New Fairewinds video: Gundersen discusses effect of inhaling hot particles… More

Published: August 1st, 2011 at 7:09 pm ET


Nuclear Power 101: Fairewinds Examines the Fundamental Advantages and Disadvantages of Splitting Atoms to Boil Water, Fairewinds Associates, July 31, 2011:

Included in this presentation and PowerPoint is a discussion of how nuclear power plants work, how to cool a reactor during an accident, the effect of hot particles when inhaled, and concerns involving the long-term storage of nuclear waste. This presentation took place at the Nuclear Power Conference held at the University of Vermont July 23, 2011.

Nuclear Power 101: Fairewinds examines the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of splitting atoms to boil water. from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

Published: August 1st, 2011 at 7:09 pm ET


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25 comments to New Fairewinds video: Gundersen discusses effect of inhaling hot particles… More

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    I’m holding my breath!

    But I really do want some type of facemask to enable me to continue my daily desert cities CA road bike rides without worrying about my heavy breathing going down hot particle road.

    Tried an N95 with 2 valves, but still too constricted, too hot, and leaks out and back in the sides.

    Wish Noah would come up with the more discrete, skin-colored nose filter.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Life as “we” know it…esp for the Japanese WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.

    • That’s sad, “N95 with 2 valves, but still too constricted”
      I ride my M/C a lot and heavy breathing is not necessary for me, I am sorry for them that seek their enjoyment and have problems doing it !
      I can’t give up the things I love and live restricted or in fear to do them, sounds like this is what they expect, even when it comes down to eating !
      We had the good life and now we don’t, they just don’t want folks to know that ! At your own risk to enjoy the things we love !

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      I just bought some headbands to cover my nose on my rides…they work fairly well, but are a huge hassle if my nose starts running, which usually happens when it’s cold.

      I bought some adhesive nose filters, too, that I found online. They haven’t gotten here yet. I am wondering how those will hold up if my nose runs!

  • Whoopie Whoopie


    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Me? I’m off to bed early tonight. I’m faithful reading your comments…but dont have anything useful to add. You guys ROCK! day in day out!
      Many EYES count on all of you!!

  • Thanks for the good work here and keep it up. I find myself here following this everyday. Arnie rocks!!

  • theypoisonus

    More bad compost used at a kindergarden. 🙁

    list of other areas of where children have been exposed. so far.

    I find this beyond horrible.

  • maaa

    Fukushima catastrophe – Disaster beyond imagining

  • fuckyoushima

    arnie… the truth scorches our souls.

    this waste needs to be removed from planet earth.

    we have dredged up the poison from hell.

    so when nature took the ultimate gamble, and man was made intelligent, did it know what it was doing?

    let’s hope god does not play dice.

    for if he does…

  • James2

    Simply forward to Busby’s last comment in the video maaa links to above.

    He pretty much sums up the entire situation in one run-on paragraph. I can imagine the Japanese in the audience were terrified to hear the answer – either that or they write him off as a kook.

    However not many are getting the message. That “press conference” was sparsely attended at best – and it looked more like a lazy school board meeting audience, or possibly a fake or staged audience rather than the angry mob I would have expected (assuming it took place inside Japan)

    Also, Busby needs to alter his message. He gives no facts at all, only observations and opinions – which I suppose is OK, but the only thing that is quotable are his “sound bites” – a listener has received nothing else to research in order to substantiate his claims. He should sprinkle in facts with the soundbites – then he will be more credible.

    For example “inhalation of the radioactive particles plutonium, caesium and strontium, as opposed ingestion, is far more deadly. A 1996 study of inhalation of plutonium 238 in mammals showed that the death rate from various cancers is near 100% within 1 1/2 to 5 years, which would indicate that we are going to see a severe effect starting soon, which will result in the deaths of many people starting in September 2012. ”

    This statement gives an inquisitive person enough information to go out and find that 1996 study and determined how fuku’d we all are.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Busby so very concise.
    One of the original interviews did on the subject…
    His credibility is impecable.
    The sheeple can’t handle the message.
    They ask for answers we give it..the normalcy bias kicks in and the band plays on….
    It’s the same old song of denial.
    This is one of the very reasons humans are evolutionary failures on our way to becoming mutants.

  • James2

    You may love Busby, and I cannot comment on his credibility, but he’s not an effective mouthpiece from what I’ve seen – As I said above, he’s full of energy and soundbites with not much factual information.

    Gundersen is much more effective from a factual standpoint – but much more conservative and/or politically correct, and quite frankly, boring.

    We need to get these two guys to do a road show together. Arnie’s facts, and Busby’s enthusiasm

    • maaa

      And how is Busby not credible? Have you seen this video by him Fukushima – Hot Particles in Tokyo – 2011?

      • James2

        Read my post again.

        I did not question Busby’s credibility. Credibility and effectiveness are two separate things. I simply observed that when he speaks he is not effective in demonstrating his credibility as much as he could be. He’s too casual about it.

        Look at the video you link here again and listen to Busby’s words. He sounds like somebody that’s looked at the facts and is conveying his opinion to you about them. He doesn’t repeat very many facts, he uses words like “very high” or “incredibly high”; and “we’ve seen a lot of…”

        I don’t know how high very high is. My five neighbor’s son thinks he’s going “very fast” when he’s riding his bicycle. The other day I saw a nascar race at the Indy Motor Speedway where they were going “incredibly fast” through the corners. Of course that “incredibly fast” is 50mph slower than the cars did on the same track in the Indy 500 two months ago. The other day I rode on a Boeing 767 that was going 576 miles an hour and I thought that was pretty fast.

        Do you see my point? Busby uses observations rather than facts to try and discredit disinformation which is not going to work.

        Watch the video of of the Japanese Dr. who is so mad he is shaking – perfect combination of facts that demonstrate credibility.

    • alasanon

      Disagree…Dr. Busby comes across as very even-handed, science-minded, level-headed… He’s not flying apart–just stating observations and the scientific findingsin his field of study. He’s not playing to an audience and that’s what makes him all the more credible.

      Besides, this is not American Idol showbiz, this is Science and Reality.

      • alasanon

        …and he’s British…true to reserved form! I think his sincere, reserved style makes him all the more believeable. (I used to live in England–only second generation American, so I guess I “get it”)

        The testimony from the Prof. at Univ. of Tokyo was excellent and appropriately FURIOUS there on the scene!!

        I hope the Japanese Diet listens to him and mandates all possible high tech approaches and detectors, not to mention facilitating immediate decontamination and evacuations! Great Advice! They can do it!!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I DID NOT say I love Busby ….
    It beat Arnie’s hand wringing…

  • StillJill StillJill

    Tee Hee,…Don’t mess with Busby’s hat!!! (Last time HE bloody posted,…”If you don’t like my hat-FUCK you”.) And, I’m not paraphrasing!
    Felt kinda like when an Apostle walked by! 🙂 Prophet? Oh dear,…I’ll be attacked now!


  • bleep_hits_blades

    I take notes for my own better retention and also for people who might not have or take time for the videos.

    The info at the end about the long life and extreme toxicity of plutonium is very grim. TONS of plutonium have been created. It lasts a quarter million years, and a tiny speck is a lethal dose.

    Will life on earth be able to survive, and if so for how long, has been in the back of my mind since Fukushima happened and put me on a crash course learning about the extreme and reckless folly of the nuclear power industry.

    Nuclear 101


    Several ways of making electricity:

    solar cells – chemically produces electricity. no moving parts.

    mechanical – hydro-electric, wind power. move magnetism thru a field, you make electricity.

    bicycling 6 hours you can make 500 watts of electricity/hr. for 6 hours, 3000 watts or 3 kilowatts, or 30 cents worth of power. cyclist will eat about 5000 calories worth of food.

    Get a generator moving, and you have mechanical power.

    Steam power is a kind of mechanical power. so is geothermal. convert heat to steam and you can make electricity.

    late 1700s steam engine invented. then steam power plants

    nuke power developed about 80 years ago. is LEAST EFFECIENT WAY TO MAKE STEAM.

    It pumps out a lot of heat into the river. because of inherent inefficiency of nuclear power plants.’one hell of a way to boil water'(einstein)

    All the other ways of producing steam involve a chemical reaction of electrons Get carbon from carbon dioxide

    But – nuclear energy splits the atom. lots of heat generated. but creates radioactive particles, and extra neutrons. about a million more times power generated than in a chemical reaction.

    disadvantage is that it creates long-lasting dangerous radioactive particles as a by product.

    was then realized that nuclear chain reaction can be used to make bombs. einstein wrote letter to pres. roosevelt told him that.

    this is how Vermont Yankee works (boiling water reactor, like Fuk. reactors) — millions of such reactions per second are produced.

    1954 Ike – Atoms for Peace program, can control this reaction and use it to produce power.

    nuke reactors produce low tempertature steam… at the point of the steam turning the turbine the process becomes a MECHANICAL one.

    Steam is cooled, condensor, very huge room runs river water through pipes to cool the steam back to water.. river water can leak into the reactor, this is a condensor leak. like vermont yankee has a problem with .

    so water is cooled and cycle begins again.

    2.5 million HP power produced in space the size of an average bedroom. Very small area, and this has advantages and disadvantages.

    Nuke reactor produces steam at less than 600 degrees. hotter steam means a more efficient turbine. but hotter steam would make the fuel melt. So non nuke power is more efficient. Nuke power produces thermal waste.

    Lots power out of very little mass, 2-3 truck loads of fuel will run a nuke power plant for a year. coal powered uses vastly more fuel. (but there are other problems with nuke power as he is discussing here).

    Uranium mining is a big scar on the environment because uranium ore is getting less and less uranium rich. Initially Congo ore (the richest) had 1% uranium. but that is gone and there is more and more eco damage for less and less uranium. now we are mining ore with one one hundreth or less of that percent of uranium.

    split uranium, and the daughter products are the problem. what is left after the split. they are physically hot for 4-7 years; are radioactive for CENTURIES.

    four types of radiation… 3 are particles, one is a gamma ray (light is a ray) – highly energetic light, or x ray. Gammas penetrate you from the outside. Similar to an x ray.

    the alpha and beta particles and the neutron are the HOT PARTICLES. Much larger. don’t penetrate so far. but when you ingest them, they sit there in an organ, and just emit the decay particles – for a long long time.

    the nuke apologists claim with ICRP,, don’t worry be happy. no problemo.

    ECRR scientists (european commission on radiological risk) – these people say the ingested hot particles are very dangerous to our health.

    cosmic rays, gamma radiation, 100 milirem a year. are different from the hot particles we are ingesting from Fuk.

    any isotope emits energy – the apologists average the energy emitted over the whole organism and say noooo problem.

    opposite camp (ECCR) says — hey this radiation DOES NOT GO ALL OVER THE BODY OF THE ORGANISM. it has a local impact/effect and it is very destructive. It can cause a lot of local damage. body has to isolate it, try to repair the damage, dispose of the dead matter, and repair the damaged area.

    tide of opinion is changing now, evidence supports the group who say, yes, the damage is local and can be very severe, does cause illness and deaths.

    by -products …. even when a reactor is shut, yes the splitting is stopped; but the daughter products remain very hot and dangerous for many years. and there are a whole lot of them.
    SO there is a whole lot of heat and radioactivity generated by their decay. continuously for a long long time.

    Fuk. containment failed, three out of three times. consequences will play out over many many years.

    the containment of these plants was inadequate, should never have been licensed. but to shut them would have killed the industry. they tried to fix the problem by putting in vents.

    this is contradictory – contain… but vent…?

    there are many such reactors here in the US right now in mid west, south, east.

    there are some in germany, and also in japan.

    No planned modification on these containments in US! despite what happened in Fuk. Denial.

    remain radioactive for centuries!


    30 year half life — in 30 years half is gone… next 30 years, half of those are gone… and etc.

    600,000 disintegrations per second/per pound of straw – in some of the Fuk. straw – would take 300 years to go away, with 30 yr half life.

    the formual is years of half life times 10

    strontium (near to calcium on periodic table of the elements) is a bone seeker, damages marrow/white blood cells – leukemia. cesium (near to potassium chemically) a muscle seeker….

    ‘chernobyl heart’ after chernobyl – due to cesium damaging people’s hearts (heart is a muscle) cesium deposition in the heart.

    iodine has 8 day half life, in 80 days is gone from milk (unless more is being released of course)

    Another problem does not revolve around splitting of the atom. 5% of uranium is uranium 235 — these atoms are splittable uranium.

    other 95% is uranium 238 – absorbs a neutron and becomes plutonium. Thus, plutonium is not a radioactive daughter product. has half life of 24,000 years! Plutonium remains radioactive for a quarter of a million years.

    a dollar bill is a gram. a mere microgram, a millionth of a gram of plutonium IS LETHAL. (and tons of this stuff have been produced.)

    Movie INTO ETERNITY – Swedish. trying to build their own nuke waste dump. what the movie is about. way up in north sea, they located this nuke waste facility.

    24 times longer than we have been communicating with language – that is how long this disposal must last. Gee, will language even be the same? Can people read the danger signs for the next 1/4 million years?

    Can this containment remain secure and safe for that long?

    Also – the problem of bad guys getting this stuff and using it for weapons. so they need to keep the plutonium from rogue govts. etc. too. So the warning sign would allow people to discover it and use it for weapons. So maybe there should be no warning signs…?

    End of his talk, he show individ. alpha particles shooting out from radioactive particle in a primate’s lung. this pic shows very clearly that the particles are concentrated in a local spot and thier damage/effect is concentrated locally, NOT averaged out.

    That not to worry theory is BOGUS.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Here’s the trailer to that movie Gunderson mentioned, about how Sweden is building a ‘safe storage’ place for plutonium/nucear waste on a far northern island.