Neurobiologist: Could Fukushima produce bacteria resistant to antibiotics? — Radiation a sure way to stimulate mutations

Published: January 9th, 2012 at 12:44 pm ET


Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria From the Fukushima Nuclear Accident?, Neurobiologist Dr. Douglas Fields, Jan. 9, 2011:

Bacteria are notorious for developing resistance to antibiotics through rapid mutation and natural selection. Radiation is a sure way to stimulate mutations. Could the radiation that will be contaminating the environment surrounding the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant for hundreds of years produce bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics?

The Study

Researchers, Shigeyuki Nakanishi and colleagues reporting in the February 1, 2012 issue of the journal Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety have performed experiments to find out. […]

Although the highly contaminated vicinity surrounding the plant has been evacuated, nothing can stop wildlife, such as birds, from entering the restricted area, and the potential harmful effects from irradiating unseen bacteria in the contamination zone have escaped notice until now.

Shigeyuki Nakanishi and colleagues examined the potential effect of gamma radiation equivalent to levels in the environment surrounding the Fukushima plant to determine if doses equivalent to exposure for 1, 10, and 100 years could alter antibiotic resistance of several types of bacteria.

Results from One-Time Exposure of Radiation

The results showed that none of these doses of gamma radiation increased resistance to 14 different antibiotics. In fact, two bacteria, E. coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, became slightly more susceptible to antibiotics after gamma ray exposure.

The researchers conclude that there is no evidence to support concern that the Fukushima disaster may have bred antibiotic resistant bacteria. But, the scientists point out in their article; they were forced to treat the bacteria with a one-time exposure of radiation. How bacteria might respond to the actual situation of sub-lethal exposure to radiation surrounding the power plant for years on end is not known. Time will tell.

R. Douglas Fields, Ph. D. is the Chief of the Nervous System Development and Plasticity Section at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Most recently, he is the author of The Other Brain.

Published: January 9th, 2012 at 12:44 pm ET


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53 comments to Neurobiologist: Could Fukushima produce bacteria resistant to antibiotics? — Radiation a sure way to stimulate mutations

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    So far we succeded in creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria (MRSA etc.) just by excessive use of antibiotics alone.
    Good question though.

  • Stephengn

    “Neurobiologist: Could Fukushima produce bacteria resistant to antibiotics? — Radiation a sure way to stimulate mutations”

    Highly doubtful. It wmight result in mr radiation resistant bateria. This was high dose bursts of radiation

    I’m surprised at this headline by enenews.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      “Highly doubtful”. Would you please provide a citation for that opinion?

      • Stephengn

        It’s illogical. Why would a bateria exposed to radiation react to such exposure by becoming more resistant to an antibiotic?

        Indeed an exposure to radiation should weaken the bacteria and make it more susceptible to the antibiotic and this is in fact what the study found.

        The argument that radiation would somehow endow the bacteria with resistance to a seperate stressor is the same kind of argument comic books use for how super heros gained their super powers

        • Gotham

          Worst Case?

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          The argument was never “that radiation would somehow endow the bacteria with resistance”. The argument is that exposure to radiation could cause the bacteria to mutate.

          From that premise, the next step in the reasoning is: mutations are changes – in any imaginable direction, one of which could be in the direction of increased resistance to antibiotics.

          The argument is perfectly valid. Whether that particular mutation is likely is another matter. I actually share your skepticism on that point.

          However, I suggest that even unlikely outcomes that have devastating effects are best avoided. A nuclear plant meltdown is an unlikely outcome, according to industry champions, but we are now discovering the extent of its effects. The chance of a bacterial mutation leading to antibiotic resistance is also probably very small, but the consequences of such an unlikely event, should it happen, would be huge. People generally over-emphasize the weight of low-probability events and underestimate their consequences.

          Forgive the irritating label of the link below – it’s from a crusty guy who has grown tired of making this point too often. It’s worth reading though:

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            Poignant analogy-metaphor:

            …we can easily trigger Black Swans thanks to aggressive ignorance—like a child playing with a chemistry kit.

            Just as children should not play with chemistry sets, immature, irresponsible adults, driven by hubris, should not play with the power of the stars. The results are not random, not stochastic.

            • aigeezer aigeezer

              Yup. I forgot to mention – that author (Taleb) made his fortune betting against the financial industry’s hubris and he predicted the recent financial industry meltdown in much the same way that many of us predict disaster for the nuclear industry.

              The main issue – underestimating the severity of consequences of admittedly rare events.

              To make things worse for nuke-world outcomes, Arnie’s math suggests that the likelihood of a disaster is much greater than the industry would have us believe.

              In the financial realm one can get rich betting against foolish people. In nuke-world, foolish people can take everyone and everything down with them.

          • Anthony Anthony

            I intepret this subject like you do.

        • HamburgGeiger

          Stephengn, radiation triggers mutations, and bacteria are especially prone to that because of their fast proliferation/reproduction. We here on enenews feared this combination already in summer. It even gets worse because of the weakening of immune systems that radiation does to animals and people.

        • Pensacola Tiger Pensacola Tiger

          Stephengn, thanks for injecting a bit of logic into the discussion.

          • aigeezer aigeezer

            Stephengn did not inject logic into the discussion. On the contrary, he used the classic “straw man” tactic of mis-stating his adversary’s position (he distorted it into “would somehow endow the bacteria with resistance”), then attacking the mis-stated position.

            That tactic is not considered acceptable as a process in logic.

            “logic” is a set of processes with well-defined rules and attributes. Break the rules and we break the path of the logic, regardless of whether we like or don’t like the outcomes, and regardless of whether we label our opinions “logical”.

            Stephengn’s opinion on bacteria may or may not be correct, but the reasoning he offered is flawed – for details see other posts at 3:36 and 3:40.

            A beginner’s guide to some of the most common abuses of logic is here:

            For fun, see how many you can find perpetrated in any forum thread (here or elsewhere), any advertisement, any statement by a politician, and, not least, any nuke-shill website.

            If you like this kind of topic, a meatier, more sophisticated version is here:

            • Pensacola Tiger Pensacola Tiger

              Perhaps I should have said common sense.

            • Stephengn

              I have not seen the study, and will admit that i may have unintentionally misrepresentedI would imagine what the authors are trying to investigate. After further reading, here’s what I think they were trying to investigate:

              In a high stress environment (the antibiotic) are beneficial adaptive mutations more likely when the secondary stressor (higher radiation) is added

              This is a much better question than I originally thought, but it would still seem implausible

              As I said, it was not my intention to misrepresent what these guys were doing

  • Stephengn

    Fukushima diary is down

  • Spectrometising

    Good work!!….This is very exciting research that could lead to radiation resistant nuclear plant workers.

  • arclight arclight

    taliking about resistant bacteria, i offer you this redacted version but otherwise untouched, interview with the big man himself!! the mastermind behind the “like ceasium in your food ADK backed advert! tourism, buisness and the internet.. think telecommunications to!! like mobile phones (thanks for that)

    any way… bacteria!!

    Emphasis added! But nothing else! Enjoy! Oh yeah!!
    Ogilvy & Mather Japan
    By Chris Betros
    Executive Impact Jan. 09, 2012
    Overseeing operations in Japan is Kent Wertime. here’s what he had to say!!
    How did you respond to the events of March 11?
    “……….. So it varied by client. Some were directly impacted by the disaster ……….. in other cases, their business went up. ……….. We had to be in tune with our clients’ needs and help them in different ways.”
    What are Ogilvy & Mather’s strengths?
    …………. they give you neutral advice. We’re like that. We focus purely on the business issue – strategy. ………..or try a new PR campaign and rethink their product placement.”
    “Another strong point is that we are one of the leading global networks and by far the largest advertising agency in Asia. …………. They want advice here in Japan to craft a strategy that will be workable in foreign markets.”
    What is your core philosophy?
    “It has been the same since our founder David Ogilvy started the company – we sell or else………. ……. in some cases, it is about “reframing” of an issue……….. that’s the reason people come to us.”

    • arclight arclight

      What are some unique characteristics of the Japanese market in your business?

      “…………. One is that Japan is truly unique and the other is that Japan is unique in thinking that it is unique when it is not. I think Japan does have many deep cultural issues…..”

      How about the use of celebrities in ads in Japan?
      Celebrities are used! ……… It’s much more about if the star creates recognition and the right type of implications for the product that make it believable………..”

      How has the media landscape for ads changed?
      “……… But the Internet has gone up by 20 percentage points. …….. Marketers follow a very simple approach. They go where the people go………… That hasn’t changed and never will.”

      How would you describe your management style?
      “………… I tend to be hands on with senior clients. There is a lot of work that goes on for a client and you need to be there at guiding times. “

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    What they are testing bacteria on will show that life itself simply begins to die when it comes in contact with radiation. Bacteria eventually will begin to adapt. I doubt that it will make the bacteria cells any stronger because radiation usually weakens a cells ability to replicate.

  • arclight arclight

    i think experience has told us that the immune system suffers before the mutations begin.. bacterium doesnt have to become stronger it just has to be… that has proven devastating enough!

    “While the fallout was concentrated mainly in the three Soviet republics of Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia, the reluctance of the Soviet authorities to recognize the true extent of the contamination of farmland resulted in the shipment of contaminated food and grain to all the former Soviet republics, thus spreading radiation illness.

    Chernousenko reported that public health surveys in which he participated revealed that there is hardly a child in Belarus, which was hardest hit, who is not suffering from some immune deficiency disease, either cardiovascular, lymphoid or oncological. Most of these children are unable to attend a full day in school.

    A 1989 public health survey reported that every second adult in the three biggest provinces of Ukraine was ill.

    In Ukraine and Belarus, the incidence of the immune deficiency diseases has doubled or tripled since 1985 and is now spreading to all other areas that have been consuming radioactive food. This disturbing statistic was confirmed by the World Health Organization in a letter published in Nature magazine. The letter reported the incidence of thyroid cancer cases among children in Belarus rose from two in 1986 to 55 in 1991; similar extraordinary increases in children’s thyroid cancer were reported in Gdansk, Poland.

    A study by Gould, a former member of the EPA’s Science Advisory Board, and Dr. Ernest Sternglass, published by the American Chemical Society in January 1989, charged that the effects of the Chernobyl accident were even apparent in the small but statistically significant excess mortality in the U.S. in May 1986. The disturbing results, which were not widely publicized, have yet to be challenged.”

  • arclight arclight

    Sunlight-Exposed Biofilm Microbial Communities Are Naturally Resistant to Chernobyl Ionizing-Radiation Levels


    Our results show that biofilm microbial communities in the most irradiated samples are comparable to non-irradiated samples in terms of general diversity patterns, despite increased mutation levels at the single-OTU level. Therefore, biofilm communities growing in sunlight exposed substrates are capable of coping with increased mutation rates and appear pre-adapted to levels of ionizing radiation in Chernobyl due to their natural adaptation to periodical desiccation and ambient UV radiation.

    “When a radiation release occurs, we do not know in advance the part of the biosphere it will contaminate, the animals, plants and people that will be affected, nor the amount or duration of harm. In many cases, damage is random, depending upon the health, age and status of development and the amount, kind and variety of radioactive contamination that reaches humans, animals and plants. For this reason, international support of research on the consequences of Chernobyl must continue in order to mitigate the ongoing and increasing damage. Access to information must be transparent and open to all, across all borders. The WHO must assume independent responsibility in support of international health.

    Given the continuing and known problems caused by the Chernobyl catastrophe, we must ask ourselves: Before we commit ourselves to economic and technological support of nuclear energy, who, what and where are we willing to sacrifice and for how long?”

    “De Minimis”—Beyond Radiation:
    “….sources could kill up to one tenth of the population. And no one would ever be able to prove it.”

  • arclight arclight

    taliking of bacterium

    Monday, January 9, 2012
    Noda Administration to Restrict Freedom of Assembly in “National Emergency” from Influenza

    another triumph for ogilvy and maher!!

    “The Japanese government has decided to enact a special measures law in preparation for a new influenza epidemic with high toxicity and infectivity.”

    “The main point of the new law will be the enforcement power given to the national government in an epidemic of a new virulent influenza. If the government declares “a state of emergency”, the government can implement the voluntary ban on leaving home and order the cancellation of assembly. Under the new law, the government will define the preventive measures against the spread of infection and the social disorder as “national crisis management”. It will be a new effort under the legal framework for the state of emergency. The government will submit the special measures law in the ordinary session of the Diet, and plans to win approval.”

    Fast and furious. Preemptive strike of some sort, using an influenza epidemic/pandemic threat. (You can call me paranoid.)

    think i am getting a bit paranoid here maybe too??

    • arclight arclight

      Radiation a sure way to stimulate dictatorship!!

      bacteria my arse!! disinfo?

      these guys should be studying the human population first? whats with that? is it just a “buy or sell” situation??


      • arclight arclight

        you dont think admin is one of ……them??? (refering to noda evidence headline above!!)

        mein fuhrer mein noda!

        he has a very unflattering name for a dictator! maybe a name change to….off the top of my head…..Kent Wertime.. biggest corporate facist i know of in japan and the name suits… see what i mean?? wonder what old Kent Wertime thinks about this then? sorry typo.. i wonder how kent thought this up!! clever solution to infoleaks! better than gaffa tape!! keep then not so different even if they think so japanese “consomonsters” in line!!

        HES THE MAN!!

    • Fall out man!

      Hi Arclight, agreed about needing to study the people’s health first. It won’t be a new super influenza that emerges, it will be a new weakened Japanese public more susceptible to any disease. But epidemics might raise difficult questions!

      Because radiation damages the genome it makes all species weaker. It will damage bacteria and viruses as well. Over in Belarus and the Ukraine we have seen from many articles and links in comments on this site that the immune systems of people living there continue to be compromised by the effects of radiation. Some people have wounds that will not heal, coughs that will not depart. New terms have been invented for new diseases. Chernobyl heart, Chernobyl lung, Chernobyl gut and so on.

      Cracking down on public gatherings to stop the spread of disease is necessary when the population has seriously compromised health. That is what the Japanese must face now. As an added bonus it might help control the populace as well. But they look very well controlled already to me.

      As stated before, most individual mutations produce no apparent change and so accumulate as they cannot be selected upon by natural selection. The genetic damage done is cumulative and permanent. When you realize that, and the fact that nuclear power plants have emissions that damage the populations around them in normal operation, its clear Nuke plants have to go. They are hastening the extinction of all life on earth.

      The inventor of the Gene gun wrote this book about genetic decay.

      Short article describing irreversible continuous genetic entropy. Life started out complex and is as Genesis says “in the bondage of decay”. Without intervention, all life will die out due to genetic decay.

      • arclight arclight

        “it will be a new weakened Japanese public more susceptible to any disease. But epidemics might raise difficult questions!”

        yes ! the need for evacuation and associated costs to industry and corporate well being is the main reason for this i believe.. last throw of the dice…
        noda is banning meetings and we shall see just how compliant the japanese people are!!

        the japanese corporations etc are worried about a “japan spring” happening now as opposed to a japanese spring just happening in a few months.. if you get my drift??

        cards are held close to the chest… game commences

        no nukes

  • arclight arclight


    keep the not so different, even if they think so japanese “consumonsters” in line!!

    hes well edumacated !! i will give him that!

    likes ski-ing
    ever been attacked by a norwegian lemmus lemmus in the mountains of norway? well you have now!! 🙂 hade!! snakaste!

    • arclight arclight

      bit more on WPP CORPORATION here..

      connections between ADK, OGILVY AND THE PARENT COMPANY, WPP!


      November 8, 2011 at 10:27 pm
      Hi arclight,

      This event will be held by Hibiya Marche committee, it seems it is just to made to organize this event, could be temporary office supported by ad agent. Special support is by FOOD ACTION NIPPON Propulsion office locates inside Shiodome Caretta bldg., there is no floor number which is strange for this office in such a huge building, ahhhhh, true name for this building is Dentsu Headquarter bldg! Dentsu is a big ad agent.

      MY REPLY

      dentsu belong to these people (part owned)
      WPP (knew they would rear their heads at some point!!
      Dentsu, Y&R

      “Ownership:Joint VentureCategories:Advertising; Corporate/B2B;
      Direct, digital, promotion & relationship marketing;
      Employer branding/recruitment;
      Entertainment marketing;
      Event/face to face marketing;
      Media & production services;
      Public relations & public affairs
      Regions:Asia Pacific; North America”

      who own this lot

      ADK (yes the guys who got the propaganda money from the japanese government a couple of months ago, remember project mindshare?)
      “Dentsu, Dentsu Digital Holdings and ASATSU-DK Conclude an Agreement to Establish ADK Digital Communications, Inc “

      err that means DENTSU own ADK and are part owned by WPP who own ADK


    • arclight arclight

      “Burson-Marsteller (B-M) is one of the largest public relations (PR) agencies in the world and also the most reviled due to its mercenary attitude in choosing clients and contracts, and its frequent run ins with activists for environmental and other progressive causes. When helping its industry clients to escape environmental legislation or sprucing up the image of some of the most repressive governments on Earth, B-M brings to bear state of the art techniques in manipulating the mass media, legislators and public opinion.

      In spite of B-M’s claims that the best way to deal with problems is to put one’s own house in order, the usual effect of PR is to maintain the status quo. By manipulating public opinion PR diverts attention away from difficult issues and creates the illusion of change so that a company or government can go about business as usual without having to worry about its reputation. By lobbying government and creating Astroturf campaigns PR helps to maintain a legislative environment on which industry can avoid real change”


      This company

      another WPP company

      “Burson-Marsteller (B-M) is one of the largest public relations (PR) agencies in the world and also the most reviled due to its mercenary attitude in choosing clients and contracts, and its frequent run ins with activists for environmental and other progressive causes. When helping its industry clients to escape environmental legislation or sprucing up the image of some of the most repressive governments on Earth, B-M brings to bear state of the art techniques in manipulating the mass media, legislators and public opinion.


      • arclight arclight

        “…….In spite of B-M’s claims that the best way to deal with problems is to put one’s own house in order, the usual effect of PR is to maintain the status quo. By manipulating public opinion PR diverts attention away from difficult issues and creates the illusion of change so that a company or government can go about business as usual without having to worry about its reputation. By lobbying government and creating Astroturf campaigns PR helps to maintain a legislative environment on which industry can avoid real change”

        • arclight arclight

          oops !! appear to have double posted… maybe a freudian double emphasis moment therre! 🙂
          right im off to see how the corium is getting on!!

          didnt mean it admin!! but you know that any way! just practising “emphasis added” .. like it!! 🙂

    • arclight arclight

      “This company

      made a contract with Resources and Energy Agency for 70,000,000JPY to monitor internet ….connected to WPP JAPAN concerning the new mindshare program
      “Mindshare is a marketing and media network with imagination and technology at our heart. “

      Check out my posts on this thread

      and some top up posts here including a personal plea to max and stacy to rap their intellect and financial acumen around this (and post anonymously if you need to!)

      so what have we so far!

      a connection to the biggest advertising group of PR companies, recieving monies to promote a “happy investing environment” in japan while also investing in oncology…

      the connection to this company WPP and its (dont know how to properly describe the relationship) ADK

      we also might notice DENTSU corp advertising irradiated food before the dose reduction in april! a happy environment indeed!!


      “their business went up!”

      “We focus purely on the business issue – strategy.”

      “we sell or else!”

      “One is that Japan is truly unique and the other is that Japan is unique in thinking that it is unique when it is not. ”


      “Celebrities are used!”

      • arclight arclight

        you will be hearing more about this…

        sorry for being criptic enenewsers will do a post when the time is right!

        (but not you! you m%^$&*^cker! you know who you are! and so will we all soon! 🙂 )

        • Fall out man!

          That is interesting arclight, its cryptic enough that I don’t see who you are angling after. But having read your link to your earlier post about WPP and its subsidiaries it looks like Enenews would do well to focus some attention on the PR angle and PR players trying to cover over this disaster.

          WPP has two PR subsidiaries you list that immediately caught my attention. One was Hill and Knowlton PR. Hill and Knowlton were employed by the Kuwaiti government to run a PR campaign in the USA to convince congress and the US nation to intervene in bailing them out of Saddam Husseins invasion. Congress was reluctant to get involved and the American people in general do not want foreign wars. (despite what the media may tell you) So H&K came up with an artifice of slick lies. They got a woman who turned out to be the daughter of a Kuwaiti diplomat to testify before congress that Iraqi soldiers had thrown Kuwaiti babies out of incubators and shipped the incubators to Iraq. It was bogus testimony like that which got the US govt to narrowly approve Gulf War 1 and enough of the public to swallow it.

          How many American lives have those lying criminals at WPP and H&K taken? Countless lives. They are murderers just as sure as if they were the ones rolling grenades into an officers tent.

          Another of their subsidiaries that you list is Oglivy PR. (Ogilvy and Mather are I assume the same firm). Olgilvy PR was hired by Merck to push the bogus SARS epidemic. The only epidemic where 1/4 of the general population tested positive for the disease and 0% of those allegedly with the disease were positive for it. It turned out that the recommended treatment for SARS (Ribavirin and Steroids) produced the exact same symptoms as the alleged disease! You had Chinese doctors on 50c an hour pumping poor dupes with colds full of Ribavirin and steroids and killing them! …

          • Fall out man!

            Ogilvy PR’s campaign was so successful, that you had poor dupes from Hong Kong and China lining up for treatment when they simply had a cold or flu. Once treated, they really would get sick. After the ‘epidemic’ was over, those who survived the treatment in China and Hong Kong came down with crippling bone diseases due no to “SARS” but rather to chronic steroid overdose. The Chinese and Hong Kong doctors had been instructed to administer huge doses of Ribavirin and Steroids which ensured patient death and continued panic.

            Note that “SARS” cases in the USA didn’t die. In the USA if you overdose a patient on deadly medicine you run the risk of being sued. Its also harder (though not impossible of course) to forcibly medicate people against their will.

            My sister worked for an advertising agency linked to Olgilvy’s at the time of the SARS crisis. One of her work mates in Hong Kong sent through a “news” article he’d written for a local paper that he was very proud of. Basically it was an article promoting absolute panic. I worked fanastically well. People in Taiwan were so panicked that the country ran out of masks! Companies that once were making women’s bras started making rather lacy looking masks instead!!!!

            Anyway, that’s WPP/H&K/Olgilvies. I dread to think how many people they have killed with their lies. Now they are killing more people in Japan.

            Will be very interested to hear who you finger as the shill (just hope its not me 🙂 !!!!)

          • Fall out man!

            Check this link out on how Kuwait bought influence through WPP/Hill and Knowlton to lie to congress to get Gulf War 1 approved in a slick campaign of lies and deception…


            • arclight arclight

              excellent research there fall out man

              notice the headline date for this article is the same date for nodas new law changes..

              and talking of the middle east, no right of assembly?? just as the japanese demonstrations are bulding up and just before nodas two remaining visits to fukushima..?? coincidence??

              noda worried and covrering his little upper class ass!

              (i always seem to get poetic around old noda though, bless!)

  • arclight arclight

    BP Launching National Ad Blitz After Christmas to Tout Gulf Recovery
    WPP’s Ogilvy, Purple Strategies Behind the Campaign
    By: Rupal Parekh Bio
    Follow on Twitter
    E-mail Author
    RSS feed Published: December 23, 2011

    It’s the first spot in a series of ads — which will once again feature BP employees — that will provide updates and run nationally through early 2012. The latest ad was produced by Purple Strategies, which worked in tandem with Ogilvy on the digital ads, and Ogilvy PR in Washington, which is working on a social-media campaign.

    The ad marks BP’s first since late 2010. In the days following the massive oil spill, BP launched its “Voices of BP” campaign, which featured employees promising Americans that the company would restore the Gulf Coast and rectify damage to the environment caused by the oil spill. A subsequent campaign, “Voices of the Gulf,” made local business and community leaders the stars of the ads, promoting tourism along the Gulf Coast.”

    “And that may involve us advising a client that they don’t need TV advertising. Or maybe they should focus on social media or try a new PR campaign and rethink their product placement.”

    “More clients are coming to us to not just help them in Japan but to help them go overseas. They want advice here in Japan to craft a strategy that will be workable in foreign markets.”

    Kent Wertime 2012

    hope admin doesnt see this. he she it will be spitting out bits of broken teeth with his her with its cornlakes, rice crispies or doughnouts!!

    • Jebus Jebus

      It’s worse than that Arc…

      A new study says that:
      Natural processes cleaned up Gulf spill
      January 10, 2012 2:00 AM

      WASHINGTON (NewsCore) — A fortuitous combination of ravenous bacteria, ocean currents and local topography helped to rapidly purge the Gulf of Mexico of much of the oil and gas released in the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010, researchers reported Monday.

      After spewing oil and gas for nearly three months, the BP well was finally capped in mid-July 2010. About 200,000 tons of methane gas and about 4.4 million barrels of petroleum spilled into the ocean.

      Given the enormity of the spill, many scientists predicted that a significant amount of the resulting chemical pollutants would likely persist in the region’s waterways for years.

      According to a new federally funded study published Monday by the National Academy of Sciences, those scientists were wrong.

      By the end of September 2010, the vast underwater plume of methane, plus other gases, had all but disappeared. By the end of October, a significant amount of the underwater offshore oil — a complex substance made from thousands of compounds — had vanished as well….

  • arclight arclight

    AWWW JEBUS!! you know i hate statasticians.. its really hard for me to spell!! 🙂
    from your link

    “There was a lot of doomsday talk,” said microbiologist David Valentine of the University of California at Santa Barbara and co-author of the study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    But it turns out “that the ocean harbors organisms that can handle a certain amount of input” in the form of oil and gas pollutants, he said.

    A year ago, Valentine and other scientists published a paper describing how naturally occurring bacteria had apparently devoured much of the toxic chemicals released in the BP spill. That federally funded study, published in the journal Science, triggered disbelief among other researchers, who questioned whether microbes could gobble up that much gas and oil so quickly.

    Dr. Valentine and his colleagues have now used a computer model to explain just how that scenario might have played out. “The skepticism was certainly one of the contributing factors that spurred us to go and do this ‘new’ study,” he said.”

    and this

    “In January 2011 the White House oil spill commission released its final report on the causes of the oil spill.”

    “They also concluded that the spill was not an isolated incident caused by “rogue industry or government officials”, but that “The root causes are systemic and, absent significant reform in both industry practices and government policies, might well recur…”

    and this old article from Environment
    May 11, 2010

    It’s really a matter of amount, of how much ends up depositing on the sea floor. You’ve got micro-organisms that are capable of consuming components of the oil, but they are finicky. They’re not a magic bullet by any sense, and they act on their own time frame.”

    In the case of the Gulf spill, there’s too much oil, and it’s happened too fast.


    • arclight arclight

      “…Until someone figures out how to harness it, the devastation will continue, Valentine said.

      “The reality is it could certainly go for months or even years.””

      no more press releases until the “its ok” article? must have been lonely in the media “wilderness”

      • arclight arclight

        Norway Christmas Hurricane Washes Huge Amount of Dead Herring Fish Into Norwegian Sea

        “Post Chronicle Update: The thousands of dead fish that washed up on Norway’s coast has disappeared. Authorites believe that the strong Christmas Day hurricane in Norway carried the fish into the norwegian sea.

        Experts said they do not know why 22 tons of dead herring washed up on the western coast of Norway.

        The Norwegian Institute of Marine Research said thousands of herring were found on Kvaenes beach in Nordreisa in late December, and experts with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim said the amount of dead fish is unprecedented, Britain’s The Sun newspaper reported Tuesday.”

        think dr valentine knows why this happened?? hmmm!

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          hey jebus and fallout man!!.. we are nearly back on topic!! 🙂

          admins fingers/claws move further away from the DELETE button! 🙂 🙂

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    BPs Gulf Of Mexico Oil Disaster: Seafood Has Dangerous Radiation
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    May 1, 2011: Stuart Smith / The Stuart Smith Blog via Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog – May 1, 2011

    “Yet despite the barrage of around-the-clock coverage and the army of scientists studying the impacts, one of the stories that hasn’t made headlines is that in addition to the crude and toxic dispersants, the spill also released dangerous amounts of radioactive material into the Gulf.”

  • arclight arclight

    The BP Cover-Up
    BP and the government say the spill is fast disappearing—but dramatic new science reveals that its worst effects may be yet to come.

    —By Julia Whitty
    | September/October 2010 Issue134.

    And no one is ready for it. Not the Minerals Management Service, catering submissively to BP’s laughable Gulf oil-spill “plan,” a document featuring wildly inaccurate wildlife assessments (including walruses and other species nonexistent in the Gulf) and an on-call expert who’s been dead for years.

    Not the scientists whose research is paid for by the oil cowboys. Not the environmental groups, who did not foresee the stupendous potential for cataclysm on oil’s farthest frontier. Not the media, who almost entirely ignored the sneak preview offered last year by the blowout of the West Atlas rig drilling in the Timor Sea off Australia—a disaster that required five attempts at a relief well and 74 days to stanch.

    Far offshore, far from sight, far beyond the typical royalty-paying boundaries, BP and its partners have transformed themselves into modern-day pirates, operating beyond law or conscience.

    Their reckless quest has endangered and perhaps condemned not just the Gulf Coast, but the largest, richest, most pristine, most biologically important, and last completely unprotected ecosystem left on Earth: the deep ocean.”

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    disharmony at the bbc??
    A historic video that exposes the crooked nuclear power industry

    “The film shows that from very early on – as early as 1964 – US government officials knew that there were serious potential dangers with the design of the type of reactor that was used to build the Fukushima Daiichi plant. But that their warnings were repeatedly ignored.

    The film tells the story of the rise of nuclear power in America, Britain and the Soviet Union. It shows how the way the technologies were developed was shaped by the political and business forces of the time. And how that led directly to inherent dangers in the design of the containment of many of the early plants.

    Those early plants in America were the Boiling Water Reactors. And that is the very model that was used to build the reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Three of them were supplied directly by General Electric.

    In 1966 the US government Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards tried to force the industry to redesign their containment structures to make them safer. But the chairman of the committee claims in the film that General Electric in effect refused.”
    You can see the film here…

    thanks for the heads up!!