Study: X-ray like images show radioactive contamination spread through leaves and grass collected from Fukushima to Tokyo (PHOTOS)

Published: December 21st, 2012 at 12:22 pm ET


Title: Semi-quantitative analysis of leaf surface contamination by radioactivity from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident using HPGe and imaging plate
Source: Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
Author: Etsuko Furuta
Date: December 2012

[…] Every image obtained by 24 h exposure time was very clear except for the grass sampled from Yonezawa (Yonezawa grass). There was no image gotten from 3-day exposure time for Yonezawa grass because of its low radioactivity as shown in Table 1. Figure 2 shows examples of the photos and the images: the (a) sample was collected at Iwaki, and the (c) sample was collected in front of the Fukushima station. Almost all the images had hot spots on the leaves.

[…] Images of the leaves obtained by FLA-2000 with BAS-MS for 24 h exposure time and photos of the leaves arranged in a cassette. a Iwaki; a photo of leaves, mixture of beech, pieris (green-leaves, lower side) and oak (dead-leaves, upper side) b Iwaki; image of a. This image was not used for quantitative analysis. c In front of the Fukushima station; a photo of leaves of cherry tree. d In front of the Fukushima station; image of c […]

Generally, a very weak image of green-leaves by natural radionuclides, which is mainly 40K, is provided by an exposure of more than one week in a shielded box [7]. However, the leaves in this study provided images in 24 h exposure time outside of a shielded box as shown in Fig. 2. Also, the images with 40K are almost uniform, not spots. However, the images with fission products were spots as shown in Fig. 2. The difference between natural radionuclides and fission products was clearly found in images by using IP [imaging plate].  […]

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Published: December 21st, 2012 at 12:22 pm ET


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13 comments to Study: X-ray like images show radioactive contamination spread through leaves and grass collected from Fukushima to Tokyo (PHOTOS)

  • Well, we did have to replace an entire furnace last year due to rats eating all the wires, so you can lose cooling from rat damage. Actually, the intermittent loss of cooling caused little calcereous nodules or buttons to grow all over the unit which eventually brought it to a complete stop.

    I have a feeling those rats are chewing away as we speak, or type.

    So, it's a toss-up now between severe damage by rats, or the inevitable earthquakes, that seem to get closer and closer to Fukushima:

    Earthquake Number 77 of December Hit Japan Today

    "A semi-strong 5.0 earthquake shook off the north-eastern coast of Japan today, December 21, 2012. The quake centered 54km SSE of Ofunato, Japan at 08:07:18 UTC.

    Today, people worldwide are clinching their fist hoping the Mayan doomsday prediction was merely a miscalculation or error.

    Clearly, the rash of quakes that began on November 27, has perhaps provide reason for concern. The entire Ring of Fire area has been hit with numerous unusually high energy quakes that can’t be explained, other than planetary pull, full moon, or climate change.

    This week, starting on December 16, 2012, Japan has been hit with 15 separate quakes 4.6 or higher. The fact that Japan was hit with fifteen quakes is not at issue, however, the strength of these seismic events are.

    The latest 5.0 quake does not appear to have caused any damage or loss of life."

    • We Have Not Harnessed the Atom

      If it isn't rats, there's another thing that seems to eat nuclear power plants – the technology itself, or radiation to more precise:

      Wishful thinking on nuclear power

      By Dr. Dale Dewar, The StarPhoenix December 21, 2012

      "The radiation that boils the water that creates the power is messy.

      It gradually destroys pipes and containment vessels, and finally clogs up the fuel itself.

      Seventy years of wishing (and trying) has not harnessed the atom or even come close. It cannot even be contained. Furthermore, nuclear power is like building an outhouse without putting a hole under it – there is no place for the waste to go."

      Read more:

  • * I didn't know that film emulsion capture of potassium-40 beta from normal leaves could be imaged over a reasonable period of time. This is an excellent article which gives us amateurs starting reference points.

    * Presumably, those hot spots are due to alpha radiation from hot particles –either on the leaves or within, which the film emulsion (I understand) readily stops and converts into exposure density.

    * For several months (here on the coast of Oregon) I "read" my 7/8" diameter, 10 cubic foot air draw filters by sandwiching them against ISO-800 speed Fuji color negative film –for days at a time. The only distinct set of images I got turned out to be from the ink in the pen I used to mark the filters. The pen was manufactured in Japan. (I used the same brand of pen before and after with no images, so it was the only pen (or package of pens) which had mildly radioactive ink.)

    I stopped spending the time and trouble it took (working in total darkness or in a photographer's "change bag") to use film after I got an alpha sensitive Medcom "Inspector" Geiger counter, but I believe my film method was more sensitive.



  • I think we should rename NPP (Nuclear Power Plants) as PMUs (Population Management Units), or, simply: bombs. They seem to sit there like eternal FGUs (Fear Generation Units), mopping up public finances like giant MSMs (Money Sucking Monsters), dribbling tritium and downwinding us to death until they get caught by the inevitable forces of nature and, like a massive APCB (Anti Personnel Cluster Bomb) – explode, causing more death and destruction in the process.

    I guess, one of the few solutions left is to laugh out loud, then line up all the scientists who gave birth to these seething metallic leviathans – and hand them all a Nobel Prize. Well done!

    Engineers warn: Two US nuclear plants may cause new Fukushima

    Published: 21 December, 2012, 23:52

    "“The potential energy released in a gas line rupture at Indian Point is equivalent to that from a massive conventional bomb; the 2010 explosion and fire in San Bruno, Calif., is an example of the destructive force, which a pipeline rupture can unless,” the letter states." "

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Our animal and plan companions are all affected… and not in a good way. The canary in the coal mine is warning us.. beware!

    Fukushima Animals Affected By Low Level Radiation; via A Green Road

    UK Established Animal Radiation 'Controls' Due To Chernobyl Cesium Contamination; via A Green Road

  • @Pu239 – if you clik thru on my nic, you'll see I do a bit of EQ watching. The Pacific quakes are down to the 2 eclipses there earlier in the month. Samoa seems to be locked up and is pushing Indo into Africa, which pushes into the Carib exacerbating the Sinkhole gassing – and onwards into the Pacific & Japan. A good NZ or Samoa jiggle would stop Japan getting so much crap.

  • I've said it before, but I don't mind saying it again.

    The transport vectors/mechanisms for radioactive contamination are numerous. (understatement)

    Leaves and Plants:

    If those leaves are burned the radioactivity simply spreads to the air and accumulates somewhere else. (perhaps inhaled)

    If the leaves decay then the soil which once would have used the dead leaves nutrients is now contaminated. (food grown there could later be ingested)

    Whatever insect, microbe or creature that touches that spot is somewhat contaminated.

    The insidious loop never ends until the Hazardous to Life span of the isotope is complete.

    Damaged DNA and broken ecosystems…
    What's the cost of that?