New report estimates 278 trillion Bq of plutonium released from Fukushima reactors — Over 200 times higher than amount reported by Tepco — “Highly radiotoxic when incorporated into human body” as it decays

Published: August 5th, 2014 at 2:13 pm ET


Evaluation of the Fukushima Accident Source Term through the fast running code RASCAL 4.2 (pdf), ENEA Bologna Research Centre, May 23, 2014: This Report presents the results of the application of the fast-running US-NRC direct code RASCAL 4.2 to the estimation of the Fukushima Source Term. […] it is plausible that the ventings that TEPCO announced during the accident as being conducted from the wetwell were, as a matter of fact and because of the degraded conditions of the plants, conducted actually from the drywell. […] wetwell properties imply releases which can be several oder of magnitudes lower than those from the drywell […] it can clearly be seen that the most probable path is the combination of Drywell+Direct option […] the true venting path, i.e. from Drywell instead of from Wetwell, is an extremely important issue. […] in several instances when TEPCO tried to operate venting, in order to release pressure outside the building through the stack, it proved impossible […] there are many indications that probably the radioactive material escaped from the drywell; this may have occurred without TEPCO’s immediate knowledge and because of several factors; for example: structural damages to the pipings connecting drywell to torus room (vent piping bellows), due either to the earthquake, and/or to the too violent pressure and temperature increase in the D/W; leakages through the top head manhole, the top head flange, the piping penetrations, the electrical wiring penetrations, the personal airlocks, the S/C manholes, the machine hatches, etc. […] The value of 1%/h was chosen by ENEA because of the possible highly damaged conditions of the Fukushima NPPs due to the BDB [Beyond Design Basis] earthquake.

> Table 7. Cumulative Source Term (Bq) TEPCO MELCOR

  • Pu-241 Total = 1.2E+12 (1,200,000,000,000 Bq)

> Table 7. Cumulative Source Term (Bq) ENEA RASCAL 4.2

  • Pu-241 Unit 1 = 6.52E+13 (65,200,000,000,000 Bq)
  • Pu-241 Unit 2 = 1.86E+14 (186,000,000,000,000 Bq)
  • Pu-241 Unit 3 = 2.67E+13 (26,700,000,000,000 Bq)
  • Pu-241 Total = 2.78E+14 (278,000,000,000,000 Bq)

Environmental Science & Technology (American Chemical Society), July 11, 2014: [S]tandard alpha spectrometry techniques […] are not able […] to measure 241Pu.

Boreal Environment Research (pdf), Feb. 28, 2014: The 241Pu isotope was introduced into the environment from […] accidents that released nuclear reactor fuel, such as […] the 2011 Fukushima catastrophe. As compared with other Pu isotopes in the environment that are alpha-emitting and long-lived, 241Pu is a short-lived isotope with a half-life of 14.35 years […] 241Pu decays to the alpha emitter 241Am, that has a much longer half-life (432.2 years) and is highly radiotoxic when it is incorporated into either the human or animal body. […] The 241Pu isotope has been studied less extensively than the α-emitting Pu isotopes for several reasons. Activity concentration of 241Pu cannot be determined from the same alpha spectrum as the Pu isotopes 238, 239, and 240, and extra effort is needed in order to analyze 241Pu concentration of a sample. Actually, 241Pu emits alpha particles, but they have so low probability (0.002%) that 241Pu cannot be measured directly by α-spectrometry […]

See also: [intlink id=”japan-tv-500-times-radioactive-particles-released-atmosphere-fukushima-reactor-claimed-surprising-surge-radiation-levels-before-explosions-understanding-happened-plant-very-limited-video” type=”post”]Japan TV: Radiation release during ‘venting’ was up to 500 times larger than thought for Fukushima reactor — Surprising surge in radioactivity before explosions (VIDEO)[/intlink]

Published: August 5th, 2014 at 2:13 pm ET


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124 comments to New report estimates 278 trillion Bq of plutonium released from Fukushima reactors — Over 200 times higher than amount reported by Tepco — “Highly radiotoxic when incorporated into human body” as it decays

  • We Not They Finally

    I used to think that "a zillion" was a large number. Now I haven't a clue what a large number would be. Probably whatever they are not reporting….

    • Bay Area Guy 2

      I thought the number in the article the other day was "only" 950 billion. What did I miss during my nap?

    • Learn exponential math. Very simple 1E0 is 1, 1E2 is 10,1E3 is 100

      Simply move the decimal to the right or left. If you wish to fight nuke you need to know its most basic language of numbers.

      This is not how nukers try to deceive, they decieve in many ways. Learn this, as often the units are 1E19 (nineteen zeros) and if you cant grasp 1E19 you cant grasp radiation, and therefore you can't speak properly about, or fight the nuke pimps….it is not hard.

      Stop their lies.

      stock out.

      • m a x l i

        I agree with you. If we are just a mass of protesters who are content to be "against it", then the nuke pimps have already won and we have lost. Everyone needs to make an effort to learn at first some basic science and after that much, much more to be able to expose the lies of the nuke cultists. If you need to, steal a math, physics or chemistry school book from your kids or grandkids and read it secretly at night under your bed cover using a flash light – like in the old times!

        Whoever until now thought science is nothing for him/her and better left in the hands of the "experts", will, after he/she started learning simple basics, be surprised that he/she is already able to debunk many of the shills or trolls, get a new perspective and see that those shills or trolls who before looked intimidating and expert-ish are in reality pathetic, hollow and empty.
        Stock, exponential math is "very simple", but not for you, it seems 😉

        1E0 = 1
        1E1 = 10
        1E2 = 100
        1E3 = 1000

        and so on…

        I didn't want for your little mistake to leave it here without objection, because otherwise it might contribute to more confusion.

        After all, you are only human and not a chatterbot and are bound to make mistakes. 🙂

    • If you can have BDB earthquakes, I suppose you can have BDB numbers that go along with them, like 1 divided by almost-zero = scary-big. Most of what they're not reporting could be too scary-big for even grown-ups to process, without exploding mentally or otherwise.

      I wonder if they might start arguing that maybe, just like their NPP-quakes and fake readings, humans themselves are BDB, with a pitiful ability to handle a few isotopes without freaking out (or getting lumps in your lungs) and that therefore we deserve everything we're getting, while the valiant and oh-so-green-you-can-see-little-solar-powered-pixies-dancing-on-your-roof nuclear heads and their pristine green-headed (more like green pockets) cohorts are bravely fighting to bring us clean, green (and mean) energy against the whining of pot-smoking lefties and anti-nuke commies such as us.

      Maybe a super-large number is an average TEPCO salary divided by 10, or the number of people who really do die over time from the effects of these glorified water-boilers.

  • shamwow shamwow

    And radiation is compounding in affect. Toast comes to mind, as in we are ..

  • dunkilo

    Yep,starting to run out of 0's!!Don't worry folks,they will make more!
    0 That's what the ticks in Washington think of us .

  • They went from 99.99% cover up to what?

    maybe only 95% cover up?

    Hide 99%, reveal 1%, pretend that is truth and TOTALLY scientific.

    Nuclear scientists connected to the industry are little better than Chatbots hired to promote and support the nuklearism Cartelism.

    They sound intelligent, but there is no there there

  • Southbound Southbound

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again…

    There are two types of nuclear power plants in this world: Those that have failed, and those that have yet to fail.

    It's time to shut them down. Shut them ALL down!

    • Love the comparison photos, showing blue, blue skies and then washed out blanks or weird colors..

      There are times when you can see both at once.. like being up in the forest at high altitude, where trees clean the air and let off negative ions. The sky above is clear, deep, deep and crystal clean blue.. but then out over the city away from the forest, the sky is washed out, no blue, more like a grey.

      Orgone energy is abundant in deep blue sky, and equals life energy

      Anything else, is death energy, either more or less.

      • jonnyboy jonnyboy

        so negative bro.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        So.. Manmade Radiation Contamination = Death Energy! 🙁

      • Bones Bones

        Wait…let's chill a bit. First, I'd need a spectrograph of the sky to be able to say x,y,z elements are in the atmosphere enough to alter the color of the sky. Second, death energy? Only man-made radiation is bad? Tell that to the space crews who'd be killed by cosmic radiation without shielding. People get cancer from the sun, yet the atmosphere and magnetic field has multiple mechanisms to limit the radiation that hits the ground. Natural does not mean safe. I think you mean radioisotopes like K-40 are not radiotoxic the same as Cs, Pu, Am, Sr, etc., isotopes. Too much real data and suffering for conjecture especially on such a visited site. Just my opinion!

        This is very disheartening news. I think the absolute truth would give nightmares to the world for centuries to come. Even the most scientifically illiterate in the world can understand plutonium = bad. Almost wish we had a fundraiser to get Enenewsers into the field and with proper equipment for systematized scientific studies of our entire country and real-time ,donation based, radioactivity monitors and scintillation counters testing sample after sample daily. A "weather" report of the radioactivity and isotopic density of radionuclides of the CONUS. How else do we stay ahead of the curve of propaganda and the drip of real information?

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Huge difference Bones, my friend, since we do not live in outer space.

          We live here on Planet Earth under natural protective shields designed long ago so not to give us cancer.

          Man has brought/created/released his own "not of this Earth" radioactive poison under this natural protective shield. This is what I call a Nuclear Black Plague… ;(

          Bones I have yet to seen one scientific research produced peer reviewed paper stating other wise.. anywhere..have you? 🙁

          Ergo: The summary is logical!

          I rest my case… 🙂

        • Bones, it only takes rarefied amounts to cause QED interference of the Continuum spectra in anything spectrally clear, sky & crystals especially.
          The clear sunward sky is nearly always blue mainly because the ionosphere is self-coloring due to its capability of being a planetary scale discharge tube wherein global, continuous blue-colored auroras mostly from molecular and atomic nitrogen emissions, especially the emissions of N2+ ions upon being impact-excited, are prevalent during the daytime. Simply, the diffuse sky radiation is blue mainly because the bulk of this light is blue diffuse auroras. Anything in the absorption lines adds color to that Azure Blue. On a good day the colors in the diffusion grid are just that Azure Blue. As of today I captured a reasonably clean sky image after hunting since April 2014, the same grid & cam lens showing almost no inclusion. This is an extremely rare day as of late here on the Mojave indeed. Trust me I am not manipulating any of my spectral data. I have no reason to hide/change anything. The webcams all have this kind of diffusion grid, but with FAR more grid lines for a finer resolution. They all show the same damage on days these ELEmental inclusions are more concentrated in the air. Atoms scatter sunlight and it does not take much to change the Azure Nitrogen QED of the sky scatter. Also included is an overhead sunlight spectral image for today on page 6.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            For the laypeople like me, a brief explanation of QED and the visible light spectrum (physics):


            "Physics Chemistry
            In particle physics, quantum electrodynamics (QED) is the relativistic quantum field theory of electrodynamics. In essence, it describes how light and matter interact and is the first theory where full agreement between quantum mechanics and special relativity is achieved. QED mathematically describes all phenomena involving electrically charged particles interacting by means of exchange of photons and represents the quantum counterpart of classical electromagnetism giving a complete account of matter and light interaction.

            In technical terms, QED can be described as a perturbation theory of the electromagnetic quantum vacuum. Richard Feynman called it "the jewel of physics" for its extremely accurate predictions of quantities like the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron and the Lamb shift of the energy levels of hydrogen.

            Atomic physics is the field of physics that studies atoms as an isolated system of electrons and an atomic nucleus. It is primarily concerned with the arrangement of electrons around the nucleus and the processes by which these arrangements change. This includes ions as well as neutral atoms and, unless otherwise stated, for the purposes of this discussion it should be assumed that the term atom includes ions."

  • razzz razzz

    What is it, 70 years later into the nuclear age and still no one understands every decay chain or can follow all the manmade radionuclides. Maybe shut the nuclear industry until we have all the answers.

    Remember Pu in all variants are nasty stuff whether they have either a slow or fast decay rate. Their properties change with temperature within even a few degrees ex. a solid becomes malleable (think of a lung with varying air temperatures). No telling what Pu is doing on in any hot or cold environments (think WIPP storage).

    Didn't have to worry about any of this nuclear stuff until humans began fracturing atoms.

    TEPCO will have to deal with the radioactive inventory of the melts that didn't leave the site, later on. If TEPCO says the venting and explosions didn't release much radioactivity then it is still there onsite and not contained. A lose lose situation because they can't stop the attrition of the melts or the energizing of the surroundings or the poisoning of the environment. So far TEPCO only makes things worse.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      how many kilograms of plutonium-241 is represented by 278 trillion Bq?

      first pass I get 905 kg. Is that in the ballpark? or is it 0.9 kg

      • Isotope – Half life – Mass of 1 Curie – Specific activity (Ci/g)
        239Pu = 24.11×103 years = 16 g = 0.063

        Does that help?

        • One curie is roughly the activity of 1 gram of the radium isotope 226Ra, a substance studied by the Curies.

          The SI derived unit of radioactivity is the becquerel (Bq), which equates to one decay per second. Therefore:

          1 Ci = 3.7 × 1010 Bq = 37 GBq = atoms decaying per second

          1 Bq ≅ 2.703 × 10−11 Ci ≅ 27 pCi

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          thanks Dr,….

          found this;

          plutonium-241 (curies) x 0.0083 = plutonium-241 (grams)

          then somebody can make the calculation, I have to run.

          "241Pu decays to the alpha emitter 241Am, that has a much longer half-life (432.2 years) and is highly radiotoxic"

          then one could calculate at a dose rate of 2 bq/kg (EPA standard) how many animals this could contaminate…139 trillion kilograms of animal if it is absorbed. Or have I lost it?

          • Fuku released between 600 to 6,000 POUNDS of plutonium.

            How many grams is that?

            • 6000 pounds = 2721.554 kilograms

              2721.554 kilograms = 2,721,554 grams

            • razzz razzz

              A fuel assembly contains 380 pounds of uranium. Of that, none is plutonium. Why? Because uranium has to fission for exposure to neutrons and absorb neutrons to create plutonium and it takes 3 years of 'burning' in a reactor core to have 1% of the uranium fuel transmuted to plutonium. Fuel (assembly) then removed as wasted because it is no longer efficient in heat production.

              So, lets say 400 pounds of uranium (in one assembly) times 500 assemblies loaded into a core produces 1% plutonium after 3 years equals 2,000 pounds or 1 ton. It will be less than that as the wasted assemblies only occupy about a 1/4 of the load.

              Then Unit 3 had MOX fuel in 1/4 of its reactor load with 4% to 6% of the fuel being Pu on top of any uranium. 125 MOX fuel assemblies equals 500 pounds of plutonium (125x400x5%=500).

              So for guesstimating, 3 melting cores start with about 6,500 pound or 3.5 tons of Pu at the most, it is much less because reactor fuel is newer with less decay products yet accumulated.

              What happens during a meltdown with days without water or adding seawater, I don't know or how many criticalities add how many new radioisotopes to the mix.

              This article was done within a week of Daiichi melting down. Some early useful information, forgetting the source and agenda.
              'Greater Danger Lies in Spent Fuel Than in Reactors'

              • razzz razzz

                As far as fallout exposure, look no further than the USS Reagan as Unit 3's fallout cloud drifts by minutes after the explosion(s). A slow death for anyone directly exposed measured in years beside radiation poisoning complications of all sorts.

                Then a no go zone from accumulation of two many radioactive particles laying on the ground from fallout, shrinks or grows in size depending which radioactive readings you use and/or set limits for 'safe' levels and the time of year or weather conditions involved i.e. springtime release cesium infested pollen, wind blows radioactive particles around, runoff from rainstorms redistributes fallout, etc. creating hot spots or delayed releases from decay chain product sometimes worse than the original radioisotope.

                Maybe level, bury and pave over the entire countryside instead of only cleaning up and concreting around the rad station monitors…Might work if the melts were contained but they are not.

                'Radiation level spiked up over 30 times much in various places in Fukushima / NRA “It’s summer heat”'

                • razzz razzz

                  Supposed researchers have already tried to quantify the amounts and types of fallout from Daiichi. Few project future fallout until it is contained or slowed.

                  TEPCO is rethinking how to remove Unit 1's temporary tent because shaking out a radioactive rag in the wind is not a good idea they learned after exposing workers to de-construction radioactive dusts esp. from Unit 3.

                  'Plutonium Released from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Disaster'

                • combomelt combomelt

                  "Maybe level, bury and pave over the entire countryside instead of only cleaning up and concreting around the rad station monitors"

                  I made a tour of the bagged up top 1 metre of topsoil south of fukushima NPP….

                  check out the kmz….


                  wtf do they think they are going to DO with those bags anyway?

                  • razzz razzz

                    combomelt: I know what you mean when flowers and grasses start growing out of the bagged up radioactive soil, what are they thinking?

                    TEPCO slurried the bottom of their harbor once already and are planning on doing it again because the runoff from the leaking reactors carries highly radioactive silts with it and covers the harbor bottom, again.

                    Reminds me of Star Wars when Princess Leia says: "This is some rescue!" she continues sourly, "When you came in here didn't you have a plan for getting out?"

                    Like Japan's latest ordained god, he sells some earthquake prone country like his a reactor and tells them Daiichi is being contained in the harbor then goes and visits Daiichi to see for himself after the sale and statement. Having to dress up in a rad suit and mask for the visit must be some kind of clue about nonexistent containment.

            • hbjon hbjon

              All the isotopes from the fuel cycle "burnups" are nearly equal or greater in toxicity as Pu or U. The stuff will undergo spontaneous fission that liberates much more power than a little beta, gamma, or even alpha.

              The fallout from bomb testing contains mostly light atoms, and not much Pu or U is left.

              So, the U was irradiated at FDNPP, lost its containment, atomized into the atmosphere, carried out to sea, fell on boats and land downwind of event in decreasing quantities as distance increases.

              Good folks were heavily exposed from the dirty A bomb type explosions. But, if that's not bad enough, there are thousands of tons of fuel going SNAP, CRACKLE, and POP beneath the complex. Hundreds of lethal doses chasing each and every one of us living carbon creatures.

              Just kidding. Your cell phone will give you more radiation over your lifetime than Fukushima will. Smile and be happy 🙂

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        These guys have no idea how much poison has been released from Fukushima..guess work at best.

        That is the real problem with something that is invisible, odorless and tasteless!

        Loving all the Radon Radio Commercials all over the place trying to convince people that their non smoking lung/varied cancers are from the Natural Earth and not from manmade radioactive poisons.

        Similar to the "bad wood" push these days. Manmade Nuclear Poison is good..Natural Wood is bad.

        All the new numbers of cancers will be very tough for the Nuclear Industry to deflect this time around..

        • also the problem with fact nothing like this has ever occurred before, ongoing criticality, exactly what new products are being released and in what quantities… and, for how many centuries…

          seven generations? ten? more?

        • JimLynch JimLynch

          "All the new numbers of cancers will be very tough for the Nuclear Industry to deflect this time around.."

          They wont be reported.

          Many will die waiting to be diagnosed under Obammacare

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Yes, I am afraid you might be correct!

            Are all our public servants enrolled in Obammacare by law?

            I mean all of them or 100%, which is in all sectors at all levels in all states and abroad including all military personnel, public educators, etc.?

  • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

    Enrichments for anaerobic, organotrophic
    hyperthermophiles were performed with hydrothermal
    chimney samples collected from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
    at a depth of 3,550 m (2322¢N, 4457¢W) and the
    Guaymas Basin (2701¢N, 11124¢W) at a depth of
    2,616 m. Positive enrichments were submitted to c-irradiation
    at doses of 20 and 30 kGy. Two hyperthermophilic,
    anaerobic, sulfur-metabolizing archaea were
    isolated. Strain EJ1T was isolated from chimney samples
    collected from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge after c-irradiation
    at 20 kGy, and strain EJ2T was isolated from the
    Guaymas Basin after c-irradiation at 30 kGy. Only
    strain EJ2T was motile, and both formed regular cocci.
    These new strains grew between 55 and 95 C with the
    optimal temperature being 88 C. The optimal pH for
    growth was 6.0, and the optimal NaCl concentration for
    growth was around 20 g l)1.

    not always is it

    • Did you know that chatbots don't make sense?

      • combomelt combomelt

        lol DR!!!!!
        what a fascinating example of the gigantic FAIL of TNPTB. "Pro-Nuk-'humans'" couldn't play with anyone here, their diapers were too smelly.
        So, their "Nuk-Parents-That-Be" decided to put their uber-autistic mute, Helen Keller's great grand daughter's E-twin, up to the task of teaching those crazy peaceniks over there at ene that not everything pro-nukers say can be refuted. Proof in the pudding; who can make sense of the mfx/socref-bot's e-rantings under the new guise of "physicist-biologist-mariner-moron-chatbot" from the world of make-believe?

    • razzz razzz

      MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists: Black smokers are more of a testament to abiotic oil and an uranium fissioning core at the center of the earth but like most of your conflicted postings, you would rather succumb to current events and just live with it and ignore any consequences.

    • Dick Shenary

      MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists – What a load of crap. Yes, keep on persuing anerobic bacteria genetically altered by Cherenkov radiation. In the future, please source your rantings, in case we decide to validate your blather by researching Pub Med.

      • Ignore the chatbot… odds are that it is nothing more than a computer generated troll, like MFX, designed to confuse people here, and amuse the handlers at the CIA.

        • Prove us wrong; MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

          Have an intelligent conversation with anyone here..

          Prove you are not a virtual generated chatbot in some CIA super secret computer, doing an experiment here at ENEnews!

          • combomelt combomelt

            Wow, is this the best the "CIA handlers" have to offer? What a bunch of pussies, sitting in offices, releasing ridiculously inneffective "bots" onto the internet.
            Geeks, dorks and slaves to the machine of idiocy.
            Inhale, morons, the wind SUCKS BIG TIME for your lungs TOO>
            lmfao, cia spooks, losers. This is what they spend their time(and MY MONEY) on? – GET A LIFE aholes!

            • Online Chatterbots As A New Form Of Troll, Designed To Confuse Or Antagonize Online Forum Participants And Amuse Handlers

              • combomelt combomelt

                Thank you DR! for the Shout-out at the ol' combomelting-down-all-around-us, every second, right next to pronuk wastes of skin. Whats bad for the enewsers is bad for the pro-nukrs. I must admit, many others here exposed the new e-troll, and they brought its reality to my attention. The reality of what it was/is, was confusing me and I tried to not read "its" incomprehensible/reprehensible posts. It did not win. It floundered on its bytes. It couldn't get past the zeroes. Just like the 29 zeroes we are all attempting to put after that "E" representin how much shyte these really cool nuk kids let loose into the biosphere. Thanks you wackydaisical bunch of psychos.
                "Breathe, breathe in the HEPA.
                Don't be afraid to cougha.
                When I radiate lots of gamma.
                its good to warm my bones beside the aquifier.
                When at last the corium's gone
                Remote that crane, it's time to move another one…

                courtesy of roger freakin watershed, puke

          • Wonder how our pet chatterbot will reply to THAT post by Combomelt?

            • combomelt combomelt

              If it was programmed by the ciaholes then the damage is already done. Their effects have had very little effect when we look at the up-time of this site. Fear? Fear, fear. CIA–look to protect your families from fallout that surrounds your little ones every day from fukushima. How do you desk jockeys feel defending smiley murdering bastards only out for plutonium thrills?
              get a life and get with the program! Your "masters" are killing you as they make you disembowel the overwhelming truth of the filth and black death that IS nuk-power.
              So sick of every lying POC in our govt that does the exact opposite of their duty to the US citizen with IMPUNITY.

            • combomelt combomelt

              LOOK OVER HERE!
              LISTEN UP!!



  • FixItStupid FixItStupid

    Most accurate way to estimate is don't estimate take the full load contents of each reactor and figure it all out there & with that in mind……. we can say goodbye to Mother Earth
    Thank you bankers lawyers & scientists

    • razzz razzz

      And that's what it would be, an estimate. Unfortunately, fissiling was taking place in the melts and any time you start fissioning uranium, you end up with a big pile of radioactive wastes. Certainly way more than what you started with.

      TEPCO would have to establish how much more nuclear waste was created above the initial amount in the reactor cores before then after the melting due to any random criticalities. In other words, there is more radioactive wastes to deal with than just considering the melts spent fuel. It's worse than that.

      • papacares papacares

        @ razzz – much worse as this facility was also involved with weaponry development, testing and storage – there is no way for anyone to actually know what has been wrought upon us – those sky photos provided by ontological are so telling – just this week a excellent photo was posted from Grants Pass Oregon showing the sky with blues changing to bright yellow going to light pink – no filters were used as it was a personal ad – never saw a sky like that anywhere at any time – am not promoting the item for sale but has anyone ever seen a sky like this in Oregon?

        • Whoa baby! It's the new normal. Glad I have memories of the regular skies.

        • Bones Bones

          I 100% have seen skies like that from here to Europe to the ME. Seriously. If the clouds look like that at noon, then I'd really be concerned. At sunset though, I don't see anything out of the normal honestly. Out on the east coast, it looks like the sky and clouds are on fire many evenings into night in summer. Just mean focusing comments for visitors to point them in the correct way. Psyops might even be necessary to combat the disinformation campaigns. Fight fire with fire, no?

          • combomelt combomelt

            I got 1 word that made the sunsets "normal", 'Pinatubo'.

            such deep reds of the spectrum for a year after the eruption. 2 years? maybe the sunset spectra was permanently altered from Pinatubo, I can't/don't remember what intensity of spectra the sunsets/sunrises were when I was a little kid in the sixties.
            You are right tho…. When the noon-day sky looks like that, it ain't nuthin nurmal then!!!

      • FixItStupid FixItStupid

        Thank You @ RAZZZ yes That is another part of the equation that is left out very true all the steel around there is now radioactive waste too I never stop learning when I read on this site thank you all highly educated and highly caring thank you !

    • Cisco Cisco

      Right FIS! That's the way the NRC calculated release estimates for Fuku melts.

      The big scary diversion right now, is Ebola. The PTB are lying about its contagiousness, like they lie about what's unfolding at Fuku and the global consequences. SSDD

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Let's see 900 dead and entire world scrambles on high alert..9000 projected cancer deaths and the world dances on its merry way partying on and building more of these Nuclear Cancer death machines.

        Bat~Shit crazy says he, but then, both will/may eventually require blood catching goggles with catheters hanging from the affected patients eyeballs. I really do need to complete my series of blood catching/draining inventions..

        I guess one is very messy and quick and the other is still very messy, but very slow and very profitable.. 🙁

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        Hi Cisco, I'm not sure I'd automatically rule Ebola as a distraction/diversionary tactic so fast[?]! When it comes to ELE threats that AREN'T likely to be found connected to nuclear or man-made items of extreme concern TPTB just might be the ONLY examples of something scary that gets the level of attention & media coverage that Fukushima didn't(doesn't)get[?]!! I think all levels of leadership including their "real" bosses/handlers realize there's no money to be made from[or if they're DEAD of]Ebola and now something in nature gone wild posing the same danger of a horrific sickness to EVERYONE even before the elite have finished selfish missions related to their self-serving agenda[s]& THEY want to say "who" and "when" it's "GAME OVER",not some lowly microbe that grew from a moldy pile of African Baboon shit.[LOL] Not to mention radiation,especially the large & continuing release events from that often foggy[?],ill-mentioned,always jumpin',"hottest" place in town-Fukushima Daichi NPP or should I say that steaming "pile" of Shitium-311 aka "1-F" which surely must compound the stress placed on immune systems & disease-fighting/resistance mechanisms from natural(or lab created)pathogens,etc.??!!Maybe they can ease our fears by exposing themselves to Ebola after a dosing of "hormesis-inducing" radiation to prove how their "healthy glow" protected them from meeting their own early demises?!!Maybe it's all a "contest"-"man vs. Mother…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    If all this massive amount of released manmade radiation contamination worldwide was suppose to give us all many good healthy immune system effects/benefits…it is not working! 🙁

    Pretty sure it works exactly the other way..the bad way.. inside all our immune/biological systems. More of these are on their way to all our front doors… 🙁

  • fragilespecies

    Wow…I am angry and saddened by this small revelation of some truth…which we really already knew…more bad news to follow I am sure. At what point will my (and others) spirit/s admit defeat? I am not normally a pessimistic person…tho we are far from normalcy now. Thank you all for your wisdom.

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    It can be calculated to reasonable degree of certainty. The decay modes and energy profiles are well known. What isn't known is the level of deceit these nuclear alchemists will stoop too, to protect their war machine. I think as far as they have to, unfortunately.

  • jec jec

    Just some rough back of envelope thoughts, but..a human breathes about 3000 gal of air a day, or approx 11 m3 a day. So..if ones just looks at the contamination..and breathing..and not even consider a HOT particle..just how many BQ can we be looking at? In an adult human?

    . Pretty simple, figure the distance traveled via Jet the 1/2 half life..and TADA you have 22,000 Bq/m3 West Coast USA on one day in time. So if a person inhales 11 m3 a day..11 m3 X22,000 BQ/m3 = a whopping 242,000 BQ of I-131 it could have been possible to inhale for a person for ONE day. For the I-131 released by Fukushima picked up in Norway, by backward calculations with a 1/2 life of 8 days, the 5500 Bq/m3 in Norway..6000 miles back towards Japan,this was eye opening
    Is this healthy. And no, I am not a chatbot. Now on to Plutonium if somewhere in the world at a date and time we can get a measurment.

    • jec jec

      Darn, cut and pasted too fast..the calculations of 242,000 BQ a day is for Iodine 131 human lung exposure. Location is on the West Coast USA, 8 days after Fukushima. Not calculations for PU.

      What makes me stunned is the fact of PU and the inability of some of its isotopes to be measured. One just knows one was exposed, one is sick, no doctors can figure it out..because the nuke community and governments have NEVER looked for the side effects!!Just stunned. Great work ENENEWS Admin!

    • Are you using the plutonium figures from above? Or are you using iodine figures from somewhere else? Just a little confusion here..

      • jec jec

        I-131 from a previous report. Turns out 5500 BQ/M3 one day measurement in Norway, 19 days post Fukushima. So using weather patterns and distance traveled from Japan to Norway..with 1/2 life of 8 days..and 10K plus difference (about 547 miles a day the plume traveled around the earth), just back it up. So 5500 becomes 11,000 becomes 22,000…Bq/M3 of I-131. Not perfect..and probably off a bit. Since TECPO is off by factors of a LOT, if these calculations are off by a few problem. 3000 gal of air breathed in a day by a human, or 11 m3 in one day. Do the math. Of course..not sure what breathing in air with thousands of Bq/m3 of Iodine 131 does..but probably not healthy.

  • westpac99

    Bungalow Phil: SPOT ON….. its all about the $$$. Sad how society is too busy watching duke dynasty & the kardashians to stand behind a movement that is trying to prolong life…

  • westpac99

    A fractured movement that's splintered in many directions. VS the nuclear cabal that (most) has all worldwide governments, scientists and media paid off and star struck with $$$$$$.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    What it does is shorten your life.

  • rogerthat
    Prosecutors need to take a recent decision by a judicial panel of citizens seriously and look hard again at whether Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s former top executives should be held criminally responsible for the March 2011 disaster at its Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. The government and power companies, meanwhile, need to see the decision by the Tokyo No. 5 Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution as a stern warning from citizens against their moves to restart the nation’s idled nuclear power plants before demonstrating they’ve fully grasped the lessons of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe….
    – this is a good, lucid piece, well worth a read

  • EKO K£AP$€ sr90 ALERT

    Bloody alchemists, drug sorcerers and false prophets. Dogs of Mars, worshipers of hate.

    Wars, plagues; anything but grow some balls and admit to what THEY have done and do what is required to clean up THEIR mess.

    What a crap evil and corrupt world this is. We are a commodity for demons the God's to themselves of this world.

    Well I've had enough. I don't know about you?

    Time for my daily potassium iodide and boron.

    • What form of boron do you take and how much?

      What does it protect against?

      • razzz razzz

        As with anything in modern medicine, 4,000 years later and they still haven't studies natural remedies, much. Or it collides with their money making industry as Homeopathy(?) is taboo with the AMA.

        In general, try for fairly detailed information about most any drug including vitamins or supplements. With boron, you will find it is hard on the kidneys when flushing it out. I know it will pretty much kill off bacteria from a bad meal when you don't have any other options available. This besides what is shown at the website but not every possible curative power of items is listed.

        Activated charcoal seem beneficial topically, orally, internally to use once in awhile as a tooth cleaner or in mask mixed with high-quality bentonite clay or taken in capsule form. Taking a regiment of Zeolite (clinoptilolite) for a month won't interfere with your everyday tasks. These items will interfere with drugs you are taking so do your homework or ask a doctor. Use refined medical grade items to play it safe.

        A shot glass full of apple cider vinegar will end your heartburn episode in 5 five minutes. Grandpa's Pine Tar Bar Soap has been around forever or glycerine soap is more gentle. Then there are (essential) oils or in capsule form like myrrh, neem, hyssop, etc. since biblical times that the medical industry knows full well what the active ingredients are and either synthesizes them or extracts them to prescribe them as remedies or use them in medical procedures.

        • EKO K£AP$€ SAY NO 2 GMO


          Have you tried neem oil soap from India, wash your hands collecting the soap and then spray on your fruit trees or tomato plants.

          natural insect repellant
          antifungal and antibacterial
          softens skin

          (keep away from eyes)


          Place a circle of sandalwood oil around a dressed wound and it can heal up to 30% faster. They are only finding this out after centuries of common knowledge. Our skin has sniff ability. How new. (sarc lol)

          • razzz razzz

            EKO K£AP$€ SAY NO 2 GMO: Yes I have some neem oil from India via eBay on hand. It will control pests on my little orange tree but don't use it unless the pests are getting out of control. Makes a good mouthwash (if you can stand the taste or smell) to control gum inflammation and is found in some toothpastes and as you mention is good for skin aliments.

            Be careful of boron, too much of anything is bad for you. In trace amounts it is good for plants but to much and it will kill them. You can readily get boron in capsule from, borax out of the box sounds a bit iffy kidney wise.

      • EKO K£AP$€ SAY NO 2 GMO

        Hey Dr G,

        I use boron & KI as a fluorosis flush and radiation chelation binder. The easiest way to get boron into your body is with grapes high in boron. Boron sold in pharmaceutical grade is difficult to obtain in this country. I use a common cleaning product in very low dose per litre, it contains boron and is relatively well tolerated and excreted along with the transposed fluoride/radiation. I add a calcium and VD3 pill as the process depletes calcium in the body.

        A search engine for "fluoride flush" will elaborate.

        I'm seeking a supplier of calcium bentonite clay, fascinating research, old is sometimes best.

        Alway checking what I consume for Genetic Monster Organisation food. Pervert food is bad for Ya!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The wizards come in many forms and in many names…

  • Jebus Jebus


    Fukushima's has blown everywhere, but the most tragic victims lived nearby.

    The Radiation That Makes People Invisible: A Global Hibakusha Perspective

    The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol. 12, Issue 31, No. 1, August 4, 2014.

    Radiation makes people invisible. We know that exposure to radiation can be deleterious to one’s health; can cause sickness and even death when received in high doses. But it does more. People who have been exposed to radiation, or even those who suspect that they have been exposed to radiation, including those who never experience radiation-related illnesses, may find that their lives are forever changed – that they have assumed a kind of second class citizenship. They may find that their relationships to their families, to their communities, to their hometowns, to their traditional diets and even traditional knowledge systems have been broken. They often spend the remainder of their lives wishing that they could go back, that things would become normal. They slowly realize that they have become expendable and that their government and even their society is no longer invested in their wellbeing.

    Welcome, to the ever expanding new world…

  •  278 trillion Bq of 

    1 Bq is 1 disintegration per second times 278 trillion.
    Oh. Last month they reported 1.7 grams of plutonium released.
    Can we cut to the chase. Can this non expert uneducated Canadian call it a fuck of a lot more then what they shall ever admit to a lot of plutonium and other assorted nuclides morphing at millions of disintegrating atoms per second.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This is certainly a crime against all biological life and then all humanity! 🙁
    "They slowly realize that they have become expendable and that their government and even their society is no longer invested in their wellbeing."

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      Mark…no doubt every single fukin one of them! The real question is how much of each type, and what venues of transportation did they all take? Air borne? Water borne? Air borne and then attached to a water molecule (like cesium)?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    They are all still being released and they are still coming…. and will forever. 🙁

  • Obe, they won't be happy till they have satellite nuclear extermination stations. Nuclear medicine nuclear bombs to nuclear mutual self destruction. Yeah yeah whatever. But the yesterday expert reported release of plutonium in grams and now it's trillions of bequerols. What gives? Or are we dealing with the biggest assholes ever? Aha! A plausible non scientific explanation. Well God Bless. Whatever. Where's Jesus when more water is needed turning into wine.

  • whatamessa

    Each time I read new information on this global catastrophe, I get angry, sad, and confused. Angry at the pure greed and evilness of this Industry,and the total corruption of Governments.The ignorance and apathy of many Citizens,and the Media that keeps the people of the world informed(usually much about nothing important) sad for all life on this beautiful planet that does not deserve this,but what confuses me is the lack of someone speaking out,surely there are Scientists,Doctors, Humanitarians, maybe even some politicians that would get together and make some public information announcements,and give people the truthful information that we all deserve.

  • WesternKyMan

    Only 2 kinds of news come out of Fukushima.

    Bad news and worse news.

  • Dick Shenary

    Actually a number of prominent human beings have been speaking out for many years about the incredible dangers of nuclear anything. Un-fortunately, they were mostly ignored. Some were aggressively pursued and discredited, some were simply killed. Speaking out does nothing if no one wants to hear.

  • Sol Man

    So, who, and how, are some profiting from the shortening, the demise of, the human experience; the ecosystem. the food supply, clean water?

    The usual players.

  • Plutonium is a heavy metal and when it lodges in the cell it amplifies the background radiation and continuously emits beta rays causing orders of magnitude(3 or more) more risk of the entire spectrum of disease to living beings affected by the internal plutonium.The emissions inside the body will be with infinite biological effectiveness.
    Ref: ECRR 2010 Chapter on Uranium.

  • @navilu
    August 6, 2014 at 8:15 am
    This is in addition to the horrors already documented, see

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