NBC in Washington D.C. goes live with ‘Breaking News’ from Fukushima: “Troubling news out of Japan”; Fish showing high levels of radiation — and some of that radioactive contamination could actually be hitting the US in weeks (VIDEO)

Published: March 2nd, 2014 at 10:56 am ET


NBC 4 Washington D.C., Feb. 28, 2014:

News 4’s Molette Green is following breaking news from the live desk. Molette…

Just getting some troubling news out of Japan. Fish caught off the coast of Fukushima are showing high levels of radiation. We’ve just learned this morning the amount exceeds Japan’s allowed limit. This information is coming in from the head of agriculture in Tokyo this morning. A new report just released days ago says some of that radioactive contamination from Japan’s nuclear disaster several years ago could actually reach the U.S. West Coast within weeks.

That’s the latest from the live desk.

See NHK’s report on the ‘High radioactive materials detected in fish’ here

Published: March 2nd, 2014 at 10:56 am ET


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130 comments to NBC in Washington D.C. goes live with ‘Breaking News’ from Fukushima: “Troubling news out of Japan”; Fish showing high levels of radiation — and some of that radioactive contamination could actually be hitting the US in weeks (VIDEO)

  • jcfougere jcfougere

    What's the child-hood saying…?
    No shit Sherlock

    • rakingmuck

      My sentiments exactly. When the lead anchor went to "Molette" – my coffee almost came through my nose! I had visions of that movie "Wag The Dog". Too bad Molette didn't say "We will be right back with what's new in Kiev".

    • Charles Charles

      If this is breaking news, then I am Mary Poppins!

      • whatamessa


        • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

          my thought is that the debris field from the tsunami is soon reaching land. once that massive amount of water logged and quite possibly radioactive tons upon tons of garbage hits the west coast, there will be no denying … FUKUSHIMA WILL BE HERE!!

    • Graham Brimhall RadRainMan

      Look out for 3/11/14, should be some interesting "News" they let go then…

  • gamma nell aka grandma nell gamma nell aka grandma nell

    Sorry, but I just couldn't resist posting this link:


    Maybe NBC 4 can connect the dots (or duckies).

    • ENENews

      Oh mnn.com ….. They were so much cooler when they actually published their 'corporate sponsorships' on the website.

      Who doesn't want their 'energy news' funded by Southern Company?

      Not long ago, each section listed who was sponsoring it. Coca-Cola on the 'Environment', Dell Computers on 'Green Tech' …

      Scroll down near bottom to see the good old days: https://web.archive.org/web/20100825003404/http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/energy

      Now you have to email them to learn about sponsorship opportunities: http://www.mnn.com/sponsor

      What really sold me they were all about the 'Mother Nature' was headlines like this "Mother Nature Network Appoints Former Forbes Magazine Chairman Chief Operating Officer"


      • Fall out man!

        I notice that nuclear power sponsored "mother nature network" is all about global warming. The big lie that the nuke industry uses to keep itself going. As posted before

        It was the nuclear industry that first studied climate change and climate in a major way. Both hoping to control climate and testing the effects of atomic bombs on it. Today Lawrence Livermore Labs is right behind the IPCC. Nuclear and Climate science and global warming alarmism are deeply intertwined and it is global warming threats that keep nuclear power being promoted as the way to go.

        Note also that the University of East Anglia climate "science" unit, which was caught lying to the pubic to promote man made global warming, was originally set up and funded by the US DOD.

        The ultimate irony is that the Nuke industry's own research shows that it really is a cause of significant climate change. The vast amounts of Krypton 85 released from normally operating nuclear power plants lower the conductivity of the atmosphere very significantly. The effects that will have on climate are not clear, but thought to be significant by the industry themselves. Nuclear pollution from power plants lowers the conductivity of the atmosphere, affecting the cycle of electrical storms around the globe. (Anne has previously posted detailed links on that)

  • bluetick

    ahhhh they forgot all the contaminated fish Hillary Clinton let in to the USA.
    How Much?
    who ate it?

    come to mind.

  • FallOut FallOut

    The ocean is broken

    But in March and April this year, only silence and desolation surrounded his boat, Funnel Web, as it sped across the surface of a haunted ocean.

    "I've done a lot of miles on the ocean in my life and I'm used to seeing turtles, dolphins, sharks and big flurries of feeding birds. But this time, for 3000 nautical miles there was nothing alive to be seen."

    In place of the missing life was garbage in astounding volumes.

    Ivan's brother, Glenn, who boarded at Hawaii for the run into the United States, marvelled at the "thousands on thousands" of yellow plastic buoys. The huge tangles of synthetic rope, fishing lines and nets. Pieces of polystyrene foam by the million. And slicks of oil and petrol, everywhere.

    "On the bow, in the waters above Hawaii, you could see right down into the depths. I could see that the debris isn't just on the surface, it's all the way down. And it's all sizes, from a soft-drink bottle to pieces the size of a big car or truck. "We saw a factory chimney sticking out of the water, with some kind of boiler thing still attached below the surface. We saw a big container-type thing, just rolling over and over on the waves.

    And something else. The boat's vivid yellow paint job, never faded by sun or sea in years gone past, reacted with something in the water off Japan, losing its sheen in a strange and unprecedented way


  • bluetick

    "troubling news out of USA many of its people share the same signs as jap fish"

    • This lady hails from Osaka. Interesting that she seems to have escaped some of the Fukey effects, even given that she's in one of the danger groups (elderly). (There are some documentaries on Chernobyl that mention some elderly women living right in the contaminated area with no effect, but these seem to be the exception rather than the rule. Some of the YouTube documentaries I've seen appear to be fake).

      Oldest person spills secrets of longevity

      5:30 AM Monday Mar 3, 2014

      "In the year in which Misao Okawa was born in Osaka, Queen Victoria was still on the British throne.

      Okawa, already recognised as the oldest person in the world, is due on Wednesday to celebrate her 116th birthday – and attributes her longevity to eating well and sleeping at least eight hours every night, with the occasional nap thrown in for good measure. "You have to learn to relax.""

      And, if all else fails, we have simply to stop eating fish. If that fails, stop eating altogether?

      Breatharianism (inedia)
      live without food and water – Breatharianism – is it possible?

      And, then, learn to stop breathing:

      (I don't have a link for that).

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        There's a problem with deep breathing now . . .

        The key would be exisiting on no food or water, with only shallow breathing not allowing air to pass the lips.

        Good luck with that.

  • Max Sievert Max Sievert

    "we just learned this morning"
    what have they learned the last 3 years?
    where they was hiding the last 3 years?

    • mairs mairs

      They just learned this morning? I guess the message in a bottle finally arrived.

      • norbu norbu

        Right, "Breaking News?" could actually be hitting the US in weeks? You mean already has hit the west coast, right? Seems to be alot of breaking wind from the GOV, because they are full of shit. Drip, drip, drip. Very happy we stopped eating pacific products 1 day after 3-11-11.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          A large part of this BS is to delay a larger US public awareness before the upcoming elections. No one wants the candidates to have to answer questions about their constituents being subjected to lethal levels of radiological contamination.

          It's all theatre, surrounding the theater of elections.

          Can you imagine a mother asking a political candidate to kiss her deformed nuclear baby in front of dozens of TV cameras?

          Soon we won't have elections. That theater is no longer needed.

          • 4Yahshua

            3~3~5995 (out of 6000) in this "Twilight Zone Apocalypse"!

            We don't have free elections NOW! The "puppets" are selected NOT elected. IMO, we have a 33 year Bush Senior White House New World Order under The Vatican's Christian CROSS, Revelation 13:18 Greek Diaglott (translation), free on The Web (Web Search: Bush Nazi Family Connections)
            The wise are called saints because they believe in the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua), Revelation 14:1.
            HalleluYah! (Ancient transliterated Hebrew meaning:
            "Praise ye Yah!")

      • deedles deedles

        Maybe the message was taped to one of those rubber duckies… you can see why it took 3 years in that case.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


  • tsfw tsfw

    JUST LEARNED?!! You sons of evil bitch whores! How much contaminated fish did you make my son eat!!!!!!!!! Oh I better get off of here for the rest of the day, I can feel myself getting uglier by the minute. Have a great day folks, I'm off to google natural cures for high blood pressure.

    • FallOut FallOut

      March 15, 2011 12:01 a.m. ET

      Japan's nuclear-power crisis is reviving long-held doubts about the strength of the nation's nuclear regulatory system and its independence from government efforts to sell nuclear technology abroad.

      It also highlights past problems with falsified safety records at the Fukushima Daiichi plant and with its parent company, Tokyo Electric Power Co. or Tepco, though there is no evidence those prior problems are adding to the current problems.

      The Fukushima Daiichi plant has a black mark on its record from earlier in the last decade, when a scandal involving falsified safety records led to parent company Tepco briefly shutting down its entire nuclear fleet in Japan. In 2002, Tepco admitted to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency that it had falsified the results of safety tests on the containment vessel of the No. 1 reactor, which is now one of three reactors that workers are struggling to keep from overheating. The test took place in 1991-1992.

      The scandal was the latest in a string of nuclear safety records cover-ups by Tepco, including the revelation that the company's doctoring of safety records concerning reactor shrouds, a part of the reactors themselves, in the 1980s through the early 1990s. Five top executives resigned after the company admitted to having falsified safety.


    • FallOut FallOut

      The operator of the Fukushima No. 1 plant submitted a report to the country’s nuclear watchdog 10 days before the quake hit on March 11, admitting it had failed to inspect 33 pieces of equipment in its six reactors.

      A power board distributing electricity to a reactor’s temperature control valves was not examined for 11 years, and inspectors faked records, pretending to make thorough inspections when in fact they were only cursory, Tepco said.

      It also said that inspections, which are voluntary, did not cover other devices related to cooling systems, including water pump motors and diesel generators.

      The report was submitted after the regulator ordered operators to examine whether inspections were suitably thorough.

      ”Long-term inspection plans and maintenance management were inadequate,” the nuclear safety agency concluded in a follow-up report two days after Tepco’s admission.

      ”The quality of inspection was insufficient.”

      The safety agency ordered the operator draw up a corrective plan by June 2.


      • Socrates

        "Inspectors faked records…"

        Was that because:

        (1) the inspectors were too busy over those 11 years, or;

        (2) because the Yakuza, or;

        (3) because profits were placed over safety, or;

        (4) all of the above, or;

        (5) none of the above, or

        (6) that's how it is done in the US?

        (6) no jail terms are ever handed out, or;

        (7) you can't sue us, you greedy Yankee lawyer?

  • I can only suggest that perhaps people learn how to "not eat". We can't all be breatharians, but some have learned:

    Man Hasn't Eaten…For 70 Years

    Documentary About Buddha Boy (1 of 5) Ram Bahadur Bamjan

    [breatharian:a person who believes that it is possible, through meditation, to reach a level of consciousness where one can obtain all sustenance from the air or sunlight].

    Otherwise, it's this kind of thing – for the rest of our lives:

    ‘Construction flaws’ in six Hanford nuclear waste tanks, 13 more may be compromised – report
    [Published time: March 01, 2014 23:46]

  • underfish

    people come here for important links, updates on solid info regarding fuku…
    and it seems, over the past 2 weeks, that this site is turning into a spring board for MSM headlines…
    what? is admin running out of solid info, the masses becoming sedated, feed them more foddder to bitch about, and say I told you soo…
    come on admin "keep it real"… or is it
    time to kick up spectacle another notch…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      ENEnews has to be a "springboard for MSM" in addition to the truths so hard to find anywhere else that MainStreamFools ignored or ridiculed! That it was "breaking news" on GE-owned NBC proves ENE & we who KNEW all along have been right and our detractor's have been the fools if it had to be said on NBC before they believed 311 was real!! There's other places to get info if ENE doesn't suit the viewer…..I think I'll stay right here as I have been all along,THANKS Admin! 😉

      • ENENews

        So which is it underfish

        1) Is admin just posting mainstream lamestream headlines


        2) Is admin just posting fodder trying to kick up a spectacle


        Anyway… Perhaps you don't see the significance of the only TV news broadcast not on the Pacific to report on the detection of high radiation levels in fish being from a station in Washington DC — let alone the fact that they did a 'breaking news' report for it. Quite astounding to me, but then again you probably know better when it comes to Fukushima-related news, after all I'm just starting to delve into the subject.

        I'm sensing you've been ready to go check out some other websites for a while now.

        underfish on 2014/02/26 at 11:51 am:

        "How can I trust any of you or any of what you say…links only to verifiable sources is my only answer for that! If I cant sense you with my five sense your fake and just an internet identity in this case… I'v lost all trust in this site now,half(maybe more)of the people whom post here…"

        Well, enjoy using those 'five senses' for some of that "real life shit" you talk about below aight?

        • johnnyo

          Good one En.Admn…….."just starting to delve into"…haha

        • Socrates

          I can show politicians and highly qualified experts enenews and they can see the news dissected with scientific citations. Admin makes appropriate comments. What's not to like?

          Some comments here are A+. Again, what's not to like?

        • SS4U SS4U

          thank you for all you are doing here, admin.

        • deedles deedles

          I don't post much but do read daily so thank you Admin for all your good work. Any article has so many great comments and POV that at the end it nearly always ends up to be a comprehensively covered topic.

          A nasty topic nonetheless. But. God Bless you for the work you do here.

        • We Not They Finally

          Admin, you did the right thing. Just ignore some of these folk.

    • weeman

      I would like you to source the stories everyday and see what the long term story line is, think you can do better, research and post your articles here, good luck, no one stopping you, I look forward to your posts.
      Tune in not out and be thankful.

      • bo bo

        +1000000 weeman, and good luck with that, underfish.

        • underfish

          Yes nuclear is very bad and obviously not necessary for a sustainable future…and neither is the reposting of MSM…
          which anyone can do by just clicking away…
          I guess when people can do/or start doing something about it rather than cry/rant-n-rave about it…then we will be talking and discussing some "real life shit"
          …until then keep following the carrot

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            underfish…no problem…coming here (Enenews) is voluntary, therefore, I suggest you take your cry, rant, and rave out to the streets and show us how it's done. Lead by example…go get the carrot. 🙂

            In the meantime, we will be here appreciating the only place we have been able to find a consistence stream of news since 3/11/11.

            One last point, this site is free, and is offering a valuable service to humanity. WHat have you done for humanity lately?



          • combomelt combomelt


          • Kashiko Kashiko

            Underfish. Being busy everyday with work and a family I don't have time to trawl all the media. Also I live in the UK so US news is harder to find so I am pleased to see any serious or semi serious reporting on relevant topics posted here. Keep up the good work everyone.

          • Socrates

            I agree that doing something about is very, very important.

            Many here feel that educating the readership and catastrophizing – playing a game of "Ain't it awful" is enough.

            It may be the end of the world, but just in case it isn't, failing to take action is disempowering.

            I am very clear in what needs to be done and actually get out there and do it. I take heat from those who feel that their mission is to blog. They do not contact their representatives, attend meetings, or take it to court. They propose no legislation. They do not engage in civil disobedience.

            • Time Is Short Time Is Short

              Why even feed these trolls?

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              We admire and applaud your efforts Socrates, and always enjoy your posts. I imagine those who have doubts about the power of the high courts to impose ethical behavior on those who appear above the reach of law, also applaud your works.

              Philosophers and Lawyers each have different approaches, but youve managed to incorporate both. Still, I wouldnt decry the poets not so inclined toward the slippery and empty sound of the downtown marble halls.

              I havent given up hope on the Hague entirely, but feel hopeless to spark them into action, by my email or something

            • GQR2

              Socrates respectfully,
              i gotta say i don't think anyone here is ever playing any kind of game, let alone the "ain't it awful" game? no its awful enough without any games.

              It occurs to me that there are forces that have chilled the people in their past models of citizenship. Look at how heavily the police state is coming down on the good people of this country. Its horrific. I personally used to call,write,demonstrate, send money.
              AI is running the show for the death cult.
              Now that isn't to say despair or do nothing no. But i think there are reasons,forces. Flouride maybe chem trails possibly that are hindering people somehow. They mostly remain in a trance. seems like.

            • flatsville

              Great new word.."catastrophizing"

          • Arizonan Arizonan

            I have been glad for the concentration here on enenews of all headlines regarding fuku. We are all each enciuraged to approach these sources with our critical thing ng heads. Great job, admin, keep up the good work. Thanks to all for useful discussions.

    • califnative califnative (NY)

      underfish – your right, ENEnews is as real as it gets, I am so thankful for the admin chasing down all pertinent news no matter where it comes from. It's important to see when MSM writes about Fukushima because they have been ignoring it for the last 3 years. I come here often enough to recognize a troll when I see one, regulars here have shown nothing but praise and kudos to the Admin.

    • mairs mairs

      I like the MSM headlines here. I think it's good to know how impossibly behind the curve they are. It gives people a look into how information is suppressed and then released on a timeline that has nothing to do with reality.

      • combomelt combomelt

        so T – R – U – E!


      • ENENews

        I should have read through all these awesome comments first, thanks everybody. Seems like only highly observant and discerning people grasp what ENE is doing and what makes it 'different', thankfully we have lots of them here.

        • Songie Songie

          Admin, you are absolutely amazing in your unswerving dedication to this topic. Keep it up!!

          I like seeing the MSM headlines because I don't watch MSM, but knowing what they are saying helps me in my discussions with non ENENEWS friends/family.

          I also think it is important piece of the puzzle for understanding the timelines for TPTB's plan for slow info dissemination….

          Froggies in the pot are starting to feel warm…..

        • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

          Kudos to you ENE admin. You have always been a news aggregator and that is your strength. If the news is sending people in circles, people need to aim their ire to those controlling what stories are released in the media, and those that prevent some of the more negative dot connections from ever getting through.

        • Sparky Sparky

          Enenews Admin, With over 21,000 fb "likes", 6,400+ twitter followers, and untold numbers of Enenews posters and "observers", Enenews is most certainly having an impact.

          See also, http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/enenews.com. Besides the overall upward increase in traffic, more people are searching by "enenews", "fukushima", "ene news", "energy news", or some variation.

          Enenewers in whatever forum will need to make an extra effort to maintain momentum and the free-flow of news to counter increased efforts and attacks by the pro-nuke industry and their govenment/media mouthpieces. Donations help. 🙂

          Admin. and 'Newsers: Thanks & Keep up the good work!

          • ocifferdave

            I wonder if Enenews Admin can fully grasp how many lives he has changed for the better.

            I'm trying to picture it. Blows my mind.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Your smile says it all! 🙂 A great awakening, a quickening, says he!

            • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

              i check this site first thing when i wake in the morning and right before i go to bed at night, also check in numerous times a day. the commenters are my friends, more reasonable and respectful than the physical ones. you've kept me sane. thank you.

        • jcfougere jcfougere

          Hey Admin, do we have a backup of the forums somewhere and a plan for if/when the site is hackered?

        • BlondyFu BlondyFu

          Thank you ENE for all you do. This is my first stop every morning.

  • Cdog Cdog

    Can somebody, possibly admin put up the links: 9/10 fish present cesium, milk in San Fran show cesium, and mushrooms in basement(or was it a cellar) on west side of Japan contain cesium/radiation. All of these articles are around 2/12 to 3 years old now. I want to put up this article and the links on facecrack. Perhaps now finally my friends and family will start making saner food choices, or perhaps not?

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    It's amazing, NBC is actually slower than the BBC…

    I thought the Beeb was slow when it reported 'stuff' 3 days after the event. But 1+ years WOW!!!

    P.S. Does anybody know if NBC has reported on the last presidential election yet… I'd like to know who won 😉

    • bo bo

      ROFLMAO davidh!!

    • rakingmuck

      Admin: If there was a rating system I would give that comment by davidh7426 a 5! Sorry I can't be more serious. Yes, it shows how beyond ahead of the curve ENE is and what an amazing resource as well. But sheezzz

  • jec jec

    Note in the press release/news article.."sample tests are conducted to check radiation levels"!? SAMPLE tests? Radiation is not equally spread thru fish.or any other substance or living thing. Sample just means there was a test of a fish..or two or ??? They need to have a way to test ALL fish..a scanner? Body type..test the fish with appropriate gamma and beta detectors..KNOWING PU and other alpha emitters will never show up in those products…scary..

    USA is not much better..recent report said they tested FOUR!! fish..4 to make a pronouncement all was 'safe.' It only takes a few PU or polonium particles to get you very very sick..internal contamination..or cook the little critters..and into the steam….goes the radiation…

    • jec jec

      Ask the sick eagles in UTAH..they eat fish….

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        POINT OF SALE food testing will become the norm, as Tokyo store owners and their customers began to demonstrate a year ago. Separate schools of Pacific fish, some seriously contaminated by localized or repeated passage through what marine biologists term "ocean streams" of hotspots, with other schools perhaps escaping the exposure altogether, renders any concept of "sampling" meaningless.

        "Product of Thailand" and "Distributed By NUK Corp. LA" are now meaningless if not outright dangerous labels.

        See CPM levels listed on grocery shelf price labels at 2:30, and professional food testing at 3:20 and 4:10, in this surprisingly candid year old PBS video:


        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          POS food testing – if it's ever allowed – will probably be regulated by the Dept. of Weights and Measures, the people who regulate scales for correct measurement.

          Now, are you going to believe that DWM is going to calibrate for the truth?

          We're on our own, folks.

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          We need to develop radiation detectors in our dental fillings.

          Your chewing away when all of a sudden, you hear a beeeep

          The shock might cause you to choke.

  • Socrates

    Suicide capitalism works when government promotes an unsustainable energy scheme such as nuclear energy. Low or zero interest loans or loan guarantees are used. The operator can make a big profit with little or no concern for the environmental consequences and then walk away with profits leaving residents to clean up the toxic mess.

    With fracking, a landowner is approached for a lease. The fracker gets a zero interest loan from the government. The stata are fracked with dangerous chemicals. Oil and gas are extracted and sold. Profits are taken at about 5%. Operator declares bankruptcy and leaves a huge environmental catastrophe. Campaign contribution paid in advance.

    This pollutes the air, too. Dangerous radionuclides are spread all around. No monitoring of air quality. Drought areas include 57% of US but water goes to frackers. Water rationing and privatization of water in the west where allowed under Homestead Act.

    Cool…. great scheme. Nobody really cares anymore. Politicians and regulators all bought off. Try suing a bankrupt fracker.

    • We Not They Finally

      AND Cheney made sure that fracking would be exempt from any environmental regulations. Free money, no social responsibility, a natural magnet for psychopaths.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Currently, politics and commerce seem to trump science; but, when we break the laws of physics and biology with a substance that is a known biosphere destroyer, it trumps both. You lose and then you die. In the end, natural law rules.

  • Cdog Cdog

    Thanks Combomelt. Put up the article and links. Lets see what happens, probably no change with more of the usual unintelligent attitude of I'm gonna die anyways. "Pissing upwind".

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    This is no surprise at all.

    He who breaks the silence first, seeks to control the situation.
    Like 2 child siblings, caught in a lie, one always spills the beans first, hoping to save his butt.

    NBC.GE has been following this entire SHTF as close as anyone, has more data than anyone, can get closer to the truth, than anyone.

    They may not be the 'first' to break the MSM news, but I might think they will try to be the lead dog in the pack. Someone already said it, 'wag the dog'.

    They have as much, or more to loose, than anyone, in their sick shit world.

    Thanks for the heads up, admin. IT should start to get really interesting now.

  • wc

    You all are aware that Fox *News* won its court case several years ago
    allowing it to legally lie to the public?

    I seem to recall it being about some hormone added to cows that had a possible carcinagenic property that one of their news journalists
    was reporting on that lead to their being fired for attempting to broadcast
    the true account.
    The courts backed Fox effectively establishing Fox News could lie to the public as it wanted.

    • Jebus Jebus

      What is your point. Do you think the NBC was lying on this?

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      RBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone)

      The story was hours (or less) from airing and it got canceled.

      It is probably the best case example of MSM being influenced
      by external forces. With conflict of interest too.

      My thought is that NBC knows a lot more than they are letting on and that there will be a lot more MSM "news" about Fuku and they want to milk it for all it's worth.
      Sucks to play "me to" in their game.

      What I do know from my Earth First! Journal readings back in the 90s was that if the MSM ever did grab on to a story, it is all too often at least a year late, and routinely even longer.
      And they would work it for at most a week and then move on to something else.

      I am compelled to inject some Buckminster Fuller wisdom on this.

      Emergence Through Emergency

      A given population will ignore a blatantly obvious problem until it adversely affects their wallet and/or probability of survival.

      Also keep in mind that the MSM is dealing with a psychological mindset that none of us here can relate to. Informed people do not surround themselves with the ignorant, any more than alcoholics hang out in zero alcohol use social settings.

      The American world view has been reduced to a sound bite driven dichotomy…
      us or them.
      (Regardless of education level!)

      Which leaves most of them thinking that Fuku is
      "over there"…"it can't get here"…"it's too far away".

      So here is reality of NBCs audience…


      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        Can't agree more than 100%

        Slip in a little GE/CEO.Immelt/chairman of the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.gov.Immelt/???

        And I'm sure selling a little more GE med, Cialis, and budweiser can't hurt much either.

        At the end of the day, whatever supports their business model, makes the competition look like crap, and brings you back to the trough, that's what is important.


  • Jebus Jebus

    I'm wondering if a 44 second sound bite was too much for the left coasters to process.

    It takes less time to jog through the white house in a suit.

    Was it enough to startle anyone awake?

    Or just lull them back to sleep…

    • This 'breaking news' video was far too long.

      Anything over 20 or 30 seconds and people will change channels. 😉

      I found it interesting how the reporter seems startled and makes it sound like something that happened 3 years ago, instead of something that is ongoing and out of control right now.


  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    What we lack are models. For example, WIPP admits to a leak. What exactly leaked? That amounts to so much radioactive material equals so many Plutonium atoms which then diffuse into the environment which includes wind which mingles over time with other air flows and so on. The Plutonium and Americium do not vanish but persist for eons and will end up somewhere.
    This is not easy to visualize. A handful of dust tossed into the air on a windy day . . . the dust eventually settles down somewhere.

    As it is we all have rather vague images of hot particles going somewhere. Is getting one by breathing like winning the lottery? One chance in say 50 million. What are the odds after the WIPP event? After Fukushima? With Fukushima the odds keep improving over time. Ten years from now you have a greater chance of being a winner in that lottery.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      I remember back in the late 80s coming across some obscure math/science story that ran through the stats and calculated that
      all of us on the planet had already breathed in at least one of the molecules from the exhale of Ceasar when he uttered the phrase "Et, tu, Brute?".

      So what do have going forward, random placement of the atomic equivalent of land mines?

  • weeman

    It just goes to show how far journalism has degraded and the utter disregard to investigate the story from a nonpartisan view and fact find.
    The statement Japans nuclear disaster several years ago, just emphasized the lack of fact finding, can't even get the time line right, what the chances of them reporting on the whole story.
    They probably put interns on stories like this so they can manipulate and control.
    Real Journalism is dead, you are a shadow of your former self, hang your head low, you have done a great injustice to your self and your readers and someday you may have to answer to these deceptions, if found to be knowely withholding information your readers are not going to be impressed.

    • Dugisme Dugisme

      A bunch of pretty sweet interactive weather maps. Not quite what you asked for, but I thought I'd share anyway.


      • Dugisme Dugisme

        Oops. Nvm.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Dugisme..very cool! 🙂

        • GQR2

          Ha! what a propaganda piece, unicredulous they wish the stories were fake.
          Who wouldn't wish the stories were fake?

          If only there was enough denial,wishful thinking,magical thinking and science to make the utter forever calamity unfolding at Fukushima be "not true" or untrustworthy. The piece seeks to steer people to only the designated utterly irresponsible "experts"

          Fukushima where there are 3 uncontrolled melt downs hemorrhaging into the ocean air and earth and all living things every minute of everyday. Mutating their DNA forever. Maybe the story on the two headed whale was untrustworthy…people will always have to,and really must do the research themselves. strong forces don't want the horrible truth to get out.

          No propaganda is going to change that truth either. Doesn't matter how one looks at it, minimize or not it is taking its toll all around.

    • weeman

      Long live the Internet, the truth is stored there, you just have to be able to filter the spam and read between the lines for yourself.
      What the journalist have been trained to do and pledged to uphold and don't, do they understand that they are fundamental to democracy working and keeping the power to be in line.
      Take a look at yourself, do you like what you see.
      Exceptions to all rules apply.

    • mairs mairs

      They can't even identify the reactor buildings in some cases… calling the turbine buildings the reactor buildings. Oh look! See how well they stood up to the tsunami!

    • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

      weeman, it is my personal opinion, that the mainstream media committed crimes against humanity, and should be held accountable.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Here we go again with the so called "informed media news"..
    Quote:: could actually be hitting the US in weeks

    It's been here long ago…Where do you think it's been going these years???

    Thank You Enenews..They need this link.

  • rogerthat

    Lame Stream Media:
    News 4′s Molette Green is following breaking news from the live desk. Molette…

    Just getting some troubling news out of Hawaii. A new report just released days ago says Japan launched an attack on the US fleet at Pearl Harbor several years ago. The news could actually reach the U.S. West Coast within weeks.

    • bo bo

      rogerthat… hee hee heee!!!

      ROFL&C (Rolling On Floor Laughing & Crying)

      • rogerthat

        Sad, isn't it? The war might have been over before news of Pearl Harbor filtered through. No war on Japan, no nuclear arms race, no Hiroshima, no rebuilding Japan with 54 nuclear power plants as the engine, no Fukushima … ah, dreams.

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      Tomorrow's NBC headline will read…

      "BREAKING NEWS:: We've just learnt today that due to a natural catastrophe of biblical proportions an earthquake has destroyed the island of Atlantis. We believe that the majority of the inhabitants died when the earthquake devastated island was swallowed by the sea."

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Hundred tons of radiated water flowing out (( everyday )).

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Imagine that a zoo transferring two dozen of the world's most poisonous snakes by truck discovers that these snakes have all escaped when the truck had an accident near a park in the middle of Los Angeles. This could hardly be kept from the public without seriously endangering lives. The LA Times would run a front page with pictures of he snakes in vivid color. And plenty of warnings. LA has about 4 million people so the odds of getting bitten are not too great really. Especially if you consider that a few of the snakes will wander into the busy streets and get squashed. A few will be killed by other animals and so on. So maybe 1 chance in 500,000 or more. And yet there will be panic and alarm though probably the city will survive.
    At what point will people forget about it? Finally all but three will be accounted for; and then a year or two along someone will get bitten but that snake will be captured. So maybe finally three or four people die. Several are saved. And the last snake dies alone in a sewer.
    Question: how might this be used as a parallel to radioactive particles? Can we learn something useful by using examples like this? [10 points for excellent answers]

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      snake bites are provable, but with radiation, you can never be 100% sure, so its nothing to worry about

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        even though plutonium is more poisonous than any snake venom, if you congregate in sports bars and shopping malls, you're hardly worried about it one way or the other

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Whats similar about a truck load of vipers on the loose and a radioactive spill? The risk of consequences to those responsible is lower the closer to retirement they are

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            whats different about venomous snakes on the loose and a radioactive waste spill? Snakes dont create uninhabitable tracts of land for the next million years, destroying the agriculture, killing millions and sacking the finances of entire countries, blowing their toxins into the stratosphere that circles the earth every 40 days raining down enough poison to kill every person 400 times over. But other than that, theres a lot thats similar

    • Jebus Jebus

      Are the snakes internal or external?

      Are they all rattle snakes, or are some black mambas?

      Are they small enough to be ingested with a breath?

      Or do they hide in your fitch sammich?

      Are they short lived snakes, or do they live forever?

      Does the POTUS get on TV and state that there will be no significant snakes that come to our shores?

      Does he repeat that to be perfectly clear?

      Are any of them on any planes?

      • earthsmith earthsmith

        Have the snakes been exposed to chest x-rays?
        Do they like bananas?
        have they slithered over red plastic utensils?

        If the answer to any or all the above is yes…then we can rest assured that the snakes are at or below safe levels

        • jcfougere jcfougere

          "have they slithered over red plastic utensils?"

          I lol'ed at work, thanks Earthsmith 🙂

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Alas, these are deadly snakes.
      But they live for more than 240,000 years, some of them.
      Invisible killers, genetic destroyers.
      Trillions of them, in air, food, water, everywhere.
      Nothing can kill them, only time wears them down.
      And they will take time, from every living thing on earth.
      How much time, will they take from our future?
      How much time, can we afford?

    • chevvvy chev

      This sounds like the diluted carnivourous banana meme… 😉

    • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

      cap'n nemo, i remember a few years back when about 5 or 6 armed nuclear warheads were locked and loaded onto a b52 out of minot afb then flown over our country, schools, homes, businesses down to barksdale afb. we were told basically, "oops our bad, napping of the job." bullshit, the likelihood of that happening without direct orders, was pretty slim. i am still disgusted that was swept under the rug. that trail could have been investigated. nuclear terrorists, and their still getting away with it.

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    Quake: M6.7 – 110km NNW of Nago, Japan

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    I am heartened by the turn out so to speak for the venomous snakes, all of which were the most poisonous I could find. Good points, fellow sojourners.

  • Ontological Ontological

    So it takes 3 years for Nuke news to echo off the financial cliff, and be heard.

  • atomicistheword

    Seems like it can no longer be hidden, the deformities, die-offs. How many people have suffered because of their pride and shame by not telling the truth? Only GOD knows.

    The time is coming where many in desperation will be coming to this site for information in BASIC TERMS what is going on. The underling youth have been cheated out of an education with dumb-down fruit phones and flappy birds. They will need to know what is a half life, a Celsius 137, why this atomic radiation in all varieties is harmful to them, will it dilute like soap in water and such like.

    With respect to those here the mass population wouldn't have a clue as to what is spoken of in this forum. Please consider adding less technical talk in a portion of your posts so that they the underlings can understand.

    • atomicistheword

      Don't you just love tablet keyboards; cesium 137. I cannot blame General Electric for making my keyboard, that doesn't threaten life on earth.

  • This is growing intensely sad as our once pristine Pacific Ocean is now a cesspool of radioactive contamination. I used to love deep sea fishing and now would not eat anything I caught unless I test it first. I hope we can somehow clean this mess up before it screws up our whole ecosystem and kills our sealife. http://thehealingfrequency.com/radiation-safety-guide-protection-from-radiation-hazards/

  • We Not They Finally

    People get upset when t MSM doesn't report any news. Then they get upset when the MSM does report some news. It's TOTALLY inadequate of course, but it's also the first MSM out of D.C. so it matters.

    • bo bo

      WNTF I thought a bit more about why Fox and NBC are suddenly covering this…
      I wonder if the government had to choose for the public's attention to go to fukushima, to avoid too much focus getting on WIPP ( and it seems Hanford, Bridgeton radioactive landfill fire also getting out of control… and whatever happened to St. Lucie ?)

  • 52Rockwell

    Bannanas Foster anyone?