“New burst of radioactive material” emitted from Fukushima after “bungled” cooling effort

Published: April 14th, 2011 at 3:55 pm ET


Japan Plant Emits More Radiation After Cooling Lapse, National Journal’s Global Security Newswire, April 14, 2011:

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan emitted a new burst of radioactive material this week after a bungled cooling effort apparently affected spent atomic fuel in the site’s No. 4 reactor cooling pond, the Associated Press reported…

Read the report here.

Published: April 14th, 2011 at 3:55 pm ET


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17 comments to “New burst of radioactive material” emitted from Fukushima after “bungled” cooling effort

  • Noah

    Who’s in charge here, Homer Simpson?

    • Mike


      [Alarms blare and red lights flash at Homer’s work station]
      Grimes: Simpson, you’ve got a 5-13.
      [Homer glances at his watch]
      Grimes: No, a 5-13, in your procedures manual? A 5-13?
      [Homer glances at his watch again]
      Grimes: [points] Look at your control panel!
      Homer: Oh, a five thir-teen. I’ll handle it.
      [He calmly walks into his work station, takes a bucket of water and pours it on his console, shorting it out and silencing the alarms]
      Homer: That got it.
      [Grimes looks on in horror]

      • dan

        A good sense of humor is important in times like these

      • Brian O'Neil

        At least he did not leave the ‘bobbing bird’ in charge like he did once. He is improving.
        Letting humans run a nuclear plant is like letting your kid play with a loaded .357. It might be ok??

  • 67Mopar

    It’s actually pointless to keep reporting on this. American’s have an attention span of around 30 days at best.

    I call this: “The American Idol Litmus Test… If “American Idol” is still on air 30 days after any major event – we are good to go!

    In another month – American’s will be right back to combing the internet for Britney Spears “crotch-shots” and celebrity “panty farts”.

  • pakalolopete

    if everyone keeps watching the Simpsons they’re dumbed down enough it won’t matter. Any action they take will be too late. Waiting for a commercial to go get something has you TV drugged. Forget it, you’re toast.
    Any one who isn’t already , ready,lol why not?

  • keith

    I guess I should be asking Arnie Gundersen but does anyone know why the seemingly critical step that was used to clean up Chernobyl was left out (cooling the reacting material with liquid nitrogen and co2) before the boron concrete attempt? Maybe zircaloy is too brittle after the rapid temp change?

    • The people who did that at Chernobyl died.

      Perhaps they wanted to try non-lethal steps…

      I’m not making a judgment on what’s ultimately the best course, just saying…

  • Novamind

    A Bunkerbuster followed by Tomahawk missles in to each reactor-get it over with already! And then cap it! Or they will let this leak out for years. For they know not what to do and will bumble around until they run out of money, health, and people willing to work on them. All the while poisning America and the World!

  • BurnCycle

    Can some developed nation lob a 20MT warhead 5000ft above this cespool of radioactive megadeath already? I know the globies are loving it, but can someone throw humanity a bone here, PLEASE? Only so much zeolite to go around…

    • radegan

      I’m sure the option of vaporizing the cores with nuclear weapons is being discussed. I’d guess half the scientists believe that would end the problem and the other half believe it would end the world. I would never make that choice unless I was certain I could not entomb the mess as it sits, including underneath. If you can’t get a floor under it to insulate the groundwater, what is the point of building anything over it? We need to find a method to fuse the sand under the site into glass, that’ll buy us time.

  • Michelle

    Simply put the reactors are too hot to cover with concrete and Chernobyl was only in service for a few months thus it was not as hot. An expert stated they should deploy the military to attend to clean up and various duties. The experts theory basically, more people to attend to reactors as this would allow them not to acquire massive dosages of radiation? I don’t know exactly how long anyone could be around some of those reactors? A few seconds, minutes, hours before getting sick but it does make sense. Chernobyl had 6000 soldiers alternating duties at the reactor vs 160 or 200 at the most at Fukushima and they are dealing with 4 potential meltdowns.

  • LOL

    Well at least USA gets some radiation for its arrogance calling themselves no.1.Soon we gonna watch all Chinese channels anyways

  • Michelle

    The total for soldiers used in Chernobyl was 600,000 not 6000. They would go in for ten minutes at a time.