New fission raises “startling questions” says NYT — Koide: Harmful radioactive material in danger of leaking after a re-criticality

Published: November 2nd, 2011 at 7:35 pm ET


Nov. 2 — Unexpected bursts of fission “threaten to increase the amount of dangerous radioactive elements leaking from the complex and complicate cleanup efforts, raising startling questions about how much remains uncertain at the plant” in Fukushima, reports the New York Times.

“The three reactors — together with spent fuel rods stored at a fourth damaged reactor — have been leaking radioactive material since the initial disaster, and new episodes of fission would only increase their dangers.”

According to Hiroaki Koide, assistant professor at Kyoto University’s Research Reactor Institute, “Re-criticality would produce more harmful radioactive material, and because the reactors are damaged, there would be a danger of a leak.”

Published: November 2nd, 2011 at 7:35 pm ET


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58 comments to New fission raises “startling questions” says NYT — Koide: Harmful radioactive material in danger of leaking after a re-criticality

  • kintaman kintaman

    Wow, what a surprise! Anyone who could see past the lies of TEPCO and the Japanese government had to know this was the case.

    It amazes me how many ignorant foreigners and Japanese in Tokyo and other areas still believe everything is ok. For example, in reddit website ( and youtube. These people believe so strongly that the nothing can be wrong and all is well. They do not even want to hear the news of any bad information. While I agree with their feeling (I feel the same and wish for the best) so many people are putting their heads in the sand and denying the reality. When the stakes are this high one should not roll the dice for their life and the lives of their families.

    • slinky

      I was just about to post a link to the same article. This short article doesn’t say why exactly! Should we guess? Thats a rather daunting task ahead of them!!

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    The news outlets are not reporting that China Syndrome reactors will begin spewing extremely dangerous levels of radiation. The situation is so far beyond what the mainstream populace wants to admit. No one knows just how much radiation will cover the area. Keep putting your heads in the sand because all you can have is more danger when it comes to nuclear catastrophe.

    • slinky

      Do you really think the most case scenarios are true. That we could wind up with radiation in the high millisievert or sievert range. Instead of the microsievert we have been seeing. I know there was talk years ago that if Chernobyl had melted into the ground water table, it would have rendered all or most of Europe as uninhabitable!

  • Anthony Anthony

    Wow that’s pretty harsh for pretty mainstream… whats up…..

  • Hot Tuna Hot Tuna

    Such a tragedy for Japan… the world.

  • I have a powerpoint summary I want to share with Enenews readers but i do not know how to upload it on my blog site (google).

    I don’t think I can post it there or here. Where then that would enable access?

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    The Detrimental Effects of the Fukushima Disaster on United States Public Health

  • jtb

    I’ve grown so weary of TEPCO ass-covering words like “could be… may have… probably… IF… “

  • Digilert 100

    Um, has anyone seen this?

    Looks like a huge hole was recently created in the side of reactor 2 building, whether from an internal explosion or melt-through. I’d say the S*** has finally HTF.

    No wonder Tepco is now announcing recriticality of reactor 2, and asking for government help. They seem to be in panic mode now.

    I certainly hope the EneNews staff covers this headline soon…

  • watcher watcher

    Hi guys:

    I am the new guy on the block. Not a troll or a shill. Been reading your stuff since may june. Taco, whoopie, red red wine, ociferdave, and many more have been interesting. I will probably be pretty regular posting, as I read this all the time. I want to maintain a positive attitude through this stuff, as I think it is one of the best ways of getting through it. Having said that, if you are standing in front of a runaway train, thinking positive will still get you dead. This looks like a runaway train to me. To me, I am thinking get the fuck out of the way, and then figure out how to derail the train. Oh yeah, spock and Mcoy, nice touch!

  • watcher watcher

    Yeah, strength in numbers

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    Rachel Maddow, MSNBC is doing a segment right now (6:40 PM) on Fuku recriticality and comparing this to several US Nuke plants. The wall of silence is starting to crack!

    • Whoopie Whoopie


      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        Oh sh*t! and the fan are one.

        NBC..owned by GE which made said reactors.

        I did see the hole in unit 2 this morning..tried to be in denial about it..but the skies around my house this morning continued to knock on my consciousness..

        I will not be surprised when we find out that we are right now on the west coast suffering our death breaths.

        Why else would they let Rachel talk about it?

        • StillJill StillJill

          I agree-they are admitting too much for this to NOT be cataclysmic, Cataclysmic!

          • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

            been kinda sick to my stomach all day..neck aching..
            My children just shared similar symptoms.. freaked out a bit..
            Flu like.. and yet.. really not..
            ..and the skies…


            • @ Cataclysmic
              I Feel the same over here. seriously considering evacuating. Waiting for the proverbial final cork screw to pop. So I know the parties began.

              I will miss you house!!!

              Have you received the yellow speckle rain in eastern WA yet?

              • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

                I did not notice yellow speckle rain.. but, that does not mean it didn’t happen. We already get weird winter fog.. and with that unnatural haze that is now always here, except for rare occasion, coupled with weird cloud patterns/shapes..

                I think it is ionization of iodide in the air. I know that silver iodide is used to seed clouds due to it being a more stable iodide.. I have been thinking all this rain is a by product of all this iodide up in the environment ionizing… if so, then it kinda makes the hazy sky and weird clouds make sense to me.. it has been my “tell” from the beginning..

                although feeling like henny penny and the sky is falling too..

                hugging my kids and dog(who has been acting strange since yesterday)..making sure to have dinner with grandma.. bugging out to where..? that info Bobby1 put up about projected path isn’t hopeful. God or little green people..Bless us all..

                • arclight arclight

                  how is it that in a world full of meteorologists,harp specialists and a plethora of other weather heads! that not one can talk about the ionising effects of fukushima on the atmosphere… both localy and internationaly….you would think that some bright spark somewhere would posit a theory or two?? so i agree with this following statement and eagerly await some information on this subject given the new LARGER admitted output of gamma/beta/alpha bearing particles!!

                  a report on the particle action on the weather and ionising effects on the weather both local to japan and following the wind patterns..

                  also what an how much isotopes have entered the different levels of the atmosphere…

                  this info resides at nilu, envinet and therefore most nuclear owning countries governments and paying corporations…

                  nilu is currently password protected due to the need for censorship and a greater need to devekop thorium/plutonium “safe” nuclear and to strip mine telemark (lots of lemmings there)

                  envinet goes to the highest bidder

                  and all other connected persons have big money tied to this enterprise in the way of shares…that means the mds of these companies have to lie!! by law or face prosecution… now thats irony…were all gonna screw ourselves cos the law requires it…the japanese do not hold a special place for lying its found in the national an international corporations and therefore goverment… all underpinned by a minefield of beuroceacy and laws…life is getting too complicated for the human race… technology and knowledge comes with too much of a price it would seem?? /rant

                  • arclight arclight

                    dont think i can fit any big words as the box is getting too thin.. thought this should be posted…make sure you sign it!! i want to know what were breathing in.. do you?

                    “There are 60 certified radionuclide stations fully equipped with high precision detectors that are set up around the world to monitor airborne radioactivity on a daily basis with unprecedented accuracy. Their objective : Find low quantities of radioactive particles that could reveal a possible nuclear test in violation of the Comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty (TICEN).

                    Results of the analyses would allow a follow up, day by day since March 12, 2011, of the evolution on the contaminated airborne masses linked to the radioactive rejections of the FUKUSHIMA DAIICHII nuclear plant. To date this is still impossible as the data are being confiscated by the States. The results are communicated to pre selected official organizations required to keep all information away from public awareness.”


                    over 70,000 signatures… lets try to make it 80,000 eh??

            • truthseek truthseek

              Oh that explains it… Sick and grumpy

              • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

                How about fed up! what is your excuse?

                • truthseek truthseek

                  Temper your expression and show some respect here
                  Are you clueless about etiquette?
                  No excuse here.

                  I am here for same reasons, but know how
                  to conduct myself in mixed company.
                  What IS your excuse?

                  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

                    funny.. I have experience with manipulators.. you started it..showing you what an ass you occur to be..

                    Please temper yourself first.

                    You do not occur to know how to conduct yourself mo you said at the start, or you would not have said that in the first place.

                    • truthseek truthseek

                      Are you 5 years old? I would never attack a person with grossly limited coommunication skills and vocabulary.

    • StillJill StillJill

      SWEET PoorDaddy!

  • watcher watcher

    How many times do we have to hear about the possibility that this stuff is still kickin. They said it months ago. Its still kickin. Now, oh, my goodness, fission is happening! wow what a surprise! We don’t know what to do! …………so how come you didn’t say that the first time you said it went through the f’in floor. Could have had a more constructive response you birdbrains. Startling questions? Yeah, I’ll say. Guys, swallow your egos, get objective and make some intelligent moves! This is not fuckin rocket science,…..or brain surgery,….its nuclear fuckin fission!

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      And everybody HERE knew then. I truly don’t know what the answer is – our OWN MSM IS eerily QUIET. I like your spirit watcher. I know for me it all gets to be so much, it’s hard to express it.

      • watcher watcher

        I just find it difficult to understand why the future of such a beautiful planet and species that shows so much promise, is in the hands of children that don’t want to share the fukin sandbox!

  • Sickputer

    Slinky has looped down to its lowest point ever with the “defective meter”. 16 Sieverts on Nov. 3
    If you believe in patterns then this may be the sign of bigger cycles of fissioning.

  • watcher watcher

    Time to stop being a moron and start being a nimrod