Nearly 3,000 evacuees rushed to hospital by ambulance — From shelters in Fukushima, Iwate and Miyagi

Published: May 17th, 2011 at 3:22 am ET


Nearly 3,000 taken to hospitals by ambulances from quake shelters, Japan Today, May 17, 2011:

[Emphasis Added]

Nearly 3,000 evacuees living in shelters in three of the northeastern Japan prefectures worst affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami have been taken to hospital by ambulance, according to a Kyodo News survey released Tuesday.

At least 2,816 evacuees suffering from stress and poor hygienic conditions were rushed to hospitals from shelters in coastal parts of the Pacific prefectures Iwate, Fukushima and Miyagi, the survey of 15 local fire departments showed.

Published: May 17th, 2011 at 3:22 am ET


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87 comments to Nearly 3,000 evacuees rushed to hospital by ambulance — From shelters in Fukushima, Iwate and Miyagi

  • steeplerot

    This is a sign of to come for a long time. This is quite distressing as I saw how bad Miyagi got hit by tsunami already.

    • Dbug

      I was already a regular NHK viewer before the quake and tsunami hit, and saw it live as it unfolded. Often even when I slept I was recording the coverage. It was so overwhelming following all that hit those poor people.

      Since many of Japans’ young people have been living in the larger cities, much of the northeastern regions has a higher concentration of older citizens. I recalling seeing an NHK weather forecaster holding back the tears while reporting on the conditions earlier. They had periods of well below freezing temperatures, snow in some areas and it didn’t get that warm in the daytime. A refinery had blown up, there was no natural gas for heat. Many shelter locations were large buildings where a portable kerosene heater would barely have any effect, and there wasn’t enough fuel to keep those going all the time. Some of the people had been evacuated from hospitals and were in very frail health. Between the lack of heat and some missing critical medications, many of them died early on.

      None of the citizens have any short term radiation sickness. Levels were not that high. The vast majority of the time and when the major explosions/fire occurred, the winds were to the east, towards the U.S. Some periods of winds to the northwest brought high levels to the northwest. Most of that area was evacuated already, some areas had people sheltering indoors. An area just this month being evacuated (out to about 25 miles from the plant) had people there, even students indoors at school, but they were removed because a level that was tolerable for a shorter term (what pre-planned expected) would go above their allowed non-radiation worker levels longer term.

      So while there is no short term radiation sickness, the nuclear accident has contributed to deaths indirectly. Some areas hit by the tsunami closer to the plant were not properly searched. So that could have been found in the rubble no doubt died. Assistance to some of the northern areas was impeded. Since it wasn’t safe to drive by the plant, long detours were required. Much of the region had no gasoline available. Many vehicles that didn’t have big enough tanks to make a round trip run didn’t go in, reducing aid at a critical time when people at shelters needed food, water, fuel and other supplies.

      The nuclear accident is not the biggest part of disaster, it’s a big distraction that added insult to injury. It’s shameful how some 5,000 miles away barely getting enough to measure act is if they’re the ones hard hit. It’s not like the Europeans who got massive doses from Chernobyl. Yes it’s bad and unhealthy but the damage would be imperceptible if measured against the diabetes and heart disease American have from being so damn fat. The food dangers from E-coli, additives, chemicals in packaging, injected antibiotics and hormones is a far far far bigger threat than miniscule traces of radiation.

      Yes, make nuclear power safer or find alternatives, but people here should stop the shameful acting as if you’re the victims of the Japan disaster.
      It’s embarrassing. And this blowing things out of proportion is harming Japanese recovery. Many people lost homes and businesses. This endless fear-mongering is hurting them.

      • U235P239

        You’re a Japanese troll in Japan.
        So give up the bullshit.
        Your expressions give the game away.

        Fuck Off

      • Deetu 3

        You’ve just outed yourself. AGAIN.

      • glenn

        Sure it’s unfortunate for the people invested heavily in TEPCO stock or uranium mines, but they should admit they gambled on a bad horse, take their loss, and move on. I’m not saying you’re a disgruntled investor or a paid nuclear shill…it’s possible you’re just young and naive…hell there was a time I had faith in the nuclear industry before I educated myself about the extreme dangers the entrepreneurs didn’t want me to know about. But PLEASE, spare us your pseudo-sanctimonious crap. If you really cared you would be outraged at the irresponsibility of the nuclear promoters and the admitted lies that have already occurred. Trouble is because radioactive substances are so insidiously undetectable by humans they can be “plausibly denied” if people don’t have access to verifiable facts. I was monitoring a live Geiger counter in Tokyo on ustream for the first couple of days after the earthquake, but the site inexplicably shut down three days into the disaster. After that there was nothing but their word as to how bad things really were. Why shut down sources of verifiable information if there’s nothing to hide? I’m not saying that every one of the 3000 people transferred from the evacuation shelters to hospitals were suffering radiation sickness, but given the contamination in the area now is such that people in protective equipment can only visit their former homes for very brief periods it’s far from inconceivable that a large proportion of the former inhabitants were stricken with radioactive poisoning. Of course the last thing TEPCO and their government supporters want is yet more compensation claims, and who can argue that it wasn’t “stress and unhygienic conditions” if there is no way to tell just how bad the level of nuclear contamination were?

      • JWS

        You could possibly make a less informative statement in a much longer piece of B.S.

        How about staying on topic?

      • There is no net energy available to society outside of the nuclear industry.

        Because of this reason more capacity is being built of all energy types so the consumerist demands are met. This has resulted in tremendous water requirements and these were met and are now being met by dams. Dams are causing worldwide earthquakes. The Honshu 9 MM magnitude quake was caused by dams. And another great earthquake is expected between June 12 to August 26 this year. See
        They are at a loss to contain the Fukushima reactor damage. Millions will be affected for generations. We have had enough of Goebbels. Please join in asking for shutting down nukes and looking after them so they are insulated from the biosphere from generation to generation. Let us change so we can be in harmony and live in health for ages.

  • glenn

    Stress and poor hygenic conditions!!? just how many lies do they think people can stomach? Radiation Sickness.

    • Deep Thought

      25,000 people died because of radiation? And perhaps the same is true for everyone hospitalized?

      We degrade our noble cause if we twist the facts like TEPCO does.

      The truth is grim and doesn’t need to be twisted, distorted or stretched.

      • Heart of the Rose

        The evacuation zone should have been larger to begin with.
        We didn’t immediatately… see deaths to radiation …due to the population being previously wiped out by earthquake and tsunami.
        GENOCIDE…it’s a go.

        • Georgia Guidestones.

          Their sponsors didn’t have them erected for a joke. Mind control has made so many people assume everything is scripted fantasy, including Rockefeller & Kissinger’s deadly serious eugenics speeches/policies…

          No happy ending in sight for this world until these, and many other, psychotics are jailed.

          Perhaps it is already too late and halo polishing become an imperative?

    • radegan

      There are also many health effects from Fukushima that are primarily chemical, not nuclear. Let’s say you eat a lot of kelp so your thyroid is well protected. Still, only 30km from Fuku, you are bathed in I-131 and have been for months. Your systemic iodine levels were always high from your diet but now you have all that plus the iodine you’re breathing. I’m no researcher, but I’ve read that iodine can dislodge mercury, so your serum mercury would rise as well. These two alone, in non-radioactive form, can cause lots of problems in vulnerable populations. I’m not saying these hospitalizations don’t have a radioactive component, just pointing out Fuku has chemical implications as well.

      • Dbug

        “Your systemic iodine levels were always high from your diet but now you have all that plus the iodine you’re breathing. I’m no researcher,…”

        Yes if you researched what you just said you’d know that the high levels of iodine that Japanese people have had in their diet from seaweed and other sources REDUCES the amount of Iodine 131 they absorb when exposed to that.

        Americans as a whole are more likely to lean the other direction, being Iodine deficient, increasing what would be absorbed.

        While on this theme, it is also worth pointing out that about 2/3 of Americans are vitamin D deficient. Adequate levels of Vitamin D and calcium (along with good hormone levels, exercise, and potassium levels) all play an important role in bone health. The body can make vitamin D when exposed to sunshine. If your body has been getting plenty of vitamins and minerals, it won’t absorb as much of toxic isotopes that use the same pathways.

        • radegan

          It’s about iodine, radioactive or otherwise. The simple chemical effect of too much iodine.

          • Dbug

            The only way people get too much iodine from all this is from taking iodine pills. That’s why they are discouraged from taking them at insignificant exposure levels. The miniscule amounts in the air that don’t even make visible dust wouldn’t matter at all if it weren’t for the radiation.

          • Deetu 3

            Dbug are you on crack?

  • bcbud

    Stress and poor government management. Really?! Are you sure? Maybe we should get realistic that this is a crisis that will require world wide attention and participation.

  • U235P239

    A number of dead sharks have appeared on beaches in California. One was autopsied and it was found it had died from massive internal bleeding. Authorities say they need to conduct further tests to determine the cause.
    A dyslexic one eyed monkey can figure that one out.
    If any of you are familiar with the symptoms of high dose, acute radiation sickness, internal bleeding is one of the major symptoms and the primary cause of death.

    • Discordian

      Either radiation, or they vacationed in the GOM and ate the seafood.

    • Dbug

      “A dyslexic one eyed monkey can figure that one out.” Yes, but like the monkey you got it wrong.

      Whatever effect there will be from seawater contamination in Japan, it is nowhere near here yet. It may be serious, but this isn’t it.

      There are a number of serious conditions affecting sea life. Extreme levels of plankton, shifts in the oceans acidity as a result of the increased carbon dioxide (part of climate change). There are also buildups of bacteria/gases just under the ocean floor that periodically break out killing sea life.

      It is not hard to make a legitimate case raising real issues about nuclear power, but there are so many poorly founded comments thrown out here I have to wonder if there isn’t some entity deliberately working to make those expressing anti-nuclear views look like idiots. Or monkeys.

      • mark V

        “Whatever effect there will be from seawater contamination in Japan, it is nowhere near here yet. It may be serious, but this isn’t it…”

        How coud anybody know? Such amounts of radioactive water have never been released into the ocean, do we even know how much? They recently admitted testing only for short-life iodine and two Cesium isotopes.

        As for safety, they said it’s safe. Ooops…Human error, natural disaster, terrorist on a plane, mishaps happen. Two months into it, not a single victory on Fukushima front,only setbacks, and ugliest cover-ups I’ve witnessed in life. Anything nuclear could only associate with death, instant or in agony.

        • Dbug

          The point isn’t the amount, I agree the amount COULD easily have a very serious effect. The point is IT ISN’T HERE YET. Ocean currents are not that fast.

          They never said the release in the ocean was safe. They didn’t cover it up either.

      • U235P239

        You forget that sharks do actually swim around in the ocean and don’t hang around in the one spot.
        Your assumption on the actual levels of seawater contamination are based on what ? Tepco who have lied about everything since the crisis started, or the U.S. government, who isn’t monitoring it ?
        This isn’t about expressing pro or anti-nuclear agenda’s , or being able to “make a legitimate case” against nuclear power.
        Fuck agenda’s, it’s all about survival and the radioactive poisoning of our environment RIGHT NOW !!!

        • Dbug

          Well someone would have to show me some science about shark migration patterns, and actual radiation readings from the dead ones. It takes far far more radiation to kill quickly than to cause long term effects. The levels close to the plant were very high. If sharks got a lethal dose, I doubt they would have made it 5,000 miles after that.

          I think the sharks are more likely to be closer to the tsunami debris for a while, since it no-doubt contained thousands of tasty Japanese people.

          There were many other cases of mass deaths of various types of sea life along the west coast before the disaster. Without evidence to the contrary, it is a big leap to assume this incident isn’t more of the same. It certainly should be studied before jumping to conclusions.
          We’ll hear some study results within weeks. This won’t be ignored.

          Being a ways up the food chain in the ocean, sharks likely get high exposure to heavy metals and other things. The sewer system not too far from where I am spews crap (literally) often enough that news of closed beach areas or no swimming, It isn’t just when rain water leaks into the system. It has happened in dry weather too. I have less faith in city utility employees than state and federal agencies. It’s far fetched, but it’s not impossible that there’s ocean pollution because of STUXNET screwing with the sewage variable-speed pump controllers. We’ve got many problems, and so do the sharks.

          I’m not talking about agendas. When I say make a legitimate case I mean that any presented conclusions need to be backed by valid facts, sound science and follow sound logical process.
          (and I don’t mean Glenn Beck at a chalkboard…)
          While most responses here honestly reflect emotions, many are not based on sound science.

          Survival? Well of course we all need to work towards a viable long term path for mankind to have any hope of a good life in the future. And that won’t be easy. But it’s laughable nonsense to see people talking about evacuating California.

          • radegan

            “…but it’s not impossible that there’s ocean pollution because of STUXNET screwing with the sewage variable-speed pump controllers.”

            And your evidence for this?

          • U235P239

            The stuxnet virus was specifically developed to target the Siemens control systems used in uranium enrichment centrifuges. End of Story.

            You’re a Japanese troll in Japan.
            So give up the bullshit.
            Your expressions give the game away.

            Fuck Off

          • Dbug

            A claim of not impossible requires proof? I think the opposite, those saying not possible should provide proof

            Why would it be impossible for EXACTLY the same package of software (Siemens Step7) and same model/brand of controllers (Siemens 417 PLC and one other model), and even the same kind of added interface (a motor speed control interface that varies frequency of AC power) to be affected?
            It’s EXACTLY the same stuff, just spinning a pump instead of a centrifuge. The same kind of control systems are very widely used, and the same principles could apply to other types of control systems.

            I’m not saying that it did affect the sharks, only that it is not impossible that some of the sewage spills I’m aware of may have been caused by Stuxnet.

            Certainly city employees of a smaller community struggling with budget problems would not be the first to not fully prevent every possible software exploit that could affect them, especially if it is designed to hide itself. Guys responsible for sewage systems that normally see few changes might not be so prepared to deal with a software issue that doesn’t crash the system and hides itself well.

            This is just about sewage. Of course any other types of vulnerable systems are very diligently maintained, nothing could ever go wrong, and everything has been revised as needed…….

            It is also highly shortsighted to assume that a very complex piece of software that has had several known versions doesn’t already have or doesn’t also exist in yet another version having slightly different capabilities that some technical journalist didn’t allow for. It’s not as if those writers knew the code.

            If there is anything that software is, its flexible.



      • xdrfox


        Prior to the Gulf some experiments to dispose of oil took place, also there are possibilities that virus enginering was used there also !!

        Australia: Corexit EC9500 and Corexit EC9527A Used, Activists Claim 8 Deaths, Fish Kills Linked to the Dispersant’s !,_Activists_Claim_8_Deaths,_Fish_Kills_Linked_to_the_Dispersants.html

    • Anthony

      Sharks are hypersensitive to their environment and sensation. The oceans are utterly poisoned and I think the animals funerals is about to hit a crescendo from the Japan crisis. I keep seeing it will be like a tsunami of death we will see. I bet even now if someone filmed the bottom of the Pacific you`d see the death I am talking about.

  • mark V

    This is probably not at once.

    I another news, Tepco takes new turn in an attempt to help nuclear energy, that fights for survival. Now the worker is guilty for the whole mess.

    Personally, I find it harder and harder to be sorry for the japanese people. You have created and tolerated your Great CEOs, why should I so much care for them doing to you, you know…Mad leaders commit suicide in the end, their nations suffer the consequences and carry guilt through decades. Germans still have very serious psychological problems when they need to talk about WW2.

    • U235P239

      The same could be said for the people of America. As of 16th May, the debt ceiling was reached, meaning the credit card is now maxed out.
      The globalists are now stealing the last remaining assets in broad daylight, the pension funds.
      Over the last two decades, 27 trillion dollars have been stolen and moved to offshore banks. It is expected around July/August the economy will collapse, leading to hyperinflation and a depression that made the one in the 1930’s look like a picnic.
      If you want to know the effects of all this and what to expect in your neighborhood, Greece is a perfect example. Greece is the latest victim of the globalists agenda.
      America has been robbed in broad daylight, right under the noses of every American citizen, while they were preoccupied with dancing with the stars and the like.
      The biggest heist in recorded history, has gone unnoticed.
      So if you’re wondering why the U.S. government isn’t paying any attention to Fukushima, it’s because the globalists running the country, are busy ripping off the last of your assets.
      It will probably come out shortly after, that Obama is indeed a foreign Muslim citizen and while a rampaging nation is pinning all their problems on a treasonous President, Bernanke and his mates will quietly slip out the back door.
      There is a reason the globalists chose a half breed black man, of questionable citizenship and of questionable faith. Obama has been set up as the sacrificial lamb and the scapegoat from the very start and he has been too damn stupid to realize it.

      • Heart of the Rose Prez is well aware of the situation…as he is the DWH disaster.
        He sold his shares before the disaster.
        He knows.
        The voice of the “will of the the people” did reach the W. the early Spring.
        We sent SWAT teams….then NOTHING..
        He chose…
        He is not dumb or a scapegoat.
        He is a traitor to this country.

        Because he had choices.
        And he chose to deceive the people.

        • Regina

          I’m from Illinois. Obama is a very smooth operator. He’s so magnetic in real life. It’s very hard not to like him, but that’s what makes him so dangerous.

          I read some prophecies online where they say he’s the Anti-Christ, the greatest deceiver of all time, who is ushering in the grand finale!…and we don’t even realize it.

          On many levels, his talent for deceiving us has been supernatural. I couldn’t believe how many forgave him for selling out our country in bailout giveaways, going back on progressive promises to uphold laws against torture & illegal warring, and sitting on his hands while the Gulf of Mexico died in anguish. Those actions were NOT patriotic!!!…
          But, he does it with a smile… 🙁

          • Regina

            I honestly don’t know how anyone truly representing the United States could sit idly by during the systemic destruction of the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding states. Or how they can direct their agencies to ignore nuclear fallout…

          • U235P239

            When you’re a decent human being, it is hard to understand or fathom, how truly evil some people can be.
            Remember though, we’re dealing with sociopaths and psychopaths here.
            They are driven purely by the notions developed in their sick, twisted and diseased minds.
            Serial killers and murderers come in all shapes and sizes.

          • Anthony

            I see it quite the same as you.

          • SteveMT

            What you say is true, and what U235P239 says below is also true. These kind of people are sociopaths. They are sick and pure evil. There is a special place in hell reserved for them.
            Obama goes to Brazil to party while his sycophants announce the beginning of a third undeclared war in Libya. He says that the operation will take only days, and it was just announced today, two months later, that NATO (US) will be there for an additional 3 months.

            These kind of the people lie, like the Japanese government outright lies to its People.

            They are all born of the devil, IMV. They are amoral, and they have lost their humanity. They have no moral compass.

        • U235P239

          Heart of the Rose
          What you are saying is quite true, he is fully aware of what’s going on and chooses to partake in it.
          Consider this scenario which may explain it a little clearer.
          A couple of guys decide they want to rob a bank. They decide they need a third guy to do the job. This third guy is fully aware of what they’re doing, what the plan is etc.
          He willingly participates thinking he’s part of the crew.
          They do the job and all run out to the getaway car, only they slam the door shut and drive off, leaving the third guy on the street to take the rap.

      • kx

        I really hoped bush was the lamb

      • Nathan Bedford Forest

        I think I smell a racist, a person highly skilled at leading lynch mobs to a tree.

        You would be impressive if you studied English grammar … and weren’t a know-it-all.

        Your hysterics are amusing, your manners atrocious.

        Were you paid to disgrace this site? Or did you think it up all by yourself?

        • However, there is much truth in what he says. To batten on to one phrase out of the whole speaks volumes about you 😉

          Straw Man, anyone?

          Or perhaps Manchurian Candidate would be more appropriate in O’Bummer’s case? Anyone who can defend his CONSCIENCELESS concern about TEPCo shares at a time when millions are under death sentence due to that Company’s “fiscal policy” has much to learn about compassion.

        • U235P239

          It is a well known fact, that the Globalists are very much into eugenics. They are master race freaks. They use people like Obama, to clean their shoes and tend to their gardens.
          Taking that into account, does it not arouse suspicion their choice of figureheads at the time of a nations collapse ?
          English grammar is studied by pompous twats, who quite frankly, aren’t intelligent enough to avail themselves with anything worthwhile.

        • JWS


      • ZombiePlanet

        U235P239 that about sums it up!

    • Deetu 3

      Mark V- “Personally, I find it harder and harder to be sorry for the japanese people”. It doesn’t take MUCH thought to see that the “Japanese people” probably had as much say in this as you or I. A better target for our anger would be the good people at GE and the wider military industrial complex,the spin doctors in high places,from puppet “leaders” in government to the industry mouthpieces to the compliant whores in media and the popular “culture” who have all engineered/facilitated the situation we are in.Blaming the victim is to add insult to injury.By the same logic you and I should be executed for war crimes having allowed OUR leaders to cause the deaths/ injury on an estimated 1million people in Iraq.Thats just one item on a very long list.The west has many more reactors than Japan-did we get a say in that?
      Having spent some time in Japan I can relate that they are a wonderful people,hospitable, sociable warm and…human.
      Have a look at this and decide if they deserve anger and blame:

      • mark V

        Thanks Deetu, I am back in control with my feelings, and I am sorry to possibly insult ordinary people.

        That said, I had honor to come through one of those revolutions, that finished the USSR, and believe me I was not one in the last lines. What inspired us, was more and more foreign media availble. Maybe some inspiration could also be just as useful for the nice people of Japan?

        • Deetu 3

’s a rollercoaster ride these days,inside and out! better to let it out..I’m sure they are as much afraid and concerned over there as anybody..More truth can only be a good thing.

      • Ashen

        Very well said Deetu! You have a way with words, a “gift” of making your point with specificity and explanation without coming across as arrogant or rude. Since you’re one of the “good ones” – Have you considered running for a political office or seat? It’s something to consider anyway. I very much agree with your views! Every time you share your thoughts it’s a reminder that there are still compassionate people who are filled with understanding and empathy in this increasingly evil world. Thanks my friend!

        • Deetu 3

          Well thanks very much for the boost Ashen,I enjoy reading your insights as well.Not everyone would agree with you though.. LOL.
          On the other points unfortunately it’s prolly too late on all counts. -Be well.

    • Anthony

      That`s the emotional razor I think I am on too. Makes me teeter between feeling overly judgmental and deeply understanding how painful the experience has to be for anyone, which makes my love flow with caring for them. But I am mostly pissed no one there seems HALF as pissed as most of the people on this blog are – for all the right reasons. I can respect people like that, even if I don`t necessarily agree with everything between us.

      Where is the Japanese Norma Rae anyways?

    • Now nuclear requires infallibility. Nuclear can never be made safe.
      To adopt such tecnology is a crime against all life for all time.

  • On Mark V’s remark above:This is the central problem of nuclear which gives out radionuclides infinitely more than normal and last forever in their extreme dangers to all life. No government lasts forever-the USSR vanished and the USSRians who created Chernobyl. The discipline that should accompany such techs is that none should be infallible even in the government. They erred grieviously by maintaining secrecy on things which last forever and their effects. And if you cannot forsee the devastation of the earth with accumulating ageing non reproducing nuclears in ways which Mother Earth made infinite, you dare not exercise the option- the alternative is suicide and murders! Now we are hurtling towards the effects of genpatsu shinsai-chernobyl syndrome’s effects which last forever. The infinite Hitler must be exterminated now in the dim hope of truth prevailing henceforth.

  • See I am fallible! The infallibility must be replaced! Thus nukes are duds

  • We’re as sick as our secrets!

    Thanks EVER so much U235P239!!! Finally, a missing link! That Obama doesn’t know he’s being played,…was the missing piece for me! That makes the picture make MUCH MORE SENSE for me, and I thank you very much!

    • Cassie

      I think Obama realized pretty quickly after taking office that he really had very little control over much of anything. Certainly not over the military industrial complex, CIA, foggy bottom, Wall Street, the Fed, etc. Or the congress, Dems included who are as corrupt as the rest of them for the most part. And with any problem he faced two solutions, bad and worse. That is why he is always making deals with the devil.

      Despite it all, he somehow manages to keep his head above water and survive. He is not to be underestimated.

      • Anthony

        I totally agree with your points on him Cassie, but I can`t, as an animal lover, get past his SILENCE and potential involvement, direct or not, in the simple existence of this page of links. Look at the dates. When I do that, I am PERMANENTLY opposed against the fantasy that Obama cares even in the most basic way for what is important in life. It puts me away from agreeing Obama has promise anymore. Neither does Harper.

    • radegan

      If Jerry Brown ramped up California radiation testing in spite of the Feds and discovered conditions were as bad as this site suspects, or even half that – Brown could take the nomination from Obama. Obama is in a trap – if he consents to hide the radiation levels and ANYONE exposes them, he’s toast. And ANYONE who blows the whistle is Lincoln.

  • xdrfox

    ‘‘ many victims have continued to live in damaged homes where hygienic conditions are poor.’‘

    Article says many were not in shelters !

    • Heart of the Rose

      @xdrfox..No one is going to hear about the conditions of and how the evacuations in the rural areas of the GOM is going.
      Terrabone Parish recently purchased 50 stun guns.
      I wonder if they are in use at this time.

  • “The U.S. State Department said Monday it is safe for citizens to travel through its suggested 80 kilometer evacuation zone near the crippled nuclear plant in northeastern Japan by rail or car, respectively, on the Tohoku Shinkansen and the Tohoku Expressway. But the U.S. government held unchanged its advice for its citizens to evacuate from the zone around the Fukushima Daiichi plant, saying the situation at the troubled nuclear plant “remains serious and dynamic.” (Kyodo )

  • Here’s what I’ve never understood,….about Obama,…and I still don’t. Why was/is he so willing to let all his administration run such HUGE areas of politics, issues,..etc? I mean, there is one thing we can’t accuse Obama of,…being a controller. He’s content to let things ‘flail around’, loose ends, mis-speaks by Joey B, and the guy who said “Muslim Brotherhood was secular-and therefore not a threat”, etc,…etc,…etc,…
    So, the theory that he is strictly a puppet, makes perfect sense for me.

  • I find it hard to believe that “stress and poor hygienic conditions” were the cause. Not even the poor evacuees of Hurricane Katrina living in absolute squalor were “rushed” to the hospital for stress and hygiene. This story smells worse than the rotting radioactive fish washing ashore in California.

    Let’s be honest – those poor people have acute radiation sickness and needed immediate treatment. That is the real reason they were rushed to the hospital. I’ve held from day one that the evacuation zone should be at least 100km and if radiation levels stabilized or declined to safe levels, then and only then should the evac zone be reduced in size. They did it the other way around, risking human lives for the sake of “panic” and their God – money. How many new factories are within a 80km radius of Fukushima? Find the answer and you’ll know why that evac zone was so small despite the threat.

    • Science vs Guesswork

      Fukushima is a danger and a tragedy, no doubt.

      But guesswork isn’t science, and you are saying 100% of the people treated at hospitals were sick from radiation.
      Prove it. Cite sources. And get your facts straight, please … or is your opinion mightier than the facts?

      As a result of Hurricane Katrina,
      about 2018 people were injured and 4169 suffered from various diseases. Only 1,800 died.

      By September 18, the 82nd Airbourne Division medical personnel had treated 1,352 people and given 2,047 immunizations (and that is just in New Orleans, with most of the citizens absent!!), according to unit documents – while numerous others were treated at hospitals.

      25,000 people died in Japan from the tidal wave. If comparison with Katrina is valid, then about 75,000 people should have been injured or diseased by the tidal wave.

      Fukushima irradiated everyone in the world, but Fukushima harmed Japanese the most. That is a bad thing. Yes, the evacuation zones should have been larger much sooner. But I dare you to prove your opinion is accurate.

      Or do you think your opinions constitute facts that need no proof?

      Your anger is understandable, but guesswork isn’t science.

  • J. jackson

    The term “no IMMEDIATE health risks”has been used for a reason and is the spin given to this event. Translates to YOU WILL NOT GET SICK OR DIE RIGHT NOW. Well that can apply to most everything we think of as risks to our health like smoking, over eating, drinking too much alcohol, etc.

  • still shining

    I love all you guys, my kindred spirit family over the past 6 weeks. A lot of times I feel I need a hand to hold as I feel like weeping, and through my computer screen you have been that.
    Thanks dear xdr and all who run this site, and all you smart and funny people who contribute daily.
    God bless.

  • SteveMT

    NHK World says shelters for these evacuees will be ready in August. What do they do in the meantime? Why haven’t they been getting the-best-of-the-best care with what they have gone through? Why are they still anywhere near Fukushima?

    “Under the planned timeline, 15,200 temporary housing units will be secured by mid August for people evacuating areas near the nuclear plant.”

    “The government promised to monitor residents’ health even after the nuclear disaster is resolved.” [Indeed!]

  • simple jack

    now,iam become death ,the destroyer of worlds

  • Dbug

    “NHK World says shelters for these evacuees will be ready in August. What do they do in the meantime? Why haven’t they been getting the-best-of-the-best care with what they have gone through? Why are they still anywhere near Fukushima?”

    The scope of what they’re dealing with is soooo massive. There were over 250,000 people in shelters. It is a daunting task. Besides the complexities of agreeing on what to do and funding it, there has to be land to build on.
    And they’re not “simply” facing rebuilding someplace where there was rubble, they’ve got to take into account the possibility of a similar huge tsunami again. Japan is probably one of the best prepared countries in the world. They’ve been through a number of other earthquaakes and tsunami too. But this far exceeded what they planned on. It wasn’t just Tepco that wasn’t prepared for something so severe. Deals have to be made to procure suitable land which is in short supply, choices have to be made as to who stays in one area or moves as a group to another. Infrastructure has to be built. I was amazed how fast they got their high speed rail system up and going again. The U.S. hasn’t even got one. One of the areas hard hit had a huge tsunami wall that took them thirty years to build.
    Some of the areas in the U.S. have had predicted disaster, yet no similar attempt was made to protect them. Who is not dedicating resources?

    Maybe you’ve got a short memory. It wasn’t that long ago the president George Bush was off playing golf after it had been hurricane Katrina had been predicted to hit where it later did. Compare the negligence and needless death from Karina. Look at how few people have new housing even now. If you study Japan some, you’ll see just how much they did following a previous tsunami.

    They’ve actually got an earthquake warning system that goes off BEFORE the quake hits. It’s not a long advance warning, but it really helps. They’ve never had anyone killed on their high speed trains. The trains get signals to stop before the quake hits, so they’ve never derailed. Many other places including the U.S. have done far less to prepare for and respond to earthquake and tsunami.

    You have a lot of nerve calling Japans’ response inadequate.

    Also, most of the shelters are far from Fukushima, and although Fukushima prefect is the name of the region where the plant is, it is NOT in Fukushima city which is still there and operating. (it is more to the west, the higher exposure extended the greatest distance in the northwest direction, about 25 miles… the tsunami affected coastline is far far longer than 25 miles. The Tsunami was a widespread disaster. The plant was by the southern edge of it.

    There is no reason to doubt that the government will track the heath of people. They’re still tracking Hiroshima survivors. Perhaps you’re thinking of the U.S. healthcare system?

    • U235P239

      What a load of shit. You’re the one with the nerve coming on here with your propaganda bullshit.
      The fact is Tepco knew what was going on even before the tsunami hit.
      The earthquake exceeded the design limits of the reactors by a factor of 15 times. The whole place had the shit rattled out of it and they scampered like rabbits because the damage was immediately evident.
      On the night of the 6.9 aftershock, Tepco reported that the plant had not suffered any further damage and that all SEVEN workers at the complex were safe.
      Ever wondered why in all the satellite and drone photos there’s no one there ? That’s because no one has been there !!!
      It’s been a clusterfuck of epic proportions since the very beginning. Tepco knew it and the Japanese government knew it.
      The Russians managed to evacuate 50,000 people in 3 hours on 2000 buses from Pripyat.
      What did the Japanese government do ? Nothing.
      What is the Japanese government doing now ?
      They’re sending children to school in areas of high radioactivity. They’re telling people to eat radioactive vegetables, grown in Fukushima to support the farmers. They’re dumping thousands of tons of radioactive waste into the Pacific ocean.
      The residents of the area should have been immediately evacuated, as a matter of national
      priority. They did nothing, they did shit.
      I’m really sure that having the government track the health conditions of the thousands of people dying of cancer in the years to come, will make them feel so much better.
      Take your propaganda, take your bullshit and fuck off.

  • hawkeye

    you know its bad when the nuke shills
    are blogging heavy

  • hawkeye

    to bad they cant debug the melted piles

  • Ashen

    “We’re gonna need a bigger boat…” – Chief Brody to Quint in “JAWS”

  • Jack

    From the most cheery, smiley, heartfelt huggy-wuggy zone, to the
    harsh, unforgiving Mother-Nature Vibe…
    There must now be some population-management TRIAGE underway.
    It Must be so.
    Lots of the elder generation had money, savings, access to higher
    quality medical care? Now WHO is doing the deciding?, the resource
    allocation? Are they favoring past-their-useful-lives Elders for care?
    Are they putting major efforts toward rad-protection of the youngest?
    It is pretty clear that there must be some population management,
    not just moving cattle around, but assessment of just what kind of
    future society will result from today’s decisions?

  • Cuica

    Obama doesn’t need to “be exposed” we hear his silence every day…60 days plus of silence…that’s all the proof I need…oh well I forgot, he did open his mouth about preserving the TEPCO stocks…even worse. I think this is worse than what Bush would have done.

  • I have to agree with you Cuica,…I’m thinking what Bush would PROBABLY have done,….and you’re right,….he’d at least have been more ‘There’.

  • DBug is incorrect–California WILL suffer ‘deaths’ from this F-up! I already have ‘skin eruptions’ from these buggers trying to escape out of ANY ‘elimination channels’! And, my dog had internal emitters that caused ‘bleeders’ in her intestinal track and etc. She had the same skin eruptions. in similar places–tips of ears, Yes, even in humans, nasal passages, as well as in her mouth, throat, and God knows where all else.
    I am 14 months past a cancer death sentence–so don’t tell me Cali. won’t be in this game–turd! 🙂 Like my immune system can stand up to THIS! Remember Sir-words can be LETHAL.

    • Dbug

      Jill, As those who read my earlier links showing the changes and rate of change in thyroid and breast cancers in California and my hypothesis on the implications should know, I’m not one to dismiss any legitimate science.

      There’s a lot of BS here (even nonsense about the president that Fox network finally gave up on), but I’m going to assume that what you’ve related may be credible, the symptoms at least, and strongly encourage you to get credible lab tests confirming the cause and to see what might help you.

      You’ve expressed strong feelings what it is, but it isn’t clear what if anything has been done to confirm that. A local health department might help you if you have no medical coverage. If you can’t afford tests, but if it is what you say, you and your dog giving off counter readings might be enough to get a local broadcast station to foot the lab bill and call attention to the issue to bring about more monitoring, testing or whatever is appropriate.

      With an open mind – good luck Dbug

      For those who didn’t see it before, here’s the report showing significant thyroid and breast cancer rate changes that have happened in recent times up through the report date. No cause is listed. The same thing was in reports for other regions I looked at. I questioned if it might be long delayed after affects from low-dose Iodine 131 exposure during the period of the Chernobyl incident. Obviously exposure from this possible cause here was far less than in Europe.

      Note that extreme levels of anxiety or fear can cause physical illness or PTSD.
      All would be well advised to take some breaks from stressful news/events, watch some comedy, be with friends and pets, take a walk in natural setting (when it feels safe, maybe avoid rain), enjoy calming music…

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    Well sure,I guess. Being up to your neck in “Hot” shit can’t be that hygienic…