New gap developing far from sinkhole? Officials appear focused on area in most of today’s hi-res images (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Published: October 23rd, 2012 at 5:45 pm ET
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Click ‘fullscreen’ in bottom right of video frame to view footage in HD

October 23, 2012 photo showing gap:

August 3, 2012 photo showing no gap in this same area:

View all published photos from today’s flyover here

Published: October 23rd, 2012 at 5:45 pm ET
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23 comments to New gap developing far from sinkhole? Officials appear focused on area in most of today’s hi-res images (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

  • Look at all of the dying trees to the right of the sinkhole. Is it the VOCs or a sign of how far the sink hole will spread?

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  • markww markww

    I fund this report

    Gulf Disaster Truth – Land Mass Rising in the Gulf

    On the Ocean Floor, in the Gulf scientists are becoming aware of what is actually happening there. John DiNardo says that a whole new land mass is now rising out of the ocean floor in the Gulf area.

    From Mexico to Florida and to Cuba, Haiti and Puerto Rico the USGS has been observing evidence of a rising Gulf Ocean Floor and potential Methane Gas Ignitions and Tsunamis that could eventually wipe out millions of unsuspecting Gulf Coast people. BP officials have been watching this evidence pile up. Government Officials may be remaining silent, by design


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  • garjackson

    How about that big crack in the earth between the dying trees……wow. Ddoes the video show anything good? I can't play it. Thanks

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  • dosdos dosdos

    Actually, the gap in the upper image is below the frame of the old image. That gap is the new shoreline of the subsidence region to the north of the hole, heading toward Bayou Corne and Highway 70. It might have been cleared previously for access to the right of way from the Texas Brine pads, or it might have formed without man's immediate touch. Hard to say without more photos over time.

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  • 16Penny 16Penny

    want fed involvement and possibly then media coverage? Sign the petition!

    only need 24000 + signatures

    Just from the photo I can see where the unofficial shoreline runs along what used to be a grass road and joins the forming gap in the wooded swamp. My money is on that being the current edge of the sink hole. Now if that big chunk of land holds together while it takes the plunge then it might serve to temporarily slow down further expansion.

    Hey just came up with a new term: swamp gap!
    Used in context: Move along citizen, it is just swamp gap, nothing to see here.
    Sorry to joke but I am out of other emotions for this disaster.

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    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      The 'fed' *is* involved, Penny. The DHS Stasi has their local party representative involved. The EPA is working with the LA Dept. of Health, the LA DNR contracted out the thinking to Shaw (nationwide engineering and MOX plant-building services). I don't know who else from the federal government would be of any use.

      There isn't an expertise problem here, and tossing in the fed is a guaranteed way to ensure LESS transparency. What did you get with BP – Deepwater Horizon disaster? Lies, obfuscation and heavily-edited ROV 'live' feeds, a billion gallons of Corexit 9500 and those irritating BP "The Gulf is OPEN!" commercials.

      Sorry – (my opinion:) petitions are useless. You can't force psychopaths to feel bad about insignificant peon-citizens, and you don't have enough money to own the press or government.

      They WANT you to petition, protest and occupy. That's the useless opposition they're comfortable with. Plus, they can always send out the jack-boots to beat your head in if you become irritating.

      Know your exploiters – knowledge is power.

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      • Radio VicFromOregon

        I humbly disagree. People in positions of power do NOT want people agitating in any way. They prefer mindless masses. People, don't give up – agitate, agitate, agitate. No your exploiters – yes, and include ourselves in the bargain as colluders by the daily choices we all make regarding what we buy, what we consume, what we drive. This is not "us and them", this is WE. One of my favorite quotes – "i'd rather die resisting than live on my knees".

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      • VanneV anne

        Paveway!!! Petitions do make a difference. Politicians are still beholden to the voters and to negative publicity. If this weren't true the huge amounts of money spent on campaigns would be spent different way. The huge amounts of money prove the huge amount of power involved, and the attempt to influence voters' opinions.

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        • Petitions do not work. Millions of signatures have not stopped wars, the erosion of our civil liberties, the bailouts, BP's drilling in the Gulf…. The majority of people are opposed to war and yet in the US both of the pre-selected Presidential candidates are pro-war, pro-drones, pro-Patriot Act, pro-everything nasty. Elections are bought and sold without any regard for the masses. It isn't that different in Europe. Despite that the majority of Europeans overwhelmingly wanted nothing to do with Afghanistan and Iraq, their governments sent troops to assist the US in these illegal, immoral wars.

          I believe in agitation. I believe in a national strike. I believe that people should refuse to pay taxes and refuse to leave their homes when foreclosed. The only way to stop this is for the masses to stop paying for their enslavement. A signature on a petition means nothing unless the signatory is willing to stand behind his beliefs The people of this planet cannot afford to sit back and allow their "elected" sycophants and psychopaths and to handle the situation.

          My personal opinion is that we need ten Markww's to take over these operations by any means necessary.

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        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          Sorry, Anne. I saw too many of my older brothers and sisters friends come back from Vietnam in an aluminum coffins. I may have agreed with you in 1975 – an entire DECADE of opposition seemed to help end that illegal, pointless war.

          But no less than five years later, we're funding Iran and then Iraq to kill each other, all cheered on by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the rest of the UAE oil cronies. Pointless.

          By 1993, we started getting aluminum coffins once again, but this time from Iraq. Once again, this seems to be for the UAE oil cronies benefit, not mine.

          Soon, it will be aluminum coffins from Syria, Lebanon and (ultimately) Iran. That will be for Israel's benefit, not mine.

          I'm glad that people protest and start petitions and march and vote. All that is important. I'm more interested in the recipients of all that – the people already paid to represent you.

          A government infested with parasites and psychopaths is not part of any democracy. A protest or petition should be delivered to rational, healthy people for consideration – not sick ones in a psychopathic organization filled with other ill people that could care less.

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    • kalidances

      If this thing explodes I am booking a flight to get in someone's face; a petition won't even be on my mind if I have to bury someone I love.

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  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Glad we have experts on site, I feel very safe. I am not an expert, but, certainly you could tell on the 19th, even untrained, that the whole area was in trouble..exactly the area I spoke about, (at the bottom left of the frame, at the very beginning and end of the video, you see the grassy area) and as I predicted, that whole area is involved.

    Certainly this is the new outline of the sinkhole, as it has sunk, as sinkholes are known to do, to the point of allowing the fluid in the middle to seek the lowest place..

    It made a nice little outline for yall experts..

    ..and by my degree of common sense, I now come to the conclusion, this is the new outside edge of the sinkhole..

    October 19, 2012
    wow, the drilling pad is surrounded, and the pad further back occurs to be sinking on the right.. the grassy area, with holding pond thing.. has puddles to the right and above it, and I predict, all of the trees between there and the bigger sinkhole site will slough into the hole. be sure to watch..carefully as they skirt this and I had to go back a few times to be sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing…

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  • BigLoner

    Hi Penny. Media. Media. Media. Check this out, the Assumption Parish Blog. Press release start 6/26 & ramp up to sometimes 2x/day. Then taper to every few days, then every few weeks. Last one 9/25. One would think that as urgency increases the PR would respond in kind. Not so with bad / badder / baddest case. No noose is good noose. Move along now, y'hear?

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  • Usefulbreather

    Experts? Experts like the ones who say the fire beneath Centralia, PA can never be extinquished? When will the experts admit the same is true here?

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  • Parchment01

    We have to look at the big picture here, yall. The sinkhole is above a HUGE salt dome which is many miles wide. Louisiana's own Avery Island for instance, is actually a huge dome of rock salt, three miles (5 km) long and two and a half miles (4 km) wide, and tens of miles deep.

    Many domes are tens of miles wide as well. This ar as dome may go as f

    The drilling looks to have breached the salt dome. This therefore leads me to the next questions:
    What is the water doing to the dome, and how much of the dome is affected.
    What else is stored in these domes? oil?
    Is the dome cracked due to recent earthquakes in area? earthquakes shift rock tens of miles down, and could have fractured, or sheared the narrow portion of the dome.

    Can the Wiggins and Monroe seismic uplift scenarios be involved? Is the new Madrid fault(crack) involved?

    Feedback, Discussion?

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  • Max1 Max1

    I'm guessing that the "crack is actually an entire fracture line delineating the approximate edge of the dome…

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