New leak at Fukushima plant — 230 tons of radioactive water found in tunnel is rather “hot” — 9.6 million Bq/liter (VIDEO)

Published: December 19th, 2011 at 4:58 pm ET


EX-SKF has the details: #Fukushima I Nuke Plant: 230 Tonnes of Leaked Water Is Rather “Hot”

No news yet on other nuclides, though Asahi Shinbun says cesium-137 was 5400 becquerels/cubic centimeter. If that’s the case, the cesium total would be 9600 becquerels/cubic centimeter of 9.6 million becquerels/liter. It is not as radioactive as the untreated, contaminated water (which is about 100 times as radioactive than this trench water), but still high for a plant that has achieved a “cold shutdown”.

See NHK’s segment on the leak here

Published: December 19th, 2011 at 4:58 pm ET


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29 comments to New leak at Fukushima plant — 230 tons of radioactive water found in tunnel is rather “hot” — 9.6 million Bq/liter (VIDEO)

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    The core is cooking water by the millions of tons of water. Remaining fuel pellets must be contaminating large bodies of space under the reactors.

  • Oh good, a cookout.. What are we roasting tonight?

    Maybe a few FUKU nuts?

    With a few TEPCO fruits thrown in for flavoring?

    I have a feeling the natives may be about ready to go find some pitchforks and radioactive cesium paste mixed with tar and find a few of those folks who keep saying more radiation is safe, move back into the area, keep smiling to keep radiation away from you, etc…

    Maybe these pro nuke folks can demonstrate how safe everything is by climbing into the reactor cores and taking a steam bath?

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Aye! As they toast one another, “Fuku you, matie!” And the jovial reply, “Aye! Aye! Fuku you too!”

      And fair dinkum it is.

      All together now ….

  • How much radiation is on site now? They have huge tanks, and they filled up a huge ship, which I heard they just dumped in the ocean?

    Who is keeping track of all of this radiation that is collecting in super concentrated amounts in HUGE quanities?

    How much is there? How much is coming out daily, in water, air, ground, and ocean?

    Does anyone care?

    Heeeeeelllllloooooooooooo out there….. echo echo echo

    Pretty dark out there, no one around… no response…

    Just lots and lots of radiation building up, building up, building up, spreading around the world…. with lots of dark invisible cloaks of corporate denials and spin covering it all up.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Yep – Just like Big Oil did…DOES. G.Palast

      • Yes but oil is dense and eventually falls back down to the sea floor.

        Radiation is light on an atomic level. It is microscopic and buoyant. Thus it will stay on the surface layer during its trips to the states. Eventually becoming re-airborne. And making landfall in all usa coastal communities. Mainly in fog and rain. But also snow and the air its self…

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Oh yes TG. I know. (just now reading Palast and he’s on the Oil Subject) That’s prob why I said that. 🙂

    • lam335 lam335

      Just put the whole ocean in a tank. That should solve everything.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Let’s hope the Woods Hole Oceanographic people, together with the Japanese scientists, will soon publish their conclusions. Too bad the scientific studies take so long to publish. Time is of the essence!

      Now that the NRC report has finally been published, what the rest of you suppose will happen? Will it just send out small ripples in a vast pool, or do you suppose it’s enough to rock the boat at least enough to arouse notice?

      ‘Very scarey to think there may be a skeleton crew onsite at the Fukushima plant. The silence is deafening.

    • jec jec

      THE BP Media Playbook or lessons learned for media control of citizens seems like its being used..or the US EPA playbook..and so on and so on….

      The “and so on ” or way to do it follows– professional media coverups continue as per the “playbook”–ignore, ignore, give false reports/smile, leak little bits off and on to slowly get folks ramped up for the really bad news given at the very moment. Be sure all bad news is released on a weekend, such as midnight on a saturday or sunday. And of course, make sure the press, radio/TV/broadcasts, are told to ignore ignore ignore and forget their roles as an honest information supplier. If anyone tells the truth-attack them, fire them, bury them..discredit them..”and so on”. Its worked before for other disasters..and has been fine tuned for just this kind of disaster. Do not tell the truth….

  • Dr. Awesome Dr. Awesome

    This will continue to be a problem until technology is invented to scoop these radioactive tea bags out of the Earth. From what I gather, all electronics fail when exposed to extreme radiation. We need Jedi Force now more than ever.
    Much love to all.
    No Nukes!

    • Bones Bones

      Yea, that is why satellites and NASA probes are shielded with the gold foil. I think it looks really neat! There are other ways to shield the electronics as well. Different pcb layers and materials can help. It would be a challenge though with the levels at Fukushima. I was thinking of some device kind of like a drill suspended above by a long track. X and Y axes of movement like a CNC machine. The inside of this giant drill bit would be hollow to drill down around the core into the building and ground. Once the core was inside this bit (like an ice core sample), some system of gears or whatever to crush up and transport material slowly from the core sample into a segregated giant shielded container. This would start separating the nuclear material reducing heat. Just a rough, probably stupid, idea. lol

      • lokay5 lokay5

        Great idea! Will buid the drillinng machine, the drill bit itself and all the transport and holding machinery out of unobtainium.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    I like this quote:
    “The discovery raises questions about TEPCO’s inspection and management capabilities because the firm failed to notice the water in the tunnel after the waste processing facility was completed in April.”

    April was 8 months ago.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Japanese Reactor Leaks Linked to U.S. Deaths

    By Michael Smith, North American Correspondent, MedPage Today
    Published: December 19, 2011

    The U.S. appears to have suffered about 14,000 excess deaths in the period after the Japanese Fukushima nuclear plant was severely damaged, researchers said.

    The finding, which is the latest report from researchers who have repeatedly sounded alarms about risks from Fukushima, was based on CDC data on deaths in a set of U.S. cities from March 20 to June 25 — a 14-week period starting after the radioactivity released from the reactor on March 11 has reached the U.S., according to Joseph Mangano, MPH, of the non-profit Radiation and Public Health Project, based on Ocean City, N.J., and author Janette Sherman, MD.

  • Anthony Anthony

    14,000 US Deaths Linked to Radiation Leaks at Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Reactor in Japan
    by Brit Liggett, 12/19/11
    filed under: Design for Health, Renewable Energy
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    Within days of the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, researchers in cities across the United States noticed that radiation levels in air, water, and milk that were hundreds of times above normal. Now, as the government in Japan declares the disaster solved, a new peer-reviewed study blames elevated levels of radiation for 14,000 deaths in the United States – and researchers involved in the study are still wondering how far the death toll will climb. They hope this startling discovery will show nations worldwide that the risk of radiation poisoning is not limited to the community immediately surrounding the site of the disaster.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Fukushima is Not Safe, Time to Panic!
    Politics / Nuclear Power
    Dec 19, 2011 – 05:41 AM
    By: LewRockwell

    Ian Goddard writes: Following the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the Japanese Government raised the level of allowable radiation from 1 to 20 millisieverts per year. This so-called “safety level” is the cut-off criterion for compensation for damage to private property incurred by fallout contamination. The reasoning is: if doses below 20 millisieverts per year are safe, then property holders have no grounds upon which to file suit for compensation and the perpetrators are thereby shielded from liability.

    • jec jec

      Gulf Oil Spill, BP did the same to the residents of the Gulf. Squashed the little people…

      • Bones Bones

        What’s democracy again? Seems Switzerland is the only democratic nation on the planet. Why don’t we have direct democracy these days?

      • Bones Bones

        This is why the game is rigged. The overlords can change the rules at will and up yours unenlightened peasants. This is how Wall Street is allowed to steal pensions and steal money out of your bank account. The “Federal” reserve is the dictator of the money supply and has a passion for inflation. Look up, “max keiser re-hypothefication.” London basically allows the banks to use financial assets, I believe, as collateral in unlimited amounts.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Tomorrow is the 20th – 5 days til Christmas.
    I just wanted to take this time to wish the Enenews posters and Japan HP Irregulars a very Merry Christmas!!
    I salute BOTH for their continued diligence on this very pressing crisis coming from Fukushima Japan. We are connecting with other people, connecting with Blogs and sharing information. Our numbers are growing!! That truly IS the best Christmas Present of all, isn’t it?! HELL YES!
    A special thanks to you Admin. You have been outstanding with your freedom in the comment section. What would we do without you? JAPAN EVACUATE IF YOU CAN! Our best wishes to you…

    • Bones Bones

      Thank you Whoopie, and the same to you! Is this leak underneath the water processing station? I don’t really understand where this leak is. I was under the impression that the water processing building was some make shift operation. So, how could there be a basement? Just need some clarification please, thanks.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Beautifully said Whoopie! Your heart is as BIG as the Ol’e outdoors, as we used to say! I’m sure gonna miss the woods,…the EVERYTHING.

    As our own ‘Heart’ often says,…”Hell has a special place for these ‘tools'”,…so does Heaven have a special place for the ‘nails that stick out’, Yes?

    May God bless us all, whether we like ‘it’ or not! He made us all, He loves us all.

    Special prayers tonight for Japan, certainly.

    • stock

      Ive said that on a few HP trolls attacks….Hell is saving a special place for the PNP Pro Nuke Pimps.

  • Bleifrei Bleifrei

    There is no technology that can purify water from the radiation
    three possibilities
    , They are dumped into the sea
    they store it in tanks (in a few years, Japan is half-full of tanks)
    or they are scattered in the landscape
    either way it’s getting worse

  • c

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