New flyover footage of giant Louisiana sinkhole shows growth, oil (VIDEO)

Published: November 30th, 2012 at 4:12 pm ET


Assumption Parish’s November 30, 2012 flyover on sinkhole area:

See footage here

Published: November 30th, 2012 at 4:12 pm ET


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62 comments to New flyover footage of giant Louisiana sinkhole shows growth, oil (VIDEO)

  • vivvi

    Well, this flyover footage just gets less and less useful every time. Why is it so hard to give us a decent honest look at it?

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      More useful than you think. Look at the edge of the water(?) it's only 160+- meters away from Hwy 70.

      Look closely at the grass on the pipe-road near to Hwy 70, there is no way that that is health grass it's dieing off.

  • markww markww

    Sinkhole Ohio New Video filling u with water and other weird things


  • richard richard

    beyond the two white tankers at top right of screen, the tree tops look just as brown as the owns around the 'sinkhole'.

    does that mean they are dying off in the wider area, preceeding the 'sinkhole' extending further?

    hah. i was just recalling how they were putting in a drill rig, it was going to take six weeks to setup, which I guessed by that time the rig would have to come down or be discarded. Now the 'pool' has certainly extended way beyond those areas.

    this could go on for years.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    This latest half ass flyover reminds me of the picture cropping that Tepco is doing in fukushima. Both Texas Brine and the authorities don't want you to see the actual size and how the pollution is getting into the bayous and has spread way out into the field. The affected residents need to demand an independant flyover service to include full view and complete aerial overhead so that people can see that in fact like I said before this sinkhole is actually much much bigger than they are letting on. The government does not give a sh-t about you. They are completely corrupt and out of control. This sinkhole is far from over. FUKUCORNE is a good name for this fiasco.

    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      LA08 and LA09 are dropping chunks of cavern sidewalls as we speak! Which are on either side of the sinkhole due east and due west. LA08 is the one with the butane in it – LA09 is way out in the field.


    Several things can be observed from this video of "Lake Oxy 3".

    1. It's bigger than last flyover, and much closer to Hwy. 70. (see the car?) Also more freshwater is flowing in from a slightly higher elevation on this side of the video.

    2. Oil is still streaming in, even after the debris was cleaned up from the 'burp'.

    3. MUCH closer to the Oxy 3 facility.

    We are in discussions of this over at the and Idahopicker brings new light to this disaster…

    and an additional take on all of this is at:


    Also, let me say to ENENEWS…no disrespect intended. Just using all news sources available to warn the people of the danger they are in.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Interesting link, FREEDOMROX, but please explain your stake in this game, given (from your link): "Golden Gate Petroleum from Australia, and their unnamed and mysterious partner."?


        Stake, game? I have neither. I care only for the people and the consequences possibly all of us are facing. Golden Gate has stated as well as the other partner from Australia,in their press releases, that 60 percent of this is being financed by a big oil company but they refuse to name which one. Is it Chevron? BP? I don't know, but they are hiding whom it is for some reason.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    They REALLY need to be emptying all those gas caverns ASAP while they can get some out of there because they are going to lose the access road and then won't be able to get to it If they wanted to!!


    Actually they can with pipelines, but only so long as the wellhead still exists. At this rate, with no new incidence, (but there will be), then I give it about 90 days before operations are really affected. I fear for what freshwater is doing to any seeping cavern though.
    I still say that methane is creeping up from the Macondo Oil disaster, because they have ruptured the seabed. I promise you that since a "Burp" happened in Bayou Corne that there will be an equal and opposite reaction in the Gulf. Either methane or crude oil will be seen in the Gulf soon…


    Wow! I was right. Just came out this morning, and LA Sinkhole Tribune just posted:

    Coast Guard investigates second oil sheen in Gulf

  • markww markww

    There have been three oil release sheen's so far and another one was around one of the bays too



      If you will notice…all sheens show up within days or hours of an event at NPLV "Lake Oxy 3"

      Now a question. What do you know of static ignition of methane in the swamps? New videos are popping up that show black smoke plumes and what looks to be ignited vents in the swamps causing fires. Could this be migration outlets lit up by static electrical ignition, or would there be a catalyst underground that would ignite them? I defer to your experience, sir.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    I just sent the Assumption Parrish Police Jury a blunt but respectful request which was to expedite getting all or as much of the stored chemicals that they could transfer out of there while they still had an access road. Then mentioned that even if an order was given to remove it later they would not be able to due to loss of service road because of sinkhole encroachment! Even sent them the latest seimic graphs. Just tryin to lite a fire under their ass! No pun intended πŸ™‚

    • Maggie123

      Kudos timemachine2020! I believe one wonder and major plus of internet is opportunity for us to post thoughts to centers of management/decision expressing our concerns and ideas – even if we are not personally part of the hierarchy.

      It lets them know we're 'out here' and that we're concerned. Always possible our idea supplements or becomes very useful to best plan.

      "Blunt but respectful" is ideal language, IMO. Attacks or attempts to shame can backfire – hearing from us can give encouragement, especially to someone on the 'inside' who may find status-quo thinking frustrating and wants to do the right thing.


      WTG! TM I have sent my own long before this, and ignored, no replies… but Maggie is right. Let's them know we are looking, and encouraging doing the right thing. Unfortunately, you will not find many or any whistleblowers, because all these companies require Non Disclosure Agreements as a condition of employment.

      • WindorSolarPlease


        Does the new Whistle-Blower Protection Law trump the Non Disclosure Agreements in cases like this?

  • Sol Man

    Here is article posting to document a few of the problems about voc exposure. The entire population in the vicinity of this stuff is at risk and people are expected to put their children in close proximity of these vapor clouds. Isn't that abuse?


      Excellent article, Sol. Just watching the dream slowly die on the table of corporate greed and national apathy.


    They should because they are federal laws, Solar, but honestly, this Administration has shown the lie of the Whistle-Blower Protection Law. Obama-Rama is very hostile to any whistle-blowers and everyone knows it. Main thing is, for the workers, can they afford to lose their livelihoods in this economy. Most would rather, and do die, instead of opting for honesty and concern for their neighbors. Sad, but True.

    • WindorSolarPlease


      Since it is a federal law, then I am guessing it would go to the federal court system if the whistle blower had a problem. It would be interesting to see how a case like that would turn out.

  • amberlight amberlight

    Non-disclosure agreements are intended to protect patents and other legitimate company secrets. When it comes to endangerment of life and property, no agreement should have any standing no matter who blows the whistle. Using non-disclosure compliance as an excuse is like the Nazi collaborator who was "just following orders!"

    I suspect the reason nobody is forthcoming with the inside scoop is the haunting memory of Matt Simmons' untimely and mysterious death when he told the truth about BP operations in the Gulf.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi amberlight

      Hopefully the Whistle-Blower Protection Law will be up help in the courts and people won't be concerned about Non-disclosure agreements when it comes to the well being of the public and environment.
      I would say you are right, people might be thinking of Matt Simmons. There is many who are suspicious about his death.


      Amber…just be vewwwy vewwwy careful, when it comes to taking a bath. As Matt Simmons shows…it can be hazardous to your health!

      I'm a shower man myself.

  • grouch

    @ enenews forum…

    New here…

    I noticed something I think you missed…
    Watch the above video… But pause it at the 00:32 sec mark…

    Now, look at these past videos:

    Notice the completely charred / smoldered area in the above video…

    It appears that there was a recent fire in the area…

    Which also appears to be coincidental in the dutchsinse link at the 12:10 mark… (fires in marshes…):

    Thought it was strange that the current film was minimal, so I double checked it and noticed the (burnt marsh). News to me at least…

    • Sol Man

      Yes, it may be burnt, or it may be more fully dead and dying plant life from the concentration of voc vapors. These chemicals are the reason that they should not be dumped anywhere. Everyone can be effected by them as they are potent bad for living things!

    • jec jec

      Charred..or one HECK of a lot of oil residue. Wonder if some bright person thought to try and burn it off??? But..that would have been very very not likely. Oil residue..or corrosive chemical more likely candidates..

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        I'm not sure charred…
        Look at the root system of the trees.
        Death by toxic this point asphyxiation of the upper foliage as well.
        Had there been a fire so adjacent..I think ..maybe a big KABOOM.

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    37 seconds! That's what they give after everything that has happened this week? An F'n 37 second video of nothing. If this is the 37 seconds they chose to release, I wonder what the remaining footage must be hiding. There is a lady that fly's over the gulf and reports sheens, etc.. I'm contacting her to see if she will fly over this area on her way out to the gulf.


      God, I love you Ibuiltthis. Ask your friend to be careful, as this is a Declared Emergency Zone, and I doubt flyovers are permitted except for "officials".

  • jec jec

    Looking at the 32 second mark in video. Its really clear there is oil; really clear the oil is flowing toward the west side, away from Oyx3. HUM..Now I have mentioned this before..and someone came back and said..ITS THE WIND. dont think the 'stream' like flow is "wind." But will put the thought out to others who have more "expertise" in oil spills..maybe? If the 'flow' is to west..the subsidence could be also in that direction/collapse? And of course the on going "tremors" (NOT earthquakes because they are man-made and not reported as such by USGS) show activity in that area and Hwy 70. No idea of WHAT the tremors shown by the helicorders mean..again experts can comment. It does catch attention and, in my case, concern for safety of area residents…

  • jec jec

    One other thought. Has anyone seen the GPS information..rising or sinking of the area of Lousianna? IF the sinkhole area is RISING near the "burp" area..that is a concern. No one knows what is happening..its scary for the residents. Wonder when someone will report on GPS and other measurements! Waiting for 24 hours or days..or weeks..does not give a warm and fuzzy they are being careful for PEOPLE..just for dollars.

    Wonder if a LEGAL team is telling them when or if to release data??? Picture the guidence, lets just say the imaginary conversation goes like this.Company: HEY..H2S*, a very dangerous product, is venting and its a lot of odor. People are complaining,what should we do?
    LEGAL: Dont report the H2S*. Let someone PROVE its XXX* lbs in 24 hours..cause WE have the measurements. Fifth Amendment rights…etc etc…". Company: Well its coming out of our well, by law we have to report/ask to plug, So someone will notice. LEGAL: STALL. Plug it, let the H2S* evaporate. AND the well is on your property -so no need to have the government check.

    Just my thoughts..and an imaginary conversation. Like a soap opera. Oh..and replace any item with a * with your favorite flavor of gas or oil or poison…

  • irhologram

    Jec, Mark's link above of the Dutchsinse video says the immediate area of the sinkhole has risen 65 feet. So much for all the apologists here who kept saying, No, no, they don't mean it when they say the floor of the cavern is rising. No, no, what they really MEANT to say is that the side is collapsing in and build of debris is causing the floor to LOOK like its rising. Right.

    I have a question. In reading the helicorder seismic activity on the Ceri, please can you tell me what each color represents, the red, blue, green, and black indicators…I'm sure they show types of wave activity…but which is which…and which indicates the strongest activity, for example?

    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      @IRHOLOGRAM – the different colors of the helicorder seismic readings mean nothing more than a way to separate the different lines of recorded activity. The taller of the squiggles means higher in strength on the richter scale and the wider the squiggle the longer it lasts.

  • irhologram

    Sol man, also in the Dutchsinse video is a drive by of what appear to be spontaneous fire, with the ground burning…yes peat bogs do that, but this appears to be every 100 feet or so and over a VERY large area as the shots were taken from a car window. It does appear that a large section of the area is spontaneously on fire.

  • OK, what do I do next?

    Do I try to contact the Assumption Jury Police & get their thumbs up to continue on with trying to promote a national fund raiser for their jurisdiction? WHO's THE BOSS?

    Out of being polite, I wouldn't want the people in this area to feel as if they were being exploited, as some individuals would see this situation as being easy to take advantage of. What I'm doing could take months or years to achieve if at toll, but how do we start to even attempt such a goal?

    Expanding my options while making it easier for people to come together under a banner of goodwill.

    Maybe someone would like to write a introduction & I'll add it into the mix.

  • irhologram

    For your convenience, here is that Dutchsinse video Mark posted above.

    With respect to freedomrox being called out for using big words, to me, that's a commentary on just how NONerudite this culture has become. Using words selectively for a more precise meaning sharpens both thinking and reasoning skills. 150 years ago language usage was much more descriptive, when even the "common man" took an interest in events that shaped the country, and read newspapers that to us would look like treatises. Now we want sound bites, sex, scandle (OK they liked scandle then, too) and violence, and i think partly accounts for why we all have normalcy bias, which in these circumstances is NOT sound reasoning.

  • irhologram

    Nunations. I would suggest you contact human rights activist and comprehensive reporter on this catastrophe, Debra Dupree. While she may not wish to lead or even participate, she KNOWS all the players and can recommend a board of concerned, reliable citizens. The first step is a credible board of directors, even though they would largely be figure heads only. Someone here suggested singer, was it Guthery? Wish I could remember that post…but having a songwriter artist is also a good step. At one point, after Katrina, Brad Pitt had interest in supplying prefab kit houses from Brazil and is interested in "relief" efforts, although he and Jolie are thought to be globalists and recognizing this catastrophe may not fit their agenda. With respect to church involvement, contact the Baptist Convention, the National Council of Churches, etc. I know many here have a predilection against religion, but the Presbyterians smuggled into their homes thousands of illegal Guatemalan refuges who had been targeted by death squads and many churches send groups to Haiti and other places of desperate need. From my view, they represent a structure that can be used for relief efforts for our OWN.

    • @ Irhologram, thank you.

      I've written down your suggestions but must warn you I'm not good at cover letters, & these people may see me/the non-profit as coming in off the hook being 3000 miles away. Regardless, I really want to try & do my part to help make this happen & it just so happens, I have a counselor in my life @ this time & will ask him to help me with those cover letters. He thinks he's just gonna help me with my kids, but little does he know now, (lol).

      Maybe I'll write a generic letter & post it on Enenews as a review from members here. Tweak it as it were so that when the time comes more will know about the Telethon. That's what we are going to focus on, a International Telethon.

      My counselor is going to think I'm nuts for sure, if doesn't already with my kids.

  • irhologram

    Personally? I would suggest Willie Nelson, and I know someone who is good friends with he and his wife. With respect to these suggestions, I used to manage radio stations and was a community organizer. So the above are the types of strategies I've used successfully.

    • @ irhologram, I don't know who you are but I'm taking your advice for face value, yet must ask still for just a bit more help to cut through the riff raft of politics & such, in that when the proposal is made it can be quickly acted upon.

      This is where this message board is flawed as there is nothing to suggest that I'm even reaching out to you, & if you don't back track on your own time you'll never see this post. However, I'll take my chances by stating that it would be good if you could start to put the feelers out there with the people you know by encouraging them to seriously consider what will be proposed in the near future. By mid January after Christmas & New Years Eve I should be getting the final draft contract(s) from my agent as she is mulling over a few details to streamline any initiative(s) we may adopt in 2013.

      2 things to remember, time is a politicians weapon when they want to skirt responsibility to the people/their constituency while for me (as a side liner who was thrown into politics without realizing what I got myself into when I founded this non-profit) now has the privilege to say "time is my weapon too" (going on 13 years now & counting) but only it truly is for the people.

      Let's use those 13 years to our advantage & get on with getting the job(s) done.

      This next mailing State side will be my fourth or fifth time when including Malcolm X's sister Yvonne Little.


    Although, all of the evacuees are being compensated at $875.00 a week, and there are plans to buy their worthless homes and property in the future…I truly wish the 30 or so hold outs would leave. I know there are businesses there, but they can be compensated for that, and even the holdouts are collecting 3500.00 a month…but this area of Louisiana is a loss, and should be treated as such.
    Is it really worth 3500.00 bucks a month to stay, if your family dies a horrible death due to cancer, poisoning, or toxic inhalation? Please get out because this is not going to ever go back to the way things were before, and likely to continue to escalate.

  • EngineeringBloke

    While this will get worse, it is local! The sinkhole is a tall narrow land subsidence into a hole in the side of the salt dome into the Texas Brine cavern.

    It is nothing to do with the gulf or melting methane. I do not even think the rest of the salt dome is affected at all.

    It looks like the Texas Brine cavern was too close to the western side of the dome and a thin layer of salt gave way.

    The cavern is huge. Imagine going into a tunnel 150 feet wide on the highway – the arched roof is 75 feet above you – almost 4 times normal and that space is also below you. That is the top of the cavern. Drive 1/2 mile and that is the distance from the top to the bottom of the cavern (check the mile markers as you drive). As you go toward the bottom of the cavern, it widens until it is 310 feet wide – 155 feet arched open above you and the same below.

    If a lane is 10 feet wide, that is room for two directions of 7 lanes each at the narrow end!

    This volume is enormous. The hole in its side let the rock from outside the salt dome slide in, and as it did so, that material has slid down and let more above slide down until the sinkhole appeared on the surface. As it quickly filled 1/4 mile up from the bottom (half way), that suggests the hole is roughly halfway up the side of the cavern (or 3/4 miles down).

    The sinkhole is 700 feet across but is to the west of the salt dome itself. The dome is 1 mile by 3 in area so only a small part of the edge is lost.


      While I respect you and your expertise, sir, when it comes to your broad statement, "It is nothing to do with the gulf or melting methane. I do not even think the rest of the salt dome is affected at all."

      I humbly disagree.

  • EngineeringBloke

    I am concerned about the oil and gas material which is coming to the surface.

    Long ago, over many years, a sea from when sea levels were higher was cut off and then dried out leaving a layer of salt. This was overlayed by other material deposited by rivers and other seas.
    Pressure resulted in the salt being extruded upwards in a tall thumb shape. As it pushed upwards, the rock layers above it were fractured and tilted upwards.

    The rock directly above was compressed and form the cap rock. The rock at the side is weak as a result of the fracturing by the dome and that made it easier for it to slide into the cavern's hole.

    The cross-section diagrams show that the salt dome is not even. It becomes narrower on the western side a way down from the top. Such irregularities may have made that edge come closer to the excavated cavern than expected.

    Also, I am unfamiliar with the technique used to create the cavern and it may be harder to maintain a regular shape than the miners expected.

  • Mack Mack

    Did anyone see the History Channel special called "What's the Earth Worth?"

    By measuring the value of lumber, livestock, diamonds, precious metals, water, rare minerals, etc., they estimated that Earth is worth almost 7 Quadrillion dollars.

    IMO, the "greedy" ones will not stop until they get every last $$

    • Jebus Jebus

      Mother Earth may be worth 7 Quadrillion dollars on the chopping block, but alive and viable, she is priceless to all of us…