New radiation spikes detected in multiple countries — Mystery deepens as officials work to triangulate source — Nuclear Expert: “It is serious… likely means a continuing release still going on”

Published: March 29th, 2017 at 8:53 am ET


Barents Observer, Mar 23, 2017 (emphasis added): Another tiny measurement of radioactive iodine at Svanhovd — The very small amount of radioactive iodine was measured… between March 6 to 13… This is the second time this winter that radioactive iodine is measured at Svanhovd [in Norway]. Following the traces measured in January, a series of tweets started to spread claiming the source to be a possible Russian nuclear weapon test… Ongoing release? Nuclear physicist with the Bellona Foundation, Nils Bøhmer, says this second period of measurement indicates that there are some kind of ongoing releases. “If it is iodine-131, it is serious because that likely means a continuing release still going on. Iodine-131 has a half-life of only 8 days, so what was measured in January are long gone,” Bøhmer says to the Barents Observer. A possible ongoing release is supported by measurements in Finland a week before the trace was detected in Norway’s northeasternmost corner…

Bellona, Mar 27, 2017: New radioactive Iodine detected in Norway and Finland – more breaking fake news likely to follow — The mystery surrounding a release of iodine over Europe in January deepened earlier this month as a second minor spike of radiation again tripped sensors in Svandhovd, Norway, the Barents Observer reported accurately in an article that will doubtless be followed several false ones from other sources. The new spike, according to instruments monitored by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, was measured between March 6 and 13, and, according to Bellona physicist and general director Nils Bøhmer, strongly suggest the iodine release is ongoing… As such, the iodine measurements have become the stuff of Internet legend and fuel for conspiracies, and the newest reports will likely spur further theories… A Twitter fire that started in Europe ­– after the reports of the iodine were confirmed by French nuclear authorities in January– spat out 140-character speculation that a nuclear bomb test in Russia, or even an accident at the Kola Nuclear Power Plant, were to blame… RIA Novosti falsely cited reports in Britain’s Independent and the Barents Observer to make its case that the suspicious radiation spike was coming from Ukraine… [W]here the iodine is coming from is still not clear. But nuclear authorities in Finland and Norway are taking the work of trying to triangulate its source seriously.

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And: ‘Mystery’: Radiation spikes being detected in many countries — US military secretly deploys ‘nuclear sniffer’ aircraft — Radioactivity levels quadrupled — Officials: Iodine-131 is “proof of rather recent release… the origin of which is still unknown”

Published: March 29th, 2017 at 8:53 am ET


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98 comments to New radiation spikes detected in multiple countries — Mystery deepens as officials work to triangulate source — Nuclear Expert: “It is serious… likely means a continuing release still going on”

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Somebody (Russia) knows damn well what's going on.
    Somebody better fess up!

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

    Top US Nuclear Physicist: “Iodine-131 will be lethal after ingestion of 30 billionths of a gram”…
    By ENENews, on April 13th, 2015

    And don't forget all the radioactive gases emitted by nuclear reactors that cause climate warming and huge storms [Krypton-85, etc.]. And then there are 2,000 other radionuclides being created each and every day that destroy the human genome, death, disease, and suffering.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Note how quick the authors are to jump on the "fake news" bandwagon.

  • freebywill

    Study showing peppermint as a possible radiation damage protective.

    [paper title]

    Mentha piperita as a pivotal neuro-protective agent against gamma irradiation induced DNA fragmentation and apoptosis

    [ from the abstract ]
    " Furthermore, the aforementioned effects of Mentha extracts through down-regulation of P53 expression and up-regulation of Bcl2 domain protected brain structure from extensive damage. Therefore, Mentha extract seems to have a significant role to ameliorate the neuronal injury induced by gamma irradiation."

    Online version

    downloadable pdf

    [ Peppermint is easily grown in the garden and is actually an invasive if not tended to. Makes a good hanging plant. ]

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    The definition of nuclear insanity in Japan: doing the same thing over and over (operating, re-starting nuclear reactors, demonstrated to be unsafe) in a seismically and volcanically active nation), and expecting different results from the past.

  • Horse Horse

    A couple of Russian nuclear subs have sank in the Barents Sea.

    wiki –
    The Russian government has declared the risk of radioactive contamination of the environment negligible until 2015 or 2025.[citation needed]

    If they can't find a land based source its possible one of the sunken reactors could be releasing I1131.

  • Isthmus

    Obe When I was young, I found out living with nature was the antidote for living with society, perhaps the American Indians can share some of that, but then they have their society's now too. Where's the breath of fresh air?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      I live in nature everyday and love every bit of it..outside all day long.. today splitting wood. Not sure there will ever be fresh air ever again unless we change our ways. The planet is very small and all that goes on daily travels the globe unabated within the jet streams and ocean currents.. night time is a polluters heaven these days as the profit from our quest for more of everything fills their dirty pockets..

      The Indians need to come up to speed and many are very wealthy there is no reason for them and theirs not to try and save their only home..Mother Earth/Nature.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      The Native Americans are giving it a good go..
      They will be able to say they tried..

      Native Americans Bring Dakota Pipeline Protest To Trump’s Doorstep
      March 10 2017

      The masses have fought long and hard for the right to be open racists.
      Things never change.

      A Caucasian street urchin can still verbally abuse the black doctor.
      Part of 'the privilege' ..I guess.

      Ted Nugent Says Native Americans Are “Unclean Dipsh*ts”

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Ted is a fool..if any Indians are dirty then his kind taught them to be that way…he needs to stare in the mirror more.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Well, being white (or off-white), I'm ashamed of the D*ps**t whites who say things like that, Heart. They're more than just clueless.

        Glad the Native Americans are trying to redress the wrongs being done to them. It's wrong for them to be so disrespected, and their rights trampled on. They are treated as though they have no rights, even in their own Sovereign nations.

        It looks like nothing has changed since over a hundred years ago.


        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Yes.. but it's more than that.
          They call themselves the "Water Protectors".
          Tribal rights and grievances come second.
          It's a poor time to be working, out some of the 'truths self-evident' .. like racism, class warfare, sexism..
          Many of these things should have been worked out the lengthy time that Humans have been on the planet.. or say in the last 100 years.
          Though looking like a grand time, to defend those causes.. but it is a diversion from the contest.
          Simple as that.
          It's those that defend Mother Earth v. those, that chose to destroy it.
          Simple as that.

          Simple as that.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            And time is of the essence…always.

          • Jebus Jebus

            Amen Sister.

            The point in time at which the flock/school acts as one, to survive…

          • DUDe DUDe

            "..It's a poor time to be working, out some of the 'truths self-evident' .. like racism, class warfare, sexism..
            Many of these things should have been worked out the lengthy time that Humans have been on the planet.. or say in the last 100 years.
            Though looking like a grand time, to defend those causes.. but it is a diversion from the contest.
            Simple as that.
            It's those that defend Mother Earth v. those, that chose to destroy it.."

            "..Many of these things should have been worked out the lengthy time that Humans have been on the planet.."

            Yes..soo true.., but they/we diddent..if they/we would have..those that chose to destroy it would be in much smaller numbers and not winning..soo , round and round we go..a diversion from the contest..or stick solely with the contest and be made "unheard"..while the predator monster agenda and its ignorant enablers mauls on..

            And the "natural selection" sink/swim or get to the top and control mechanisme that results from the bad guy's being allowed to win and shape/optimise the system for themselves continues to favor and reinforce the fascist , selfish psycho's genes..


      • DUDe DUDe

        The Keystone pipeline will create just 35 permanent jobs. Don't believe the lies

        "..We cannot pollute our way to prosperity. If President Trump doesn’t own up to that, he will face a backlash.."

        "..This review represented the greatest hope in years for a return to the principle that Native American tribes must be consulted, not merely notified, before major federal actions affecting them are undertaken. That principle is now being scrapped by the Trump administration in the name of temporary job creation.

        This is self-defeating. Not only will these pipelines not create the jobs President Trump needs to fulfill his extravagant promises – the state department formally estimated that Keystone XL, which also faced considerable Native American objections, will create only 35 permanent positions – they will harm his relationships with Indian Country and lead to more of the widespread protests he clearly despises.
        Donald Trump's first 100 days as president – daily updates
        Read more

        These actions are part and parcel of a larger delusion. We simply cannot hope to keep building oil pipelines, opening dirty factories and digging coal mines in perpetuity. The standard playbook of 30 or 40 years ago – ignore environmental concerns, do favors for big polluting industries, and expect the economy to boom – is a proven bust.."

        • DUDe DUDe

          "..The Native Americans are giving it a good go..
          They will be able to say they tried.."

          While a duopoly delivered "amurican president" (nuff said about peace right there) couldent dodge a nobel price being trowed his way for a bit unclear reasons, except PR reasons..these real peaceful Native Americans protectors receive nothing but the short side of the stick since like forever..


          U.S. Police Are Shooting Natives Americans At A Higher Rate Than They Are Even Killing Black People

          Current statistics also show that US police kill citizens at a rate over 70 times higher than other “developed”, “democratic” nations.


          And treaties breaker trump thinks the problem is with the "lack of respect" for "law and order" and the "good people" working in uniform..the remains of my dead goldfish i had as a child is capable of more common sense then that man..

  • sentinelle sentinelle

    "As such, the iodine measurements have become the stuff of Internet legend and fuel for conspiracies, and the newest reports will likely spur further theories… "

    LOL! Best laugh I've had for a while.

    Darn those people who theorize when the truth is hidden and lies are told! They get in the way every time!

  • Isthmus

    I almost married a beautiful Osage girl, she's still in my heart to the end and more. That was pure nature, then came the world of artificial people in Hollywood, then the plastic, how can the masses know what nature is ?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      They don't..they see it as a bother…so foolish they have all become while being taught that chasing the almighty dollar "is" our new nature.

      Everything is upside down.. 🙁

      • These are pretty important in reference to west coast health impacts. Linking discharges and medical / health problems from the crisis to usa residents.

        Probably should archive em. They might get taken offline- pretty damaging news in this berkeley dump. Completely changes the 'understanding' of what was and wasn't reported to our public.

    • Horse Horse

      EBSCOhost login required.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Uh, Tacomagroove, what are we supposed to see when we click through on the links? Just get a login page.

      • I think they took off the user privledges?

        You can place the terms in the searchbox. I suggest you add +'.pdf'

        Example fukushima +.pdf or iodine +.pdf

        Its U.Berkeleys archive overviewing their past work in isotope identification stillbirths / deaths on west coast, and oceanic contamination levels etc.

        I have more data sets from other sources to post soon, but I wanted to read over the next batches. (New sources)-

        I have a feeling they need to be gone over just to make sure they aren't 'gonna bite me in the ass'…

        (note. I am on house arrest right now, as it is)-

        Fought a biased lawsuit all year (hence my stress and stress and stress). Between being essentially living outta luggage and doing everything I could to regain my footing in life, these last two years;
        I am just famished. Even with all (and too much help), from a good friend:

        My city took it all. Im back to square one. I Kinda want to flee america but hoping trump will change things-

        Its been a really really really really really rough year. I don't think I am long for this world- I still need to get dental surgery. But after lawyer fees and a full on year+ of fighting I finally took a plea bargain. (basically by force)- because I was stuck / helpless playing the waiting game- and I just wanted to move on with my life…

        Ive literally lost everything I have.
        Plus now there is even more debt…

        Kill me <–
        It hurts cause I tried so hard to move forward.


  • 😐

    An OBVIOUS Radioactive RELEASE with an unknown source. This proves once again that Nuclear is NOT SAFE.

    1. How safe is something that nobody can tell where it's coming from?


    2. Somebody is not telling the truth, because an admission would be the same as saying it NOT SAFE.

    Nuclear = Insanely UNSAFE!

  • you all know the "speedi" software that Japan has to predict plume dispersion.

    They could run that "in reverse" in Europe and have a very good idea about the source and magnitude of the release.

    stock out

    This means "they don't want to know/let the public know"

  • Why is Nuclear and Radiation Always Covered Up When Accidents Happen?
    stock here: Indeed, they always try to cover up accidents, it is usually 3 or 4 days before they "fess up" and that is usually only after other radiation monitoring sites have busted them dead to right.

    Here is an example from old Russia, they successfully covered up a disaster they say is 4 times bigger than Chernobyl. You will never get truth from the nukists. They will knowingly poison you while trying to protect their precious technology.

  • Isthmus

    Check out post on NETC, A person in Dominica in Caribbean , just said a decrepit ship just left France with 25 tons of nuclear waste, bound for Australia via the Caribbean .

    • rogerthat

      Westinghouse Bankruptcy Puts Fate Of Four U.S. Nuclear Reactors In Limbo

      by Tyler Durden
      Mar 29, 2017
      When Westinghouse Electric filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Wednesday morning, few were surprised as the outcome was the only one which allowed the company's troubled, and near-insolvent Japanese parent, Toshiba, to continue operating, even if it meant the bankruptcy of the iconic company.

      Westinghouse was one of the originators of the nuclear age, building the world’s first commercial nuclear reactor 60 years ago. Its pressurized water reactor design is in 430 power plants and accounts for 10% of electricity generated in the world.

      However, few were prepared for the unexpected aftermath of this particular bankruptcy, which has set off a showdown between Toshiba and a major U.S. utility, has left the fate of four half-finished nuclear reactors and is threatening to drive a wedge between the US and Japanese governments over the fate of industries each considers vital.

      For those who have missed our previous discussion on the underlying cause for today's default, Westinghouse incurred billions in runaway cost overruns related to four nuclear reactors it is building in the southeastern U.S. These costs from the half-finished reactors had spiraled so large, they threatened the viability …

      • rogerthat

        of its Japanese parent company, Toshiba, which in turn has been engulfed in a series of accounting and fraud scandals in recent years, has seen its profitability plummet and whose precarious finances have attracted attention of Japan’s government.

        Admitting defeat in the nuclear business, Toshiba CEO Satoshi Tsunukawa said that “this is a de facto withdrawal from the overseas nuclear business for us. Therefore, we don’t see any more risk."

        Others, however, see substantial risk now that their claims against Westinghouse are reduced to the status of a prepetition unsecured claim.

        First and foremost, is Toshiba's now former, and quite angry customer, Tom Fanning, CEO of Southern Co., the Atlanta power company and primary owner of two of the reactors being built in Georgia, who on Wednesday characterized the completion of the reactors as an international political issue, calling it a test of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s commitments with President Donald Trump at a summit in February to help create American jobs.

        “The commitments are not just financial and operational, but there are moral commitments as well,” Mr. Fanning said in an interview from Tokyo, where he had traveled to lobby for a resolution to the mounting dispute. Quoted by the WSJ, Fanning said there are 5,000 jobs …

        • rogerthat

          directly at stake at the two Georgia reactors, jobs that could be lost if Toshiba doesn’t commit to paying billions in future costs, which it won't now that it has severed ties with its insolvent subsidiary.

          Westinghouse designed the reactors and also is building them for Southern, and contractually had agreed to shoulder cost overruns, at least until its Chapter 11 filing this morning.

          Perhaps unaware of the ramifications, Trump administration officials were quiet on the bankruptcy Wednesday.

          According to the WSJ, the U.S. Department of Energy, which has provided an $8 billion loan guarantee for the Georgia reactors, said it was in discussions with various companies. “We are keenly interested in the bankruptcy proceedings and what they mean for taxpayers and the nation,” said Lindsey Geisler, an agency spokeswoman.

          Ironically, based on a new Westinghouse design, the reactors, the first to be constructed in the U.S. in nearly four decades, were supposed to be an answer to cost overruns and delays that have dogged the nuclear power industry. We say ironically, because it is cost overruns and delays that eventually led to the company's bankruptcy. Worse, these plants are already years behind schedule in addition to causing huge losses for Toshiba.

          Toshiba said it expected to lose about $9 billion in the fiscal year ending March 31, largely because it guaranteed nearly $6 billion in Westinghouse’s obligations to Southern and Scana Corp.—the company for which…

          • rogerthat

            Westinghouse is building the other two reactors in South Carolina.

            What happens next is unclear. After the bankruptcy filing, Southern and Scana have said they would finance continued construction of the reactors for 30 days, but weren’t clear where construction funding would come from after that time. Scana also said, for the first time, that it would consider abandoning the two reactors underway if costs changed dramatically.

            More problematic are the potential political implications: Southern's CEO has made it clear he intends to escalate this to the level of an international conflict if he must. Fanning, who said he has spoken to Vice President Mike Pence, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Energy Secretary Rick Perry about the importance of completing the reactors, argued that more was at stake economically than the direct future of the facilities.

            “Westinghouse declaring bankruptcy has national security implications,” said Mr. Fanning, who also happens to be chair of the board of the Atlanta Fed.

            Fanning said the estimated cost of the entire project was roughly $16 billion, but cautioned that the companies were unsure of how much more was needed to finish the partially built reactors. The current target dates for completion of the Georgia reactors are 2019 and 2020, three years behind the original schedule.

            Richard Nephew, a fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, said Mr. Fanning appeared to be using the Trump…

            • rogerthat

              administration’s reputation for defending U.S. jobs and taking a tough stance even with allies, to his advantage.

              “This is someone who knows what the triggers are for this administration,” Mr. Nephew said. “Everyone now has a sense of what the president’s triggers are and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of companies use those triggers to gain an advantage in negotiations with foreign companies.”

              Another problem is the overall viability of nuclear energy. Toshiba casting away Westinghouse is merely the latest indication of an industry in turmoil, demonstrated recently by Siemens' decision to abandon the industry, Areva SA’s financial and safety problems, the falling market value of China General Nuclear Power Group and the junk-bond status of Russia’s Atomenergoprom.

              “I don’t see how this can mean anything but even greater cost growth for the plants under construction and an unacceptable risk for any that are under consideration,” said Fred Beach, assistant director of the Energy Institute at the University of Texas at Austin.

              Meanwhile, the biggest threat from the bankruptcy is fallout in the already tense diplomatic relations between the US and Japan.

              A Japanese government official said the U.S. had not raised Mr. Fanning’s complaints with the Abe administration and that there had been no request for help to keep the projects alive. …

              • rogerthat

                “This is a private company’s business and operation,” the person said.

                It will hardly remain that way, and it remains to be seen what will happen if and when Trump demands that Japan make whole the US companies that were cheated by Toshiba's decision.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    (Doing a little dance.
    Smiling a lot.)
    Big smile: 🙂

    Our utility is building a third solar farm.
    They want customers to pay a premium on their bills for solar.
    The utility owns atomic power plants.
    They are finding solar power is cheaper than atomic power.
    So much so that the atomic plants will now be decommissioned.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

    The costs of nuclear energy just keep on rising. If we could, we would stop this madness
    28 March 2017

    “The nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan, has hugely ratcheted up the cost of new nuclear build…”

  • Sol Man

    What would the nukists rather have: a healthy genome and world for their progeny, or piles of government guaranteed taxpayer funded fiat for creating horrible problems that can not be fixed.

  • More big solutions from Japan –

    Japan considering using Fukushima soil for public parks

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Nuclear power just gets more and more expensive, while solar PV gets less and less expensive.
    In 2010, solar was at parity with nuclear.
    Since then, solar became cheaper than nuclear, and the gap continues to widen.
    Here are the numbers:

    Yet, the federal government continues to subsidize nuclear, while dropping federal support for solar.
    Bags of money are changing hands, you betcha! 😉

  • Sol Man

    What could be more expensive, and disastrous, than a genome in disarray, not just personally for for any of life's creatures? It'll keep getting "zinged."


    Very disturbing how this event is worded by "media down players"!!!!

    Not only is it VERY deadly and destructive to the environment as a whole, it's also a sign of fresh fission in our world and IS ALWAYS accompanied by 1000's of other deadly isotopes.

    Any reporting on testing of other fission products? Cesium, Strontium, etc.?

    None that I've seen, please post links to broad test results if anyone has them…

    I131 is the canary in the coal mine for fission products by the thousands…

    A minor release report on something that goes away in 60 days? What about I-121 that one lasts for a hundred plus years? right?

    Anybody have any real test results on that one?

    Cesium? Strontium? Americium?

    A minor release of I-131? What a total distraction from the seriousness of this (obviously ongoing) event.

    Oh and it's also funny sounding how it's "such a mystery" when a meltdown just occurred in Norway huh.

    Many plants are already in violation of the agreed (and safety proven) lifespan yet are re-licensed anyway…

    Time to hold accountable any bean counter that kills our children to balance a checkbook.

    Allow a nuke plant to operate beyond the mandated safe limit? That's just plain criminal…

  • Daisy207

    Is there a reason that NETC is off line today? Just local reporting stations – the national grid seems to be shut down?

    • If you found it on my personal page, it only shows a flash of actual members gm's and only for a short time, haven't had a chance to see why…

      Just go directly to

      Hope this helps…

    • freebywill

      RE: NETC: EPA not reporting again, same thing happened last week for a few days, then it came back with missing days data intact. Not sure what problem is, they did a site update last fall, response time improved and 400 record limit removed. Best I've gotten is eleven months but it causes script errs, six months chunks comes back clean.

      Hope it's not Pruit the Fruit dismantling things.

      Contact your Senators/Reps, tell them to stop Fruit from wrecking the EPA.

      As much as the EPA can be a bunch of bungling shitheads its better than nothing at all which is what the psychopaths want.


    The sniffer planes are an effort to pretend they do not know what they already know, it is Fukushima and they are no having a problem keeping the grunts unaware. IT CAN BE CONTAINED

  • Daisy207

    NETC still not showing any of the government reporting sites – only private monitors. They did this for months after Fukushima – jut shut it down. The last time I checked it and all stations were reporting (a few weeks ago) – I did notice that the east coast was lit up like a christmas tree.

    • freebywill

      Daisy207 – Was just up on the EPA CDX stations seem to be functioning, I suspect that site changes may have affected the NETC interface.

      If you need current readings from a particular station you can get the raw data here:

      Select the items you want displayed from the first box, ie;

      Station ID
      Start Date
      End Date
      Gamma Energy Range 5 Gross(CPM) [ this is the value displayed on NETC ]

      Select the station from the second box, ie;


      Select the date range from the third box, ie;


      [ this should return readings from midnight of 04/04 to the most recent reading. ]

      [ this is the last entry for this station, times are UTC so you need to adjust for your local timezone ]

      ID | Start date and time | end date and time | CPM
      423 | 2017-04-04 12:13:40 | 2017-04-04 13:13:49 | 157

  • Arto Lauri's Latest Investigation

    Sun v Nuclear Power. , Mathematical Models never allowed in nuclear industry reveal horrors unmitigated of released radiation from nuclear reactors….Arto faces the Secret Police, CIA, IAEA as enemies of all of his work…this one is gonna blow the lid off!


    The US is being drenched in radiation right now, check out how many elevated readings there are today

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    What is it with guys like Dutchsinse and David Icke, they can go all the way out on their tangents.
    Yet they fail to understand that the majority of a 4-6 nuclear reactor site, lost it's cookies, and according to Ken Buesseler the majority went into the ocean.
    They just can't get it.

    What is it with them? ..they can't control the information input so they would rather deny the existence of the situation?

    Fukushima Radiation on US West Coast Poses No Health Risk, Scientists Say
    April 11 2017

    David Icke – NEW UPDATE Reptilians Are About To Attack 2017
    March 15 2017

    Muse on, baby.

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