UK I believe? And where has Areva dumped nuclear shit for 3 decades? LaHague:

          "France reprocesses reactor fuel at the vast La Hague facility on the Normandy coast. The so-called low-level liquid wastes from reprocessing are discharged into the English Channel and into the air. However, these “low-level” wastes still contain highly radioactive and often long-lived isotopes. Dumping these same wastes into the sea in containers would violate the1970 London Dumping Convention.2
          • The liquid discharges from La Hague (and the UK. reprocessing plant at Sellafield) have resulted in contamination of area beaches and of seas as far as away as the Arctic Circle and are considered among the ten main anthropogenic sources of radioactive pollution of the world’s oceans.3
          • Two independent medical studies found elevated rates of leukemia in young people living around La Hague. (Similar leukemia clusters have also been recorded around the British reprocessing site at Sellafield which has turned the Irish Sea into one of the most radioactively contaminated bodies of water in the world).4
          • The nuclear waste pumped into the sea from La Hague has been measured as 17 million times more radioactive than normal sea water according to an analysis by an independent French radiological laboratory."


    • As it seems the US military will soon have to drop another A-bomb or two (or whatever number of new types have been developed by now) on Japan as a counterstrike for using their nuclear waste as a weapon of mass destruction against the US, not to mention they even have the nerve to insinuate some form of contributary negligence in the Fukushima (one-time-event-)disaster needed to be blamed on the totally quake- and tsunami proof, time-tested reactors, designed with pride in the US of A by General Electric.
      And now they seem even to be manipulating the public opinion by spreading faked reports in newspapers and on TV and by invading independent forums like ENENEWS with their Samurai info warriors. Unbelievable ! There are no words to describe how evil and sneaky these people are !

  • jcfougere jcfougere

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't every one of those models only take in to account the initial explosions and releases?

    None of the continuous releases for the last 3 years have been added to any of the models right?

    All the models I've seen show a confined area, detached from Japan, floating towards the West Coast. Shouldn't the models show a river of radiation across the entire Pacific?

    • combomelt combomelt

      absolutely criminal

      • combomelt combomelt

        im very confused
        nbc has reported "zilch" for 3 years
        then GE sells off nbcuniversal
        a year after the sale, NOW they start reporting on infinitesimal fuku models and speculations
        biting the hand that used to feed it?

        & btw, are there no other ocean spokesholes besides woods 'black' hole to consult with

        all this is so f-ing crazy, if i had just 'woken up' i know i would be absolutely reeling with a head full of opposing and vague opinions and flat out lies told by these few 'experts'

        The only window to view truth is here, at enenews

        kenny and the other 'oceanographers' must feel they are the most relied upon sources in the world. their arrogance must be absolutely deafening. im glad i dont have to sit in a room, or a boat with any of them as they self-aggrandize and pontificate on their unique high intelligences. sick

        • jec jec

          Combomelt, Woods Hole, Kenneth Buesseler, was the ONLY person willing to tests samples from the Pacific..at no charge. So far, along with Buesseler, a small group of professionals are trying to get 'crowd funding' to allow testing of materials sent in(www.ourradioactiveocean.org). They need equipment($$) and funding to do this work, since the US Government (who SHOULD be doing this) is not. Someone needs to tell EPA there is no magic wall(from our land borders to space) to protect the USA from radiation!!

          You have to fight fire with fire and have good science to back up facts, something Woods Hole knows. Sadly EPA and DOE do NOT!

          Don't kill the messenger(me), but Kenneth is probably the best spokesman for Marine Science we have.

          • GQR2

            If "kelp boy" is it, our best spokesman we are in deepening doo doo. Deep shit.
            If a generous billionare tried to set up an independent global monitoring and testing system i bet they would be killed.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            At no charge?
            Or just his job?

          • KidIcarus KidIcarus

            Jec, I am mostly a lurker, but I read everything you write and respect the hell out of the painstaking work you're doing to connect the dots. Additionally, you have reminded me of the best approach to these people – which is "learn the right questions to ask". Thank you.

            So, that being said, I agree with you about "Kelp Boy". We don't know his heart, but we can see his actions. And from where I stand, he's actually doing something. Good on him.

            • We Not They Finally

              Actually, he's "the half-truth guy." The placater. The one who will never figure out when a population group DOES need to panic.

              These people have their roles. I'm just not convinced that they are terribly constructive ones.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            jec, what is Woods Hole's budget? I see they have been given 5.6 million to test Fukushima fallout, on top of a 200 million annual budget. They have all kinds of test equipment, ships, qualified people.

            What about Ken? Is his job doing interviews or testing? He has made many interviews and has a video up and this is his message; Fukushima fallout poses no risk. If it poses no risk, why would he want to test? But if nobody tested, (gotta do SOMETHING with that $5 mil…and 70% seal die offs, sick walrus, dead sea stars, no anchovies…come to mind),then how can he be so certain there is no risk?

            Anyway, you cant just scoop some water and test it, you have to check for bio-accumulation and low level biological effects, lowered immunity. Heres the thing; isnt it impossible that the worlds largest poison spill is safe? How can huge quantities of radionuclides be without consequence? Ken says its safe, so theres a problem of credibility right there

          • We Not They Finally

            jec, did you ever check out Buesseler's sources of FUNDING? It's like a Who's Who of people you never want to meet in a nuclear dark alley.

    • Daisy207

      Models are 10% of the time 5% correct. By the time you get enough data to tweek the model to a high probability value, you don't need the model any more – the data define the situation. Your right – the models are only for a one time release – not an ongoing discharge. All they do is allow for a government "scientist" to collect a paycheck playing with numbers on a computer. Nice job if you can get it.

  • nedlifromvermont

    Yes, Brian, the radioactivity is in the food chain: the milk. the fish, the beef …

    Thanks to our government of nuclear power, by nuclear power, for nuclear power … the results have been withheld and efforts to make the public aware have stymied …

    It's a replay of the cover up which stymied Ernest Sternglass' honest work on radioactive fallout from weapons testing in the 1960's …

    The science was faked and critical reviews were issued by non-independent reviewers …

    Essentially all of science is contaminated by the big money/defense uranium business …

    United States leaders in business and politics have now zero credibility before the world, as long as they remain in the thrall of big nuclear power players: General Electric and Westinghouse etc …

    Big money uranium players don't care how many they cancer and kill, as long as they get a big pay check;

    Barack Obummer can talk, but no one listens; he is reduced to a pro-nuclear shill.

    This is his legacy: to continue the heinous experiments on the innocent living creatures.

    He is no better than Josef Mengele, of Nazi death camp medical experimenting fame and notoriety;

    MIT has a research reactor 100 yards from Mass Ave, basically at sea level, five megawatts thermal; perhaps this is a good place to store the trans-uranic waste from a nuclear program it has coddled and lied for (Rasmussen's faked math in favor of reactor safety was done here)

    peace folks. Nedli out.

    • bo bo

      Hi nedlifromVT – do you happen to have a good link for the MIT research reactor on Mass Ave. ? Thank you.

    • We Not They Finally

      nedli, we're way disillusioned with Obama ourselves. But a LONG line of people did this. People who were in the puppetmaster slot, not puppets themselves. Political points become pointless. Only getting to the roots will do.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Yeah like that debris wasn't contaminated….fools< can't emphasize that enough. Plus the atmospheric fallout that hit the ocean. Also it is ONE ocean with many converging currents..hot meets cold pushing,driving and trapping. My problem is where these currents meet are where the most sea life hang because that is where all rich nutrients and resources are/were. Its been here for a while…..f#%-&-#/%/%/&-#/#-%%&-/%-#/ MORONS!

    • bo bo

      So true earthsmith.
      Was it just me or did it seem like on the news clip the divers were directed to flaunt the seaweed, letting the divers touch it, smother it over his head… just so they can show by example that they don't consider it at all 'harmful'. Effective propaganda for people standing on the beach, on the fence about whether or not they should continue surfing.

    • Ontological Ontological

      earthsmith, Those current eddy areas now are full of light oils and other goodies from the Gulf Spill. Any damage done was added to after FUKU. Those nutrients have not been healthy since. What is happening in the Pacific is too much crap too soon. Tsunami after decades of garbage dumping, over fishing, etc, and now radiation of all sorts, AND their toxic ELEments. Ocean doomed, & for Mankind DOOM ON! All because we allow 400 or so assholes to rule over the rest.

      • earthsmith earthsmith

        Indeed folks, its a toxic stew. Thanks, I was on edge,from a disturbing dream I could not shake. After a few posts felt like I was just power ranting which is about as useful as their sickening lies.

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    Of all the stores/reports I have read so far, they match your observation…modeling based on single events or single days
    over small areas.

    On anther note (having done semiconductor modeling in my early career) I would not be surprised to find out that the academic world does not have a long term model for an event like Fuku.
    After all, for most of the technical types who would/could model
    what has actually happened did not because it was the unthinkable.

    The weather modeling code typically needs some serious cumputational power along with a lot of memory. Access to the big machines costs money. And who is going to fund a modeling project for "something that will never happen"?

    Mixing in weather and ocean currents turns the problem in to something that is very likely beyond the scope of present day

    Here in western Oregon they get the weather wrong so often that
    we just laugh at how bad the predictions are some times.
    And that is just a 48-72 hour window.

    Also, for the radiation plume, one would need a lot of ocean
    samples from many depths collected over the 3 years window.

    When the agenda is to try to restrict information flow, one of
    the best ways is to simple make sure the data is not collected.

    When you are a govt agency and you made sure to not actually
    collect data on a specific topic, then you can honestly say that
    there is no data to support concept bla-blah-blah.

    Most readers/viewers will not grasp the…

    • jec jec

      Good one! Now you didn't mean to say our leaders were…..???

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Very nice all the way through and exactly like our human herds, but alas he got this one wrong.. 🙁

      "We are not slaves to our mammalian impulses, but we must be aware of them in order to transcend them."

    • tbg

      Excellent article, and so true, humans are just the highest form of monkey, and are so like them its fascinating. This is the curse of mankind, those who receive power or standing use it to enrich themselves first and fuck everyone else, they are your victims.
      I paid these scientists, who only know what we tell them, to say that everything is fine, and since you foolish monkeys have allowed the nuclear industry to be deified and testing methods have stagnated, just prove that everything is not ok. GC technology is like a hundred years old, and there are more cold war era counters from 40years ago floating around than current model Geiger counters. But since the traitorous monkeys own the media, what do test results matter? Pu is a big problem and the most hazardous substance on earth whens its leaking from WIPP but not a peep about the danger from the Pu that fell on Seattle and everywhere else for the 1 or 2 days it took them to stop releasing those test results.
      We need leaders that will pledge to put the good of the people ahead of themselves, and if they lie or screw the people, they get set on fire on the capital steps along with anyone who aided them. Of course any leader who actually acted in the good of the people would get assasinated by some rich fucks interests so I guess weve got to start there. I guess term limits might also help, but we should probably have some fire in there somewhere.

      • We Not They Finally

        Term limits actually PROMOTE self-interest rather than public service. Get in there, no experience, no background, no long-term thought, no administrative skill, just clean up for yourself, then leave and join the corporate world. We need committed public servants. Term limits is hardly the way to get there.

        It's part of our instant-gratification throw-away culture. Show up, make a big noise, slap at a problem, take credit, split.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "“I’m not trying to be 'alarmist'.”

    You can't be an 'alarmist'..if you haven't said anything.. to alarm the public of danger.
    The other..being a 'false alarmist'.

    "But unless you have results, how will we know it’s safe?”

    And when the results come in and are low-balled…
    How can we know it's safe?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Nope..'kelp boy'..does not qualify as an 'alarmist'.
    More like 'gatekeeper'.

    • We Not They Finally

      Mr. Calm and Helpful. If people actually do need to run for their lives, this guy is not their ticket out.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    You can't … 🙁

  • So many things are left unsaid in the NBC report.

    "We haven't seen anything that should raise RED FLAGS or ALARMS…"
    – Professor Iwomoto

    Saying they 'haven't seen anything' is not saying it does not exist.

    It's been 3 years since the initial fallout and 2 years since the first debris actually arrived and they just now decide to run tests. 😉

    I would wager to say, that IF/WHEN the experts do find something highly contaminated and hazardous to life, they will not tell us, because if they did, that would mean we've been getting contaminated and eating radiation for the last several years and they should have been testing more and told us sooner.

    It obvious this tidbit of misleading information is an attempt calm the masses, at least for now.

    >This is the kicker. 🙁
    Questions of bio-accumulation, ecosystem destruction, fallout circulation, and 3 ongoing melted cores pumping massive amounts of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere and sea for centuries beyond our lifetimes are simply never addressed, mentioned or even speculated upon. Ask yourself… Why is that?

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      …the landlord admits the stove is broken and gas is filling the building. His stove repair experts have a long range plan to fix the thing, with the caveat that the pipes under the foundation are leaking too and can never be fixed. However they have this reassuring comment; We haven't seen anything that should raise RED FLAGS or ALARMS, even as they get in their truck and high tail it out of there

    • We Not They Finally

      ChasAha, your last paragraph says it all. "Simply never addressed."

  • Sickputer

    Kenny and the other Woods Hole staff operate under certain restrictions based on donations. The financial picture for their organization reveals 85% of their half-billion dollar enterprise is US government financed:


    SP: See page 11 (or 8 as listed on their numbering from Preface):

    "The Institution received approximately 85% of its sponsored research revenues from government agencies including 44% and 46% of its operating revenues directly from the National Science Foundation and 11% and 11% from the United States Navy in fiscal years 2011 and 2010, respectively. Although applications for research funding to federal agencies historically have been funded, authorizations are subject to annual Congressional appropriations and payment."

    SP: The breakdown on pension funding is interesting on page 5 (3 their numbering) as the assets for pension rose from 72 million in 2010 to 105 million in 2011. Big jump even with the rebound effect from the Great Recession.

    How many people always follow the guidelines of their employers? Answer: The vast majority otherwise they are soon unemployed.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    If you think I am wrong please explicate: the number of atoms in a gram of Plutonium is 2.5 x 10 to the 21st power–a lot! Dr. Caldicott says it takes 1/100,000 to cause cancer (e.g. lung cancer). That would be 2.5 x 10 to the 15th power which is also many. Of course this last number is an approximation. A physicist friend tells me that we all now probably have a few Plutonium atoms in our bodies. So while a particle might do it, unlikely that one atom would do it!
    This is biology and medical science. Probably the body can handle some abuse from radiation but when a critical point is released, cancer results or some other diseased condition.
    I think it is important to be clear on this.

    • We Not They Finally

      You're clear on WHAT? I see no clarity here. Your physicist friend is beholden, and it's not to you or me, much less to children, who are 20 times more sensitive to radiation than adults.

      You think that Japan is getting massively ill (look at childhood statistics even periodically published in ENE News) over just a little atom here and a little atom there?

      By the way, at WIPP: Yes, they are offering whole body scans to the local close-by population (and even that would assume that various isotopes do not selective aggregate in specific parts of the body –they do), but even that is of GAMMA radiation and plutonium is ALPHA.

      You are WAY too blasé. I would say trying ditching your physicist friend long enough to actually do some independent research. This is ALL harmful. We've reached "critical point" in radioactive contamination since the beginning of the nuclear age. When I was growing up, cancer was RARE. Now it is COMMON. Just look around.

      You think that maybe you have just one harmful atom in your body and maybe Johnny down the road has maybe just two?

      No, you haven't made an "important" point at all. It's almost better to voice NO opinion, than to do THIS. There are plenty of pro-nuke people who can do that for you.

      You asked someone to tell you if they think you are wrong. O.k. You are wrong!!!

      • We Not They Finally

        Note that (just one tiny example) it was recently discovered about 40 miles from Fukushima, that the soil, also the reservoir, contains millions of becquerels per square liter of radioactive cesium, making life poisonous for everyone.

        Please get better educated! Your rendition is actually painful. Peace.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "How many people always follow the guidelines of their employers? Answer: The vast majority otherwise they are soon unemployed."

    Nope.. wouldn't want 'kelp boy' to lose his job.

    85% from the government..?
    That's the stats for a welfare recipient.
    Both Woods Hole and the recipient have just as much freedom..
    As Russell Means..used to say.."Welcome to the Reservation".

    'Kelp Boy' as lead dancer…LOL.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I often wonder if ..I was trying to make a living off of Fukushima …would my lies be tolerated..lest I lose my job?

    • GQR2

      Not only would your job not be in jepordy but points would be added if you could lie convincingly. As measured by people staying oblivious to the immediate danger. Heck you would probably get a promotion.

      Russel Means. (Thx for the quote Heart of the Rose it says it all)

      "Welcome to the Reservation"

      Think about that..eh.

      • We Not They Finally

        Check out the transcript of the Carlsbad community meeting while you are at it. Not one single direct answer to any direct question. They shouldn't put up with it. They should have run those speakers out on a rail.

        And yes, I do know that it is a mostly impoverished community down there and they need the jobs. But will their dead grandchildren also need jobs?

  • weeman

    Has radiation entered the food chain, without question and has been accumulating since the inception of the atomic age and much was released with above ground tests and multipule meltdowns and since then all the accidental release from medical sources and industry etc.
    What has to be established is the actual saturation level, nobody can give a straight answer on that, to many variables to take into account, to many scientific paper that contradict each other, mass confusion of the nation.
    You want prove cancer in the graves of people that lived before the industrial revolution was very rare, about 500 to 1 or more, today about 3 to 1, if that is not prove what is?

    • We Not They Finally

      There is no "saturation level," just a host of variables that make some more susceptible or some more accidentally targeted by wind currents or by what they ingest. And what an adult can relatively tolerate is still way more dangerous for the young.

      And all the isotopes go randomly into the food supply and the air. You want to test for EVERYTHING that will kill you? That's hard to do. And right now down in Carlsbad, NM, their scanners test for gamma radiation, but not for alpha. But the PLUTONIUM is alpha!!

      I remember being handed a book when I was all of eleven years old. It was about how the more bomb testing there was, the higher and higher the "safe" level was said to be.

      The more things change, the more they stay the same…

  • We Not They Finally

    Amazing that whatever the MSM reports, it doesn't include ongoing importation of food from JAPAN. So people are warned off of the California kelp (though that's a good idea!,) but then keep going out to sushi restaurants?

    Or take Whole Foods — the supposed health food supermarket. Asked their sushi section point blank, where is your kelp from, where is your fish from? And they said Japan.

    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      Whole Foods has bought DILUTION — so far. I made a few disrupted remarks but courteously. These guys have to do their jobs and feed their families. When I go there I ask each employee I interact with about radiation. I will do the same at Vitamin Cottage. I try to make it humorous. That works.

      • Sickputer

        Cool Capt. N! +311

        I like to talk up individuals at the big apple sections at HEB.

        Typical conversation this time of year:

        SP: Gee, I was hoping for some Chilean apples! Just too soon for their early crops.

        Lady Sheep: Oh I like these west coast apples!

        SP: [Short 30 second spiel on Fukushima]

        Lady Sheep: [Speechless]

        SP: Well, off to the other sections! Only central American fruits and Chilean grapes for me today.

        [Wheels turning fuzzily in Ms. Sheep's brain] .

        [SP thinking] sorry to impose on your formerly carefree clueless life. Sleep well tonight. Buy an umbrella tomorrow.

    • alasanon

      doh!! Straight from Japan!..

  • Nick

    Beta watch your water.

    Alpha seaweed about that.

    The gamma is on!

    Beta alpha gamma o my.

    Follow the yellow-cake road.

    TATAL talers unite!

    (Toxic at the Atomic Level)

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    THE HUMAN FACTOR can not be underestimated.

    Perhaps a little nuclear power would have been acceptable–but the human factor intervened.

    The USA is now down at 50th for infant mortality! Give that some thought. At the same time no other nation spends anything like what it spends on military. And SENATOR John McCain thinks it is tragic that there is no opportunity for military intervention in the Ukraine. The HUMAN FACTOR again.

    Remind me: why should children not play with matches?

  • combomelt combomelt

    countdown to '3 years leaking'…..
    almost 1100 days later
    will NBC do a recap of their last 3 years of non-reporting?

    I'm curious…..
    Which LIE has been the most shocking and profound to you all?

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    It is a little sad that Graham Greene is no longer around to write one of his brilliant novels about all this. Something like the Quiet American or the Honorary Consul.

    Some of his novels he referred to as Entertainments. Travels With My Aunt or Our Man In Havana.

    We could use some delightful, black humor at this point; and the man had an uncanny ability to predict the future. The Quiet America was written in 1955 and the whole Vietnam War was therein prefigured.

    Personally I don't think extinction will occur. The world will look a sorry mess before it's over, it being the current blight of overpowering greed and delusion, but I think we will pull through in the end. And greatly chastened.

    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      “ In human relationships, kindness and lies are worth a thousand truths. ”

      —Graham Greene

  • We Not They Finally

    They probably just "bought" whatever looks profitable for them. So long as YOU buy, doesn't matter what they "buy."

    I found in the local Trader Joe's soy sauce on the shelf literally marked "Made in Japan." I alerted the management, who actually agreed that it was bad, but said that their national warehouse sends it, it's out of their control.

    It's frustrating. But we do try to chat up other customers. It's pretty easy to tell by the first sentence whether or not people are receptive. I was standing behind someone on the check-out line at Sprouts New Year's Eve holding a huge plate of pre-prepared sushi. I said, My, that looks delicious! But do you actually plan on EATING it?" He still bought the sushi, but maybe next time he won't.

  • name999 name999

    For those who want to somehow blame Barack Obama for this shitstorm we are living in,
    just make that a direct donation to the 70 year plus machinery of nuclear energy and weapons makers.
    Give that insult about obummer and the "ethnic" people in his administration to the John Birch Society for Christmas. Way off base but huge win for those pointing us in the wrong direction.
    Barack Obama is an easy target and lazy Americans want any leaders to somehow magically talk about and fix any problem…as if people, as if…

  • Dick Shenary

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President of the US Chamber of Commerce Thomas Donahoe went to Tokyo and signed a PPP agreement (Public/Private Partnership) on April 17, 2011. This PPP allowed fish caught in Japanese waters to be sold into the US with up to 12 times the radioactive contamination as is allowed to be sold in Japan. This is somewhat because of different ways that contamination is regulated in the different countries. It seems that the agreement was to protect the Japanese economy at the health expense of the American people. I have tried to find a copy of this PPP agreement but the State Dept. has hidden it quite well. Has anyone else had any luck on this research?

    • name999 name999

      …this has been reported here on Enenews a few times.
      The issue is an ugly truth, that the money that moves between world nations has trumped life on this planet.
      Any person in a leadership position that compromises the financial interests longstanding between US and Japan will compromise the machinery of millions of people getting a paycheck.
      The complicity of Americans and Japanese citizens to ignore what is all around them just to buy radioactive bread and milk for the family is the full circle.
      As for leaders in the U.S., there is not a one that, even if they wanted to, could truly speak out about the weapons and energy industry. These industries are protected by laws enacted in 1947.
      Anyone in a position of leadership knows what the laws are going in. This is a place that remains untouched in terms of reform. Tried in 1976 by Frank Church Committee, but dead in the water since then. Rotten stuff.

      • Cisco Cisco

        Dead on name999. Go along to get along…or loose your place at the trough. This time like lemmings…over the cliff.

        • nedlifromvermont

          Mr. Cisco!! That is a bad rap … the nature film about the lemmings all running over the cliff was faked science … kinda like safe nuclear power … except the part about the emergency core cooling system was never even successfully faked, much less demonstrated to function under accident scenarios …

          lemmings don't do this. they are not as stupid as humans.

          sometimes there will be mass casualties to environmental stresses … what, and not with humans??? But they don't crazily all go running over a cliff ….

          I don't recall the purpose of this faked video. Maybe it was to demonstrate that with slick video, you could convince the gullible public of any damned fool scheme … like civilian nuclear power plants …

          How was the military so stupid as to allow it. The US military should be tasked with shuttering the worldwide, global, civilian nuclear power fleet in eighteen months. Peacefully.

          Peace. Fully. Proceed.

          oh; and cask all the spent fuel, PRONTO!!!

          Sheesh! What were these feckin' idiots thinkin' anyhoo?

  • califnative califnative (NY)

    Did you know? United States and Japan Streamline Organic Trade across the Pacific

    BALTIMORE, Maryland, Sep. 26, 2013—The United States and Japan today announced that beginning January 1, 2014, organic products certified in Japan or in the United States may be sold as organic in either country.

    This partnership between two significant organic markets will streamline U.S. farmers' and processors' access to the growing Japanese organic market, benefiting the rapidly growing organic industry and supporting job creation and business growth on a global scale.


    • bo bo

      Works out well both ways –
      Now U.S. can sell organic GMO produce to Japan ( even though GMO has been banned in Japan ), and Japan can return this favor by selling the U.S. radiorganic produce.

      Thank you califnative, I heard this somewhere and I've been looking for a link.

      • califnative califnative (NY)

        your welcome bo. I have a love hate relationship with Google search but it still a good search engine. I turned to organic food when I found out about GMO's now we have radiated organic GMO food irrigated with aluminum, barium, etc chemtrails.

        Most of the food labels I look at now don't show where the food is grown or "origin" just "a product of the United States"


      • Sickputer

        And Fukushima Prefecture was firmly established as the organic good breadbasket of Japan before 311. Now they can't give away the contaminated crops to most prefectures. So the obvious market is the oblivious foreign consumers. Millions of people will die unknowingly because they ate Japanese crops from central Japan. Ugly secret.

    • alasanon

      doh!..That sounds pretty crazy. Besides, I doubt the levels of radioactive contamination are fully "equivalent"…yet!.. 😛

    • Radiation, its natural, its ORGANIC!

      Wow, just wow. I got WIPPlash

  • vital1 vital1

    The Food Lab is a free Community Project to keep track of all those radioactive food contamination reports that are published across multiple web sites. The reports are listed under country headings and by date.

    The latest reports are placed in the comment section, as well as under the country headings. The food contamination situation looks like getting worse with time, so this is a great free resource to help keep track of the situation, and help keep your family safe.

    "The Food Lab", has a list of the latest international reports of food contamination,




  • califnative califnative (NY)

    Remember this? China has closed its doors to all imports of West coast shellfish. (12/13/13) Chinese officials tested samples of geoduck clams and found elevated levels of arsenic and a toxin that causes Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning.

    U.S. officials believe the contaminated clams were harvested in Washington or Alaska. Right now they’re waiting to hear back from Chinese officials for more details that will help them identify the exact source. But until further notice, China’s not accepting any shellfish harvested from California to Alaska. Jerry Borchert is in charge of monitoring toxins in shellfish for the Washington Department of Health. He says China’s actions are unusual.

    Borchert: “They’ve never done anything like that that I’ve ever seen since I’ve been here where they would not allow shellfish from this entire area based on potentially two areas or maybe just one area, we don’t really know yet.”


    The toxin is called radiation and the source is Japan! This was big news but I never saw it on the MSM. The investigation is always ongoing…

  • rogerthat

    Kei Iwamoto, Ph.D. UCLA adjunct associate professor of experimental radiation oncology: We have not seen anything that should raise any kind of red flags or alarm to the general public.

    We have not seen anything … Ha ha ha.
    Blind as a bat
    And slim as a fox
    Was that rickety nag
    Of Sir Nickety Nox.

  • rogerthat

    WNTF ++++ big fan, you fight the good fight with all your might.

  • alsigirl

    I vaguely recall an old Twilight Zone episode in which a Casper Milquetoast character, bank teller, would eat his lunch and read in an underground vault. Came a (nuclear?) disaster one day, he came up to find he was the only human and gleefully headed for the library only to stumble on steps, his glasses fell off and he shattered them with his next step.
    Odd that it should occur to me now…. Take care of your glasses if you require any!

  • alasanon

    I had salmon at a very fancy restaurant this past year…
    (I hadn't had much fish since before the BP oil spill.)

    I only got it because they advertised it as "fresh from
    Scotland" and I thought that was a better bet…

    haha.. Well, I did not feel so well after that meal…
    Who knows? You can't ask the salmon!….

    …or it may have been the rich dessert? :/

    • Maybe it was the Scotch? LOL

      Radiation in likely doses to be found in fish would not give you an acute radiation effect. Even if you ate one out of Fuku harbor, the effects would be longer term, after all that fish was living, right.

  • paschn

    Ironic. In college they taught that governments, (treacherous ones anyway), like to keep their denizens "off balance" with fear and ignorance. Always hinting at a boogeyman waiting to pounce and take down "our wonderful, God-fearing nation". Evil people it's "okay" to obliterate because they're not…..quite…..human. Finally, here we are on the brink of literal and historic extinction and the evil leering at us from the blackness is our very own "benevolent" government and their cohorts, their "masters", the banksters.

  • Nick

    Governments for the rich and nothing but the rich so help us all.

    Any other questions?

    The reality of what Fukushima IS is elusive, since radiation is a sneaky bastard.

    Sort of like a secret lover of your spouse. You aren't supposed to find out. Ever. Same thing with Fukushima and all things nuclear.

    SECRETS are best for us all.

    The lies must continue.

    That is the truth.

  • RichardPerry

    TEPCO claim 300 tons of radioactive water per day, this is equal to a 20 inch pipe spewing water from each of the 3 plants. This seems low to me when they are pumping water into them and a spring is flowing through the plant. They must not be estimating ground water flow only trenches that have water flowing in them. Knowing the past if they can not measure the ground flow it is not published. I believe the water is 100's of times what they report especially storm and spring run off times.