NBC: “It’s pretty clear something has gone wrong with the ecosystem” -Japan Researcher

Published: August 14th, 2012 at 11:20 am ET


Title: Study: Japan nuclear disaster caused mutated butterflies
Source: NBC News
Author: Arata Yamamoto
Date: Aug 14, 2012

Researchers in Japan have found signs of mutation in butterflies, signaling one of the first indications of change to the local ecosystem as a result of last year’s nuclear accident in Fukushima, according to one of the first studies on the genetic effects of the incident.


‘Something has gone wrong’

[Joji Otaki from the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, who led the research and] has been studying these butterflies for 10 years to analyze the effects of global warming, said that butterflies are the best environmental indicators because they are widely found in almost any environment.

“But since we’ve seen these effects on butterflies, it’s easy to imagine that it would also have affected other species as well. It’s pretty clear that something has gone wrong with the ecosystem,” he said.

However, at the same time, he also warns that because each species’ sensitivity to radiation varies, it was too early to immediately apply these finding to humans.

But what is clear, said Otaki, is that the genetic changes found in these butterflies indicate a disruption in Fukushima’s ecosystem and that more study is needed to learn the full scope of the effects of the radiation released into the environment.

“Effects of low level radiation is genetically transferred through generation, which suggests genetic damage. I think it’s clear that we see the effects passed on through generations,” Otaki added.

Published: August 14th, 2012 at 11:20 am ET


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41 comments to NBC: “It’s pretty clear something has gone wrong with the ecosystem” -Japan Researcher

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Yes, something has indeed gone wrong with the ecosystem.
    And no, it's not too early too apply these findings to humans.

    • Sirius

      I'm in Belgium, and this year I see a lot of giant dandelions. Those in my garden are more than 1m50 (5 feet) tall. Other vegetals also seem to be impacted (strange flowering, gigantism, etc…)

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      According to Bobby1's numbers (http://optimalprediction.com/wp/excess-mortality-for-selected-us-cities-in-2012/) and CDC birth/death numbers, here's a rough estimate:

      As of 2010, the US population was 308.745 million. The normal death average is just under 1%, with 2.437 million deaths. Bobby1's numbers put the Fukushima caused death increases at 7.75% additional per year, or just under an additional 200,000 Fuku-related deaths per year.

      As of 2010, births were at 4.4 million. With a 52% rate of gene mutation due to Fuku fallout (based on 'original' butterfly mutations, and we're all 'original', that's 2,288,000 babies born with gene mutations. The death rate will increase due to bioaccumulation, and the mutated birth numbers will steadily increase simultaneously.

      Within ten years, those of us left will all be sick, either from fallout or gene mutation. Who is going to take care of almost 23 million genetically mutated children? Who will be left to take care of any of us?

      Basic math, folks. Nothing anyone can do to change any of this.

      And our governments continue to lie . . .

      • "Within ten years, those of us left will all be sick, either from fallout or gene mutation. Who is going to take care of almost 23 million genetically mutated children? Who will be left to take care of any of us?"

        This has been one of my fears since this catastrophe began on 3/11. Not even a month after the melthroughs began, I saw the documentary on the Chernobyl children. It was clear from the beginning that Japan and the international community were not going to do anything about this disaster. I wondered what would happen to the children born with gross deformities or develop vicious cancers post exposure. There are not sufficient resources or compassionate people capable of handling this crisis. What happens when the parents die of cancer first? What happens when the governments collapse because no one has money and resources to stop this? How will humanity look ten years from now? Where are all the Save the Children people? Where are all those who are against abortion rights for women? Are they going to adopt 23 million Japanese children? Or are they going to force a dying woman to give birth to w three headed baby because it is "God's will"?

        The sky is celeste with no clouds, the ocean is calm and the birds are singing. It seems impossible that on the other side of the ocean an Extinction Level Event has unfolded. I have a love/hate relationship with this site. Thank god for it, and yet some days I wish I had taken the Blue Pill. Well, not…

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          Honor to your sadness and understanding Kelly Ann! We are here. The map shows we are here. In order to use a map, one first must know where one is.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        What scares me along with the butterflies in Japan, are the flowers in Brazil. He believes Fukushima is the cause (from an earlier clip), and he isn't right next to Brazil's Angra NPP. Is Fukushima already doing this to life in the Southern Hemisphere? Is it possible?


    • flatsville

      Yes. They have a roadmap. It's called Chernobyl…and your mileage may vary when you multiply by 4 reactors full on spewing radiation…

      And they know the disease progression as well…if they bother to look at the non-WHO studies.

      There's no mystery regarding what could happen with this…the only question involves the severity and over what time frame.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      I tell you whats wrong with the planetary biosystem : It has cancer! It is called HOMO SAPIENS (sickest joke) and its cancer because it can't neutralize instincts it no longer needs at the same speed it gains destructif powers ! Almost terminal now , I'm i close BB 😉 ?

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        🙁 was the right smilie here

      • Sirius

        Will you take the blue pill, or the red pill? 😉

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          I forgot about the exact colour code , Good Sir ius , but i take the one that makes me see and say things that will make the bad guy's more and more nervous and uncomfortable and less and less attraktive as an example to copycat eachother. 😉

  • How much longer until people put 2+2 together and start reaching the same conclusion?

    EVERYTHING is and/or will be impacted. 🙁

    This sentence makes it sound like it's over.
    "…more study is needed to learn the full scope of the effects of the radiation released into the environment."

    This sentence should read:
    "…more study is needed [on everything] to learn the full scope of the effects of the radiation [continuously being] released into the environment [with no end in site]."


      Thanks to the wonderful edjucashun sistem, peeple cain't put 2 and 2 together. They are more easily herded that way.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      ChasAha…More evolution is needed for the consciousness of man to begin to be able to handle god's power, the power of the stars.

      Will we make it? Or will we just become another extinct species in the story of evolution? Extinct because of our hubris, our arrogance, our pride, and our ego-centric refusal to accept and learn the lessons being taught to us. ???

  • Urban27

    It's incredible how they have covered up the hole situation. They have been lying about every part. Now it is so obvious that this is so much more dangerous than they have said.
    Disorder on the dna, this is obvious stronger impact on the environment than ever before.
    When will we be told the truth about this?

    People who are there in the region should be aware of that they are not being told the truth, and that their lives are calculated with in a mean calculation, where hiding the truth is more valuable to the company, because the truth would cost them very much.


    no study is needed. that is simply more wasted time and money by idiots who will NEVER EVER EVER tell anything even closely resembling the truth. How do I know that? because that is exactly what they have been doing since 3/11/11.

  • weeman

    If we continue to increase the background radiation at what point will we all be sterile and genetically mutated, what if radiation genetically changes say bees and they become deadly to humans, it is not unrealistic.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    A picture from this year's documenta art exhibition:
    Fertile soil – as precious as gold (even more, I think)


  • CB CB

    There is also a disruption of the Pacific Ocean ecosystem, which is included in our ecosystem.

  • From the above article; "However, at the same time, he also warns that because each species’ sensitivity to radiation varies, it was too early to immediately apply these finding to humans." What? Using the same logic, I see heavy smoke in the hallway but its too early to tell immediately if I should pull the fire alarm or not. Luckily for me I have a panel of scientists, experts and politicians on board. They tell me more study is needed.

    Even taking the above quote one step further note the use of the word "warns".
    warn |wôrn|
    verb [ reporting verb ]
    inform someone in advance of an impending or possible danger, problem, or other unpleasant situation

    What is the danger in taking a cautious approach to radiation?

    Its like the scientist is cautiously telling us we should be reckless. George Orwell was right.

  • Pandajerk

    You think maybe the US is having the worst drought in history is because of sunspots? or Radiation?

    • Anthony Anthony

      My money is on the Arctic Ozone hole… which I believe was accelerated by the radiation. They haven't updated its situation either.

  • Michele

    My home state is Michigan and I reside in Grand Traverse County. It is known for its orchards of cherries and the vineyards that have produced for generations. This year, we held a "Cherry Festival" without the cherries. Oh you could buy them but because of the lack, you paid a premium. Yesterday, the news was that the apple orchards will harvest 10% of its produce. The wineries are producing only a percentage of a typical year.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Simultaneously we have farmers here leaving entire harvests to rot on trees in the Okanagan. Farmer reported that there was no market for the fruit on 6 o'clock news. In light of your story, I STILL beg to differ with him. If there's going to be rough roads ahead, realities like this need to be corrected.

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        That's interesting, Anthony. This year my wife and I decided not to buy fruit from "out west". Usually we buy plenty of OK and Washington cherries in summer. We had no hard evidence of problems, but thought we would be cautious.

        No big deal – unless everyone else has been doing something similar and just not talking about it.

        I wonder if our kind of behavior is more common that we realized. If so, I would expect to hear of huge drops in demand for Japanese products since 3/11, but I haven't seen statistics – I've noticed no heavy spin either way.

        Major drought here this year (Maritime Canada), by the way. Drought happens – I don't necessarily link it to any particular cause, but it's a reminder of how fragile all our systems are. I woke yesterday to the sound of splashing from the pond outside our window. It's normally a few feet deep but is down to a few inches this year. A doe and two fawns were frolicking in the shallow water – I have no idea why. It was great to watch, but completely unprecedented. I infer that their usual water sources were gone.

    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      Michelle: envy your home in Grand Traverse area. 🙂 Want to join you there soon. Living downwind from Cook NPP, in SBN. Want to move back up north soon. So that I will once more be… Philip Up North

    • Gotham


      I read an article on the poor crop of cherries this year from your area. I was shocked when I read that producers in the region were planning on importing cherries from Poland to make cherry preserves for various restaurant chains and store shelves.


      Recall that Japan received a shipment of 1,000 cases of blueberry preserves from Poland – tested them and found they exceeded their very high safe radiation limits (from Chernobyl) of 100 Bq/kg.

      You can bet that cherries from Poland are also highly radioactive from Cs-137 uptake because plants accept it like they do potassium since the valance electrons in these two elements are the same.

      The global economy is going to kill us all. There is no way to tell where your food is really comeing from anymore.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Gotham, support a Community Supported Agriculture scheme in your area (or start one). Let's take our food production back in our hands, where it belongs. Healthy food and great jobs for all.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Welcome to global hunger. Just a small part of "The Shock doctrine."

  • Michele

    I pass a field of sunflowers each day and stopped to take photos. As I came closer to the flowers, many were deformed having as many as six small flowers attached to the main larger flower. Sunflowers of this variety are grown for the production of cooking oil.

    The fruit crops reductions, can be attributed to drought and the fact that our planting schedule has been changed because our temperatures have risen 6-8 degrees in the last 25 years. The sunflowers quite probably have some mutation caused by radiation. Earlier in the Spring, dandelions were mutated to having many flowers on one stem or a larger blossom with the center curved over.

  • Alice_Sofia

    The pattern of mutation reflects response of the collapsing eco–system: all being participating in reproduction cycle (e.g., butterflies, bees) will eventually become incapable of their natural functions; all being participating in “cleaning”– recycling of disintegrating matter (rodents, insects) will have abnormal growth. Then, mutation of the bacteria and similar soil–transforming beings also should start. In general, it would be reasonable to evacuate the population and made Japan closed and strictly monitored zone, so the mutants would not spread into other parts of the world.

    In response to Lady or Gentleman “Time Is Short”: don’t worry, the survivors (if any) will take care of the genetically mutated; hopefully, it will be pain–free euthanasia, not other human inventions known from the history.

  • pierre

    non-WHO Chernobyl study.

    and can I say Rothschilds now without being banned? / taunt.
    and then HAARP on it?