New Gov’t Radiation Map Released: “Many people dismayed” — Contamination 50 miles NW of Tokyo in Gunma “looks worse than feared” (MAPS)

Published: September 28th, 2011 at 6:07 am ET


SOURCE: Google Maps

Radiation Map by Ministry of Education: Gunma Looks Worse Than Expected, EX-SKF, September 27, 2011:

On September 27 the Ministry of Education and Science announced the result of their latest aerial survey of radiation contamination they did over Gunma Prefecture, and many people are dismayed that the contamination in the prefecture looks worse than feared. […]

See gov’t report here (.pdf in Japanese)

Radiation Dose:


Cesium-134 and Cesium-137:


Published: September 28th, 2011 at 6:07 am ET


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22 comments to New Gov’t Radiation Map Released: “Many people dismayed” — Contamination 50 miles NW of Tokyo in Gunma “looks worse than feared” (MAPS)

  • Contaminated area across Japan grows in drips and drabs.

    Means…End of the World, is on its way in drips and drabs too.

    Only safe place left… in your mind.

    Party like its 1999.

    red red wine

    • irradiated californian

      yes, japan is never going to be the same, nor are it’s people….but it’s not really world ending event.

      yes, it’s bad, yes, we will all get our dose of radiation, but it won’t be enough to totally do us in.

      • Steven Steven

        It’s usually the unforseen that does you in IC. Like yourself I’m not one to overstate a situation, but it’s probably best to keep an open mind and consider all possible outcomes. As an example, the data suggests even low level exposure to radiation can harm the immune system. It’s entirely plausible that a ‘superbug’ could emerge (the bio mob have been predicting/expecting this for some time) which would then have a window of opportunity in terms of proliferation across the globe (due to weakened immune systems).

        This is just one scenario where additional unknown factors become force multipliers for the original impact of the event. We have turned the world into a giant science experiment, and I honestly believe that nobody has enough information to predict the final outcome with certainty, nor to rule anything out.

        • Misitu

          Excellent point, Steven, the multipliers of additional unknown factors. And turning Japan into a giant radiobiological experiment.

          Evidence for the courts, if any be left to hand down judgements.


      • This has and will continue to change everything as we knew it !
        We are in a life changing environment now !

      • Unusual form of plants are being found every where in Japan.
        Today,a Japanese traditional root vegetable “Myoga” was found ,which was four times bigger than usual size.

        The farmer said ,he has never seen such big Myoga. …

      • Fukushima China Syndrome ‘clearly a concern’: Expert – National …

        Aug 20, 2011 … Fukushima China Syndrome ‘clearly a concern’: Expert … from Tides Foundation
        for his work on the nuclear power and climate change. … Core melting into Earth,
        radiation 1 million millirems per hour …. Examiners provide unique and original
        content to enhance life in your local city wherever that may be. …

        China Syndrome | Dr. Mark’s Blog

        Aug 21, 2011 … The Last Parade The China Syndrome:“A hypothetical sequence of … It is time for
        us to give them our thanks and well wishes for threatening all life on earth. … She
        attributes the symptoms to radiation exposure, and added: “We are …. the Power
        of Resurrection to change your mortal body into inmorrtality. …

        Disasters: Nuclear Accidents – water, effects, environmental, history …

        Apr 5, 2011 … The radiation release associated with a nuclear disaster poses significant acute
        … is long-lived, with half-lives guaranteeing contamination for hundreds of years.
        … The thriller China Syndrome, which warned that a nuclear power plant
        meltdown would blow a hole through the earth all the way to China and …

        Fukushima “China Syndrome” Meltdown, Radiation Fall-Out …

        May 30, 2011 … SOURCE: Radiation News 5-29-11 May 29th, 2011 (NHKWorld) ⠓
        Radioactive … Fukushima “China Syndrome” Meltdown, Radiation Fall-Out
        Increases! …. clips from the base of the WTC on 9/11 that will forever change. ….
        God can control Global Warming but not Globalist destruction of the Earth! …

        Nuclear Energy: Radiation Exposure

        movie “The China Syndrome”, a fictional tale about a near meltdown in a
        California … that comprise the DNA in one of your cells, it could change the
        bonding properties of …. It has a half-life of about 1.3 billion years, and accounts
        for about 40 … You are also being bombarded with radiation from sources
        outside of the Earth. …

  • acid Lab acid Lab

    if only the ministry of education and science would fly over st louis.

    plenty of orange zones there.

    13.3 uSv/hr ftw.



  • Sickputer

    After 6 months this is the new Japan and we know their data is always suspect… Double or triple that coverage. Maybe 2% of the radiation has escaped the plant. Check back with me after 60 months and we will see a better picture of the long term viability of Japan.

    The map conveniently shows no ocean contamination. But then the ocean is “vast” according to the NRC.

    • Flu-like symptoms: dizziness, nausea, nosebleeds, vomiting, headaches, coughing and difficulty breathing or what is sometimes known as the “blue flu,” are common clinical pictures we see in chemical and heavy-metal poisoning as well as from radiation overdoses.

      That chemical exposure symptoms feel like flu is a medical reality that medical officials have refused to accept or deal with as the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico brought out. Because the official position federal governments around the world take, (all gathered together and controlled by international organizations like the UN, WHO, IMF and others) that everything dangerous is safe, and that viruses are responsible for all influenza, we do not hear much about toxic threats and what to do about them. …

  • Sickputer

    Correction: double or triple the “amount” of the radiation levels, not the coverage. Japan is totally saturated already and the true map is blue beyond the red and green zones which are understated also.

    There is no place in Japan where levels of dangerous radioactive isotopes are not at hazardous levels. Yoichi Shimatsu confirmed that a month ago and I trust his data over the Japanese government dribbles of half-truths and maps if pristine oceans.

    What do they think the contaminated ocean water is going to do? Ride away in the lungs of beluga whales? No… It will roll in with fog, snow, and rain and yes in the guts and flesh of all the sea creatures the Japanese have lived on for 50,000 years. Gone in a flash because of insand technology.

  • There are always alternatives.


    Where are the tokyo hotspots that were reported in July? I see no dangerous levels in Tokyo!

    This is Clearly Japanese Government Propaganda!
    Did they forget to add past truths?

    • acid Lab acid Lab

      these are aerial surveys… much different than ground based surveys.

      both have their uses. ground surveys give more info and are generally preferred, but aerial surveys are easier to cover much larger areas.

  • ocifferdave

    my stoopid sheeple brain did this: oh look, that isn’t so bad. not too much radiation outside of fukushima.

    Good thing I got u guys to wake up my soft oatmeal like brain…stupid turned it to mush.

  • The typhoon’s helped to spread, now winter winds will sweep far southward for months to come with more rain and snow for months of colder air !

  • arclight arclight

    looks like the mountains have been hit hard. that means any water courses of them will carry and spread contamination further downstream.. we can expect further hotspots developing over the coming years….

    but whats not been shown is the contamination to the sea silt!???

    was not the worst carried seaward? did i miss something? will that not spread around the coasts of japan? was this silt contamination ever checked? why wouldnt they let greenpeace do some checks? better get the ministry of fish and traffic wardens to do some tests if you ask me!!

    and whats with the contamination following the boundary lines…bit convenient that!! hmm!

    you dont think they are fudging the results as well? sounds too organised for the Ministry of Education and Science !!

  • shaktasna999

    Irradiated Californian I cannot wait until you get sick. I bet you’ll say:”But,but my chest pains aren’t that bad, I could still live


    “I’ve only lost half a liter of blood out of my nose-I’ll be fine.”

    Moron. You are in California and breathing in, on a daily basis, what will in about three months,come to be known as a “harmful” dose.

    You’ll make excuses until the very end-eating clay and planting sunflowers while your skin decomposes before your very eyes.