NBC Special: A snow that would never melt began falling — Each flake bringing down cesium on city of 300,000 people 60km from meltdowns (VIDEO)

Published: March 8th, 2012 at 9:16 am ET


Title: The Fallout: Cleaning up the mess of a nuclear meltdown
Source: NBC
Author: Richard Engel
Date: March 7, 2012

At 1:20 in

Monk: It started to snow, each flake bringing down the cesium on the city of 300,000 people. There was no evacuation.

Engel: What happened when that snow filled with radioactive particles started falling down on fukushima?

Monk: Suddenly we were faced with a situation where everything was contaminated by radiation and a snow that would never melt began falling on us.

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Published: March 8th, 2012 at 9:16 am ET


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52 comments to NBC Special: A snow that would never melt began falling — Each flake bringing down cesium on city of 300,000 people 60km from meltdowns (VIDEO)

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    "Snow that would never melt." We are indeed entering the nuclear winter of our race.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yeah,…."Race" takes on a new meaning, huh?

    We're all in the Race of our lives!

  • ion jean ion jean

    As far as US northern latitude contamination, a phenomenon called orographic precipitation makes snowstorms literally get hooked onto mountaintops as it passes west to east…

    There it dumps even greater amounts of The Snow That Never Melts, full of "shine"…usually occurring on western slopes…

    Atomic Legend has it that there dwells greater amounts of fallout contamination on our N Amer mountaintops that has not decayed since the era, that still rains and snows down from the stratosphere

    Global warming increases its release…drink distilled water or RO filter, pasteurization helps reduce radioisotopes in milk (can't believe I'm saying this cause I luv raw milk)

    Let's work with what we've got with the most uplifting attitude possible, but try to avoid food products from N West Coast…

    • How does pasteurization reduce radioisotopes? Any details?

    • Bobby1

      The distilled water I drank (from California) in April was grossly contaminated, I believe…

      I have repeatedly posted that the water supply in Baltimore on the east coast is contaminated with radioactive iodine, and that RO does a poor job at removing it, and that elements like krypton are not removed at all…

      There is no reason to believe that the Midwest, where most of the grains are grown, is any better off than the west coast…

      There were reports in the '60s that heating or boiling iodine-contaminated water reduced the iodine contents, but those were refuted later.

    • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

      you know ion jean, this means the wine here in beautiful Northern California…don't harm the wine…now what? Radioactive winos? Will they be the first to?

      Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain!

  • many moons

    "cleaning up the mess of a nuclear meltdown"

    Storage and dispesal…that's what cleaning up a mess of a nuclear melt down is….

    Shuffling around the radiation=clean up
    most of it dumped in the ocean…..

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Yes, Forever I'm just hoping someone or something will figure out how to stop these meltdowns. I try not to dwell on this event as when you start wrapping your head around the enormity…no words except for NO NUKES

  • kintaman kintaman

    They want to bury the radioactive waste in the backyards? Insanity beyond insanity! There is NO cleaning up the contamination. Decontamination is a fools game.

    The scrape all the surface away and bury it but what of the water that has seeped below the surface? Then what about when it rains again? How insanely stupid can these people be? I am so ashamed.

    The ONLY fix is EVACUATION. They want to keep the people there to ensure they can keep take taxes from them. That is all.

    Note: That reporter is insane for going there. Especially since he was wearing NO goggles. Does he not realize that his mouth and nose are no the only open orifices in his body? Poor guy.

    • pure water

      You,kintaman@, are telling something important-googles or at least glasses are obligatory! Eyes are vulnerable!
      And did you see how the monk was touching his face with gloved hands. It is an instinctive movement, and formed as a protection measure, now works like selfdestructive one. Something has changed for ever, and not just for Japan.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    "We must decontaminate all the mountains, the rivers, the trees, and all the places where people live."

    How does one decontaminate mountains and rivers, much less entire cities and paved concrete roads?

    The residents answered; "This is not working. There is no room to store all of the radioactive waste."

    If you scrape all of the mountains, cut down all of the trees, and dredge all of the rivers, where do you put all of this contaminated stuff?

    Where is the money going to come from to do all of this mountain, tree, and river removal?

    What are they going to do when the waste burning and constant radiation coming out of FUKU, plus the stuff coming down again from high altitude, RECONTAMINATES those same areas, as was pointed out by the resident in the news clip? It sounds like insanity, creating more insanity.

    Pandora's Box has been opened, now the horrors are coming out for everyone around the world to experience. Free radioactive anti-life gifts for everyone… Gather round kiddies, presents here for you all.. compliments of the nuke industry.

    Either that, or you have to believe as Faux News says; more radiation is good for everyone, and improves your health. Good luck with that one.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Want to take a peek and see what the gifts are? There are about 1,000 of these, but here are the 93, that will keep on giving the longest…. http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/93-long-lived-nuclear-elements.html

    • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

      Thank you so much for taking the time to put this list together! Was asking for something like this last year and wow, here it is…thanks again AGreenRoad.

    • vital1 vital1

      Yes, that is a great resource of info, and gets the point across clearly that it is around for a long long time.

  • http://www.opentopia.com/hiddencam.php?country=Japan

    There is this erie silence in japan right now…

    The calm before the storm?

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    This NBC (NBC/MSNBC=General Electric, Mark I Designers, MOX fuel loaders in 2010 at Fukushima Dai ichi) story which seems to be quite concerned with Japanese children being harmed by the Fukushima Cataclysm doesn't once mention bioaccumulation from eating or breathing particles. Only external "irradiation" of the children and others in these very contaminated places in Japan is mentioned. My own and others analyses of propaganda styles and the points they make are critical for overcoming the powers that prevent any meaningful action on these issues. If you can't see you're being lied to or believe you're being informed when you're being lied to, then you will not take appropriate action PROPORTIONATE to either the crimes of the lying, incompetent, greedy status quo controllers of the matters at hand or proportionate to the seriousness of the cataclysm unfolding. This MSM nuclear corporation generated story and its style of reportage is a criminal form of disinformation and minimization. We need outrage and we need PANIC in this sort of circumstance. More of the same hyper-criminal minimization propaganda comes in this GE-generated story as a disinformation drum beat in that only Cesium, once again, is being mentioned as the contaminate responsible for "hot spots". The hot spots are really inside of people there and increasingly everywhere on the planet to one degree or another from 1000's of daughter products of nuclear fission. Cesium is only one of thousands of long-lived radionuclides that are in the fallout that children and the young of all species (there are an estimated 100m species besides humans) are breathing and eating. Beta and alpha emitters are not mentioned at all and the ongoing "snow that doesn't melt" from the never contained melted through reactors at least found at FukuDai is not mentioned as an ongoing contamination source. Incineration of nuclear debris (including high-level nuclear waste) is not mentioned.

    • Bobby1

      SCAM NUMBER EIGHT: In instances where environmental monitoring is undertaken, avoid measuring the full spectrum of radiation emitted from the radioisotopes involved.


    • InfoPest InfoPest

      I was surprised GE allowed the news report to be as critical as it was. We all want a Major Media Network tell the world how bad this disaster is but I saw nothing said in the video that was a bald face lie. Until people see the videos of many deformed babies and children with cancers or "Fukushima Hearts" the mass media is going to tiptoe around the edges of this monster.

      • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

        On the other hand, I would also call it a minimization report, which puts it to bed and does not deny the term cold shutdown.

        It does not cover the coriums; where are they?

        It does not cover continued radiation release; how much?

        It does not even mention plutonium, nuclear explosion or what global effects are…

        It is all local, minimized, and shutdown..

        Basta, no need to worry in our area.

        Just 10% of Chernobyl, not 300 -1000 times worse..

        Also, no mention of Carrington Effect, which will kill us all once it arrives, for sure.


  • blackbeer blackbeer

    So, here's what I get from this NBC story:
    Cesium is the only waste product created by NPP
    This is a managable problem if it weren't for the lack of expertise of the local governments
    If we all get together with our little spades and rakes we can deal with this
    It is not the responsebility of the power company to clean this up
    It only snows once a year, and only in Japan, and only in 2011
    This event happened last year………………………….

    And that's about it. Now I haven't had a TV for about 30 years, and I think the last time I watched a MSM news program was probably 20 years ago so I am out of practice as far as understanding the between the lines most people talk about but I would say that this General Electric mouth piece is doing it's job. Come spring there will still be a big supprise in store for all those who tune in to this BS and believe it. Sometimes I wish ENE News was a big gathering of people in one room where we could all stand around holding each others hands, sharing our energy with each other in person, with hugs when necessary, but this will have to do I guess. We are in deep dudu and the "inconveniance" of this problem will be monumental…………….


    • Sickputer

      Yes… All too true from the previous posts. I watched it several hours ago.

      The disinformation brgan with the first sentence from Brian: The tsunami did it all! (paraphrased)

      Because we know tsunamis are rare in America.. But earthquakes? If the earthquake disabled the plant ( which it did) then it can happen in America. And the nuclear cabal can't pay for that kind of retrofits.

  • Sickputer

    Thanks Pallas…I haven't watched my DVR of the Rock Center propaganda yet, but I suspected as much after watching the blurb on the NBC news yesterday.


  • James2

    I saw this on TV yesterday.

    I thought the report was not a complete whitewash – just mostly.

    Yeah he specifically only mentions cesium. Not iodine, not uranium, not plutonium or strontium or an one of the dozens of other contaminants

    Yeah he doesn't talk about ongoing releases as a possible cause of their inability to clean it up.

    He only mentions Fukushima – not Tokyo, not California

    And he never gets to the obvious question – which is whether we should allow these plants to operate right in our own backyard – I thought he was going there when he talked about New York, but he spun off in another direction – dud…

    • Sickputer

      I imagine "Tokyo" on GE-owned newscasts is as verbotten a word as "corium" for Tepco.

      Amazing we had about the first 6 days of coverage of 311 on MSM that was relatively uncensored until the bigwigs woke up and realized this nuclear accident was going to eclipse every previous disaster.

      So they pulled the plug… Every once in a while they trot out a carefully crafted story that is so slanted you would think life is wonderful for most of Japan. But we know different and know it's not so good in Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and West Coast USA. That is the real dirty secret for North Americans.

    • Gotham

      Maybe we could all visit the NBC website and point out the flaws in this presentation.

  • openeye openeye

    Bravo to all of you!

    I really admire your grasp of social engineering. I am still in my ongoing despair over the alternative media abdicating their responsibility in this regard. Today after not seeing a single mention of Fukushima anywhere on the infowars home page for the nth time, I am madder than a hornet. If even a fraction of what all of you posted here were made available in an article, say at Pacific Free Press, lives would be saved. And the info should be updated DAILY on the news sites like Jones'. GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    @Ion Jane: I did massive research on avoiding radiation in water– only RO removes most of the radiation / distilled does NOT. Also, to be safe I avoid milk altogether–where I am the cows eat the radioactive grass and the dairy products are potential killers, whether pasteurized or not.

    It is snowing here today and the entire landscape is covered with it. Trying to keep going, keep on fighting no matter what…

  • jackassrig

    RO is a great for removing contaminates from water. Most large RO systems have three filters. Two are running while one is back flushing. Back flushing means washing the idle filter and removing the debris that has collected on the high pressure side of the filter. So the back flush water will have the radionuclides. Where do you dispose of this junk? RO systems are very inefficient. Only about 30% of the produced water can be used. The majority of the water goes to back flushing. Buying filters would break a rich man. The fact is there is no way to get rid of this nuclear junk.

    • SnorkY2K

      RO would be a good third pass. The first pass would be centrifugal or cyclone separation. This would leave a higher concentration stream and a lower concentration stream both of which would need to go through multiple passes. The same is true with an RO stage. Many passes would be necessary for such a dangerous contamination. The last phase prior to release would be ion exchange polishing.
      However, since some of the radioactive material will be a noble gas, some of the bad stuff will get through any filtration.

      Another problem with concentrating is the disposal of the concentrate. Many companies will want to dilute until the concentration is lower than standards then release to sewer or ocean over paying to come up with a safer method. Due to the volume of radioactive material, no environment can safely handle that burden. Releasing below standards also has a different reporting scenario than bulk movements of highly radioactive materials and extreme shipping costs are involved as well.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Thought provoking thread, thanks to all. Collectively, we're in an interesting box.

    Do we celebrate the fact that msm are finally willing to tell part of the Fukushima story after a year of relative silence, knowing that their attention may drift away after the anniversary date?

    Do we insist that they tell "everything", when even we don't know what that entails?

    Do we lionize Arnie for his perceived contributions or demonize him for his perceived faults?

    Do we talk freely about strategy and tactics, knowing that the bad guys walk among us, but not knowing who they are?

    Do we aspire to shutting down the nuke monster, while risking playing into the hands of the coal or oil monsters?

    Do we give priority to "saving the children" when there is no safe place to shelter them, or do we give priority to making a safe place and then sheltering any surviving children?

    … and so forth.

    Life is sooooo complicated. (Old Kinks song)

    Geezer pro tip: no matter what you do, somebody won't like it.

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      This would be my choice of all your options…..
      "Do we aspire to shutting down the nuke monster, while risking playing into the hands of the coal or oil monsters?"
      Yes. Coal and oil are not the immediate ELE threat that nuke is.
      Shut em all down now!

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        Yes, I lean strongly that way also. Triage, as StillJill said in a different context.

      • Anthony Anthony

        Well stated…I think you took the oil/coal position to a new level. The ARE NOT an ELE as nuclear is. Never heard it like that…. now seems a good time to drive a point like that home!

  • openeye openeye

    Spot on! But to avoid drinking radiation, I have no choice but to buy RO water at the dollar store. There are inexpensive filters for homes that are hooked up to public water being sold online, but I have no idea what is done with the back flush with these systems.

  • Misitu

    But, once again, it is the tsunami that is blamed for the meltdowns even though current documentation of timings clearly contradict this, too early, it was the quake that rattled the piping and allowed the loss of coolant to take place.

    Also, the claim that this is the world's SECOND worst nuclear accident.

    At least this video – unlike that from the BBC – shows snow on the ground. I suppose, this year's snow?

    Could it be last year's?

    Trust is becoming thinner by the day – every time the lie detector blinks red, or even only yellow.

    Straight talking from the monk about disposal. Thanks, Honourable Monk! (no irony).

    I don't know. I have become so suspicious of how films are put together. It is so easy to fake using cut and paste, create a fraudulent chronology.

    So, I am driven down the road to say, "well, of what is the documentary trying to persuade the viewers? … BRB.

  • Misitu

    OK, this is complicated, but then so is all fraud.

    I accept that Richard Engels compiled his report honestly.

    I am dubious that it took only one visit to Japan to film. Intuition suggests two levels of storyboarding, a low level one and a high level one combining the low level scripts out of chronological order. Maybe I will spend some time watching this again to see if this suspicion still rings true – more/less true (BRB).

    The angle would be to compile a picture that informs (the more stuff comes out, the more they will have to try to surf that wave, the more difficult that becomes). Now we look at it and find the obvious contradictions and call in Engels's credibility. "Look, Ma, he's talking rubbish here!"

    So Engels might be seen as a dupe of the establishment. The only litmus for this is what happens to him now.

    Sorry, this is too pessimistic, inspired by the clear flaws in the narration and continuity – not to mention the weather.

    I will be quite happy to be told that this time I have gone too far.


    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Misitu, I don't think you have gone too far, but I don't know what follows from that.

      • Misitu

        I need to set aside some time to watch the video start to finish, reflect, and comment. This means later today. Sorry, I do not mean to be mysterious, just honest in tying a few facts and observations together and ending up where the trail ends. Hoping that someone with greater knowledge/skill might pick it up if it seems worth looking at.


        • Misitu

          OK, having revisited this news item. Disclaiming the obvious "mistake" that the tsunami was prime cause, this seems to me a reasonable and honest attempt to paint what is happening now, and the timescale stretching decades ahead before any contemplation of return is possible; covering the issue of non compensation for residents of F city, the issues of storage, the bureaucracy of "illegal storage" at the monastery, the insistence of the disaster capitan that "we need to reassure the population", the children, the cleanup gangs saying their job is pointless. And so on.

          I can't really fault this item although I did try.

          If I wanted to make up an evidence bag for the prosecution, this would not be there in the category of "fraudulent reassurance".

          I like the calm measured nature of the storytelling. Like what we used to have in GB many years ago.

          Agreed there are flaws like only mentioning Cs, and not relating half life to effective contamination period (10x).

          One might have hoped for harder hitting, that's all.

          Look, just my 2p.

  • blackbeer blackbeer

    aigeezer;first of all I wish I could figure out how to put my post into the position of the post I am directly dealing with but I am just to dumb to figure it out. Your list is interesting to say the least. One item of info I would add at the top would be "In keeping with fasist attitude that seems to dominate the world view now a days", which might add perspective to how this list is handled. It's becoming very dangerous to speak out, a check on whistle-blowers will prove that point. In the US our first amendment rights are just about all stripped away, and we seem to be ok with that. We have decided to elect step parents instead of reps and we seem to be ok with that, we seem to be willing to kill anyone who doesn't agree with us and we seem to be ok with that, education is no longer a priority and we seem to be ok with that, having empathy of any kind is laughed at, and we seem to be ok with that, risking all we have, the earth, the environment, life itself in order to watch dancing with the stars seems to be ok us, what I'm trying to say is there are a whole lot of changes that need to take place before we can even begin to understand the situation we are in. If we were to spend even a short amount of time thinking about what we have done to ourselves, to all life we would be so overwhelmed that I figure we would just carry on doing what we do or off ourselves in a frenzy of guilt. I've visited this site three times today and I can't take it anymore. I'll be fine again tomorrow but for now I'm going to get loaded…………………………..


    • aSpadeisaSpade aSpadeisaSpade

      blackbeer, you and aigeezer have both expressed some of the thoughts over which I have been agonizing for a year! I've been against nuclear power ever since I was old enough to understand it (about 40 years), but it never was a daily source of mental fatigue and frustration the way it has been this last year.

      "If we were to spend even a short amount of time thinking about what we have done to ourselves, to all life we would be so overwhelmed that I figure we would just carry on doing what we do or off ourselves in a frenzy of guilt."

      A day doesn't go by that I don't look at the beauty all around me and realize that it is all a facade, behind which an invisible devil is concocting the end of life on earth. A day doesn't go by that I don't look at the heavens and say "God, forgive us for destroying your wonderful planet earth!"

      Yes, I feel responsible for not joining with many like-minded individuals 40 years ago to stop nuclear power generation before it could get a toehold and become so embedded in our culture that it can no longer be stopped. But suicide is not on my mind, blackbeer. On the contrary, as someone mentioned earlier, we need to learn how to live with radiation, and I approach that prospect with an exhilarating sense of adventure. Strange, huh?

      We need to learn to live with radiation, but that does not preclude a concerted effort to shut down all the npp before we have an ELE. That might make a good t-shirt slogan, I think:

      "shut down the npp
      before we have an ELE"

      Thanks to all who have contributed to this most thoughtful of threads. For those of you who might remember Jimmy Durante's TV show, "Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are."

  • blackbeer blackbeer


    I just can't spell…………..


    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      Blackbeer…..In your above post, you mentioned losing our rights. Don't know if you know this guy, Johnathon Turley, but he is a Constitutional Scholar and well respected. He used to be a guest on MSNBC regularly, but not for the past year or so that I know of. He is THE sharpest tack about the Constitution that I know of. Here is a piece he wrote a couple days ago…..and I had such great hope for this Prez just a few short years ago.


  • blackbeer blackbeer

    Well aSpadeisaSpade, I got choked up a bit reading your post. Thoughtful people always effect me that way. Things are still interesting enough to hang around and see what happens. And who knows, we all might just be a part of what happens…………


  • blackbeer blackbeer

    Thanks for the link PoorDaddy, here's one I ran across the other day:http://www.sott.net/articles/show/242526-Shut-Up-and-Go-Away-US-Congress-passes-fascist-anti-protest-law
    I tried to read the bill but it was beyond my abilities not only to read but to understand……………