New Studies on Mystery ‘Black Substances’ Released: Fuel core materials from Fukushima plant detected — Plutonium, Uranium-236, Curium discharged into environment likely in form of fine particles (PHOTO)

Published: March 7th, 2014 at 2:03 pm ET


Environmental Science & Technology (ACS Publications), March 6, 2014: Isotopic compositions of 236U and Pu isotopes in โ€œBlack Substancesโ€ collected from roadsides in Fukushima Prefecture: fallout from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident — Black colored road dusts were collected in high radiation areas in Fukushima Prefecture. Measurement of 236U and Pu isotopes and 134,137Cs in samples was performed in order to confirm whether refractory elements such as U and Pu from the fuel core were discharged […] The concentrations of 134,137Cs in all samples were exceptionally high, ranging from 0.43 to 17.7 MBq/kg, respectively. 239+240Pu was detected at low levels, ranging from 0.18 to 1.14 Bq/kg and with high 238Pu/239+240Pu activity ratios of 1.64 to 2.64. 236U was successfully determined in the range 0.28 to 6.74 x10^-4 Bq/kg. The observed activity ratios for 236U/239+240Pu were in reasonable agreement with those calculated for the fuel core inventories, indicating that trace amounts of U from the fuel cores were released together with Pu isotopes, but without large fractionation. The quantities of U and 239+240Pu, emitted to the atmosphere were estimated as 2.3×10^9 Bq (150 g) and 3.9×10^6 Bq (580 mg), respectively. […] fractionation between volatile and refractory radionuclides associated with the dispersal/deposition processes with distance from the [FDNPP] was found.

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, June 2014: Isotopic Pu, Am and Cm signatures in environmental samples contaminated by the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident — Dust samples from the sides of roads (black substances) have been collected together with litter and soil samples at more than 100 sites contaminated heavily in the 20-km exclusion zones around Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) (Minamisoma City, and Namie, Futaba and Okuma Towns), in Iitate Village located from 25 to 45 km northwest of the plant and in southern areas from the plant. Isotopes of Pu, Am and Cm have been measured in the samples to evaluate their total releases into the environment […] When these activity ratios were compared with those for fuel core inventories in the FDNPP accident estimated by a group at JAEA, except 239,240Pu/137Cs activity ratios, fairly good agreements were found, indicating that transuranic nuclides, probably in the forms of fine particles, were released into the environment without their large fractionations. […]

See also: [intlink id=”japan-kids-swallowing-pieces-of-fukushima-fuel-rods-expert-mystery-black-substance-very-likely-contains-concentrated-unburned-nuclear-fuel-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: March 7th, 2014 at 2:03 pm ET


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231 comments to New Studies on Mystery ‘Black Substances’ Released: Fuel core materials from Fukushima plant detected — Plutonium, Uranium-236, Curium discharged into environment likely in form of fine particles (PHOTO)

  • Homolumina Homolumina

    I am still catching my breath.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    thankfully, only 580 mg of plutonium was emitted to the atmosphere. The black substance seems to be confined to easily accessible regions on the side of roads and is consistent with background levels of other radioactive black substances found in fields.

  • Nick

    "The observed activity ratios for 236U/239+240Pu were in reasonable agreement with those calculated for the fuel core inventories, indicating that trace amounts of U from the fuel cores were released together with Pu isotopes, but without large fractionation"

    Trace amounts?

    Oh. I feel so much beta now. Alpha see if it gamma's my thyroid though.

    • Angela_R

      Hi Nick
      The history of those trace amounts is dated Nov. 2013. They were said to have been taken from the roadside in Fukushima Prefecture.

      If I recall correctly large quantities of waste had been bagged much earlier and I think removed from the area. However, I did not delve into the article to ascertain exactly when these inventories were gathered from the roadside. Perhaps they were taken soon after the explosions.

  • Nick

    Guess we found some of the missing cores.

    #1 kaboom

    #3 KABOOM

    #2 woooomffff!

    #4 spfโ€ฆ..sizzle crack snap and pop.

    Today, folks in Japan woke up to the fact that Fukushima had spread it's mystery black innards over
    a vast area.

    Does this bode well?

    Probably not.

  • Nick

    Cyanobacteria? Fungus?


  • Nick

    "Correcting for the weight of the sample, it appears to be highly radioactive, perhaps over 500,000 Bq/kg of cesium. The sample contains cesium-134 and cesium-137 isotopes, and also the sample peak at 795 keV for cesium-134 has shifted to the right. This is likely due to the presence of cobalt-58, which has a peak at 810.8 keV. Cobalt-58 was previously detected in the black substance in Japan.

    Cobalt-58 is generated by neutron irradiation of nickel. The metal nickel is used extensively in nuclear power plants, in tubing and alloys. It is likely that large amounts of nickel are present in the molten coriums. The neutrons necessary for transmutation of nickel to Co-58 would have come from either re-criticalities in the coriums, or the presence of neutron emitters like plutonium, curium and californium.

    It was shown in a previous post here that an astounding amount of fungi were transported across the Pacific from Japan to the US in spring 2011. It is springtime again, and this is the season for fungus transport."

    • atomicistheword

      Very interesting post my friend. Do you have any data on dispersion, mutation and or distribution of atomic radiation particles carried on/in pollen.

      Would it be prudent to urge those with breathing lung conditions to wear a protective mask in the US spring, while outside?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Fukushima Plutonium and Cesium was found in Lithuania.

  • Can anyone dumb this down a bit for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I know it is over all BAD but is this better than expected news in respect to the reading?

    • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

      As stated above, "The concentrations of 134,137Cs in all samples were exceptionally high, ranging from 0.43 to 17.7 MBq/kg"

      The 17.7 MBq/kg being 17.7 million disintegration's per second from just 2.2 lbs of these little black balls of death. I suppose it would be like someone shooting nearly 18 million electron bb's from a gun at you every second for about the next 30.17 years then the half that amount for another 30.17 years and keep going until the gun finally runs out in about 300 years. These particles are spread everywhere on the land. It really is horrible news even if it were "good news". Maybe like getting slashed with a small knife vs a big one but either way, you end up bleeding to death, its just the amount of time it takes to get there.

    • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

      Sadly, not much talk of the fallout zone that the ocean is in. How much debris landing straight into the ocean from the explosion of reactor 3 and is sitting there on the ocean bottom. This debris is out of site out of mind. There is no way to ever clean that up except with a huge ocean automatic vacuum cleaner never to be invented.

      • We Not They Finally

        Yes, and apparently that is what turned Chris Busby around. He didn't see how huge amounts of radiation could reach the West Coast via the ocean. Then he saw proof of massive die-offs on the sea bed and realized that aerosolized uranium and plutonium from reactor 3 alone could devastate the whole food chain from the plankton on up. Then he started to call it "truly terrifying."

    • Thank you and wow ๐Ÿ™
      I live almost smack dab in between two NPP's and until Fukushima never really gave it a thought; boy have my eyes been opened largely from visiting this site and reading everyone's comments so many thanks to everyone.

  • jec jec

    Birthday Present..

    Killer gift from TEPCO and Japan to the rest of the world.

    Why do you think it took THREE years to check out these bucky balls of death. Fungus..what a lie..right up there.

    How many children have been playing with this deadly stuff? It looks like plain soil..everywhere..even in Tokyo. Japan's citizens should be very unhappy with their government..this is a death sentence..

    For us too…

  • Nick

    R 007:

    TATAL is all you need to know.

    Toxic at the Atomic level.

    Do not fallout for the banana argument!

    The ONLY good news is 99% of us who KNEW what FUKUSHIMA REALLY DID are 100% right.

    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      "99% of us who KNEW what FUKUSHIMA REALLY DID are 100% right."
      And the 1%? Is that the percent who knew but were somehow not right? Or only say, 50% right?

      Maybe you really mean, a tiny number of people knew and were right. The rest hardly bothered to know and did not know and were wrong and probably still think they are right because it may never cross their minds they were wrong.

      • Angela_R

        Captain Nemo, your last paragraph has the ring of truth.
        "The rest hardly bothered to know and did not know and were wrong and probably still think they are right because it my never cross their mind they were wrong."

        They didn't care, because they never thought it would affect them. They cared NOT for any 'Other'.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Pushkin, the cat who came in from the cold, has advised to use intuition which can not be subjected to tampering rather than tricky quasi-scientific material to form a conclusion. Conclusion: in the outer shell of the Power Elite, Japanese or American, we find persons of an almost mechanical character. These minions of great power and wealth are the serfs of history. Free will lies not in their domain. They are like the large gears in an antiquated factory spinning pointlessly and endlessly in the same diabolic circles.

    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      Beckett, the old but still energetic dog who likes snow and rain and cold, had advised to take siesta each day and prowl the nights. Thus, with respect to this situation of black danger he suggests the following: The Soviet Union dumped lots of radioactive stuff in the Arctic regions. The Soviet Union did not allow sentiment or people to influence its behavior. Thus we find the same thing happening here. The Internet has operated like an x-ray machine revealing what has always been the case. The USA has never bothered too much about us so why expect the Japanese gov to care too much about their minions? All societies get hypnotized by the propaganda. No one is safe. There is no material exit. Breathe. Let go. Death is your only hope.

      • Angela_R

        Capt. Nemo "There is no material exit."
        That, I believe, is correct. But there is a spiritual one.
        "Death is your only hope."
        No, some of us have another.

        • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

          Well, I was thinking of death as a gate way leading off to a better environment. Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim . . which ever seems coziest. I see souls coming back at a later time. Otherwise this world would be intolerable. But it is important to die daily–for practice.

  • yellowrain

    hi ene'rs
    I came across this interesting article on PU. Man it stinks. They don't even know how this crap behaves. They are to scared to experiment with it in depth. Sounds like most they know about it is the math. Kept seeing the term "actinides" turns out the worst of the worst fall into this category. omg the gift that keeps on giving

  • Sol Man

    They may do what they will,
    but there is no stopping the great grind-down.
    It could have been different.

  • Funny stuff, I called out 2 likely new trolls on ENE in the last week and then the classic laughable "quality" troll shows up at my crippled Nuke Pro site and spews this hatred….those trolls hate when their precious blows up and the public catches on through the education efforts of ENENEWS and other blogs and websites.

    socref has left a new comment on your post "WIPP Plutonium Leak Can Kill at Least 32,700 Ameri…":

    You hack, you will never stop getting it wrong. Your assumptions, your methods, your understanding, all fucked up from a little man who thinks and fancies himself a nuclear pro.

    ruh-roh, oh that really hurts, LOL stock out

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    shoosh little humans cry no more
    mommies love is forever more
    shoosh lovely creatures cry no more
    the humans took you for what you where
    shoosh the precious voices that abhor
    the boogeyman is out the door
    shoosh sweet baby cry no more
    that mutation's been given law
    shoosh all of sanity cry no more
    big daddy has much more in store
    shoosh beautiful planet some adore
    spooky is our mindset for those who ignore
    so shoosh little humans cry no more
    for this planet we must restore
    the precious balance that's lifes allure
    oh shoosh little humans cry no more

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    The vigilance of truth must be kept at a staggering pace. Be confident in the assurance of your knowledge,know your facts. The positive force of a few can overcome many. The paradigm of power must change. Time was always short ,now it is backwards. Spread the word. Atomic energy is a lie, it saves nothing and it kills everything.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    The Nuclear Age, becomes the Nuclear World.

    Don't breathe, eat, swim, lock yourself up in a protective room, and make sure you stay out of the rain and snow.

    Good Going (Sarc)……Have a fine life..

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Yes, we are certainly entering a very, very dark age that we sadly created all on our own. ๐Ÿ™

      • tsfw tsfw

        Did we though? It seems to me like we aren't given enough information to make an informed decision on anything. This is why I can't bring myself to vote. I refuse to play a game for which I am not given any pieces.

  • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

    This is important information to finally start getting to the public, thanks to the researchers, your contributors, and you, enenews.

    The three year delay is troubling. Has it taken this many years for real research to start trickling through the blockade? Or is it part of a plan to cover up by only partly revealing something much worse that has only now come to light?

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Bombs over Tokyo!

    With all the prayers from the start for the japanese people that cannot wake from the slumber of the material god because most do not believe in God, we are so sorry. But to speak the truth, the endless show of blah blah blah "news" horsepiss from japan is just getting monotonous. You have finally desensitized the world so no one cares anymore. Mission accomplished!


    All we all can do is accept that no one in any of the govt's that you pay your daily taxes to cares about you, your families, or the world. The nuc industry will continue to pay all the babylonians with money-god digits and paper to kow-tow to the lies, and dis/mis-information. It could even be payments in gold and silver too. The material gods of many.

    The rip of it is, nothing will change until the mass mind does. As long as the ZOG mind-kontrol TV is on, or the mind-kontrol news rags are printed by the ZOG machines that OWN them all, it will never change. All we will continue to hear is endless fluff BS like this story. Who knows what they will create next to make it worse. Everybody understands the harsh inevitability of radiation poisoning and the fact that no one or nothing is doing anything to stop the proliferation of these weapons of mass destruction.


    • James Tekton James Tekton

      (sed it before-having to break the cadence of writing to have to jumble around the free expressions in multiple limited compose boxes is proving difficult and uninspiring-we needsa more room to writes in please)

      (cont) sigh…

      Could be a thousand storage tanks that burst some day as the whole farking monster dives into the sea during the most historic shaking earth changes ever. It is all on the universal drawing-board and these things too are happening all around all the other distractions dujour.

      Ie, lets make Russia and China crash the dollar so we can have some one to blame for it all. Forget about everything else. Let's just be stupid and follow the babylonian pipers of discord and death to hells fiery hot hollow shadows. Who cares!

      Oh boy oh boy what is the next distraction from what we all know is the world's worst catastrophic disastrous Extinction Level Event in japan? A nuklear explosion in New Mexico that kills off the entire southwest??

      Money, or life. What is more important to you is the question every live soul on earth needs to look into the mirror and ask themselves.

      Trade ya some zucchini and corn on the cob for your gold oz coins. We need fishing weights to catch some radioactive trout with.


      (cool distractionary blurt, eh!)


      • James Tekton James Tekton

        Here is another distraction from the reality of the fukushima ELE, hanford, and the possible crisis unfolding in new mexico now.

        It would all be just stupid shirt, if it were not so unreal.

        Tis a good ting evabody knaws!


      • or-well

        James Tekton
        "BOMBS OVER TOKYO" cool?
        Insensitive, to say the least.
        Dumbass f..ktardery? Yes, IMO.
        Given the oft-repeated message of your posts, I'm surprised you didn't use a different city, such as Washington, or TelAviv.
        Your thinly-disguised religious rants are tiresome.

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          "Your thinly-disguised religious rants are tiresome."

          Sorry for your misunderstanding, Or.

          Truth is not a religious rant, it is a well practised religion.

          The ridiculous rant and blurt of "Bombs over Tokyo" trick sure worked good at attraction, eh! Worked like a charm to distract you and the point was proven well, by you. Thanks!

          Ask for more clarity if you want it, but please do not personally attack me.


          • James Tekton James Tekton

            Oh and or, here is the real message in bold Caps that was there in case you purposely missed it:


            You are kindly invited to prove that statement is wrong, instead of perceiving it as a "thinly-disguised religious rant."

            A last retort and there will be no more responses to your attacks after this; if you have a problem with us praying for japan, so mote it be. We will continue to do so as we have since the first hour it happened. Selah!


        • Sparky Sparky

          Or-well, Oh Thank You, Right-on!!! I am beyond exasperated with JT's not-so "thinly disguised religious rants". Add to that ignorant, hateful and racist. His avatar and shtick suggest love but his rants always have a strong undercurrent of violence. Honestly, he needs to peddle that sh*t elsewhere.

          I've observed that his rants seem to get much longer, more dense, shrill, and hateful, with more religious fervor during the nighttime and early morning hours. Bottle-fed rants? I don't know and I don't really care, but they need to stop.

          His rants really diminish the quality of conversation and the overall integrity of Enenews, attracting other hate-mongering religious zealots to the site. I'm not talking about curtailing freedom of speech and diversity of views or participants. I'm talking about PRESERVING those valuable qualities of Enenews and 'Enenewsers.

          Iโ€™ve reported his comments to Admin several times. (Ooooowwww, โ€˜Guess that means Iโ€™m Babylonian, complaining about JTโ€™s hate-inspired versions of โ€œtruthsโ€ and all that.)

          I think Admin has been more than tolerant with this character. โ€˜Nuff said.

    • Fred

      [REMOVED & BANNED. THIS ALSO SERVES AS A FINAL WARNING TO ANYONE WHO ROUTINELY ADDS OFF-TOPIC RELIGIOUS OR POLITICAL CONTENT TO THEIR COMMENTS. It's taking up too much of my time and energy. So if you think I'm referring to you, I probably am.]

    • zogerke zogerke

      Good donations i make…

  • The Sock Puppet is back, be the better man, LOL

    socrefMarch 7, 2014 at 2:17 PM
    I destroyed your site's credibility. Go tell that to your ENE circle of jerks. It wont change anything. Nuclear is here to stay.

    StockMarch 7, 2014 at 2:47 PM
    LOL, you did us all a huge favor, keep it up Soc Puppet.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Darn bro, that babalonic-stooge is like, at war with you.

      Try reporting him to your local city attorney and prosecute him for terrorizing you, or something. Maybe hire a PI to track him down. Go to the states attorney general. It may be all for nought, but at least you can say you tried and proved out to go the right route first.

      We have become a pussy whooped society when it is OK for the cops to kill and murder innocent people in the nazi-military like crack down, and the time when an American citizen could simply take care of his or her own defence business from ANY aggressor, or trespasser.

      Remember how we used to deal with people that attacked us? Those ways may be coming back home as the CHANGE people wanted in the streets of the USA, and maybe sooner than most think. There will be NO TIME for farking around and pussy footing on message boards any more. The rule of the biggest monkey in the highest tree with the biggest SUN TZU gun will be the norm. Kinda like a cross-bow between the Hunter Games, and Red Dawn. When we would go to meetings in the dark past, we would always look at each other on the other side and say, I*za gots mine, you got yours?


    • mairs mairs

      Man, he sure likes to chew the scenery!

    • Jebus Jebus

      Nuclear energy is dead. Like the rest of the dinosaurs…

      Renewable energy finally makes economic sense

      You may have recently heard the following common claim repeated by a proponent of nuclear power: renewable energy cannot supply 'base-load' electric power. This misleading claim is based on the false assumption that the only way to supply base-load electricity demand is via coal and nuclear power stations.

      This myth is disseminated so stridently because renewable energy and energy efficiency have been growing to such an extent over the past decade that they now threaten the existing fossil fuel based business models. Furthermore, wind power is already much less expensive than nuclear energy, and solar photovoltaic power, PV for short, is on the way.

      In South Australia wind energy is generating 27 per cent of annual electricity demand. As a result, the wholesale price of electricity has dropped substantially and the state's two coal-fired power stations are closed for half the year.
      Mark Diesendorf

      I repeat, nuclear power is dead.

      The industry just hasn't realized it yet…

  • They should have interviewed an expert in the first place. Ideally one with profound experience in the fields of both low-light/low-energy grayscale dyes and mystery/voodoo/wizardry:

  • tsfw tsfw

    How to get around those pesky whistle blowers? Use drones,they don't have a conscience. Bet ya a hundred smackaroos they have one that can zoom down and take blood and administer injections too.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    If all this radiation is considered "natural" background radiation thirty years from now, and by some odd chance that "nature" has a mutation in corn crops somewhere, roundup resistance corn might be created — by "natural mutation?

    If this occurs, would Monsanto's patent on roundup ready corn be invalidated?

    Would Monsanto sue the nuclear industry for infringing on their copyright?

    Would Monsanto sue to challenge the "fact" that background radiation is not at a "natural" level, but rather that government has raised the levels of radiation considered "natural?"

    Funny this black substance in Japan reminds me of the corn "rust" disease.

    Maybe they should call it nuclear rust disease.

  • Angela_R

    "New studies on mystery black substances"

    Mysterious? I don't think so
    herewith an extract taken from an article about WIPP, written by Bob Nichols on 28 Feb., 2014:
    "The Carlsbad bomb making dump is on fire. The burning metal does not go away, it turns to dense black radioactive smoke. The black smoke is very obvious in the daytime and it streamed from several ventilator shifts during a fire at the dump two weeks ago."
    and how much plutonium etc. is stored at New Mexico…

    The article continues here:

    • I imagine to those people it appears equally mysterious what the hell has possibly gotten into people that they are questioning nuclear in a rather impertinent manner recently. Try to visualize the following scene near the swimming pool of a luxurious home in a quiet, picturesque town somewhere on planet Rich-And-Immune:

      Woman A:
      "Suddenly they seem to all have turned to real PITAs ! Disgusting, isn't it ?"

      Woman B:
      "Absolutely, Patricia. It's like a plague. About time someone does something about it. Wait a second.

      (Turning head towards the patio where her husband is preparing a drink for himself at the bar)

      Darling ! Please get me another one of those tasty frozen child's blood cocktails. And turn up the hormesis gauge on your way to the refridgerator, will you ?

    • rogerthat

      "The Carlsbad bomb making dump is on fire. The burning metal does not go away, it turns to dense black radioactive smoke. The black smoke is very obvious in the daytime and it streamed from several ventilator shifts during a fire at the dump two weeks ago."

      So not a truck fire then?

      • Angela_R

        Rogerthat, "So not a truck fire then?
        I can only direct you to the article. However, I see that my quote did not include the word 'garbage'i.e. first sentence should read "The Carlsbad bomb making garbage dump is on fire."

        • rogerthat

          sure thanks angela assume nichols talking about black smoke from wipp feb5/6 they said was truck on fire underground.

          • Angela_R

            Actually Roger, under the small photo on the left of the article cited above, it does state that the black smoke was from a Plutonium fire. The heat from the truck fire may have caused a small particle of plutonium to become inflammable.

            "Metallic plutonium is a fire hazard, especially if the material is finely divided. In a moist environment, plutonium forms hydrides on its surface, which are pyrophoric and may ignite in air at room temperature. Plutonium expands up to 70% in volume as it oxidizes and thus may break its container."

            Check out under FLAMMABILITY in link below


            Melting Point of Plutonium though is a lot higher.

            • jec jec

              Especially when the CEILING falls on the high radiation/fuel cell containers..!! I think its likely the heat got to the temperature of melting/evaporating PU and AM241. Otherwise it could not be in the SMOKE and air.

              Since much of this radiative poison had to be loaded in canisters with ROBOTS because its so highly radioactive..what are the OSHA and EPA/DOE rules for handling the mess below in WIPP. OBVIOUSLY the materials can only be handled with remote tools..Now it peppers the salt walls, floors and equipment. So they plan to mine and SELL the salt? Just wait until Farok trys to sell the radioactive metal/equipment! It will happen. Don't sit on bike seats guys!!

      • mairs mairs

        One of the replies to that blog was someone saying that no hazmat suits were worn by rescuers removing people who had smoke inhalation, and no radiation alarms went off.

  • how many know we are entering the age of aquarius, the water age ,, and fukushima is the name of the blessed island that now fouls that water, our water,, the event happened on 3-11-11.. or 3 +2+2 or 322,, the number of the skull and bones of yale, skull and bones is also the symbol of pirates,, pyrates,, bringing fire, pillaging and destruction seeking plunder for the kings, sailing under the letters of marque and reprisal. so many things linking together this water age and the spoiling of our water by fuku and fracking and pollutions of all kinds, these things are arranged well in advance.
    i feel and even bigger event is coming and this world will not be as we know it now,, even worse things to come or will some epic event be triggered by the mass killings, sacrifices of humans and save just a few battered and broken souls for the new age.
    13 workers exposed at wipp,, it spewed for 33 minutes ,, the damn is another water feature prominent in our news cycles now.
    real odd stuff all around but none of it alone is insignificant.
    I just follow the signs on the roads of time and try to make sense of it.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Just saw this movie "Stoker" I think the girls name was Mairs. Very practical girl. A bit on the cold side, though. I felt for her until the final scene. That's when she got a bit nuclear.

  • rogerthat

    The mystery black dust first became a story years ago (iori mochizuki at fukushima diary was avid in his coverage). The odd thing was, nothing was done about it. It was repeatedly measured, everyone knew it practically glowed in the dark. But so far as i know there was no effort made anywhere to vacuum it up, wash it off or otherwise remove it. Once or twice kids were advised not to play in it. For all i know it's still there, being as black and mysterious as only mystery black dust can be, sitting still and doing nothing.

    • tbg

      Theres a bunch of videos on youtube from Birdhairjp that show him getting super high readings from black dust in multiple locations.

      There are also reports of people who saw fine black powdery dust washing up in the froth of waves at beaches in hawaii and the west coast in 2011, but I cant find any of those links now.

  • Ontological Ontological

    This is a Bucky ball blizzard, and it is starting to drift. Another new definition for 'Nuclear Winter'.
    I have often wondered over the last 3 years if this is not the slow blackness of 'smoke' that will blot out the Sun, Moon, & Stars in Revelations.

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    Jebus….you wrote:

    "Nuclear energy is dead. Like the rest of the dinosaursโ€ฆ"

    Well, death takes a long road, mostly. For the dinosaurs it took maybe a few thousand years. Or, perhaps a day.

    Death comes sometimes suddenly, but mostly not.

    I subscribe to to World Nuclear News (keep your friends close, your enemies closer….")

    And the stories at WNN are horrific. The pace is accelerating and the scale is intimidating to the psyche. And, also to the Earth.

    Yes, it may be dying. It is not dead and to think so invites the Pollyanna Principle to fill in the void, therein.

    Please take a look at this short clip: Note 1:.06 min into it for a graph of what's coming. China's "new gadgets" on the way soon!

    Regrets: repost but am certain that many herein have not viewed it.


  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    Saying so, doesn't make it so.

    Or, given, that your observation [really speculation or wish] has some truth to it, it may not matter.

    The carcass of the industry will be around for a very long while fouling and polluting the environment on small and large scales both on time line and in depth and scope of living beings.

    Again: beware the Pollyanna Principle. Avoid the solace of particle-ized scope of view.

    So, with regrets, I disagree.

  • Jebus Jebus

    I see that you disagree, so I will leave the regrets to the nuclear apologists.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    The fine,black almost "sooty" material accumulated in layers on the old,white Ford Aerostar minivan we had in March-April 2011 and MONTHS after wiping a dry paper towel across the hood I stuck it under the mica window of my Russian,pancake tubed Geiger unit and it immediately alerted at 567 out of full-scale of 999 REM/hr!!~ I just stepped away mid-post to dig out the foil pouch I kept it in for 3 years and slid it back under the mica window and it hit 467 REM/hr after all this time??!! ๐Ÿ˜ I'm 6,125 miles due west of Fukushima and ALL of the light colored cars in the area on 3/11/11 had a gritty coat of the crap on them! ALL of the Spring buds & shoots on trees & plants were "burnt" on the tender,new shoots & leaves were brown,curling & dead! The weeds & tree leaves,etc. that did manage to continue living & growing looked "sickly" and had raggedy holes & deformations visible that year! ๐Ÿ™ Nasty Shitium!! ….

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      That's a hellish anecdotal report (with specifics).

      Up in smoke and hit hard – brings to mind "Down goes Fraser! Down goes Fraser!

      Am fearing that we are collectively "Fraser" sustaining, in this case, a lethal knock-out punch.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Yes Johnny , very nasty Shitium! And it's now everywhere! ๐Ÿ™ Puke!

    • Ontological Ontological

      Thanks Johnny B, you are describing the 'Bucky ball blizzard' that I refer to this corium dust as. We have it here on USA West Coast, it is not too hot as I think it is "mixed' with the many millions of other type of dust out here on the Mojave Desert, the readings are 1200 or so CPM but it sticks to EVERYTHING like it is electrostatic, and it 'drifts' on the east side of trees, as we have a primarily west (zonal) wind here.

      • Ontological Ontological

        I hit enter too soon. Cont. Many people here have had to paint there houses, for the dust is discoloring them, The paint faded very quickly from Ce chloride in the rain also. They had cleaned up the Red Rocks Canyon last decade by cleaning up the air pollution. Now those cleaned up rocks (Spring Mountains) are all getting black once again.

    • jec jec, in Texas can help you with this unit I bet. They a licensed to certify dosimeters. Good folks.

  • vital1 vital1

    I was sent this resin encapsulated sample of black fungus like material. It has reportedly come from somewhere in the Minamisoma area Japan. A contact in Japan sent a friend this sample. This is my test chart of it. For those of you who have not looked at a chart like this before. The position of the peaks in a the chart indicate what isotopes are present. This fungus started growing on the concrete, and rock surfaces in Japan after the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. It appears to be bio-accumulating Cesium.×574.jpg

    Scintillators are less sensitive as you go to higher energy keV. The Theremino MCA software allows you to increase the magnification of the higher energy peaks. The peaks in this Theremino MCA V4.5 software chart have been energy compensated, to bring out the smaller details at higher energies. The sample very small, grams or less.

    A professional lab reported test results 117 Bg Cs-137 and 58 Bq Cs-134. This black fungus material sample from Japan, contaminated with Cesium Cs-137 & Cs-134, is encapsulated in resin for safety reasons. So we donโ€™t know how much it weighs. We are trying to find out. It may not have been weighed when it was collected. Visually, looking at the encased sample, it would be a few grams if that.

    Here is a pen tip placed next to the sample, to give you and idea how small the sample is.

    • vital1 vital1

      The black center is the sample. Also, the sample does not fill up the small sample container, that is in the center of the resin encasement. The sample container is only around two thirds full.

      Update on the possible weight of the Black Fungus sample from Japan. This comment was posted on a forum discussing this test.

      โ€œIโ€™m an expert on weighing objects (sell scales, use different ones daily, some precise to .01g). Fungus in that form does not appear to hold too much water weight and would likely weigh less than a gram given the scale. If it jis thin and flakey type fungus, it may be under .25-.5g. Is it thick like a mushroom cap or more like lichen? Iโ€™ve only observed extremely thin fungi growing on concrete, and I would err on the very low side. My best guess is .3g.โ€

      My reply

      That means the black fungus sample from Japan is very, very, hot.

      Test results 117 Bg Cs-137 and 58 Bq Cs-134

      117 + 58 = 175 Bq x (1000 grams/0.3 grams) = 583,333 Bq/Kg of Cesium

      Even if it was 10 times greater in weight 3 grams, it would still be 58,333 Bq/Kg of Cesium.

      The person who supplied this sample to me, went to a lot of trouble and expense, to make this sample available to researches in Australia. I would like to thank him for that. Any comments or suggestions, regarding the results of this test chart results are welcome.

      • vital1 vital1

        There is no copyright placed on the chart screen shot, so you can copy it, and make use of it where ever you like.

        The chart image also has information how much more radioactive Cesium is by weight than Potassium. Potassium is found in all living thinks including Bananas.

        Cesium is an artificial substance that is chemically poisonous as well as radioactive. If ingested it tends to concentrate in hot spots in the body, and this causes a lot of cellular damage.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      If I send it to someone here will the sample ground into a folded up paper towel be enough to be useful to anyone? I took the sample in front of a half dozen people who would swear to the authenticity of my sample & readings even though they didn't remember the anxiety they had seeing the geiger go nuts faded away by the next day! I always have unbiased or skeptical bystanders collect rain,snow,soot,etc. before showing the on the geiger that "normal" background number on this machine fluctuates between 6-11 with anything more pointing to being elevated. I'm pretty sure it caused my daughter to lose her baby a few months later & shortly after that something IMO from 311 initiated my wife's Inflammatory breast cancer. I have no reason to believe anything different brought on her advanced cancer so suddenly & at Stage 3B before there was visible or felt symptoms & detection! March 1st 2012 was ger 1st of MANY chemo sessions……

  • vital1 vital1

    Johnny Blade

    "If I send it to someone here will the sample ground into a folded up paper towel be enough to be useful to anyone?"

    "I just stepped away mid-post to dig out the foil pouch I kept it in for 3 years and slid it back under the mica window and it hit 467 REM/hr after all this time??!! :|"

    If it is that hot it should be stored in a lead container for safety reasons!!!

    Yes, someone should be able to test it for you in America. I aim in Australia, but this is way to hot to send through the mail.

    You should contact a University or a testing lab and get it tested.

    At these levels it needs very special handling and extreme caution, it shouldn't be in you house or near you.

    Are you sure it is 467 REM/hr?

    • vital1 vital1

      It shouldn't be in your house, or near you.

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        @vital1;yes it was 567 REM/hr or over half of my somewhat off-bran Russian geiger unit advertised as having the same pancake tube as the blue Radex unit

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          Not many people are fa,iliar with this unit and the manual wasn't available in English for nearly a year,but I figured it out and it was NIB with the proper Russian calibration certification for cesium at the least. Full scale stops at 999 REM/hr according to the translated manual & specs. it is just the black sooty crap I rubbed off the hood of my van 3 yrs ago and I wrapped it in a foil pouch. This stuff was EVERYWHERE and I just saved enough to blacked a 3×3 inch square of paper towel! It resided on top of a tall metal cabinet in a room used for storage. I get similar results from the paint of our current vehicle if I don't wash it for more than a week or two but just over 100 most recently-only a bit more than the rain if the geiger climbs up past 12-15 REM/hr in the house. The old sample doesn't raise the alarm until it's right up on the geiger unit though.

        • vital1 vital1

          I suggest contacting Fairewinds and get advice for handling, safe storage, and transport, with a view to getting it tested.

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            I'm going to put it outside in a storage shed then! I suppose the same stuff is still around "clinging" to metal objects(?)! It was VERY hard to wash off of the car in 2011! It cost me over $20 and I recall getting sick with fever 7 nausea & a sore throat when I washed it but didn't think it was connected??!!(I wasn't eating or drinking water from 3/11/11 until nearly MAY and dehydrated myself via my suspicion of food & water back then!) I didn't realize that the food chain would gradually become more tainted later on as releases continued accumulating as I'd later found out. What a disgusting "gift" from the nuke-pukes!! ๐Ÿ™ I will store it away from the indoors and stop by the University of chicago to see what they can do with it??!! THANK YOU!!

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @vital1;it hits 511REM/hr and drops back slowly to 467 where it stays!

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        I'll enable my webcam and put it out here if someone can educate my computer illiterate self as to how to either stream it live or make a video accessible here if it would help?? I wish my kids were here. They could guide me through it properly..

        • vital1 vital1

          "12-15 REM/hr in the house"

          You are probably reading the scale incorrectly.

          If the level in the house is this scale is probably uRem/hr not REM.

          • vital1 vital1

            Still 467uR/hr after 3 years is 31 times your house background. It is still worth getting it tested.

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              p.s.,I hate to lose this 3bdroom double-wide mobile home! I'm guessing the metal construction makes it pretty close to being a giant Faraday cage??!! I grounded it real good for my ham radio gear…

              • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                if only it had NBC capable filtration systems I'd be a happy camper! lol. There's not a damned thing we can do about Fukushitium anymore anyways! I probably smoked more of it than I breathed or ate?!! ๐Ÿ˜ I'm guessing the crap I sampled was Cs-137 since the GM unit is rated for cesium and it's still doing a number on my GM counter regardless of the Cyrillic Russian menu & settings and I doubt my monthly changing of the doubled-up HEPA filters on the central air & heat intake & registers offers little consolation or effect so it's all moot.

          • vital1 vital1

            Typo correction:

            If the level in the house is at this level, the scale is uRem/hr not REM.

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              thank you for clarifying that for me because it didn't seem right to me either but it definitely works although my skills at conversion of all of the differing units of measurement drives me crazy!! lol thanks again

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            That could be vital1 because I had issues with the Russian translated manual & specs and I had been trained on 1980's era USN Radiacs prior to purchasing this one in haste. I do have a Mini-Instruments Type 5 GM unit to check it with but can't source the large,square,paper 9 volt drycell industrial batteries to power it up with although I had been thinking of resuming finishing the project allowing it to be operated with a AC to DC power supply but only as a "fixed" unit rather than a portable "Mini-Monitor as it's supposed to be used as. The unit I provided the link to also has the specs in an English version pdf if I can find it in this PC that says "0-999" REM/hr detection capability(?)!! Wish I had in Inspector ๐Ÿ™ …lol

  • Jebus Jebus

    Olympics too?

    Toughest Stage of Japanese Nuclear Cleanup Won't Start Before 2020.
    Removal of Melted Fuel From Reactors Fraught With Obstacles

    TOKYOโ€”Three years after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, the stricken plant's operator estimates it is still six years away from grappling with the biggest cleanup problem: removing melted nuclear fuel.

    Tuesday marks the anniversary of the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami that led to meltdowns of three of the site's six reactors and explosions at reactor buildings that left them filled with concrete and metal rubbleโ€”the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl.

    But according to plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. 9501.TO -0.64% 's latest assessment, the removal of melted fuel and debris from the first three reactors might only begin around 2020. At the moment, Tepco isn't even sure how to start that project.

    Ya gotta wonder how they can possibly put an Olympic spin on that…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      The Tokyo Olympics will likely never happen Jebus. I don't believe in my heart that 2020 will even happen(?)! Life isn't likely to be anything like those left will have remembered it anyway! ๐Ÿ™ It's a pretty bad sign that "I" even seem smarter than much of the mainstream morons,but I do wonder how they will explain to the international competitors & visitors that they need to bring their own safe food & water for the entire trip??!! I bet they have the "runner-up" city prepping the alternative Olympic site quietly happening already? Choosing Tokyo was probably done by TPTB as part of their failed cover-up plan anyway. Take Care ALL g'nite! ๐Ÿ™‚ ..

      • atomicistheword


        I think Japan and America are going to face huge economic challenges, their hiding this even of Biblical proportions from the general public, a graven error. Once the mutations become evident, no one will buy Japanese cars or produce from the US east coast to Canada. Huge economic cloud on the way. HUGE!

        Those people that stored up ten years worth of food that everyone laughed at are probably laughing all the way to the health bank. For ten years anyway.

        People you must become food aware, read labels carefully, especially country of origin and NOT manufacture. Foods that boost immunity, nature genuine crops, not man made imitations lacking in content, or mutant poisons.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        I look forward to the water buckyball polo, but how can they swim in those anti-radiation suits. I can see it now, the swimmers head comes up for a breath. The swimmer has a chemical filter mask on. Heads up, swimwear designers, develop some streamlined filter masks!

  • Cdog Cdog

    Based on the bq readings this was unfortunately obvious three years ago. This type of evil begs the questions, is God really all powerful? Can s/he intervene? Does s/he care?

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      We have been warned.

      • I guess so. We should definitely have read the fineprint rightafter birth: "Beware, new-born ! By entering this world, which is basically is pathetic place of incredible lies and deception, you agree to always subordinate to the orders of the global fascist shadow government. You agree that you will never question the eternal Death and Destruction Act they ordered at an unknown time in the past in a secret meeting. Do not come here if you are unwilling to comply with this and/or if your plans are in any way different from living in a pseudo-democratic slavery system in which your only raison d'รชtre is to work and consume in order to increase the wealth of the ruling Elite."

  • pjrsullivan

    [REMOVED. 55 total comments — 0 times replying to other people's comments — 42 comments with links to]

    • Ruh-Roh, I sense a ban coming

      • atomicistheword

        Casting nets against one another only leads to the defamation of this site. This has been happening on YouTube as of late. Divide and conquer an old technique. Making sane and understandable information to the general public, in a manner that THEY can understand is the greatest gift of this site. Most medical professionals agree that hope leads to survival. Remember that quickening of knowledge can lead to technologies to repair the damage. There is a future but man must accept his place in the universes. To think he is the only life form in the uninverses is proud at best.

        I would like to thank all those comments made here that have increased my knowledge of this man made event against humanity, caused by anti-humans.

        It is not about who is in or out of a clique, it is about solid evidence and naming the perpetrators of this event that will make sure it will not happen again, changing a civilisation from war based growth to environmental based growth is the key, technology can still progress; but not in a counterproductive manner.

        If these comments offend then cut off the truth that brings many here.

        • The above is a pure religious post and Off topic at that, and ADMIN doesnt like too much religious propaganda.

          And its just a weird post thats oddly worded

          When I see new posters with non creative names, I think of dullard PHD types from the nuke industry sent to intentionally put up "crazy" posts on ENENEWS so these posts can be pointed to, to discredit the site.

          Slam Down, thats how I see it, how I call it, thats my story and I am sticking to it.

        • m a x l i

          No "casting nets" going on here. It is the massive onslaught by comments like pjrsullivans' above which leads to the defamation of this site. Let's stick to the topic of nuclear power or whatever the topic of the discussion thread is and let's try to discuss the topic at hand in a science-based, evidence-based, fact-based manner as good as everyone is able! The mentioned comment is lightyears away from that. Should we invite sports enthusiasts, hobby cooks, stamp collectors, ufologists to discuss their hobbies in the midst of a discussion about "Fuel core materials from Fukushima"? Then this site will become useless.

          I agree with stock that it is bound to happen that the nuke industry is swamping this site with crazy posts and the above post possibly could be one of those. By the way: As far as I have seen, pcrsullivan has been repeatedly unloading his religious stuff here, but is not interested in any dialog, does not respond to questions. Let's try it out!

          @pjrsullivan, do you have anything to say about the "Black Substances"?

          • atomicistheword

            The comment is provocative and I suspect a parody of the high technical language used here. The comment still exists. The poster has a right to express his views by law, as far as I see his points are…

            1. Nature when altered reacts in an automated manner, this is truth.
            2. Intervention the result, nature alters to environmental change.
            3. Higher beings and or civilisations have been proven to exist through ancient artifacts and literature.
            4. We can no longer tolerate Atomic bullying and evil corruption.
            5. Altering the way we value life and humanity will bring us back on the yellow brick road to a thriving sustainable civilisation.

            There are aspects in the post that relate to the interaction of false religion and interconnecting government corporate influences in civilisation.

            As far as stamp collectors, hobby cooks etc. That comment could be offensive to those here or viewing. I have seen many comments on here that would fit your description nicely, but those people are not attacked.

            If you have problems with people of faith, please do not let your prejudice cloud what is written before you.

            If your intention is to stop atomic radiation weapons production posing as electric generation, you need the dumbed down people to help your cause. Technical terms without explanation will not give results.

            The aim is not self promotion (pride) or cliques, the aim is to save humanity from insanity.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    et our 1 gm. A small but not negligible slice of butter. Like those small pads given in restaurants only thinner.A MAGICIAN'S DREAM

    According to Dr. Caldicott 1/1,000,000 gm of Plutonium will kill you. 1 gm of Plutonium contains 2.5 x 10 to the 21st atoms, that is 1 followed by 21 zeros which is quite a large number. 1 millionth of that will yield 2.5 x 10 to the 15th or 1 followed by 15 zeroes. Also a big number.

    So 1 or 2 atoms of Plutonium will not do the job.

    Now 1 ounce = 28+ gm. A cube of butter is 4 oz. 1/4 of that will yield our 1 oz. Next we divide that into 28 parts and get our 1 gm.

    Now we just need to imagine that divided into 1 million parts and we have a weight about equivalent to the weight of Plutonium needed for a death. This amount of butter would probably not even amount to a small smear that you could see.

    Since this really invisible amount has such power over life we can not be on the LOOKOUT for Plutonium literally. Could this amount have come out of WIPP? No doubt. And how much more will come out in the future?

    Gov and corporations have an ideal situation. The stuff is invisible to the eye. It is measured in a number of ways. There is sufficient confusion about the subject that people generally will not know what is happening. A magician's dream.

    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      the initial "et our 1 gm. A small but not negligible slice of butter. Like those small pads given in restaurants only thinner." is a computer generated misprint due to ENEnews.

    • m a x l i

      Capt. Nemo: "There is sufficient confusion about the subject that people generally will not know what is happening. A magician's dream."

      m a x l i: The International System of Units (SI) unit symbol for the "gram" (or british: "gramme") is "g". Inventing your own symbols will add to the confusion.

      correct: 1 g
      wrong: 1 gm

  • I wonder how much time will pass before they enact laws which will forbid the possession of radioation meters of all kind for anyone except authorized invididuals or authorities ?

    But then again… there is a much more subtle way to accomplish the same. The will just elimitate all companies manufacturing such devices by:
    – put a import ban on them, because they belong to the Axis of Evil ™ or to Putin's Evil Propaganda Empire ™
    – shutting the company down after "discovering" child pornography on their computer systems
    – shutting them down after alleging them with tax fraud
    – etc etc
    I guess you get the idea.
    Next, of course, they will have to confiscate all devices in order to deploy them to the authorities which need them to protect us (by measuring and testing until full exhaustion), while – unfortunately – there is no alternative as a consequence of the totally unforeseen and unprecedented shortage on the market
    Too absurd ? Proof me wrong, please…

    • P.S. How about "EPA has found that radiation meters made by <whatever manufacturer> pose a dangerous threat to the users because they contain the highly toxic substance <you name it>. In order to avoid severe damage among the population, the devices will be collected nation-wide by the local police authorities, after which they will be decontaminated and their remaining be stored in an undestroyable underground site specifically designed to hold this kind of material securely for aeons of time"

      • combomelt combomelt

        fukugeddon, thats f-d up!, but i have no doubt your scenario will come to pass

        • Believe me: finding myself proven right on that point in whatever point of time in the future will not evoke the slightest feeling of satisfaction inside me.

          However, I cannot help but getting the impression our journey from Fuku(shima) to (Arma)geddon has definitely gained momentum lately.

          Boy, this is so fucked up, isn't it ?

          (Note to myself: Reconsider option to go lunatic before everything collapses !)

    • bo bo

      Fukuggy – something like that already happening in Japan – this was a report from fuku diary march 2012

  • Daisy207

    Lets see – The "Black substance" was noticed in Tokyo as well as any where around the plant immediately after the explosions – and no one tested it three years ago – maybe run a geiger counter over it? The same old – if we don't test it – it is not there. Every resident of the west coast should at the very least get radiation badges – and run a 3 hour test on their yards, inside their homes, and wear one on their person. If these badges show radiation levels higher or much higher than background – then they should demand the expensive tests – to be paid for by the government – at a private lab. And force the local health departments to publish all data. People should have information so they can make informed decisions about whether to stay or leave. At the very least they may be safer a few hundred miles inland – though we all got hit with this crap but the closer to the coast and west of the mountains certainly got the majority of it – and will continue to get hit for thousands of years from the proximity to the ocean.

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      What a colossal mess! That shit could be anywhere, getting more widespread over time. I wonder if Arnie Gundersen was looking for this kind of black substance when he found his radioactive ground samples in Tokyo. Arnie also has talked about hot particles which are not readily detectable with a typical geiger counter. Food testing requires special handling and testing methods, which are beyond most people's capability.

      Therefore, we are dependent on government agencies and academic institutions to do this work and to report the results honestly. Japanese authorities are not trustworthy. Some scientists in CA and BC are stepping up testing of sea water and kelp, which may be helpful, but we need much more intensive testing of a wide variety of foods, including imported goods and non-food items.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Humpty, the Nuclear Genie and all its siblings are out of the bottle, and they are all multiplying at will, and there is no way to discern what genie is where and there never was a way to tell where they all are or where they have all gone. ๐Ÿ™

    Ergo: The invisible, odorless and tasteless "Nuclear Ghost of Death" now lurks throughout and in all our towns, homes, businesses and in all our chosen commodities… ๐Ÿ™

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      I bought a Nikon camera, a traditionally Japanese brand. The label says made in Thailand. I looked. Sad that I looked. I was curious if my camera was radioactive.

      I hope Nike makes shoes that have a radiation detector in them soon. Walking on black mystery dust causes an alert to be sent to Obama about South American air fare.

      I'm trying to get on my humor shoes, but the sole is coming off…

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