New photos show what remains of No. 4 reactor building’s eastern wall

Published: June 1st, 2012 at 10:47 am ET


h/t Fukushima Diary

Published: June 1st, 2012 at 10:47 am ET


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92 comments to New photos show what remains of No. 4 reactor building’s eastern wall

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Cryptome has two pictures from another angle, here
    and here

    • static66 static66

      What is the green substance all over everything on the water side?

      • stopnp stopnp

        Tepco's attempt at mitigating radiation. They sprayed that stuff on everything. Unit three spewed some nasty stuff everywhere when it detonated. They put steel plates down too. After they bulldozed the remnants of unit three's fuel.

  • Urban27

    Everytime I see a new photo of this building something has happend. It is litterally falling apart.
    Urban Jonsson
    (building engineer)

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Agreed. It's good to see though they took away those useless pillars and beams which remained of the outer wall. Wouldn'T have wanted to see those collapsing into the SFP.
      I'm wondering if they are trying to keep the remains of the roof framework like a "spacer" for the time being, to support the "walls", or if the framework goes down next (intentionally or not).

    • omniversling

      U27..disagree..buildings are not falling apart, they are being demolished. Nothing has changed on the east wall (in these pics) except one concrete column and horizontal on the top floor as the area around the Spent Fuel Pool is cleared in preparation for an attempt to remove x2 of the unused fuel rod assemblies. The lower photo is just darker and has more contrast than the first pic so it looks like the top floor is undermined, but the support columns and the rubble piles are still there. Don’t panic! (yet)

      However…if there were to be another significant seismic event, all bets would be off…

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Those are big changes between the two photos. Following back to the source of the lower one and running it through Google Translate, I get: "April 2012, shooting from helicopters Satoshi Ishii headquarters at about 3 km southeast of Unit 4 of the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima nuclear power plant of Tokyo Electric Power". The source of the upper photo does not offer any date information except that it was uploaded two days ago.

    So from some time in April until some time in late May, they have apparently removed a lot of wall and rubble. That would explain some of the crane activity on the JNN cam a couple of weeks ago.

  • daddyfixit daddyfixit

    does look like they are trying to clear the rubble from around the building columns.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Many of the columns are missing also. I infer that they did not collapse, but were removed from all three of the visible corners.

      I wonder how they might have cut through the columns. Presumably they wouldn't dare to push/pull them. Might the recent unexplained nighttime lights have been for column-cutting/removal work?

      I believe there is a large piece of heavy equipment in the center of the newer photo. We saw it in another photo a few days ago. From where it is positioned, it could perhaps remove objects from the SFP.

      The base of the wall nearest the camera looks much more irregular than before. Camera angle? Stains? Rubble? New holes in the "skin"?

      • omniversling

        They have been using 'peckers' on booms. Nuckelchen and Fukulive (i think) have clips taken from TEPCAM…Looked utterly reckless given the general state of the building, and was giving off a lot of dust, so indicating continuous impacting. Cranes have been removing larger pieces/items.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Good point about the dust. I hadn't noticed that. That suggests they are in a hurry (no surprise) and they can't or won't spray for dust control for whatever reasons.

  • daddyfixit daddyfixit

    ok, well i am no structural engineer, but i have worked demo at some very large projects. first of all, there is no way they could put that track-hoe up there unless that floor was stable (and it is a small machine… 200 or so). also, that backhoe would not be able to lift anything straight out of that pool. those things are not exact, and no operator is that good… im pretty sure that machine is to lift the loose pieces of concrete that they are cutting down. actually… the building doesn't look that bad. i have seen worse and it was standing fine for quite some time… granted, in miami with no 6 mag quakes…

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Thanks daddyfixit. Yes, the backhoe seemed to be in use for rubble in the earlier photo a few days ago. I was just speculating about possible use in the pool – no solid information at all. I can't tell from the photos whether it would have an in-cab operator or be remotely operated either. I know some of the operators can be pretty accurate, but that's without the stress they'd have around a SFP.

      Do you have an educated guess about where they will stop this part of the project? More pillars? The roof? Are they done?

      • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

        From the looks of it, I would think they want to remove the remainer of the roof and the walls down to the SFP level, that would also fit with their plan to build a building around this one that will support a crane to clear the pool. Enenews had a story about a month ago about that project.

  • Insight

    March 12, 2011 the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) released a radioactive fallout map that included an outline of Japan with the locations of Nuclear reactors.
    On that map there were 3 other nuclear reactor site locations far north of Fukushima that were marked as "meltdown". Others sites around the country were marked as normal. I have not heard any news about those 3 reactor sites in nothern Japan that were declared in meltdown. Does anyone have information concerning those 3 nuclear plants?

  • lam335 lam335

    So where exactly is the SFP? Is it that white, square area right in the center of the first picture? If it is, the wall on one side of it looks pretty badly destroyed. How can it possibly have ANY structural integrity?

    • huskydawg44

      Pretty sure the white square just "below" the blue backhoe in the first picture is the SFP.

      • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

        Shouldn't we see the sides of the pool below the white tarp? 45 ft deep pool should be seen at this angle?

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    The ultimate life or death game of JENGA, dismantling a damaged reactor building.

    Someone else on ENE refered to it as a JENGA game a while back and everytime I look at it that is what I think of. That or a very dangerous game of pick-up-sticks.

  • daddyfixit daddyfixit

    looks like they are clearing the top floor, you can see one of the wall panels that they have pushed out onto the lower area just below there. they have to saw off every one of those steel beams up top there and normally, they would just drop them down and truck them to the docks to be recycled… obviously, they have to play a game of pick-up-sticks around that tarp thingie there…

    actually, that wall panel is in the old photo too in the same place. obviously the radiation is why you don't see a man with a blow torch cutting down the beams now -=(

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    BAB: They will remove the rest of the roof and pillars down to equipment floor level. Put a nice little roof over it to keep the rain from coming into the floors below. Then, they will build the framework for the new overhead crane. Look at the building4 construction plan here:
    It seems as if they won't be attempting to put the fuel assembly racks into the common SFP. Rather, they will build dry cask storage, probably each dry cask will take an entire rack of spent fuel assemblies at once. Remember that the fuel assemblies are burned and damaged by the dewatering of SFP4, resulting in the explosion that destroyed Building4 on the night of 3/15/2011, as I recall. If they were to lift a fuel assembly out of the rack, it would probably disintegrate, leaving a bigger mess on the floor of SFP4 to clean up later. So, probably what they will do is to very carefully lift out an entire rack of fuel rods at once, and put them very quickly into dry cask storage. By remote control. Perhaps the fuel rack will be raised into lead shielding for the trip to the dry cask. Work is going well, and quickly. Perhaps TEPCO got the message that a big quake there wouldn't be a good thing. So many problems, so little time. Man-made disaster. 🙁

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Thanks PUN…

    • chrisk9

      They can not pull out an entire rack at once, and they never ever pull any fuel out of the water. I have never seen a dry cask operation in practice, but from a radiological safety aspect the fuel can not be lifted out of the water without killing everyone around it for thousands of years. Dry cask insertion must be done underwater. Watch the Three Mile Island video that shows the procedure used for removing fuel from that reactor, it shows how they will proceed at Fukushima but using dry casks instead of moving it underwater to the fuel pool.

      Yes the only alternative they have is to move the fuel into casks, but there most likely are many problems with doing this. The fuel is most likely damaged, melted, disfigured and may fall apart when moved. The racks are probably damaged, and the fuel fits very tightly into these racks to start with.

      This will be a very long and very slow process with many hurdles to overcome. The progress is way too slow, but finally they seem to have some sort of plan. They should have round the clock teams working on the debris removal and at the same time working on the new crane construction outside the building. Time may be very essential.

  • GeoHarvey

    I don't think you could get an occupancy permit for a building that looked like this – but millions of people are living lives dependent on its structural integrity.

  • Anthony Anthony

    "I would like to say to the Japanese and to the world — the safest nuclear policy is not to have any nuclear plants."

  • Tuni Tuni

    Anyone have an idea about what the structure/s are in the far right of the first picture that B&B posted??

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi Tuni, I was wondering as well! Looks like huge scaffolding? But around what? No idea!

      • The white pipe-and-strut construct? If so, that's the release stack.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Hi Joy, no, the two structures near the water, with the cranes, at the right in this picture:

          Any ideas?

          • Ah, so. Looks like they're building something, no clue what (h/t Tom Waites, "What's He BUILDING In There?"). Maybe some kind of facility for spent fuel they're planning to remove (from all the plants)? A place for temp storage of dry casks before they're loaded onto barges in the lagoon?

            Hmmm… maybe someday a brave reporter will ask TEPCO what they're building there…

  • Does anyone know what the yellow ovate sphere is?

    • truthseek truthseek

      Reactor containment vessel

      Standing rot out in the open.

    • It's the containment well cap. It's not atop the reactor, as they were doing maintenance in there during the outage, had removed the core to the fuel pool.

    • Oh… and the containment well would be that dark 'hole' immediately to the right of the aqua machine just north of the SFP.

  • truthseek truthseek

    I could / imagine / envision that they ARE disassembling the carcass of the demolished building to reduce falling hazards and to enable greater access to …do something.., anything to further "progress" with rapidly declining state os affairs… We all collectively realize that it is too late already… : (

    • If they really want to reduce falling hazards, they'd better get busy on those seriously sagging roof struts, asap. I presume those will have to go before they can remove the rest of the side wall panels and supports. I would not want to be the person they assign to that big torch high wire act.

      • Joy please look at the tepco webcam discussion.

        for the last 3 hours that there have been really massive emissions at fukushima.

        I have screen shots of the beginning of the emissions. They appeared to be coming from the top right corner of unit 1, from the top of unit 2 and from the vicinity of unit 3

        The emissions eventually clouded out the entire view of the plant.

        The color of the smog from the emissions was smoky mauve.

        Now it is impossible to see anything at the plant on the tepco webcam.

        The color is a dirty looking yellowish gray

        I know you don't have the bandwidth to view the cams directly but the discussion is pretty specific on the webcam forum

        I'm interested in your interpretation

        I know you've been warning that the coriums might reach the sea but these emissions seem to be coming directly from the units

        although, i suppose the emissions could follow the path of the corium up out of the ground?

  • truthseek truthseek

    Ditto JoyB

    I would not want to go anywhere near Japan, much less work on this mess…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    There has been greater emissions in the last few hours..
    Radioactive material and water don't mix very well.
    But it will be hard to discern at the moment.
    Fukushima is known for it's real clouds.

  • Okay, I am confused. Isn't the SFP below the rectangular hole in the far left side of the photos? If so, that would make the yellow ovate sphere, and the blue machine two floors above the SFP.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi Flap, the SFP is the white tarp-covered area in the 1st picture above. See the pics from the press tour last week on, where the folks stand next to it. You'll recognize it there.

  • Insight

    Majia, I believe Zirconium fires are occuring due to loss of coolant on the fuel. This is releasing massive amounts of radiation into the atmosphere.

    • Thanks for your insight, Insight!

    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      Insight: Bet there is water in SFP4. The coriums are giving off the high radiation we're seeing these days. And perhaps SFP1,2,&3 if they can't get in to work on them.

  • Insight

    Nothing puts out a zirconium fire, water can not stop it.

  • Insight

    Every time a reactor core is offloaded into a spent pool the risk of a zirconium fire increases as a result of the substantial thermal energy emitted by the newly discharged fuel. Now that's what I call an Occupational Safety Hazard!

  • I have decided the yellow sphere in the photo is an inflatable ball that performs the same function as a hydraulic jack.

  • Toadmac

    Dont know if I missed something but, it looks to me like there has been a fire between these two photo's? Contrast or rust maybe? Either way, the building does not look good! It's a miracle that water is in the SFP by the looks of those melted/burned/exploded holes right next to pool?
    Wish we could get a hold of all the video that governments have! I have no doubt there was more than one camera pointed at this facility 24/7 during this disaster. They will have them guaranteed!

  • Insight

    Zirconium Cladding is the outer layer of the fuel rods, standing between the coolant and the nuclear fuel.
    Cladding prevents radioactive fission fragments from escaping the fuel into the coolant and contaminating it.
    So when the zirconium cladding burns so does the nuclear fission fragments… as philiupnorth is describing. There is no stopping a zirconium/nuclear fission fire not even FEM-12 SC.
    The real problem is in the meltdown of reactors #1,2&3.
    The fission is occuring underground and eventually it could blow the entire site sky high. Does anyone think I am exaggerating? Please… anyone?

    • Sam Sam

      No you are not exaggerating. It definitely is one catastrophic variable
      there on site among many equally as dangerous. It takes a very strong psychic
      disposition to stay on this site –it is a paradox on being here
      and taking in all this. In my humble view point, one has to come to terms with
      Death and one's own death and then what's left is a deep living in the here and now.
      It really is not helpful to your health to let the anxiety overwhelm you. how you
      manage that is your path. Others here have recommended to limit one's viewing here.

      • Bobby1

        Sam, the problem is some people are already sick, and not only is the future bleak, but the here and now sucks too. I am fortunate to have loved ones who believe me and respect me, but the situation with professional colleagues is extremely depressing. It is very hard to try to single-handedly mount some kind of professional response to this catastrophe, when you are dealing with radiation symptoms already, and colleagues who formerly could be trusted to help have their heads in the sand like ostriches.

        • Sam Sam

          My heart goes out to you. I reach out to you and
          give you a gentle bear hug. may peace be with you

          I too one day may be in the same place.
          I have some silent cancer living with in me.
          I think often about the ionizing radiation
          affecting me and hastening the day when the
          silent cancer will flame out. It is not easy for
          me too to be in the here and now but I try.

    • blackrain66

      it will continue for hundreds of thousands of years.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Insight, I don't think you're exaggerating with your revised version.

      For a "zirconium fire" (4:38) there was hope. For a "zirconium/nuclear fission fire"… not so much, at least not on a human time scale.

      • I feel the real danger is the fuel burning away at all the non combustable entities. Leaving only the highly reactive fragments to interact together…

        Thought experiment of the day:

        I view the corium as essentially a one gallon gasoline can, with the addition of 4 gallons of water nestled neatly away in a five gallon open metal container, sitting on top a burner…

        Now in time enough water will evaporate leaving mainly the flammable products of the gasoline intact… Eventually the burner will ignite the gasoline. As the receding of water will fail to moderate the ignition of the combustable materials…

        In Fukushima's case for everyday that the fuel cells remains 'unmoderated', is essentially much more dangerous than the next…
        Should the fuel be completely unmoderated from neutron interaction; A hyper-criticality (Nuclear implosion) could occur due to any two masses of counter-reactive materials 'marrying' each other within the corium masses…

        • Tepco is taking their sweet ass time, an 'asset' that I 'feel' they have much too little of…
          I hope that they decide to un-fuel the reactors as soon and safely as possible… Yet again it is likely too late to make it to the source of the corium in reactor 1. As I indeed feel that the fuel has already breached all containment. So in truth I mainly "PRAY", that the mazes of containment breaches, are enabling a constant supply of fresh boron to travel to the corium…

          While also 'praying' that there is not a sediment layer growing on top of the corium which is hampering the ability to cool and moderate the fission taking place.

          I also hope that if this system is 'working' *Cough*; That it will hold up until the tepco team can efficiently find some way to contain the runaway fuel…

          This is exactly why fukushima is a ticking time bomb… (michiu kaku).

          Even as recently as this morning reactor unit 1 had seemed to be venting emissions…

          I think its time that international militaries and scientific bodies collaborated and designed a joint effort to address this slinky. Before… well…
          I suppose the end of the world.

    • truthseek truthseek

      Spot on, NO exaggeration here,

    • chrisk9

      Personally I believe that the biggest danger by far are the spent fuel pools. Unit #4's spent fuel pool has 1500 fuel bundles in the fuel pool. Reactors 1-3 have something like 300 bundles apiece in them. Failure of any of the fuel pools puts a lot more material in the equation.

      With that said no one really has any knowledge of what is going on with the fuel in reactors 1-3. We do know that the fuel has greatly melted and some quantity has escaped the reactor pressure vessel into the drywell basement at least. Has it gone through the concrete pedestal and into the ground below? We may never know. I do know that no one is ever going to go down and look, much less remove anything.

      As time goes on these coriums become thermally cooler and disperse more and in my opinion become less of a threat for any catastrophe. But that said they will continue to ooze radioactive material into the air and water. That will be an ongoing problem for a long time. And since no one has ever seen anything like this before this I could be wrong. There are no experts here on what is happening underground.

      The pictures above show the spent fuel pool under the tarp, the large round object is the drywell head, and to the right of the fuel pool under the debris mover is the reactor cavity. I do not fell better about the fuel pool after looking at those pictures. How would you feel about the structure of your house if you removed a wall or two and part of the roof?

  • mem mem

    Good point Sam, it really does take a strong psychic disposition to keep reading the news here. Sometimes I check in the morning and I feel so deeply depressed all day – that's usually a sign to me that I need a few days off.

    Absorbing the information here is a unique kind of horror, and having some days that are very scary and depressing is normal I think. How can we conceive of this without feeling more sad-scared-angry than ever before?

    I'm not sure our brains are wired to handle understanding how bad the news is here, especially on a global level. We all have to take care of ourselves to balance out our weird position of knowing something so horrible without official information. Plus it's hard to get support when most people in our lives refuse to talk about Fukushima.

    Stay strong everyone, and take breaks when your mind tells you it needs time to process. It's important to find comfort and peace somehow to even out the anxiety. Let it remind you how you really want to spend your days.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      + a million
      And finding the likeminded people in real life helps a lot. Start something positive.

    • truthseek truthseek


      – I have to take breaks – at times.
      But not that often, I am too damn concerned
      and want to know what is happening.

      Like mndedness is comforting
      And keeping me somewhat sane.

    • demo demo

      It'd be great if some very kind person would set up an alert system whereby we who cannot watch unit 4 "like a hawk" could sign up to be alerted by cell phone text, phone message, or email if/when unit 4 collapses. Please, anybody willing to do that?

      Rumi is comforting, too, and music, physical exercise, anything fun in community. Everyone, pls take care of yourselves and each other as best we can, emotionally as well as physically.

    • truthseek truthseek

      Skizexq, I emperically believe that it was an ACT OF WAR…
      THe whole 9.0 earthquake is not accurate. Something IS UP
      that we are not being told about. Too many holes and things
      which make make NO SENSE, like the inactivity of all
      governments and complete clampdown of critical
      news and details. There is no official story,
      consensus or place to start.

      Armeggedon just happened to begin in Japan
      and not the middle east, according to plan…
      The timeline to get this all started
      was an imperative.

  • Insight

    Medication that can protect humans against nuclear radiation has been developed by Jewish-American scientists in cooperation with a researcher and investors from Israel.,7340,L-3748014,00.html

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      Thanks, Insight. I wonder if we can give the shot to the phytoplankton who produce 70% of the oxygen on our planet.

      Have you submitted these links to Admin for their own thread?

  • jackassrig

    I want to know how much that backhoe weighs. I don't think the cranes they have out there now could pick that bad boy up. Knowing TEPCO's track record, it would not surprise me if they stationed a hulk up there to make us think they are doing something.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi jackassrig, have a look at these pictures from the press tour (especially pic 5/6).
      You can see the backhoe very clearly. It must have been lifted up there by the cranes, I think.

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        B&B and jackassrig, Nabekai's specialty is "high-reach demolition". There are several very impressive photos and clips online of their big equipment working on big projects. (All heavy equipment seems to have fanboy YT clips).

        Anyway, what struck me is that they did not use their high-reach expertise here. We're looking at something with conventional reach, I think. Seems a bit odd, but I assume they have their reasons.

        As for the weight of it, one of your linked photos seems to show one of the big Putzmeister cranes hooked to a 70 tonne concrete object. I'm not energetic enough to dig for more information than that, but I have a feeling it could all be found online if anyone wants it enough.

        B&B, did you notice the "police" label on the chest of one of the white-suited figures in your linked photos? Wonder what that is about – escort for the politician? fear that someone will take a souvenir? crowd control? Hmmn.

        Great photos, by the way. I had only seen a couple of them before. That rebar all over the place looks like frayed thread. Hard to understand the scale of it.

        Oh… all the photos say "tsunami-crippled". Curse them.

        "Nabekai owns the most high-reach demolition equipment in the world":

  • Insight

    NoNukes, I have not submitted the links.
    The drug,Protectan, was in development 5 years ago(2008).
    It should now be ready for mass distribution. This is such an important discovery I am wondering why it has not made front page news.
    I am trying to find out if this drug is available to the public.

    • Sam Sam

      The Promethean archetype at work here; A drug to shield us from radiation.
      Leaving aside the question of whether or not it will work or is possible, I have to
      always marvel at the genius of the human spirit to invent and hope that these
      new inventions are a benefit to humanity. The Nobel Prize began out of the guilt of
      Alfred Nobel, a Promethean to the core. Two sides of the same coin–Destruction and
      Life giving forces. The Nobel is for life enhancing work.
      Atomic energy is the work of the Promethean archetype. Pandora's box has been opened
      and now we are at a loss as to how to deal with Nuclear Meltdowns, SFp's, coriums.
      radiation in all strata of life. The Promethean hope is to find a way out.
      Here comes the hope for a Pill to protect us. Not so fast to have hope with this one.
      The sanest act we humans can do right now is to stop using nuclear reactors to boil
      water to make electricity. Shut them down so as not to further proliferate our destruction.

    • Bobby1

      Time for the gold rush to cash in from Fukushima. There's big $$$ in that plutonium we're all eating, drinking and breathing.

      • Sam Sam

        Lets have an inventor who is for closing down all nuclear plants
        make a billion on some "miracle cure". Might as well have those
        who have hope for salvation contribute to the cause. Too bad
        Bill Gates has his head full of fuel rods and can't seem to have
        the highest priority now on this Earth in focus. Stop all Nuclear.

  • Insight

    NoNukes, it has been discovered that E. Coli does more than just make people sick — it can also be used to clean up nuclear waste, according to researchers at Birmingham University. The research team found that E. Coli bacteria effectively breaks down phytic acid (a phosphate storage material found in seeds) and releases the phosphate molecules, which bind to uranium to create a uranium phosphate precipitate. The precipitate can be harvested to recover uranium, and voila – no more nuclear waste.

    Here's a thought…If scientists could bio-engineer E. Coli to clean the oceans and not harm living tissue, that could be a help. Throw in a little nano-tec bit of metal that can be picked up by a large magnet that sweeps the ocean(pulled behind ships?) then the nuclear material could be harvested from the ocean) Ha… a bit of imaginary wishful thinking here,so far out of the box that it fell on the floor. Oops,
    this is not the blog to talk about things falling onto the floor! Pardon me!

    • Sam Sam

      Insight; Keep on thinking out of the box. I salute your
      Promethean endeavors. For every solution there arises
      a new problem. Sometimes the solutions are worse
      than the problem. We really need to think through the
      implications of any solutions we advance to "save"
      us from this ongoing Nuclear disaster.
      Again, stopping all nuclear power plants is the first

      • Insight

        You are absolutely correct, Sam. Every country needs to shut down their nuclear plants. Unfortunately, the nations of the world will not all agree to that humanitarian goal.

        • Sam Sam

          Unfortunately the reality is that nuclear will not be
          shut down. The human imagination will always come
          up with some savior solution which is pie in the sky.
          For the last 60 odd years it have been UFO's coming
          to Earth to save us. for a moment it was thought that
          a UFO landed on the roof of Unit 4. The archetype is
          alive and well.

  • glowfus

    did anyone expect to see a enormous difference in pics from last year? that hole in the south wall still there, rubble everywhere, some pillars removed, just tent the thing.

  • glowfus

    the radioactive waterfalls from the holes and sfp are etched into the buildings paint. apparently, the large south hole had the largest waterfall.

    • Sam Sam

      Has tepco assed the structural integrity of the concrete and rebar
      on the south wall of the waterfall?
      How long will these walls hold before the shake bakes us all.

  • glowfus

    of course the large hole with the large waterfall goes to a large fuel pond. what is inside it now or what was inside it when she blew is anyones guess along with what pool that was.