New pics of Reactor No. 3 show crane has collapsed onto leaking containment vessel (VIDEO)

Published: October 20th, 2011 at 10:46 am ET


Oct. 19 — Watch the latest video by Fairewinds’ Chief Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen, New TEPCO Photographs Substantiate Significant Damage to Fukushima Unit 3.

At 0:55 in

In the center of Reactor No. 3, the roof has collapsed… The crane has collapsed in the center of building… The roof has collapsed almost straight down on the crane… the containment is underneath the crane…

Published: October 20th, 2011 at 10:46 am ET


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39 comments to New pics of Reactor No. 3 show crane has collapsed onto leaking containment vessel (VIDEO)

  • Admin this video has already been posted…

    Nuclear Engineer: Radioactive steam continuously leaking out of Reactor No. 3 — It’s important to recognize how serious damage is at this reactor (VIDEO)

    So this is a repeat article.

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      it doesn’t matter, this article and especially the video, is new news to me…

      I figured something out about my Geiger counter… when I put new batteries in it, it takes a while for it to get going again, which is why it was measuring 0 for a while. So now I am pretty sure that it is measuring accurately. Good to know, although the levels are somewhat concerning…

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      New to me also. Tacoma, why complain about a duplicate video posting? It is a very good video and should be viewed more than once by most people anyhow……

    • Steven Steven


      LOL just kidding Taco, couldn’t resist 😀

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Taco. It was only posted in someone’s blog as far as I know. Do you have a link to the contrary?

  • alasanon

    Has anyone else noticed that Guiliana Rancic, the charismatic E! News television personality, has taken ill with breast cancer??! She’s only 36 or 37 and living the good life. I was cringing to watch her running around Hollywood and S. California throughout the worst fallout of Fukushima wearing her miniskirts and seemingly eating & drinking whatever, without a care! I had hoped her positive attitude would protect her. The only time she wasn’t being heavily exposed was when she covered the Royal Wedding in England. And now she’s seriously sick with breast cancer in both breasts!!… It doesn’t run in the family. And it’s not because she’s not fit or very wealthy or doesn’t have a caring husband and support system. She seems great and I hope she can wake up to protecting her health!!! First, Steve Jobs struck down, next Guiliana, after being on the West Coast???…It’s rather odd that she now has cancer. 🙁

    • Bobby1

      “If her cancer is not affected by estrogen, she may undergo surgery, radiation and chemo…”

      Let’s see, in addition to Fuku, she got more radiation exposure from the mammogram, now they might exposure her to further radiation for “therapy”.

      It’s all perfectly safe, nothing to see here…

      • alasanon

        I also think she wears too much chemical-laden make-up and flies cross-country every week or so… Regardless, that is way too early to contract cancer and have your private parts removed!! She is scheduled for 6 weeks of destructive chemo. Think twice, Guiliana! She seems to have no clue about gearing down these obstacles to her health! 🙁

        READ Recent ALERT from anti-nuke non-profit:

        Title is “Atomic Radiation is More Harmful to Women”

        Women are at a 50% greater risk for cancer than men now due to their smaller size and larger amount of reproductive hormonal tissues in their bodies. (including breasts, ovaries, glands, uterus, etc.)

  • Bleifrei Bleifrei

    5 min ago i saw bubble the melk in a video on fukushima-diary

    The Hell at Work

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Mothers in Nuclear – Yes, They Do Exist
    Your comment is awaiting moderation:
    “While I applaud Mothers in the Nuclear field, one question remains in my mind: WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN IN FUKUSHIMA JAPAN? Don’t you think they should be evacuated due to the high levels of Radiation? At this rate, children in all regions of Japan live on a land of radioactivity, radiation-tainted food and are breathing air of radioactivity. At this point, Japan is destroyed. So WHY not at the very least, Evacuate the Japanese children?
    A very concerned American MOTHER”

    • Erin

      Whoopie – did you write that? GOOD questions!

      p.s. check your e-mail! 😉

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        I will Erin. Outnow just asked Atoms:
        “If you can condition people to live under such circumstan­ces, I commend your psychologi­cal conditioni­ng programs for nuclear PR. Why trade an energy shortage for a destroyed country? It (Japan) will never be the same”
        (so true – these Tools have no SOUL imo)

        • Erin

          Very good point! If not for conditioning, I highly doubt we’d be willing to accept being poisoned. I keep thinking of the frogs in the pot of slowly warming water analogy. It’s all good until it’s not, and by then it’s too late.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            I proud to call Outnow my friend too. Without the HP posters and you guys, I’d still be in the dark about Nuclear and Radiation. Well you and 3/11 (the NEW 9/11)

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        GOOD TO GO ERIN!! I’m excited and proud to be your friend!

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Whoopie, of course you are absolutely right. It is the only rational and caring thing to do, but, the Japanese people are not going to ask outsiders for help. It must be offered and then it will be accepted. It is time to start knocking on the doors of our representatives, schools, places of worship, community organizations.

      I’m also wondering if government immigration restrictions are an issue, too. I’d love to see a flotilla of cruise ships filled with radiation refugees making their way back and forth from Japan to countries with less radiation.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Hey! You guys ever see this Place?
    The Nuclear Resister

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Anyone live in N.Carolina? (go protest maybe?)
    “Charlotte Nuclear Leaders: Celebrating the Past, Racing Towards the Future”
    January 30-31, 2012
    Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel
    Charlotte, NC

  • StillJill StillJill

    “Celebrating the Past, Racing Towards the Future”
    January 30-31, 2012
    Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel
    Charlotte, NC

    Whoopie,….that is simply disgusting! I’m trying to keep food DOWN my friend! 🙂

  • Friends….just wait till some terrorist transports and drops off radiated objects or some of the radiated floating junk off Hawaii, to Populated spots in cities of Japan, USA or Europe or the Capital Bldgs in Tokyo or Washington.

    red red wine

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I really have been LEFT SPEECHLESS today. I don’t know what to do or say. Japan is GONE. And we’re left looking at a very sick and dying country ourselves.

      • Human0815

        Dear Whoopie-San,
        please do not look at Japan as a dead Place,
        we are here still alive (and kicking),
        some People even still marry and getting Kids!

        I remember your kind of Feeling after the Tschernobyl Catastrophe’86 but the Humankind is going on, always going on because this is our Destiny!

        You know,Life comes and Life go
        sometimes Rain and sometimes Sun
        you will never know what future hold 4 U
        and you can’t change your past
        the only thing you can do
        is live now, at exact this moment
        always do your best to enjoy this Life

        Kindly Regards

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          I’m sorry I said that. Really. It was very rude. 🙁

          • Human0815

            Only rude to your self 😉

            The Human History is full of death, plagues, war, genocide, natural catastrophes, etc.,
            but always we continue to grow, not only in size and number and also intellectual!

            To feel sad and depressed is the wrong way,
            remember: the Life is/ means Suffering,
            only a enlighten Death means a real End!

          • shockwave shockwave


            Don’t be so sure! The danger of nuclear tech we have now is far beyond any catastrophes you mentioned. E=mc^2! It’s like a pistol played by a kid.

            And you forget the possibility that several catastrophes come together. Nuke, GM food, virus, illness (especially new tuberculosis), destruction of environment…

            These may not kill all human, but they are sufficient to backward our civilization. Do you have faith in those who survive all these never repeating the same mistakes we made?

        • roxy

          what happened to yur perfect english that came up in one post? now your back to your japanese english, and you admitted to being a westerner living in japan, probably hired by TEPCO, LOL!! what a job?
          Even though no matter what you say, we all know whats going on in Japan, we know its a land bound to be doomed, ifnot already, and we just want the word to get out so the governments will be forced to come together and do something ?? surely there is some way, all of the options and avenues we have spoken about here and its not possible to do what they did at Chernobyl.. no point in down playing the scenario, we need global attention, starting with you the japanese citizens, and the many humans we have in this world, white black purple whatever colour YOu are we are out to save YOU !

  • …or by some Pissed off, Radiated Japanese Citizen who has nothing to lose.

    r r w

  • StillJill StillJill

    I think that what’s about to ‘come ashore’,….will be the most STARK and PROFOUND, PHYSICAL, TANGIBLE proof,….of their LIE,….= ‘We’ will have found the poopy diaper.

  • To feel sad and depressed is the wrong way,
    remember: the Life is/ means Suffering,
    only a enlighten Death means a real End!

    Says who? Japan has built a nuclear poison factory which it can’t control. History in the making a unprecedented disaster.

    I think it is only natural to feel sad and depressed. I have 2 small children and my government suppressed details of radiation measurements in my country across the Pacific Ocean from yours.

    I’m quite happy to be rude and disrespectful to you in Japan. You build good cars and stereos but crappy nuclear power stations on fault lines. Your mistakes may effect my children.

    I see little enlightenment in Japan. Just money hungry corruption. No intellectual growth either. If you can accept your governments lies and radioactive food in school cafeterias good for you. I will show you no respect. The story isn’t over. Your country may not be doomed but many more people will have shortened lives with painful deaths. If your Japanese you have nothing to be proud of.

  • Life doesn’t mean/is suffering. Life is about happiness goodness and love. If in Japan life is/means suffering that is just your belief system no wonder your in the mess you are in. I don’t buy it.

    • Finch Finch

      Dear Mark,
      that’s the buddhist teaching: sarva dukkha, everything is suffering. BUT
      he didn’t mean, that you have to suffer lifetime long! This is a complete misinterpretation. It means: the CRAVING for things you want and the REJECTING of things you don’t like is suffering. Get rid of the craving and the rejection of reality and accept reality as it is (without interpretations). This is the way out of the suffering, which means Nirodha. Nirodha is putting out the flames and this leads to Nirvana. Nirvana is the clear calm reality of the Universe as it is, without making distinctions of good and bad.
      Sad thing is that Gautama Buddha’s teaching was heavily misinterpreted through “Buddhism” as well as Jesus Christ was heavily abused by “Christianity”.And all the other religious figures.

  • desert_lady desert_lady

    James Corbett of the Corbett Report just started a new website Fukushima Update He interviewed Arnie Gundersen today. He lives in western Japan and is linking a lot of stories from Enenews. I’ve listened to his podcasts for 3 years, a solid investigator who asks the right questions. Glad to see him on-board, finally. He said he’s been extremely busy but I begged him to PLEASE DO SOMETHING for the sake of Japan’s children!

    • Mack Mack

      Thank you for posting this.

      More good insight from Arnie about the nuclear industry. Some points I picked up, but definitely watch the video for more:

      >Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) carries a lot of political weight.

      >Since 1994, there hasn’t been a commissioner that wasn’t vetted by the Nuclear Energy Institute.

      >Sen. Pete Domenici — met with chairman of NRC at the time and “she said he forced her to speed up licensing because he threatened to cut the budget in half.” (Sen. Domenici brags about that in his book.)

      >Sellafield stopping Mox plant.

      >Arnie firmly believes a million additional cancers in Japan in next 20 years due to Fukushima incident. He’s concerned this won’t be properly recorded due to government and industry pressures (downplaying)…saw that at TMI and Chernobyl. Difference is now we have the internet.

      >Next 5 years, increase in thyroid and lung cancers. In about ten years you’ll begin to see the organ cancers.

      >Cost is $20 billion for new nuclear plant and when it breaks it breaks for good. Nuclear is not cheap.

      >Nuclear priesthood may still want nuclear power, BUT…

      >Wall Street and Main Street don’t want nuclear power.

      >This all started because of the weapons program.