“Serious concern” over long term health consequences from Fukushima disaster — New Study: 8 times more cancer deaths than predicted

Published: January 25th, 2013 at 11:34 am ET


Title: Reassessing the health effects of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident
Source: Chemistry World
Author: Rebecca Brodie
Date: 25 January 2013

While the Japanese tsunami of March 2011 was devastating in its own right, the long term health consequences because of the damage to the nuclear reactor at Fukushima Daiichi are also of serious concern. […]

Jan Beyea, from the US expert consulting service Consulting in the Public Interest, together with fellow colleagues has been analysing previous calculations of the subsequent nuclear accident in Japan, and believes that the number of predicted future mortalities from cancer is higher than originally predicted. […] the mid-range, predicted number of future mortalities from cancer is closer to 1000 than the 125 figure calculated without considering long-term groundshine [gamma radiation emitted from radioactive materials deposited on the ground].’ […]

Lynn Anspaugh, from the University of Utah, US, who works in the field of radiology and reconstructing radiation doses and who analysed the Chernobyl accident, agrees that Beyea’s research points out several inaccuracies in the previous work. However, he feels that the real question this work raises regards the future of nuclear power itself. […]

Read the study’s abstract here

Published: January 25th, 2013 at 11:34 am ET


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54 comments to “Serious concern” over long term health consequences from Fukushima disaster — New Study: 8 times more cancer deaths than predicted

  • lam335 lam335

    re: "… calculated without considering long-term groundshine [gamma radiation emitted from radioactive materials deposited on the ground …"

    Glad they are checking up on the official claims. But I still wonder whether these revised calculations are also considering the doses received from inhaled hot particles, as well as from the long-term contamination of the food supply.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "But I still wonder whether these revised calculations are also considering the doses received from inhaled hot particles, as well as from the long-term contamination of the food supply."

      No. And never will.

    • patb2009

      i was just thinkingt he same thing myself Ian.

      the hot particle doses will be much higher and
      the effects on brithrate (Miscarriage, etc) will add a lot.

  • pcjensen

    So very glad to see others crunching and reporting on the data! Thank You!

  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

    1000…times 1000?

    • Sickputer

      Yes…Consulting in the Public Interest is taking lessons from WHO and their Chernobyl death estimates. 1,000 is an insult to the people of Japan. The real radiation death toll will be millions.

  • nuclearcom

    The previous prediction cited in the new study was a range that included the near-thousand death estimate favored by the authors. So the title of this thread is misleading. Both the new study and its prior use 'linear-no threshold' method to calculate deaths based on collective dose. That's so speculative an approach that it can rightly be considered unscientific.

    • garjackson

      Article: "the mid-range, predicted number of future mortalities from cancer is closer to 1000 than the 125 figure"

      That is 8 times more. You are misleading.

    • ion jean ion jean

      Ha! I would say mostly everything taught about the medical effects of ionizing radiation is unscientific…it's political!

    • richard richard

      Nukers are so righteous in their support of a deadly and poisonous energy source, puppets to their corrupt masters, that's it's unconscionable.

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Is this the first MSM attempt to deflect the imminent awareness of the true damage inflicted by Fukushima's lethal radiation poisoning?

    'US hit by new stomach bug spreading around globe'


    I remember in Japan, when the waves of rad sickness after 3/11 first started, it was explained away as a 'bad flu epidemic'.

    I also have noticed, looking at the MSM's progressive charting of the 'flu epidemic' here in the US, that the charts matched perfectly the progressive charting of Fukushima radiation spread after 3/11.

    Next will be the 'antibiotic-resistant' diseases. Antibiotics don't work against radiation poisoning, so all doctors will prescribe AB's for whatever comes in the door, and when they don't work, it'll be "Oh, well, she/he had XXX that was antibiotic-resistant". They certainly won't be testing for radiation poisoning.

    Until we start seeing the 'Fukushima Necklace' spread. I know I'm seeing, and reading about, many more people in their middle years dropping dead for no apparent reason. Many, many more cancer cases within the last year. And the obituaries are now full of middle aged people, far more than I've ever seen before.

  • or-well

    The last sentence in the Chemistry World article disturbs me.

    "Quantifying the psychological and physical effects of stress following large releases of radioactivity may be the next frontier in consequence analysis."

    Those lucky Consequence Analysts
    may have new reasons for funding to acquire,
    and a new frontier
    to fill with scholarly papers adored,
    on the topic of stress that's so deplored,
    adding weight to the theme of radiophobes,
    those folks here-to-fore mostly ignored,
    who need counselling to have their confidence restored,
    so that radioactivity need not be abhored,
    and with drugs and therapy be happy once more.

  • happy9kids

    Here is part of my report ("Sudden Death Reports").
    If you want to read the rest of the report, send
    me your request to: hiroike711@gmai.com.

    Sudden Death Reports
    One senior Japanese citizen has extensively collected much information about the aftermath of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster from numerous sources and posted in his blog with his comments. The information also includes many brief reports of sudden-death cases which have occurred during a 18-month period from May 2011 to December 2012. Most of the reports on these sudden-death cases are posted in Tweet and personal blogs for the purpose of exchanging such information about the sudden death among Japanese citizens who are seriously worried and concerned about highly-possible outbreaks of radiation sickness and related health problems throughout the country.
    Blogger’s comments:
    Having passed over a year since the accident of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, I noticed that sudden-death cases of women and young people in the twenties, thirties and forties began to be increasingly reported by concerned people. Those reports are about the sudden deaths of people in all-ages: infants, middle and high school students, adults and senior citizens. Much of sudden-death information cannot be easily verified to be connected to radiation, but causes of those sudden-death cases seem to be related to both internal and external exposures. It is now getting scary to know that people…

  • happy9kids

    Well, I decided to post the reports in several comment sections.
    (Sorry for possibly abusing this site, but I wanted people to receive this info.)
    I pray for the souls of all who lost their lives and their family and friends.
    – Sculptor and Professor (of Tokai University) Akira Kamiyama died of cardiac failure on 12/24/2012. (Age: 59)
    – Vocalist Kei Goto of “Pay Monty to My Pain (group sounds)”, died of acute cardiac arrest in the morning of December 30, 2012 at his house in Yokohama city. (Age: 31)
    – Kumiko Sibasaki, (well-known) harpsichord player, died of lung cancer on January 6, 2013. (Age: 51)
    – NHK Announcer Hiroshi Ishikawa died from disease on January 6, 2013. (Age 53)
    – Professional Golfer Hisayuki Sasaki reportedly died of cardiac arrest on January 3, 2013 at the hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. (Age: 48)
    – Report posted in Kinoshita’s Blog (Date:12/31/2012): A woman in the sixties with a fairly high cholesterol reading and no chronic disease died suddenly of ischemic cardiac infarction on the way back home from the hospital where her husband was staying. She died instantly without suffering. She looked asleep when she died on a bus at the last station. (Date: 12/29/2012 Location: Urawa city, Saitama Prefecture)
    – Report posted in Kinoshita’s Blog (Date:12/23/2012): A man in Aso, living in a central area of Tokyo and being actively involved in various activities, died from cardiac disease. He was in the early sixties, eating Sushi all the time, and…

  • happy9kids

    – Report posted in Kinoshita’s Blog (Date:12/15/2012): In fall, 2012, a 31 year-old man, who originally used to live in Mito and Tsukuba cities, suddenly died of cardiopathy. We heard that his family and friends were completely unconcerned about radiation.
    – Kabuki Actor Kanzaburo Nakamura died of respiratory distress syndrome on December 5, 2012. (Age: 57)
    – Report posted in Kinoshita’s Blog (Date:12/03/2012): A man in the forties, an employee of a well-known company located in Tokyo, died suddenly at the office in the morning after working all night long. Reportedly, he looked asleep leaning onto his desk when he died.
    – Report posted in Numayu’s Blog (Date:11/12/2012): My friend’s dad passed away suddenly. This is really surprising sudden death, causing family members to be completely lost on what to do. He was healthy, but died of cardiac infarction.
    – Report posted in Kinoshita’s Blog (Date:10/28/2012): In October, 2012, a boy in the lower grade of an elementary school died of subarachnoid hemorrhage in Abiko city, Chiba Prefecture.
    – Ambassador to China Shinichi Ninomiya died at the age of 60 in the morning of September 13. He was staying in a hospital for medical treatment because he went out and fell down in the front yard of his house.
    – “Cartoonist Junko Nakano suddenly died of ischemic heart disease on July 28, 2012,” reported Weekly Young Jump (publishing company). (Age: 45)
    – From tweet of OOO1 (in Futaba-gun, Fukushima Prefecture) on 7/04/2012: Principal…

  • happy9kids

    – From tweet of OOO1 (in Futaba-gun, Fukushima Prefecture) on 7/04/2012: Principal of a local public school died of cardiac infarction at the age of 50. He was so healthy that no disorder was seen in his body until his death. Hard to connect the cause of his sudden death to radiation, but I cannot help worrying about it.
    – From tweet of OOO2 on 6/12/2012: We live in the eastern side of Hokkaido. My girl friend’s husband and a son of my parents’ neighbor suddenly died: They both were in the thirties. Doctors told them that they died from overwork. I am feeling so sad as they both have newborns. I also heard that they both had been in good health without chronic illness. Wondering if young people in the thirties could have bad luck like their cases.
    – On June 8, Actor Toru Watanabe announced at a news conference in Tokyo that in mid-April he underwent surgery due to cardiac infarction. Since he started to easily feel fatigue during location work while running out of breath at the top of a staircase at all times, went to a hospital for a checkup, and they found out through medical imaging contrast test for blood that the coronary artery of his heart was completely clogged. He has been troubled with diabetes for about 10 years.
    – From tweet of OOO3 on 6/06/2012: In my workplace, three of my coworkers have lately disappeared. When I asked each staff member in the sections where they used to work, I was told that they had been staying at hospitals (in Chiba Prefecture) for…

  • happy9kids

    – From tweet of OOO3 on 6/06/2012: In my workplace, three of my coworkers have lately disappeared. When I asked each staff member in the sections where they used to work, I was told that they had been staying at hospitals (in Chiba Prefecture) for medical treatment. Also in my office, I received reports of sudden death of family members and relatives from a few acquaintances: 3 died in Chiba Prefecture, 1 in Ibaragi Prefecture, 1 in Saitama Prefecture, 1 in Tokyo — the total of 6. The causes of deaths are cardiac infarction, cardioarterial problem, intracerebral hemorrhage, etc.
    – From tweet of OOO4 on 6/04/2012: In the workplace where a friend of mine works after the 3/11 disaster 6 persons passed away within a half year. I am shocked to know that this small company has no more than 100 employees, but the causes of deaths cannot be proved in relation to radioactive material.
    – Report posted in Kinoshita’s Blog (Date:6/02/2012): A 26-year old female teacher of Kashiwa city suddenly died of cerebral infraction a few days ago. She was found dead in bed in the morning. She worked for a school in Abiko city.
    – From tweet of OOO5 on 5/15/2012: One of my acquaintances suddenly died of brain tumor at the age of 43, another one of mine was emergently admitted to hospital due to stroke, and one of my juniors in my workplace, 30 years old, fell down with a sudden onset of high fever and emergently admitted to hospital for medical treatment of a kidney ailment. Locations: Ryuzan in…

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      You're not abusing anything, h9k. Thanks for the info and keep it coming.

      'Fukushima Sudden Death Syndrome'. Now copyrighted by Time Is Short. All proceeds will be donated to the 'Fukushima Sudden Death Syndrome Awareness Foundation'.

      And I'll put Caldicott, Arnie and Busby on the board, and Kyle Bass will be Treasurer.

  • happy9kids

    – From tweet of OOO6 on 5/22/2012: One of mid-rank assistant managers working in Kooriyama City Hall died of cardiac infarction early in the morning. He was working hard to respond to victims of the earthquake and Fukushima nuclear power plant. Feeling sorry for him.
    – Report from Numayu’s blog on 5/22/2012: I had a talk with a woman living in Kooriyama city over the phone in this evening. The people who she knows and suddenly died are as follows: A senior high school student, only two weeks after he was admitted to hospital for medical treatment for flu or ailment, passed away in June, 2011; a woman in the forties and a man in the fifties suddenly died in July, 2011; December, 2011, a man who was staying in a hospital for treating flu died of pneumonia; a 21-year old man died in bed while being asleep. She shockingly told me about serial occurrence of these sudden deaths and that nothing ever like this has she experienced before in her life. Normally, by law, a suspicious death must be investigated by means of anatomizing a subject, but no subject was performed. Then, she reported these cases to a local health center, and in return, only the comment they made was that deaths were little more than usual.
    – From tweet of OOO6 on 5/18/2012: One of my son’s classmates suddenly died of unknown disease. Reportedly in the morning he did not come a downstairs room for…

  • happy9kids

    breakfast. He was found dead in bed, so I heard a minute ago. He was just a junior in high school.
    – (Many more)
    Translator’s comments: The list goes on and on, will look forever so if I try to continue translating to add more reports of sudden death cases, but I have to stop here. As far as I know now, in Japan, hundreds of brief death reports like these have nowadays been distributed and posted in Tweet and several personal blogs, and the number of cases seems to be dramatically increasing. Please understand that only a very fraction of the Japanese population, while being seriously concerned about the outbreak of sudden-death cases caused by radiation and radiation sickness in 2013 and beyond, are providing such information to the public through their own means. The majority of the population (excluding children younger than 18 years old), as I estimate, seem to be “not very much concerned” or “unconcerned” about what has been happening and will be happening in relation to radiation and radiation sickness proliferating in such a swift pace as has never seen in the history of mankind.
    The data I have now in hand shows that in 2012 the number of all deaths was increased by 12% compared to that of 2011, in FUKUSHIMA. One of the blogs talking about the outbreak of sudden deaths in Japan: blog.goo.ne.jp/adoi

    • ConnectingDots

      Thank you happy9kids.

      This is what we need more of. Real-life stories, which are not being covered by the press and are being suppressed by government and the nuclear industry.

      • andagi andagi

        Dear ConnectingDots,
        Absolutely!! I believe healthcare professionals will be coming on board very shortly! Let's brace ourselves and welcome their difficult truths.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    One speck of plutonium can spell certain death, and it's circling the globe, thanks to nuclear reactors, i.e chernobyl, fukushima daiichi, and others. (search Wiki)

    As for a reliable / honest source on the effects of these nuclear disasters, that'd be Helen Caldicott.

  • or-well

    Oh! The books to be written!
    (with funding aglow)
    finding out what
    our donors want known!
    The places we'll travel
    showing how stress
    makes health unravel,
    not radioactiveness!
    Of course large releases
    have consequences,
    but it's really stress
    that bats life over fences!
    Isotope deaths
    are not significant
    and we can prove it
    with statistics magnificent!
    It's radiophobia, fear, stress and worry
    that need to be treated
    in a big hurry
    before anti-nukers
    get more people worried!

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    1,000 deaths? I didn't realize that our treatments for all of the cancers caused by low-dose radiation work this well.

    According to all the information that ENEnewsers have amassed here, I'd seriously have put the eventual death toll From Fukushima 1 and related plant failures throughout Japan in the millions by year 50 after the Calamity. Moreover, the birth rate would seriously decline, I was thinking, with the number of still births and seriously mutated children running at nearly 50% in Japan by year 50. I'd have predicted that Japan will cease to function as a modern nation by year 50, even before all the nuclear plants have been decommissioned, with the balance of the decommissioning being proformed by outside teams. I was fairly certain that Japan would fall from the third highest GNP nation, to the level of poverty of a third world nation within 50 years.

    Now they are saying the death toll from Fukushima will total 1,000?

    (I believe, after thinking about it, that I will stick with my predictions for the time being. My predictions have been based on use of uranium and MOX fuel. If TEPCO was using 33% plutonium fuel, as is now coming out, my predictions would have to be increased).

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      50 years is very generous. I'd say by mid-2014 at the latest, Japan will completely collapse as a functioning advanced economy. The death toll will be staggering.

      And then North America . . .

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        OMG! I've been accused of being too conservative! Many thanks, TIS

        In the original of this post, I had actual numbers of predicted fatal cancers in Japan and the world over 50 years. I edited the actual numbers out of the post, because there is so little backing from the scientific community. Witness the study here, and the spotty information from Chernobyl. My opinions are usually considered out of line, even here among those following the Fuku Calamity on a daily basis. And even to me, the number of deaths from Fukushima I come up with seems outrageously high. But that is mostly because we live on a crowded planet, with so many here now, and so many more to come over those next 50 years. Every one of those people, now living, and those to come, will die from something. An outrageous number of them seem to me to be destined to die from Fukushima radiation, whether by cancer, heart disease, or "sudden death". 🙁
        No nukes!

        • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

          BTW, many thanks, happy9kids. Please keep this important work going. I suggest you publish this compilation online. Perhaps you have time to do a blog to collect sudden death reports. Outstanding contribution to the effort here, so please post often. Some of us think of this as the "Fukushima Calamity". Your stories give it a human dimension. I am so sorry for your loss.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          The information from Chernobyl is well documented: 1 and 1/2 million in just 26 years. With Fukushima at least 50 times worse and steadily growing worse, you do the math. Plus, all the accumulating radiation from other nuclear plants and depletion of the ozone layer, the radiation levels are growing exponentially from other sources as well, not just from Fukushima. And with the bioaccumulation of radiation…

          Enough plutonium was released by Fukushima I alone, (not counting the other downed nuke plants in Japan) there are enough lethal hot particles for every person on earth to breath in 429 hot particles each.

      • patb2009

        i think it's more like 5 years then 50 for japanese society to start unwinding.

        1) they've had quiet looting in the exclusion zone.

        2) they've had rapes in J-Village and Fukushima city.

        3) Radiation disproportionately affects the young and they already are an old society. if brith rate starts tumbling and the young start dying off faster then the old, it will be very destablizing.

        4) They've had massive rallies against the government and nuclear power. If Abe ignores them,
        people may really snap.

        the russaisn fell apart within 2 years of Chernobyl. Japan will last longer but not forever.

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    "the Russians fell apart within 2 years of Chernobyl. Japan will last longer but not forever."

    This is the key. It's already been almost two years in Japan. They have to import all their energy, and most of their food. All while the new government crushes the value of the yen to zero, in order to 'boost exports', which no one wants. Soon no suppliers will want yen for oil, gas or food. The Japanese have nothing else. Add in the massive increases in death rates – and those about to die who are too sick to work – and in another year and a half, it's all over.

    You can see it now in the 50+% increases in energy and food costs on the ground. The Japanese can't afford it, and it's only getting much worse. Imagine Weimar inflation in Germany between the wars, coupled with massive radioactive contamination killing everyone.

    Simple math. Thanks, patb2009.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Not to mention Goldman-Sachs driving up the price of food, pushing hundreds of millions of people into starvation, while they reap 100's of millions of dollars in profits:


      Other hedge funds and banks are too, this is a real 'gravy' train for the .0001%, but the video just happens to mention Goldman-Sachs.

    • ion jean ion jean

      And Japan just sold a bunch of.highly.explosive 60lb lithium **yeah and what other radioisotopes floating around.the factory** batteries to Boeing…now all the planes are grounded, can't figure out why? Hmm? Same reason they use it to build nukes…so whatever Japan still makes and tries to sell.will.be contaminated, irradiated…

      When are they gonna figure out.how.to.overthrow their corrupt govercorp?

      This would.not go down like this At All in the U.S. people wouldn't take it now.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Actually, the US is taking all of this and building new nuclear power plants all over the place.

        When are people going to realize that the manned space experiments are now totally over. Just too much radiation out there. Too much manipulation of the Van Allen belts. Too many metals sprayed with chemtrails. Too much radiation from all the meltdowns.

        Fossil fuels may cause global warming. But nuclear radiation is causing severe droughts and the planet is in the process of frying and the radiation in all the water supplies including the oceans is destroying all the oxygen and water. The earth is becoming a complete moonscape.

  • Methinks we are indeed entering that "new reality", but it's not the one the tinfoil folks speak of – this one is for real:

    Testing Fish in the Supermarket for Radiation
    [Stuart Wilde]

    Well, let's just say the concern is picking up, slowly but surely.

    • I guess concern doesn't necessarily imply intelligence. You can't use a geiger counter to test fish properly.

      Need a scintillating spectrometer [?].

      [He has comments disabled for that video above].

  • ConnectingDots

    At least this report acknowledges the radiation aspect of Fukushima is a "serious concern."

    However, the report is missing an important point.

    The report says health consequences are "dominated" by cesium released from the meltdowns.

    Well, guess what? Cesium is still being released each and every day.

    Was that factored into the death toll?

    Also this report doesn't take into account plutonium, americium, water contamination, eating and breathing radiation on a regular basis and on and on.

    IMO, this report is underestimating deaths by a FACTOR of 1,000 or more.

  • ML

    This morning NPR reported on all the radon problems around Oregon, and of course attributed it to ground source, and not to fallout source.
    Radon is code for radiation from plutonium in my book since Rocky Flats and Fukushima. This is just more disinformation so that when people wake up to the fact that there is more lung cancer around them, they can first think be told that it is from a natural cause, even if the rates weren't that high in years prior. Suddenly, we know there is a problem????

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      And how much radiation is Oregon absorbing from the leakage and emissions from Hanford? The leakage goes into the Columbia River and straight into Portland, and Hanford itself has been emitting radiation since 1943, and was a plutonium production facility from the very beginning.

      • ion jean ion jean

        Exactly…from what I've read about the Columbia River does go back as far as Trinity…that state like Tennessee was a sacrificial lamb…first serious ongoing environmental contamination…those were days when they said "just dump.that in the river"

        Has anything really changed many alphabet agencies later? What a scam…I'm tired of being one.of.the.victims of nuclear fallout from testing and power plant tritium emissions…on the rise of.four times natural everywhere on the planet…now everything going lithium battery they'll be even more tritium oxide to.breathe…found out lithium 6 decays in seconds to tritium.

        • lam335 lam335

          Do lithium batteries themselves contain radioactive material, or is the "lithium 6" you mention simply a by-product of production?

          • ConnectingDots

            NASA releases lithium into the air

            "In this experiment, the scientists will fly two pair of rockets. One in each pair will measure data about the charged or "ionized" gas — called plasma — as well as the neutral gas, through which it travels. The other will shoot out a long trail of lithium gas to track the wind movement. The instrumented rockets are 40 feet long and 17 inches in diameter, carrying a payload of 600 lbs. The lithium rockets are 14 inches in diameter and are about six feet long."


          • ion jean ion jean

            From my quick research, lithium batteries are made from the artificially purified lithium ion by electrolysis, but naturally occuring lithium 6 and 7 are.radioisotopes with halflives of.seconds or.less…its a metal.similar to strontium and volatile

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              Article 16
              Admissible radioactive materials and infectious substances
              Amend the title and add the following new paragraph 3:
              “Admissible radioactive materials, and infectious substances and lithium cells and lithium batteries
              “3 A maximum of four lithium cells or two lithium batteries, installed in equipment, shall be admitted
              in letter-post items and parcels under the following conditions:
              “3.1 for a lithium metal or lithium alloy cell, the lithium content shall not be more than 1 g, and for a lithium ion cell, the Watt-hour rating shall not be more than 20 Wh;
              “3.2 for a lithium metal or lithium alloy battery, the aggregate lithium content shall not be more than 2 g, and for a lithium ion battery, the Watt-hour rating shall not be more than 100 Wh; lithium ion batteries subject to this provision shall be marked with the Watt-hour rating on the outside case;
              “3.3 cells and batteries, when installed in equipment, shall be protected from damage and short circuit, and the equipment shall be equipped with an effective means of preventing accidental activation; when lithium batteries are installed in equipment, they shall be packed in strong outer packagings constructed of suitable material of adequate strength and design in relation to the packaging's capacity and its intended use unless the batteries are afforded equivalent protection by the equipment in which they are contained;

  • We Not They Finally

    EIGHT times as many cancers? How about eight MILLION times as many? At least we would be getting closer. This is maassive, ongoing, cumulative poisoning, slowly spreading from Japan to the rest of us — not just humans, but all life on Earth. And the cost is not even just death, and in many cases death through slow poisoning. It's also genetic deformities and the destruction of the human genome, plant genomes, animal genomes. People who believe ANY of the estimated statistics being given out need to look at the heart-breaking pictures of children born in Chernobyl, or even those born in Iraq after nuking that population (especially in the Fallujah area) with depleted uranium weapons. And Japan is even more cruel — they just kill off deformed babies, tell the mother your child died, you can't see the child, and keep it out of the statistics. So if anyone thinks that saying "eight times more than estimated" is somehow snapping out of denial — NO, IT'S NOT. It's not even in striking range. It's just the slow drip-drip-drip of inevitable terrible news.