New Extended Flyover of Bayou Corne Sinkhole — First since 7,500 square feet of land fell in — More oil sheen than previously observed (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Published: February 16th, 2013 at 11:52 pm ET


Title: 20130215 -Bayou Corne OWOC Flyover #4
Source: On Wings of Care
Date: February 15, 2013

“The old sinkhole she ain’t what she used to be…..”

Credit: On Wings of Care, Brayton

It’s not looking any better, folks. We grabbed the first day of sunshine in weeks around here and flew out to have another look, since the news reported that yesterday another 5000-square-foot chunk had caved in [Note: Officials updated it to 7,500 sq. feet]. We couldn’t tell exactly where that had happened, from the air. But we did see quite a bit more rainbow sheen at the northeast corner of the sinkhole than we have noticed there before. […]

See photos from the flyover here

Published: February 16th, 2013 at 11:52 pm ET


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23 comments to New Extended Flyover of Bayou Corne Sinkhole — First since 7,500 square feet of land fell in — More oil sheen than previously observed (VIDEO & PHOTOS)


    Thank you OWOC! That is just heart breaking to see. TB says no oil or hydrocarbons, and Hecox says there is plenty of oil coming to the surface, and now we can see….Hecox is correct.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    OMG – So sad to see the stinkhole directly connected to the bayous like that, Thank you WINGS OF CARE. Best FLyover yet!! 8 Acres my ass. Try 50 plus. I don't care about the recent rains. That water level is even all up and down those old pipeline roads, the stinkhole and the bayous. This monster is now a permanent part of the bayou system. Pukeing it guts out into the bayou communities and down to the gulf. Southern Louisianna is sinking at an alarming rate. The effort they put into that new service road and drilling rig relief well would have been better served by building up the ground between the stinkhole and the bayous and pumping out enough water from the stinkhole to keep it from connecting to the bayous. Too late now. Bayou Corne actually may be the southern most part of that bayou system you can safely fish or gator hunt from now on. Anything south of bayou corne all the way to the gulf of mexico from now on will have stinky contaminated radioactve stinkhole runnoff in it. The methane situation is a whole other bag of worms to deal with. Not a good combination. I fear the methane problem a bigger threat to the town of Bayou Corne than the sinkhole. SInkhole WILL eat all the saltdome cavern injection wells to the east. Thankfully they have emptied most of the crosstex butane and neighboring fuels. What did they put in its place if anything?


    Over 10 million gallons of brine I am sure, just to hold cavern integrity TM. You see how well the Berm roads are working. Water is so high they either can't complete them, or just will not hold. I am speaking with many of te residents now, and it has made me sick at heart and soul.

    I will write more about it on my blog, but right now, I am just too sick at heart to do so. These are some really good people caught up in a ticking time bomb disaster they didn't even know was there, until it blew…now their lives, hopes, dreams, and livelihoods have been upended and irrevokably altered forever.

    They have a Senate meeting Tuesday, and after that I will seek permission to tell some of their stories. They need to be told, but right now…just have too much on their plates.

    Forgive my depressing reply, but just literally, sick right now…

    • We Not They Finally

      I guess you are from that area, as it seems to be especially personal for you. Sorry for what you are going through.

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    OWOC, Thank you.

    I will repeat my question from another page. Why isn't someone thinking about using a camera on a stayed balloon, Remote vehicle with a camera, or other low cost alternative? The experts are saying that they expect the duration of the event to extend years. You could probably hire cheaper drone flyovers or satellite pictures with better definition than what is getting out.

    Freedom, Good to hear you are in contact with other people from the community. I agree with an earlier conversation I read, until they figure out it is them against the companies, they are stuck. They are being stonewalled in regards to buyouts because they are so divide.

    "You see how well the Berm roads are working. Water is so high they either can't complete them, or just will not hold."

    Could be water level, settling due to the swamp / construction activity or soil properties. I remember how polluted the tree trunks were before they fell in, got burped back up and hauled off as hazardous waste. I have never heard how "hydrocarbon" oil effects sedimentary, clay and shale formations. I can't imagine it increases bearing capacity of soil. I need to look that up. Good work on your blog and again, thanks for putting in your time to help out. I hope you can get permission to share the story of how the mining accident is effecting the community. Even if you left them anonymous, it would be easier to find people willing to help out with their needs if their story is public.

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Good start:

      A paper written by U of Texas but the soil mechanics may still hold true in Louisiana. πŸ™‚

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Study on Silty Clay (CL) soil, also from Texas.

      Title: Behavior of Oil Contaminated CL Soil

      Authors: Ahmed S. Mohammed and C. Vipulanandan Ph.D., P.E.
      Hurricane Center for Innovative Technology

      "Conclusion: Maximum dry density and optimum moisture content decreased with increasing of oil contents. The unconfined compressive strength decreased with an increased oil content. The soil suction also decreased with increased oil content. Addition of 7% oil reduced the LL by 59% and PL by 78%."

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Here is a paper about detecting underground hydrocarbon contamination.

      At the bottom they quote a cost of approximately $500 USD for each 20' log. If a dozen or so neighbors got together . . . This guy could come down and tell you at the end of the day what you have in your yard. I understand that can be a lot of money, for some maybe it is their monthly rent. In the housing business it is the cost of a home inspection or pest treatment.

      Not sure what one of those piano fingerprint analysis's run but that could link the pollution in the residents yards to the cavern collapse.


      @16 Penny. You have a good heart and it shows you care. This whole thing has askewed their perceptions of the outside world, since the likes of Dutch and Idaho Picker are trying to make their bones off of them, and they are the brunt of one conspiracy theory after another on You Tube.

      I can truly understand that. If you actually try to put yourself in their shoes, then enouh stress is already brought to bear, without all the erroneous speculations permeating the web.

      They are very intelligent people, (despite what many of us have been led to believe), and their every waking moment is either in working to find answers, or worrying over loved one's that are either left behind, or refuse to leave. I have spoken to both camps, and they are truly a diverse and wonderful people.

      Contrary to what we have been led to believe, most have internet service and do read what we post here. Some have become jaded, for they see ENE as being too sensationalized in their coverage.

      Irregardless, you are going to come to know some of these people, if not their names and addresses, for I will bring their stories to life, and show beyond a shadow of a doubt… These people matter. They are just like you and me. They get up, go to work, come home, enjoy their families and communities, and raise their children. Many honor their elders, and I applaud them. Mainly, they worry.

      They are you, and they are me, and they are all of us. They deserve to have their stories told….

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        Thank You Freedom, I will start looking into some possibilities for private assistance for anyone trying to relocate. I think the best way to handle that might be to give you any contacts I can drum up and let you connect them with any needs you know about. That way the privacy of the victims of this industrial accident are not subjected to further stress and exposure to unwanted attention. I would be very happy even to help just one family, I think I can find a lot of help though.

        • FREEDOMROX

          No, thank you 16Penny. I will surely ask. They are a very proud and independent folks. I will enquire though.

  • irhologram

    You don't need a balloon on a camera. I think it's Sharper image sells a camera/drone good for overhead plays at football games. $600.

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Ya, my point exactly. I am not informed enough about what is on the market or what has the operating range to meet their needs.I'm just saying there's gotta be a (half dozen) better decision that could be made going forward.

  • jec jec

    What about all those DRONES everyone is talking about deploying around to observe activities…let them look over the Sinkhole and be productive right now. NOONE will complain if they keep a visual on the area and its subsidence…Just Saying

  • jec jec

    Is there a slight sheen on one of the bayous to the west of the main sink hole? Hard to tell in the video..but the one canal going towards the west shows blue color. But hard to determine, does not make any thing change. This is a mess, to say the least. Wish the EPA would do its job and not have the local authorities do the work..and the responses in an emergency. But having said that, guess would like to have a local person respond immediately to a 911 call instead of waiting for a federal response. Feds respond, but probably not in any time line people would like. We were hit by a hurricane, our home had two trees thru the roof, second story to first floor, van squashed, trees had to be cut away from the house to get us out, then no electric or water or outside assist for almost three weeks. Over 89K damage..and we handled it all ourselves. The neighborhood guys got chain saws out and cut everyone out of the trees..we ate meals together, shared one genset..but only government we saw was a daily helicopter ride, a tourist trip, on a set route, circing over our blue tarped homes. So forgive me if I am biased…and I have great sympathy to all in Bayou Corne..


      @jec, you have every right to be biased. I witnessed the response in Homstead, Fl, in 1992. It was a zone of destruction surrounded by Feds that wanted no one to come in and assist, upon threat of being shot on sight.

      Regardless, I got a whole load of water through, by BS'ing my way in. Couldn't get away with it today though.

  • minkxy minkxy

    VIdeo? really ? touchy , feely , sit back and watch . where's a plan to contain it . Not one .

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Pot hole turns into sinkhole in new orleans on a street. Nothing like Fukucorne I mean Bayou Corne.

    • amberlight amberlight

      The ol' Bureaucratic Shuffle. Swing yer partner!

      They can't get a lousy hole in the street fixed without months of finger-pointing and buck-passing and we expect them to do something about Bayou Corne? Hahahahahahaha…

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Miss Rain just posted a fantastic video for those interested in the Bayou Corne Sinkhole. Water at 2 feet down the well? Even though the water level mentioned in inside a drilled well hole casing, something is wrong there. 71 percent methane in the well that is full of water except for the top two feet. Someone with an explanation of that is eagerly awaited. Sorry Miss rain they had to put those eye sores in your nice lawn. Please let us know what that other wellhead cap was for when you find out. Excellent video skills Miss Rain.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Miss Rain strikes again with sad video of the heavy equipment bulldozing the small area left between the stinkhole and the homes. Total destruction of what was once paradise. As always Miss Rain, great video. Keep em comin while you can, we really do feel your pain. You should get some earmuffs while that noise pollution is rocking your neighborhood.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    To the folks at WIngs of care – Thank you for all you do. Please try and get some footege of the bayou that flow south of the sinkhole when you do your flyovers. Two flights ago you showed an oil sheen on Grand Bayou. We need to know if there are more sheens on the bayous. These waters eventually flow into the gulf of mexico and if the sinkhole pollution is infact reching the gulf then there is contamnination of federal waters and the coast guard and the government have no choice but to step in. That is what is needed now. The efforts of Texas Brine, all the other affiliated oil companies that have interests like dow chemical and the government of louisianna are not doing enough to mitigate this disaster. They are simply over their heads. The residents both human and wildlife are paying for it with their lives and sanity. Just outrageous that the sinkhole contents were EVER allowed to join up with the bayous. Criminal charges and massive environmantal contamination fines should be persued. The Army Corps of Engineers are needed more than ever at Bayou Corne. The oil companies are bulldozing everything in site around there with little regard to trying to protect the environment. Are you seriously thinking that those crude oil containment booms are catching all the cancer causing and deadly chemical cocktails coming out of that sinkhole? Thats like putting a screen door on a submarine. Much more emphasis needs to be put on spill containment and clean up. Must protect whats left